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Full text of "Lovell's Montreal directory for 1880-81 [microform] : containing an alphabetical directory of the citizens, a street directory, an advertisers classified business directory, and a miscellaneous directory ... corrected to June 11th, 1880"

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I^IM 125 

■SO *^^" MHHB 

lu Ui |2.2 


— 6" 












Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Historical iVIicroreproductions / Institut Canadian de microreproductions historiques 


Technical and Bibliographic Notas/Notas tachniquaa at bibliographiquas 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best 
original copy available for filming. Features of this 
copy which may be bibliographically unique, 
which may alter any of the imagea in the 
reproduction, or which may significantly change 
the usual method of filming, are checked below. 

□ Coloured covers/ 
Couverture de couleur 

r~l Covers damaged/ 




Couverture endommagie 

Covers restored and/ or laminated/ 
Couverture restaur^ et/ou pellicula 

□ Cover title missing/ 
Le titre de couverture manque 

I — I Coloured maps/ 

Cartes giographiquas en couleur 

Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black)/ 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noirel 

Coloured plates and/or illustrations/ 
Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

Bound with other material/ 
ReliA avec d'autres documents 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
along interior margin/ 

La re liure serrie peut causer de I'ombre ou do la 
distorsion la long de la marga intiriaura 

Blank leaves added during restoration may 
appear within the text. Whenever possible, these 
have been omitted from filming/ 
II se peut que certaines pages blanchea ajouties 
lors d'une restauration apparaissant dans la taxte. 
mais, lorsque cela Atait possible, ces pages n'ont 
pas «t« filmias. 

L'Institut a microfilm* le meilleur exemplaire 
qu'il lui a iti possible de se procurer. Les details 
de cet exemplaire qui sont peut-itre uniques du 
point de vue bibliographique, qui peuvent modifier 
une image reproduite. ou qui peuvent exiger une 
modification dans la mithode normaie de filmage 
sont indiqute ci-dessous. 

r~~1 Coloured pages/ 


Pagea da couleur 

Pages damaged/ 
Pages endommagies 

I — I Pages restored and/or laminated/ 

Pages restauries et/ou pelliculAes 

Pagea discoloured, stained or foxed/ 
Pagea dicolories. tachetAes ou piquies 

r~| Pages detached/ 

Pages ditachies 


Quality of prin 

Qualiti inigale de {'impression 

Includes supplementary materii 
Comprend du matiriel supplAmentaire 

Only edition available/ 
Seuie Mition disponible 










or ill 

rri Showthrough/ 

rn Quality of print varies/ 

rri Includes supplementary material/ 

rn Only edition available/ 



Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata 
slips, tissues, etc., have been ref limed to 
ensure the best possible image/ 
Les pages totalement ou partieilement 
obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata. une pelure, 
etc.. ont M filmies A nouveau de fapon 6 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 

Additional comments:/ 
Commentairas supplAmentairas; 

Irregular pagination : 2-268. [1], 269. 269270, 273-799 p. 

This Item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below/ 

Ca document est filmi au taux de reduction indiqui ci-dessous. 















Th« copy film«d h«r« has b««n raproducad thanks 
to tha ganarosity of: 

Seminary of Quebec 

L'axamplaira filmA fut raproduit grAca A la 
gAnirosit* da: 

Stminaire de Quebec 

Tha imagaa appaaring hara ara tha baat quaUty 
possibia considaring tha condition and iagibility 
of tha original copy and in kaaping with tha 
filming contract spacif icationa. 

Laa imagaa suivantaa ont 4ti raproduitas avac la 
plus grand soin. compta tanu da la condition at 
da la nattatA da I'axamplaira film A, at an 
conformity avac las conditions du contrat da 

Original copiaa in printad papar covara ara filmad 
baginning with tha front covar and anding on 
tha laat paga with a printad or illuatratad impraa- 
sion, or tha back covar whan appropriata. Ail 
othar original copiaa ara filmad baginning on tha 
first paga with a printad or illuatratad impraa> 
sion, and anding on tha laat paga with a printad 
or illuatratad imprassion. 

Laa axamplairaa originaux dont la couvartura an 
papiar aat ImprimAa sont filmte an commandant 
par la pramiar plat at an tarminant soit par la 
darnlAra paga qui comporta una amprainta 
d'imprasaion ou d'illustration. soit par la sacond 
plat, salon la caa. Tous laa autras axamplairaa 
originaux aont filmte an commandant par la 
pramlAra paga qui comporta una amprainta 
d'impraaaion ou d'illustration at an tarminant par 
la darniira paga qui comporta una talla 

Tha laat racordad frama on aach microficha 
shall contain tha symbol — ^ (moaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or tha symbol y (moaning "END"), 
whichavar applias. 

Un daa aymboiaa suivants apparattra sur la 
darnlAra imaga da chaqua microficha. salon la 
caa: la symbols -^ signifia "A SUIVRE", la 
symbols V signifia "FIN". 

IMapa, plataa. charts, ate. may ba filmad at 
diffarant raduction ratios. Thoaa too iarga to ba 
antiraiy includad in ona axpoaura ara filmad 
baginning in tha uppar laft hand cornar, laft to 
right and top to bottom, as many framaa aa 
raquirad. Tha following diagrama illuatrata tha 

Laa cartaa, planchaa. tablaaux. ate. pauvant itra 
filmte i daa taux da rMuetion diff Grants. 
Lorsqua la documant ast trap grand pour Atra 
raproduit an un saul clichA. il ast filmA i partir 
da I'angia aupAriaur gaucha. da gaucha A droita. 
at da haut an baa. an pranant la nombra 
d'imagaa nAcassaira. Laa diagrammaa suivants 
illustrant la mAthoda. 










PJ^^i^:^^^?^^^' --■ -rr '-■•'- --v^ ^ ■:'}hf^!,\, A^-7^^' ^--1>!';. If < '/ '^^ 

;' ' f , r",/ ./ ,v ^ ^ *^V ' A . ' ^'x' '-^r-^."" . .Air ' f 


n,c a. Go mis any, 

13 the t)ii1;r^^ (^ 

or ojkN^oa; 

sololy demoted, to InsUnnco xg^ttM' Ae6ldent«, and 

foe the sccafity of iU Poli'Cj -holflvs. It }g not fljixed up ijHth Lifr, JBraor Uny other ciMs df 
rnstttAiice; being but fojf o.^ , • ^ ' , 

''■( s 

L^ ,' 

- . AcfttDurr MsuiiAiiite auiiic^ 

IS abl6 to trMisB<)t the businvtt^ upon the moaifavotabld tennd and nbeEftjL^onditfoiiii, m,itc11 ^t ' 
i\ becnre basis. ^ ) ' 


% xftTE _The Permits of this UOSlPA^V fot Ocean or li'orefgn tr*Yd tover the inl^ur?d agalbftt 

All^ oridents,TatHl or Nov-FATAt, op \ ship or whilst trnteUJBg UM^ivilited £urOp^. , - 

, "Iltila IB the first Gompan; to extend this liberal coi^cession. /■ - * ^ "^ 

THE liuatNkas of Vths AceiDi^vt>> a ^ : % 

rice that transacted by all 9iher Oanadiaa Compamei co^biiMid, and the Cempaaj, '"^ 

It^At^ thai) twice 

has n^et eontcBted a, daitn at lair. 


kead pffice-^260 St« Jamiels st> (cor* ModiU st^) ,"^ 


^ >' 

^ y ( < > v ' 

i <ii (fi i j 1 1 11 11 11 ) 11 H ii M II i iiHl rn i f iiii K i 


, , Y i)i i ( ii | i ,T i n i> n i ii ^.^. 



JU>Ne, I88 0' 


'- " " e: 


Tlife Mbwirtg is a list of Directories on fyU At tbis Office. The public U ' 
cordially invitod to use these books for Reftyren^e ^fri^hpsBit charge. Addition* t 

Hew York. 

— dially , ., , 

are i»ade duHog tlje yea!r. '<, ^^^ ^. jt^.. 











Portland, <>' .,>> - 

bmond, Oitt , 
Sip Va, 

R^Oda Island. 


Bt. lipkn, IT. B.^ ^ 

Sbarbrooke. , ^ ' 
t. lobtta, Qua. ' 
at Lbnia, 

Spilnslleld. • 
Vc^ado, ; 



< t "> 

</ /> •f 


1 r^ >' 


2,436 ^a^ 

^ocal Bum 

Claims pal 
Pmostt in 

Other Cani 


y. V 


' ^ ' '" ' ■ ' ■v ' Jiy' 

i r 

A *^ y I 

f lie Din 

UiUB eeabtinp 


The'' sum 

jleeeiver Uer 

< < 



^v;"'" '■ 

^V^T^W^^^ || ^ ■ ^ ' i - i^i-^V ^.i. -? 

U ' i jii . ■' - . 


lfce\oftl*> . 
claia i^ S 

»;■ ^j; ■'■■a'*' ■> 



I. i> ,, >'. .,o.'4. I 

Panoattltt Ottawa lor lb«|i«ltt of C«f^aAd{«il l^diQSrB^ 

►i c-T.* ...... 7 

AnnUti^ ;6«^ir^ TabtfiA of ''fi^ Ac.^ can M, %taioe4 o)ii|>^'^^ aJ|pB^; 


t jftoeblver 



'. "I . , 

■ V:^.,VC„ 

''' ■ - "T^ 

FHSPSfUOK itANCLIFFJEl, Rsatdant 860ro|t|ry. 

» #l#i 



mTElii OBXllBftt 8P0OSS ft FOEKS, icv 

Specif^uy, Novelties in JSleictro Plflte, .^aftaWt; foi' Weddirtg;. Frcsents. , ' 

ftiWAii. Wars ROOM : 
87Q ST* PAUi srWillT. eoitl»f 8«. Sulploe St^et, 



■ ■ / i. ' t -\, 

'i,i "t: i.p 'I 



|l|:- ill' wf ...' ;; f ^i'*!!;:*:- 


N A' 



Fiiwl jprlss, ttronke ]il«4«l «na iMi^ofiaa^ ViroTlnctal BiE%ai»Ulon, a«MM«, l^ivi^; ^v 

thp S*f«»I mMiraractu^ jtiatTjr cdniidel^d Af |ifM«nl l^t tti« beat ^rer oflbiMA to |fae pabUi^l ill ^ 
'$QiDbm«>»U tl)ftiia»liti«8 ij^ttir^a ari to itreiigth Mi^fafetjr/ la order to •void ajtoivtar* In >&«> 'v 
interior of the' Sttje, an^ <iff«r tM gcejltett pqditible Maistott!B« la oai6of;fiM,ian »i» spAM hM tji^*' i^ '' 
t »eeuredbetw6|M»t|Jeiro<Mto*el»,jrhfclxf<ffm tWeoVelppfcbr^^ , s , V*-^. i 

^ ji The l^ne#« aw M Of C»!tt, but; Wrought Irotf^^ , i* 

is-r^^ifA ; n t>rd«l^to remove thU doora W cAse the* ahould in time require any reMira. TKis JiAprora«tei^ii ; v 

I"- N 

Iron Vault ijini«lg8,BurglirProafV4ultDo9r8,Pire-Proof,Poor8. -riv 7 ; , 

A.^i A Iron Shutters, Irbn Dbors for Public Buildjiks, Messensens* GhestMthd'D^ed Boxes, . 
' ;,i( ;?T|JcU Doors and Gratings, Ja^^ Safe, Bank aiia Store-Door LookfSj Iron Girders »nd Iron ,1 ■ 
■-'''' ,*Bridff<;8,*&c.' ;.i ;■"'.,','•:■''■-■.- • '■ ' . - ' .'■..'■ ■/ • 

- ; A WgP number of flel^ml-lmhd Safes o(4iflffe*nt ^dcee alvraya qh hfahd, wliich'wiU, •; 

• bffr add cheap. ,> ■ '■' •. ■.'.i'i.i^-: '■'■■■'?'■'■ .- .',■.'','.:■. • \- ■ 




Pi'd^rfetofs of 

i< ^ i I; » .^ «i - .a t 



^;feV^T'FtOK, 320 ST. LAWRBiNCE STRE^^ 
WQRKS : Oorner of Ontario ^4 8t Ohftjrlef Jftoiitoniiee SibnMti, 

1^- ' v' 

■ 1 ■ \ '. ■■'■- 

..1 , . 


■'■■\^*{' Ben 

Alt OF 

■ , J.. ■ , . , ■■■ v;jf ■■^'.:rf'- v„ -^f • ■•• y .-'4'' J-'V> ;. ^. ♦•■'-. .•(\' -W 'U-- ;'■ ..^ '■ , 


f'^'*''~i>Vi -''^v 

l«l«l»t^.. ■■■■ 

.if ■ . 

Boxes, . . 
d Iron ■ i ■ 




• ^ :ip iiif lliii^:^^^^^^^^ 

Proprietor " Olbbcr," aind CenttiinilAl Prise " Xbcceieior." and I<Bp6rte»DjrBngUeli'' 

: GMnM Blteiiolied {iii4^Cplo;|:ed Tiwue Papers, from toe qeiebrated c >;,,>^ , 

Pj-^rtetot-s pf" Silver \4'hU^i"Jb«8t article fbr npUsWdg Sljir^r, ondMiUei-'B ^Je#«fky ClwttlBg ./'a>1 ^^^ 

■■>" I,': ': : '/r-';;,^ 

,«■; > 


^-v-v" 1/ firettnlabiri'Ab'ao'rttent ^ottibqi; for .Dental apd ftatftldai i*^t|>0)«M^ '/' • " 

Mm ourcoods are foj sAi^BiDkALm everywhere, aiidm^. 

CH)[UAGp UN1> $1^, LpUia 

'-** tJ 

^.''^^j'>;.; '■ 

^ first pH^;9robx^M«!9<!^tfndf»t^ 


'^r> .■ 



■' ^^^p^*i^ftw^ 







|>' ■;V'*-. 

■*, V 


' i ',- 


.^,,1IE; iRi»fO LlSDOtrX 

Befi^ to infoml the public, his frifends,'!; ^ 
and^gp-aftg^ersvi^itip^vMontreal, thath^ U' 
always keeps , on ^ahd a Gpmplete Ai* » 
' V- ^ ■'' ■, ; Sortment of -' '; ' ,. '■■ ' . 

/ itto^ht Famiiy Carriages, 

suitable for summer and wipter. He lias*; ^ •=£'. 
carried aUhonc^rs at Provihcial Exhibi' ''^ ' 
tions held in the last ten years. ^ 


Twa Silrir Ue4i^ ai|d OipKHn* <«r 
^ Carria0 »«a 81«ig)u ai|rwd«d bylvv;) 
Canadian O0mttu4<m at Gen- '^ 


.1 v. 

tennial, PbUaMplibi, 1878. 

, ■ < I ' ' I 'fll'lj iili ' i ' j l' i jfcf i l» i T ji f i ^ i.^ ' l i , " , Vn r , ' | W «,. ? . '.'" i I > ff-'V1 III 1 , 1 * ' 




.' aV 


~ I ao^ able tQ;^pro4<|ce ^Ingra^iingstof all IcmdiSrAfMachidery, [Stoves, PUrios, „ 

■ Melodeons/ AgncrittuTat Implements, r&Pv/ ^>. fw^^^^ Cataloguesj CircuJars, 

Advertii^i^i^ntS) or other purposes. Ardhitecturalv*6rk in tli^vbest; manner ; 

Store Fronts^ Views of Manufaqbries, IJotiels,;<> j^grajj^^d from yhpto- 

graphs or Slietches*-'' ""'.'"■.'"' '/;'^ ,-■.'■'■ ■ ■^'^>:" ;, " '''\':'l • \\r f '•'''■'■" /■ 

> Labels for Manufactories and Drwggiists, Bill-Head^i Letter-h(?a;49^ Ornanieintal 
Work, ]3brders' of every description/ Shipping *n(J l^how Cards,%C4 &cV fnd 
Fine Book Illustrations. -^ ; -. ' 



IllustratidftB for NcA^-siJ^'riii.lM^h lit? ^^tpflpert tH^'^fiftiM 4«inahas, aMj^^iWrAfed 


Satisfaction guarameea and Prices Lower than any other office in the 
Dommion, at i6a ST.. TAMES STREET, MONTREAL, \ 

V^fe^ And IHiiriUfbotMr^rqf W099 TYFBS, 





■"■ V'^^'VjjA 

■ )C<T^ . '> »a 

' " Kiteil, as well aSf^&wfidtic 

■ ', M ■'■ '"•^' -^ ;'.-■, .r : *■ .'■ 


«rompt exc<ti]t$pB or all ortlen at Bktremply R«aflonabli(^ Riteii, as well aSf^&wfidtic 

; ort'aiil i^iigrt^viQg entrusted ta tbeir' cttre. 

1 ■ ' ''■'■%' >%ijKSriShmftieiat^ri iM others >c«ntrling i lai^ft nwiHlbeR of <!nt8 at oa« tij^/liiajall? 

^vr'i^iA-.^fv.i ';.:f"^ ■■■..'.% u,,.,'tf-^^ V -^^-Tvi^'iA/^^i^^t^r:^-;^-^'"''^^^ 

> V ; ■■■' ^*''- • i^^ ^ ' 


f • , i'*-- ■-'At!' ■ .■■ ' 


■<'i'':S^r'-B'^.-}^.'PT^^''^i^VS PORTRAIT jusqu/Ji la OPt^tTS QRANDB API»ICHP. 

■/?/-; i';rS°*ilL^^r^^^ prompUtBdie, Jid#,»RlX TUBS RAI- 

^t . H >\^/,lfONNABLBS, et d'uiiitt taanUre tout-Jk-fait aatigfaisaiKle ■ et artisliquo;/ > ' r^ 

^., ?'^'**°'l^*°^^'^. *?*"*"". 9*^ <"****8pln d'mttfriuid tdmbrc^B vighcttessouBun court 
dilai ftEopt bl^D de ftladresset &' enx, aVaat de voir Slletirtt. ,: , ' '' 




-4;-^•t>: .':h',i>f 

■ \ ■ * / It,-' ^ ', f- fl 

iraritee the " ' ' 

■ . '.'"•7 ■ v.j""* 

^ . . • 1 (- 


'h ' ■' 

y ■ . 

B8 ItAI* 

« tttt CO«U* 





s •*■ ^ ■■■. •;■ 

pp. Box, 




iJ i W-wln /"^ i ' f ■ » ■< 

l-i • 



T * '^ 



•.^^/y<»rt»W4iMd 18850 ! ^<t'. ^\ 

,S-^v>fei;;>^ ^t JAM St, MmMiAL:Si::V 

,>,,-v:^ ^^.jt^ ^ ^v^-y*\)( \;, '^ -— :: — TT^ ; ' '^'^^"^ _^^'^> 'vC^^^, 

li 'J 


; ;^H v, -r, Wi'Uf;*M'F«A?tc<8, Es^.^ A. 'P^ot^i, jga^.^ A. £,Ecai|iB, Esq,, ', > ' "i 

, ) itfettt^ :— liONDOv, eSlyn, Milled' Currie & Co.; N)#^^ob«, i^atlonal Baok of ^he 

'« ^ Republics QwBBEC, Uarik of Morttreal. ^ ' ' 

111! iwii Mil 

! 1 

^ J,<' w^' '^- /^^ / ' ^ ^^'^ 'imiimilLB street, mhTREAi 

I "* Ar« jprepared to ^se-cnte orders for every article required by Prmtera. They *tU be happj 

' .,!('( ^to-scud Price ^i^tg at)4 Bstihtates, aD4 they fi^el warranted In vlaiouog 

'. ^^ . ^* '{«' ' / ' ; ,1 i,,y thatthey^rBinap()3it>oat0 8ttppljf- If, ' ^; tV -tV 

;a^ Type>.^Fresses, ink»,,v\ -^ 

\ ^' . And letters' Qoodfi ge^draUy. on bstter.tertns than apj other dstab^ihntint 

in thd jSotuiti7> 

I ^ III » i i 

ly I 

AgentB for THfl JOHNSON TyPB FOQI^DRY, QffOfeGfi BRUOE'S'S 'N «; CO., JAMtlS 

'' » And the WM 11, PAGfi WQOD^TJPR MANUPAoTUBIS^ ca ; , j 

Also for CllAS'EMEi; JOmJSOK ^ CO 'SvCTKLl?fi^ATED BOoK AND OoloR|!D iNK.'^J 

H ,v , VV'. D WILSON'S NEWa INKS, and Meajrr R. HOK & 00 , C POJtBK, J/i &^00 I 

';, ^ fr-' ' G.f. GORDONS CO, CAMPBELL PRINTING PSfibS CO., And "<5L0BE I 

^^^ ;^ ^ MNUifAO TUBING CO. ' , ,,'v ^ 

' ' , ^ , ^SOfe A||eirt» for the " ftELIANQE " WlMffftdaie. ' '^^^ 



< /■ 

i^- >■ 


\ '■,; «!l 

f >'^'' ■'■.;• .■\'-"/'' 

«7r.: .v. 

"I . 




^^^* ' ■.' i'V ■. 'L' ' ■" *'•*.■■■ ^i' .'•■!'■' 

1" Y-: sj^,i 

• ••- ivf.a;'. 

; > ye6i<iC^uitll|liid Pen, 11074. OWi^u^Ni^^edmfflVGrlJroad; kr 

.Postal . 

lianas and .aU. Work. , . ■.- .■,- :;^.?, =■, ^v,.,- •,,-;• ■'.■'.■■■:■■'■■',, ,.., ■. , ' ". ■■■^,'>:.^'f^'Q;''l'^.i 
. ': > ' , . &lati^h$i-8i Sairipje Box, by Post, ror1'oirI3st<u«fas;'y^ 'V^ , ■ 

'irfB^nit^ii Fliirniier, Ci«i6 ant l^toamflttei';' B011, Hanger. Ao. 

ilQ9«i>g to "f |fc,'GMv*ilW6d Jrfti, Ipialto, Ac... L«np» and t'oai OH, HwdWarti» tinware, Ctttk-rtfVi^Stevfoi . ^ S*" . ' M 

i i ii - 11 ' i/ iiiiii<ip i|Tmi i ) i i i ^" ' ^._' ' i ' L '" ". ii^ ^ '- ^'- ■'■ ' •'";V:\-. ^ --••,^"v>-- 

Pahi^^^, Qteriifi WlittetraiWifg aid 'TWMrtg. i'C^nfi'^^ 

re$idaiic0 ai^d,ff^i>?;,>;4^;,<,^^^^ 

■', ■ y.,^:^'\.-"- -.■•/'>■ ■•.''l^^'\-.. -'- '''-"^' ,;..' ^;;; ; ■ \: V-,-'': .'.,_. J '\tt4 


r,.v ■:-.,' ■■,*^"^i:-'<;j 

'!fi^^fg^-J^i^0iM^B0m t£^a!# ^^^««^V?^^^P****f^ 





" Jou ' "'' 


GIlDmrlOOiCmGrdLASS \4l^i) 

Kext the T. Bt^Cv A- Riliiaittr. lllOl<!irai&Ai^. 
, Old VrMn«M tt«-(^i>t. 0^d<w»Proihptly Att« 
■■^^ ' Tt;^ uayai>wtPU(><Sin the city. ■ 


■' II .n i i'.i l . i l ii "I/ Il l. ' iil(i«»i . i iUi)i i U !li ill ' )i!! ' U ' L'" V. ' !" '- 
f&tt^f&i'Jit the Mjfieiijjj^ Op\lege8, Crtt?e*«l- 

Latkmfiram and'Taxide/mfst^ PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTIST, 


;1S Sy. Li.\^ttENClS%TR|lET, i 

' : ^ »M Qlttuity it^lMoritrffll, % 

, Wn«r« kw u,')ir«iwnKi t«>, siuitmhI MoWt m\% ■ 

' I the UvBiiutoi., Ui exhibition IWitai 

AiiinUitluu. lU a«'Hte.;j f'^lttfron, 

^,^.U.^ ,-_, - -. , - 

Vlih, tlib Iftrirefet \i* the Uoiniutoi., Ui exhibiilon IWite 
10 •.m. to 8 p.m, AitinUitluu. 10 ocuttt. " "" 
litir prfoe. .$tikjnba ;uir(it: Iku., tartalt. 

Portintti^iu ra^ph, t odiA Ink and Water 'Cotora | 
of all iizevJartKtioally executed at. 


Ml. ■ I T i l r 

most mb^etAtct n^i., .- ) 


' 18 8t.Xf>wr0noe Stress 

Oiirlfg ik Viaite, Omrko Style, extra flniifliJ 
only One Dollar a doaen ; Cabinet ^tse* extrti 
flaish, TWM Dollars and t\t\j cents it doz«u f 

Mr Proof Ihown before flnlihing. 

I*.- -.^w (■ ■.*i>,'',.;-MB-<~ '.. ,,','1 ' ,.;■►' *.■-. ■ - 







(ifTiniMr; - '•■■''"■,-.., ^ '«■:,./ 

.Rvpiin KxeofUcI oil the. HhoirrMt ^oMcy, 

1 , ;. ATiRl!;DU<!EpI*Rl€ES. , V 

' ii'iiiiiiii II II II i hr .»iiy«»i^yMid^Mi«p»iiM 

$9ap 4 <P«ndl#1M«niifliotureri 

. - RICHARD fUCK, A V ,.. 

•OA'I* 1IIAKB» >A1«I> ',MANtflflit. 



iTji aiiiVL'>"!i^in. 1.(11*1)1.1 liiTiiMrii'iJiii 

.'.?) ., 


'iMif,^' W^'W 



;^^J«rffe A&tetibeht of noilM atwiikys on Hnd^^ 

.Saddle «rl|[|lirn«si, I ^ell««, narn«it9, Fone'it 
, Whips, Qrustftf. HtH'Md et , firosse^; Bottes > 
. . Bopti, A(»i \ ^ :{ pourOhevaux, eta ' 

M ST. LAlPiritmOE dTBl$ET» 



AlWaVfi on band «Hi r^llowinir fafcuids of 
apr-iNo. I B«Jr» F^mttj 5S6ftp,)No, I 
«i>. 1 White S««r, No. 1 City Uundry. --„- 
Uundnr Bar, No. 1 White Rqw, BlDe Mottled, 
iJrown Yellow, presied Boapt, Whik* * Yefiq^ 



Manufacturer of , ', -^ 

Hat AtiD ,CAf Blocks \ 

' Of llreiry DeserlpU6n. 
Fabricant de Formca de OhapeiMiK et de Ga»r 
^ qtiettn de legatee Sortes. . 






■ " ■ • . ;. ' ■ i '- I M i ni' i nVli. I ' l lii . i«< l. i u II. "" 'I JF t ' - U " .l>j ' I 1 * L' ' ' ')'■>■. ' ' 1 '"II III " »J» I» I , 11 . ' I . I ' * » <,) ■ 

^^"; .^ 


":''t ■ '-■ J 

s|anE» i^E tBKg i^ 

7 •■ 

^;• ■■ !{■■ >,'. 






-k) ^.,- .■ 

\ «ldtfl«*, SwdsitdG^»»(Mi«t(U,.Fi(«l^,wiii4aw ' 't;N^i ^j>>| 

^ I V ■ Orders i4iO¥PiLY ieSSO01?ei>>ow thf sbortiSs* notice. , - , 

' "iv|::^' '■'''' 

:* in;i.ii,'ifioNtiMit'jLt; 


!'• -If'.- 

ii^n|nwnt* ^iB'Wrer^ 4c*!''^P''o'> Vepalred'ot', 



) I »>',. ' 

>,■;,';''■ '4«f Ii4«ttttoli«tl«ria'«ik>M|(|, ' - ',- \f .- •'-■--■./'-;';.. ,lNtoiitrcal." }. f^..- 

, ;.t^/ 'Story 8}!^,^ inadetoordeir. "|[}!l|(ati»<i!lj'^p. ' Qwrat ]ltq>M<jaiir4oM> 6n Bhoiet jTbtlffl. Trlecft-ihetLowqtt; ' '' 

I Ji' 


"m Lm 

t r. 

.1 >■■',, 



Blacksmith^ MaeWii<«t.,Lobk«tvUthiite1hH«hg Ao.^. / , 

V; W8 VITIffl STfiBBT, MONIRBAL. , • . ' ''♦ 

Aw|i»i>^ ilw St4i»r«i anil ^4dief macl^ uttd put isff^ htOSB PUT UP. 



Vondiitf 8oM and Bxoli»iic«d btr 

larFurnUnHi fpatrlyif a ip^fiaTty., 

itff tu Jr«ititJ^M rrsBiB'r, maivTBBAtf 

s- f.. 


Dealer la all KliulsAf 

' ' VIrat-ol«l8SttwhcM*QhiBlN«94^NriiuMiicMii«StottIe9,>refdle8tAniA{^^ 
A liaj^odd; BMiter, tiUntau Bo^4l» 0«£«fn)»r, L^ckma'n, Oi)(K>nie, WanEcr, Wlie^lcr & Wjlaoti,' 
r< IVebater ^nd ftU Other^. A\l kl^fi of 8«>flog Maqt^ineirapai^d. Ptctdre fnimin)|[ to order. 

. f 



'HSI^' . '^pWI$> 

"1 :'< 

If. ■ 


rA^ i W- 

i<in :*ar 




A^'."^''- ' <ii- 

Hit* ff^«ii«f' * 

01. n< HIE 

> L I . , 1. S V ' 

C t s )> . 

f '. 1Y 



FOR 1880-81 : ; • . 



'^ ■ * 



Advertisers Classified Business Directory, 


■ » .' V i 



Sireotoriei of Cotean St Louis, Coteaa St Pierre, Ciote dei Heigei, Cote St Antoine, 
Cote St Lnc, CSote St Faol, Cote Vintatioui Hochelaga, Laohine, Lapra rie. 
Long Point LongoeQil, Mount Soyal Avenue, Mount Koyal Vale, Notre Dame 
de Oraoe, Oatremont St. Jean Baptiite Village, St Lambert St. Louia of 
Mile End, Town of St Conegonde, Town of St Henry, Verdun, and Villaga 
of St Gabriel. 


B, MAHLER, l^ rue de la Bateliere, Paris, Sole Agent in France for remoing 
Advertisements and Subscriptions for this Directors 

PBICB, $2.50. 





Pa OB 

Vdlenda, 19 

Advertisers Business Classified Directory,. 31 

Alphabetical Directory of Citizens, 217 

Index to Miscellaneous, 25 

Index to Streets, Avenues, Squares, Terraces, Places and Lanes, 21 

Miscellaneous Directory of Banks, Benevolent and Religious Societies, .\ r 

Churches, Corporations, Newspapers, Post OflSce, Railways, ' 

Steamers, &c., &c., 707 

Preface, 19 

Street Directory, 49 



Coteau St. Louis 625 

Coteau St. Pierre 628 

Cdte dcs Neiges 62H 

Cote St. Antoine 630 

C6te St. Luc 632 

C6te St. Paul 633 

C6te Visitation 635 

Hochelaga 686 

Luohine 642 

Lapruiric 648 

Long Point 652 

Longneuil 653 

Mount Royal avenue 658 

Mount Royal Vale 659 

Notre Dnme de Grfice 659 

Outreiiiont 659 

St. Jean Baptiate village 660 

St. Laiubcrt '. 673 

St. Louis of Mile End. 674 

Town of St Cunegonde 677 

Town of St. Henry 686 

Verdun 698 

Village of St. Qabriel 699 

The Publ 
the revisioi 
have prov( 
be secured 
tinned geae 
whom thej 
contained ii 


Barnston Peter 
club) 686 Doi 

Bruce John, o 


and ship buili 



, i . .i-'^-^^-tbl 


' i 'f-''\i[\''"..y^. ^- .'■■'.' 'iif^o.^.'^-i'- i\ 

The PuBListtBRS have much pleasure in submitting herewith the Montreal 
Directory for 1880-81, and trust it will meet the approval of subscribers and 
advertisers. The difl&culty of securing thoroughly reliable agents necessitates 
the revision of their work from door to door. To some this repetition may 
have proved somewhat annoying, but by no other means could correctness 
be secured. , ^^ 

The Publishers have to thank Subscribers and Advertisers for their con- 
tinued generous support, and beg also to acknowledge the courtesy of those to 
whom they are indebted for the large volume of Miscellaneous informadon 
contained in the Directory. 

Montreal, June 11> 1880. » = ' 

•V ■,:.( 




Barnston Peter S., t>f Earnston Bros., St Jamei 

club( 686 Dorchester 
Bruce John, of Proaser k Bruce, bda at 134 

COULSON FRRD., The Gaeette, 18 Victoria 
DOUILLfiT & ARGHAMBAULT, boat builders 

and ship builders, St Joseph at, Lachiae 

Dubreuil J. P., deputy clerk of the Grown and 

Peace, 618 Ontario 
GBLINEAU L., lutnber merchant. 36 St Charles 

at, h 4 8t Antoine at. Longu^uii 
Grier Wm., with G. A.' Qrier, oor GnSg and St 





I ■' 





Passengers by day boat leave by 7.15 a.m. train for Lachine to connect with 
Steamer. Return Tickets at reduced rates. 


For DAY TRIP through LAKE OP TWO MOUNTAINS to Carillon, returmng OVER 
RAPIDS in evening, take 7.16 a.m. train for Lachine, to connect with Steamer. Fare 
for round trip $1.25. 

For Excursion OYER RAPIDS. Steamer learea Lachine on arrival of 5 p.m. train from 
Montreal. Fare for round trip, 50c. 

Market Steamer "PRINCESS" leaves Montreal, Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 6 a.m. 
Carillon, Mondays and Thursdays, at 6 a.m. Freight Office:— 87 Common Street. 

Tickets at principal Hotels and Grand Trunk Railway OIBce. 

Company's Office, l3 ST- B0ITA7£NXUBS STREET, MONTREAL. 

R W. SHEPHERD, President. 



.Iv-- V 

Having removed to more central and comodioua premises, I have now 
fitted up my new factory with all the most improved machinery as uaed in 
he United States Scale Manufacturing EHtablishments, and I am now prepared 
to malte any capacity of wcale from ,Jo of a grain to the largest weighing 
machine used on this continent. 



Abbottford terrace, 1468 to 1(66 

St Catherine at 
Aberfoyle place, 12 to 16 PhilHpa 

bertav 48 

Albirtlane 49 

AlbertpI«oo,T8to82St Urbainst 

Albert 8t(Cliaboillez8q) 49 

Albert 8t from Canniiifc at ... . 48 

Albert 8t (Colborm- av) 49 

Alexander place, off 131 8t Alex- 
ander 8t 
Alexandt-r place, cor Bleury and 

St Catherine st« 
Alexandra place, bet 1160 and 

1166 St Catheriue i-t 
Alfred pluce, bet 237 and 239 
Dorchester 8t 

Allardst ... 60 

Aliaa terrace. Centre, bet Cond6 
and Wellington 8t8 

Amh nit8t 50 

Aiiiltyst 61 

Anderson place, 9 to 19 Hanover 

Andenion Rt 61 

Anii'8 bluok, bet 15 and 25 Ann 

Annst 62 

Aunonay terrace, bet 881 Dor- 
chester and cor Uerman 8t8 

Aqueduct 8t 62 

Arcade 8t 53 

Arftylo av, formerly called Soot- 
land 8t 63 

Argylo terrace, 1384 to 14u2 St 

Catherine 8t 
Arroagh place, 78 to 79 Jurors st 
Arthur place, bot 310 and 350 

Laftauohi'tiire st 
Aithttela place, bet 151 and 159 

St (icorge 8t 
A:«hton place, bet 278 and 284 St 
(ieorKu st 

Aylmer st 63 

Aylnier terrace, bet 66 and 66 


BaMst 63 

Hu<la David place, bet 208 and 

210 Chatham st 
Biliiioral pluce, bet 916 and 921 
St Catherine at 

Rulmural 8t 63 

Itiirclay place, bet 12 and 28 Bar- 
clay st 

liiirclay st 53 

Barr-ick st 64 

Ilarr6 lane 54 

I«arr<i8t — 54 

Itarron block, 160 to 168 St 
James st 

Ba^iu st 64 

Buy le st 55 

Keaudry at 65 

Buaver Hall hill 67 

Bt>uvi>r Hall sq 57 

B(>avi>r Hall tiirrace 67 

B<>laruve terrace, bet 314 and 330 

Upper Bleury st 
Bt'lk'vue row, off Favard, bet 
Magdalen and Congregation 


BcllGVue terrace, fl-om 943 to 967 
Dorchester at 

Belmont st 57 

BerriBt 67 


Benv lano K 

BerthuletBt 68 

Berwick place, bet 6 and 14 

Berthelet st 

BL^hopav 68 

BlHhop lane 68 

Itishopxt 68 

Bissoust 68 

Blachelane 68 

Blaiichard lane 68 

Bleury st 68 

Bonacord place, bet 184 and 188 


Bonapartest 60 

Bonsecours marlcut 60 

Bimsecours st 69 

Boawell place, St George st 
Both well place, bet 943 and 963 

St Catherine st 
Bourgeoia 8t. formerly called 

Burgess st 61 

Boiirgo^ne place, bet 69 and 61 

Cannmg st 

Boyerst 61 

Brant lane 62 

Brennan st 62 

Brennan's block, bet 72 William 

and cor Dukp sts 
Brewster's road, east fi-omUpper 

Lachine road to tho canal 
BmwBter's road, see Napoleon 

Brisson lane, see Charbonneau 


Britannia 8t 62 

Brockst 62 

Bronsdonlane . 62 

Brouillet place, bet 592 St Cath- 
erine and cor St Constant sts 

Bructiesi 8t. , . 62 

Brunetst 62 

Brunswick st . . . . 62 

Burgess st, see Bourgeois at 

Kurnetst 62 

Burnside place 62 

Burnside terrace, bet 22 and 80 

University st 

Busbyst . 63 

Bute place, Sherbrooke, bet 

Victoria and McG ill College av 

Cadleuxat 68 

Caithness place, bet 7 and 43 

Argyle av 
Calluiider place, bet 182 and 190 

Mountain ft 

CalliArpsst 63 

Cambridge terrace, bet 63 and 73 

McGlll i;ollege av 

Campeau st 63 

Canal8t 64 

Canning st . . 64 

Capital Ht 65 

Cathcart place, bet 16 and 28 

Cuthcart st 

Cathcart st 65 

Cathedralst 05 

Cavan place, bet 79 and 91 Cath- 
edral st 
Cemetery st, see Cathedral st 

Cfntrest.... 66 

Chabollleiaq 67 

Chabolllei st 66 

Cliagouamignon at 67 

Champ de Mara, ftonts on St 
I Uabriel, Craig tiud Uosford ttt 

" "■ ■ ,■ " FASa 

Champ dn Mars place, German 
st, bet Vitr« and Craig sts 

Champ de Mars at 67 

Champlain at, formerly Seatonst 68 

Charbonneuu st . . . 6B 

Charlemont place, bet 209 and 
217 Bleury st 

Charluttest 60 

Charronst 69 

Chateauguay place, bet 624 and 
682 Lagauchetldre st 

Chatham at 60 

Cliausoe st, formerly Paris st. .. 70 

Ciienneville st 70 

Cherrierst 71 

Chomedy st 71 

City Councillors st 71 

Clihon place, bet 864 and 874 . 

Mountain st 
Cloiibnr place, bet 684 and 688 

Laganohetiire st ' 

Cloutarf place, bet 652 and 668 

Lagaucnetiire st 
Clyde ulace, bet 660 and 666 La- 

gaucnetiire st 
Clyde terrace, bet 32 and 40 City 

Councillors st 
Cochrane place, bet 220 and 282 
St George at 

Closse st 71 

Colborne st 71 

Colborne av 72 

College et 72 

Columbus place, bet 193 and 199 
Bleury st 

Commiesioners st 78 

Common st. 74 

Compte st 76 

Concord 8t 76 

Cond^st. 76 

Cong egationst 76 

Congregation lane, aee Favard 

Contantst. 76 

conwayst 76 

Cornwall terrace, bet 44 and 64 
St Denis cor Uorcheitter sts 

Costigan lane 76 

COte df-s Neiges road 76 

Cottage row, bi>t 28 and 62 City 
Counoillors st 

Cott« st 76 

Couisolat 76 

Courvillost 76 

Craig st 76 

Crescentst 79 

Custom House sq 80 

CypressHt 80 

Dalhousiost 80 

Dalhousie sq 80 

DcBresulesst 80 

Delisleat 80 

Di'Koiiaril place, bet 3 and 22 
St Elizabnth st 

DosalaUerry st 81 

DesrivitTes st 81 

Dosrivi^res lane.offDeariviiresst 81 

Diwienne st ... 81 

Di'von place, bet 688 LHgaiiche- 

tiire and cor St Genevieve sts 

Devonport place, bet 38 and 44 

St Alexander tt 
Devonshire place, bet 62 and 62 

Craig st 
Devonahire place, bet 708 Mi4 
714 Sberbrooke st . :.....u,.'4 




Dollardst 81 

Dominion Bt 81 

Oominlon fiq., form<>rl]r the Ro- 
man Catholic burylnn Rround 82 
Ooneipkna st. off 26 W indaor st. . 82 

Oorclieatmot 82 

Dorchetter ay, formerif called > 
81s8on'R lane, vpstern contin- 
uation of Ooroheiiter at 86 

Dorchmter terrace, bet 87 and 

91 8t Constant tt 
Dorchester terrace, CAte St 

Aotoineroad 86 

Dowdst 86 

Drulet 8t 86 

Drommond 8t 86 

Dnhorddt 86 

DubmteUne 87 

Dufreinest 87 

DukeHt 88 

Dumaratett 88 

Dunedin place, bet 89 and 74 
University st 

Dupr« lane .' 88 

Duquette lane 88 

Durham place, bet 26 St Loula 

and Lnorolx *iii 
Durham st, see Fletsia at 

' Durocher st 88 

' JBchelon terrace.Sherbrnoke, bet 
St Dominique and St Law- 
rence 8t8 
Edgehill av, oil 1160 Dorchetter 89 
Kdtth terrace, bet 72 and 86 

Fortier st 
Eclinton place, bet 266 and 284 
St Ueorite st 

Eleanorst 89 

Elizabeth 8t '. .... 89 

Elizabeth terrace 89 

Ellengowan terrace, bet 227 and 

287 University 8t 
Elleemere pIao«*, near 111 Drum- 

mond f>t 
Elliot's block, bet 1148 and 1160 

St Catherine st 
Elm av, near 88 Durocher 8t — 89 
Elm cottages, bet 137 and 148 

Canning st 
Elys^ place, bet 63 and 69 

Oubord st 
Emerald place, bet 40 and 70 Vic- 
toria st 
Emery st. see St Emory »t 
Emma terrace, bet 631 and 641 
Ontario st 

Eriest 89 

Esaexar 89 

Etienne st, see St Etienne st 
Evans block, bet 37 and 49 
Blenry it 

Evansst ... 89 

Evans court, off 10 St Monique 89 
Evans Court, off 489 St Paul 
Evans place, 24 and 34 Argyle av 

EweretUst 89 

Exeter terrace, liet 387 and 8B3 
St Lawrence st 

Farm 8t 89 

Jf'avard st, formerly called Con- 
gregation lane 89 

Forfarst 90 

Forgue av 90 

Port st 9() 

Fortier st 90 

Fortilloatjonlano .. 90 

Foster's court, see Elm av 

FoundllngHt 91 

Fouruier st 91 

Frederick place, bet 21 and 81 
St Ueorge st 

Frlponne st 91 

Frontenac lane 91 

Frontenao st • 91 

Fulford st 91 

Fullum st 92 

Fullnm lane. 93 

Gain 8t , 02 


George Hypolite at, aee St George 

Hy polite at 

German st 92 

Gosfordat 94 

Grahamst 94 

Grand Trunk at 94 

Grant lane 90 

Grant st 95 

Gratton place, bet 901 and 206 

Bleury st 
Greenfield place. 8 and 10 iTni- 

versity st 
Greenock pl<«ce. oetween 1088 

and 1042 St Catherine at 

GreyNonst 95 

Groth4at 96 

Groulx lane 96 

Guilbault st 96 

Guyst 95 

Guy av 96 

Haldane place, bet SI9 and 821 

St Urbaln st 

Hanover st 96 

Hanover terrace, bet 76 and 87 

Bleury st 

Hurmonv st 96 

Havclock terrace, bet 170 and 

176 Mountain st 

Henry st 96 

llerminest 96 

Ht^^ster's court, rear 12 Blenry at 

Hibernian road 97 

Hill Side place, bet 287 and 239 

Upper University st 
Hill Side teirace, bet 677 and 

689 Seigneurs st 
Holyrood place, bet 17 and 48 

McGill College av 

HoMpitalst 9/ 

Hotel Dieu, see Pine av 

Hoiile St. 97 

Hunter at 97 

Iberville at 97 

Inkerraan ter. St 

Oath* rine and Dorchester sta 

Inspector at 98 

Isaac Alley, off St Urbain at 

Island 8t 98 

Jacques Cartler place, bet 177 

and 187 Bleury st 

.Tacquea Cartler 8t 98 

Jucquen Cartier sq 100 

Jamaica place, bet 26 ana 43 

German st 

James lane lOO 

Jesxle's terrace, bet 80 and 68 St 

Hypolite at 

Joachim lane 100 

Jobson at 101 

Josephine lane 101 

Junirs Bt 101 

Kelvin place, between 74 and 76 

Untario st 
Kempt st, see Vounfr at 
KeiiMngton terrace, bet 635 and 

649 St Lawrence at 

Kent 8t ... 101 

Kilmun terrace, bet 212 and 216 

Mountiiin 8t, and bet 914 and 

9*^1 Dorchester 
Kihvin place, bvt 68 and 70 Vic- 
toria Ht 
Kilwini ing place, Bichmond sq 

King st 101 

Kingrsbridge terrace, bet307and 

817i St Urbain st 

Labullest 101 

l.abt'rge terrace Wi 

Laoroix st In2 

Lafontalnest . 102 

Lagauoheti^re st. 102 

Lagaucheii^re lane, bet 846 aud 

360 Lagauuhetidre Bt 106 

Larin av Ii5 

Larivlire st 106 

Lertique place, near 406 Sber- 

brooke at 
Latuurat 106 


Laval AT 106 

Loduc lane, off 387 St Domi^ 

niqnest 106 

Leieeater place, bet 70 Mid 76 

Unlveratty at 

{.emoinest. ^06 

IxonXIIf 106 

L'Rpinay place, near 48 St Denia 

Lernux st 106 

l.e Royer st 106 

Lincoln nv. 107 

Lincoln place, bet 317 and 226 

llleury st 
Linden place. St Catherine at, 

bet Avlmer and Union av 

Little Diihlin st 107 

Little Manutacturera at 107 

r.lttle St Antoine st 107 

Liverpool at 107 

Lock lane 107 

Logan st . 107 

Logan farm — 108 

Longupuil ferry Inne, near toll- 
gate, off 26 St Mary at 108 

Longuenil lane 108 

Lomeav 108 

Lome Creooent at Iii8 

Loui8 Hypolite at 108 

Luxignan st 108 

Lynedooh place, 1851 to 1857 St 

Catherine at 
MacgrcKor st, off 84 Simpson at lOd 

Maokavst 109 

MngdalA place, between 1273 and 

1279 St Catherine at 

Magditlenst 109 

Maisonneuve at,formerly Syden- 
ham lin 

Manoe at Ill 

Mansfleld place, Mansfield st, 

bet st Catherine and Hher- 

brnoke eta 

Mansfield st Ill 

ManufucturarB st 113 

Maple av, bet 276 and 279 St 

Joseph at 113 

Maple av, from the railway 

track to 102 Mulllus 8t lia 

Maple 8t 118 

Marbach place, 44*) Dorchester 

and St Charles Borrom^ ata 

Marianna st IVi 

Murie Joseph Bt 113 

Mari" Louise av 113 

Mai'Iborough place, bet 214 and 

234 Uluurv at 

M<irket sq, St Lawrence Bt 113 

MathieuHt 113 

Matthew Bt, see Mathieu st 
Mathleaon plBC'>, bet 31 and 47 

City Councillors st 

Mayor st ... 113 

McCordst 114 

McDIarmid terrao«, brt 20 St 

Martin and cor William sta 

MoGillKt 114 

MC . ill College av 115 

MoTavislist 116 

Menal ft, off 61 Conway st 115 

Me ohaiitK Exchange court, off 

10 Hoxpltal st 

M('tcalft>av 116 

Motcilfii block, bet 86 and 110 

Cathedral at 

Metcalfe st '16 

Mctcatl)* lane 16 

Migoon st 116 

AligminneKt IVi 

M Ignonne lane 118 

Mill st 118 

Milton 8t 118 

Mitolii!4on av 118 

Molson plane and Molaon ter- 
race, off 806 St Mary st 118 

Monarquesi 118 

Mondelet st ,...116 

Monet lane 118 

Montanaat 121 

Montcalm st ., 

Montcalm tern 

Montcalm Ht 

Monteith place 

Cadieux at 
Monteith terrac 

Unlvpr»ify nt 
Montgreenan pi 

121 AHzai'pth I 
Montmorenci st 
Montmorency p 

286 Dorclif»tei 
Montmorency t 

and 1476 St Cm 
Montrose terra( 

Drummond at 
Morlanil st .... 
Moulton av, off 

above Sherbrc 
Mount Charles 

and 115 St Do 
Mount Royal ( 

near Mile end 
Mount Royal tei 

40 Mc<Jill Coll 
Mount St Mary 
Mountain av, . . . 
Mount in st ... 
M untain terrac 

249 Mountain i 
Mou' t T. inple p 

61 McCord st 
Mozart terrace, 

Mansfield st 

Mnllins at 

Munro st 

Murray st 

>'apoleon place, I 

k'S Borrom6e a 


Napoleon road, t 

ster'g road 

Napoleon st 

Nazareth st 

Nelson st 

Nt'w Haven |>la< 

361 St Lawreiii 
Nightingale ploc 

977 St Catherin 
Nith place, bet 90 

Held at 
Nonancourt st. 
Norman d st. .,. 
Notre Dame st. 

O'Connt-ll st 

U'<'onn«'ll terrac 

113 Bleury Bt 

G'Loary av 


Olivier Bt 

Ontario av 

Ontario at 

Osborne 8t 

Oswald place, bet 

• •eorgevt 
Ottawa place, be 

•Sherbrooke at 

Ottawa st 

Ouimet plac-e, 30 

piiie place 
Ouimet tfrr^ce, 

ManKdeld st 
Overdale av, offa 
Oxlord ten ace, 

McGill College 
PMlacc Ht, see La| 

Pallet 8t 

rapinoau market 
I'lipiiieau place, 
cliotiuro and cor 
Pupineau road. 


I'sriB st, NPe Chai 
Paris 8t, from Cli 
Park place, bet 3 

Deld 8t 
Parker at...... 




Montcalm »t 119 

Montcalm terrace, bet 2 and 14 

Montcalm Mt 
Monteith place, bet 94 and 103 

Cadieux st 
Moiitoith tPirace, bet 90 and 108 

University »t 
Montftreenan place, bet 119 and 

121 NHzai'ctb 8t 

Montmorpnci at ■ 131 

Montmorency place, bet 275 and 

286 Dorchester nt 
Montmorency terriice, bet 1 166 

and 1476 St CHtherine xt 
Montrose terrace, bet 64 and 64 

Drummond at 

Mnrlanilst 121 

Moulton av. off 8t Lawieneest 

above Sherbrooke «t 
Mount Charles place, bet 118 

and 116 St Dominique Kt. 131 

Mount Koyal Cemetery road, 

near Mile end 
Mount Royal terrace, bet 18 and 

40 Mc(JIII C»lle(fe av 

Mount St Mary av 122 

Mountain av 12'i 

Mount in8t 121 

M untain terrace, bet 287 and 

249 Mountain ft 
Mou' t T.' in pie place, bet 43 and 

61 McCord itt 
Uozai-t terrace, bet 164 and 162 

MansKeld 8t 

Mulllns 8t 138 

Munro!)t 122 

Murray st 122 

Napoleon i>Iace,bet 277 St Char- 

Iva Borrom6e and cor Ontario 

Napoleon road, formerly Brew- 

gter'sroad 123 

Kapoleon Kt 12!) 

Nazarethst 123 

NelKou St . I:i4 

New Haven j>lace, bet 366 and 

361 St Lawrence st 
KifTlitinpale ploce, bet 9ii3 and 

977 St Catherine at 
N'ith iiluce, betSMnnd 110 Mans- 
Held St 

Nonancourt Ht 134 

Kormanil Ht 124 

Notre Dame st 124 

O'Connt'llst 127 

0'<'<>nn('ll terrace, bet 101 and 
113 Kleury st 

O'l^aryav 127 

Olierst I'i'i 

Olivier »t 137 

Ontario av 12>< 

Ontario st 137 

0^<bornest 139 

O'wald place, bet 162 and 161 St 

I leorge st 
Ottawa place, bet 1013 and 1043 
Sherbrooke st 

Ottawa st laO 

Ouiniet place, 80 and 32 Burn- 
Fide place 
Ouimet terrace, bet 12 and 23 

MaiiHfleld st 
Overdaleav, off 373 Aqueduct.. 180 
Oxford terjacc, bet 46 and 63 

MoGllI College a V 
Psiaco Kt, see Loguuchetiire st 

Panetst 130 

Pantalion 132 

I'apinenu market 133 

I'lipiueau place, bet 386 Lagau- 
chotiero and cor St Klizabuth sts 

I'apineau road 1!)3 

Papineau sq 138 

I'sris st, see Chausse st 
Paris st, from Cliarron st .... 183 
Park place, bet 37 and 43 Mans- 
field st 
Parker St.... 183 


Farthenaia iq ....181 

rarthennlsst 183 

Paxton av 134 

Payette st, off 190 Seignenrs St.. 134 

Pea lane 134 

Peelst ' 184 

Peel terrace. Peel st, bet Dor- 
chester and St Catherine sta 
Perrault court, off 21 St Domi- 
nique st 134 

Perraultlane 134 

PerthiuR st 134 

Phillips place 1''5 

Phillips sq 136 

Phillips terrace, Anderson st. bet 
Dorchester and Lagauohe- 
tiire sts 

Picnrd lane 186 

PIchcttfst 136 

Pine av, tbrmerly called Hotel 

Dieust 185 

Place Krouillette, bet 962 St Ca- 
therine and St Constant gta 
Place Chateauguay. bft 6*24 and 

632 Lagaui-hetiitre st 
Placo Concord, bet 198 and 204 St 
( 'onstaiit st 

Place d'Armes 185 

Place d'Armes hill . . 186 

Place de I'Epinay, bet 48 St 
Deuis and cor Lagaucheliire 
Place de Rouard, bet 23 and 3} 

St Kliznbetli st 
Place l<:iyr£e, bet 71 Dubord and 

cor Ut-rri sts 
Place Jacques Cartier, bet 177 

and 186 Itleury st 
Place Laforest, bet 467 St Joseph 

and cor Versailles sts 
Place l.artique, bet 405 Slier- 

brooke and cor St Denis sts 
Pliice Montmorency, bet 276 and 

287 Dorcliester st 
Place NapoUon. bet 373 and 275 

St Charles Burrom^e st 
Place Prevost. between 261 and 

263 St Antoine st 
Place Pratt, bvt92 and 98 Champ 

P.ace' Kolland. bet 22 and 40 

Uerrl st 
Place Koval, bet 687 and 695 St 

Catherine st 
Place Soullgny, bet 3 and 13 St 

Charles Horroni^e st 
Place St Antoine, bet 236 and 

237 St Antoine st 
Pliico St Charles Horromie, bet 

276 and 287 St Charles Borro- 

Place St Jacques, St Denis st, 

bet St Catherine and Sher^ 

brooke sts 
Place St Louis, bet 46 and 61 

Vitr« st 
Place St Sophie, bet 64 and 74 

McOill College av 
Place lourvillf, bet 79 Sangui- 

net and cor Lag uchetieru sts 
Place Viger, bet 12 aud 22 St 

Denis st 
Plateau av, opp 1077 St Cathe- 
rine st, St Louis ward 136 

I'lateaust 13t 

Plattst 136 

IMessls st 13« 

Pl> mouth grove 138 

Plymouth place, t>ct 618 and 

K'22 Lagauchelieru st 

PoGle lane 139 

Point St Charleo st 13S 

I'cplar plac<>, bet 76 and 86 

Mountain st 

P.«rtst 188 

Per land place, bet 233 and 342 

M Antoine st 
Foupartit 188 



•3 : 



Pratt place, bet 93 
Champ de Mars at 

Pr6s de Ville i>la49e, bet 619 and 
631 Ijigauoheiiire st 

Prince Arthur place, bet 47 and 
61 Durocher st , 

Prince Arthur place, bet 75 and 
91 Aylmcr st 

Prince Arthur place, bet 16 and 
34 Victoria »t 

Prince Edward place, bet 88 and 
112 St Bouaventure st 

Prince uf Wales avenue, St 
tiporge st 

Prince of Wales terrace, bet 
MoTavish and Peel sta, Sher- 
l>rooke st 

Prince Rupert place, bet 16 and 
i:4 McTavlsh st 

Pnnco st 

Piinoe Arthur st 

Princess Royal terrace, bet 247 
and 261 University st 

(jneen >t 

Qucsni'l st 

(Julbl cr at. see Tupper ft 

Kaglan place, bet 111 Welling- 
ton and cqr Nazaretli sta 

Railway track 189 

Rapallost 140 

Kecollet st . 140 

Uedpathst 140 

Kichardstmst 140 

Richmond place, bet 878 and 834 
St Antoine st 

Richmond st 140 

Klvhmond av 141 

Richmond sq, bead of St An- 

toinest 141 

Rivetst 141 

Robb terrace 141 

KohKrtst 141 

Kt'blnst .. 141 

Rodier place, bet 28S St Antoine 
and cor Richmond sq *: 

Rodney st 14S 

Rollandst 142 

RoUand place, bet 40 Berri and 
cor '^agauchetidre sts 

Ropery st 143 

Kousseau st 143 

Roxburgli place, bet 33 Metcalfe 
and St Catherine sts 

Koylane.. 143 

Ro\ st 142 

Kushbrookst 143 

Russellst 143 

Sackville place, bet 30 and 36 St 
Famiile st 

Sangiiinct st 143 

Schiller cottages, bet 864 and 3<i0 
Dorchester st 

Schoolhonse st 143 

Scotland st, see Argyle'av 
Seaton st, see Champlain st 

Senastiipol st 144 

Seigneurs st 144 

Seminary st 145 

Shal<eM>eare trrraco, bet £6 and 
105 University st 

Shannon st 145 

Shawst 145 

Sherbrooke st 146 

Sheridan terrace, fVom 39 to 67 
Victoria st 

Shuterst 14S 

SInip-on st 14S 

S mil 11 wood st, see Ixigan st 
Sinethwick terrace, bet6!l8and 
643 St Dominique st 

Smith st .... US 

South Mk place, bet 267 and 264 

Mountain st 
Southwell place, bet 948 and 968 
St Catherine st 

Spiers lane 148 

SprlDglield place, bot 460 and 
468 Uuy at 





8tA4olphMtt 14A 

Pt Acnes <rt 148 

8t Albert St 148 

8t AlMsnder St 148 

St Alexisnt 149 

8t Alexis Kt 149 

M Alphonsp St 149 

8t Amable Une. 149 

8tAudr«st 149 

8tAndrew8t IGO 

81 Ann's market 16<) 

StAntoln(>4t 151 

81 Antniiie market 1S8 

81 Antoine plsce. St Autoiiie at 

near Aqueduct st 

8t AnKUStin st 163 

8t Bernard St lo3 

St Bnnaventure St 158 

8t Catherinest 166 

bt ratliertne terrace, bet 2385 

and 1398 St Catherine st 
St Clmrles B<>rroin4e place, bet 

276 and 287 8t Charles Bur- 

romie st 

StCliiirlesst 160 

8t Charles Borromte st 16<) 

M ( hriotophe st 161 

St Clan(<e st 1«<2 

8t Coluniban st 162 

St Constant 8t 162 

St Dsvid lune 16( 

tit Daviil place 164 

StDeiilHst 164 

St I>eiii8 terrace, bet 218 and 232 . 

St Uenis st 

Kt DIzWBt 16ii 

StD<'ininiquest 146 

StRdwardst 148 

Kt Elizabeth st 168 

St Klizabeih lane 168 

8t Kloist 170 

St Emery st 17" 

hlKtiennest 170 

St Famine st 17n 

StKelixst 171 

St Francis st 171 

St Fraiifois st 171 

St Francois Xavier st 171 

StGabrHst 172 

St Uil)rii>l market 178 

8t Ueneridve st 173 

St. lifortte st 174 

8' UciTgn's place, b«t 40 and 50 

St G rmain st, see Ouwd st 

^t tiregiiirest.... 176 

8t Helen 8t .. 175 

StH-nryst 175 

StHubc'tst 176 

St Hypolte st 176 

St Hyp'»{telane 177 

St If^nacest 177 

MtJamerist . 177 

St James market 182 

St J)imes place, bet 199 aud 

205 CauninK st 
8t James sq, bet 122 and 144 

St D-iiis Ht 
8t Janvier st, see Osborne st 

St Jean Baptiste st 182 

StJohiist M2 

St Jnliii terrace, bet 147 and 161 

St (Constant st 
6t Jolin'M plaoo, St Constant st 

StJosuphst 182 

StJulieat 186 


St Justin st IW 

St iJinibert st 186 

StLawreneest 186 

St Lawrence maikst In8 

St Lawrence place, Crnirrllle st, 

bet St Hyp-iiite and Upper St 

Dominique sts 
St Lawronce terrace, St Law< 

renee st 

StL«onst 189 

St L on liine 189 

St Loui^ plxce. Vitrd, bet tier- 

mau and St Elisabeth sts 

8t Louis st 189 

St Luke st ,. 189 

St Marsaret st 190 

St Mark St.. ISO 

StMHrtinst 190 

StMaryst 191 

StMatlbewst 193 

StMauricest 193 

St Michael lane.... 194 | 

StMoniquest 194 | 

St Kioholas st 194 

StPatrickst 194 

St Paul st 195 

St Peter st 197 

St ihilip st 198 

St Pierre lane. . 198 

St Radegondest 198 

StKochlane 199 

StRoiiest .... 199 

St Sacrament st 199 

St Sophiu place, b<-t 44 McGill 

College av and Sherbrouke st 

StSophiet>t 200 

StSulpice st 200 

St I'li6rei)e8t 20i 

St Thomas st 200 

StUrbainPt 2<)0 

<it Vincent st 202 

StWinningst 202 

Staffordshire pisce, bet 670 and 

676 Dorchester tt 

Stiinley st, fl-om Osborne 202 

Stanley st, offColbonie av 202 

Stouehouse plao , from 46 to 62 

St Alexauaer st 

Suzaunest 208 

Sydenham laue 203 

Syitenham place. St Antoine, 

bet Lusignan and Guy sts 
Sydenham st, see M»isonneuve 
Sylvan place, St Moniquc, bet 

Dorchester and Cathcart sts 
Tamworth placo, 287 to 301 Peel 

st, abnve Slierbrooke st 

Tarlane 208 

Tav bank place, bet McGill Col- 
lege av and 862 Shurbrooke st 
Tecuinseth terrace, bet 37 and 

53 Bleury st 
Terrace Katlnnale, l>etween 

511 and 631 St Dominique st 
Terruce St Jean, bet 149 aud 161 

St Constant st 

Theatre lane , . 208 

Third st 203 

Thistle av, off 128 St Monique. . 

Thistle st an4 

Tli'conneli place, bet 891 and 401 

Dorchester st 
Torquay place, bet 92 and 98 

Duroeher st 
Torrance terrace, bet 265 aud 231 

Aqueduct st 


Tourville place, bet 79 Sangui- 

net and cor Laganehetiftre sts 
Tupper st, fnrmerly Qniblier »t. 908 
Tweed cottages, bet 7 snd 18 

Mavor st 
Tyrowen place, bet 129 and 147 

St Conntaiit st 
Ulster place, bet 81 and 88 

Jurors st 
Ulster terrace, bet 128 and 143 

Upper St Urbain st 
Union terrace, bet 164 and 190 

St Hypolite st 
Underbill place, bet 24* and 361 

Upp».r University st 

Union av 2M 

Union place,bet94 A 104Union av 
Union row, Union av, n Dor-' 

Chester st 

University st 208 

University 'errace, bet 76 and 90 

University st 

Upper Sanguinet st 304 

Upper St Eliabeth st, see La- 
val av 

Upper St Urbain st 204 

VallAest 205 

Vaudreoilst 8ii5 

Versaillf 8 at 306 

Victor st 906 

Victoria block, bet 69 Courville 

and cor Upper St Dominique 
Victoria place, bet 79 aud 101 

Forfnr st 

VlotorUst SOS 

Vlotoriasq 906 

Victoria terrace, bet 707 Sher- 
brouke and cor Duroclier sts 
Viiser place, bet 12 aud 22 St 

Denis st 

Viger sq 2'16 

Visitation st 307 

Vitr« st 209 

Voltigeursst 309 

Washington terrace, bet 325 and 

231 Bleury st 

Waterst 309 

Waverly terrace, bet 289 and 245 

Uleury st 
Wellington terrace, from 1364 to 

1382 St Catherine st 

Wellington st 310 

Westbourne terrace, bet 724 and 

734 Sherbrooke st 

Wido ws lane 211 

Wllliamst 211 

Willow place, Dorchester st, u 

Windsor place, bet 749 Dorches- 
ter and cor Mansfleld sts 

Wlndsorst .'... 313 

Windsor terrace, bet749 and 755 

Dorchester st 
Winton allev. St George st 
Wy ndhani cottai{es,bet 179i) and 

1726 St Catherine st 

Wolfe st 22 

Woiid av 2tu 

Woodyard st 315 

Workman st 3»6 

fork place, bet 714 and 794 


Young st 315 

Yoiiviliest aw 

ZeUand place, bet 378 aud 38. 8t 

Lawrence st 


u ,,.♦•', 


Academy of the 
Agricultural aii( 

Socit lies 

Allan Line of 8t 
American Presb^ 
Ancient Order 
Court " Allan' 
Ancient Order 
Court " Moun 
Ancient Order 
Court" Vlarqu 
Ancient Order 
Court " St Ju< 
Ancient Order 
Friendly Sucie 
Art Association 
Asile de la Provi 
Asile Ste Darie, . 
of St Vincent 
Association dee I 
rito de I'Aslle 


Association dea I 


Association des E 

Couvent de la ( 

Association des Ei 

Externat des D 


Bank of British ^ 
Bank of Montrea 
Bank of Toronto. 
Banque du Peupit 
Banque Hoohelai 
Banque Jacques C 
Banque ^ationall 
Banque Ville Mar 
Baptist Churches, 
Belgian Society.. 
Bishop's Commen 
Bishop's Palace, k 
Board of Trade... 
Britannia Foot Ba 
British and Forei, 


British Amba«sad( 
Brothers of th 


Bryant and Stratf 

Business College. 


Bureau Veritas of 

Cabinet de Leotun 

Caledouian Sooiet} 

Canada Mutual Bu 

Canadian Bank of 

Canadian District 1 

Canadian Express 

Canadian Society 

lion of Cruelty t( 

Canadian Telegra{ 

Insurance Assooi 

Cartuge Tariflb.... 

Catholic Board of 

Catholic Commerc 

ot Montreal .... 


Chimney Sweeping 

Census of Montreal 

Central Vermont, 1 

Burlington and 


Christ Church Cath 


i'li-i*" ■ \ y 

. ^i>- •( 

.... ,... .1-- cSJni ■ ^■- !.'*i 





.... tt» 



.... 208 
Id 90 






.... 206 
il 101 





22 St 



.... 209 
.... 209 

Id 245 

364 to 


... 211 
. 211 
St, n 


... 212 


... 22 
... 215 
... 3t5 
.. 2t5 

... 215 
■S. St 


AnAtmy of the Baered Heart. . 751 
Agrioultural lud Uorti«n.taraI 

HoohtiM 766 

Allan Line of Hteampn 784 

Aimrican Pnwbjrterian Chorcta. 746 
Ancient Order of Forcoten, 

Court " Allan'* Pride " 779 

Ancient Order of Forectere, 

Court " Mount Boyal " 779 

Ancient Order of Foreater*, 

Court <* Marqub of Lome". . 779 
Ancient Order of Forcaterf, 

Court •* St Judes " 779 

Ancient Order of Forefltera, 

Friendly Society 779 

Art Awooialion of Montteal ... 75') 

Asile de la Providence 767 

Aslle Ste Oarie, Jail for Femalea 

of St Vincent de Paul 768 

Awooiatlon dee Oamea de Clia* 
rito de I'Aiile de la Provi- 
dence 767 

Association des Dames de Cha- 
rity 779 

Association des Gniknts de Marie 

Couvent delaCongregatiun. 767 
Assooialion des Eafliuts de Marie 
Externat des Dames du Sucre 

C«Bur 767 

Bank of BritiHh Nortli America 742 

Bank of Montreal 739 

Bankof'foronto 740 

Banque du Peuple 740 

Banque Hochelafca 740 

Banque Jacqu(>8Cartier 740 

Banque Mationale 740 

Banque Ville Marie 740 

Baptist Cburches 747 

Bar of the Province of (Quebec.. 729 

Belgian Society ... 7*8 

Bisnop's Commercial Academy 761 

BUhop's Palace, U. C 780 

Board of Trade 764 

Britannia Foot Ball Club 761 

British and Foreign Ambassa- 
dors 710 

British Ambassadors Abroad 710 
Brotliers of the Christian 

Schools 761 

Bryant and Strutton Montreal 

Business College 761 

Building Societies 776 

Bureau Veritas of Paris 764 

Cabinet de Lecture Parolsaial.. 776 
Caledonian Sooit>ty of Montreal 777 
Cauada Mutual Building >ooiety 77> 
Canadian Bank of Commerce 740 
Canadian District Telegraph Co. 749 
Canadian Express Company. .. 748 
Canadian Society for Preven- 
tion of Cruelty to Animals. . . 776 
Canadian Telegraphen Mutual 

Insurance Association i6S 

Cartuge TariOli 727 

Catbulic Board of Examiners. . 751 
Catholic Commercial Academy 

ot Montreal 761 

Cemetery 748 

Chimney Sweeping 728 

Census of Montreal. 794 

Central Vermont, Rutland and 
Burlington and Connecticut 

Hallway 766 

Christ Church Cathednl 748 

Christian Brothers Commeielal 

Academy 7f 1 

Christian Brothers' Schools . 751 

Churches 748 

Church Home in connection 
with the Episcopal Churches 

inthisCity 767 

(Church of England and Ireland 743 

Church of Scotland 745 

Circuit Court 729 

City and District Savings Bank. 741 

City Club 749 

CItv Corporation 724 

City Corporation Offioera 724 

City Exprees,Dumaine& IJalpin 748 

City Exprera, A. Larin 748 

City Passenger Railway Co 766 

niobs 749 

Collectors of Customs In Domi- 
nion . . ..' 718 

Collectors of Customs, Province 

ofOntario 718 

Collectors of Customs, Province 

ofQnebeo 718 

Collectors of Customs, Province 

ofMovaScotia 714 

Collectors of Customs, Province 

of New Brunnwiok 714 

Collector of Customw, Province 

ol British Columbia 714 

Collector of Customs, Province 

of Manitoba 714 

Collector of Customs, Province 

ofP. E. I 714 

College of Physicians and Sur- 
geons, Quebec 762 

Colonial Church and School 

Society 779 

Commanding Her Majesty's 

Forces in B. N. America. ... 712 
Commercial Mutual Building 

Society 775 

Commissioners to enlist and at- 
test soldiers 735 

Commissioners to adminioter 

oaths to public nfficers 785 

Commissioners for receiving 
affldaviU for the S. C. of Mon- 
treal, in the City of Montreal. 786 
CommiHfiioners for taking aiflda- 
vits in the Province of Uuel)eo 
to be uxed in thw Province of 

Ontario 785 

Comuiissioners of Schools 761 

Compagnie de Pret et Credit 

Fonrier < 749 

Companies 748 

Conlr«rit> de St. Joneph 779 

Congregation dee Dames de Ste 

Anne 780 

CoiiKrigatlon dee Demoiiielles 

deNi>treDamedelaViotolre. 780 
Congr^Kation dex Filles del'lm- 

macul6» Conception 780 

Coiigrigation de Marie Imma- 

cuiee 780 

Congregation de la Tr6s Sainte 

Vierge (Marie Immacul^p). . 780 
Congiegatlon de Ste Anne, St. 

Peters Church . 780 

Congregation des Uommea de 

VhleMarie 780 

Congrg^stion dea Hommee du 
Saint CcBur de Marie 780 

, , ' ».•*> iHi.iiA ■IK 
.. . I. . 'It'll t! lUirA ilf 

, ft . J * "ihiA H 

■ .. ...:*v'' '\ f- 

, , . ' ■ ■ 'u.' •*.-'» 
...,..,.. .'•-■»• VAOB 

Congregation des Jennee Oens 

de Notre Dame duSaoret'oeur 780 
Congregational Churches. ... 74T 
Congregational Theologioid Col- 

legeofB. N. A ItS 

Oousnlates and Vice-Consulates 788 
Convent of the Congregation of 

Notre Dame 752 

Corn Exchange Aasoelation . . . T64 

Corporation of Montreal 784 

Council of Agriculture of the 

Province of Quel>ec 700 

Council of Arts and Mannfae- 

turea 7T8 

County -of Hochelaga Agrioul- 
tural Society 706 

Court of queen's Bench 729 

Courts of Justice 731^ 

Court of (ieneral Sessionaof the 

Peace 788 

Convent de la Miserioorde 768 

Crown Office 788 

Customs Collectors 718 

Customs Department of Mon- 
treal . 787 

Deaf and Dumb Asvlnm. Bo- 
man Catholic. Mile End 768 

Department of Justice ., 712 

Department of Minister of Fi- 
nance. 7l4 

Department of Inland Revenue. 714 
Depnitmentot Marine and Fish- 
eries 7l6 

Department of Militia and De- 
tense ..718 

Department of Minister of Agri- 
culture 7lS 

Department of Minister of Cus- 
toms 718 

Department of Printing ot Par- 
liament.... 719 

Department of Secretary of 

State for C\inada 7l6 

Department of the Interior 714 

Deputy Adjutants General 7i3 

Dispenxary of the Urey Nunnery 768 

District Superior Courts 739 

Dominion Alliance 788 

Doniiuiun Board ofTrade 764 

Dominion Inspector of Artniery 

and WHrtike Stores TlS 

Dominion of Canada 713 

Domtnidn TeleKraph Co 749 

Dumaine tt Halpin's City Ex- 
press 748 

K. Jucation 761 

Emigration Agents in United 
Kingdom and on the Conti- 
nent 716 

Emigration Department 715 

EiiKineers' Office, Lachine Ca- 
nal 788 

English Phonetic Society fbr 

Canada... 779 

English Worklngroen's Benefit 

Society 768 

Evangelical Society of the 

Grande Ligne 781 

Exchange Bank of Canada 741 

Executive Council, British Co- 
lumbia '.. 738 

Executive Council, Quebec 719 

Executive Council, Newfbund- 
land 73a 




Executive Council. Nova Scotia 721 
Executive Council, Prince Kd- 

ward Island 723 

Express* Companies 748 

Fire Dopartmont 724 

FJremen'8 Benevolent Associa- 
tion 768 

Foreisn Ambassadors in Eng- 
land 711 

Fraser Institute 768 

Fish and Game Protection Club 

for the Province of QuGbec. . . 749 
French Canadian Building So- 
ciety 776 

French Canadian Missionary 

Society 780 

Gas 749 

Geological Survey 728 

German Singing Society, Oer- 

mania 765 

German Society. 778 

Glasgow Association of Under- 
writers 764 

Glasgow IJno of Steamers 785 

Good Templars 783 

Government Departments 7l2 

Governor and Commander-in- 
Chief, Newfoundland 722 

Governor General 7i2 

Governor deneral's OflSce 7l2 

Grand Lodge of Uuebec 757 

Grand Trunk Railway Co 766 

Grand 'I'rnnk Railway Literary 

and Soientiliu Institute 776 

Grand Seminary "52 

Grey Nunnery 768 

Harbor Commissioners 737 

Her MnJ "Sly's Household 708 

Her Miijesty's Chief Otflcers of 

State 710 

HerV\>y Institute 773 

High School 752 

Huclielaga Building Society.. . 776 
Hopital General, or Grey Nun- 
nery 768 

Horticultural Societies 766 

Hospice de N. U. de Lourdes.. 773 

Hospice St. Cliarlns 769 

Hotel Dieu, St. Joseph de Ville 

Marie 769 

House of Commons 717 

House of Assembly, Provinoeof 

'Newfoundliind 722 

House of Assembly, Province of 

Nova isootia 721 

House of Industry and Kefuge. 771 
Household of Her Koyal and 
Imperial Highness the 

Uuciiess of Edinburgh 7u 

HousoholMof Her Koyal High- 
ness the Princess of Wales... . 711 
Household of Her Koval High- 
ness Princess Christian 712 

Household uf Her Uoyal Hlgh- 
'^ness Princess Louise, Mar- 
chioness ot Lome 712 

Household of His Koyal High- 
ness the I'rinco of Wales 711 

Household of His Koyal High- 
ness the Uuke of Edinburgh.. 711 
Household of His Koyal High- 

nos Uuke of Connanght 712 

Householdof His Koyal lligh- 

ne8^ Prince Leopold 7l2 

Household nf His Koyal High- 
ness Prince Christian of 

Schleswig-Holstein 7l2 

Huron Copper Hay Company. . 740 
Immigration Agent, Monlroal,. 737 
Imperial Hiitual Ituilding So- 
ciety ol Montreal 776 

Indn|M*ndonl Lacrosse Club, , . . 750 
Indei)endent Order of Udd- 

fellows 762 

Independent Order of Uood 

Templars 782 

Inland Iteveime division of 
Montreal 737 


Industrial Rooms 769 

Inman Steamship Co. (limited.) 785 
Inspectors of I'ot and Feail 

Ashes 764 

Inspectors of Weights and Mea- 
sures... .....764 

Institut Canadien 776 

Institut dos Artisans Canadiens. 784 
Instltut Medical de Montreal.. . 769 

Ireland 7iO 

Irish Catholic Keneflt Society 769 
Irish Mutual Building Societv.. 775 
Irish Protestant Benevolent So- 
ciety 769 

Jacques Cartler Normal School. 752 

.lewlsh Synauogues 748 

Justices of the Peace 733 

Lachine Canitl 738 

Lachine and Caughnawaga Di- 
vision .. 766 

Lake Champlain Steamers, &o. 766 
Ladies' Benevolent Society. ... 771 
Ladies' of the Sacred Heart 

Community 763 

Laprairie Steamer. 785 

Larin A , City Express 748 

Laval (Jniversity, Montreal 

Branch 764 

Law Stamp Office 736 

Legislative Council. Quebec ... 720 
Legislative Assembly, Quebec . 720 
LugislatLvn Assembly, British 

Columbia 723 

Legi.'<lutive Council, Newfound- 
land 722 

Legislative Counoll.Nova Scotia 72i 
Legislative Council, Prince Ed- 
ward Island 722 

L'Kv6ch6 de Montreal 78) 

Lieutenant Governors 7i2 

Lieutenant Oovenior, British 

Columbia 728 

Lieutenant Governor, Nova 

Scotia 721 

Lieutenant Governor, Ontario.. 7l9 
Lieuieimnt Governor, Prince 

Edward Isia d 721 

Lieuteuint Governor. Quebec. 719 
Liverpool Underwriters' Asso- 
ciation 764 

Lloyds of London 764 

Longueuil Kerry Boat 786 

Maitrise St. Pierre School 755 

Marine and Fisheries 737 

Market* T16 

Marriage Licenses 736 

Musonio Lodges 757 

Mackay Institution for Deaf- 
Mutes 772 

Met, II I University 75a 

MuGill University Foot Ball 

Club 751 

Mechanics Institute 776 

Medico-Chirurgioal Society of 

Montreal 777 

Mercantile Associations 764 

MorchantH Hank of Canada. ... 741 
Meiuliants Lake and Kiver 8.8. 

Line 785 

Merchants Exchange 7U4 

Methodist Church of Canada . 746 
Methodist SundaySchool Union 781 
Aletropolitau Mutual Benetlt 

Society 769 

Metropolitan Club 749 

Militia 4 Hllcers. 764 

Mining Companies 749 

Monastery oi the Good Shep- 
herd 770 

Molsons Bank(The) 742 

Montreal and Ottawa Forward- 
ing Co 786 

Montreal Auxiliary Bible So- 
ciety 781 

Montreal Auxlliiiry of Mission- 
ary .Society, Methodist Church 

of Caiinda 782 

Montreal Board of Trade. 704 


Montreal Auxiliary Religious 

Tract Society 781 

Montreal Brigade Garrison Ar- 
tillery 781 

Montreal Building Association 776 

Montreal Bicycle Club 760 

Montreal Caledonia Curling 

Club 750 

Montreal Chess Club 760 

Montreal City and District Sav- 
ings Bank 741 

Montre',1 College. ... 765 

Montreal College of Pharmacy. 768 

.Mintreal Cricket Club 750 

Montreal Curling Club 750 

Montreal Dispensary 770 

Montreal Foot Ball Club 761 

.VIontreal General Hospital .... 770 

Montreal Gymnasium 750 

Montreal Horticultural Society 767 

Montreal Lacrosse Club 161) 

Montreal Ladles' Benevolent 

Society 771 

Montreal Ladies' Bible Associa- 
tion 781 

Montreal Loan and Mortgage 

Co....'. 778 

Montreal Mining Company.... 749 
Montreal Mutual Building So- 
ciety 775 

Montreal Philharmonic Society 765 

Montreal Racket Court 751 

Montreal Sailors' Institute 777 

Montreal Stock Exchange — 769 
Montreal Telegraph Company 749 
Montreal Thi,<tle Curling I'luD. 750 
Montreal Typographical Union 784 
Montreal Veterinary College . 756 
Montreal Wesley an Theological 

College 765 

Montreal Young Men's Christian ^ 

Association 782 

Montreal Worklngmen's Mutual 
Benetlt and VVIdows' and 
Orphans' Provident Society.. 770 
'limit Knvnl Pi^mptprv Cum- 



Mount Royal Cemetery Com 


Municipal Census, Montreal . . 

Municipal Taxes 

Municipality of Outremont. . 

Musical Societies 

National Kxpress Company. 

National Societies 777 

Natural H istory Society 777 

Newfoundland <22 

Newspapers and Periodicals ... 765 

Notarial Board 734 

Notaries Public 734 

Notre Dame de Lourdes 773 

NovaScotIa 721 

Numismatic and Antiquarian 

Society of Montreal 777 

Ocean Steamers 784 

Ollloi-rs of the Corporation of 

Montreal 724 

Officers of the Provincial Board 

of Notaries 784 

Officers of the House of Com- 

mens 7l8 

Officers of the Senate 716 

Officers of the Legislative Coun- 
cil, Quebec ..... 720 

Officers of the I.iegl8lative As- 
sembly, Quebec 720 

CEuvre et Kabrique de Notre 

Dame 78i 

OOuvrcs des Bons Livres 777 

Ontario Bank 741 

Orange Orders 763 

Ottawa Kiver Navigation Co. . . 786 

Peace Offlc'. 736 

Perseverance Tent No. 1 Inde- 
pendent Order of Kechabites 783 
I'harmaceuMoal Association of 

the Provl'ioe of Quebec 766 

Police Depni'Mnent 7'<!6 

PostOlllce Dop;<rtinent, Ottawa 789 
Post Office, Moid real 788 

Post Office D« 
foundland .. 
Postnl Divisioi 
Presbyterian C 
Presbyterian C 

Association c 
Privy Council. 
Protestant Boa 
Protestant Ho 
and Refuge. . 
Protestant < trpl 
Providence du 
fants School.. 
Provident M 


Province of Bri 
Province of Oiii 
Province of Qu 
Province of No' 
Province ol Ne' 
Province of Pri 


Provincial Govt 
Prince Rdnar 
Provincial Loan 
Provincial Revi 
Montreal . . . 
Provincial Syn 


Public Departm 
Public Notaries 
Quarantine. . . . 
Quebec and Gul 


Quebec Bank... 
Queen and Roys 


Reformatory Sol 
Reftijie de la Pai 
Registrars. Quel 
Registry office. . 
Religious Societ 
Revenue Depai 
fouiidland . . 
River Steamers 
Richelieu and C 

tion t'o 

Roman Catholic 
Roman Catholiu( 
Koyal Caledonia 


Koyal Family... 

Ko^al Scots Fui 

anco Associaiii 

Savings Bank du| 

Of Muiiireal. , , 

... 7W 


... 741 
, . . . 765 
cy. 766 

... 750 
.... 750 

... 770 
.... 751 
.... 770 

.... 760 
lety 7fi7 

... 760 

.... 781 

.... 7i6 
.... 749 

.... 775 
sloty 765 
.... 761 
.... 777 
.... 769 
iny 748 
lub. 751) 
uion 781 
KG . 766 

.... 766 



... 748 
... 724 
... 726 
... 786 
... 748 
... 777 
... 777 
... 722 

... 766 
.... 7.34 

... 734 
.... 773 
.... 721 

.... 784 
I of 
.... 724 
.... 784 
.... 718 
.... 716 

, . . 720 


... 720 




PoBt Office Departraent, New- 
foundland 722 

rofitnl DiviHions 738 

rresbytertan Church in Canada 746 

PreHbyteriau Cullpse 755 

Presbytprtnn Sabbath School 

Association of Montreal 781 

Privy Council 712 

Protestant Board of Kxamiiiers 761 
Protestant House of Industry 

and Kefufte 771 

Protpstautinlants' Homo 771 

Protestant i >r(>han Asylum 772 

Providence du Sacr6 Cceur In- 
fants School 765 

Providtnt Mutual Building 

Society 776 

Province of British Columbia 723 

Province of Ontario 719 

Province of Quebec 719 

Province of Nova Scotia Til 

Province ol Newfoundland. . . . 722 
Province of Prince Edward Is- 
land 721 

Provincial Government Otflces, 

Prince Rdward Island 722 

Provincial I..oan Co . 776 

Provincial Kevenue, District cf 

Montreal .... 787 

Provincial Synod CItnrch of 

England 782 

Public Departments, Ontario.. . 719 
Public Notaries of Montreal . , . 7.34 

Quarantine 716 

(Quebec and Uulf Ports Steam- 

.xhipOt 785 

Quebec Bank 742 

Queen and Koyal Family 707 

ilailways 766 

Itcformatory School 768 

KefU^ie (le la Pushiou 76^ 

Regislmrs, Quebec 7(<5 

Reeistry olHce 736 

ReliKlous Societies 'iTJ 

Revenue Department, Now- 

fouiKiland 722 

Kiver Steamers 786 

Riclielieu and Ontario Naviga- 
tion Co 785 

Roman Cath-ilic Cburohos 744 

Roman Catliolio Orphan Asylum 772 
Royal Caludoulu CurlingClubof 

Scotland i. 75 > 

Royal Kamily 707 

Royal SootJi Fusiliers Temper- 
ance Association 783 

Savin)(s ItHuli department. Bunk 
ol Montreal 742 


School of Medicine and Surpery 756 
School Commissioners for City 

of Montreal 75l 

Scotland 7lO 

Scottish American Investment 

Co. (limited) 749 

Seminary of St Sulpice 781 

Senators of tlie Dominion of 

Ciinndn 716 

Shnmrock I.iacros8P Club 76 i 

Sharpe's Express Company 748 

Siiicennes McNauglit<>n Line 

(TiK) 785 

Sixth FnsiU>ers Rifle Association 764 
Soci6t6 Bienvoillai.te de Notre 

Diimede Bonsecours 772 

Sooi6t6 de Colonixatlou du dio- 
cese de Montreal 769 

Soci6t6 des Artizans Canadien 

Fran^ais 784 

Sociftte de Temperance L'Rgllse 

St Pierre 783 

Society M^iltcnle de Montreal. . 772 

.Socl(^i6 Uistoiique 777 

S»ci«t^ St J. Baptiste, Nation- 
ale . 778 

Soci 'li' St Vincent de Paul 772 

Si.»/ieties and Institutions 766 

Society of Canadian Artists.... 784 
Soniety of Lwlies of Charity, St 

Patrick's Conftregutlon 772 

Sons of Tempcranoo 783 

St Andrew's Homo 773 

St Andrew's Society 778 

St Ann's Society 773 

St Ann's Mutual Building So- 
ciety T76 

St Ann's Total Abstinence 

and Uenefit Soiiotv 783 

St Bridget's Total Abstinence 

and Beneitt Society 783 

St (jnhriel's Total Abstiuenoe 

and ileiii'flt Society 784 

S' <iPi)r«e'a Church "Temperance 

Sooioty 784 

St (juorge''! Home 778 

St (jeorgo's Society 778 

St George's Young Men's Chris- 
tian AssociuliDu 781 

St litleu's Island Ferry Boat. .. 78.5 

St James* 'lub 749 

St I ikde's Church Association.. 769 
St Jildc's Church Bund of Hope 784 
Si JAdge's < 'liuroh Total Abstiu- 
enoe Society 784 

St Lawrence llase Ball Club... 761 
St .Mary's College 756 


St Patrick's Society 778 

St I'africk's Totnl Abstinence 

and Benefit Society 784 

.St Piitrick's Benevolent Society 773 
Stntr of the (ieological Survey.. 728 

Stenmera, Ocean 784 

Steamers, River 7 6 

Superior 'Jourt..i 729 

Swiss Society 778 

Synod of the Diocese of Mon- 

trpal 782 

TarliTof Cartage 727 

■furiir of Faros for Hackney 

<j!irria;re.'» 728 

Tariff of Pilotage 737 

Telegraph Companies 74ft 

Temperance Society of St James 

Church 784. 

TIteological C- liege for the Dio- 
ceses of Montreal, Church of 

England. ... 766 

Tlie .Montreal Gas Company. . . "^49 

Trade 781 

TroHsury Board 716 

Trinity Young Men's Associa- 
tion 782 

Trust and Loan Company of 

(Canada 749 

Turnpike Trust 739 

Union Allet 77» 

Union Bank of Lower Canada. 743 

Union Cnthollque 777 

Union of Prayers and Good 

Work< 774 

Union St Joseph 774 

Union St Pierre 774 

Unitarian (Jhurch 748 

United Prote.stant Working 

Men's Benefit Society 774 

United States and Cannda Ex- 
press Co 748 

University Foot Ball Club 751 

University, McGlII 763 

University of's College, 

Medical Faculty 758 

University Literary Society. ., . 777 
University Lying-in-llosplial.. . 774 
Victorl.i Mutual Building So- 

olotv. 778 

Victoria Skating Club 75ft End Dispensary.. . ... 77ft 

Women's Hospital of Montreal. 774 
Young Irishmen's Literary and 

Benefit Association . 77fl 

Young .Men's Hebrew Benevo- 
lent Society 782 

,, 781 
,. 777 
.. 741 
.. 763 

CO... 786 
. 736 


bites 788 

Dii of 
... 768 
,,, 7*28 

tawa 789 
.,. 788 


.pi I 


From the Year Book for 1877. 

The fbllowing Tables reepeeting the Britifili North American Provinces are compiled from the 4th Volume of 

the Census of Canada for 1871. 

FOPULATIOir OF UPPEB CANADA.-Now FroTinoe of Ontario. 








Under 16. 

Over 16. 

Under 16. 

Over 16. 



At>nut this iiu 

mber of U. E. 

L. settled in 

the Province 

ofU. C. 



Estimate by 





made from the 

Assessment R 



































































263 654 

139 066 













67 990 





























108,6 2 




































under 14 

over 14 

under 14 

over 14 

















under 15 

over 16 

under 16 

over 16 












e; 0,616 





under 16 

over 16 

under 16 

over 16 










—Now Province of Quebec. 


















Married and 

Sinftlo and 









— Uouohe 

— Houclie 

— nouohe 

— Bouotio 
















301 ,!m 


14,700 sex not given. 

8,189 sex not given. 
88,848 sex not given. 

260.396 children & absentees. 



449 9'17 

by Roiich 

196,017 not given. 
4,993 not given. 




Married and Widowed, 

Single and Clilluitm. 















Hrltisli Popul Btion. 



Arrival of U. E. l.oyalisU, 




Kxtimated. { 



.Many <>t tiled etails lost 






199 906 






Sex not given 














































































































/'^:-»:T/<r ff cEirsts raxtmNs. i' .iA^^nv>^r>u 


DEW BKVN8WICK.-(1784.) 


White Kaoe. 

CoiouKd Baoe ft Indians 



■( :' \i^ 









fistlmated. <> 





































129 948 






! ^^ 










MANITOBA (1870) 




Married and Widowed 

Single and Children. 

Heads of 


































.... - 



















1 1 










> . ': 










•■- i '■ 


















not given 

. . , 










PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, (1798-1800) Eomerly St. John's IsUnd. (1763 annexed to Nora Scotia.) 






'; :. ! , 



Under 16. 


Under 16. 

Over 16. 



Archives de 


17 fttmiliea. 



58 do 



Archives de 







French. t 




do ' 










by various 














by various 
















Indian M. \S», 









r. 170, not 




by various 


given 44. 






















Married and Widowod 

Single and Children 




itburn on t 
With Capta 

































l<oft»by Wh 


lie Island, 
in Wynn. 






Empirf in 


••?«> I'arin.) 


Amerieit . } 




208 Kcstden 

Estimate of 


English po 

3,038 FiHhor 


pulation. — 


men. ( 0« 


( IWHith Em 

La Potte 

piff in Ame 







Kstimate of 
>Uiven by 






English po 
various au 

































4 S 














« u. 


• c. 


« c. 


* c. 




• K. 


• c. 


• c. 


• c. 




20 00 


U5 00 




fi.5 00 


80 00 


0.5 00 


110 00 


125 00 


* M 


20 M 


•M 7^ 


50 75 


65 75 


80 74 


U.5 75 


110 75 


125 73 


« •« 


21 SO 


»■> SO 






81 30 


08 60 


111 50 


126 W 


7 2.1 


22 U 


Hi 2.5 


.52 25 


07 2.5 


82 2.5 


07 25 


112 25 


127 m 


8 011 




as III) 


5'i on 


08 00 


HI 00 






128 00 


8 7.f 


2.1 7J 


:« 75 


.« 75 


«S 75 


8'1 7.5 


U8 75 


11.1 75 


128 7( 




21 M 


.10 .50 


54 50 




84 50 


VJ 30 


114 SO 


129 50 


10 2.i 


2.; 2.'! 


40 25 


M 25 


70 2.5 


85 2,5 


100 2.5 


115 25 


1.10 25 


II on 




41 110 




71 00 


86 III) 


101 00 




Ml 00 

131 75 


II -.1 


2»> 7.i 


41 75 


.W .i 


71 75 


80 7.5 


nil 75 


116 75 



12 M 


27 ,W 


42 .50 


,57 30 


72 511 


87 All 


102 50 




1^2 50 


l:t 2.'. 






.58 25 




88 2.5 


KVI 25 


118 25 




14 01) 




44 UO 


M 110 


74 00 


8!) Ik) 


104 00 


119 110 


1.14 00 


14 '.; 


20 75 


44 73 


5!» 75 


74 75 


81» 7.5 


104 75 


119 75 


1.14 7< 


Ifl .50 








75 50 




111.5 50 


120 50 


1.1.5 M 


l(i 2.5 


.tl 2.'. 


4li 2.5 


111 2.5 


78 2.5 


III 25 


imi 25 


121 25 


1.16 21 




.12 00 


47 (X» 


02 IN) 


77 00 


02 (10 


107 00 


122 00 


117 00 


17 r.^ 


.T2 7.5 


t; 75 


02 75 


77 75 


'.n 75 


107 75 


122 75 


1.17 7« 


l.S .VI 


.It .50 


4.S .50 


U'l .50 


78 .50 


!« ,«> 


108 .50 


121 50 


145 lit 


i;i 2.-I 


.•M 2.5 


40 2.5 


IV4 2.5 






III!) 25 


124 25 


152 7< 



* V. 


t V. 


4 c 


♦ c. 




♦ <•• 


* c. 


* c. 


t e- 


4 10 


22 00 


4<l Ikl 


.5S 03 


70 00 




112 00 


110 no 


148 00 


5 (10 


•ii (10 


41 00 


.50 00 


77 till 


!li5 (k) 




Ml 00 


14!) on 




24 00 


42 00 


ii'< m 


78 00 


•Kl Ikl 


114 00 


1.12 00 


1.50 00 


7 no 


2.5 DO 


1 1 00 


lil 00 


70 IK) 


07 00 


115 00 


M1 00 


151 00 


8 O'l 


20 00 


41 110 


02 00 


80 00 


OS (k) 


110 00 


1.14 no 


1.52 00 


!l IHl 


27 00 


4.5 (» 


in Ik) 


81 00 


no Ik) 


117 00 


i.v. on 




10 Oil 


•ix in 


4<l Ik) 


(It 01 


82 00 


I.KI Ik) 


IIS 00 




154 no 


II O'l 




47 or) 


r.5 00 


,H'l 01) 


I'll Ol 




1.17 no 


1.'..5 HI 


12 15:) 


.10 110 



Hi! 10 

111 Ik) 


81 m 


102 0) 


120 00 


1.18 Ik) 




1.) 01) 


111 00 


411 01) 


07 in 


85 m 


10! 01 


121 00 


1.19 nn 


1.57 00 


II on 


.12 1X1 


.Vl 00 


(IS 0) 


.Sli 0) 


ini 00 


122 00 


140 00 


158 00 


15 00 

.1,1 00 


.51 Ik) 


(1.) 0) 

2! 2.5 

87 O'l 


|l)5 00 




141 nn 


1,59 no 


Hi DO 


14 1)0 


.52 00 


70 01 




llkl Ik) 


124 00 


142 Ik) 


ion no 


17 M 


.■K 00 


.51 00 


71 Of) 


8!l (kl 


107 Ik) 


125 00 




161 (M 


IS 00 




5t 00 


72 00 


Ikl 00 

2115; 1 

lOS Ik) 


h"! 00 


144 (k) 



l:i ni 


.17 00 


.'.,5 00 


71 IV1 


'.11 00 


lIKI 00 


127 no 


14.5 00 


2,1 iV) 




,5li 00 


74 01 




III) Ik) 


12S 00 

.'161 k) 

140 00 


21 00 


.19 00 


,57 00 


7.5 Ik) 

'.ri 110 


111 O'l 


120 00 


147 00 




* <■• 
12 0,1 
17 00 
22 (kl 
27 00 
.'12 W 
17 (II 
42 IKI 
47 i);i 

.52 (I) 


71 kl 



.57 on 
62 m 

67 00 
72 IXI 
77 00 
82 (k( 
K7 Ik) 
!'-• no 
'.17 (kl 




« e. 

M2 DO 
1D7 Ik) 
112 01 
117 (kl 
122 Ikl 
127 DO 
|.':2 Ikl 
l';7 Ikl 

142 (k) 



1.1. k) 

nil 10 


♦ ■• 

147 III) 
1.52 Ik) 

137 no 
162 no 
|ii7 nn 

172 00 
177 O'l 
1*2 01 
187 Ik) 







2 Ilk) 







» c. 

2.S2 no 
2S7 (k) 
292 00 
207 111) 
R02 00 
107 (k) 
112 DO 

117 no 
.T22 no 





» I'. 

.127 O"' 

!;t2 01' 

.117 (kl 

•M'i no 

.■M7 Ikl 
.1.52 Ikl 

.1.57 nn 

167 00 



I e. 


.177 00 


.187 00 
.192 00 
402 00 

BATIIM. Annum. 

Pnklic Bothm or baths for tlic unu uf which ■ chnrgo U 

mailii fur I'ai'h tub .••••.■ •" nO 

-with piiwiTto the Water Coniniitt'^c to chan;c hy 

ntetur it they ki'C (It. 

CrOHETM, Arc. 
For each Pun Closet supplii'il from a cintcrn, with a service 

box unci vnlvc ., , * nO 

For each I'iin Clospt with I iiilcrhnyoii, or any olhcr rcgii- 

Intor npprovcil of 111- the Wiitfr Department .100 

For rai'li lioppcr Cl..«it with Indeilinve*. (ir any other 

regulator approvoil of liy the Wnter UopnrtmiMit ... 300 
For each Cloict of ony kind, with cinlern, sirviue hox, ami 

doolilc vulvo ..." ,•;■•',• ^ "" 

Throuiih «,:io«ets willi hclf-iietlnij vnlvc. or c.ick, for eiicli 

seiil.or for cvi'iy two lincnt fi'it 100 

For any other kind of ('losit, ench 1500 

la tlwi'llini."! where there is more than (me wiiter olo»et, 

ciich ii.rilitional one shull he elmrired nt half mt<'». 
For en h Vrinnl with pelf-actln« valve, or cock, running 

onlv when lieinR used : 

Iii»d*ellinR IIouKC or Store j oi) 

In a llunU ..r pnhllr hiii'.rtins I 'W 

Ib allot''!. llCKlaiirint, .Siiliion or Invern llkl 

For any other kind of I'riniiU 1* 00 

Fomittins KhoU only lie Mipplird willi wnter nt the dl-wre- 
flim of llie Water ('..mniilt'C, and when ho supplied 
shall he ehnruod u» follows i 
For every I'k) mil.. iiH of waller . ... . . ■•;•■• •„• '"*' 

The nnniititv used to lie determined in all cases hy the estt- 
mite of Iho Water C.immittec or hy meter. 

noRMKM xyn «'0%vn. 

For eaci) horm ♦'i "" I Kor each cow ... . , , 

Livery Stable keepern shall pav, lor each sinijlo stall, whe- 
ther oecnpied or unocciipeil ■•••;;■••.•••,• 
Hotel and Tavern keeper «hnll beehamed, for each single 

•tall, whether occupied or unoccupied 


I'niiMc u» ik/i'Uiici'. 
For jvery thousand bricks used, the water therefor to b« 

For every toiiie ofMaioiiry, the water therefor to bo alurged 05 
n« trorjr UiouMDd y wdi of (iMttrlng • i . . . |4 00 

1 00 

2 00 
1 00 

■■AND ■lOHKH. j^n'nli'n. 

For the rii;ht to attach ami use a hnio of not more than one* 

fourth of an inch orifice, for watering puriwses .... (3 M 


For stationary hiith pressure Kngines, working not over 

twelve hours per day ;— For each horse power 7 00 

Or for every hundred gallons of water (the supply to be de- 
termined bv meter) 10 (R 

For stationary low-pressure rnfrines i for every 100 (rallons 

of water! the supply lobe d'termincd as above by meter) 00 

All rates herein imposed for Steam K.npincs shall lie separ- 
ate from and over and above any other rate for water 
impoHcil on the premises. 


Distilleries, Breweries, Dve Houses, Railway, Trinting and 
Ph'itogranblo estahllsbments ami all maniifne.turing cstahllsh- 
ments, ( H leges, Seminaries, Nunneries, Il'.spltnls. A«vliims, 
Aciuli'inies, ifousesof Industry and Reformatories, may be au|»- 
pilc'l bv meter, iiml cliarged as follows i 

When the nnantitv used averages l.lklO gallons perdayorlcn, 
at the rate of IV) cents per LOmigdlons i when the (pianiitv use* 
averagi's from I .fl(k) to 2.(k10 gallons prr day at the rate of 29 centi 
per l.nno gallons. 
From 2.0DD to l.ono . 
From l.ikk) to 4.(»k) . 
Kniin4.(kXi til. 5.1X0 . 
From .5,lkk)to11.iXX) . 

10 2^ 

n 2,5 

From 6,000 to 7,000 , 
Fnim ",nik) to 8,nikl , 8.nni) to D.Oik) . 
Fi-om 9,000 to lii.noo 

. . oir 

. . It 
When the <|iiiniti»>- averages over lO.flIX) gallons perday, I5cenll 
per I .nno gnlhins. ... 

An annual rent shall he paid by the cnnsumera for the coat ana 
*are of meters, as follows ! . ,^ . ... „ 

inch meter. . . .0100 1 For a 2 Inch mater . . . |14 00 
1 75 I'or a 1 " . . . 2* Oi 

4 75 For a 4 " ... 4500 

ForniW " .... 8 ikl For a 6 " ... 100 00 

The alKive rent to be paid semi-annually, that Is t<i say i one- 
half i,n the first day of May and the otiier half on the first day of 
November in each year. 

Persons desirous of Biinplylng their own ineler inav do so with 
the written permit of the Superintendent of Water Works. 

When water is required for purposes not sptfciHed in the fore 
going Tariff, the rate shall lie fixed by the Water ("ommiltee. 
They shall have imwer to ascertain, by meter, the quantity g| 
watir ui<d in ony nt thi tbov* «uei, and olurfa uMrdingly. 

vBrr 1.1 ni 

For a X ' 
For a U 
For a 1 

• c- 


a:- 00 





. lie* 

". 7 0. 


linn anA 



be tup- 

ly or lew. 
Ititv "•» 
[ m cenii 

, . OIT 
. . Oil 
, lAcenli 

I coot ml 

, tunt 
, 2A0I 
, 4,1 (* 
. IB) oi 
Iny t one* 
T«tiUy of 

l> HO with 

Itlic foro- 
Inntity at 






Akerman, Fortier & Go 219 

Chapelcau Z.. & Labelle 278 

Diiwson Brothers 315 

Gazette Printing Co .371 

Lovell John, k Son 337 

Miller Robert 49i 

Morton, Phillips & Bultner 505 

Sutherland, Millar & Co 591 


Craig David J 303 

Fair John 350 

Frigon & Globensky 360 

Moffat Alex 497 

Wethey 0. H GI5 


Cowan John 303 

PoliwkaEmiI,& Co 539 


Ouimet, Ouimet& Nantel 



Adams Chauncey K., J. & J. Taylor's To- 
ronto Safe works 218 

An nett James R.. Jar vis Furnace Co 414 

Brush George, Waters' patent governor, 
&c 261 

Cbipman James B. .M., manager Briton 
Lite association 285 

Cogblin Bernard J., iSheflield maiiutac- 
turers 291 

Cole Fred., general agent Commercial 
Union Assurance Co. Facing Hack 

Cowiiu John, Brockvillc Chemical and 
Huperphospliate works 303 

Uescombes & Camman, Vaseline iiianut'ao- 
tund by Chusebrough M^nufaclur- 
in>r Co 283 

Dcvind R. J., I'liillips' Milk of .Magnesia, 
Luby's Parisian Hair Ilenewer, Ac, 
&c UiUxLie Hack Cover ana 325 

Dominion Tyoe Founding Co. (The), 
lyne, presses, inks, Ac 10 

Dun, Wiman k Co., mercantile. ..340 ani 491 

Gillespie, .Moffutt k Co., Fiioeuix Fire In- 
aurauco Co. of London 533 

Gilmonr J. Y., k Co., Ininati lino ot 
BU'amships 370 

Qurd Joseph L., Butterick's patleri's 390 

Hammond Jolin, Ciinada Vine Growers' 
association 393 

Hart, Brothers k Co., Guion line of 
Btotunships 394 

Hart Gerald E., general munager Citi- 
zens' Insurance Co. of Canada. /Jeuii 
lines Street and Alphabetical JJireC' 
lories, tool lines ojf Aliihitlietical Di- 

Back bone and page 287 

rectory f 

Harvey George, domestic i>aper fashions. 398 

Hatton D., k Co, Baltimore and Norfolk 
oysters 398 

Heuser K., hardware 403 

Hua, Richardson k Co., Alexander's kid 

gloves 408 

Jaqiies G. E., k Co., Merchants' Line of 
Steamers. 414 

Kavanagh Walter, Canada Fire and Ma- 
rine Insurance Co 268 

KeroAck A., Beaver tannery 42:i 

Kinghorn John M„ Montreal k Ottawa 
Forwarding Co 500 

Laclmnce S , " The Father MatI.ew Rem- 
edy," antidote to alcohol 429 

Larmonth & Sons, agricultural imple- 
ments 442 

Latimer R J., agricultural Implements.... 29^ 

McFall Cnarles C., Delaware and Hudson 
Canal Co 317 

McGiile B. E., Dr. J. Emery Coderre's 
remedies .* 473 

Millard HenrvR., Morgan's patent plum- 
bago and clay crucibles, kc 494 

Miller Robert, Lovell's series of school 
books, Wylie k Lochhead, paper 
hangings,Glasgow,E3te'brooke Steel 
Pen Co., New York, Carter's inks 
and mucilage, Boston, &c 496 

Morin k Co., Prescott distillery 504 

Morton, Phillips & Bulmer, Zucato's 
Papyrograph ... 506 

Murphy John, patcit American wood car- 
peting and parquet flooring 608 

Patten Ura P., manager, Fairbanks k 
Co., scales 524 

Poliwka Emil, k Co., The Mutual Oil 
Uelining Co., London, (). ; The Can- 
ada Clitmiiiil iManut'acturing Co, 
Loudon, O. ; The Kaoka Man it'actur- 
inj.' Co., St. Thomas O. ; T. W. Fox, 
Boslon, Mass. ; The Puzzoline Co., 
Boston, Mass 539 

Rae JacksDi. I iterniitional Marino Insur- 
ance Co. (limited), of Liverpool 547 

Ramsay \V. M , manager Standard Life 
Assurance Cv> 3 

Rawling:* Ed ward, manager and secretary 
Aociilcnt Insinance Co of Canada, 
ami niaimger Canada Guarantee Co. 

Inside Front Covnr, insiilf. Back Cover 

Richer J. B., Labatt's London alo and 

stout 664 

Rtissel Brothers, manufactuiers 666 

Seymours .St Co., coal 671 

Sliepiierd R. W., president the Ottawa 
River Navigation Co. Facing Index to 
Streets, •j-c. 

Smith G. P. C, Liverpool and London 
and Globe Insurance Co. OuUide 
Front Cover "^ 


Stancliffe Frederick, resident secretary 
Reliance Mutual Life Assurance 

society. 3 

SurveytT L. J. A., wire goods 591 

Taylo' Brothers, Noitiicrn Aasiiratice Co. 
and e^cuttiab Imperial Insiimnce Co. 

Ou'Side Hack Cover 
Torrance David, & Co.. Dominion Line of 

steamsh pa 329 

' Walker Junies. & Ou., artificial wood 

ornaments 611 

, Weir \V. H., k Co., collection agents, 

New Vork Life li,''e Co 615 

Willis Charl.s R., Carliug k Co.'s Lon- 
don AmbL'r ale 618 

Wilson Walter, & Co , manufacturers 610 

' Wood k Evand, Mina Fire Insirance Co., 397 
Connecticut Alutual Life Insurance 
Co., and Hartford Fire In uraiice Co.. 

218, 2U3, 397 (inci 620 

Bardac & Co 229 

Rae Jackson 547 

SearviUe Daniel W., Antigua, West In- 
dies 487 


Bryson T. Maxwell, k Co 263 


Hue Jackson 647 

WclLey C. H bio 


Campbell Geo. B 267 


MartiuL-au E. A 487 


Campbell Geo. E 267 

Tuck Alfred, k Co 603 

Weihey C.H 6l5 


Beauchemin A., k Co 233 

CossittG. M., ABro 299 

Km|iire Works 347 

isvans William 349 

Larmoutb a tiuus 442 


Dawson Wm. Bell 314 

DuniopA. F 340 

ilodsou William H., <Slc bon 4U4 

Hopkins J. W ., & E. C 4o« 

Hiiiciiisuu k Steele 411 

Mann Erie 481 

Massy A 488 


Qoulden James 



Bayard A 12 

Kaphael Wm 548 

Kcolt J. Doug as (lieralilic), Boston, Mass. 569 

Bertrand M 



Norman W. C 613 

Patter Thomas J 54() 


G^rvais Peter 14 

Sonne Christopher 581 

Sonne Thomas 580 


Aird James M 218 

Fitts C, & Co 354 

Smith George 577 

Watt Alexander 614 

W>lie W. k J. S 622 


McLaren Wm. D., Cook's Friend 297 

Putney C. M., Vienna 545 

BANKERS, fte. 

Meeker C. J 491 

Weir W. H., k Co 615 

Weir William 615 


Bank of Montreal 16 

Banque du Peuple 10 


Bisaillon J 244 


Cameron Allan (Liebig's liquid), 301 


Gervais Peter 14 

Gordon & Egan 380 

Jubin T 11 

Lamarche S 14 

MacdoniildJ. K..... 466 

Richardson Isaac A., k Son 554 


Chanteloup E 279 


Sparrow J. B 582 


Labbu Joseph 13 


Fitts C, & Co 354 

Steinson H., & Co 588 


Les Amers Marreilleux 796 


Donaldaou Robert 3.10 

Gi-rvais Peter 14 

Irons James 412 

Lamarche S 14 

Macdonald J.K 46« 

Mcintosh John, k Son 474 

White W.C...* eitf 


fi«rrington Oi 


Akerman, For 
Dawson Broth 
Gazette Print 
Lovell John, A 
Miller Robert. 
Morton, Phillii 
Sutherland, Mi 


Brush George. 
Gardner R., k I 
H'ggins Peter 
Jams Furnace 
Mcintosh John, 
^gers k King 
White W. C...T. 


Chapeleau Z., i 
Dawson Brothei 
Drysdale Wm., I 
Hood John, k C 
Lovell John, k I 

Miller Robert 

Morton, Phillips 
Sutherland, Millj 


Power k Dawsot 
Scott J. Douglas 


Tees* Co.. 


Ashford C 

Cadieux k Dernri 
Chapeleau Z., k 
Dawson Brothers 
Drysdale Wm., A 
Gurd Joseph L 

Hill c ;. 

Hood John, & Co 

Lane John B 

Miller Robert (w 

Picken Eben 

Sutherland, Milla 

AUain Omer 
Bell J. k T.... 

Di'rome Z ■ 

Hemond P., k So 

P'^lland A. ' 

t.^ ^'. Jean L. G., k 

Dennison Manufai 

Jellyraan Richar. 


Bradley George. 
Brush George"..,. 
Chanteloup Brnei 
Cuthberl & Sou. 














Barrington Oeo., ft Son 230 


Akerman, Fortier ft Go 219 

Dawaon Brothers 315 

Gazette Printintc Co 371 

LoTCll John, ft Son 337 

Miller Robert 495 

Morton, Phillipa ft Bulmer 505 

Sutherland, Millar ft Go 591 


Brush Qeorge 261 

Gardner R., ft Son 364 

Hig^ins Peter 11 

J&Tvia Kurnace Go 414 

Mcintosh John, ft Son 474 

Rogers ft King 560 

White W. C 616 


Gbapeleau Z., ft Labelle 273 

Dawson Brothers 315 

Drysdale Wm., ft Oo 334 

Hood John, ft Co 406 

LoTellJohn, ft Son 337 

Miller Robert 4')5 

Morton, Phillips ft Bulmer 605 

Sutherland, Millar ft Co 591 


Power ft Dawson 641 

Scott J. Douglas, Boston, Mass 569 


Tees ft Co 594 


Ashford C 224 

Cadieux ft Derome 266 

Chapeleau Z., ft Labelle 278 

Dawson Brothers 315 

Drysdale Wm., ft Co 334 

Gurd Joseph L 390 

Hill C 403 

Hood John, & Co. (subscription) 406 

Lane John B 437 

Miller Robert (wholesale) 495 

Piciten Eben 534 

Sutlierland, Millar & Co 591 


AUain Omer 12 

Bell J. ft T 238 

Di'rome Z 12 

Hemond P., ft Son 12 

Poland A 561 

^ t'i Jean L. G., ft Son 585 


Dennison Manufacturing Co., Boston, ftc. 

Back bone und 5 
Jellyraan Richard 414 


Bradley George 789 

lirush George 281 

Ohanteloup Ernest 279 

Outhberl ft Son 789 

Oarth Gharles, ft Go 36S 

Mitchell Robert, ft Co 497 and 789 

Prosser ft Bruce 12 

Prowse George R 545 

Rogers ft King 560 

Rubenstein Bros 791 

Young Andrew 624 


Carline ft Co. (London) 618 

Ekers T. A 344 

Lab<itt (London). 554 

Molson John H. K.. ft Brothers 498 

Montreal Brewing Co 500 

Reinhardt G., ft Sons 551 

Taylor Robert, sen 593 


Canadian Locomotive and Engine Co, 

The (limited) 2S9 

Day ft DeBlois 314 

White W. G 616 


Forget L. J., ft Co., stock 357 

Meeker C.J, exchange 491 

Nichols ft Marler, stock and exchange.... 612 

Oswald Brothers, stock 618 

Weir W. H., ft Co., exchange 615 

Weir William, stock and exchange 615 


Nelson H. A., ft Sons 511 


Beckham Hugh 236 

Byrd William 265 

Chester William E 283 

Sauvageau Felix 581 

Wright J., ft Co 623 


Colonial Building and Investment asso- 
ciation 292 


Chauteloup G 279 


Pover & Diiwson .... 541 


Coultry Alexander 300 

Madtcrman William, (pork) 795 


Donaldson Robert 330 


Armstrong G., ft Co 223 

Carmody Bros 13 

Casse Edward 796 

Chaput Achille 278 

Chessar George 11 

Daly A. D , ft Co 309 

Gauthier Edward 14 

Labelle H. P 426 

Lamontagne L.J 434 

Noel ftFerland 612 

Paincbaud R. B 519 

Parsons S. R 624 



I." f 






Roy M 564 

Tees & Co 594 

Wright J., & Co 623 


Rolland G. H. L... 




Hatton D., & Co 398 

Hunt, Barnes & Co 409 


Gebhardt Geo. J., & Co 370 

Montreal Card and Paper Co. (limited).. 500 


Gebhardt Geo. J., & Co 370 


Beckham Hugh 236 

Byrd William 265 

Chessar George 11 

Geen James 370 

Gill James 13 

SauTageau Felix 581 

Wright J., & Co 623 


Bennet& Co 2.19 

Hussen Thomas 509 


Berard & Major 229 

Dansereau P 12 

Kendal R.J. & N 795 

Ledoux B 6 and 452 

Ledoux F 12 

Mercier Felix 492 

Ritchot F 795 


Heney k Lacroix 400 

Porter & Savage 11 

Rubenstein Bros 791 


Menard Felix 491 

Menard J. Bte 491 

Varner H 607 


Gauttier & Vervais 370 

Pollock James K 638 

Stewart Alex. B 12 

Weldon George 615 


Brockville Chemical and Superphosphate 

Co 303 

Canada Chemical Manufacturing Co. 
(The), London, Ont 539 


Baridon L. R 228 

Boulanger G 250 

Campbell Kenneth, St Co 268 

Derins R. J Outiide Back Cover and 325 

Goulden James 383 

Gray Henry (i 38C 

Lachftnce H 429 

McGaleB. B 473 

Picault & Co 632 

Wight G. L 617 


BeuUac R 243 

Chanteloup Ernest 279 

Mussen Thomas 509 

Senecal, Fr6chon & Co 571 

Wright J., & Co 623 


Dawson Wm. Bell 314 

Goad Chas. E 379 

Massy A 488 

Reekie Robert James 269 


Nelson H. A., & Sons 511 

Wilkes Robert, & Co «17 


Mitchell, Vance & Co., New York 15 

Mackedie J. W., & Co 



Baile Andrew 226 

Beards. W., b Co 232 

Brcnnan Frank, & Co 255 

Brown A. R., k Co 258 

Esdaile & Stuart 348 

Evans Bros 792 

Fautetix Leandre ]3 

Hart, Brothers & Co 394 

HarltGeo. P 396 

Robertson Farquhar 557 | 

Seymours k Co 571 


Poliwka Emil, & Co 530| 


Brosseau D. C 2571 

EwingS. II. k A.S 340 1 


Morin k Co 504 1 


Black A Locke 245 

Chapman Henry, & Co 278J 

Hodgson Abrahnni, k Sons 404| 

Hua, Ricliardso!! k Co 408l 

Hunt, Bar"-s& Co 4nil[ 

Jaques G. li., & ('o 4U[ 

Lord k iMunn 403| 

Morin & Co 504 

Norman W. C 513[ 

Poliwka Emil, k Co 5391 

Potter Thomas J 540| 

Scarville Daniel W. (Antigua, West 

Indies) 4871 

Taylor John, A Bro 5931 

Tees, Costigan k Wilson 594| 

Tuck Alfred, & Co 603| 

Walker J. R eilf 

Wilion Walter, & Co 619| 


Craig David 
'^air John (0 
Moffat Alex. ( 
Wethey C. H 


Cameron All 


Steinson H , A 
Teater James ' 


Choulea Jamei 
Deom Victor.. 
Griffin James.. 
Putney C. M.., 


Beckham Hugh 
Bertrand M. (A 
Byrd William... 
Chester Wm. B 
^rappier k Bom 
Morrison John, 
Reekie Robert . 
Sauvageau Ftlij 
Taylor John, k 


Wright J., k Ci 


Garceau Serure 
Hanley Thomas' 
Holland Jos 


Chanteloup Erne 
Cuthbert k Son. 
Garth Charles. & 
Mitchell Robert, 
Prowse Geo. R. 
Prowse Henry, k 
Young Andrew.., 


iJoyle J. E., k V 


Bastian W. L 
iJeck M. D 

Courtemuiiche 0." 
Deueau L 


Chester William 
Millard Henry R. 


Masterman Wm..., 

Kgginton J. A 

Andrews Hugh... 
Beaulieu Damase. 

Castle Thomas 

taucbon Olivier... 
Charlebois T..., 





Craig David J. (Quebec and Ontario).... 303 

Fair John (Ontario) 350 

MoflFat Alex. (Quebec and Ontario) 497 

Wethey C. H. (Quebec and Ontario) 615 


Cameron Allan 301 


SteinBonH,& Co 588 

Tester James W., k Co 595 


Choules James 284 

Deom Victor 3U0 

Griffin James 388 

Putney CM 545 


Beckham Hueh 23t> 

Bertrand M. (Asphalt pavement) 242 

Byrd William 265 

Chester Wm.E 283 

Frappier & Boucher 359 

Morrison John, & Son 505 

Reekie Robert James (Railway) 269 

iSauvageau Ftlix 581 

Taylor John, & Bro. (Railway and Gas 

works) 593 

Wright J., & Co 623 


Garceau Serure 795 

Hanley Thomas 792 

Holland Jos 792 


Chanteloup Ernest 279 

Ciithbert& Son 789 

Garth Charles, & Go 366 

Mitchell Robert, & Co 497 and 789 

Prowse tteo. R 545 

Prowse Henry, ft Co 545 

Young Andrew 624 


Doyle J. E., & Co 332 


BastianW. L 231 

Jiock M. D 236 

Courlemaiichc 3t)l 

Duueau L 319 


Chester William E 283 

Millard Henry R 494 


Masterraiin Wm 705 


Egginton J. A 339 and 344 


Andrews Hugh 221 

Beaulieu Damase 235 

Castle Thomas 275 

Cauchon Olivier 275 

Charlebois T 281 

Craig Alexander II 303 

Denis L. N 319 

Denis M. & Co 319 

Denis Pierre 319 

De Zouche George C, & Sous 325 

Giroux Joseph 378 

Granger Napoleon ! 385 

Kimber James 424 

Lavoie & Beaulieu 446 

Lavoie St Letebvre 448 

Millen Henry 494 

Murphy John 508 

Owens J. B 519 

Roby & Barbeau 559 

Usherwood Joseph 605 

Vaudry Charles 607 

Waldren Charles 611 

Woodward A , & Co ll 


Bazin Jaines \. Head iine* hi Strnet 

Uirecltry and 232 

DesmarchaisF 32cJ 

Nichol John C 511 

Trestler i (Jlobensky 602 

Webster John H (J14 

Young W. H. Diou 624 


Clcland James 289 

Donaldson liobert 330 


Power <Sc Dawson • 541 

Scott'J. Douglas, Boston, .Mass 369 


Princess Louise Cottajje Restaurant 441 

Terrapin Restuui'eut 341 

Victoria Coffee and Chop House 792 

Victoria Restaurant 478 


Lovell's Canadian Doiniuiou 463 

Lovell's Gazetteer ofUriiishNorih Amer- 
ica 397 and 464 

Lovell's Montreal 464 

LovfeU's, Province of New Brunswick 464 

Lovell's, Province of Newlouudland 464 

Lovell's, Province of Nova Scotia 46t 

Lovell's, Province of Ontario 464 

Lovell's, Province of Prince Edward Is- 
land 464 

Lovell's, Province of Queliec 464 

Might and Taylor's, Toronto 9 


Versailles Joseph, jnn., (coal tar) 608 

Wiser J. P., Prescott, Out., Moriu k (j'o., 
agents :04 


Locliet Aine & Debertraud (Paris, 
France) 419 


Ilubenstein Bros 791 


Henderson D. H 401 

McGauvran, Tucker & McDonnell 790 

Paquette & Robert 521 

Trudeau Ji Co 393 


5' : 


I 1 


EggiDton Joseph A 339 and 334 


Gampbell Kenneth, A Uo 2l8 

Devina R. J OuUide Batk Cover and 325 

Uoulden James 383 

Russel Bros S65 


DawsoB T. J 314 


GilmoiirJ Y., & Co 376 

Greeiishields S., Son & Co 387 

Hodgson, Sumner k Co 404 

McLachlan Bros k Go 47t> 

May Thomas, & Co. (fancy) 490 

Robertsons, Linton et Co 558 


BeandrvH., k Co 234 

Clagg(;U& Co 288 

Murphy John, & Co 5i)8 

Musscu Thomas 509 


Mitchell James 497 


Lovell Mrs. J. (for young ladies) 464 


Chanteloup E 279 


Beaudry Narcisse, k Bro 234 

Hendery Robert 400 

Rubenstein Bros 791 


Dominion Type Founding Co. (The) 10 

Morrison A., & Son 605 


Wright Miss 622 


Brush George 261 

Canadian Locomotive and Engine Co. 

The (limited) 269 

Chanteloup Ernest 279 

Gardner R.,&hon 364 

Higgina Peter 11 

Laurie John, k Bro 444 

Weir J. C. & R. S 614 

Young Andrew 624 


Beaudry Narcisse, & Bro 234 

Bishop Geo^& Co 244 

Canadian Wood Engraving Co., Inside 

Back Cover. 

Cole J. R 291 

David C. & All ard (wood) 8 

Davidson Wm. C, k Co 312 

Desbarats George E 321 

Oebhardt Geo. J., k Co 370 

Martin J. R Head lines of Street and 

Alphabetical Directories 
f>ower k Dawson (relief and general)..., 541 


Rubenstein Bros 79 

Scott J. Douftlas (steel and copper plate), 

Boston, Mass 569 

Swenson C 691 

Walker John H. (wood) Opp 408 

Wiseman J. L. (wood) 1 


Bardac* Co 229 


Diimaine k Halpin 338 

Sharpe's City Express 572 


Oilmour J. Y., k Co 376 

Hodgson, Sumner, k Co 404 

Nelson H. A , k Sons 611 

Wilkes Robert, & Co 617 


Beck M D. (fancy goods) 236 

Gurd Josj-ph L 390 

McCallum R. N 469 

Martiueau Edouard Alfred 487 

Wright Miss (fancy goods) 622 

Yon J. G 624 


Leblanc J. H 450 


File & Spring Co 352 


Hart Brothers, & Co ... 394 

McNally Wm., & Co 477 


Cuthbert& Son 789 


Hatton D., & Co 398 

Hunt, Barnes, k Co 409 

Phelps Geo. F 531 


Burns Michael 264 

Campbell C 267 

Evans William 349 

Ewing Brothers 349 

Jordan Joseph 418 

Moore George 502 

O'Hara W 515 


Brodie k Harvie 257 


Brvson T. Maxwell, k Co 263 

JiiquesG. E, & Co 414 

Montreal and Ottawa Forwarding Co 500 


Bradley George 789 

Brush George 261 

Clianteloup Ernest 279 

Crevier T 793 

Cuthbert& Son 789 

Day* DeBlois 314 










. 236 








. 352 



.. 394 

. 477 

... 789 

1 398 

... 531 


... 264 

1 267 

1 349 

1 349 

1 418 

1 502 


.... 257 


.... 263 
.... 414 


.... 789 




.. .. 789 




Empire Works 347 

Gardner R., & Son 364 

Garth Chs., & Co 366 

Mnlntoab John, & Son 474 

Mitchell Robert, & Go 497 and 789 

Prosser & Bruce 12 

Rogers & King 560 

White W. C 616 

Young Andrew 624 


Burns Michael 264 

Hart & Tuckwell 396 

HattonD., & Co 398 

Paul Walter 626 

Phelps Geo. F 631 

Tester J. W., & Co 696 


Armstrong G., k Co 223 

Carmody Bros 13 

Casse Edward 796 

Chaput Achille 278 

C'lurtemanche .' 301 

' 'iaig J. A. I. (wholesale) 303 

Lhilj A. D^ k Co 309 

(Tautbier Edward 14 

King William 424 

LabelleH. P ; 426 

Lamontagne L. J 434 

Noel & Ferland 512 

Parsons S. R 524 

Roy M 664 

Tees & Co 594 


DebloisO, & Co 316 

James Joseph, & Co Font-lines of 

Alphabetical Directory 


James Joseph, & Co Foot-line* of 

Alphabetical Directory 
Montreal Manufacturing Co 501 


Mitchell, Vance, k Co., New York 15 


Brown A. R., k Co 258 

Chapman Henry, & Co 278 

Poliwka Emil, A Co ,^39 

Rankin, Beattie k Co 548 

Ros? W. R., k Co 562 

Tees, Costigan & Wilson 591 

Torrance Davii, & Co .329 

Walker J. U 611 


Claggett, & Co 288 

DeLorimier S. A 318 

Gibb& Co 375 

Lnflumme J. B 430 

Murphy John, & Co .Wh 

Pringle W 543 


Beaudoin J. B 234 

Blackwood R., & Co 245 

Cbristin Joseph, & Cie 286 

Gurd Charles 390 


Ghapleau Godfroi 4 


Effginton Joseph A 339 anef 344 


Fox Albert 358 

atuartE. J 795 


Poliwka Emil, k Co.. 



Ba^lis Manufacturing Co 790 

Wilson James, jun 619 


Leahy Michael, k Co 448 

Sonne Christopher 681 

Sonne Thomas 680 


Brosseau D. C 257 

Ghilds George, & Co 283 

Gusson Alexis 307 

Donahue William 330 

Kirk, Lockerby & Co 425 

Mathewson J. A 488 

Mathewson & Pa'ton 488 

Ross W. R., k Co 562 

Tees, Costigan k Wilson 694 


Gareau & Patry 13 

Paul Walter 52t> 

Pich^ Alph 632 

Richer J. B 654 


Bisaillon J 244 


C ban teloup E. (builders') 279 

Cogblin Bernard J 291 

Crathern k Caverhill 304 

Em.'ire Works (builders') 347 

Heu'ser E 402 

Phillips Thomns, jun 632 

Robertson Thomas, k Co 558 


Courtemanchc 301 

Donis L. N 319 

Grenier Vital 13 

Haldimand, k Co 391 

Kemp A. E 422 

Lapierre Chs. 798 

Le Page Cenuain 456 

Pau/,6 J. X 52o 

Prowse iico. ;; 545 

Ppwse Henry, Ju Co .54") 

rriid'lioniiue A., k Brother 54,'j 

Rolliiiul G. H. L 795 

S .rveyer L J. A 591 

\\'alker Ak'xandor 611 

Walker James, ft Co 611 


Gente^se C 13 

M6uard J. Bte 491 






Gniiedingcr L., Son,* Co 379 

Greene & Sous Company 387 

SilTcrman, Boulter k Co 674 


Cedras Joseph 276 

Henderson .lolin, k Co 400 

Kornmaier J. B 425 

Lorgt k Co 4t!3 

Marcou J. L., & Co 482 

Reynolds C.J 553 

Riepert Broi 655 

Robert C 557 

Ftobertson & Co 557 

•Simpson McD 576 

Thompson Job C, k Vo. 597 

Dederick P. K., k Co 316 


Kemp A. E 422 

Lapierre Chs. 798 

Le Pa^^e Germain 456 

Prowse Geo. R 545 

Prowse Henry, k Co 545 

Surveyer L. J. A 591 


Morin L. E., sen. (fi«h and fish oils) 504 


Carter's, Boston 495 

Harrison Manufacturing Co., New York.. 14 


-Accident Insurance Co. of Canada. In- 
side Front Cover 

Citizens' Insuraice Co. of Canada, head 
linen of Alphalielical and Street IHree- 
t^rien, Foot linen of Alphabetical Direr- 
t>ry, Hack bone and 287 


^tna Fire lusurance Co. of Hartford 218 

Canada Fire and Murine Insurance Co.... 268 
Citizens' Insurance Co. of Canada. Head 
lines tif Al/i/w/ietiral and Street JJiree- 
tor'es, Foot lines of Alphabetical Direc- 
tory, JiacL bone and 287 

Commercial Union Assurance Co 

Facinfi Back Cover 
Hartford Fire Insuviince Co. of.H irtford... 397 
Liverpool and London and Gloi)e Insur- 
ance Co. Outside Front Couer 
Northern A.ssuraiice Co. of London. Out- 

siJe Bark Cover 
Phoenix Fire Insurnnre Co. of London.... 533 
Scottish Imperial Insurance Co. Outside 

Jlaek Cover 


Canada Guarantee Co Inside Bark Cover 

Citizcn.s' Insurance Co. of Canada. Head 
lines oj Alphabeticiil and Street Dir- 
ertories, Foot lines of Alphabetical 
J>irectori/, Back bone and 287 


Briton Life Association (limited) 285 

Citizens' Insurance Co. of Canada. Head 
lines of Alphabetical and Street Dir- 
ectories, Jioot lines of Alphabetical 

Directorti, Back hone, and 287 

Commercial Union Assurance Co. Facing 

Back Cover 
Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co. 293 
Liverpool and Loudon and Globe Insur- 
ance Co Outside Front Cover 

Reliance Mutual Life Assurance society.. 3 
Standard Life Assurance Co 3 


Canada Fire and Marine Insurance Co 268 

Commercial Union Assurance Co 

Facing Back Cover 
International Marine Insurance Co.. 
(limited), of Liverpool 412 ana .'(47 


James Joseph, k Co., Foot lines of Alpha- 
betical Directory 


Carvill, Barr k Co 274 

Coghlin Bernard J 291 

Crathern * Caverhill 304 

Heuser E 402 

Phillips Thomas, jun 632 

Robertson Thomas, A Co 558 

Taylor John, & Bro 593 


Delorme Joseph.. 318 

Montreal Manufacturing Co 501 


Beauchamp Frs. X 232 

Beaudry Narcisse, k Bru 234 

Bolt J 248 

Dufresne J. B. R 336 

Miller k Bremner 494 


Millard H. R 494 


Beauchamp Frs. X 232 

Beaudry Armand 234 

Beaudry Narcisse, k Bro 234 

Cochenthaler M - 290 

Cole J. R 291 

Dufresne J. B. R 336 

Uufresne L. P 339 

(irant H 385 

Gurd Joseph L 390 

Levetus Edward M. (wholesale) 459 

Miller k Bremner 494 

Key D. L 652 

Roy A. Alfred 563 

Savagp k Lyman 568 

Schwob Bros, (wholesale) 569 

SwensonC 691 

Walker W. S 611 

Wrtlkerton Wm., k Co. (wholesale) 611 

Wilkes Robert, & Co. (wholesale) 617 

Yon J. G S24 


Lawes William 
Walker J. R.... 
Wilby C. fl., k 


Canadian Leath 
Porter k Savag 


Cole Fred. R.... 
Mitchell, Vance 


Bastian W. L... 

BeckM. D 

Chanteloup E .. 

Cole Fred R 

Courteraanche < 

Deneau L 

Drapeau F 

Jubin T 

Letourneux J. T. 
Moore Francis.... 


Dawson Wm. Bel 


Goodrick II 


Black k Locke... 
Galarneau M. C.. 
flua, Richardson . 

Keroftck A 

Moseley & Rickcr 
Porter k Savage., 
Roby J. M., k Co. 


Biirry, Smith k C( 
Canadian Leather 
Canadian Rubber 
Porter & Savage. 


Ashford C 


Picken Eben 


Gervais Cyrille A 

Brosseau D. C 

€u3son Alexis 

Lenihan James 


Piche Alphonse 

Ricbrt- J. B 


Akerman, Fortier A 
Bishop Geo., k Co. 
Davidson Wm. C, i 





Lawes William, k Co 449 

Walker J. R 611 

Wilby C. H., k Co 623 


Canadian Leather. Belting Co. 260 

Porter k Savage... 11 


Cole Fred. R 291 

Mitchell, Vance k Co., New York 15 


Bastian W. L 231 

Beck M. D 236 

Chanteloup E 279 

Cole Fred R 291 

Coiirteraanche O. (lampa) 301 

Deueau L 319 

Drapeau F 791 

Jubin T 11 

Letourneui J. T 4;i8 

Moore Francis ,502 


Dawson Wm. Bell 3U 


Goodrick II 379 


Black & Locke 245 

Galarneaii M. C .S62 

fluiv, Richardson & Co 408 

Keroitck A 423 

Moseley & Rickor 506 

Porter 4 Savnire 11 

Roby J. M.,& Co 559 


Barry, Smith k Co 230 

Canadian Leather Belting Co 269 

Canadian Rubber Co 269 

Porter & Savage 11 


Ashford C 224 

HiUC 403 

Picken Eben 534 

Gervais Cyrille A 339 


Brosseau D. C 257 

Cusson Alexis 307 

Leailian James 456 


Piche Alphonse 532 

Richrt- J. B 554 


Akerman, Fortier Jk Co 219 

Bishop Geo., A Co 244 

Davidson Wm.C.,* Co 312 

Desbaratg Oeoree E 321 

Gebhardt Geo. J.. 4 Co 370 

Martin J. R fiend linen of Street and 

Alphabetical /Jireetorie* 
Scott D. Douglas, Boston, Mass 569 


Dumaine & Halpin 33S 

Vincent T 788 


Tuck Alfred, & Co 603 


Gervais Peter 14 

Lamarche S 14 

Macdonald J. K 466 


Lovell John, & Son 397 


DufresneA Jodoin ,S,38 

Dupnv Alex.. A Co 791 

Henderson D. H 401 

McGauvran, Tucker A McDonnell 790 

Parizeau Daraase 522 

Prefontaine Napoleon 542 

Prtfontaine T., k Co 542 

Vautier Philip 13 


Brush George 261 

Gardner R, A Son 364 


Bradley George 789 

Brush George 261 

Canadian Locomotive and Engine Co., 

The (limited) 269 

Chanteloup fi 279 

Crevier T 793 

Cutbbert A Son 789 

Day A Deblois 314 

Donaldson Robert 330 

Empire Works 347 

Gardner R.,A Son 364 

Garth Charles, A Co 366 

Gervais Peter 14 

Higgins Peter H 

Lachapelle Alfred 796 

Laurie John, A Bro 444 

Macdonald J. K 466 

Mcintosh John,&Son 474 

Miller Bros. A Mitchell 494 

Mitchell Robert, k Co 497 and 789 

Mo.itreal Manufacturing Co 501 

Prossi'r A Bruce 12 

Rogers k King 560 

WeirJ. C. A R. S 614 

White W. C 616 

Young Andrew ! 624 


Boaudry H, A Co 234 

Claggett k Co 28« 

Dawson T.J 314 

Murphy John, A Go SOS 

Musgeu Thomas 509 







Akerman, Fortier ti Co., account books... 219 
Barrington Geo.^ & Soa, trunks, valiseB 

and blacksmiths' bellows 230 

Barrel Smith k Co., leather belting, &c... 230 
Bay] is Manufacturing Co., varnisheB, 

japans, printing inks, kc 790 

Beaucbemin A.,& Go.,tbresbing machines 233 
Beaudoin J. E., ginger ale, soda water, kc. 234 
Beaudry H., k Co., dresses, costumes and 

mantles 234 

Bell J. k T., boots and shoes 238 

Bennet A Co., paper bags, &c 239 

Berard k Major, carriages, sleighs, kc... 229 
Bisaillon J., wigs, braids, switches, &c.... 244 
Blackwood R., k Co., Belfast ginger 

ale, kc 245 

Bolt J., gold chains. &;c 248 

Brodie k Harvie, self-raising flour 257 

Brosseau D. C. coffee and spices 257 

BroDirn Abner, pianos and organs 258 

Brush Geo , steam engines, mining ma- 
chinery, kc 261 

Cameron Allan, Liebig's liquid extract of 
beef, condiment for horses and cattle, 

Ac 301 

Canadian Leather Belting Co., leather 
belting, fire engine hose, lace leather, 

kc 269 

Canadian Locomotive and Engine Co., 
The (limited), railway locomotives, 

iron bridges, kc 269 

Canadian Rubber Co. of Montreal, rub- 
ber shoes, belting, fire engine hose, 

Ac 269 

Gatelli C. H.. maccaroni, vermicelli, kc, 275 

Cedras Joseph, hats, caps and fiirs 276 

Chanteloup Ernest, lamps, artistic 
bronzes, telegraphic instruments, 
bells, railway supplies, builders' 

hardware, kc 279 

Chapleau Uodfroi, fire-proof safes, stone- 
cutters' tools, iron girders, kc 4 

Chaput Achille, furniture anu coOSns 278 

Chesebrough Manufacturing Co., vase- 
line 283 

Chester William E., Chester's cure 283 

Christin Joseph, k Co., ginger ale, soda 

water, kc 286 

Claggeit k Co., ladies' costumes, man- 
tles, and gentlemen's clothing 288 

Clark 1*. L.. saddlery hardware 288 

Cleland James, dies for cutting leather, 

&c 289 

Cogblin Bernard J., railway and curriage 

springs 291 

Cole Fred. R., lamps and lamp fixtures... 291 

Cowan John, liquid ammonia 303 

Craig J. A. I., furniture 303 

Crevier T., stoves, hot air furnaces, kc... 793 
Crilly John, k Co., paper, envelopes anvt 

paper bags 304 

Cutubcrt k iSon, plumbers', gas and steam 
fitters' goods, and Triumph Fire Ex- 
tinguisher 789 

Daly A. D. k Co., spring beds and mat- 
tresses 309 

Dawson Brothers, blank books 315 

Dar k Deblois. iron work^ baths, kc 314 

Deblois 0., k Co., galvanized sheet iron 

roofs, coriiice$>, kc 316 

Dederick P. K., k Co., hay presses 310 

Delorme Joseph, tinware 318 

Dennison Manufacturing Co., tags, drug- 

gists' and jewellers' ooxes, kc, 
oston, Chicago, New York, Phila- 
delphia, Cincinnati and St Louis. 

Back bone and 5 
Despatie Pierre, Lea Amers Merveilleux.. 796^ 
Devins R. J., fine Quinine Wine, Liquid 
Citrate of Magnesia, Children's Car- 
minative Cordial, Vegetable Worm 
Pastilles, kc. Outside back Cover and 325 

Dominion Pickling Co., pickles 1$ 

Dominion Type Founding Co., (The), 

type 10 

Donaldson Robert, shoe dies,butter tryers, 

Ac 330 

Doyle J. E. k Co., corks 332 

Egginton Joseph A., bevelled edge plate 

glass, Ac 339 and 344 

Empire Works, agricultural implements, 

stoves, and builders' hardware 347 

Eveloigh J., A Co., trunks, valises, Ac... 349 
Ewing S. H. A A. S., coffee and spices... 349 

Fairbanks A Co., standard scales 524 

File and Spring Co., railway and carriage 

S|iring8, files, rasps, Ac 352 

Filippi P., religious statues 796 

FittsC, A Co., crackers and biscuits 354 

Forsyth Robert, monuments, Ac 357 

Fox Albert, glue, Ac 358 

Fyfe James, railway depot, bay, coal and 
other scales, Lines outside/ronl cover 

and facing Index to Streets, J^e. 

Oareau A Patry, piskles 13 

Gardner R., A Son, mill work, steam en- 
gines, Ac 364 

Gartn Charles, A Co., brass, copper, iron 

work, Ac 366 

Gauttier A Vervais, picture frames and 

looking glasses. 370 

Gazette Printing Co., blank books 371 

Gebhardt Geo. J., A Co., fancy papers, 
card boards, cut cards, playing cards, 

Ac 370 

Gentesse C, hat and cap blocks 13 

Gill James, packing boxes 13 

Gnaedinger L., Son, A Co., hats, caps and 

furs 379 

Goodrick H, lasts 379^ 

Goulden James, Goulden's nitro-kali or 

extract of soap 383 

Grant U. masonic and societies regalia... 385 
Greene A Sons Company, hats, caps, furs, 

straw goods, Ac 387 

Gurd Charles, ginger ale, soda water, Ac. 390 
Harrison Manufacturing Co., writing inks, 

fluid and mucilage. New York 14 

Heath John, pens, Birmingham, England 11 
Hender^od D. H., lumber, timber, pack- 
ing boxes, trunks, Ac 401 

Hendery R,,silver and electro-plated ware 400 

Higgins Peter, boilers, tanks, Ac 11 

James Joseph, A Co., galvanized iron 
cornices, skyliglits, fire-proof shutters 
and doors, roofing felt, Ac, Fool lines 

(^Alphabetical Directory 
Jamieson R C, A Co., varnish and japans. 790 
Jarvis Furnace Co., boilers and furnaces. 414 
Jelly man Richard, paper boxes, egg cases, 

and tea caddies 414 

Jordan W., A Co, spring beds and bed- 

diig 419 

Laroche J. (Paris, France), Triple 
Quinine wine 410 




Laurie jQbc. ft Bro., engines, steam 

pumps, sc 444 

LeblancJ. H., feathers 450 

Lecomte A.^ k Go. (Paris, France), 

musical instruments 794 

Ledoux B., carriages, sleighs, Ac 6 and 452 

Lochet Aine & Debertrand, dog collars... 419 

Lorge & Co., bats, caps aud furs 463 

LoTell John & ISoq, blank book and book 

work of every description 337 

Macdonald J. K., plasterers' furnaces, 

moulds, &c 466 

Mackedie J. W., & Co., clothing, 467 

McArthur John, & Son, oils, paints, &c... 469 

McDonald W. C, tobacco 472 

McUauvian, Tucker & McDonnell, doors, 

sashes, boxes, Ac 790 

Mcintosh John, & Son, steam engines, &c. 474 
McLaren Wm. D., Cooks' Frieud baking 

powder 297 

Major & Gibb, wire clotb, wire goods, Ac. 480 
Marcou J. L., & Co., hats, caps and furs. 482 

Marcoux D., wire work 14 

Mariotti C, monuments, &c 483 

May S. H., & Co., paints, puttr, &c 490 

Menard J. Bte., hat aud cap blocks 491 

Might ft Taylor (Torouto), self-feeding 

penholder 9 

Miller Robert, blank bouks, ftc 495 

Mitchell, R., ft Co., engineers' and plum- 
bers' brass goods, ftc 497 and 789 

Mitchell, Vance ft Co., gas fixtures, 

lamps, clocks and bronzes, New York 1 5 
Montreal Card and Paper Go. (limited), 

cards, card board, glazed paper, ftc... 500 
Montreal Manufacturing Co., Monitor 

coal oil stoves, wringers, ftc 501 

Morton, Phillips ft Bulmer, blank books.. 505 
Moseley ft Ricker, patent enamelled cur- 
ried leather 506 

Nelson H. A., ft Sons, brooms, brushes, 

wooden ware and matches 511 

Noel ft Ferland, furniture 512 

Paquette ft Robert, doors, sashes, ftc 521 

Parsons S. R., furniture 524 

Paterson J. W., ft Co., rooting material... 525 

Peck, Benny ft Co., nails, spikes, ftc 527 

Pollock Jas. K., picture frames and passe- 
partouts 538 

Porcheron A. D., tobacco 540 

Porter ft Savage, leather and leather 

beUing, ftc 11 

PringleW., shirts and oollarg 643 

Prosser ft Bruce, plumbers' brass work, 

ftc :. 12 

Prowse Geo. R., hot air furnaces, hotel 

ranges, ftc 545 

Prowse Henry, ft Co., stoves, furnaces, 

tinware, ftc 645 

PutneyC. M., Vienna baking powder 545 

Rankin, Beattie ft Go 548 

Reed George W., refrigerators, oil 

cabinets, ftc 793 

[Reynolds 0. J., hats, caps and furs 553 

Rice Thomas G.. wire cloth, wire work, ftc. 553 

Riepert Bros., hats, caps and furs 555 

Robert G., hats, caps and furs 557 

Robertson ft Co., hats, caps and fVirs 667 

Rogers ft King, stoves, iron ftirniture, 

railings, ftc 660 

RoUund G. H. L., steel sofa springs 706 

Ross Alexander, surveying and engineer- 
ing Instruments 662 

Rubenstein Bros., carriage trimmings, ftc. 791 

Schwob Brothers, watches , 569- 

Scott J. Douglas, rubber stamps <Mi 

presses, Boston, Mass 56^ 

Sicotte A. ft Co., heating apparatus 791 

Silverman, Boulter ft Co., hats, caps and 

furs.... .' 674 

Simpson McD., hats, caps, furs, ftc 576 

Sonne Christopher, sails, tents, ftc 581 

Sonne Thomas, sails, tents, awnings, ftc. S)*0 
Steinson H., ft Co., biscuits aud confec- 
tionery 688 

Stuart E. J., glue, neat's foot oil, ftc 795 

Surveyer L. J. A., tiuware, ftc 591 

Sutherland, Millar ft Co., account books 591 
Tees ft Co., office desks and revolving 

book cases 594 

Tester James W., ft Co., confectionery... 59S 
Thompson Job (j., ft Co., hats, caps and 

furs 69T 

Tnwnsbend ft Hudson, bedding 601 

Trudeau ft Co., doors, sash, blinds and 

mouldings 602 

Versailles Joseph, jun., roofing material, 

ftc 608 

Villeneuve J. 0., soap and candles 13 

Wheeler ft Wilson Manufacturing Co., 

sewing machines 61$- 

White W. C, steam boilers, bridges, 

tanks, ftc 61ft 

Willis Charles R., rope 618 

Wilson J. C, ft Co., paper bags, flour 

sacks, ftc 618 

Wilson James, jun., oils, tallow and axle 

grease 619 

Wright J., ft Co., wood carpeting, church 

ftirniture, ftc 623 

Young Andrew, lock-up safety valves 624 

Young J. B., permeatic gas machines 624 


Neher Martin 510 


Forsyth R .357 

Maiiolti C 483; 


Frappier ft Boucher 35* 


Ross Alexander 562 


Dun, Wiman ft Go 340 and 491 


Claggett ft Co a^R 

De Tonnancour Louis G 325 

Farquharson William 360 

Franch6reL.0 358 

Gibb ft Co 375 

Girouard Victor 87T 

Grundler A 38tf 

Mathurin N 489 

HcRenzieA 475 

Richards Fred. W. 66.1 

Richards Joseph 65S 

Turgeon Z W4 






Carrill, Barr & Co 274 

Coghlin Bernard J 291 

Crathern & Uayerhill 304 

Robertson Thomas, A Co 558 


Castle Thomas 376 


Martin John, & Co 486 


Beandry H., & Co 234 

Byrne Miss Marcella F 265 

Ciaggettft Co 288 

Drtwsou T. J 314 

Irwin E . & Co 412 


Brush George 261 

Gardner R., 4 Son 364 

Laurie John, & Bro. 444 


Lovell John, & Son 464 


Carter's, Boston 495 

Harrison Manufacturing Co., New York.. 14 


Hecker J 399 

Larigne Ernest 446 


DeZouche & Co 325 

Hecker J 399 

Lrtvallee A 14 

Lavigne Ernest 445 

Lecomte A^ & Co. (Paris. France) 794 

Mnrtineau Edouard Alfred 487 

Wilkes Robert, A Co 617 


Peck, Benny & Co 627 


CrevierJ. A., M.D 304 

liccheviillier A 12 

I'asHmnre S. W 12 


AshforJ C 224 

Dnwson Brothers 315 

Drysdale Wm., k Co 334 

Lane John B 437 


British North America, Lovell's Gazetteer 

of 397 and 495 

Dominion Directory, Lovell's Canadian,. 463 
Journal of Commerce, M. S. Foley k Co., 

publishers and proprietors 421 

Knight's (Charles) Ilitttorv of England... 327 
La Minerre, daily and weekly, Dansereau 

k Co., proprietors and printers 435 

La Patrie. H. Beaugrand, editor and 

publisher 439 

Montreal Directory, John Lorell & Son, 
proprietors and printers 464 

The Gazette, daily and weeklr, Gazette 789 
Printing Co., Richard White, man- 791 
aging director 371 


Clarke T. L 288 

Hendery Robert 400 

Mitchell Robert, k Co 497 and 789 

Rubenstein Bros 791 


Dominion Line, David Torrance & Co., 

general agents 329 

Guion Line, Hart Brothers k Co., agents. 394 
Inman Line, J. Y. Gilroour A Co., agents. 376 
Pacific Mail Steamship Co., Bernard J. 

Coghlin, agent 291 

White Star Steamship Co., Bernard J. 
Coghlin, agent 291 


Thayer Linus Orton, CD., M.D., L.S.A., 
London, Eng 695 


Baylis ManufftCturing Co. (wholesale) 79* 

Denis L. N 319 

DonisM. E., ACo 319 

Girour Joseph 378 

, Granger Napoleon 385 

Jamieson R. C, A Go. (wholesale) 790 

Kcroack A , (oils, wholesale) 423 

Lapierre Chas. 798 

Letourneux J. T 458 

McArthurA Co 469 

McArtbur John, A Son (wholesale) 469 

Mays. H., A Co. (wholesale) 490 

Moore Francis 502 

Pauze J. X 526 

Poliwka Emil, A Co., (oils, wholesale)... 539 

Prud'liomme A., A Brother 545 

Wildon James, jun., (oils) 619 


Beaudry Narcisse, A Bro 234 

Grant H 385 

Lazarus A Morris 459 

Ross Alexander 562 





Hatton D , A Co 398 

Hunt, Barnes ACo 409 

Norfolk Ovster Co 513 

Phelps Geo. F 531 


Gill James 13 

Henderson D. H 401 

McGauvran, Tucker A McDonnell 790 


Andrews Hugh 221 

Beuulieu Daaiasc 235 




Castle ThoraH 27S 

Cauchon Olivier 275 

Oharleboia C. T 281 

Craig Alex. M 303 

Denis L.N 319 

Denis M., it Co 319 

Denis Pierre 319 

DeZouche George C, k Song 325 

Giroux Joseph 378 

Granger Napoleon 385 

Kimber James 424 

Layoie & Beanlieu 446 

Laroie & Lefebvre 448 

Millen Henry 494 

Murphy John 508 

Owena J. B 519 

Roby & Barbeau 559 

Usherwood Joseph 605 

Vaudry Charles 607 

Waldren Charles 611 

Woodward A., k Co U 


Bennet k Co 239 

Crilly John, k Co .104 

Wilson J. C., ACo 618 


Denaison Manufacturing Co. Back bone 

and 5 
Jellyman Richard 414 


Denis L. N 319 

Denis M.,A; Co 319 

DoZouche George C, & Sons 325 

Giroux Joseph 373 

Hartineau Bdouard Alfred ^87 

Miller Robert (wholesale) 495 

Moore Francis 602 

Pauze J. X 626 

Uihurwood Joseph 600 


Akernian, Fortier Jc Co 219 

Dawsun Brothers 315 

Lovell John, k Son 337 

Miller Robert 495 

Morton. Phillips k Bulmer 505 

Sutherland, Millar k Co 691 


Ltwes William, 4 Co 449 

Wallier J. R 611 

WiioyC. U.,* Co 6i3 


Morton, Phillips & Bulmer 503 


Massy A 488 

Reynolds Frs. H 786 

Simpson C. G 787 


BuridonL. R 228 

Boulanger U 2'SO 

Campbell Kenneth, k Co 2G8 

Chester Wm. E^ k Co., Chester's Cure .. 283 
Despati Pierre, Les Amers Merreilleux,.. 796 

DcTins R. J OutiideBaek Cover and 325 

Ooulden James 383 

Grav Henry R , 386 

Lachance S 429 

Letourneux J. T 468 

McGale B. E 473 

Picaultft Co 532 

Sowdon F.M -580 

Wight G.L 617 


Bradley George 789 

Menard Felix 491 

Menard J. Bte 491 

Varner H 607 


Gurd Joseph L. (Butterick's) 390 

Harvey George, (Domestic) 396 


Esterbrooke Steel Pen Co., New Fork.... 495 
Heath John, Birmingham, England 11 


Larin H 12 

Parks J. G 522 


Parks J. G ■''22 


CrevierJ A., M.D 304 

Fulton J. H,, M.D , CM., D.M. (Homoeopa- 
thic) 360 

Picault* Co 632 

Thaver Linus Orton, CD., M.D., L.S.A., 
London, Eng., (Bye and Bar) 695 


Devins R. J Outtidi Bath Cover «ni325 

Goulden James 383 


Brown Abner 25i 

Gourtemanche 301 

DeZouche* Co 326 

Heckcr J 399 

Laurent, Laforce k Co 444 

McCallura John, k Sons 4«» 


Dominion Pickling Co 13 


Morrison John, k Son 505 

Sauvageau Felix 681 


Egginton Joseph A 339 anii 344 


Briggs Wm. M 25tf 






Gbantelonp Ernest 279 

CuthbertA Son 789 

Delorne Joseph 318 

Drapeau P 7Sl 

Garth Charles, k Co 366 

Gordon & Egan 380 

Grenier Vital 13 

Groulx & BelanKcr 796 

Hughes A Stephenson 409 

Hiirtiibise ft Cadorette 79tt 

Jubin T 11 

Mitchell Robert, & Co 497 ani 789 

Prowse Geo. R 545 

Prowse Henry, 4 Co 545 

Richardson Isaac A., & Son 554 

Sicotte A., & Co 791 

Yon George 13 

Young Andrew 624 


Bradley George 789 

Chantfloup E 279 

Cuthbert & Son 789 

Garth Charles, & Co 366 

Mitchell Robert, & Co 497 ani 789 

Prosser A Bruce 12 

Robertson Thomas, & Go 658 

Rogers k King 560 

Taylor John, & Bro 593 


Bayard A 12 

Raphael Wm 548 


Akerraan, Fortier A Co 219 

Bubcock, Higgins & Co 226 

Berthiaume & Sabourin 242 

Bishop Geo., & Co 244 

Callahan & Co 267 

Campbell Geo. E., (orders taken for) 267 

Davidson Wm. C, & Co 312 

Deibarats George E 321 

Gazette Printing Co., Richard White, 

Managing Director •^^1 

Gebhardt Geo. J., & Co 370 

Hart A ,Son 396 

La Minerve office, Dansereau A Co 435 

La Patrie office, H. Beaugrand A Co 439 

LarkinThos 442 

Lorell John, A Son 337 

Martin J. R I/ead lincit of Street and 

Alp/iabetieal Direetories 

Morton, Phillips A Biilmor 6(>5 

Robinson J. Iheo 659 

Scult J. Douglad, (copper plate) Boston, 

Mass 569 

Sutherland, Millar A Co oul 


Dominion Type Founding Co. (The) 10 


Poliwka Emil, A Co 539 


Baylls Manufacturing Oo 7l>0 

Dominion Type Founding Co. (Tlie) . .. 10 


Dominion Type Founding Co. (The) 10 


Beaugrand H 439 

Dausereau A Co 435 

Dawson Brothers 315 

Desbarats George E 321 

Foley M. S., A Co 421 

Gazette Printing Co 371 

Lavigne Ernest < music) 446 

LoTell John, A Son 337 

Might A Taylor (Toronto) 9 

Miller Robert 495 

Parks J. G. (stereoscopic and other 

views) 522 

Robinson J. Theo 559 


Laroche's (Paris, France) 419 


Delaware and Hudson Canal Company's. 317 


Canadian Locomotive and Engine Co., 
The (limited) 269 


Chantelonp E -.. 279 

Gardner R., A Son 364 

Peck, Benny A Co 527 

Taylor John, A Bro 593 


Crevier T 793 

Empire Works 347 

Haldimand A Co 391 

ProwseGeo. R 646 

Prowse Henry, A Co 645 

Surveyor L. J. A 591 


Crevier T 793 

Drapeau F 791 

Grenier Vital 13 

Kemp A. E i 422 

Prowse Geo. R 645 

Prowse Henry, A Co 645 

Reed George W 793 

Rurveyer L. J. A 691 

Yon (ieorge 13 


Benllac R 243 

Cadiciix A Derome 26<> 

ChapelcnnZ, A Lahi'lle 278 

Guerin, MUller A Co.(P«ri8, France) .147 

Senucal, Fr6choB, A Co 571 


Princess Louise Cottage, Francis Larin.. 441 

Terrapin, Henry Dunne 341 

Victoria, John McPherson 478 


Alexander Robert, gravel and plastic 
slate 219 



Brig|8 Wm. H 256 

Orevier T., tin, sheet and galvanised iron.. 793 

Deblois O^ A Co., slate and metal 316 

Delorme Joseph 318 

Drapeau F., tin, galvanized iron, Ac 791 

Greuier Vital 13 

Oroulx & B^langer 796 

Hurtubise & Cadorette 796 

James Joseph, & Co., metal, slate and 
gravel. Foot linet of Alphabetical 


Jubin T., galvanized iron, &c 11 

Reed George W., slate, metal and gravel 793 
tiicottp A. k Co., tin, sheet iron, slate, &c. 791 
Yon George 13 


Alexander Robert 219 

James Joseph, & Co., Foot lin^i of Alpha' 

betieal ihreetory 

Paterson J. W., k Co 525 

Reed George W 793 

Versailles Joseph, jim 608 

Walker J. R 611 


Willis Charles R 618 


Branlt George 254 


Ferneyhough S. A 352 

Montreal Stencil works 501 

Scott J. Douglas, Boston, Mass '. 569 


Canadian Rubber Co. (The) 2G9 


Lemyre Eugene 13 


Clark T.L 288 

Heney & Lacroix 400 


Adams Chauncey K. (Toronto Safe 

works^ 218 

Chapleau Godfroi 4 


Sonne Ohrlstopher 581 

Sonne Thomas 580 


Hughes & St«phensun 409 


Henderson D. H 401 

McGauvran, Tucker k McDonnell 790 

Trudeau. k Co 602 



Fairbanks A Co 524 

Fyfe James, lines outside Front Cover and 

facing index to Streets, ^e. 


Lovell John, k Son 464 and 797 


Boulanger G .' 250 

Devina R. J Outside Back Cover and 325 

Evans William 349 

Ewing Bros 349 

Goulden James 383 

Lachance S 429 

Wight G L 6I7 


Chabot A 796 

Harvey George 396 

Lachapelle Alfred 796 

Soly I. N 14 

Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Co 616 


DeZoucheA Co 325 

Hecker J 399 

Lavigne Ernest 446 


McKenzie M 475 

Sonne Thomas ; 680 

Wilson James, jun 619 


Vautier Philip 13 


Cartney.!. S » 274 

Hicks S.N 403 


Coghlin Bernard J 291 

Watson John, jun 3 

Bennet k Co 239 

Gilmour J. V., k Co. 


Hodgson, Siininer & Co 494 

Martmeau Edouard Alfred (and retail) 487 

Nelson H. A., k Sons 511 

Wilkes Robert, & Co 617 


Villeneuve J. 13 


Levetus Edward M 459 


Wilson Walter,* Co 619 


Daly A. D., k Co 309 

Jordan W., k Co 419 

Towsheud k Hudson, (bedding) 601 





Donaldson Robert 330 

File* SpringCo 35.J 


Martineau B. A. (postage) 487 

Murray Alex 54r» 


Akerman, Fortier & Co. (and retail) 210 

Bennet A Oo 239 

Crilly John, k Co 304 

Miller Robert (manufacturing) 495 

Montreal Card and Pai>er Co. (^limiied)... 500 

Morton, Phillips & Bulmer (ana retail}.... 505 

Sutherland, Millar k Co 591 

Wilson JC, &Co 618 


Gurd Joseph L 390 

McCallum R. N 4G9 

Martineau Edouard Alfred 487 

Yon J. G 624 


BeuUac R 243 

Senccal, Frechou k Co 571 


FilippiP TOG 


Merchants' Line of Steamers, G. E. Jaques 
&Co, agents 414 

Montreal and Ottawa Forwarding Co., 
John M. Kinghorn, ageut 500 

Ottawa River Narigation Co., R. W. 
Shepherd, president. Faciny Index to 

Streets, <jr. 


Fernej'hough S. A 352 

Montreal Stencil works 501 

Pow«r4 Dawson 541 

Scott J. Douglas, Boston, .Mass 5U9 


Dominion Type Founding Co. (The) 10 

Morrison A., & Son 505 


Bastian W. L 231 

Beck M. D 236 

Courtemanche 301 

Deiieau L 319 


Chapleau Godfroi 4 


Couroy Thomas (to rent) 301 

Courlenmnche 301 

CrevierT , 798 

Bmpire Works 347 

Haldimand k Co 391 

JubinT 11 

Montreal .Mauufacturiug Co. (coal oil)... 601 

Prowie Geo. R 545 

Prowse Henry, k Co 545 

Surveyor L. J. A 601 

Ton George 13 


Campbell, Kenneth k Co 268* 

Devius R. J. Outside Hack Cover and 325 

Goulden James 383 

PicaultA Co 533 

TAGS. , 

Dentiison's Patent Shipping, Dennison 
Manufacturing Co,, Boston, Chicago, 
New York, Philadelphia, Cincinnati 

and St Louis Backbone and 5 

Montreal Card and Paper Co. (limited). 50O 
Wilson J. C, k Co 618 


Lechcvallier A 12 

I'assmore S. W ... 12 


TheThcineTea Co 595 


Leahy .Michael, k Co 448 

Sonne Christopher 581 

Sonne Thomas 580 


Theatre Royal 595 


Beauchemin A., k Co 233 

CossittA Bro 299 

DcderickP, K., & Co 316 

Kmpire Works 347 

Evans Williai;; 349 

Larmontli k Sons...., 442 


Aubry Alphonse i:! 

Briggs Wm. M 256 

Chanteloup Ernest 270 

Crevier T 793 

Delorme Joseph 318 

Drapcau F 791 

Gordon* Egan 380 

Greiricr Vitiu 13 

Groulx & Belanger 796 

Ilurtubise & Cadorette 796 

Jubin T 11 

Kemp A. E 422 

Prowse Geo. R 545 

Pfowso Henry, & Co 545 

Reed George W 793 

Sicotlc A, & Co 791 

Surveyer L. J. A 501 

Yon (George 13 

Young J. B C24 


Aubrv Alphonse 13 

Brigg's Win. M 256 

Chautcloup Ernest 279 

Courtemanche 301 

CrevierT 793 

Dclorme Joseph 318 

Drapcau F 791 

Gordon k Egan 380 

Grenier Vital 1,1 

Groulr A Belanger 796 

Hurtubise A Cadorette 796 










Jubin T 11 

Kemp A. E 422 

ProwseGeo. R 645 

Prowse Henrj, & Co 545 

Reed George W 793 

SicotteA., & Co 791 

Surveyer L. J. A 591 

Yon George 13 

Young J. B 624 


McDonald W. 472 

Porcheron A. D 540 


Corrireau Ferdinand 796 

Dion H 326 


Canadian Locomotire and Engine Co., 

The (limited) 269 

Chapleau Godfroi 4 

Laurie John, Jc Bro 444 


Barrington Geo., <k Son 230 

EveleighJ., & Co 349 

GUmour J. Y., & Co. (carpet bags, Ta- 
lis- Ac) 376 

Westb. ok P 615 


Campbell Kenneth, & Co 268 

Derins R. J Outside Back Cover and 325 

Goulden James 383 

Gray Henry R 386 

McCJale B. E 473 

Picault& Co 532 

Menard J. Bte. 



Dominion Type Founding Co (The) 10 


Armstrong G., k Co 223 

Chaput Achille 278 

Dumiiine & Halpin 338 

Feron M 352 

Robertson 0.,& Co 557 

Tees* Co 594 

Theriault Victor 595 

Wray Joseph C, Head lines of Alphabeti- 
cal Directory 


Armstrong G., & Co 223 

Garmudy Bros 13 

Cassc Edward 796 

Ghessar George 11 

Daly A.D., &Co 309 

Jordon W., & Co 419 

Ubelle H. P 426 

Nurse J. T 13 

PainchaudR. L 519 

' RoyM 56* 

Tresidder & Co 603 


Hodson Wm., & Son (andmeasui-ers) 404 

Hopkins J. W. & E. C 406 

Hutchison k Steele (real eitato) 411 

Tuck Alfred, k Co 60S 


Baylis Manufacturing Co 790 

Jamieson R. C, k Co 790 

Versailles Joseph, jun., (rooting rarnish) 60S 


Denis L. N 319 

Denis M.,& Co 319 

Giroux Joseph 378 

Granger Napoleon 385 

Lapierre Chs. 798 

Letourneux J. T 458 

McArthur* Co 46» 

McArthur John, k Son (wholesale) 46!^ 

May S. Hy^dt Co. (wholesale) 490 

Pauze J. A 52i> 

RoUandG. H. L 79i 


Chesebrough Manufacturing Co 233 


Catelli C. H 275 


Alloway Clement J 220' 

Bruneau 260 

Chevalier J. B 283 

Fausse A 351. 


Bryson T. Maxwell, A Co 263- 


Millard Henry R 494 


Beauchamp Frs. X 233' 

Beaudry Armand 234 

Beaudry Narcisse, k Bro 234 

Cochenthaler M 290 

Cole J. R 291 

Dufresne J. B. R 336 

DufresneL. P 33t» 

Grant H 385 

Gurd Joseph L 390» 

Miller k Bremner 494 

Pingel J. C.& Co 535 

ReyD. L 552 

Roy A. Alfred 56;j 

Savage k Lyman 668 

Schwob Bros, (watches, &c., wholesale) 569 

Swenson C 591 

Walker W.S 611 

Walkerton Wm., k Co (wholesale) 611 

Wilkes Robert, k Co ( wholesale ,V 61T 




!'• 1 







Cartney J. S 274 

Denis Pierre 319 

DeZoucbe George C, & Sons i 325 

flicks S.N 403 

Lavoie & Beaulieu 446 

Miller Robert (wholesale) 495 


Brosseau D. C 257 

(Chapman Henrjj&Go 273 

Gusson Alexis 307 

Hammond John (wines) 393 

Lenihan James 456 

Richer J. R 554 


Major & Gibb 480 

Marcoux D 14 

Rice Thomas G 553 


Murphy John 508 

Wright J., &Co 623 


Brennan Frank, ft Go 355 

Evans Bros 792 

Robertson Farquhar 557 


Canadian Wood Engraving Co. Inside 

back cover. 

David C.,& Allard 8 

Walker John H (^ 408 

Wiseman J. L 7 


Nelson H. A., & Sons 511 

Prowse Henry, & Co 545 


Robertsons, Linton & Co 558 

Desbarats George E 321 





23 AND 25 St. Nicholas Street^ 


Thb street DI 
in the Alpha 
the Street D 

ALBERT, from 9 

west to Shaw, SI 

Kelly Patrick, ci 

ALBERT, from 42 
to 51 Uountaii 

Stephenson Jas. 


liurii^j A., freiglil 

UudUtll A. O. U. 

1 Hay Itobeit, cli 

ofliCL- G. 1. K. 
Owler V\ m., uUie 

office li.l.K. 
Speuue O. H., cli 

Spicer VV. J.,»up 
Dow Alix VVilsi 

Local Freight i 

2 Ai'ui»truug V» ult( 
24 'i'li6riuuit i?'..\.,j. 

ii6veill6 Joseph, 
20 UUrieu I'luutliy 
'£6 liatluur Jotseph, t 
'du JuUuuiur Ueiiii, cl 
'6i I.euoiiipie Louifi, 
Sti i>ore ill's. Ciuiuei 
an i>unuaii Mrs. Eliz 

Mors I'lioiuus, lul 

iieauUel Jusupu, I 
40 Choquetle Muie, 1 
00 Ouay i'lan^uij, ue 

Uuuy i^i'uiiyols, Ju 
52 KoUiUK iUuixas, I 

LagarUe I'aul, toi 

iirabau 'i'iiuui>liilt 
51 roiuiuville AUieii 

McAiurtiii i'eier, i 
5S i'riizeaii Jusepli, t 
tiU Uuioriiiuur is. A., 

I'rdvost I'luire, b 
62 Itoger Octave, iiai 

Lavigiie Leoiiaru, 
(H Luug oamuel, etuj 
tk) liuiuoiiu ikutliiitie 
U8 Long John, sturei 

McArthur James, 

TO Masteriiiuii >\ in., 

74 iUorguii Win,, & 

aim packing ho 

8fi Theneu Tlieupliile 

JJere JJruc/ieni 

88 Gauthier Louis, a 
aa Carriere Aloise, lai 
lUU J.euuc t'lovis, (jI,' 
1/^ Oupiiis Louis, call 
Luuuc Xt'lesplioie, 

Jlere St. Felix, st. 

144 Bastion Michel, cai 
Hti Valllancourt ISinio 
160 UeaurtgarU Aarcis 












Thb street directory 13 presented in a condensed form. Fuller information will be found 
in the Alphabktical Directory. The contractions are adopted to save space and bring 
the Street Dihbctort into the smallest possible compass. 


ALBERT, from 98 Colborne av 
west to Shaw, St Mary ward 
Kelly Patrick, carter 

ALBERT, firom 42 Chaboillez aq 
to 61 Mountain, St Antoine 

Stepliensun Jas., assist traffic 

Huperiuteuduiit (j.T.U. 
liurus A., freight u^^'ut G.T.U. 
lluduell A. V. K .casaler U.r.K. 

1 Uay Kuburt, cliict clurk 8upt. 

oflicu 0. 1. K. 
Uwler V\ 111., cUiuf clerk Enquiry 

SpeucuCa. is., chiuf accountant 

Spictjr VV. J., supt. U.T.K. 
Duw Aiix VVilsuu, cliiet ulork 

Local Ki'bigUt ulaceu.i'.U. 

2 Armstruiig Vv ultur, liuiel 
24 'i'lieriuuit b'. A.Joiuur 

L6veill6 JuijL'pU, juiiiur 
26 U'Uriuu I'luiutliy, t-liuumuker 
2H Lattuur Jowpli, tailor 
yu Juliuuiur Xlumi, clerk 
iH Lticuiiipie iiouiii, clerk 
iiU tture^irs. Cleiueuuu, wid Jog. 
as JJuncuii Mra. Klizubutli, will W. 
Mors I'liuiuas, laUui'or 
lieaudet Jusupli, OiucksmitU 
40 C'lioquetle Mure, liuislar 
50 (jiuuy i'ia'i9uis, sen., curler 

(jiuuy i' I'uiivoH, Juu.,cigurinakcr 
52 UulliuK 'i'Uu<i>a«, blucksiuiili 
Lui^ai'Ue i'uul, tureiiiuii, r 
Ui'uOuu 'i'liOoi'liile, bltick!<uiltb, r 

61 I'oiiiiuvilie Allied, porter 
McMui'tiu I'eler, ulerk 

58 rrtizeaii Jusepli, Kiioemaker 

OU Deiuriiiiier a. A.,meruliaiiC 

i'i'6vust i'leire, blucknuiitli 

62 Kof?er Ucluve, nailer 
LuviKiH- Leuiitiru, wutulimakcr 

64 liOUg cjaiuuel, rlureuiuii 
tib iiouieiiu iniitliiiiie, o.'X'. K. 
68 liUlig John, 8tui'eiimii 

McArlliur . I allies, butcher 
TO Masturiiiuii V> in., butcher 
74 iUorgiiii Win., & Co , slaughter 

ana pucking hou^e 
86 Thenen Xueupliile, laborer 

JJere liruc/iesi nl. ends. 

88 Gautliler Louis, carter 
Vl Carrieiu iMoisu, latorer 

lUU J.euuc tlovls, ti.T.K. 

1j2 Uupuis Louis, carter 
LuUuc 'iC'lc-iplioie, (j.T.U. 

Here St. Felix st, intersects. 

144 Baatiun Michel, carter 

146 Valllaiicourt i^iiuon, laborer 

100 UuaurtgardMuroisse, laborer 

ALBERT, from 116 Canning to 
City limits. St Antoine ward 

604 Wheatmao .lohn, saw maker 
Uayes Michael, laborer 

506 Dineen Ma'thew, carter 
Burke Kdwiird, laborer, r 
Power Joseph, laborer, r 

607 Uobie .loseiih, tanuer 

608 Lloyd P.. carter 

609 Cahier Pierre 

Coniptois Louis, Bhocmaker 
Daoust Alexandre, tanuer, r 
l>umontier Ferdinand, Joiner, r 
511 Duperrault Felix, machinist 
513 Uoiiipierre Louis, carpenter 

616 CourviUe Joseph, laborer 
KoUandJ. b., carpeuter 
Peterson Antoine, joiner, r 
Labergu Joseph, luuoror,r 

516 Callagnau Jonu, carter 

617 Matthews Kfchurd, agent 

618 Provost Aiidro, baker 

623 lilondin Alcide, cauinutmaker 
Carou Kugene, laborer 
Lauouutte J eun , cubiuetmaker, r 
Julbert Jouuiiiiu, r 

527 Uoy Andre, butcher 

i'reilevau » illiuin, laborer 
Ctir^iieii Joseph, laborer, r 

62~iMcUunuough P., stonecutter 
C'0t6 Ignace, laborer, r 
Gougeon AUolplie, carter, r 
Pitie Mrs. .lulie, wid Jos., r 
XjCuoiupte Louis, joiner, r 
Leberge Leon, laborer, r 
LeayUen Andrew, laborer, r 
Uiuette Adolplie, carter, r 

533 Voyer .lo.-epi., butcher 
Itayniond liuptiste, laborer 

635 Puplneaii Kuinund, butcher 

&3y Uard llonnisdas, laborer 

641 heuoit Augiistin, butcher 

642 Pilon A. A., grocer 

644 Keaster tjeorne, hotelkeeper 
Uagenais Mrs,, wid 

Here Fulford st. intersects. 

546 Laniel Michel, grocer 

isrunet Joseph, nailer, r 
646 i'attoii Alex., cabinetmaker 
648 8hield Uicliaru, laborer 

bulllvau John, laborer 
652 Urattou llennunegllao, laborer 
664 >areau Mrs. P., wid Oeorge 
6u6 <st Uenis t.lenient, storeiiiaii 

666 Luinarre Cyiille, carpenter 

667 Labi'echol<ranvois, luiilmakcr 
Daoust Mrs. ftoplile, wid A. 
Leiuarbie Pruuent, laborer, r 
Labossiere Isra.l, moulder, r 

563 Mathieu i(6phlrin, painter 
606 1 ichij Aurien, cabinetmaker 
666 Lesperunce Antoine, engineer 
Moiiier Klzear, inusuu 

668 Laberge I'lerre, laborer 

672 lleruard Prunvois, conductor 

t'haiis^ Joseph, carpenter 
671 Veziua, laborer 

575 B(51anger E., joiner 

677 Joly .)ohn, engineer 

lioudi'ias Aapoldon, joiner, r 
Ueaudry Julien, laborer.r 
lieaudry Ciermain. bricklayer, r 

578 Thf'rien Joseph, laborer 

679 Godin Molse, nailmnker 

680 Itousseuu Gilbert, painter 
Dandurand Joseph, carpenter 

581 Melochu Mrs. Xoussaint 

582 Bourdon (jeorgp, joiner . 
683 Hardy Flavien, Joiner 

Lemire Tous-aint, laborer, r ' 
Larocque Charles, nailmaker, r 
Page Joseph, carpenter, r 
Letourneau Joseidi, laborer, r 
584 Maricr Auf{usle, laborer 
586 Lolseau Pierre, laborer 
688 Itourdon Kvariste, painter 
590 Kochon F6iix, undertaker 
695 Uri'Mi Joi-epn, tanner 
697 Patrie Andre, joiner 
607 iJoileau Uainas^, Joiner 
Patrie Alfriil, laborer, r 
Dusseau — . r 

609 Itochon Gilbert, blacksmith 

610 Gratton Henry, labor r 

611 l{(-choii Emmanuel, laborer 

612 O'Meara James, hotelkeeper 

613 i'oitevin Alexis, carpenter 
617 Vandelac Joseph, laborer 

ALBERT AVENUE, between 125 

and 137 Canning, St Antoine 


481 Jacqueniin Alexis, gilder 

Evan Henry, cliTk 
483 Hart George 

Jlere Canning st. intersects. 

490 Wood J. H., milhvriglit 

492 End William, clerk 

493 brown James, millwright 
496 Conroy Eduura, laborer 

496 Johnston T. U., bookkeeper 

497 WiioUhouse George, clerk 

499 Hoctor Daniel, bookkeeper 
lioctor James, ciguriuaker 

500 Chabot Louis, laborer 
601 Smith Charles, professor 

l'il/.l)atrick Patrick, professor 
603 Gibson Kichard, foreman 

ALBERT LANE, oif 205 Ouy, St 
Antoine ward 

18 Noiseau Louis, broomniaker 

20 DorO Eugene, Hloreman 

I'urgeon .»lrs. Angelo, wid Alex, 

22 Turgeon Frs. X., shoemaker 
Lau/on VVilbrod, carter 

24 Leonard DIdlcr, tack maker 
Charettc Louis, moulder 

28 Pellerln Isidore, niuulder 
Lord Charh's, nailer 
ladlefor roussaint, carter 
Labelle Antoine, nailer 

30 Derome Pierre, tinsmith 








ALLAED, from 212 Panet west to 
169 Visitation, St Mary ward 

2 Jolin MisH tV-lina, dressmaker 
6 C'ha' boiinoau Calixtc, butcher 
8 Thuiiiii J. Bte., blacksmith 
S> Lacroix J. Bte., saw tiler 

10 Dufault Kdouard, laborer 

11 Du|iont Joseph, carpenter 

13 CouHineaii J. Itte., storentan 

14 Maiibot I'risijue, laborer 

16 Duboit! Marcicii, laborer 

17 iJ^guiii Constant, shoemaker 
Sugiiiu i^ouis, shoemaker 
lioyer Antoine. shoemaker, r, 

18 Jeannette Mrs. Marg., wid J B, 

19 Boldnc Fis. A. 

!iO Uesnidi'teau Kticnne, carter 
28 Arcouet Miigloire, roofer 

AMHERST, from 635 St Mary 
north to City limi.s, St James 

2 Vubi Josepli, laborer 
4 Murphy -Mrs., wid 

GaUirucau Mrs. A. , wid J. Bte. 
4il'ettawa. Henry, laborer 

I'icard .loseph, traveler 
6 Joanette Utimi, carpenter 

iiyntmun Morbert, sailor 
8 Koy Louis, laborer 
10 LaoKlle Mrs. M., wid Joseph 

13 Martin Kus^be, coutuctiouer 
Uarron Arthur, carpenter 
Uottu Klie, uleik 

14 babourin Napoluon, printer 
16 tirodeur Lou.s, storeman 

It) Desaulniers l^douard L., clerk 
18 Lelebvio Octave, slioemaker 
lU Dugunne Tiilesphore, trader 

20 iieKcarljeau F^lix, carter 

21 Kmoiid fjainuel, barber 
Laurendeau Joseph, trader 

22 Lont^tin Mrs. M^.rie, wid Olivier 
IiOUgtin .Miss A., dressmaker 

23 Poulin Louis Ci., trader 

24 ll^nard i-'ranyois, laborer 
24iLabille I'.doiiard, laborer 
26 Gauttiier J lite., shoemaker 

26 rheuix Zoti<|Ui', laborer 

27 Uuignery ijimoii, cooper 
27iBeusoii James 

28 Gauthier Geo., clerk 

29 I>i5*autels Augusiiu, carpenter 

30 Brault Loui.-, laborer 

UoKue Mrs. Klize., wid Joseph 

31 Holland Mrs. B., wid B. 

32 Uu^uette ^'arcisso, brush manfr 

Here Cray at. intersects. 

Eastern Congregational church 
34 Kennick Geo., caretaker 
36 Kay Fred. W., locksmith 
38 Dnilet .Miss S , dressmaker 

I'oitrus Mrs. Alplionsine, wid N. 
40 Auniond ISartli6li'mi, laborer 

Jacques J.i'on, laborer 
42 Cypibot i'lieodule, sen. 

Cypihot i'lieodule, jun., medical 
48 Brennan John, stevedore 

44 Watkins John, hairdresser 

45 Vorkart Ernest, butcher 

46 Fiset Alph-nse, barber 

47 Volkart Adam, t'uri'ior 

48 B£ri lu Olivier, Jun., trjdcr 

49 Thomas William, cook 

50 Baker Joseph, baker 
Irwin Kdmoiid, iirinter 

61 Archambuult I'idmond, painter 

62 Dubois Charles, carpenter 

63 Mathuriu Edouard, tailor 

53 Plamondon Michel, laborer 
64 Marquis Jacques, laborer 

55 Fitzgerald Pat., Jail guard 
McGillis John, bartender 

56 I'aradis Joseph, Joiner 

67 Hood A. W.,& tion, soap manu- 

58 McCrum .Matthew, shoemaker 

60 McCrum 8amuel, tailor 

62 vlcUoniild Andrew, laborer 
M^jor Joseph, shoemaker 

61 lioule Am^d^e, carriagemaker 
66 Cullen Michael, policeman 

68 O'Sullivan Florence, blacksmith 
70 Hummel Henry, laborer 

72 Crowe I'at., policeman 

76 CiuqmarsMrs. U., wid Joseph 

Jlere Lagaiichetiire at. intersects. 

83 Bertbiaume Ant., grocer 
Hughes Uichard, slioemaker 

84 Bennett Kdward, shoemaker 

86 Bergeron Augustin, coachman 

87 Johnson Francis, carter 

88 I^mire Adtilard, shoemaker 

89 O'Uara John, carter 
9U Laurion Olivier, turner 

91 Hart Daniel, carpenter 

92 B^lair Gonzague, stonecutter 

93 Maloney Patrick, laborer 

94 Wood Patrick, laborer 
Uufresne F.tienne.Junk dealer 

95 Collt-t Mupoldon, shoemaker 
Leclerc .loseph. Joiner, r 

96 Foisy Louis, nhoemaker 

97 Higgins Win., caretaker 

ui Wadsworth Mrs. Julia, wid G. 
lOit Dupuis Pierre, shoemaker 
lul .Morton Thomas, bookkeeper 
l(i2 .Majeau Joseph, trader 
103 .McCaffrey Ueunis, carter 
IU4 Gougeon D. H., clerk 
106 DutVesne Philippe, painter 
lOi Duggan Henry, laborer 
Wray George H., steward 

108 Diifresno Mrs. Sophie, wid O. 
Fardie FriUiyois, cabinetmaker 

109 Forest Napoleon, laborer 
B»iliargeon Kd., express driver 

110 Dubord Norbert, engineer 
Uubord Adolphe, boat captain 

111 Gariepy Josejih, grocer 
114 Fr6nette llilaire, carpenter 
116 Despatie Jean 

118 .McDonald Mrs. Ann, wid Geo. 

Jhre Dorchester st. intersects. 









O'Mahony John 
Henry Pat., clerk 
Johnston John, grocer 
O'Dell Uoberi, shoemaker 
Uichard Ltioii, carpenter 
Poliquiii Louis, carpenter 
Demers Mrs. Catherine, wid F. 
.McGauran Chas., shoe manufr 
Vezeau Louis, storeman 
Hutton Henry, engineer 
Dubois J. lite., trader 
Gadoua On^sime, assistant clerk 

Bonsecours market 
Brown Mrs. K., wid John 
Hart William T., bookkeeper 
Birze Kvariste, painter 
Betel Alexander, butcher 
Eunis Henry, hairdresser 
Burrell Kobort 
Walker John, gilder 
Laraoureux Kugeno 
.Seers Alexander, shoemaker 
'< rard Pierre, engineer 
Payler Philip, storeman 
Dubois Kdouard, butcher 
Lauzon Mrs. D6lliua, wid M. 









Constantineau J6r6mie, wood 
Lavictoire Joseph, butcher 
Laperle Mrs. C, wid Kdouard 
Coiirtemauche I'lii-ophile, trader 
B^rard Stanislas, carpenter 
Courteinaiicne Abraham, trader 
Parent /mique. tobacconist 
Fauteux Jacques, laborer 
Kenaud J. Bte., tailor 
McHujih Andrew, carpenter 
MuHugli .loliii, carpenter 
Hubert Napo i'on, moulder 
Charpentier Flavicn, framer 
liieler lames, laborer 
Faille Octavo, storeman 
Jiictiues Louis A. George, M. D. 
Tester Thomas, customs ofilcer 
Major Alphoiise, agent 
Labontu — , M.l). 
leUerMrs K., wid Thomas 
D^sormiers Kd , horse trader 
Lauder Mrs. Susan, wid D. 

lirowning J. H., reporter 
Stanley Mrs. Ann, wid James 
McNab W., shipping clerk 
Jowsay William, laborer r 
Sheridan John, stevedore 
Belleuu Mrs. Mary, wid F. 
Garit'py Hector, confectioner 

Ihre St. Catherine st. intersects. 

184 Laiiviere Charles, traveler 
Martin Antoine, cabinetmaker 

186 Cliaput I'lacide, clerk 

Muss6 .Miss L. 11., music teacher 

187 Giroux Joseph, letter carrier 
18JiUesruclies J.I., M.D. 

188 Dutiioiit .Mrs. U., wid Magloire 
Doiv Mrs. Julie, wid Alfred 

189 Pelletier Mrs. Louis 
I'aradis ,1 . .»!., a^ent 

190 Maillet Keiiii, tailor 
Filiatiaull Adrieii, clerk 

Fi iatrault i lieudore, printer 
Fiiititrault Godefroi, stonecutter 

191 liircot P. U., clerk 
.^larcliaii.l Philippe, pilot 

192 Provencher l.ouis Z,. 

193 i''iaiiipug. e J. isie., carpenter 

194 Kaisaluu Jus.'ph K., clerk 
19j ini lelte Olymiie, 'collector 
190 Loiiergati ."?., wine muichant 
196^Ko/airu DoniMiique 

19( King Mrs. ilaigiierite, wid M. 
198 Beaiivuis AUoliilie, clerk 
2ul llOnault Acliiiie, ice dealer 
2u2 Blown FraiiK, cleik 
2(»2,Kyaii Pat., shoemaker 
2 3"Pi'iidergast J , customs officer 

204 Cluiii .loliu, pipe layer 

205 I'lclH tte .Mr :. D., wid Lorenzo 
2Uti O'lirien lli'iiry, plumber 

2U7 Perraiilt Daiiuse, clerk 

209 Laurent Francois, carpenter 

210 Comtois 1. 11., bailiff 

211 Marin Oiie..<iiiie, notary 

212 lirioault J. lue., carpenter 
Bricault Airs. J., wia Frau9ois,i' 

213 liuisineiiii 1' Olix, contractor 

214 Dupiii« Mrs. A , win J, N. 
2lo Ueiiaud Zotiiiue, advocate 
217 Gi.iliiietle .1 iJte., joiner 
219 heaucliaiup Henri, trader 

221 KiiiKUetto 1 ;iac, bailllf 
221iViin » Siiiie jn, ohuomaker 

222 Ki.iji'PairicK 

223 Chabol Josei)li, carpenter 
223jKobert Najoleon, grocer 

Jit re Miynonne st. intersects. 

225 Lnnii'iitag Ml' AlfVed, carpenter 
225jDaiigerlleia Wm., leather cuttei 
227 Purrault Joseph, shoemaker 

227iPprranIt Jo.seph 
229 .lohii.son Tlionmi 
231 Girard Josejili, • 

233 Bro.sseau Louis, 

234 1.6ves(iue Josei) 
234iB<ilunger Arthui 
236 Beck V F., cro 
236 Ta (lie Dttvid, ci 
23iJjWhelan .Mrs. A. 

^ Whehin Dennis, 
287 Gadbdis >;., cari 
2-39 Bourdon Michel 

240 BOlec Jii.«(-i)||, „,. 
240iSentennc Julien 

Scnteiiiie Airs, i 

241 Thibunlt Alpxan 

242 Kiopelle Sifroy. 
I'oiri. r (Jnilon, i 

243 Chnrbonneau A. 

244 Cariientier.Mrs. I 
244i.McNiiltv Tliomn 
246 Chaiieleau Jos 

246 David David, gn 
246iDageiiais F. S.. g 

247 Perruttit Frs. X., 

248 Jeannot e Joseph 

249 Louis 

250 Fr^uette Honors, 

251 Forget Josepli H. 
263 Dandurand Oscar, 
254 Lowrey .Michael, t 
256 Boiirget Mcola-, J 

256 Gauthiei Honor6. 

257 Letebvre Fraiiyois, 

268 Dubois Edoiianl, I 

259 Treinpe Dolpbis, j 

260 .lalbert .Mrs A , v 

261 B^liiiul Uesir^, shJ 
2K2 l.ewi-i Henry N., 1 
262.JFiliatraHlt Joseph, 
263 Demers Hector, cl 
2G4 .M(P(He T. F., coa! 
265 Laniontagiie Gusta 
267 Perrault F. X.,cie 

269 Urgele. tri 

270 Lapierre .Mrs. Julia 
273 Gendroii Willi.'im, 
275 Cri'pcau .« M. L, 
277 Slarien Pieire A., t 
279 Lalani.e Wiltrid, t 

281 Arcliam unit Gusti 

283 Uourge.iis F.. tailoi 

284 Patjuettp Alphonsec 

285 Burette Calixte, cle 

286 Prudliomme Louis, 
Par.di- Pi(rrp,J in 

J/ere Iloule st. 

288 Duiisereau Joseph, 

289 Letebvre \'enun', C( 

290 Giroux Oiiesime, sli 

291 Miiran John, tailor 

292 Conioliier K., saniti 
Cornellier Constant 

293 Tli(;>rii'n Ernest, scui 

295 Choiiiiet Kilmond, p 

296 Bustian Moise.Jun , 
Payer Jos., shoeinal 

297 Lambert Jos., .sen., 

298 Cliurb 'iiiicau Louis 

299 Laberge /otiqiie, sti 

300 Daoust Antoine, tan 
Daoust Vital, clerk 

SOOJLacombe Martin, en 

301 Jett Heurl, stioema 

302 Desjiiraiiis n'lespho 
802JI'ellelier L., carpent 

I 3li3 Labi'eci|ue Alexaudr 
304 Pigeon Joseph, cart( 
Godird MauolAon, v 
Dagenais llormisdai 
16 Lavigne Eugene, stoi 








lie, wood 



ilc, trader 


kiu I trader 





irge, M. D. 
in8 officer 

<e trader 
rid James 
orer r 
IT id F. 





u^ic teacher 

•r carrier 


d Mai;loire 

1 Alfred 


!, iirinter 




Ice, wid U. 



Ini8 officer 


lid Lorenzo 










I ciirpenter 
Vtlier cuttei 


2271Pprraiilt ,Tospph, slioemakcr 
229 Johnson Tljonian, trader 
231 Girortl •Iose|)li, sliwinaker 
283 JtroK.oenu Louis, customti clerk 
234 L6vei<(|ue .Joseph, laborer 
234iK(;>lunfrer Arthur, shoemaker 
236 Meek U F., crockery merchant 
236 Ta die David, carpenter 
23diWlieliin Mrs. A., wid Edward 

VVhi'hiM U(>Mnls, carter 
287 GHdbiiis >'., carpenter & joiner 
23'J Bourdon Jlichel, carpenter 

240 HC'lec .Josiei)h, sen., laborer 
240iSentennc Julien, tailor 

Scntonne Mrs. M., hatter and 

241 Thibuiilt Alexandre, clerk 

242 I{io|>elle Sifroy. foreman 
I'oirii r Ooilon, carter 

243 Charbiinneau A., tobacco manuf 

244 CarpeMtierMrs. L6ociidie,wid P. 
244iMc5iult.\ Tliomus, policeman 
246 Chiijielean Jos VV., safe maker 

246 David David, grocer 
246JDiigenais K. S., grocer 

247 I'errault Frs. X.. carpenter 

248 Jeannot e Joseph, trader 

249 Dubi'au Louis 

260 Fr^nette Honors, machinist 
Choquette Olynipe, currier 

261 Forget Joseph H . , agent 

263 Dandurand Oscar, clerk 

264 Lowrey .\llcliael, shoemaker 

265 Bourget Nicola-, joiner 

266 Unuthioi Honors, painter 

267 Lctebvre Frmyois, painter 

258 Dubois Edoiiard, buicher 

259 Treinpe Dolpliis, shoemaker 

260 .lalbert Mis A., wid Franfois 

261 B6liiiul Uesir^, shoemaker 

262 Lewi-; Henry N., coal & wood 
262iFiliairault Jusepli, painter 

263 Uemers Hector, clerk 

2C4 Moore 'f. F., coal and wood 
265 Lamontiigiie bustavc, tailor 
267 I'errault F, X ., clerk 

269 Perra .It Urgele. trader 

270 Lapierre Airs. Julia, wid Chas. 
273 Gendioii William, clerk 

275 Crt'pcau Aliss M. L., dressmaker 

277 Murien Pieire A., clerk 

279 Liilaui.e vViltrid, ot Lalonne & 

281 Arcliam aiilt Uustave, notary 

283 Bourgeois F.. tailor 

284 I'aquette Alphonse, blacksmith 

285 Barette Callxte, clerk 

286 Prudliomnie Louis, shoemaker 
Par .di- I'iirre, j iiier 

Here IJoule si. ends. 

288 Daiisereau Joseph, laborer 

289 Lefebvru Veiiaii', cooper 

290 GirouK Ouesime, shoemaker 

291 Moraii John, tailor 

292 Conieliier- It., sanitury police 
Cornellier Constant, shoemaker 

298 TlK-rlfii Kriiest, sculptor 

295 Choquet Kdmoiid, puliceinaD 

296 Bustiaii Mol'se, Jun , painter 
Payer Jos., shoemaker 

297 Lambert Jos., .sen., contractor 

298 Charb inncau Louis, shoemaker 

299 Laberge Zotique, stonecutter 
SOU Daoust Aiitoine, tanner 

Daoust Vital, clerk 
SOOJLacombe Martin, career 

301 Jett Henri, snoeinaker 

302 Di¥j»rains I'^lesphore, bailiff 
802Jl'elletier L., carpenter 

3(i3 Labrecque Alexandre, laborer 

304 Pigeon Joseph, carter 
Godird Mapoliioii, wood piler 
Dageiiuis Horinisdas, baker 

305 Lavigiie Uugdno, stonecutter 

S'fi Gagnon Charles, baker 

307 Labrecque « m(5«inie. joiner 

308 Lachaiiellu Arthur, laborer 
Hivet Tl 6oph>le, laborer 

309 Meloche J Bte., grocer 

310 Beauilry Louis, sailor 
B6ruli« J. Bte., tailor 

311 Labrecque Gonzalve, carter 

312 Guilbeaiilt Bruno, shoemaker 

313 Coiitiiiit Louis, barber 

314 Liimaitre dit Augers O. A., agt 

315 Labrecque Louis, carpenter 

316 Michaud Frederic, shoe manut'r 
316iPeriault H., clerk 

317 Lamliert.T., ccmtractor 

318 Picli^ btanislas, machinist 
3l8it'arinel Fustache, plumber 

319 Lanoix Tli^opliilc, furrier 

320 Picli^ Stanislas, policeman 
320iLeveil .lean, shoemaker 

321 P.'piii Joseph, tailor 

322 (Mgut^re Michel 

322] Dandurand Louis S., storeman 
325 Crepeau William, clerk 

327 Duguay Jiseph, shoemaker 
Adam J. Bte., shoemaker 
Adam P , shoemaker 

328 Lapointe Clement, saloon 

329 Beaupr^ Charles, journalist 
311 Co'itant I^'andre, wood dealer 
332 Vniemur Mrs.C, wid J. Bte. 
a)3 Stroud W. K., ten dealer 

334 Laurin J., tinsmith 

335 Stephen" \\ illlam, guardian 
Arthur VV A .clerk G.T.R. 
Stepiiens William A., clerk 

336 Uivei Pierre, carpenter 

337 U'>llln Paul J., clerk 
3o7i.Milhomme Franfois, shoemaker 
33'* BtMaiiger Mrs. M.. wid Pierre 

339 Blouiii Komain, grocer 

J/ere hobin st. ends. 

340 Fosket Jess.-, laborer 

341 Horget Ovide, ciibinetmaker 

343 S'uve Alexis, bailiff 
3435VVaters Witlimn, beer bottler 

344 Fufard Norbi-rt. jun., M. D. 
344jMoreau J. B., letter carrier 

345 Itainville Ged^on, carpenter 

346 Dandurand Joseph, colporteur 
346JUaou«t Joseph 0-, 

347 Cliarbonneau Louis, clerk 
liaillui'g^ A., water meter iiisp 

319 Leduc Joseph, slioemHker 
349yrhibaudeau J. Bte., geni store 

351 Benoit Lucien, sculptor 
351iClianipagne Misses, seamstresses 

352 Lidseau ' uth., lifLoiseau & Co. 
LoiM>au & Co., cracker manfrs 

353 I ilon MoVse, clerk 

SVJJ Lahiiie Victor, wood turner 

354 Cfltt' .Feaii, bricklayer 

Muny Mrs. bleanor, wid Louis 

355 Cliapleau Klie, confectioner 
355iltrunut Kinde, upholsterer 
357 Fontaine Marcel, clerk 

35S Girar'i Aiinii 

36i) Laverdure Narclsse, carter 

361 UIk^hUuio Ferdinand, carpenter 

362 .\lurtineau J. B., stonecuiter 

363 Ouimet llonoi^, clerk 

B 'uchor Ferdinand, laborer 

364 Fore.-t Cyrille, carter 

3)5 Bergeroit Alfred, carpenter 
Durocher Louis 

366 Duuliaiine Mrs. M., wid Jo.seph 

367 Beaudry Martial, bookkeeper 

368 It'ibiu KUCar, laborer 

369 Caron Alexandre, psinter 
371 Lafortuiie D., laborer 

Mirault Ain6d6e, laborer 
Melunf III M., trader 
373 Lapointe Michel, laborer 

375 DurivageMra.R.jWid D., grocery 
37r Kousseaii Alphonse, stonecutter 

Mp.ssies Francois, trailer 
379 Daniel William, gardener 

Mailloux .Misses, seamstresses 
.SSI Lefebvre llercule, tinsmith 
383 Bacliand .losepli 
3S6 Ddguire Alfred, laborer 

Lemay Dolphis. baker 
387 Lamo'ureux Mrs. A., wid, J. 

Lapointe Mrs. A., wid Julien 
389 Morin Octave 
3!»1 Marcotte Octave, clerk 
■m Maxwell Tlios.. c erk (i.T.R. 
SU'i Lebeaii L . blacking manuh: 
^197 Uoy Louis, butclier 
399 ilarnois Pierre, slioemaver 
401 Augustin Mrs. C. wid Norbert 
4tilJLambert Maxime, grocer 
4i)H Charest VVilfied, caiter 
tl)3iBrun(>lle Arthur, shoemaker 
05 Perrault Joseph, shoemaker 
407 Ouimet Louis, stonecutter 
109 Aubrey Camille, carpenter 
(11 Fiiille Ainable, grocer 
♦ 13 Giroux f.lie, paintei' 
416 CatellierN , carpenter 

Here Ontario st. intersects. 

St. James marker, T Giroux 

Giroux T., clerk St J tmes mar. 
429 Kuelle Narcisse, laborer 
431 Vendotte Ald^rlc, laborer 
133 ;St Ive Fraii9 lis, tanner 

Dpsrosiers |{6nil, shoemaker 
4.'35 Par^ Prixpere. carpenter 
137 Filiatrault Miss Fridoliiie 
439 St Germain .lacques, gardener 

B^land Joseph, ial>'>rer 
141 Tli^riin Ferdinand, plasterer 

L6veillS Alexandre, joiner 

446 Auger Denis, cubiii'titiaker 

447 Masson J Bte., hatter 
Lacelle Louis, joiner 

149 L6veill6 Pierre, pi iter 
I'll Bruyere Kiisebe, storeman 
453 Charron Phil^as, cigar maker 

456 Charron J. Bte., laborer 
Lacell • Cyiiiieii, bricklayer 

457 Courteau Joseph, cai peiiter 
Landry Is'doie, slioemaker 

469 Monettc Michel, stonecutter 
163 Uotfe Charles, laborer 

Ouellette Alex., shoemaker 
465 St Germain Louis, baker 

Laurendeau K.. leather cutter 
467 Bonneville Nap., shoemaker 
469 Veith .Mrs. M . wid < hristiau 
471 Murcil Damase, joiner 

Dr.'let Pierre, shoemaUcr 
473 Forget Adolphe, laborer 
475 Mileau Toussaiut, shoemaker 
477 Litmarche On^slme, driver 

Bellehumeur Louis, ]iainter 
479 Baillargcon T., shoemaker 

Here Sherbrooke st. intersects. 

AMITY, from Fullum to Farthe- 
naia, St Mary ward 

Not built upon. 

ANDERSON, from 17 Jurors, be- 
tween Bleury and St George, 
north to 546 Dorchester, St 
Lawrence ward 

1 Fyfe Thomas, finisher 

2 Garlepy Kplirem, tailor 

4 Foley .lohn, printer 

5 llaiuelin Mrs. Isabelle, wid Max. 

" t 








if^ 5 Hamolin Churles, clerk 

iK l>uttMI.-» Uogo 

II'*' SlidplI I'efer, laborer 

'• 6 Cirroll I'hilip, baker 

8 Kerr Mr:t. Kliza, wid Maxwell 
McGregor K., bookbinder 

9 O'Hara Mr*. Miiry. lauiidres!) 

10 Alderdioo John, printer 
Brown Mrs. M., wid \Vm. 

11 Wark John, car|)enter 

12 Cheanut John, storeman 

13 Wark James, machinist 

14 Haudres Ueorge, gasHtti'r 
Wil-on Mrs. Agne«, wid John 

15 Wardill John, caryenter 

16 Best Joseph, patternmaker 
liest John, patternmaker 

17 Smith Alex., uainier 
Harper Mrs. Jane, wid Andrew 

20 Currv .John 

22 Uuglics Mrs. Mary Ann, wid Pat. 

Here Lagauchetiire si. intersect). 
24 Scullion James, trader 
26 McCall Edward, porter 

Here Liltle Dublin lane ends. 

28 Sanderson Mrs. Maggie, wid A. 
30 < rowe John, blacksmith 
82 (.'unniiigham Wm,. tobacconist 
13 Kelly li., bartenilor 

Quifiley Marliu, machinist 

44 Taylor William J., bookkeeper 

45 Simpson James, sen., of James 
Simpson \ Son 

46 Wilson Kobert, tailor 

47 Oareau F61i.\, joiner 
47Jl'ardellittn J. B., jeweller 

48 Orr William J., ticket agent 
Mat-chke A. F.. clerk 

49 Urquhart John, bookkeeper 
49iiMcl'avi»h I'eter, crockery 

50 Weir \i , & Sou, carpenters and 

51 Murray William, furrier 
SliLnidlaw John, clerk 

Laidlaw U. (i., merchant 

52 McKay tieorge \i. 
64 Laurie James, cabinetmaker 

Kreeson C. L., clerK 
Chiimberlanil Uich., clerk 
55 Smith William F., clerk 

57 Wi^ir Kobert, of U. NVeir & Son 
Weir David, of it. Weir Ac Son 

58 Hutchinson John, beer driver 

59 Tucker Newton, clerk 

60 Blaiichtield Kichard, laborer 

61 Munro Andrew h., dry goods 
67 Howard T. G-, wine merchant 

70 hrturie Mrs. li., wid James 

71 Stevenson J. W., accouTitant 

72 Butter worth William, cutter 

ANN, from corner Common and 
Colborne north to 153 William, 
St Ann ward 

12 Miller Thos., laborer 

15 Donovan Martin, wheelwright 

17 Sloan Win., cooper 

19 O'Coiinell Uichard, trunkmaker 

21 Douohue Wm., police sergeant 

JlcUeoJohn, machinist 
23 Heron Kobt., oi Bouigeau, Her- 
on ic Litlitun 

26 Johns John, laborer 

27 I{id<lle James, brassfinisher 
29 l.ahey Patrick, labori.'r 
31) Morrice D. & Co., ice house and 

32 Crathern & Caverhill, store hse 
57 shea Daniel, foreman 

Hurteau Alfred, blacksmith 
More Ueorge, foreman 

59 lieid .Jos., ^room 

Charron Kelix, carter 
61 Charron U., carter 

Jhie lirennan st. intersects. 

71 Carvey Mrs.Cathorine.wld Koger 

73 Henry Mrs. Mary, wid John 
Kodgers James, carter, r 
McDermott Peter U., cooper, r 

77 Wiiters Wm., laborer 

79 Fuller Wm. J., trader 

Here Wellington st. intersects. 

83 Groleau Ontisime, carpenter 
94 McDonald Owen, carter 
9H Saunders John, laborer 
100 Keniiie .Sanmel, mucliinist 
lot) Boylaii Kdwai'd, moulder 
Connalmn Daniel, laborer 
108 Saunders Frank, moulder 
110 Dublois Altred, of Day dc Deblois 
112 Day & Deblois, iouudry 

Here Ottawa st. intersects. 

168 Kanniir Daniel, liiboror 

170 Carroll Patrick, laborer 

171 Ann Street school, S. P. Rowcll, 

principal; George Woodburn, 
Woodburn George, caretaker 
Ann Street school 

172 Cuniihighain Thomas, carter 

174 McAlister B., laborer 
176 Longprii Louis, baker 

175 Horder Wm., buRer 
1*) Hogan T. H., liremau 
182 Pigeon Louis, Daker 
184 Gosling Wm., cooper 

Brown Alex., storeman 
194 Vautier Philip, ship carpenter 
196 Hovey Eric, bras;tlinisher 
201 Gill George, saw maker 

AQUEDUCT, from the Canal 
nortn to 916 Dorchester, St Ann 
and St Antoine wards 

139 Leclalre Benjumiu, painter 
141 Jenotle Mrs. Mary, wid J. B. 

Bt'laiiger Mrs. Kosalie, wid A. 
143 Gautliii-rMrs. A., wid M. 

Gauthier •Joseph, laborer 

Lacasse M6a^ric, clerk 

Here liarre .if. intersects. 

149 Blache Jean, clerk 

161 I..apierie Josipli, carter 

153 Duval Franyois, laborer 

luo C'azelais Mrs. Eni6<ie, wid A. 

156 Savariat uhas., liremau G.T.R. 

157 DeschOnes Jo.xeph, carter 
Bertraiid Tiinoleon, laborer 

159 Desjardins Autoine, piano tuner 
M) Dub6 Cliarles, carter 
164 Koussin Joseph, laborer 

Hei'e at. Joseph st. intersects. 

179 Charbonnean Mrs. C, wid M. 
IhO Leclalre Pierre, cleik 

181 Prudhtimnie Frs., bdg hse 

182 Finlayson John, laborer 

183 Moreau Mrs. Octavie, wid Jos. 

184 Gauthier Michel, carter 

185 [..avigne T., leather cutter 

186 Neveu Jo.sei)h,jun , carter 

187 Bonneville Fraujois, blacksmith 
Poitras F. X., joiner 

158 D .'scliambault Jo.seph, earter, r 
Charbmneau Clis., carter, r 

189 McKeown Patrick, lithographer 
192 Sauv6 Alexis, shoemaker 

194 Lerocque Cyprien, pilot 
194JLefebvre .?oseph, painter 
196 Prudhomme Alex., hardware 
198 Erley Mrs. Mary, wid Jolin 
Ewun Mrs. Jane, wid Thomas 
Ewan John, storeman 
Ewan Thos. D., storeman 
Ew^n Andrew W., clerk 
Ewan Robert B., clerk 
109 Leclair Andr^, slioemaker 

Leclair Mrs. A., wid Bernard 
200 Picard Louis, sen., butchcrv 

203 Kiendeau Thomas, plumber 

204 Jones Harry, laborer 

206 Larose Th6ophile, trader 

207 Therrien Honore, tinsmith 
Ritchie John, jun., storeman 

209 Lcblanc Adolphe, tinsmith 
211) Galarneau Henri, dry goods 
210.iLadouceur Mrs Mary, wid. U, 

211 Landry Franfois,joiner 
H6burt Mrs. Mary, wid Edward 

212 Jacotel Joseph Chas., tinsmith 
Arbran Edouard, laborer, r 

212.JTurgeoii Cesaire, clerk 

213 Purizeau Louis, grocer 

214 Horaii P. F , bookkeeper 

Here Holland lane intersects. 

215 Marchaiiil F. X.. grooer 

216 Glguere ,\lrs. J., wid ilonor6, 

Rochou Louis, joiner, r 
Chartrand Mrs. V., wid J., r 
I.,apointe Dainase, shoemaker, r 
Menard Antoine, trader, r 
Poitevin Joseph, carter, r 
Granger David, driver, r 
Bonis Xavier, moulder 

217 Murchand F. X., grocer 

218 I'ilon Thcodule, laborur 
Chouiiiard James, gardener, r 

219 Lemieux Pascal, sawyer 

220 Lebl^nc Mag., carter 
Foisy Joseph, laborer, r 
Gagiiier VV ., carter G.T.R., r 
(iugnicr Ferdinand, carter, r 
B' urbeau Charles, carter, r 
Ouellette Martin, carter, r 
ilubert Louis, carter r 
Gagnier Philippe, laborer, r 

221 Lctebvru Bunlieleini. pilot 

222 Mosi's Mrs. Eliz., wid Andr^ 

223 Champagne F. X., laborer 
Chanipugne Miss D., dressmaker 

224 Dub6 William, joiner 

225 Martineau George, clerk 

226 Moses Miss AdlMine.tailoress, r 

227 Fenton Etieiine, cooper 

228 rtibeuu Olivier, rooter, r 

229 Foisy Aristide, print<?r 
232 Savai'd Joseph, grocer 

236 Bourcier L., watclimuu G.T.R. 

239 Dt'carie Benjamin, carter G.T.K 

240 Giroux Augusie, butcher 

241 Jones Kicliard, printer 

242 St .lean EJouard. carter 
Fagaii I'eter, shoemaker 

243 V6ziiia Joseph, baker 

Here Monet lane intersects. 

246 Moiiette Phil6us, grocer 
246]Liivigne I liarles, stonecutter 

247 Banviile John, sale maker 

248 Parent EUouiird, mason 
Dubd .Mrs. Alary, wid F. X. 
Longpr6 Joseph, painter 

249 Humphreys James, carter 

263 Vuillancourt Mrs. Liua, wid D., 
Dussault Louis, foreman 
255 Gauthier Israel, butcher 

Here Grand Trunk Railway in- \ 



257 Patenauiln Jose] 
261 HsHsIev (ieorge, 
263 Barnard Kichar 

266 Bellinmeiir Glib 

267 Martin .Tames, 1 
271 Lowe Frederick 

Here St. Bonauentu 

280 McAnulty Neil, 
Meade John, coi 

282 <)'(,'onnor Timot 

286 Bennett Piitrick 

288 Marion Panl.cle 
Bell .lames, carti 

306 Hyde Mrs. Agne 

Here St. Antoine 

365 Matley William, 

Potter Thomas J 

372 Muir Mrs, E., wi 

Here Overdale at 

388 .Sheridan .Tiime.", 
405 McGaviii David, 
411 Makin John. lali< 
415 Fox .lames, laboi 

ARCADE, from i 
north to Roy n St 
Lawrence ward 

5 Dussault Octove, 
17 (jroflK- Louis, cig 
19 (irolli<: Thfrodore, 
21 Periard Aiiirtdt^e, 
23 Grothe Oavid jei 
32 Smith Sidney, pa 
Si Kieby Jnmes, inv 
36 White William, b 

Scotland, from 3( 
west to Guy, St An 

1 Leslie captain .1. ' 
Le.slii", lames B., I 
Leslie Alex., clerk 

2 Plow William, cic 
Plow II. , clerk Au( 
Plow tieor;;e, clei 
Plow Henry, clerl 

Z Diivls t'hs. W., II 
6 Kobertson Archer 

6 Fowler James, cul 

7 Patterson Win. 

Iloaiil of Trade 

8 Dill,,M Mi<sC;itli(. 

9 .'Mi;Adain Chs , bi 
McAdaoi C. I,., b^ 
Ellis William, cieil 
(-'oolcy Frank, cl« 

12 Philllns Mrs. A., 
Cain|il)ell Mrs. 

li. P. 
14 IlickerstafrTlis.,gr 
BickerstaffWni., i 
16 lleelan .Michael, b, 
20 Wiiitoii .Mrs A., « 
22 Armstrong Jos ( 
24 Siei'l .Mrs. A., wid 
2.'> Tidinarsh Ale.xand 
Tidiiiiirsh S.. cus 

waiter G.Tlt. 
3S Evans Win. S 
« White Richard, i 

rector The Gazet 
48 1< airman D., mail 
48 Radford Walter, c, 
50 Uaylis Henry, mii 









257 I'atpnftiido Josppli, fish dealor 

2*>1 HbhhIi'J- <i('orKP, CHrvpr 

263 Barniird Uicliard, bookkpppcr 

'Jtlo Itplliiimpiir Giltjprt. butcher 

2*57 Miirtin .TamcH, laborpr 

271 Lowe FreUprick, clprk 

Here St. Bnnavenliire st intersects- 

280 McAnuUr Neil, (jardenor 
Mprtdp Ji)hn, coaclinian 

2S2 0'(;oiinor Timothv, trader 

288 neiinett Pnfiick. cartpr 
Mc(il«dp John, d'ivpr 

288 Marion I>aul. clerk 
Hell James, cartpr 

306 Hyde Mrs. Axneg, wid James 

IJere St. Antoine st. intersects. 

365 Matlpy William, bookkppper 

Pottrr Thomas J., auctionppr 

372 Muir Mrs, K., wid rev. P. D. 

Here Overdale av. intersects. 

388 Slipridan Jumps, contractor 
405 McOavin David, bookkeeper 
411 Makin John, laliorer 
415 Fox .lamps, laborer 

ARCADE, from 17 Ooilbanlt 
north to Roy n St Lawrence. St 
Lawrence ward 

5 Dussault Octave, butcher 
17 (jrotlK"' Louis, cigar maker 

15 (irotli(> Thtodorc. jpwpllpr 

21 IVriard Aiiu^dt^e, collector 

23 Grothp Oavid jeweller 
32 Smith Sidney, painter 
32iAitkpn .F )hn, collector 
34 Kieby.Inmes, inventor 

36 White William, bookkeeper 

AROYLE AVENUE, formerly 
Scotland, from 365 Aqueduct 
west to Ouy, St Antoine ward 

1 Leslie captain J. W. 

Leslie James 1$,, bookkeeper 
Leslie Ali'X,, clerk 

2 I'low William, clerk U. T.K. 
I'low II., clerk Audit ollice U.T.R 
I'low (iPorjie, clerk 

Plow lleury. clerk O.T.R. 
Z Davis ('lis. W., machinist 

5 lioberlson Archer, clerk 

6 Kowler James, cutler 

7 PattersDU Wm. J., Secretary 

Hoard of Triide 

8 Dillon .Mi-s Catherine 

9 Mi;Adani Olis , bookseller 
McAdiim C I,., boiikkeeper 
Kllis William, c^erk 
Cooley Frank, clerk 

12 Phillins Mrs. A., wid Thomas 
t'anii)l)ell Mrs. A., wid Dr. 
D. P. 

14 ItickerstaffThs., grain inspector 
nickersluff Wni., plumber 

16 lleelan .Michael, boots and shoes 
20 Wintou Mrs A., wid James 

22 Armstrong Jos., com traveller 

24 .Siei'l .Mrs. A., wid (Ji'Orge 
2.') Tidinarsh Ale.xander, clerk 

Tiihuiirsh S.. customs landing 
waiter U.TU. 

38 Evans Wm. S. 

43 While Richard, managing di- 
rector The Gazette Printing Co 

46 Fairman D., mail clerk 

48 Kadtbrtl Walter, clerk 

50 llaylis Henry, manager Baylis 
Mauufauturing Co, 

51 Hrvson Campbell 

52 Kniird William, of Euard & 


53 Fulton Peter, accountant 

54 .Shaw Wm. E., auctioneer 

55 Gardner R , jun. 

57 Mitchell .lohn, com merchant 
C8 My man S., cigar mercliant 
59 Paterfon A. VV., of I'aterson 

no Christie Charles T., bookkeeper 

61 Langlands James 

62 Doyle J. E., cork importer 

Jlere Mount St. Mary av. ends. 

63 Thorn Angus, bookkeeper 
65 Herd Samuel, traveller 

67 Henpn Wm., C(mi traveller 
71 Steven.son Archibald, assignen 

AYLHER,from 1277 St Catherine 
north to 748 Sherbrooke, St 
Antoine ward 

11 Porteous John, drill instructor 

13 Fraser George, bookkwppr 

14 McCoy Mrs. A , wid Pat. 

15 Shinnick Miss Eliza, drpssmaker 

16 Woods Mrs Sarah, wid Robert 

17 Voung Andrew 

18 Adkins Tliomas A., watchmaker 

19 Virtue .lamps, ale. porter, &c. 

20 Hruce William, clerk 
Tracy Ann, dressmaker 

21 Cunningimm John, jiluniber 

22 Sullivan Stephen J , laborer 
22J.Molloy William, coachman 

23 Gorman Mrs, C, wid James 

25 Moss I'atrick, fruit dealer 
Meaney Peter, fruit dealer 

26 Lynch Thomas J., grocer 
28 Farrell Patrick, blacksmith 
30 Curwood George, .shoemaker 

Curwood Mrs. Geo., dressmaker 

32 Drum Francis, porter 

33 luny John, groom 
Sl^llenrv William, bookkeeper 

35 O'Hrien Timothy, saloon 

Here Mayor st. ends. 

36 Clifl'ord John, contractor 
Sello Charles, r 

Bcker Cliristian, bootmaker, r 
Ford William, laborer, r 

37 ('lilibrd Dennis, grocer 

38 Scott Robert, frnitdoaler 

40 Smyth Mrs. liridget, wid Alex, 
40iWalsli James, laborer 

Tracy William, carpenter 

41 .Mo'kle VVilliam, bookkeeper 

42 .Smith Frank, storeman 
Mortinmore T., com traveller, r 
Howman John, shoemaker, r 
Ryan John, laborer, r 

Malo M^dOric, coachman, r 
McLeod Mrs. Caroline, wid 
.lohn, r 
42J Foley Patrick, watchman 

43 Payup Jolin, waiter 
Doyle Dennis, laborer, r 
Goldsml'li William, r 

44 Foley J., carter 
44iFlynn .Mrs. .Fulia, wid James 

45 SIcHrrtfney Mrs, M. J., wid Jas,, 

bdg h ic 

48 Prax Jean, umbrella maker 

49 .Mcllenry Misn E. J., bdg hse 

50 I'redis Sliss Claris, dressmaker 

51 Henderson Miss, bdg 

52 Jayet AmMee, butcher 

Here Berthelel st. intersects. 
67 Skiddy Mrs, Eliza 

58 Kenaud A., carpenter 

69 Cunningham Alex, machinist 

to Howard Mrs. .Minnie, wid lbo». 

61 .McGoldrick Patricki 

62 LnngMrs. M..wid R. 

63 Myers P., com traveller 

64 Sonne Thomas, sail maker 
66 Hall R. G., clerk 

66 Cuiiningliam Mrs. M.. wid A, 

67 Murray (ieorge, assistant rector 

Higli school 

68 Tooke Thomas, bank clerk 

69 Gruenwald Robert, leader Of 


70 Tooke John, bookkeeper 

71 Egan R., of Gordon & Egan 

72 Dorts P. D., of Ramsay, Drake 

& Dods 

73 Sniitli James, salesman 

74 Sndth Mrs. Annie, wid W. R. 
76 Sinclair .lohn 

75iVarey (ieorge, accountant 
Varey Frank G., clerk 
Varey Edmund C , clerk 
Muckle E. C, foreman 

76 Dowd Francis, brassflnisher 

77 Ilsley ("harles, house agent 

78 McCaiTrpy Patrick, foreman 

79 Lpggat ,lameK, bouts & shoes 
81 Kllner C. T. 

85 Armstrong Robert, mouldings 
91 Hlackman William 
lilackman George 

BAGO, from 521 St Lawrence to 
Mance, above Sherbrooke, St 
Lawrence ward 

St Martin's church, Church of 
England, rev. J. P. Dumoulin, 


BALMORAL, north from 1161 St 
Catherine and east of Bleury 
to 881 Ontaiio, St Lawrence 

8 Arnold Walter 8., blacksmith 
Joyce Ernest D., confeolioner 

9 Hannah Mrs. Marv,wid George 
10 O'Hara Richard, jun., storeman 

12 Fanner John, laborer 

13 Wilson James, coachman 

14 Murray Wi'liam, npliolsterer 
Boya William, conclunan 

15 Dliay Miss Marie, dressmaker 
Fentc^n J.. I., printer 
Thompson James, bookkeeper 

16 Elliot Thomas, plumber 
Lambert Henry, plumber 

17 Dearuiso Miclicl T., contractor 

18 Baillie (ieorge, jeweller 
24 Ireland Thomas, clerk 
26 Smith David, printer 

Hobin Patrick, plumber, r 

28 Roulst(m William, carpenter 

29 lloulton Wui., clerk 
White Stpplien, plasterer 

3C Martin William, storeman 

31 Gordon Mrs I.siibella, wid Geo. 
Dariniirt Tliomas, bricklayer 

32 Pilborough H., clerk 

35 Earl .Mrs. Mary, wid Edward, r 
37 Ainslie James, clerk 
39 Kent (ieorge, |irinter 

rthort Thomas, engineer, r 
41 Ryan Patrick, trad^ r 
43 McEweii Robert, clerk 

BARCLAY, from 81 Water north 
to 414 i St Mary, divides St 
James and St Mary wards 

5 Thibault Mrs Eloise, wid Ant. 
12 Suttie James, foreman 







14 Smith Geo., proviMon mfirchant 
18 Trew Benjamin, captain R. A. 
20 Morfran William, tlnxmith 

Welsli Mrs. EUpii, wid M. 

Constpin Mm. M., wid J. 
22 Coleman Patriclc, laborer 
24 HutcliisonMrH. M.,wid Ueo. A. 

BARBACK, firom Commissioners 
north to 32 St Paul, East ward 

Sere St. Francois st. begins. 

6 Dalert Miss D«1ima 
12 Uardy Miss Pliilom^ne 

BABBE, from 17 Mondelet west 
to I Versailles, St Ann ward 

41 Ganot Cliarles. c"oper 

42 Kcnaud Jos. Kustaclie, grocer 
42^Labont6 Jo.xppti, tailor 

Beauaei On^imo, blRclcgmitli 

46 Cliapnt Dolpiiix, painter 
46iPi>iteviii Mrs. Eui;6nie, wid £d. 

I'oitevin I'Mouani, student 
Denis .1. lite., carter 

47 Tweedie Alex. .carter 

48 Crispo William H. 
Ducliesne Guil., upholsterer 
Huule Tht'ophile, carter 
Baulieu Tiiad6, engineer 
Aubertin Edouard, butobbr 

60)Turcotte TouHsaint 

Turootte Joseph, tinsmith 
62 Rochon Charles, carter 
62iltranton John, storcman 

65 Poirier Th^ophile, painter 
Kournicr Prudent, carter, r 

64 l..ord A., baggaeemaster G.T.R. 

Ouellette .'^tauislaN, pattcrnmakr 
64jBlukley Joseph, storeman 

Vllleneuve A ndr^. Joiner 

66 Lavall^e Olivier, laborer 

66 Liimourcux Tli^ophite. laborer 

66 B*''Zcau Joseph, butcher 

67 Shea Daniel, carter 

68 Bi'sonnette Olivier, cooper 
60 Serrurler Michel, carter 

62 St Micliel Zoiiqui', laborer 
SeiTuier Alphonso, carter 
64 Aubin Octave, carter 
66 Lntrance Isaac, carter, r 
Murpliy Maurice, painter, r 

66 Carrii're Mrs. S., wid Augustin 

67 Borlhiaume — , r 

I'lch^ Mrs. I. , wid Mathian, r 

68 Guilbenult .losepli, iiailmuker 

69 Itatdlle Joseph, barber 

70 Lortie Iveon, saddler 

71 Jolv ProtaiH, machinist 
Aut)ry Andi£, baker 

73 Ponton — 

76 Montreull Frnn^ots, shoemaker 
J.apolntn ksdras, baker 

77 Dul'our Pierre, grocer 

JJere McCord si. inlersects, 

78 Tromblay Alexis, joiner 

82 Robert Alphonse, carter 
Hubert l-ouLs, laborer 

83 lloulo Louis, carter 

84 •Serri!' Pierre, car|)enter 
BIsHonnette rii^oj)hlle,carpcntcr 

86 Shields Wiiliani. laborer 

87 Larivi')! Frs.. inilkmau 

88 Scott Alex., carter 

89 Legauit Ohs., carter 
TarilllT Athanase, laborer 

90 Foucault Jlichel, laborer, r 

91 l,el>lHiic Mrs, |{., wid Magloiro 

92 Omais Mrs. M., wid Jos., r 
98 Monool Mrs, F., wid Pierre 

94 Dufour Guillaume, barber, r 

95 Descaries Mrs. D., wid <To8. 
Daoust Mr«. E., wid J. Bte. 

96 l.if'buis Josepli, carter, r 

97 l.,auzon Charles, priu'er 

98 Lidonde Adolphe, laborer 

100 Larkins Francis, shipcarpenter 
102 Mall Thomas, timekeeper 
104 Sliaw Robert, checker 

108 H^tu Gilbert, groceries 
Sorr^ 'l'h#ophile, carpenter 
Goneau Nap., leaker 

Here Aqueduct St. internects. 

109 Boudreau Ferd., butcher 
Dupuis Ovila, tailor 

110 Beaudry Bernard 

114 Paquett(> Fabien, carter 

115 f.arivee Ars^ne, joiner 

116 Terranlt All'reii, moulder 

118 Lufond Pierre, moulder 

119 Tli^rien Dominique, laborer 

120 Cardinal Nap., shipcarpenter 
Torreault Eloi, mouider 

121 liUssier Cliarles. tailor 

122 Gareau F. X., horse dealer 
124 BouMn Godfroi, dealer 

LordlsHfe, laborer 
126 Trouet Xavier. shoemaker, r 
1 7 Dupuis — , r 
128 Houle Joseph, saddler, r 
132 Gauthier Damase, laborer, r 
13t (iagnon Eli ', laborer, r 
lo6 Gagnon .losepli, laborer, r 
110 Gugnon Olivier, cooper, r 
Gray George, blacksmith, r 
McCombs George, laborer, r 
McGarr.lohn, labori'r,r 
Cannavon — , r 
142 S6guin Godi'roi, laborer 
141 Gareau Mrs. C, wid Jos. 
146 Desmaisons Kdouard, cook 

148 Lavoio Alexis, laborer 

149 Rouillaid William, carter 
16u Dubeau Joseph, shoemaker 

."anscartler J. Bte., laboier 

Mct'ormick Mrs. B., wid Tbos, 
161 (ioiieau Benjamin, carter 

Foisy rh(5<>pliile, carter 
168 Monetto Frs., milkman 
165 Rlendenu Joi^eph, laboier 

Ri>hitaille Micliol, shoemaker 
157 Crevier l^ouls 
160 Dufresne & Jodoin, lumber 

I'rovost Eniile, barkeeper 

BABBE LANE, from rear 1 Ver- 
sailles west to Ouy, St Antoine 

ISl Leduc Josenh, sen., 

183 Tii^panler llormisdns, finisher 
Turgeoti Frs., carpenter 

186 (Jirard Frs., laborer 
(iirard Cli'ophas, laborer 
Loiseau Aiiii6, shoemaker 
I.educ Jos., jun., laborer 
Valii'o J. Bte , lal>orer 

IS" I'otvin Aninble. storeman 

150 I. ussier J, Bte , laborer 
IBl Fri^rault .los., blacksmith 

TiK'oret F«5llx, lubon r 
193 Poirier llyacintlie, grocer 

Itodngue Alfred 
204 Martel Wni,, shoemaker 

AIcKlvin Allied, slioemakor 

I.ahelle Kile, bookkeei)er 

206 Cl(^ment H. G., macliiiilHt 
Kodrigue Jos. , storeman 
)leaupi'6 Alfred, laborer 

207 Mireaiilt Cumille, k Co., grocerr 
SpOnard Amablo, of Camlllu 

Mlrunult k Co, 

207 Mireault Camille, of CamllleMi- 

reault & Co. 

208 Roch Charles, laborer 
Bertrand Pierre, cooper 

Here Pichetle st. begins. 

209 Thibaudeau C, carter G.T.R. 
Champagne Jos., sen , laborer 
Champagne.!., jun., shoemaker 

210iMac Donald —, G.T.R. 

211 Bouk' Pbidime, moulder 
Hoey Thos., laborer 
Rivard Louis, carter 
Cliarette Pierre, linisher, r 
Dngonais Benj.. blacksmith, r 

212 Pagt^ Jos., machinist, r 

213 Tailfcr Genos, laborer 
Grenier George, plasterer 
Pellerin hs,, moulder 

214 Groleau Athanase, cnrriagemkr 
CYcille Benjamin, cooper 
Fredette F\,carriagemaker, r 

215 Charctte Artliur, moulder 
Dufour Jos,, laborer, r 
Talbot Damase, fireman, r 

216 FJlion Albi rt. laborer 
Couturier Mrs, D., wid F. X., r 
Galii eau Joseph, rope maker 

217 Tli6rien Thomas, polisher 

218 Parault Pierre, joiner 
DevenuJ. Bte., stonecutter 
Sauv6 Frs., c»rter 

219 Burt Henry, laborer 
Ouellette Cl^ophas, laborer, r 

BASIN, from 31 HoCord west to 
Seigneurs, St Ann ward 

1 Murphy Edward, laborer 
Patterson Andrew, laborer, r 
O'Connel Jeremiah, laborer, r 

3 Keenalian John, watchman 

6 Coleman Miss Joannah 
Kent Ivicholas, carpenter, r 
Cannon Mrs. Kllza, wid James, r 

7 Cannon Patrick, blacksmith 

9 Ryan Daniel, plumber aud gas- 
Connelly .lames, laborer 
Doherty Jos., cabinetmaker 
Farrell John, shoemaker 

11 Kelly .lohn, boileimaV r 
McFeeny Frs., labore. 
Breadny Mrs. .Mary, wid James 

13 Miuldigan Michael, laborer 

17 Carroll .Michael, sen., carter 

19 O'ConiiorMlchael, laborer 
Wright Jos., laborer 

19]DavTs Wm., laborer 

21 Kearns John, laborer 

2.S Brcnnan Kirne, tailor 

26 (iahaii Peter, moulder 

27 Norton John, laborer 
Stinson John, laborer, r 
MoGurn Bernard, laborer, r 

29 Tolan Maurice, carter 

31 Filzpatriok Mat., lockmaster 

Here McCord St. intersects. 

St Ann's church, R. C, rev. 
James Uogun, |iriest 

32 Ilogan rev. James, priest St 

Ann's church , 
Brown rev, James, vicar St 

Ann's cliurch 
Callahan rev. James, vioar St 

Ann's church 
Miller rev. h, ,1., vicar St Ann'i 

Duckett rev. William vioar St 

Ann's church 
Thihaiilt rev. C, vicar St Ann's 

Uarreli Thoiiias, sexton St Aun'ii 




Here St. Augu 

41 Brennan Wm 

planing mill 

Here Seminari 

Here Guy si 

Walker Jamei^ 
Morrlco .Tohn, 
Toynnn John, 
Corcoran Thoi 
StafTord Phllir 
Tobin Edwarc 
Doolan Mrs. . I'ini 
Holden John, 

Here Richmond 

Costigan .lohn 
McCalTray Jan 
Trembaly ,lose| 
Coutuiier J. "" 
Poirier F. X.. _ 
Culler Robert, 
Trottier J. Bte 
Henrichon J. 1 
Lavigne Jos., 
Durocher F. X 
Decoste Pascal 
Caron Thomas, 
Briire Joseph, 
Richer Maximr 
Hubert Alfred, 
Louzie (jiistave 
Ethier Benjami 
Janvier Mrs. II 
Li^eunesse Emc 

Here St. Martin 

Gauvreau Jos., 
Millaire Jos., lal 
Madden l'li6odo 
Corbeil Jos,, lab 
L6pine Charles, 
BeHUharnols hoi 

Here S'igneurs 

Caledonia Iron 
McDougall, pr 

Montreal Wooll 
Ing Co., John 

to 31 St Mark, 

5 Roe Mrs. E , wi 
7 Uoaeh Waller, 1 
B Ralston J'>hn, Ic 

11 Saunders ErnesI 
13 Macklnto-'h .MIs! 
15 Fealherstoiihiiiii 
19 llalg Robert N., 
Haig Arthur S, 

BEAUDRY, from 2 
to Sherbrooke, St 

4 Boyer t,ouls, cle 

6 Luiirlon l.ouls.J 

6 St Maurice Mrs. 


7 Beaiidoin (itMirgi 

8 Cliapeleaii Alplii 

9 Allard Onier P., 

10 IJow lOdward, P 

11 PiohA Kdouanl, I 
Miroii Kvariste, 






ter G.T.R. 
>ii , laborer 
, ghoemakor 



Isher, r 
icksmitli, r 
8t. r 

[omaker, r 
er, r 
>maii, r 

wid K. X., r 
ope maker 


, laborer, r 

Cord west to 

, laborer, r 
|i, labnrer, r 
ppntor, r 

id. lames, r 
iber aud gas- 
naV r 

wid James 



cr, r 
)borcr, r 


R. C, rev. 

priest St 
, vlcnr St 
, vicar St 
ir St Ann '4 
m vioar St 
ir St Ann's 
uiiSt Aun'8 







Sere St. Auguslin St. bfigins. 

41 Brennan W'm., steam saw and 
planing mills 

Here Seminary st. intersects. 

Here Gup st. intersects. 

Walker James, laborer 
Morrice Jolm, lockman 
Toymin Joiin, lockman 
Corcoran Tliomas, laborer 
Stafford Pbllip, laborer 
Tobin Kdward. laborer 
Doolaii Mrs. K., wid William 
Hanrahan Tim.. 1' ckman 
Holden John, laborer 

Here Richmond st. intersects. 

Costlpran .Tolm, wood and coal 
McCatTray James, pnardiun 
Trembaly .loseph. carter 
Coutiiiier J. B., ma-son 
Polrier K. X., ca'ter 
Lamaiclie Narciss(>. coffin maker 
Cutler Robert, monlder 
Trottier J. Bte.. laborer 
Benrichon J. Kto., »ilioemaker 
Lavigne Jos., laborer 
Ourochor F. X., laborer 
D6co8te I'ascal, laborer 
Caron TlioniaN, laborer 
Bri6re Joseph, laborer 
Kicher Maxime. 1' borer 
Hubert Alfred, laborer 
Louzie (instavc, carpenter 
Kthier Henjamin, wood dealer 
Janvier Mrs. Ilenriette, wid P. 
Li^eunesse Kmery, laborer 

Here St. Martin at. intersects. 

Gauvrean Jos., nniler 
Millaire Jos., laborer 
Madden I'li^odore, machinist 
Corbeil Jos., laborer 
BellcfleiirMrK. A., wid (iustave 
L6pine Charles, laborer 
BeHiiharnois liotel, J. Guilfoyle, 

Here Seigneurs st. inter-ieets. 

Caledonia Iron works, John 
McUontrall, proprietor 

Montreal Woollen Mannfactnr- 
Ing <'i)., John Fisher & Sons, 

BATLE, fk-om 32 St Matthew weat 

to 31 St Mark, St Antoine 


B Roe Mrs. K, wid Kdwiird 
7 Roach Waller, bookkeeiM'r 

9 Ralston J'llni, leather merchant 
11 Saunders K.rnest C , chemist 

13 Miickinto'li Miss I. G. 
15 Fealliei'stonhiingh K..bookkeepr 
19 llaiK Robert >',, produce broker 
Haig Arthur 8. 

BEAUDRY, from 201 Craig north 
to Sherbrookei St James ward 

4 Uoyer l.ouis, clerk, r 
6 Luurlon l.ouis. Joiner 

6 St Maurice Mrs. K., wid F. X., 


7 lleandidn (ieorKe, I'.O. clerk 

8 Cliapeleau Aliilion.s<>, porter 

9 Allaril ((nier 1'., c erk 

10 Uow Kdward, I'.t). clerk 

11 l'icli(\ Kdoiuird, liiili'lier 
Mirou Kvurlsle, butcher 

11 Miron Louis 

12 Galaise Cl^ophas, butcher 

18 (iareaa Maxime, customs officer 

14 Daly A., clerk 

15 Charpentier Mrs. A., wid Jos. 
IBJBazinet Dositli6, trader 

Bazlnet Charles, trader 

16 Curran Charles, clerk 
16}Renaud Pierre 

17 Bergeron Alexandre, grocer 

18 Provost Hagloire, clerk 

Here Bonaparte st. inttrsects. 
Here Lagauchetilre st. intersects. 

31 Landry Miss Clavie, seamstress 
DugalAIrs. Alixte,wid A. 

32 Poitras Phll6ns, grocer 

83 Plamondon Joseph, barber 

36 Dt-neig<^ Joseph, clerk 

37 Chevalier Kdouard, laborer 
39 Jodoin Napol6on, saddler 

Courcelles Ferdinand, laborer 
41 LaporteJ. Cfballiff 

43 Monette Fraiiyois, carter 

44 Chartrie.s James, storeman 

46 RafTan Thomas 

47 Picard Charles 

48 Reed (loorge, blacksmith 

49 Folay Thi^ophlle, wood corder 

60 Couture Daniel, carter 

61 Longprfi Arthur, laborer 

62 Cunningham John, soapmaker 

63 Couvrette Adolphe, Joiner 

64 Chevalier I.ouli-, cabinetmaker 
66 ('ousineuu Vital, sodamaker 

Labadio Olivier, carpenter, r 

66 Deganiic Mrs. D6llma, wid J.H. 
Martin .lean Ute,, r 
DosJ'irdins .Foseph, carter, r 
Scottleld James, carter, r 
Ciiarron Miss Ciileniro, r 

67 (^authler Charles, shoemaker 
88 Picotte Augustin, Joiner 

69 (.'At6 Lou>8, clerk 

6i) Delcourt Guilliiume, clerk 

Maisonneuve Pa.ocal, laborer 
62 Flliatrault Octavo 
64 Marette Pierre, wood corder 
66 l.apointe Guillaiime, shoemaker 

I'icard Mrs. M.. wid TretBA, r 

De.s-ourdle Mrs. Vitiiliiie, wid 
Franyois Xavier. r 

Charbonneau A., shoemaker, r 

Here Dori-hcslerst. intersects. 

09 ValliV Narcisse, groce 
71 Labelle Mrs. .*<o|)hie, wid Clis. 
73 I'atriu Alfred, ieailier cutter 
Samson TiKSophi'e, laborer, r 
76 St Antoine Ant4)iiie, trader 

76 Reinhnrdt Mrs. L., wid Geo, 

77 St George Narcisse S., laborer 

78 Di'suutels — . joiner 

79 1/ArclievOque Mr-. M.. wid .Tos. 

80 St George Henri, leather cutter 

81 (iodard Joseph, bricklayer 

82 Pelletier liOuls. shoemaker 
88 hufVesiie Oiu'siine Joiner 

Kagaii .lames, carter, r 
(>>nipagna Carolus, r 
Diotle Alfred, |oiner, r 

84 l,'Archi'v(»i|ueMrs. (',, wid F.X. 

86 Meauehanip .iHcqnes, blacksmith 

86 <'lairen>oiit Mrs. .Iiille, wid C. 
Seers .loseph, laborer, r 

87 St Ci rule Airs. M., wid .loseph 
Rochon Mrs. ('hrlstiiie, wid L. 

88 Itri'ard Thomas, shoemaker 

89 lluu6 Jean lite. 

00 !.■ vellWe WillVed, joiner 
I'etitehilre (lis , printer 

81 Morenoy Naznire, carter 
Arclmiiibuult Jos(*pli, clerk 

92 Foisy Amable, carriiigemaker 

96 Lapalme.Tean It., joiner 
Corbin Mrs. Georgina,wldOdiU, 

'dressmaker , 

97 Martel Alfred, Joiner 

98 Labello Joseph O.. painter 

99 PerraultMrs., wid Pierre 
Pinard Alfred, shoemaker, r 
Labont6 .loseph shoemaker, r 

. Bour);oin CtMestln, laborer, r 

100 Monette Antoine, carter 

101 Bonneville Mrs. Kmlle, wid 8. 

102 Vien Joan Bte., contractor 

103 (iulbord Charles, laborer 

104 Parent Etienne A., carter 
106 Beaupr^ Edouard, blacksmith 
108 Hof;ue Joseph, carter 

110 Leblanc Cyprien 

Lcblanc Frs. Xavier carter 

114 (ir(?golrc Hereule, shoemaker 

115 BerlinguettoZ.. iiapermak3r 

116 Lebocuf dit Laflamme Isale, 

118 Larose Thomas, grocer 

120 Beaudry A. F. X., leather 

121 Dubreuil Henri, niilkmin 
Dubreuil Ulrls, tailor, r 

122 Cflt4 Paul 

123 Dalrympie .Tames, storeman 

124 David Paul, stonecutter 

125 Guindon Anselmi', laborer 

126 Urosseau Kdniond, laborer 
126JPelletier — , siioemaker 

127 Archambault Kraiifois, of Ar- 

chambault & Uro. 

128 Gauthler Alfred, carter 
1'.9 Lagasssg Alplionse, Joiner 

130 Leclerc .Joseph, carter 

131 Moussetto Kus^bo 

132 Itazinet Joseph, carter 
Houde Raymond, shoemaker, r 

133 IWnard Roger, laborer 
\M Labello J. Bte.. Joiner 

135 Lnmarre Louis, com merchant 
1.37 Monar4iHe Fred., coojter 

138 Larose Thos., grocer 
Chartrand Joseph, r 

139 Mar(|uis .loseph. bricklayer 

140 LatliMir Charles, liatter 

141 ChailliS Kilmond, cooper 

143 Uourboniiitre Mrs.J., wid A. 

145 Cliaput .loseph, carter 

147 Cox John, carter 

149 Leblanc Lt^on, carter 

153 Mandevlilo Frs. Xavier, notary 

Here St. Catherine st. intersects. 

VV) (Jagnon D. W., grocer 

W3 Marootte auctioneer 

lliO Duclos Kdnioiid biirber 

167 Marois Kiis^bo, policeman 
Rivet Doniini(|ue, laborer 
Iteaudoin Roch, sh<)i>niaker, r 

168 VigeanI Mrs. Annolc, wid A. 

169 CliSuient Aiithinie. labnier 
M'locheMrs. Mary, wid K, 

170 Lariiclie Misa'l. milkman 

171 Desroclies .1. N, school teacher 
Levault Krs. Xavier, furrier, r 

172 Drolet Ansclme, Joiner 

I >uJour Joseph, biiiclier, r 

173 (.'artier O.Juii., booKkeeper 
Ciirtler ()., sen., broom maker 

1T4 (iagiion Cliarlis. cai trr 

Lambert Plern-, laborer, r 
175 Lai'ocheS., brooinmuker 

Coiirval Albi'rt, peillar 
170 Melaii?in (it*ii(''oii, Imtcher 

( 'artier .Joseph, policeman 
177 Iteaudoin Frs. X , plasteier 

L'Archevi'iiue Mrs. Louts 
179 .Malo Mrs. 11., wid .lean Ute, 

Malt) (iri'goire, tailor 
18i> DC'iautels Cliurlus, carter 








181 RivPtJotiepIi, clerk 

182 Arclmmbault K., cabinetmaker 
Dufuult Joseph, Hhocniaker 

183 Leblunc DulpliiB, cabinetmaker 

184 Granger Candido. painter 

185 Moniiniue L.<ion, ciibinetmaker 

186 Donipierre Th6i>phile, carter 

187 Lupierre .Mrs Marie, wid Jos. 

188 Uu^iiette Miss Marie, trader 

189 Hdclieleau Jos., CHrpenter 

190 Laverdnrc Charles, luborer 

191 Denis .Mrs. Julie, wid Jos. 
193 Heauchamp Fred., carter 
193iCussi)n Joseph, carpenter 

Cliartier Jos., laboicr, r 
195 Cartier O., brounimaker 

Here Mignonne st. intersects. 

218 Dosrocher Isidore, grocer 
Lavoiti Miss Marguerite, r 
Gervais Uosithue, shoemaker, r 

219 Uumoulin Cyrille, joiner 

220 li'ortiii Maxinne, laborer 

221 Corbeille Frs. X , ctirpenter 

222 Lavoie .Stanislas, laborer 

223 Uesureau Jlrs. M., wid Jos. 

224 McGrath John, grain dealer 

225 'IV'treanlt David, joiner 

22tJ Chevalier Louis, beer driver 
Quazt'l Kiigene, tobacconist 
227 McGrath jT)lin, grain dealer 
223 Nedreau Joseph, shoemaker 
229 Kergeron Napol<.H>n, painter 
Kicher Kdouard, laborer, r 
Leffb\ re Joseph, carter, r 
I.afreniure F X., bread driver, r 
Uarretie Ovila, carter, r 
280 St .lean .Maxime, shoemaker 

231 t'yrie Delphis, luborer 
Leinioux Jlrs. Kstlier, wid F. 

232 Uelisle lidUi. stonecutter 
Lacroix JUaviU, joiner 

233 Thoiiin J. lite., laborer 

(St i'ierre tjimou, shoemaker, r 

234 Itourguignon Jos,, laborer 
236 I'res-eHU Frs. X., laborer 

236 Germain Victor, cabinetmaker 
Collin .Mrs. A., Wid I',, r 

237 Hrault Vital, laborer 

238 Homier Alphonse stonecutter 
289 Uupie Mrs. AdL^laVde, wid X.<> l'"rs. X., stonecutter, r 
Duslrop Mrs. Louise, wid J. 
Gautliier Z., slioemaker, r 
liruzeau A., laborer, r 
Gugnon I'ierre, painter, r 

240 Aubin U., laborer 

241 (liroux Caniille, carter 
Ueaulleu Ivbiunrd, carter, r 

242 llertiand I'ierre, grocer 

243 L'ArchevO(|ue A., stonecutter 

244 Urissette Gabriel, ciirter 
l/'t'iirt Frs. ,\., shoenuiker, r 
VVclhelmy Th6o , laborer, r 

245 Guy Joseph, carter and trader 

246 CAlO Louis, sboem.iker 
Charbonneau (>., inai^on 
Diilude Napol6on, |ilasterer 

247 ('liarboinieau <>., uontruulor 
Liirlvee I'aul, labori'r. r 

249 (^lezi'l Mrs. .M., wid .Michel 

rioulll' .Michel, clerk 

L'ArchevPiiue.Mrs. M., wid F.X. 
260 Chaplean >arcisse, milk dealer 

Alarle Azarle, carter 

251 (>'llerett(> F., nnison and grocer 

252 Chollette AndrtS trader 

253 Lapalme Olivier, bricklayer 

254 Dt'^putle iJo^ithOe, policennm 
256 I'epln Charles, Joiner 

256 Laohance .1., carter 

257 I'leotle Dolphls, trader 

258 Con^tantlneau Alex., laborer 
269 ttuliuUur J. lUu., machinist 

260 Lapointe Damaso, bricklayer 

261 Lalumi^re Isai'e, painter 

262 Hummel Horatio, canvasser 

264 Allard Louis, joiner 

St Andr6 Narcisse, policeman 

265 Houfort Edouard, joiner 

266 Dagenais Miss D., seamstress 
Gari^py On6sime, laborer 

267 Richer Alexis, furrier 

268 Martin A ugustin, contractor 

269 Kisaillon N< el. litoreman 
271 Pelletier Rug^ne, lal)orer 

273 Pelletier I'ierre, laborer 

274 Landry Louis, tinsmith 
B^langer LSon, laborer 

275 Caron Napoli^on, shoemaker 

276 Viger Alphonse, shoemaker 
Joannette K(!mi, driver 

277 Laroche C, broommaker 
Lamoureux F., broommaker, r 

279 Kov Karclsse, laborer 
Noel I'ierre, laborer, r 

281 Descoursie I)^ blacksmith 
Jodoin Louis, shoemaker, r 

283 Petitclaire Frank, trader 

Here Robin st. intersects. 

286 Wilcot Andi^, grocer 
290 Ouimet Jos('|)h, trader 

Hourassa Kvarisle, joiner 
292 Lavigne CIntrles 

Cadieu.x .los., plastiTcr 
294 IJrousseau Joseph, laborer 
296 Marlen Jlrs, M , wid Frs. X. 

Uuilbault Jos , muson 

Ouimet George, trader, r 
298 Lagrenade Mrs. B., wid Louis 
300 Ouellette George, shoenuiker 
3U1 Chenevert Ant., joiner 

<;heni vert Mrs. C, wid .(. B. 

302 Venne Alplunise, laborer 
Ferland Alexis, ml ler 

303 Hourassa Cyrille, joiner 

304 Beuudiiin Franyois X., clerk 

305 Brien ditUe.-rochers IL, trader 

306 tilagnon Jaeciues, laborer 

307 Biien dit Desrochors Nap. 

308 Coulombe I'aul, jniner 
Chart rand Lndger, clerk 

310 Lessard (buries, laborer 

311 Kicher Ihodore, laborer 

312 I'oltras Jean lUe.. tinsmith 
314 Jodoin Ludtjcr, trader 

316 Brien dit Desrochers J., potash 

310 Deniers Kdouurd, butcher 

317 Crevler ZOpliIre, Ih^milh 
31H .Sedney .losepli, foreiinin 
319 Latour David, shoenuiker 
U'il Dugas Isidore, laborer 

322 Chaput Thropbile, laborer 
Koussel J. B., bak(!r 

323 Olairemont K., sboemaKcr 
824 St Marie .losepli, gmcer 
3'26 I'enln Dclphis, grocer 

328 Lal(uiger Joseiili, shoemaker 
l.avlgue .Mrs. L., wid ,los,, r 

3^12 I'erriiull .los., shoemaker 

344 .Saulnlor Maxime, Joiner 
Lalour Frs. X , currh'r, r 
Trudel Ant., laborer, r 

342 Leblanc .Mrs. L., wid Olivier 
Li'blanc .Muxinie, laborer 
Desrooher .losepli, carter, r 
St (iermain .loM'pli, carter, r 
Sur|irenant Caniille, carter, r 

344 Kocheleau I'. X., shoemaker 
V(»/lna .li^n^inle, driver, r 
Bolleau .1 Hie., laborer, r 

316 BiMaiiger IsaVe, shoemaker 

348 Bennit Olivier, shoemaker 

Koblllard .-evi'ire, shoem.tker, r 
LabtOle Isidore, cociptT, r 

840 DuxO Gilbert, cablnutniakur 

349 Marelle J., tailor 

Cadotte Fioderick, shoemaker 
Brouillette F. X., laborer, r 
Cadotte Isaac, shoemaker, r 

360 Rastien Alphonse, blacksmith 
Riopel .los., laborer, r 

352 Brodeur Kdmond. shoemaker 
Thonin Ovila, joiner, r 
Lussier I*., laborer, r 

866 Lesitige Krnost, shoemaker 
Cadieux ilormi.sdas, plasterer 

368 Bourgoin Narcisse, shoemaker 
Bourgoin Louis, carter, r 
Roberge Louis, joiner 

361 Allard F. X., shoemaker 
Lalonde Alphonse. laborer, r 
Urimard Louis, laborer, r 

862 Labelle Martin, shoemaker 
Cadotte Ma.\ime, shoemaker, r 

863 Chaput TreflW, laborer 
Chaput Mrs. A., wid J. B. 
OeoflVion Jos., shoemaker, r 

864 Varin Mrs. Jlarie, wid Treffl6 
Girard .lacob, blacksmith, r 

366 Brunet Mrs. Julie, wid A. 

867 Larose Ambroise, grocer 
l'ag6 Max, laborer, r 

371 DomplerreFrs. X., confectioner 
Chevalier .loseph, shoemaker, r 
Miron Philt'Mis, laborer, r 

373 Brousseau Louis, laborer 
Donipierre Jos., laborer 

375 Naud Mrs. Km.Mie, wid J. Bte. 
Varin George, Joiner, r 
Bdanger Jo.seph, painter, r 

377 Lajiorte I'ierre, carter 
Foucault Vital, carter, r 

383 Lahrie Frs, X., tobacconist 
Beauchamp Kdouard, laborer, r 

386 Gascon I'liiloas, joiner 

387 Lorrain (iiegoire, grocer 
Fire Station No. 11 

IJere Ontario st. intersects. 

394 Malo Jean Bte., laborer 
Marcheterre Jllchel, carter, r 

396 Millard Hedard, carter 

Desrocli rs Frs. X.. joiner, r 

396 Jlorency I'ierre. joiner 

St (ieorge F. X., laborer, r 
Gautliier Mrs. M., wid Louis, r 

397 Laiigevin Jean B., laborer 
Cam]ieau Joseph, laborer, r 
Lamoureux Louis, carter, r 
Trudel Mrs. ,M., wid J., r 
Campeau II., Jeweller, r 
Miller Knielien, mason, r 
Chunipagne Kdnmnd, joiner, r 

395 Racette I'ierre, grocer 

899 Cliausst^ .Mrs. 1.,.. wid K., grocery 
400 l.averdnre S., si.oeinaker 
Charbonneau B., nu sseiigcr, r 
Dichiiti'let A., elgarnniker, r 
(iirou.K Feriiinaiid, trader, r 
I'jante Anselinc, slin(>maker, r 
402 (Jhiirbonneau Godel'roi, carter 
Cliaiuiiai!ne .Mrs. .1,, wid Jus., r 

404 Baker John, glnemaker 

405 Vandelac I'., sen., trader 
Jloreiiey T,, 'aborer 
Dnchi'ni' Jttci|Mi'', laboier, r 

407 Vandi'lac I'., Jun., tiader 

408 Ji'itr'' Fclniond, clerk 

409 .Marten Hocli, laborur 

410 Jette .Michel, baillH' 
Jettii L. ,M., builder 

412 Corbeille .los., mason 
Drapeau .loseiih, laborer, r 

413 Fox Albert, glue & si/.e maker 

414 (iiiilbeaiill A., bricklayer 
41H llli'iiu Josepli, mason 
4'JU Fox William II. 

430 Fortiii .los., mason 

UaUbois /Ophlrin, sudUler 



433 Baker J. & F., 

437 Drouin Anselm 

442 D^sormeau Z., 

448 Nantel Victor, '^ 

444 D^sormeau Mrs 

450 Dfeormeau J. I' 

Lemire G., pho 

Turaeon IL, pni 

Leblanc C cart 

453 Surprenant Toi 

Cauqnereau F., 

464 Beatidoln Georp 

456 Beauchamp Z., 
Picard F^llx. tr 

457 Surprenant |{., 
459 Lee Jos., labt^re 

461 GauthierF. X., 

462 Marcllle Modest 
Coulombe F., si 

463 Maillot Miss Km 

464 Grignon Jose|ih 

465 Gautliier Louis, 
468 Picard JIathias. 
470 Malo Joseph, ta 
472 L^veill^ Felix, 1 
474 Mireault Jules, I 

Chollette I'ierre 
476 Lespenance Jo"., 

Gravel Anselme 

Contant Joseph 
476 Martineau N., b 
478 Cusson Mrs. J., 
480 Pelosse G., baski 
482 Bertrand Jlrs. E 
484 Moisaii Charles, 

Bleau Andrr, cai 
486 Bratcher Andrt^, 
488 Biette Kdouurd, 

Wright Mrs. Km 
«90 Bouthillette Lou 

Longprd Ludger 
492 Bouthillette Lou! 

Lagauchetiere to 
terrace, St Antoit 

Unitarian Churc 

slab, rev. Ji 

LI 1)., honora 

S. Barii's, mi 

Sleeper, sexton 

St Andrew's chi: 

Scotland, rvv 

minister ; Jan 


9 Hall W. V. B., r( 

11 I'lcki'ii's l.(>iidlna 

:3 Wright .Miss K. 

and Berlin woi 

16 Daiidnrnnd Mrs. 

17 .Mc anil Francis, 
19 Koblnson Lewis, 

head of Beaver Hi 
Antoine ward 

1 (iould .loseph 
Couture ti., profe 

2 Clerk Alex. 
Clerk Alton F., e 

3 lloopiM- AC.ofV 

4 IIowiikI TIios., : 

ItlcheUeu N 'vi» 

5 White I'hoK., M. 
While K. S., com 

of The (iii/.clte 
Whiti' 'I'liomas Jii 

6 Herbert William 

7 ItiM'tlielot boll. J. 
Bertlii'lot JoH., la 
Berllielot Louis, t 
llvniielot Charles 







433 Baker J. & F., oil and glue fotry 
437 Drouin Ansplmu, carter sadler 

442 D6sorm(>au Z.,f;lovpmaker 

443 Naiitel Victor, shoemaker 

444 DSsorineau Sirs M., wid Jos. 
450 Dfsormpau J. P. Z., glovemaker 

Lemiro G., ptiotogrupher 

Tiiraoon H., painter 

Leblaiic C, carter 
463 Surpreiiant Toiissaint 

Caiiqiu-reau F., painter 
454 Beaudoin Gcorfje, grocer 
466 Beaucliamp Z., glovemaker 

Picard F^lix. tnidcr 
457 kSurprcnant U., slioemaker 
459 Lee Jos., laborer 

461 Gauthier F. X. , carpenter 

462 Marcillu Modeste, moulder 
Coiilombp F., Khopniaker 

463 Maillot Mifs Kmma, seamstress 

464 Grignon Joseph, machinist 

465 Gautliier I<oiiis. joiner 

468 PIcard iMathias, shoemaker 
470 Male Josi^pli, tailor 
472 L*vpill(4 Ft'lix, laborer 

474 Mirpault Jules, laborer 
Choilpttp Pierre, laborer 

475 Lpspirancp Jos., baker, r 
Gravel Atisclme, laborer, r 
Coiitant Joseph, baker, r 

476 Martineau N., bntcher 
478 Cusson Mrs. J., wid N. 
480 Pelosse G., basketniakcr 

482 Kertraud Mrs. E , wld Joseph 
484 Moisaii Charles, liiborer 

Hlean Andrr, carter 
486 Brateher Andre, wheelwright 
488 Bietio Kdoiiai'd, laborer 

Wright Mrs. Kinmu, wid J. 
i90 Bouthilluttp Louis, roofer 

Longpr^ Ludger. painter 
492 Uouthillette Louis, laborer 

fiEAVER HALL HILL, ttom 645 
Lagauchetiere to Beaver Hall 
terrace. St Antoine ward 

Unitarian Church of tho Mps- 
oiah, rev. John Cordni-r, 
I.I I), honorary pastor; W, 
a. ltarn< s, minister ; K. P. 
Sleeper, sc-cton 
St Anilrcw's uhurch. Church of 
Scotland, rev (iavin Lang, 
ndiiister ; James Clements, 
9 Hall W. V. M., restaurant 

11 Pick.'n's l.cnillng Library 

13 Wright Miss K,, embroideries 
and Kerlin wool 

15 Uanduraiid Mrs. Kose, wid A. 

17 .Mc aim Francis, carpenter, r 

19 Kobinsoii Luwis, tailor 

head of Beaver Hall terrace, St 
Antoine ward 

1 (iiiuld .losepli 

Cnutuic (i., professor of muelo 

2 Cleik Alex. 

Clerk Alton V., clerk 

3 Hooper A ('..of Win. Dow&Co. 

4 llowuid 'I'lios., siippi'intendunt 

Itlclielleu N '\ igatlon Co. 

5 White riios., .MP. 

Willie l{. S.. conimerclul editor 

of The Gii/.elle 
White Tliomas Jun., clerk 

6 llerlert Willliim 

7 ll(>i'tlielol hon, J. A. 
Kerilielot JoH., law student 
Bcrlhelot Louis, clerk 
Uurihulut Charles 

8 Alexander John R., M.D. 

9 Dow Mrs. Mary, wid Andrew 

1 Belmont north to 650 Dor- 
chester, St Antoine ward 

20 Andres S. J., surgeon dentist 

21 Dandurand <E, marble works 
Danduraiid K., law student 

22 Wright Alfred, L.D.S., dentist 
Nelles J. VVidroer, agent 
NellpsK.C. clerk 

Paul J. M , bookkeeper 
Vennor \V. B., clerk 
BinksC. II., of Binks&Co. 

24 Alloway Dr. K.A., dentist 

25 Johnston \Y. P., boots and shoes 

26 Grant H., watchmaker 
Grant Samuel S. 

Stinson 3Irs. Isabella, wid. Rich- 
ard, dressmaker 

27 Sheeriir Andrew 

28 Girdwood G. P., M.D. 
Girdwood Charles, clerk 
Cornell Z. E., law student 
Macaulay J.K.,car tracer G.T.R. 

'■i Wiliinmson J. II .jeweller 
M'Miro Alex., M.D. 
Ill olmeE. H., M.D. 
ibii, jt J., C.E., drawing office 
v" .'i* H. 
...irs W. G., L.D.S., surgeon 
dentist, editor Canada Jour- 
nal of Donfal Science 

36 Bell .lames, M. D. 
Lewis John, druggist 

37 Cox P. J., com traveller 
Metropolitan club, Joseph Hick- 
son, president 

Hope Koliert, of A. & C. J. 
Hope & Co. 

38 Brewster (has., L.D.S., dentist 
Mo (lilt Miss M. 
McGauvran Thomas, clerk 

40 Sjieiicer Iticlimond, M.D. 

42 David Aaron H.,M.D., D.C.L. 
Sullivan D.. commission agent 
Canudiiin .Medical Association, 
U. P. Howard. M.D., pres 

44 Roddick T.G.,M.U. 

4.^ Drake Jos. M.. M.D. 

46 French & Bond, grocers 
.Mooie George, tlorist 

47 Proiidfoot Alex., M.D. 

49 Thayer L, (>.,M.D.,C.D.,L.S.A. 
61 Flt/geiald Miss Annie, of Misses 
h. & A. Fitzgerald 
Fitzgerald .Miss .-^iisan, of Misses 

S. A- A. Fitzgerald 
Galloyly .Miss Mardo, of Misses 

S. & A. Fitzgerald 
Ciiniphell W. A., of W.A.Camp- 
bell & Co. 
Hull Samuel 
63 Fit/geiuld Misses S. & A., fancy 

BELMONT, from 18 Beaver Hall 
terrace west to St Monique, 
St Antoine ward 

1 Ulaekader Alex., B.A., M.D. 
llrll Prof. Itobert, M.D., C.E., 

Geological .survey 
Hell Mrs. K., wid rev. A. 
St Andrew's church. Church ol 
Scotland, luv. Gavin Lang, 
II Macintosh Alexander, trader 
.Sjostroin P. ■(,(■ .. law student 
14 llrvson Ihos. McF., merchant 
16 Spiers Mrs. EUziiboth, wid Jus. 

17 Mcintosh Mrs. A., wid .lohn 
McCready .Michael, tailor 

Were Brimstfick at. commences. 

22 McDousall James, sen., pro- 

prietor Canal tlour mills 
McDougall James, jun., clerk 

25 Wright Mrs II., wid ti.,bdgh8e 
Aylmer John A., civil engineer 
Aston A., bank clerk 

27 Smith Kohprt, spn., ins agont 
Smith Hobprt, jun., rpporter 
Smith James 1{ , clerk 

29 Macdonald Mrs. Helen, wid D. 

30 McGngor James, professor Mc- 

(lill Normal .school 

31 Johnston lion. F. G., judge 

Superior Court 

Here Hanover St. begins. 

32 Mc(!ill Kornial school, W. H. 

Ilicks, principal; .lames Mc- 
Gregor, professor 
McGill .Model school, Frank 
W. Micks, M. A.. Hoys' depart- 
ment; MisS'Janc Ann Swal- 
low, Girls' department 

33 McDougiill Gp.>. 

Foulds John.of Seath & Foulds 
Brush Sidney G., c'prk 
35 Urvsdnle David, of W. Drysdale 
& Co, 
Drysdale David, clerk 
37 Johnson H. D.,ofLeggat, John- 
son it Co. 
39 Gordon J., customs appraiser 

Here St. Oeneviivc st. intersects. 

43 Dakors .Tames, secretary Mon- 
treal Teli'graph Co. 

45 Elnipiihorst W. Richnrd 

47 McLachlan .T. S., of McLachlan 
Bros. & « o. 

49 Holden .lames C, of Ames, Hol- 
den & Co. 

51 Ames E. F., of Ames, Holden & 

BERRI, from 61 Dubord north to 
764 StCatherine, St James ward 

13 Pr<<vost Arniaud, ol Provost & 

15 Tass6 F.Ztiphlrin.M.D. 
Painchaiid Hector, clei'k 

17 Liijole L. Jose|>h 

19 Laniere.l. Itte., general manager 
lUchelleu andOnturio Naviga- 
tion Co. 
Lainere llerculp, clerk G.T.R. 

21 Monat Louis 

Here Laii<iuehetth'e st. intersects. 

'HI Aubin Nap., Swiss consul and 
gas iiisiieclor 
Boy Kiiclide, advocate 

23 Lailiimine Itodolph.of Latlamme 

.V' Laltilinme 
Latliiiiinie Leopold, of Latlamine 

% Liitlaninie 
Viger .Mrs. Caroline, wld Louis 

24 Monk .lohn, sen., ot Monk & 


26 Abruhain Levi, tobacconist 
Abialiuiii Siiiniiel. tobacconist 
La/anih Mrs. Dora 

'27 Fabre (iiistave, hardware 

2H Masson II en 1 1 

;ill Lord Anthony (i., broker 

31 Belleinare Itiiphai'l, inspector 
Inland revenue 
llelleiiiiire llercule, student 
Lajole Henri (jerin, law student 
Fournter Wni., uouchmuu 







THE CITIZENS' INSURANCE CO. tll6,000 Deposited with the Dominion Government. 

82 Bolto'i K. 

33 DcscliampR Alddrio. sen., of F. 

& .1. I^rlaire & (-0. 
31 Cuddv Joint P., sen., of Hicks 
& Co. 
Cuddy ,J. P.. jun., hnokkppper 
86 Avlwiii Sirs. A., wid hoii. Judge 
riios C. 
Avlwiii Kraiicis Arthur, olork 

86 Tourvillo L., grain morclmnt 
37 H'lRlios (i('nrg.> Artlnir, notary 
39 DarliiiR Adum, croc1<ery mrr- 


Here. Dorehester st. intemects. 

44 Archnnihault P. A., advocate 
64 B^lanutT Adolplie. cahinotml<r 

Bi'langcr (Joori/p, cloik 
66 Ma.«'on Alf., of I). Masson & Co. 
68 Charbouncau K. C, xpcrctary 

Hudou Cotton Co. 
80 FantoHx Lrandi-p, coal doalor 

Fautcux Ailliur, liool. kpcpcr 
62 Matliicu Aimo, of K. Mathipu & 

66 Labinp JnlPH, of .1. Labinc & Co. 
Labinc Acllillp, clerk 

67 Kothwpll Kdninnd.bonkkppiipr 

68 BiKsonnctto A., I'd!., liigh con- 


69 Bourdpau Joseph, of L. (ina'din- 

per, .Son & Co. 

70 Papinenn U. E., of Papineau & 

Papineau 15 , law student 
Maekav .\.. law student 

71 Daniel Ml^a Justine, dressmakpr 
Clement .Mrs M., wid Andri'' 
Verdon Aedro, driver 

David .Mrs. (>.. wid K., tniloress 
Papini au C. T., of Papineau 
& Durnnd 

72 Dplisle .Mrs. K , wid Henry 

73 Benoit Antoinc. laborer 
Lauiier Ant. slioenuiker 
Vbabot .liisiph (>., carpenter 

74 Ibbotsou .Mioses L & C. 

76 Lecaviilier ,Ios., cubinctmaker 
Desjiirdltis .Mrs., wid., seamstress 

76 Allard J. lite., city assessor 

77 Duipietfe Pierri', carpenter, r 
Fauvel Keli.x, blac'.isniilli, r 
Pichette NapoU'on, slioenuiker. r 

78 Newman Patrick, contractor 

79 Francliere .Iwcciues, shn(>imikor 
Kicliard Azarie, laborer 

80 Vinet J. M., of A. Dubord &Co. 

81 Alaiie Moise 

88 Jett^.lules. enftineer 
85 Flood P., fiirmer and (gardener 
Chambi'rland Mrs. S., wid S., 

87 Favieiiu I.ouio 

Goyette Mrs. A., wid ^Maximo 
m MaVcll Adolplie, painter 

91 Bruyi'in' .Mrs. K., wid Pierre, 


92 Hamelin A.S.,ofJ.Hudon & Co. 
Hamelln Mrs. K., wid A. F. 
Hami'lin Alfred 

Hamelin l.i'upold, clerk 
98 Vaillancourt I'lioinas, udvocnto 
96 Kennedy ,1 . G., of J. Ci. Ken- 
nedy & Co. 
Ilolto't .lean Philippe, physician 
and snr)(eou, M.U. 

BERRY LANE, from 36 St Louis 
north to 334 Craig, St James 

Hvnes Mlchnol, U.S.C. 

7 HIrtx .lilies, druftttl^t 

8 Hoy Airs, ijuilunue, wid JohojiU 

Here Perthius st. ends. 

13 Hatch Miss F., milliner 

Here Berry lane ends . 

BERTHELET, from 226 Bleary 
west to 86 Union av, St Law- 
rence and StAntoine wards 

1 Wylip W. & J. S., bakers 
6 Kwan VVm., of Swan & Son 
i; Hiffht William, steward 
13JTindall Thomas, painter 
1.1 Hammond John 
1.3i Morgan Mrs. E.,widThoma8 
16 Clements Joseph, storeman 

Anderson Miss A., dressmaker 
15i Scott John, clerk 

16 Pearson William, coachman 

17 Spencpr Walter, Pullman Car 

174 Scott Francis, packer 
IS f'hc.stnut Miss A. L., dressmaker 
19 Caldwell William, forpman 
lOJMurray Donald, upholsterer 
2U ilay Edward, sexton Emmanuel 

21 Ynunp D., commercial traveller 
21 i Miindie James, clerk 
23 Harr'H Thos., com traveller 

Harris Augustus, clprk 
26 Masson Damase, of D. Masson 

28 Wand Alex., builder 
31 Ladles' Benevolent Institution, 

Mrs. D. Wat-son, niatror 
.■52 Adams A. E., of Adams & Co 
.39 Stephenson W. A., of Hughes 

& Stephenson 

41 Thomas Philip, clerk 

42 Poustio .lames, Montreal Tele- 

graph Co. 

43 Wright Ed., earthenware and 

45 Oray Robert, clerk 

Pollock .lames, agent 
40 Dwane Mrs. Mory, wid John 

47 Hiissell (Miarles, butcher 

48 Elliott M., grocer 

Here Citij Counciltors st. intersects. 

49 Millar Adam, bookkeeper 
51 liowat James, clerk 

67 Bridgman Geo., butcher 

Here Aylmerst. intersects. 

58 Boone Leopold, laborer 
Boone Mrs. Leopold, laundress 

59 Tierney Henry, tailor 

BISHOP, from 969 Dorchester 
north to St Catherine, St An- 
toine ward 
HuntiuKdon Hon. L. S. 

BISHOP AVENUE, off 263 St 
Antoine, St Antoiue ward 

12 Severs George , clerk 

14 Stl'lwell Elijah, Htorenuin 
10 Elliott Joseph IL, .'irtist 

BISHOP LANE, from 36 St 
Ignaoe to 13 Desalaberry, St 
Mary ward 

2 Landry Nazairo, laborer 

Frli|Ue Louis, laborer 

IK'iuitii! George, shoemaker 

Mt^agor James, boatniaii 

8iKtliierThtiophlk>, Jollier 

P(^suut lilduuard, trunkmnker 

10 Uacine Hector, laborer 

11 Barnab6 Cyprien, laborer 

12 Parent Medore, bl icksmith 
14 Gravel I'ierrp, machinist 
16 Dupont llpiiri, laborer 

Dow Thomas, laborer * 

18 Rochou .I(.sepli, clerk 

22 Andrew .Tolin. tailor 

23 Girard Charles, shoemaker 

BISSON, from 163 St Antoine 
north to 70 Osborne, Si, An- 
toine ward 

6 Moore George, bookkeeper 

7 Joucs G. W , clerk 
VVoodlev IL'iirv, clerk 

9 Starr Pol y, hatter 

10 Murray Alex., of .Murray & Co. 

11 Williams .Mr . Eliza, wid 
McCoy Bernard, purser 

12 Bauden .Joseph 

13 McCoy Win., com traveller 
Doliin William, shoemaker 
Dolan James, slioeinaker 

14 Plamondon J. .conductor G.T.R. 

15 Mailloux P. N , contractor 

10 McArtbiir Miss J., dressmaker 
20 UidoutWm W.. inaiia.irer Mon- 
treal Card and Paper Co. 

22 Robertson ('liarles, assistant 
suporintenilent Pullman Car 

24 Hedge Mrs <;., wid Henry 

20 Hayman J Ernest, bookkeeper 
28 Nelson William, ]iacker 

BLACHE LANE, east from 167 
Mountain, between St Antoine 
and Windsor, St Antoine ward 

11 Welsh Michael, shoemaker 
ll^Spooner Dunicl, inachiiiist 

16 McDonnell Owen, carter 

19 Beech William, |ioliceman 
26 Carney Francis, moulder 

Nos. 9 and 11 St Margaret, 
St Antoine ward 

Xot Imilt upon. 

BLEURY, from 669 Craig north to 
City limits, thence to Mount 
Royal av, St Lawrence ward 

1 Field J. H., photographer 

lleaudrv .losepli, photographer 
3 Montreal Hook Kooni, C, W. 

Coat(>s. niauagi'r 
5 Bnrland Lithographic Co. 
Burland (i,ll.,ol BurlaiidLltho- 

graiiliic Co, 
Caiiadiaii Illiislriited News 
L'Oplnion I'lililique 
Canadian Patent oillce Record 

and .Meclwiiiics Magazinu 
Sclentillc Caiiailian 
Boxer Fredeiick N., architect 
l,es|ii''raiici' John, edit ir 
ti O'Ronrke Aiidicw, shoidltter 
Steithensoii dcorue. mer tailor 
McUoimId .Miss B , dressmaker 
n Craig Alexaiiiler M., painter 
It Brown (ieorgc, 4^ >oii,talloi'H 
10 Asninall Charles, niachhilHt 
i:i Pollock , las. K , pictuni Iramer 

12 Clendiiineng ({obert, moulder, r 
(iruhuin I'aiiicU, moulder, r 

14 Fogariy ilaines, currier 

15 .Murphy ,lolin, painter 

10 Muuzies Aug., uudl ounduotur 




17 Notman & 

Sandliam Hem 

18 McGowan Tho 

19 St ,lohn P., sho 

20 McKeown l{ob( 

21 Lam^ J. B., bo< 

22 McNeil James < 

23 Moore F., lampi 
26 Medical Hull ) 

ginger ale fai 
Ki('liolson Robi 
Troy Laui dry, 1 

Brown Kobert i 

26 Parsons Mrs. JI 

26iTurpin Miss 
Turpin Z., Imirc 

27 Kennedy VVm. 


28 Bourdon Sirs. ^ 
Bourdon C 
Murray Jolin S. 
Sullivan Patrick 
Swppt Theodore, 
Waid rev. John 

29 Strppt Walter, s 

30 O'Donoghue Pa 

31 Macdonald M i 

rence Dye woi 
St. Lawrence I> 

M. ucDonald 
Passmore S W., 

32 Large Charles, li 

33 Brown E., provii 
34.] Young .loliii B., 
85 Miller &Bieinne 

50 Kearns Nicholas 

Here Jurors st, 

37 Smith J. W, icp 
Biiigley, Hockeii 
LesJH-ranci' Alpli' 
38) Hope W. Il.,|>ict 
ST^Harvey William, 
40 Palmer R.. maim 
40JJordan W., A- Co 
41JSto(Mard K. W., 

42 Hulek A., furriei 

43 Gordon Alex., bii 
431llealy John, bool 

44 Patlonliay Mrs. 

bdg lisi- 

45 Maio Pierre, mac 
451McMbIioii Eitwar 
47SHaminond Miss I 

Gilbreth Win.,sli 

Fronson Peter, ci 

Alli',:i ,lolin, lane 

49 Coehenlhaler J , 

51 Inglis James, phi 
53 Morrison W. II., 

Howard .L, serge 

Turner J. H., aitl 

55 Elliott Edward, g 

58 Larkin Patrick, m 

Here Laguiir.helii're 

60 Qiilnn T,, & Co., 
Ul 8|)arrow .1. II., bl 
m (Jiiinii Thos., of T 
til Whitehead Win.,' 
(i» McCallumJ.,«[ ,S 

TO McCalliiin .lohu, 

Calltim k Sons 
McCalliim David,! 

& Suns 






SIR HUGH ALLAN, President ; GERALD £. HART, General Manager. Head Office, 179 8t James St 

17 Notman & Sandham, photo- 

Saiidhnm Henry, of Notman & 

18 Mc(i()w«n Tho8., pildpr 

19 St .lolin !•., sliOPniiiktT 

20 M<'Kfowii Uobert, wntchman 

21 LaiiH J. B., bookspllcr 

22 McNpil .Jimips C, hiiildpr 

23 Stoorp v., lumps and coni oil 

25 Mpdicnl liall soda wator and 
gii>){cr nlii fiictory, r 
Kifliolson Robi rt, engineer, r 
McCiiinriiii C.,sliop niannfac'r, r 
Troy l.aiii.dry, K. G. Brown, pro- 

Brown Wobprt G., sliirt manfr 
20 Pardons Jlrs. Mary, wid David, 

26iTiirpin Misi> K., ladies' liair- 
Turpin Z., bnirdrpsser 

27 Kennpdy \Vm., arcliitpct and 


28 Bourdon Mrs. D., wid Pierre 
Bourdon Miss Cordelia, trader 
Murray John S., bliicksmitli, r 
Sullivan Patrick, driver, r 
Sweet Theodore, saddler, r 
Waid rev. John B., r 

29 Street Walter, stationery 

30 O'lmnoghue Patrick, saddler 

31 Macdonald M & M., St. Law- 

rence Dvp works 
St. Lawrence Dye works, M. & 

M. ticUiinald 
Passmoro S W., taxidermist 

32 Large Charles, laborer 

33 Brown K., provihions 
34] Young .lohn »., tinsmith 

86 Miller & Bieniner, nmnf jewelers 
a5iMillpr D., olMillpr & Bremner 
30 Kearns Nicholas, grocer 

Here Jurors .if. intersects. 

37 Smith J. W , iceofflco 

Biiigley, Hocken &, Co.. teas 
Lesperance Alphonse, market 
SSJIIope \V. II., picture Ciamemanl' 
SitJHarvey William, saloon 

40 Palmer H., manager S. Carsley 
40JJordan W., iV Co., bedding mfrs 
41JSfodilatd K. W., jeweller 

42 Hulek A., furripr 

43 Gordon Alex., bookkep|)or 
43illealy .IhImi. bookseller 

41 Pattonlmy Mrs. M., wid Wm„ 

bdg lise 
45 Mil III rierre, machinist 
45JMcMahon Kdward, fruits 
47jllnmni(ind .Mi.>s Kli/., bdg hso 

Gilbreth Win., stoiemaii 

Fronsim I'eter, cooper 

Allnii .liihn, fancy goods 
49 Cochenlhaler ,1 ,'ciinl'ectionpr 
51 Inglis James, photographer 
63 Morrison W. II., bdg hse 

Howard J., sergeant-niiijor 

Turner,!, II., aitist 
65 Klliolt Kdward, grocer 
5H Larkiu Patrick, wood dealer 

Here Lnguuchelit're at. intersects. 

(10 QuInnT., k Co., saloon 
01 Sparrow ,1. II., bill po^fer 
li2 (juiiin Tlios. , of T. Qiiinn & Co. 
ti4 vVliitehead \Vm., City restaurant 
lis McCnllum.l.. & >Sons, planoi'orte 

70 McCalliim .lohn, of .1. Mc- 

Calliim & Sons 
MoCullum David, of J, McCallum 

k Sons 

71 Robertson C.,& Co , undertakers 
Robertson C. W., of C. Robert- 
son it Co. 

Robertson .lames F., of C, Rob- 
ertson & Co. 
715McGr >gor vlex., cabinetmaker 

72 Becl iim H'lgh, carpenter 

73 Wor....ig dirls' association, 

Mrs. O. C. Edward, president; 
Miss Wilson, secretary 

74 Ulley Wm. H., brush manufactr 

75 Young Women's bdg hse, Mrs. 
- O. C. Edward, proprietress 

76 Scanlan Miss Mary, fruits 
76i(;ourtnev Unniel, gardener 

Doyle Miss Miiry 

77 Sc'dt Thomas 

78 Giblin Pat nc';, laborer 
Lamarche N.. cabinetmaker 

80 Bader Geo., carpenter 
Bader Mrs G , milliner 

84 McFalnmy .Miss Mary A., ftuita 

85 Kimber James, painter 

87 Uevlts Charles, wig maker 

88 Flood Francis G., grocer 

Here Dotod st. commences. 

89 llawkp John F., shirt maker 
91 Cunningliam IIros.,marbIedlrg 
92JMcLeod Miss Sarah, bdg lise 

93 Gow & McMillan, tobacconists 
Gow Alex., of Gow & McMillan 
McMillan E D., of Gow & Mc- 

McMillan Walter, driver 

94 Clancy Miss .Maigaret, milliner 

95 Hancock Mrs. C, wid Thomas 
Uancock 1*. S . clerk 

McCue Mis. Mary, wid James, r 
Lynch .) imes, carpenter, r 
9(5 Miller David type caster 

97 Burke Wm , fruit dealer 

98 Dowd John, blacksmith 
Dowd James, carpenter 
D'Gorman Miss U,, seamstress 
Deegan Laughlin 

99 Harrison Titos, dry goods 
lOi) Banvillc TliomHs, water police 

Allan Wm. engineer, r 
Wallace .las., storeman, r 
Wardill J nines, cabinetmaker, r 

101 Brown G. F.,ofG. Brown & Son 
Krown (i . ,1 , of G . Brown & Son 

103 Owens .lohn l( , painter 

1(14 MeDongall Andrew, nier tailor 

105 Darrag'i Hugh 

l()(i Vizina.Joseiih, barber 

107 Talt A. It , iirdiitpot 
Liimb Benjamin S. 

109 AlcOwat .Miss .M., fancy goods 

110 Sumner Francis J., saloon 

Here St, licrndrd St. commences, 

Illltiaudreiiu Pierre, laborer 

112 llenaliaek II., h Co., butchers 

113 Itosser Wni. W., stationery 

114 Bortrand F. X., & Co., cabinet- 

114iBortriiiid F. X., of F, X. Ber- 
trand & Co. 

116 Lavertv M. P., <d Laverty & Co. 

117 Daly Mis. E, wid Philip, fruits 
lis Laverty & Co.. grocers 

119 Coysh Wm. It., cabinetmaker 
121 Coverntoii (.: J. ,& Co. .druggists 
l'22 Carigiian ,1. A., wood dealer 

Here Jhrcfuster st. intersects. 

I'j;) Weldon (ieorge, gilder 

Vi(> Moore K. J., tailor 

127 Jloore .Misses E, it E., fiuicy gds 

129 Liibdon Mrs. .1.. dressmaker 

13U Korsvth Itobt., marble works 

1(J1 Lnbdoii Jann s, uruokory 

135 Gladstone Mr*. E., wid Wm., 
ladies' underclothing 

137 Nichol T., M D. 

139 Kennedy Richard A., M.D. 

139]Balcte-.fofl'ard E., ,prof of math- 
Baletp-Joffard Mrs. E., dressmkr 

141 Ross Mrs. Mary, wid (^Miarles 

142 Lory rev. Hypolite, S.J. 

St. Mary's College, rev. F. 
Cazeau, president; rev. A. 
'I'urgpon, vice-president; rev. 
S. Uobert, treasurer 

143 Desormiers Miss Zo6, bdg hte 
Phelan Mrs. P. F. 

Park James, joiner 
Prior John, clerk 

144 Church of the Gesu, R. C, rev. 

F. < 'azeau 

147 Yon Antoiiie, builder 

149 Lemery Mrs. S.. wid Ur. IL 
Bii'tien Miss A., prot of piano 
Crilly John, paper manuf 
Carsfey John, merchant 
Fairbanks C. medical student 
Constanti..e N , bookkeeper 
Ncttleton J., print' r 

151 Merrill Henry, M D. 

153 Merrill E. H., of H. & H. Morrill 
Merrill Arthur, agent 
Merrill Alfred, law student 

155 Migiiault P. B.,jun., advocate 
Mignanlt Pierre B , sen., M.D. 
Mignault L D., .M.D. 

159 Dresser .1. D., mercliant tailor 
Itaker Homer, agent 

1(53 PerrigoJ., AM , .M.D. 
Peirlgo .1., market clerk 

165 Dpsjardiiis G. Henri, .M.D. 

Eye Dispensary, L. A. E. Desjar- 
dins, M.D., and G. 11 Desjar- 
diiis, M.D., attending physi- 
Desjardins L.A.E . SI.D., oculist 
Mcintosh Mrs. Duncan 

Here St. Edward st. commences. 

172 Stodnrt D. R. 

174 Callahan F., of Callahan & Co, 

Here St. Catherine st. intersects. 

177 Ibbotson Edward IV, student 
Ibbotson B., emigration iigeut 
Ibbotson Henry It., Pullman car 


178 Sinardon W. F.. boots and shoo* 

179 .McConnell J It.., M.D. 
Macdonald J. A., .M.D. 

181 Murphy P. S. 

182 Fra-er A. It., crockery Ijc coal oil 

183 l.etoiiihil Paul, prof of music 
\^i Eraser Wm , grocer 
184iVictoria Ice otlice, Wm. Fraser, 

185 Lalierxe Mrs. Marie, wid lion. C. 
(ioiirsaud Edoiiard. clerk 

180 fStone rev. Allred, head master 

I'roprletary Coll<>gi> school 
Stoiip Mrs. A., ladies' school 
Stone Miss, music teacher 

187 .Mock ,liimes, coachman 
.Mock John, clerk ti.l'.lj. 
Moek .lames. car|H>iiter 
Mi-Ciilcher,l., prol inathematios 
.Magher F., commercial traveller 
Miigher J., commercial traveller 
Angus J. T., clerk 

SlacK W., clerk 

188 Uiiise Charles, tVuits h tobacco 
Nugent .lames, pucker, r 
Mc>lnlioii .lumps, liiburer, r 
PowiT .liiliii, shoemaker, r 
Lebcrge Mrs. J., wid A,,Heam- 

stresw, r 





189 Whlto Robert, painter 

Grittitli Charlus, bookkeeijor 
■>Vliit,» Mrs. i{ , dre.sHinukor 
Gritlith Mrs. C, drpssmaker 

191 rreniico Mrs. C, wid John 

192 Sharp Kdward, bonkkfeper 

193 Lamontiignt- Mrs, E., wid 11. 
Lainontagne Louis, bank clerk 
LamuntaitHG Ueiiri, silver plater 

194 Bracknell Win., laborer 
ltracknt>ll Mrs. Mary, laundress 
Howard ■Julin, driver, r 

196 Carney Mrs, E., wid M., laun- 


197 O'Flalierty Edward 

198 llobau i'iitrick, plumber 
Tindall Tliornas, painter 

199 Ward F. J., clerk express office 

200 lliimiltou F. VV., bank clerk 
Hamilton Mrs. I'bas. 
Hamilton A. 8., elk crown office 

201 McDonald Mrs. E , wid A. 
HUiC'ie?ion John U., secretary 

Canada Inve.stinent Co. 

202 Rruwii J., mesii);er Ontario Bank 

204 Carniody Thomas, fruit store 

205 Morris George, manager and 

buyer for Tims. May & Co 

206 Sumiue.liayes Miss C, toy store 

Here Mayor st. commences, 

207 Grose T. \V ., clerk G.T.K 

208 Dion Mrs. Lucie, wid Jos. 

209 Parker A. \V., of J. D. Xutter 

& Co. 
211 Stevenson Chus. J., of Forbes, 

Stevenson & Co. 
213 Terhune Rich., superintendent 

Ames, lloliieu & Co. 
215 Statibrd .lolin, merchant tailor 
217 I'atton Herbert, music teaciier 

219 .lackson Mrs. E., wid llugli 

220 Charlton Mrs. M , wid John 

223 lluugliton Jihn, painter 

224 'riiomp.Hon Itobert, AI.D. 

225 Dwanu Thos., boots and shoes 

226 ShHckles S.. auditor O. M. U. & 

O. K. U. 

228 McCny T. \V., conluctloner 

229 Uougliton E, T., house painter 
280 Wyile Mrs. Jumos 

Wyliie J . S., of W. & J S. Wylio 
Wylie W. &, J. S., bakers 

232 White I'atrick, collector 

233 Lamb James, butciier 

234 Hall liiehaid H , com traveller 

235 Locker William, upholsterer 
287 Auams li. F,, grocer 

Here Onlario si. ends and Bcrthe- 
lei St. bi'ijins. 

243 Stuart William W. 
247 HlllChs. G. 

254 RadUirU 1. C, sanitary inspector 
250 Sexton .lames 1'., advocate 
258 Hammond Mrs. J., wid T. L., 

liiirmon John 

Wetliey C. 11., accountant 
2S0 Benson Mrs. M. A, 

Here Concord at. commences. 

282 Fitzglbbon M„ com traveller 
204 Cowan .Mrs E., wid Hugh 
260 lliiiley Samuel, bookkeejier 

267 Harueit W. deC, Assistant City 


268 Tearsun Alexander 

271 Scott Mrs. George 

Scott .Mi.Hs .M E,, music teacher 

272 Starke .lolin, bookkeeper 

273 McLuod .Miss M., milliner, r 
Henderson John i',, carpenter, r 

279 Elliot Andrew, uoutructur 

281 Mowat Wm., com traveller with 
J. U. Mackenzie & Co. 

Here Sherbrooke st. intersects. 

316 Coristlne John 

320 Hensbaw F. W., Bank of Mon- 

322 Kinghorn Geo. 31., forwarder 
Kinghnrn John ]M..aBt 31ontreaI 
& Ottawa Forwarding Co. 

324 Miller Robert, jiin., stationer 
Carson J, L., 8lationer 

334 Martin J., of J. Martin & Co. 
Martin H, K., clerk 
Martin H.T., clerk 

336 Couleon Samuel 

Coulson Mrs. .Mary, wid Samuel 

338 Chandler Harlow, produce mer 

340 Mnnro rev. And. H., minister 
First Baptist church 

342 Reeve Geo. B., G.l'.R. 

344 Kerr Mrs. M. 
Kerr W. A. 

345 Miller R, sen., wholesale statnr 

346 Butler T. P., of Monk & Butler 
34S Duchesnay Mrs. M., wid Col. P. 
3«1 Burland S., of S. Burhind & Co. 
366 Grant G. R., Geological survey 

BONAPARTE, formerly Napo- 
leon, from 38 Visitation west 
to 81 Montcalm, St James 

6 Duhamci .losepli 

8 Perrault Octa ^, laborer 
Charbonneaii Edouard, barber 
Brunean Adolplie, laborer 

16 Ponlin Pierre, trader 

21 ThibaultMrs T., wid Casirair 

23 Heliveau Damage, carter 
Lessard Mrs. Marie, wid Joseph 

25 Nourle Octave, turnkey 
Bisaillon .lo.'ieph, barber 
25J Herbert Misse*. seamstresses 
33 Leiebvre Eplirem, trader 

BONSECOURS, from 87 St Paul 
north to 368 Craig, East ward 

5 Milot Ones , bdg hso 

6 Loveridgo Mrs, Ann, wid John, 


9 Page Simon, hotelkeeper 
Bcauvais Adrien, clerk 
Bonrassn E., clerk 
Demers Raphael, clerk 

10 Hart O & E., fruit dealers 

11 Edmond Jos., hotelkeeper 
ISjJodoin Alfred, blacksmith 

Paplllond v.. hatter 

16 Quesnel Paul, millwright 
Leclero Louis, cabinetmaker 

17 Brouillett Theo., & Co., bliick- 

Hinlths it, veterinary surgeons 
Bluis .Mrs,, wid iloseph 
17iBeaud(iin Wllbrod, watchman 
Bf^huiger Moise, Joiner 

18 Huttoii I)., & to., oysters, &o. 

19 Brouillett Theo,, veteilnary sur- 


20 Rlvard & Co., hotelkeepors 

24 (iuiliiK'tte J. ()., agei't 

25 Hutchison John, grocer 

Hen; Notre Dame si. intersects. 

31 Pelloiier<'uthbert, tailor 
Beaulieu Itt^gis 

3ljl<ortier .Mrs. Nicolas, lampsand 
coal oil 

32 Picault Dr. 
Byette J. B,, printer 

33 Carusiuo U., plaster ornaments 

36 Cohn A. L., sign and window 
shade painter 

89 Leffibvre Michel, & Cie, Mont- 
real Vinegar works 

Here Oiamp de Mars st. intersects. 

42 Grt'goiie Camille, restaurant 

45 Lafreniire Joa., hotelkeeper 

46 Lamontagne Denis, painter 

47 McVey James, livery stableii 

51 Poulin Mrs., wid Joseph 
Laro.«e Mrs., wid Alp. 
Corbeil .Miss Elizabeth 
Poulin F6lix, laboier 

52 Walker James, confectioner 

Here St. Louis st. intersects, 

56 Trudeau Miss Dosango 
62 Flyun Job J., trader 

tween 96 and 186 St Paul and 
51and 155 Commissioners, East 

PerrigoJohn, clerk Bonsecours 

Gadbois Oe6sime, asst. clerk 
Gadbois Romain, weigher 
Walker Allan, weigher 


Meat Market. 


Garitfpy M6d(:Tic, 
Deslauriers Louis, 
Qucvillon Josepli, 
B^mird Eus6be, 
JA'brun L uis, 
Ueinhardt Fred., pork 
Boileau hllzear, 
Meunier Eu?cbe, 
Brunei Napoleon, 
Clermont Autoiue, 
Idler George, 
Villeneuve J . Bte., 
Beauchamp Nicolas, 
Uiohard Joseph, 
Fullum (Jeorge, 
Forest Napoleon, 
Demers L'luis, 
Deschauips J. Bte., 
Girard Chs., 
Kena J . Bte., 
Ueaudoin Joseph, 
Lafoice Michel, 
Crowley Daniel, pork 
Uoniielly & Crowley, 
Coiitaiit Domiiii<iue, 
I orbeil .loseph, 
(lirard ,losepli, 
Uourus,-tt J. Bte. & N., 
I'otvin Alfred, 
Demers Beiioni, 
St Charles .Mrs. A., & Co.j 
Derome Olivier, 
Derome Edmomi, 
.Mitchell George, 
Doie & Co., 
Itt'Miard Napoleon, 
Cussun Dositii^e, 
Lesptirance Aiuablo, 
Uucine Aint^dee, 
Dubois Eilouard, 
Dufort Na/.'iire, pork 
lilain J. Bte., 
Collin Adolpho, 
Bourdon Alex., 
l>ei'oin(> l.i)(>n, 
St dermain Aug., culllie and 
lunch room 

Stands limule q/' Market frontinu 
t'ommisiiontrs st. 




Loveridgo Mrs 

Desmarais Mrs 

fruits and ve| 
Singer P., jewe 
Boudreau Mrs 
Cadndal Alfre(] 
Singer Mrs. Pic 
Labreche Mrs., 
Poulin Octave, 
Courtois .Miss ; 
Poitras Frs., T. 
Juneau Mrs. A 
Sincerny .>lrs. i 
Lasonde Miss i 
Smallwood Mrs 

fruits and vej 
Brisson Mrs. S 
Fauvel Mr*. El 
Charpentier Mi 
Laverdure Sirs, 

J. Bte., fruits 
Paquette Miss J 
Beiioit Mrs. J 
Grdgoire Missi 
Newman Mrs. ] 
Morel Mrs. Lot 
Besner Antoliu 
Ricknear Willi 
Foster Mrs., frui 
Clancy Mrs. M 
Ricknear Charl 
Jiaignet. Mrs. 1 

cooked victua 
Couglillu Mrs. : 
Smith .Mrs. Mai 
116bert Airs., fr 
Brunei Mrs. L. 
Sorel .Mrs. T., v 
Healy Mrs. B., 
Mouette M., co 
Arcliambault I. 
Lcpugu Mrs. ClJ 
Gamache Mrs. , 
Gagnon MLssM 
Gagnti Veiiunce 
Laniouchc .lose 
Smitli .Urs. B., v 
Mead .Mrs. Mic 
Parmeiitier Mit 
Beaulieu Uegis, 
Menard Mrs. Fi 
Laparre .Mrs. (i 
Beaulieu Mrs. I 

tVuits and veg 
Loiseuu .Mrs. J (I 
Montmuniiiet i 

Pelletler .Mrs.E 
Labelle Aljih., 

Fish Ma\ 

1 LarivC'e Louis, 

2 Cawthorn Tl;8,, 
6 Dubois Win., 

.6 Cooper John, 
9 Latoiir E., 
10 Lalumlure Eust 

l^ork Market, from 
ers H 

1 Racotte .los., 

2 Mercler Roch, 

3 Demers Tous.'ia 

5 Perreault Na/a 

6 Bernard O., 

7 Lapierre.Mis. If 
9 Rauette Jo.s(>pli, 

12 Crt^peau .Mrs. E 
14 Lufranuhise To 
40 Brijduinour Pi 







Loveridgo Mrs. Ann, wid, con- 
Dei^niarais Mrs. M., wid J. fi., 

Iruit'i and vcKetables 
Singpr P., jewellery 
Courtdis MoVse crocltery 
fioudreau Mrs J., fancy goods 
Cadudal Alfred, crockery 
tSinger Alr^i. Tierre, crockery 
Labri-clie Mrs., crockerj 
I'oulin Octave, jewellery 
Courtois Mls.s .VI., crockery 
I'oitras Frs., T., basketn 
Juneau Mrs. A., wid C, fruits 
8inc(>rny Mrs. M.,wiil Jos,, fruits 
LadOiide Miss M., fi'uit-i 
Kuiallwood Mrs. E., wid Henry, 

fruits and vegetables 
Brisson Mrs. S., wid A., fruits 
Fauvel Mr^i. Elmire, fruits 
Cbarjientier Mrs. Jos., fruits 
Laverdure Mrs. Marguerite, wid 

J. Bte., fiuits aud vegetaljlus 
Paquotte Miss M., trults 
Benoit Mrs. J., wid 1*., fruits 
Grd^oiro Missis., vegetables 
Mewnian Mrs. Mary, Iruits 
Morel Mrs. Louis, fruits 
Besner Antuine, cooked victuals 
iCicknear William, fruits 
Foster Mrs., fruits aud vegetables 
Clancy Mrs. M., wid M., fruits 
Kickiiear t'liarles, fruits 
iiaigiiet Mrs. Delphiiie, wid O., 

cooked victuals 
Cougliliu Mrs. M., wid T., fruits 
Smith Mrs. Mary, wid T, fruits 
ll6bert Mrs., fruits 
Brunei Mrs. L., wid J., fruits 4 
Sorel Mrs. T., wid I'., crockery 
iiealy Mrs. U., wid A., baskets 
Mouutte M., contectioner 
Arcliambault L., confectioner 
Lcpugo Mrs. Ciis., crockery 
(jamuche Mrs. tionri, baskets 
Uagnuii MissMurie, fancy goods 
(jlagii^ Venunce, baskets 
i,amouulic .losepli, conlbctioner 
Smith .Mrs. U., wid O , fruits 
Mead Mrs. Miciiael, fruits 
i'arnieiitier Miss J , vegetables 
Beaulieu Ki'gis, cooked victuals 
Meuard Mrs. Frs., fruits 
Lapiirre .Mrs. (iustave, fruits 
Beaulieu Mrs. Louise, wid Jos., 

fl-uits and vegetables 
Loiseau Airs. Julie, wid. I., fruits 
Montniuri|Uet Mrs. U., wid 1'., 

rollelier .Mrs. Eugiino, tVuits 
Durocher .\lrs. J. .cooked victuals 
LabuUu Alpli., confectioner 

Ji'lah Market, 

1 Larlvie I.,i)uis, tlsli dealer 

2 Cawthoru I'l.s., " 
6 Dubois Wui., " 

.0 Cooper .John, " 

9 hatour E., " 

10 Laluniiure Eusebo, " 

fork Market, fronting Commission- 
era at. 

1 Kacptte .los., 
'i Mercier Koch, 
3 Donieis ToussninI, 
R I'erreault Na/aire, 
(> Uurnurd ()., 
7 Lapierre Mrs. K,, 
9 Racette •Joseph, 
12 Cr<5peau .Mrs. E., wid J 
14 l^afranohise Tous., 
4U Brtadauiuur I'iurre, 

pork butcher 

Stores fronting St. Paul tt.. East 
Labbd Pierre, & Co., provision^ 

West end. 

1 Shea Jeremiah, provisions 

2 Smyth Geo. provisions 

Cellars fronting St. Paul st. 

1 ltoui!seau A., provisions 

2 Kolland Th^ophile, provisions 

3 l.,amoureu.\ J., provisions 

4 Poulin Ffelix, trader 

6 I'oulin 1'., & Co., provisions 

6 Champagne Chas., provisions 

7 Collins Alfred, trader 

8 LamontHgue J. Bte., ^rain 

9 Savard Jacques, provisions 
10 Brodeur Chs., trader 

)1 Kantel Jean, poultry 

12 Udlanger Ferriire, trader 

13 Jeannotto Joseph, trader 

14 David David, provisions 

15 Dastous & Sons, provisions 

16 Wolfe A., trader 

17 Kobitaillo Franjois, trader 

18 Versailles .losfph, trader 

Stands fronting St. Paul st, 

2 Ladouceur Joseph, trader 
4 Foisy & lirousseau, traders 
(i Dusmarchais J. Etc., trader 

8 (jaulin F., trader 

9 Cliariientier ,1. lite, trader 

10 Churron .Simon, trader 

11 Dauphin I'iirie, trader 

12 Sylvain Joseph, trader 
15 Keuaud Louis, trader 

lli Dugal Tiili'sphore. poultry 
18 Legault .lulleii, trader 
22 Laurandeiiu Jos., trader 
24 IJeriault (divier, trader 
W Phillips J. X., butter dealer 
32 Bazinet J. 1), traUer 

LabolloMrs. M., wid J., trader 
36 Lacoste Chs., trader 

}yest end o/tlii- Market, 

Lecompte Israel, fruit dealer 

Stores fronting/ Commissioners st, 

Boucher Ephrem, fruit dealer 
Liveriiois L., fruit dealer 
Pepin It., fruit dealer 
Keuaud J. Htc, fruit dealer 
Couuhlin J., fruit dealer 
McCarthy Dennis, fruit dealer 
Johnson & (juinu, fruit dealers 
Keoven Alexander, crockery 
Hart Mcliolas, fruit dealer 
Greniur .Joseph, fruit dealer 
Pr6vost P., trader 
Payette Bonav., fruit dealer 
Hurt U. & E., Jruit dealers 

Fruit Market, Wholesale, 

Clogg J. K., & Co. 
Benoit Jt icph, fruit dealer 
Moquln Louis, fruit dealer 
Crtssldy Michael , fruit dealer 
Ouddihy Michael, fruit dealer 
cote Uaspard, IVults 
Vernu'tto & Brunet, fruits 
Dubois J. B., Uult dealer 

Oyster Stands fronting 
sionvrs st. 


Valllere .los(>ph, oyster dealer 
Latleur ,1. lite,, oyster denier 
Lepage llyut,, oyster doal(>r 
Beauoru Ed., oyster dealer 
Luutuier Uiidt'on, oyster dealer 

from tbe river west to Grand 
Trunk St Ann ward 

3 Blair Hugh, firemkn 
Blair Mathew, bookkeeper 
Blair William, plumber 

5 Johnson Arthur, blacksmith 

7 BIythe Wm., machinist G.T.R. 

9 Upton Ed., watchman G.T.K. 
11 Korison Dunbar, coppersmitii 
13 McGulre Alex., turner G.T.K. 
70 Orton Wra., engineer 
70^ Gidd^ns Charles, tireman 
72 Pollard John, shunter G.T.R. 
72i Brighten G. F., shunter G.T.R. 
74 Ormston James, C'ippcrsmith 
74} Burmeier F.,brakuman G.T.R. 
Curry Jam.s, laborer G.T.K. 

76 Niven Alex., machinist 
Ciillen Wm., tbrenian G.T.R. 

77 Waugh Kobt., storemau 

78 Mci onachie — , carpenter 

79 Green John, labor. t 

81 Surgeon Kobert, boilermaker 
82i Ward John, carpenter'G.T.R. 
83 Chipchase Nedby, cutter 
85 ISrooks fhonias, painter G.T.R. 
87 Atkinson Wm., engineer G.T.K. 
89 Melville John, enginei-r G.T.R. 
91 Rutherford John, cu"pentcr 
93 Marshall John, clerk 

Peterson Ed., train despatcher 

Here Fanard st. intersects. 

98 Oribbon J., switchman G.T.R* 
98i Anderson J., engineer G.T.K- 

lOOi Uealy Richard, heater 

1(14) Clark Thonuis, lireman G.T.K. 

10a Patterson And., foreman blaclc- 
smith G.T.K. 

100 Lyons Thos., switchman G.T R. 

107 Layers Wm. 11., carpenter 
Lavers Geo., blacksmith G.T.R. 

108 Pring llonry, laborer 

109 Clark F. K., secretary mechan- 

ical superintendent G.T.h, 
112 Trannell M., driver 
114 Foley Mrs. E., wid M., grocery 
117 McGivern J. W ,tackmakcr 
119 fjummcrskill .Mr.-. M ng., wid R. 
SummerskillJ. IL, clerk G.T.R. 
Summerskill T A., machinist 
Summerskill E.W., clerk G.T.R. 
121 Smith Geo. G., machinist G.T.R. 
123 Sims J. IL, litter 
127 ShepstonoG. E.,liuisher G.T.R. 

Brain F., shipper G.T.K. 
161 Letters John, moulder G.T.R. 
Carrlngion Miss Rachel, teacher 
Carrington Miss Liz/.ie, teacher 
153 llayden Kichard, blacksmith 
Hay den A. W., clerk 
llayden G, A., lithographer 

Ifere Wellington st. intersects and 
City limits begin. 

BOYFR,offl29Sanguinet, above 
Dorchester, St Louis ward 

2 Labelle Louis, laborer 

Vigeunt Esdras, printer 
4 Beuuchamp Chai les, cooper 

Arpin Louis, engineer, r 
6 Robillard Allred, carter 
Forget Xuvier, printer 
I'hevalU^r Cyrille, laborer, r 
8 tiuennevlllo Pierre, laborer 
10 llusseuu Mrs . K., wid Uyaclutlie 

Matte Guillaume, laborer 
14 Cherrior I'lorru, upholsterer 
Villemalre Louis, tiusmith 
16 ijuunuevilloMup., barber 







18 Valadt! Jos., cirrk 
Thibaiilt Jos., bailiff 

20 LatiplIcMrH. Hen., widFrs. 
28 Doville Klip, tinsmith 
23iL(>dou.\ David, tbr«man 

26 Guy Mrs. Kcsc U^linia, wid Jos. 
Lyniburiier Marcol K., gold and 

silvur platpr and gro(x«r 
Horin Mrs. Mary, wid Jotiepb 

BSANT LANE, from 18 Colborne 
av,St Uaryward 

Baiint-ruian liobert, tobacco 
pipe luauuliicturer 

BBENNAN, from junotion of 
Prince and Conunun to Well- 
ington, St Anu ward 

4 Cruwe .ioiui, storemau 
11 (Customs wuTuliuuse 

Williauiauu Jaiuus, warehouse- 

Here Duke st. interaectt. 

21 Biggins Poler, saloon 
28 Coady Win., cooper 

86 Mcliitotiti Ihomas C, of John 

iMcliitosh & 6ou 
88 Mulntusii Juliit & ^on, Vulcan 

Iron wi'rks 

Here A'azareth at. intersects. 
46 White \V. C, boilcrniaker 

BRITANNIA, from the Biver 
west to 5 at, Etienne, St- Ann 

1 McVoy Thomas, carter 

2 Alien Wni,, machinist 
69 Kirwin W'ni., laborer 
8l Morion \Vm , moulder 

Uuunan Martin, storeman 
99 UolUuuck James, gunsmith 
101 Smiih K. U., laborer 
1U7 Lang liiuhurd, engineer U.T.R 
109 JSutheriand Wm., laborer 
112 Attertdu K., tackmaker 
114 WaidJ.,sen., olerk 

116 William (J. 8., mei chant 

117 Rodger Kdward, laborer 

118 Maruii U. S., litter U.l'.K. 
120 Lydon Frederick, conductor 
128 AndtTL^on Julin, Uburer 

130 Woodall \V. Thos., tackmaker 
132 Barham Walter, shipper 

BBOCK, from Water, between 
Barclay and Montcalm, north 
to 460 dt Mary, St James ward 

11 Juneau Etienne, laborer 
Uacliette I'lerre, carpenter 

12 Kiendeau Mrs. K., wid Michel 
KienUeau Alex., tailor 

13 St iieurge L(^on, seu., ogent 

Uttawu hotel 
St (ieorge L6on, Jun., express 

14 Terrill John, hatter 

16 Lartlievt'iiue Joseph, checker 
Ueuton Ciuirles 

17 Chiui'bers Tli'mias, carter 

18 Bout uduiiiure Jules 

19 Cougliiiu John, fruit dealer 

20 RiHMl John, collector 

'O Sciiult^o Adolphe, piano tuner 
22^(ireuu Mrs C.'., wid Kdward 
24 Barrv Jolin, of Karry 8c tlurt 
24iUurt Kit ward, Irult 
27 Ueed Jumes 

28 Lyons Thomas, laborer 

I'attcrson Charles, laborer, r 
Bone John, laborer, r 

28 '.Wood Arthur, laborer 

SO'Simpson Arthur, clerk 

32 Lacliapelle Joseiih, blacksmith 

33 Fitzpatrick Wilham, laborer 

34 Patrick Wm.. laborer 

87 Auger Jos. , Joiner 

BBONSDON LANE.opp 464 Dor- 
chester, near St Ur bain, St Law- 
rence ward 

12 Fitzimmons Miss Mary 
Mafigary Michael, laborer 
AnuersoD Mrs. 
Connors Jolin. laborer 
Kanllcid Patrick, laborer 

14 Murray Wni., giivdener 

16 barry John, engineer 
O'Brien John, carjienter 

18 Clark John, machinist 

20 Green Mrs. K., wid W. 
Clarke Jos., 

22 Kgan Nicholas, messenger 
I'erchard Frederick, checker 
Deroy Alphe, cierk 

21 Oliweu Mrs Jane, wid Henry 
Dooly Patrick, gardener 

26 Burns John, laborer 

28 Smith Narcisse, blacksmith 

30 Brown James, laborer 
32 Davis John, spice miller 

31 Fogarty Patrick, laborer 
36 FoU'y Patrick, laborer 

88 Welsh James, hiborer 

40 Mcintosh Alexiindi>r, laborer 
44 liavanal George, laborer 
50 Jenkins Henry, watchman 
52 habay Mrs. Bridget 
54 Feron Arthur, carpenter 
66 j.eyersMrs. 

BBUCHESI, north from 295 St 
Joseph to 86 Albeit, St An- 
toine ward 

3 Bayard Alphonse, moulder 
5 Charbonneau i. It , tinsmith 
7 Pattenaude Karcisse, carpenter 

9 Lusiguan Antoiue 
Vallieres Adolplio, butcher 

10 Lanouuctc Mrs. .Uathildc L., 

wid Jean Bte.. tailorcss 
Turcotte Abel, .'^au.^uge maker 
Lericlie Olivier, laborer 
8icurd Mrs.M., wid, cliarwoman 

11 Girou.x Kdouard, Liborer 

12 Ladurentay — . laborer 

13 Lefebvre Alfred, bartender 

14 Wood Joseph, siHiemaker 

15 Daudeliu Koui.", iiiburer 
17 U£sy Samuel, cu;iclunun 
10 B61an){er rraiiyis, l.iborer 

20 Fourmer >' rs. aurtlie, wid I. 
Kocre Jol , lurrii r 

22 Latlamme iSau , ^travel roofer 
Robert Mrs. /ue, wid Paul 

23 Pattenaude Ovide, butcher 
iielanger Mrs. <\., wni J. B. 

21 Caron Mrs /u6, vvid Calixte 
Bissouuctte Mrs. V., wid Pierre 

26 Lcmay Philipjie, carpenter 
Gagnuu Michoi, laborer 

BBUNET, flrom 236 St Elisabeth 
west to 303 German, St Louis 

7 Bacon Isldor, painter 

8 V^zina Narcisse, carpenter 

10 Uruttuu Mrs. Oseo, wid C. 

BBUNSWICK, from 17 Belmont 
north to 668 Dorchester, St An- 
toine ward 

2 Filgiitecapt. Samuel 

7 Berlhelet llenjamin, M.D. 

8 Milloy Alexandi r. trallic man- 

ager Riclieli u Navig ition Co, 
Guy M. P., notary 

10 Ma^ternlan Wm,, sen., butcher 

11 Brand KobortU. 

Murray Jas. B., of Murray & 

riieUin Frederick 
Plielon Kugene 
Bourgeon Joseph 
Marrotie Sam., of Murray & 


12 Osleli 1 homas 
Ostell tlohn 

18 Morrison David 

Mariison John, customs officer 

14 Feeley Cornelius, accountant 

15 MctUirtin John A., pump mfr 

10 Pillar L.indsay,lumber merchant 
Finiow — , clerk 

Clark A T., clerk 

17 Mu. Martin J no., steamboat agent 
Anderi-on W. S., clerk 
McAhdrew D., clerk 

18 RoberiKo.i Misses 

19 V\ ait Geo., com merchant 

20 Pug" Mrs,, wid K. D. 
Drake Robert L. 
Koaa Wm. S. 

21FdgarJolui,orGreenei& Song Co. 
23 Munio tifctor, e.stat*' agent 
25 Hayes A., of Hayes & Mudge 
27 Hill C, bookseller 

BUBOhSS. See Bourgeois. 
BUBNEI, from Colborne avenue 
west to Shaw, St Mary ward 
yot built upon. 

Union av west to 143 Stanley, 
above 3t Uacherine, St Antoine 

7 Kichardson Geo. , clothier 

9 I'ruyn John, paymaster Q.M.O. 

&().li R. 

11 BeullJ. P., commercial traveller 
lelton .Mrs. Caroline, wid T.J. 

12 Synod liall, rev. .1 Kmpson, 

.M.A., clerical secretary 
Gunnery Jos. .janitor ay nod hall 

13 Goode,/. ii.,inanuliicturers'agt 
Morse W. K., corresponding 


//i»\- Uidversitji at. interaecU, 
line I'iclona st. iiiteraecta, 
29 Wilson Win., printer 
3>i R.iacJKMias. 1., bookkeeper 
31 l.i\ neb Mrs. J . , wid Geo. James 
3i liarr .Ui'n. C, wid J., bdg hse 
liariijum Mrs S.,wldTho8. 
Baiiijiim Miss 
Boylun James, carpenter 
Gineii Win., clerk 
Gii'.un Tbos., slioeinaker 

Here M'Jti.i ullit/e av. interaecta. 
ei Murphy John B. 
//I'lc .Miiiiajivid St. interaecta. 

Hue .Milc'il/e at. intersects. 
79 Ailoway C. J., vetury surgeon 

Hire I'ei'l at. intersects. 

100 Tedlord Bernard, tbreraan 
Strong George, G.l.R. 


Is afforded, 

100 High School for 
L. Fuller, prin 

Protestant Scl 
gioners' otKce 

Boy's High scl 
wall Howe, 
LL D., piinci] 

Protestant Uoai 
treal. rev. Jolin 
LL.D., chairm 

BUSBY, f^om 785 
Latoor, between I 
and St Oeneviev 

1 ReedG. W.,slati 

4 Holland James, 
4iSheeran Patr ck 

5 Audley Thomas, 

6 Bradley Mrs. Ma 
6i Keaton James, 

7 Belisle Henry, 
O'Connor lliorni 

9 Welsli Peter, lab 

11 Fagaii IVter, car 
Kvans Mrs. Mary 
Reilly Patrick, la 

12 Voyer Simon, sit 

14 Cousigny Josepli 

15 Kane Mrs., wid i 

16 Evans Francis, la 

17 Rois Alexander, 

18 Wellock David, 

19 Nelson Robert, ct 

20 KertisM. James, 

21 Nelson Widiam, i 

22 White .lames, eo 

23 B^langer Mrs. V 

24 Kger R..bert 
Davitc John, s|iu( 

26 Casey Miss Ann, 

26 Doyle John, ^to 

27 Ashton Vuieniiiu 
Telfer Xhoinu.-, ci 

29 Morgan James .V 

33 Levasseur JusepJ 
87 Foy Mrs. .wury, w 

Gore John, labor 
39iSlieus .Mr. Julia 

CADIEUX, from 4ti 
north to the Ci 
Louis ward 

2 Dodd-. .Mrs , wid . 

8 Greig Win., boult 
14 i,ogie R'ibert, i 

Logie & Co. 
23 Moriey .Uicliael 
26 Wcise John 
20 Wilson vV in , boi 

30 Ulacklock Wiuia 

31 Carter Kuw., Ki. 

Carter, clmrcii 

32 Kapp .Mrs. l , w 

34 Gallet Alphonse, 
36 Ring N , bunk ck 
38 Brunei Kouis A.. 

40 Tlioinpson Mrs. I 
Thompsiin 11. A 

depl..Mon I'el 
Thonipsiin ilugii, 

41 Hollund Hi nry S 
a Lanii/Urd Jolin, \ 

44 Bayley <l:iines, nu 

45 Latour Andrd, L 
40 Uakes Jumus ii. 

47 Whrlaii J. P., CO 

48 Gilmour .Mrs. .M. 
40 t;ooper ('li:iries, i 
SO Joiinsloii W. I>,,i 
61 llearle Clis., man 






Is afforded, and the moat Bigid Economy Fraot'sed. HEAD OFFICE, 179 ST JAHES ST 

100 High School for Ladies, Mn. J. 
L. Kulli'r, principal 

Protestant Ucliool Coinmig- 
siuners' otHce, James Bray, 

Boy's High school, H, Aspin- 
wall Howe, TC.D., M.A., 
LL D., piincipal and rector 

Protestant Board of iichool 
Commissioners City of Mon- 
treal, rev. Julin Jenkins, U.D., 
LL.I)., chairman 

BUSBY, from 786 Craig to 39 
Latoor, between St Badegonde 
and St Genevieve, St Autoine 

1 Reed G. W., slate & metal roofer 

4 UoUund James, laborer 
4iiJheerun I'atr cit, laborer 

5 Audley Tliumas, carter 

6 Bradley Mrs. Mary, wid James 
6J Keaton James, painter 

7 Belisle Henry, blacltsmith 
O'Connor i'lionms, clerk, r 

9 VVelcli I'eter, laborer 

11 Fagan I'eter, carter, r 

Kvans Mrs, Mary, wid Edward.r 
Keilly I'utrick, laborer, r 

12 Voyer fjimon, siairbuilder 

14 Cousigny Joseph, tinsmith 

15 Kane Mrs., wid M , fruits 

16 Evans Francis, laborer 

17 Ko^s Alexander, pinniber 

18 Wellock Uavid, engineer 

19 Ntfion Kuberl, cooper 

'20 Kerna M. James, steamtitter 
'21 iiielson V\ iiliam, couper 

22 White .lame.^, com traveller 

28 B^langer Mrs. Victoria, wid H. 
24 Eger U.bert 

Daviti John, shoemaker 
26 Casey Miss Ann, liiuudress 
26 Doyle John, grocer 
'27 Ashton Valentine, enj^ineer 

Telfer X iioniii.-, i;i'.rj»nter 

29 Morgan Jaine.s M., plumber 

33 Leva.sseur Jusepli, nUoemakor 
87 EoyAlr.-<. .Muiy, wid 'f hoinaii 

Uore John, lutjurer 
39iiiiieus Mr... Juliu, laundress 

CADIGUX, from 483 Sherbrooke 
north to the City limits, St 
Louis ward 

2 Dodd. .\lr< , wid John 

8 breig \Vm., bookkeeper 

14 Logie liobert, ui AlcUougall, 
Logiti & Co. 

23 Money .Uicliael 
'25 Wcise Junn 

'29 Wilson vV m , bookkeeper 
3U illacklock Winium 

31 Carter Euw., i^.C, D.C.L., of 

Carter, t'iiurcii & Cliapleau 

32 Kapl) Mrs. I , wid Otto 

34 Uallet, customs olllcor 
36 Ring M , iJtink cierk 

38 Brunei Louis A., professor 

40 flionipson Mrs. Emily 
'rhumpsiiii 11. A., engineering 

depl.Jilon I'el.t'o. 
Tlionipson ilugii. clerk (j.T.R. 

41 liollund lliiiiy M.. bookkeeper 

42 Lumpiiril John, wutchniuker 

44 Bayley .):ime.s, inuil conductor 

45 Latonr Andrd, L M., M.D. 
4(i Oake:< Jiiiin'S il, 

47 Wlielun .). i'., uontructor 

48 Cilmour Mr.s. M., wid Juim<s 

49 t;ooper l'liiirie», cuni traveller 

50 Johnston W. l',,c.>iii nu'rchaut 

51 lluarle Clis,, munutuuturur 

62 Howden J. G., com traveller 

53 Featliorston A. M., boots & shos 

54 Flanagan Mrs. Mary, wid 

Murty, sicknurse 
66 Fraser Geo., grocer 

here Courville st. intersects, 

60 Fruser G„ grocer 
62 Nadon Pierre, carter 

Lachapelle Jean Baptisto 
64 Briggs J. F., com traveller 

iSimpsou A., olerk Outario bank 
68 G*n6reux Ondsime, arcliiiect 

70 Wiillams Joseph 

71 Eberwein U., furrier 
73 Eagan Martin, clerk 

76 A^Tiby H., of Ash by & Fegan 
78 liastie William, excise otticer 
80 iiaunders Mrs. A., wid Tliomiis 

84 KusseilEdw.,cIerk to Committee 

of Management of Montreal 
General liospital 

85 Martin Mrs. Marie R., wid L. 8. 
Martin Louis J. B. 

86 Moore Thos. 8., Canada Horse 

Nail Co. 
88 Guiibault Mrs. G., wid Pascal 

90 Courville Fis. X., laborer 

91 llart Frs. J., grocer 

92 I'rtSvost Michel, stonecutter 

93 Taylor John, brewer 

94 Wiirminton Wm., of R. & W. 

05 Hurt M., of Hart, Marion & Co. 
96 Johnson W. K., mercliant tailor 

98 Miller J. A., accountant 

99 Hamilton John 

lUD Glass Douglas, Montreal bank 

101 L'Arseneur Tlis. F., P. O. clerk 

102 Ryder William, artist 

103 Harvey Wm., bookkeeper 

108 McLea Mrs. Rebecca, wid James 

110 Falconer William 

114 Doray A. A., P. O. clerk 

116 Brazer John, inspector 

118 Guthrie David, shipping clerk 

119 Luduc Joel, merchant 

1*20 Le-lie Wm. J., marine inspector 

1'22 McEwan Rubt., freight agent 

1<!4 Uettmers Frederick 

125 Austin 11. W., advocate 

127 Cunningham W. U., of Cuu- 

ninglmm & Bro. 
r29 Weston James, artist 

130 Venno Joseph, bookkeeper 

131 llewurd Edmund, clcrK 

132 Ardiigli Thomas 

Jones W. R., draughtsman 

133 Walsli r. H. ,of Walsh & Jeusetr 

134 Jarvis Frank, bookkeeper 

136 Morrison Geo. VV., murine Insp 

138 Patterson William M. 

139 Wriglit J. 1'., accountant 

140 Muir A. B., bookkeeper 

141 Uruinmond hon. Lewis T., Judge 

142 Gilbiaith Wm., com traveller 
113 Briegel Frederick, P.O. clerk 

145 Puyue McArthur 

146 Bonacina C. 
Bonauina F., clerk 

147 Bariett Thomas J. 
160 De.sjardins J. A., M.D. 

151 Reinhardt A., provision dealer 
162 Duinesnil Aiphonse, cleric 

Uvre Hoy st. intersects. 
158 Bediird Frs. X., olerk 
160 Miell William, com traveller 
162 Murse J. T., upholsterer 
164 Hurt Alex. 8., com traveller 
11141 Hark George, com traveller 
166 Swisinger Mrs., wid John 
166i Pre/i^au Guillaume, laborer 
1U» Kittson G. R. W., notary 
liO Jordan Walter 

172 JelTrey Geo. J. 

173 Graham George C, salesman 
lio Isaac Thomas, hardware 

1(7 Fulton J. A., clerk 

179 Harvey G., sewing machines 

181 Spellasy M. J., luerbhant 

i8^j Purteous Tiioiuas, copyist 

185 Bourret Alexis, agent ' 

187 Eacroix Miss 

191 Bourret Arthur, customs officer 

193 !!:jtepliens John, bookkeeper 

197 I'hilbiu Michael, broker 

198 Poppleweil Miss M., dressmaker 

199 Scoil Mrs , wid John 

2U0 Thorniou Jo.seph A., painter 
'201 Robertson Robert M., traveller 
20'^ Diun Louis, baggageman G.X.B. 
203 i<auteux C. A. G., ins agent 
2 1 I'endletiin W. J., clerk 
205 Ruby Alpiionse, painter 
'206 Brunet Alfred, secretary Metro- 
politan building suciety 
'207 Jones > . G., real estate agent 
210 Provost lierre, joiner 

Maguire Hugli, policeman, r 

Bourgeois Aiiiable,stouecutter,r 
212 Gillard James, jun., c.rpeuter Robert, bookbinder 

Uulelette Maurice 
214 Cox James, shirt manufacturer 
218 Rochon Alfred, tinsmith 

Here Na^ioUon si. intersects, 

220 Fiigon I'ierre, grocer 
'iZi Fuvieau ti-iix, shoemitker 
2'23 LuruseF6lix, clerk 
i'^ Lecunipti' J6r0iiie, grocer 
"226 Beirut Mrs,, wid Victor 
,227 Jobin Joseph, shoemaker 
228 Dunuurana Aluise, baililf 
jiiu Parent Joseph, cooper 
'Mi Larone Adulfihe, siioemaker 
235 Gujer Elie, 

Cnuiboiineau Joseph, r 
2b6 Ueoroclie aeraphiii,8hoemsker,r 
'238 Girurd CharKs, poiiuemau, r 
Zw Gu.daru Frs,, laborer, r 
'i.ii i^uchapeiie Antoiue, laborer, r 

L ourwl Daviu, laborer, r 
'244 Eniou Jean, farmer, r 

here (Jity limits end. 

UALLIEBES, from 4 Common 
uortu to '4, Foundling, West 

2 McKiernan Charles, proprietor 

Joe IJeel's canteen 

3 Cu-tuins hiXuinliiing warehouse 
8 Conway Mrs. M., wid Richard, 

Clyde house 

10 Burns Mrs. E., saloon 

CAMFEAU, from 585 St Hary 
north to 243 Dorchester, St 
James ward 

1 Dumaine& llalpin, undertakers 
lliJigniiis I'atrick, laborer 

2 Uonald.soii Geor(<e, guslittcr 

3 Viiliiere Antuine, sliuemuker 
l.arouche Josepli, carter 

4 Ma»>6 TliOophile, storeman 

5 I'vii'dJohn, tailor 

6 Cliuiotaiii Mis. I'aullne, wid U. 

7 Uobertson Joseph 
Biiiaahurst Joseph, laborer 

8 Plaiiiuiidoii Joseph, plasterer 

9 MainieuMi's Eleo., wid Joseph 

1 1 Cody D., nightwatchinan 

11 Dei riiii' Tliomas, ibrenian 

12 id uiieiielle Uuberl, liiborur 

13 Kelly Mrs. Alice, wid I'atrick 







Here Housseau gt begins 
14 D6^!aut«lll Mr:!. Julie, grocery 
IV Furtiii U , bluckiimitli 
21 l'*yelte I'lene, cartur 

here Perthiua at. begins. 
27 Gaguuii J'>tie|>li, laborer 
2TiArcliaiubauli Luuis, laborer 
2t) Jklau^suau Josi-pli, luboier 
29 (iruvel Mis. Mariu, wid Arthur 
81 JSuriuaudlu A., bruelimaker 
'6i B^laiiger tleiiri, turner 

Kousfeau Julieu, carter 
85 X)elble Joseph, carter 
87 Moquiu Maurice, carter 
8U Kaccttt) Joseph, butcher 

Cadieux Loui.>, laborer 
41 I'ayettti A.l>.,l'roviuuial hotel 

Here Craig at. intersects. 
43 Trudi-1 Mrs. K. i>., wid U., cigar 

45 Brul6 Henri, tailor 
47 St Amour 1^ ranyois, laborer 
49 isaiidersou 'i'tiouias, cunvr 
61 McUregor Aie^,, tobacconist 

68 i arrell Mrs. M., wid 1'. 

66 BoutlulUer Joseph, carter 
57 I'rouix t'elestiu, carter 

69 Fluettu Joseph, bhoeuiaker 
61 Ufirubi! L., brewer 

t)3 Heuerl .uauricu, horse dealer 
tio Jatgcr K., sec.-lieas. Moutroal 
Card and Taper tJo. 
Kacine Alphouse, cloik 

Here Uuburd st. begins. 

66 Brouuer Auguste, bidcksmitb 
Kenaud Edinond, of Uesiuarais 

& ituuaud 

67 Deohuuu Antoine, shueiuaker 
Charbouneau Kd., boxnniker, r 

67i Marcolle I'rospere, carpemcr 
Ihibodeau i^douara, shoemaker 

68 Etiiiei Jofeph, clerk 

69 JJescUOnes Alexandre, joiner 
72 I'rCvost i,eaudre 

78 Uobert d ulien, grocer 
74 Xrenuor Tairick, painter 
76 Uroaseau J acijues, joiner 

76 Lussiur Josupu, tiusmuU 

77 Mohan Alex., hiboix-r 

79 iiyncu James A. , carter 

HU (jalarneau Mrs. lionise, wid J. 

81 I'eilerin Krs., laborer 

82 Kenaud Josepli, cleik 
Uaricpy t>nO=iuie, barber, r 

84 Uauthier Joseph, tinsmith 
llrien Anibioise, laborer 
Mauseau Joseph, sciiool teacher 

Ihre Contant at. begins. 

85 Marcil Kaicisso, laborer 
87 Herst Airs. A., wid .lohn 

90 jiUgiandLliaiies, liremau 
iiobert Mi»» Valerie 

91 l«coinptu Tierie, laborer 
Lamarche Mrs. Marie, wid A. 

Here Litgauchetiirc st. intersects. 

96 Mercier Ed. 11., customs oflicer 

97 I'iusonneaull Jaci|ues, tinsmith 
99 I'leau Joseph, caner 

Cai'on Napuleoii, carter 
101 Moriii Clianes, caner 
1U8 lieaudoiu J. E , soda water 

111 Sjhaver William, bank note 

113 Uf^etlsaVo, of Kivet & St Jean 
117 I'rozou Win., 1'. U. clerk 

6t Amour A. (J., 1* O. clerk 
119 Chiistin Mrs. E , wid Ciuorgu 
121 Mirou Deuis, livery stable 

CANAL, from the Canal, south 
side, west from Wellington, St 
Ann ward 

Johnston Fluid Beef factory 
J. L. Johnston, proprietor 

Here St. Etienne st. enils. 

Walter Peter, ship builder 
Hart Thomas, laborer 

Here Montmorency st. endt. 

Canada Sugar Kcfiuing Co., 

Ostcll John, doors, cashes, &c. 

Here Seigneurs st. intersects. 

Montreal axe work?, T. J. 

Mocock, proprietor 
Montreal saw works 

CANNING, from 582 WilUam 
north to 338 St Antoine, St An- 
toine ward 

10 Valande Louis, watchman 
12 Oalipeau Mrs., w.d Alexandre 

Here Hunter st. ends . 

21 Bennett John, foreman 
Bennett Kobert, storeman 

23 Lawson Wni., cooper 

^6 Ki.:ol William, riveter 
Elliot Uobert, finisher 

27 Kobertson James, engineer 

Here St. Joseph st. intersects. 

41 Koss I'hilip, pensioner 
48 McMillan iMrs, Catherine, wid D. 
46 I'aquet Mrs. <iosephine, wid J. 
4r Weightman Martin, laborer 

48 Clegiiorn William, sen., butcher 
(Jleghoru i^ lexander, butcher 

49 Itoger Henry, carpenter 

5U Atkwith WiUiam, machinist 
6i oparkes Mrs. Mary, wid George 

iSpurkes (ieorge, b^iokbinder 
62 Gamble Edward, painter 

68 Urolet iSimeou, plasterer 
66 biilis William, carter 

56 rhillips John, grocer 

Here IVorkman st. begins. 

69 Daudclin Alfred, laborer 
Sicard Joseph, tiuisher 

71 McarU J. Bie., millwright 
Aicard Napol6on, laborer 
73 I'olico station >io. ^, ;:j6raphin 

Aiijuet, sergeant 
76 >'i<iuut 6., police sergeant 
79 Burns Michael, policeman 
88 Beuhara S. b . , school teacher 

90 Church of the ciaviour, I'resby- 

teriau, rev. A. B. Cruchet, 
minister ; L. F. Kichard, sex- 

91 Leiuitiux Didier, carpenter 
McLuod George, watchman 
Spellesi'v I'atrick, carter 

93 Burke i'atrick, laborer 
96 Chipchase William, joiner 

Here JJelisle at. ends. 

98 Hoy J. Bte., of J. B. Uoy & Co. 
lUO Goosens J. Baptiste, butcher 
lu8 llanipton John, cutter 
106 Luttiell Mrs. Ann, wid Alex. 
Iu8 Corbell Joseph, engineer 
110 Buruham Uichard, bookkeeper 
HI Laloudo Utiury, barber 

113 Charret Louis, laborer 
Ch.irret Alexandre, laborer 

114 Lamb George, butcher 

116 Jpffrey Alex., millwright 

117 Marion Charles, laborer 

Here Albert st. begins, 

119 Nish William, machinist 

121 l.uttrell J., biscuit manufacturer 

12i Nite Joseph, laborer 

Fortier Charles, painter 
123 (iarrigan Mrs., ladies doctress 
125 Darling Thomas, cutter 

Here Albert av. ends. 

128 Smith George, m'.ichinist 
181) Denny Louis, bartender 
McQuaid John clerk 
i^imoges Joseph, laborer 
132 Tettigrew James, carpenter 
184 Lennan Francis Jas.,1bricklayer 

Gilmoiir John, miller 
137 Casey I'eter J. 

139 Ivibbee Mr^., wid George 
Kilibee Walter, jirinter 
Gnrnisson Charles, printer 

140 Goshof Williuin, grocer 

141 McBride William, coachman 

148 Barret Julian, butclier 
145 Lee Samuel, stumper 

Here Grand Trunk II. Jl. intersects- 

149 Lamoureux G6ddon, grocer 

Here St. Bonaeenture st. Intersects. 

153 Howley Bartholomew, brick- 
157 Ainslie Walter, packer 
lo9 Elliott Hugh, clerk 
101 McNulty Dominick, machinist 
162 McCarthy John, clerk G.T.B. 
102^Marsliall Edward, trader 
168 l^anglois Alexandre, machinist 
164iMcAfee Charles, painter 
166 Leders T. G., biokkeejior 
166 L,ong John, carter 

107 Stevens John, laborer 

108 Bisset Francis, butcher 
17U Koberts John W., cutler 
172 Galian ^Matthew, plumber 
172iSilverson Xhoinas, laborer 

Voung M., laborer 
174 Uogg Mrs., wiu James, dress- 
176 Enright I'atrick, coachman 

178 L'ougulln William, carter 

179 Limoges Jacob, painter 

150 Fitzxibbons James, carter 
181 Duuberry James, carter 
1S2 May bury George, carter 
188 Coiiglillii I'airick, laborer 

184 Buwan John, laburer 

185 Lane Maurice, cart*>r 

187 O'Brien Jas., machiuist G.T.K, 

188 JMeil Mrs. Sarah, wid John 

189 llearl James, carter 
191 llayvieu I'eter, carter 

193 Wood Charles, milkman 

194 Borcholt I'hoodore, bookkeeper 

195 Mack John, laborer 

196 Andrews ii.C, insurance agent 

198 Eraser William, contractor 

199 Tbibodeau Miss, academy 

Here Voursol st. begins. 

203 Mudge K. VV.,ol Hayes & Mudge 
213 Bourlieau Louis, urakemaii 
Amiotte Denis, carpenter 
Groulx Tons., carter, r 
216 I'ettigrew Kobv.rt, clerk 
221 Cooke ueorge S-, cartur 



CAPITAL, from 2 St { 
to 7 St Francois Xa 

3 Canada Paper Co., i 

5 Lyman, Sons k Co 

16 McEnroe Pat., rasta 
19 Benny, Macphcrao 

Here Custom House tq. 

37 Farrell Wm., wine i 

Here Ctia^ouamigon st. 

30 Hiirm burger L.. & ( 

42 O'Draiin Mr.s. M., wi 
Mcyue William, lab 

43 BriKsecte M. il., m 

cine- and liirs 

44 Riiminfrlinni John, s 
46 Leahy .Uiohael,.k Co. 

west to 103 Mansfie 
toine ward 

2 Ciaik IJ.ibert, M.D 

4 Hmey Ji>hii s., pri 

lloiiey .lohn W., a«st 

.Merchants Hank of 

Hon.-y llaycruft, age 

llDney ClH. a S, .-.ti 

^ Joyce Allied, coiif cr 

Bead A. ,>., jirlvafc 

era! Manager U.l'.li 

Here Union etc. iiUei 
U Miicko!'/,i(. Jiiss Jane 

17 Dver Wm. A., chemi 

18 Woolev .A!r>. J I!. 
Bii^hop" llcber. M A. 
Ai'instidiig Arthur, ; 


20 Thomson Wm., asst 

Citv hall 
Starko K. A. 
22 Itoss Mr<>. Kliza, wid., 
Nicol J. T., clerk G.r. 
(>;rg Walter, bookker 

21 Tomliiii- Mis. M. M., ■ 
2ti I'ortcr H'i.ffli. grneiiil 

If vvin Jaiiifs 
27 I'eiry Albert, grocer 

Here {' st. inli 

Natural History Soc!( 
3!) KinirT. D.,di>alcrinwc 
3S lirulguMi.-vS.M.iry 
40 IJoiid John It., inerchr 
42 llolcoinb Sam. F., |\)i- 
« I'ooke K. J., of Tooke 
4'i Uoss U. Ali'X , P. O. d( 
K')-s l.ouis I)., medical 
h Hoe Thos P., meicliai 
50 lliilmiTl|.,jiiM., lutnb.i 
32 Slieppard Chs., of Bi 

56 Koa I). 

J;ea James McK.. cloik 
Mills Itobert K., clerk 
M\y;iiinini n.'\I.s.J.,ivid 
Shaw Henry, com iigeii 
A'latnsC. K.,mauufactu 

Here St. Monique st. < 

62 IfciOrory Joseph 

wdiniihwham Mrs. E, w 

« Ouoii J.ihn K. T., colli 

Uegg U. U„ manager 






1 & Muiige 



iJAFITAL, firom 2 StSalpicewest 
to 7 St Francois Xavier, Centre 

3 Canada Paper Co., Wm. Angus', 


5 Lymaii, Sons & Co., wholesale 


16 McEnroe Pat., restaurant 

1\) Benny, Macpherson & Co., 

Here Ctinlom House tq, intericcts. 

37 FarruU Wm., wine merchant 

Mere Cha^oiiamigon St. intersects, 

39 Hiirnibiirgpr I,., & Co., merchts 

42 O'Oratie M.rf. M.. wld II.. Iruits 
McQue William, laborer 

43 liriKsectc .M. II., patent medi- 

cine- and I'urs 

44 Hiiminsliani .Jdhn, saloon 

4G Lealiy .Uicliael,Jc Co., grain bags 

CATHCART, from Phillips sq 
west to 103 Mansfield, St An- 
toine ward 

2 Ciaik Itobcrt, M.D. . 

4 lloiipy .lohii S., protlinnotary 
UoiR'y .John W., asst aocouutaut 

Morclianla Hank of Canada 
Honey llaycruft, agent 
Honey (Ih. A S., student 

6 Jiiyct^ Alfred, conf ctioiier 
Kead A. ■)., ))rivate .^oe'y Gen- 
eral Mauaj{er (J.I'.It. 

Here Union ao. 

14 Mackei zii" Miss tliine 

17 Over Win. A., chemist 
13 Wooli^v .Mr>. J IS. 

Hi.'^hop" lleber. M A. 
Aniistidn'; Arthur, mail clerk 

20 Thoju.son Wm., asst engineer 

Citv hall 
Stark".' K. A. 
22 Uo.sK Mr?. Kliza. wid., hd^ hso 
ISicolJ. '£., olerkU.I'.U. 
Cra'g WaUer, bnokkeeii'^r 

21 ToinUiu- Mis. M. M.. wiJ .lolui 

26 Porter Unjrh.tji'neiii! trader 
Irwin James 

27 IV'iry Albert, grocer 

Here Viiheraity si. inlersccfs. 

Natural History Society's mu- 
3'j KiiieT. D.,dealerin worksof art 
i^ Riul'M ili..vsM.iry 
40 ISoiid.IoIni II., morchant 
42 llolconib 8ani. K., torwarJor 

44 Tuoko K. J., of Tooko Bros. 
4i Uoas U. Alex , P. O. dept. 

H'i'f lionis I)., medical student 

45 lioe I'lios P., mei chant 

1 50 Ihilin 'r ll.,jiin., lutnb.'rmercht 
I it Sheppard t'hs., of Uulmer & 

I 56 Koa U. 

l.'eii James McK.. clork 

Mills Itobert K,, clerk 
I Si) V/armiiil n.M'S.J.,wid U.,bdgh 

8lmw Henry, com agent 

A'iurnsC. K., manul'auturs'aguut 

Here St. Monique $t. ends, 

1 62 MoOrory Joseph 
«iwn>iami Mrs. Julia, wtd R. 

163 Ciinnhmhain Mrs. K, wid J. 
1 4ij Dixon John K. T., collector 

Uogg D. U,, manager 

68 McDermond K., G T.R. 
Vi Archer David silverplater 

74 Oarmicliael Mrs. M., wid John 

75 Kicliardsou James, Geological 


76 Irvine John, accountant 

77 Johnston Sanmel, P. O. clerk 

78 McKeiizle J. S., tel operator 

79 Christie John, inspcc'.or Mont- 

real Telegraph Co 

80 Fcatherstone John W., sen , 

Fearlierstone John W , jun., 

81 McLanghllnMrs.Ann, widW. 

82 Howies Thos. J. 

Uremner James, of Miller & 

84 McCalium Duncan, M.D. 

85 Uoadley Joseph, steward 
Koadley W. f , clork G.T.R. 

80 Vincent M^idame, teacher of 

siiiiiing and voice culture 
88 WalktrW.S. » C.i- .advocate 
9) Fuller Wm, M., of Fuller & 

CATHEDBAL (formerly Ceme- 
tery , from 55 Chaboillez sq 
north to Dorchester, St An- 
toine ward 

1 Liijeuncsse Joseph, porter 

2 Lalondu Aug., Kail way hotel 

3 Legault Stiiuislas, clerk 
lioch Oi 6.iine tinsmith 

4 Viilade .Mui'^e, Londun hotel 

5 Creiimei- William, com traveller 

6 JIcGoyan John, laborer 

7 Manhiie John, gardener 

9 McCann James, bricklayer 
Itrijht llei.rv, engineer 
Oiirceau A. ■>., storernan 
DpiuKiowii Pat., tailor 
iMeKeown .loliu, cl"rk 
McKeown Pat., clerk 

10 Cinqmars .I'lii'n. carpenter 
lle.lsey dis. i. , wid Walter, r 
Hrnwn Arthur, carter, r 
K.rii J>>hn, cai'piiiter, r 

U IV'langer Mrs. Kiilalie. wid F. 
Holanger .losepli, bookkeeper 
Kivet ("Charles, 

VI Kgan Mrs C.atli., wid Ed., fruits 

13 Foster William, laborer 
McCarthy James, carter, r 
Ciiinlierliind .John, carpenter, r 
McCarthy Andrew, laborer, r 

It llennc'sy Mrs. H., wid ,)., fruits 

16 llouet Sylvaio, bulclier 
M Paiiz6 Joseph, baiber 

17 Mornard Aug., trader 

18 D.'l rmc .Vinuble, carter 
Co llu James, laborer, r 
Kelly Thomas, lamp ligttter, r 

19 .lohnston J. F., grocer 
I,;trivi6re .Mrs. C6liiia. wid F , r 
Gosselln Jean, laborer, r 
Pagi} E., laborer, r 

Itennett John, ciirpenter, r 

Uisaute's l.uc. la'iorer 

Provost Mrs. Eulalie, wid Henri 
2J HoiithlUier Michel, engineer 

CoiinolU Mrs. E , wid John, r 
22 Collin VV., laborer 
24 Mulligan .lohn. laborer, r 

Duroch.'r Toussaint, curter 

29 liflonard Stan., Franklin house 

30 Summers Frainfuls laborer 
Donnelly Mrs, iMury, wid John 

33 Salvas Olivier, fc trere, .Spring- 
Held house 
Sprliiglleld house, O. ■Salvas & 
FrOro, proprietors 


Here St. Bonaventure at. interiectt 

61 Fox James, laborer 
Fi>x Patrick, trader 

63 Vasseur Mrs. Monique«wid J. B. 
Koussp MI-8 Hermine, tailorese 

67 Hurtubise Miss U., dressmaker 
Milotto Andr^, shoemaker, r 
Hargden Patrick, etoremau, r 
Millotte Jo.'ieph, painter, r 
Millotte Alphobse, clerk, r 
Ki'bert Mrs. C, wid Antoine, r 
Robert Joseph, laborer, r 

58 Hospice St. loseph, sister Brault, 

69 Lacroix Hormisdas, printer 
Leroux I..<!on, roofer 

60 Dispc: sairo St Josej h, sister 

llrault, superioress; revs. Alex 
Deschamps& Godin, rhaplains 

61 liaynes Miss M. A., dressmaker 
ISertraiid F. X., machinist 

62 Church of Hospice St Joseph 

revs. Alex. De«champs and 
— Godai, chajlaiiis 

63 Laraiit6 Jean Hte., repairer 

Montreal Telegra^ih Co. 
McQuay Mrs. (;., wid John 
6.5 I'icht', baker 

Morin Calixa, charwoman 

Ifere St. Antoim st. intersects, 

77 Millette.Toseih, grocer 

81 Craig lingli, clerk 

Craig J. II., truii>fer clerk 
Craig Geo. W., sec -treas. Mont- 
real Loan and MdMgiigo (;o. 

83 MacDonald Dunuld,' i'udman 
c.\r coi duct.)r 

85 McNamee F. H , of F. U. Mc- 
N'amee & < . 
McNamee J. T., draughtsman 

80 Stevenson S. C, secretary Coun- 
cil ol Arts and Maijuf;ic>iires 

88 Hamilton Henry H., of higgetifc 

90 I,alan<le Ambroise, clerk 

91 Rose F., Pullman car conductor 
True C. L.. Pullman c:ir condotr 
Clark T., Ptillmaii car conductor 
Maclaclinton L. IV, Pullman car 

9J Farwell Alfred, com traveller 

93 Latlamine John, merchant 

94 Acton Mrs .Margaret, wid Wm. 

95 Stall'ord Gernui.i 

90 Mcnougnll l>. L., bookkeeper 

97 Tlierien Charles, laborer 

98 McCrj'y Pat''!i.'!:,e.)"l monbant 
liavaiiagh Michael 

100 Uoss Win ,of Ros Bros. & Co. 
lUl St O.ige Olivier, laborer 
Oliver Henry, jeweler 

102 Symons Samuel, general bag- 

gage agent O T li. 

103 Sauriol J. B., laborer 
Ificher Ale.v,. laboier 

104 Hurtubise Ed., insurance agent 
Riuult J li., maiuij^cr Fiench 

dept. Koyal Ins. Co. 

105 Paradls Jgiiuoe A., carpenter 
(iariiean Clis.. saddler 
Doslauriers Uonnse, carpenter 

Here Lagauchetiire st. ends. 

Ciithedral church, U.C, rev. Ca. 
n(m hehlanc 
110 StOnge S(?rapliin,of Lafrenidre 

& St Onge 
112 Labeic Hospice, of U. Labelle 

& Co. 
114 Perrault David, contractor 
Keiioit Charles, clerk 









116 Laplerre Andrti 

I.npirrri' Clmrlea O., merchant 

Lapierre Hj-ctor, clerk 

Lapiorrp Artlmr Avila 
118 MacUonplI Angux C, M.D. 

Here Onborae st. begins. 


CENTRE, from 459 Wellington, 
south of Canal, west to City 
boundary, St Ann ward 

7 Uoyiie Mrs. Alice, wid I'etPr 
ISoyiiP Kdwai-d, lilacksiiiitli 

9 HarriKoii .lanii's, machiiiii't 
Oiicll Win., liroinan O.T.U. 
13 Jf o!an J.anios, procor 

3Iillf r I'lionias, coopor 
15 Cliri.-itluu ,liiiii('s, liiboror 

Lidtey Alfred, pallor, r 
17 I-owe (jeorgc, carpenter 
19 Uuncan David, titter 
21 Macl'hi'rson An;,'us. brakoman 
23 Kraser Wm., blacksmith 
25 Murphy John, grocer 

Here Cond' st. intersects. 

31 AVisp .Tnines, printer, r 
33 Uuggan John, carter, r 

42 Corner llujrli, blacksmith 

43 Courville Abraham, carter 
l>or<- Nap., tbreman 
Cousineau C, toreman 

44 Wildgoose F. H., bookkeeper 
4') Tapscott Wm., carpenter 

47 llrmiol Louis, laborer 
Brunei Miss L., dressmaker 
Funiette Wm., laborer 

49 Gagnon Mrs. K. 

O'Brien Michael, carpenter, r 

53 I'atenaude I.udger, barber 

54 Tansey Tatrick 

56 Foley James, tbreman, r 

59 Gareau Kdouard, Hull's Head 

Dominion Telepvapli (Klice 

branch, John T. Knox, oi)er- 


62 Killalyrafrlck, carpenter 

Here Montmnrenci st. intersects. 

61 St Gabriel market, Mi.wvellM. 
V'aughan, clerk 
Kire station No. 9, John Heck- 
iiiu'Iiani, giKirdian ; Johnson 
McUride, \Vm. Shawand Geo. 
Wood, tireraun; Wm. I'utton, 

63 St Patrick's acad >my, K.C., II. 

C. O'Uonohue, principal 

Here Richmond st. intersects. 

96 Ilipgs .Tames, laborer 

I'livost Louis, laborer, r 
98 McLaughlin Kd., packer 

I'ettigrew Tlios., printer, r 
100 Kobertson Jas., plumber, r 

104 I'aul Engtiiie, tlnisher, r 

105 Tansey Dennia 

106 Mack Uobert, machinist 
106iWood (ieorge, tirunmn 
108 Kei'ves l.,oui.s, laboi ;r 
lOSJToonipy Jeremiah, laborer 
lOy Couturier, sarpeuter 

Sylvpstro Frs. X , joiner 

110 Taylor Andrew, moulder, r 
Uowick .lohn, plumber, r 
Shaw Wm,, ax^istant guarJian 

No. 9 tire Ktation 

111 LOvesque C(?9aire, watchmar 

112 Cahill Mrs, K., wid J. K.,fruitti 

112 DoyloWm.,brakemariG.T.R.. r 

113 Miller John. Hreman 

114 Itisaillon Adilaa, laborer 
Toole ', blacksmith, r 

115 Clcvely John, Htoreman 

116 Harwood (ieorjfc, beilermaker 

117 I'atton Wm., engineer tire 

station No. 9 

118 Moore Stuart, laborer 

119 Uell David, ston man 

120 lee George, c.irpentcr 

121 Daoust .Sara., brakenian G.T.It. 
l'J2 Arnold Jlrs. Kate, wid (;eorge 
1'23 Dixon Sam., machinist 

124 Dawson Michael, laborer 
Jtiloy Robert, laborer, r 
O ikes John, porter, r 

125 Itrown George, mouMer 

126 Duggan Ths., carpenter 
Cave John, l.iborer, r 

127 McNab Wm., machiuist 

128 Sutclifle Mrs. Jane, wid Ed., 

fancy store 
128JIIowarth James, laborer 

Cave George, jun., painter 
130 llrlen Miss Adele, dressmaker 
130i Marengo Klz6ar, painter 

Masse Henri, cigarmaker 

Marengo Jos., painter 

1.31 LeblanuK. H., M.D., druggist 

1.32 Julion J. Bte., dry goods 
132iI'oitras Louis, brakemau 

134 L^pineGetrge. grocer 

135 Kouidoux Frs. X., switchman 
I'oiror Md'iso. brakenian G.T.R. 

137 Meloche J. B., carpenter 
13S KobillartI Jos., laborer 
139 Gravel I'hileas, grocer 
140]Asselin Klie. in-pector G.T.R. 
142 McKvilla \V. K., grocer 

Jhre .Seii/murssl. intersects. 

144 Corbed &. Co., hardware 
14J Glceson I'atrick, foreman 

147 Latontaine Joseijh, barb, r 
Reeves Adoljilie, laborer, r 
Reeves Dxibie, bnleher, r 

148 MaronMrs. S., wid Alex. 
14HJMcllwiiint' James, tobacconist 
1,50 lirown Miss C. D.. millinorv 
1502RobillHrd() , carpenter ti T.K. 

151 iJurand I*., brakenian (i.T.R. 
McCormack Thos., laborer 

152 Leblanc J. Ute., carpenter 
Boisvert Fraii9ois, laborer 

1.53 Dion Saiil, conductor G.T.R. 
Hourdeau Andre, laborer, r 

154 Beaulicu.Jos., brakeman G. I'.R. 
Hunter •)., switchman (i.T H. 
Jonps A., brakeman G T.R. 

155 Cardwell Mrs. ALiry, wid U. 

156 Desniarais Alphonse, laborer 

157 Sawyer .fohn, carpenter 
168 Lepine C, conductor G.T.R. 

I Riendeau, painter 
l.j8jDesjardins Octave, tobacconist 
i 160 Armstrong Jolin D.. machinist 
; 162 Curran .James, laborer 
] Robin.son .1. II , engine titter 
Leavy James, laborer 
163 McNeil John, grocer 

Favreau I'ierre, laborer, r 
I I.ussierM , brakeman (i.T.R. r 
I 165 Deniers J. A., condnctorG.J .R. 
166 Jardin I'ierre, grocer 

I Here .St. Francis st. ends. 

I 167 Lantier Louis, laborer 

I 168 Dubuc I'ierrp, grocer 

I Dumouchel J. Bte., joiner, r 

■ 169 I'leau Mrs. Marcel ine, wid D. 

Leriche Jos,, laborer, r 
I Dorais Maurice, plumber, r 
I Larin J, laborer, r 

172 Lacroix S., shoemaker 

173 Lavoie Mol'se, joiner 

174 Dubuc I'ierre, butcher 

175 Dumouchel rjerre, policeisac 

176 Gatien J. B., mason 
176iF,thier J. Bte., storeman 

177 Lacloche Isidore, carpenter 

178 Riendeau Benjamin, laborer 
Gadbois Laurent, saddler 
Gagnon Hilaire, laborer, r 

179 Girard .1. Bte., painter 
ISl Meicier Francois X., laborer 
182 Boisvert Ambroise, groter 

Here St. Henry st. ends, 

GHABOILLEZ, from 220 College I 
north to 168 St Bonaventure, St | 
Antoine ward 

1 Beauvais Louis, hatter 

5 Benard Alphonse, moulder 
Boutin Louis, raucliinist, r 
Holland John, machiuist, r 

6 Garceau S(>vere, clerk 

7 Cooney James, driver 
7iHoolan»u Wm., brasstinisher 

Martin Herbert, b('okkeei:pr 

8 Ramsay Albert, moulder 

9 Lalonde Joseph, blacksmith 
11 Wasbrcok Louis, grocer 

14 I.ymin T., commercial traveller I 
l.ebla ic Louis, laborer, r 
Durochers Joseph, trunkmakei| 

16 Monahan Thomas, carter 

15 LacombeMrs. A., wid I'ierre 

Here ClmboUlez sq. intersects. 

19 Carrignan J., jun., wood dealcrj 

H) Gold (icorge, baker 

'21 Hurtubise Oiivier, joiner 

25 Chasse Frs., shoemaker 
Richer Ale.x., butcher, r 

26 F.isy George, hatter 
Durochers Mrs. A., wid P. 
Vaillancourt Jos., laborer 

27 liatelle William, laborer, r 
Nelligan David, masun, r 
McLaughlin Thomas, laborer i 
Nelligan Mrs. J., wid C, r 

29 Bourgeois L(m\A>P f.ireman 

30 Finn Wm., broommaker 

31 Alullin Tlujmas, agent 

32 Welsh Mrs., wid .lames 

33 Mc(.'rea(ly Alex., foreman 

34 Brister ■lohn, laborer 

35 JIunro Mrs. K., wid ,L, IdghiJ 
llidfr William, barber 
Coehraue Georges machinist 

37 Thibert I'ierre, saddler 
Cautiu Desire blacksmith, r 

38 Dubois Clcophas, tireman 
St GugeMiss I». 
McCabe Pat., carter, r 

39 Smith iMrs. JIary, wid V. 

41 Hisson Sim(5on, foreman 

42 Morin Josej)h, grocer 
Durocher Sirs. M., wid A. 
ifivet .Mrs. Itosulie, wid N. 
Jalbert Pierre, carpenter, r 
Baillargeon G<>oirroy, carier,i| 
Labelle Ck'ophas, slioeiHukM,r 
Gautliier Kd.. caulker, r 
Carrier Mrs. Mary, wid Jaraei.l 

43 Larochc David, joiner I 

44 Laurin Miss Virginie, millineil 
46 Turcot Miss L^o., dressniakcr| 
46 McNamara Mrs. J., wid.' 


48 llainmell .Mrs. Mary, wid II. 

49 Saddler John Win., grocer 
Plairondon A., shoemaker, r I 
Madigan Mrs. M., wid I'at.,t| 
O' Riley Richard, laborer, r 


4ft Rastien Joseph, 
Kthier Pierre, la 

50 (iallagher Mrs. .1 

51 McCle-iaghan Bi 

52 .Monahan Patric 
52iBre8lln John, ca 

53 Storey Mrs. M , \ 
64j()'DonnelI Mrs. I 

55 lIusereiiuB., furi 

56 Crow Thomas, la 
bi Clement fJhailes 
5S Hough H'-nrv. ir 
!>'•> DechAtelet JCrdni 
61 McIntyreMiss Rr 

Gallagher .Micha. 

Lodger J., laborei 

'■S tealherston Mrs. 

LariviO're I'Ipppp 

Ifiolly H. John, la 

Robertson N., mo 

Rilev Pat., trader 

Ouelch — , moulde 

Larivi^o _, chairir 

to Lands Patrick, roi 

66 Connolly J'at., lal 

08 F'eoney .James, lab 

junction of St Jos 
Maurice, St Anto: 
Ann wards 

1 Jlassoy & Steere, 
t'oliimbia house 
Columbia house, 
Stetre, propriefer 
Ma^'sey Augustin, ( 

Sfe.wi.;spv,of jra.s: 
2 MatthPW) Rich., cab 
-- {{"ran A Co., under 
I' irnn P., of Doraii 
Plunkett James, of] 
4 IltWieit ,1.. hnrher 
4.Unil)ois Hector, saloi 
6 Dull .is .lean BIp., I 
!i Brown Peter K.. cl. 
V> I;.(Iiiio)mI John F 
lolLalonde K ,M D. " 

11 ( arri( re Pliiliias M 
Dagenais Mrs., Mart 

Desmnrais L. K., pin 

12 (iauthier Thos., irro 
1.3 .n.Hayer J. A., tobac 

-Metayer Nicolas 
14 Dromley .I,)lni, book 
lu J- ire Station No. 4, ^ 
guardian ^ 

Bcaulieu Jos., gua 

station No. 4 

Dubois ClOophus, lire 

I.'enaud .Jos., fireman 

Jiourgeois Churlos, ti 

K tiautliier Thomas, gr 

Racine Alp., of A. Ri 

li Maher Anthony, sti 


Police station No 

.Maher, sub-chief 

n ;,"'"'" ^- Pt-neral sto 

i'J t "Uignan.los. A., wo« 

<;arignan Adolpbe, „ 

^niiynnj. B. I.,'sai,',or 

2 tohen .Jacob, clothi 

ii larkp A- -Moonoy, dr 

t, V';"'"' ^"el'ai'I, laho 
a ]>alrymi)Ie .lames, 

(li'ur depot 
,2ilStewarf U iliia,„, bro 
-u i idler N., boots nnd 
i^ Cowie .^Irs, Anne, w 





Mere C/itilioi/lex st. inl 






"Hallway AccidenUCompen.ated. WEEKLY BELIEF AFFORDED. Head Office, 179 8tJame.8t 






120 College I 
ventvure, St 


iuisl, r 
liiuist, r 






grocer , 


borer, r I 

1, truiikniakei| 

, carter 

, wid I'ierre 

. inftrsecls. 

., wood dealer] 


r, joiner 


her, r 

. wid r. 
., laborer 
laborer, r 
urns, laborer, I 
wide, r 


il allies 







, tiromnn 

rter, r 
, wid V. 
. wid A. 

Ilie, wid N. 
^nrpeuter, r 
Li>, slioeniiikiT,| 
Tiiilker, r 
|ry, widJaiue!. 
laiiiie, millinei 
1. J., will" 

klary, wid H. 
Vm., grocer 
J Blioemakcr, f 
It., wid I'at.t 
. laborer, r 

4»( na^tien .Toseph, laborer, r 
Ktliior Pierre, laborer, r 

50 (.nllBKlier Mrs. Mary, wid Wm. 

51 McCle'iaglian Hard., bricklayer 

52 Monahaii Patrick, boilermakor 
52JBreslln .John, gardener 
M Storey Mii". M.. wid Wm. 
541()'Donnell Mrs. Honora, wid A. 
fp5 liufereiiu U., furrier 

56 Crow Thomas, laborer 

57 Clemeut CharlOii, laborer 
5S Houph Il'mrv. machinist 
59 U('clAtelet.Jerame, shoemaker 
01 McInfyreMis" Kose, trader 

(iullugher Michael, carpenter, r 
ISodger .).. laborer, r 

('5 Keatherston Mrs. C, wid Ldw. 
T.ariviere I'ierre, ull>holHterer, r 
liiolly B. .John, laborer, r 
Kiihertson N„ moulder, r 
liiley I'at., trader, r 
Qiielch — , moulder, r 
Larlv^^o — , chairmaker, r 

C5 Lands Tntrick, coachman 

C6 Connolly I'at., laliorer 

68 Fecney James, laborer 

junction of St Joseph and St 
Maurice, St Antoine and St 
Ann wards 

1 Slassey & Steere, proprietors 

Columbia luiuse 
Columbia house, Massey & 

Steere, jiroprietdrs 
Ma-sey Augustin, of Massey & 

Stei'i-c Kspy, of Jrlassey ic Steere 

2 Mattlipwi: itich., cabinetmaker 
;; boran it Co., undertakers 

I) irnii 1'., of Doraii & Co, 
IMunkett James, of Doran & Co. 
4 IliMicrl J.. l>;irber ! 

4U)uliois Ucolor, saloon | 

ifDul) 'is .lean l»e., bnrber i 

II Urowii I'eter K.. clothier 
in i;. (ImoiMl John K., i.ews depot 
liill.iilonde !•: ,M D. 

11 t arrii-re I'hilOas M.I>. 
I)a2enais Mrs., Marguerite, wid 

Desniarais L. K., photographer 

12 llrtuthier Thos., ^'rocer 

13 Mi^tayer J. A., tobacconist 
.Mi'tay<'r Nicolas 

14 i)romley .lohn, bookseller 

15 Fire Station No 4, J. Ueauliou, 

Ucaulicu Jos., guardian Fue 
1 station No. 4 

Dubois ClOophas, fireman 
KiMiiiud .los., liremnn 
I'.ourgeois Charles, tiroman 
K tiauthierTliomas. grocer 

liacine Alp., of A. IJaeine & Co. 
IT Maher Anthony, sub-chief of 
rdllec station No. C, Anthony 
Malier, sub-chief 
IS Colien I., general store 

19 Cirignan .los. A., wood mrchnt 
Carignan Adolphe, woodinrcht 

20 Klynn J. I!. 1., saUion 

21 Coiien .Jacob, clothier 
'il Clarke A Mooney, dry goods 

23 Kearns Michael, laborer 

24 Drtlryinplo James, butter and 
ih'WT depot 

iiJSIewart \\ illlam, brewer 

25 Kicher N., boots and shoes 
2t) Cowie Mrs. Anne, wid Kobcrt 

27 Larin'8 hotel, Louis Larin, 

Larin Nap., clerk* 
Ueziel R<5sis, clothier 

28 Monette Louis, Jan., butcher 
aoilrwin (i. L., miinager Craig s 

furniture factory 
Irwin.I. L., M.l). 
31 Traveller's hotel, Lawrence 

Flynn. proprietor 
3.5 Kavanagfi James J., grocer 
30 Dow Wm., & Co., brewers 
37 Dominion News Co., C. K. 

Chisholm. F. K. IMielan & I . 

P. Plielan, proprietors 
39 Potter James 1)., diiilns room 
4') Pilon Joseph, shoemaker 

41 Pullman Palace Car Co 's work 

42 Arm-itrong Walter, saloon 

43 Kobichaud Frs. X., printer 
,45 MtMoche/.o'iiiue, barber 

47 Clioquette Nap., tobacconist 
49 Kicher Narcisse, shoemaker 
59 LalondeAugustin, hotel 

Uaihvay hotel, Aug. Laloude, 

Lalonde ThiSophile, clerk 

Lalonde Nap., clerk 

Gauthier L. 

Here Cathedral st. inttmecls. 

45 Desrocher — , shoemaker 

451'riiompson George, engineet 

47 (rNeil Henry, laborer 

49 Trudel J. Itte., blacksmith 

51 Tbibeaudeau .Miss J., diessmkr 

I'lante Cyrille, shoemaker 
55 Dempsey Mrs. Marg,, wid Wm., 

57 Forbes Mrs. Fanny, wid G. 
Forbes F.G., storeman 
Mctiregur John, trader 
62 McVey James, livery staMes 
r.3 Doherty Samuel, litliu;;rm>hor 
64 Livernois Louis, merchant 
05 Lynch John, trader 
6(') Kavanagh John J , clerk 
OK Uastoul Frs. X., merchant 
09 Cuddihy .M., jun., iruit dea'. r 
7J Fortiu Antoine, cook 
71 Wilson .Mrs. S.. wid T. 

Clogg J. K., of J. I{. Cl.iggfc ''o. 
7,3 Kenaiid .1. H., wholesale fruits 
7yiGoyette 11.. storeman 
75 Mireault Jliss Juditli, hdg hso 
7.">i Perrault Maurice, architect 
78 l.avigno Slathias. joiner 
82 Hichardson Watfoii, detective 

llutler Al'red, clerk 
84 .McGregor Dan. C., pianoroaker 
Perrin .Mrs. M . wid lleiciile 
I'errin H..ofVali<iuettcA:Perrin 
Perrin Doiiat, cleik 

Here Chahoillex st. intersects. 

61 Pauzt^ Joseph, barber 
63 London house, Jloise Valade & 
Son, proprietors 
Valade Moi'se, & Son, props Lon- 
don house 
A'fltade 'l"6lespliore, agent 
Valade Jos., clerk 
Itarsalou Hector, M.D. 
Corbeille Frs., wliartinger 
Kuelle L., baggageman G.T R. 
l)e>jardins Jo=e)ib barber 
Denis Ludger, Dominion 'lele- 

graph Co. 
P.onaveuturc street railway 

(ieiieral Superintendent's office 
li.T.U., W. .1. Spicer, supt; 
Jas. Stephenson, assist sujit 
General and Local Freight 
offices G. T. IL. A. IhirnS, 
freight agent; G. S. Sptnco, 
chiel clerk 
Freiglit Accounts office (J.T.H., 
(ieo. S. Silence, accountant; 
A. O. U lluddeil, cashier 
Fniglit Kmiuiry olfiee G.T.K., 

Wm. Owler, chiet clerk 
Train despatclier's otHce 
Cartage olhco G.T.U.. Thomas 
Symington, manager Sheddon 

CHAOOUAMIGON, from 40 Cap. 
ital north to 420 St Paul, Cen 
tre ward 

CHAMP DE MARS, from 39 La- 

croix west to 19 Gosford, East 


3 Harris W. (i., policeman 

Hunter Samuel, trader 
5 Carpenter Silas, policeman 
7 (fShea John, carter 
14 D^sorineau TluViphile, laborer 

Legay David, laborer 
27 Daniel Wm. Francis, cooper 
33 Duquette Joseph, butcher 
39 lU'lair J. Plessis, machinist 
43 Clement A., ticket agent 
V^zina Elz ar, joiner 

Hire lintiserniir.i st. intersects. 

92 McNicliols Wm., assistant Im- 
migriition agent 
McNicliols W. K., druggist 
Haskell Peter, bookkeeiier 
Roy George, teller Hk National 
Ducliesneau A., usst civil engnr 
01 Lamothe Major G., postmaster 
'.to Lalreuiere Joseiih, hotelkeeper 
ftt) Garii^'v Romuald, M.D. 
97 (ii-fgoire Cainille, restaurant 
9S i.aviolette .1. (iustave, of Lavio- 

ktte & Nelson 
90 lludoii .los ,i)f J. lliidon i Co. 
pjo Del.orlmier Tauorede, of T. & 

C.C. DeLoriniier 
101 Hibert Charles P., of Jos. Hii- 
doii & Co. 
lirault Leandre, bookkeeper 
103 Dastous banile, ol 15. J>■.l^tou6 & 
Dastous El/i'ar, bookke.'i^r 
105 Scebold Mrs. Annie M., • , I G. 
Seebold Fred , music, teaeiier 
Seebold Geo., piano dealer 

107 Palmer John J., clerktity treas- 

urer'> othce 

108 Laberge A., jun. "t A, Laberge 

& Son 
Laberge J, / ,. lerk 

109 Deiners "t'.'n... com traveller 

110 AicliambauU K,X,, (>,C,,of Ar- 

chambault & David 
St Louis capt, Luuis, at^sistant 

Harbor master 
St Louis C, 11,, law student 

111 Ulais Miss Soplironie. bdghse 

112 Arcliambault L, II., of Archara- 

bault & Arcliambault 

113 Uoiviu Guillaume, boots & shoes 
115 Pelletier Mrs. F.., wid Fereol 

117 Telmosse L. W., of Gaucher & 

Telmosse Louis, sen . 
I'errault Antoine, contractor 

118 Hudon Pii rre 
Harrette .Joseph 

119 Delaney Mrs. M., wid M., trader 
121 St Jean Roniain, grocer 

I'rudel Kusebe 

Langelier Mrs., wid F. X. 

Junes Miss Katio 


n V 







121 Crcspd L. G. A., law student 
Carroll John, bookkPeper 

128 Morcfto Charles, clerk 

Lefebvre Germain, shoemaker 
Left'Lvre G., jun., letter carrier 

CHAMFLAIN, formerly Seaton, 
from 40 Laganchetiere north 
to Sherbrooke, St Mary ward 

7 Konaync Kdward, merchant 
liuniiyiic tdiiuind. meicliaut 

8 Bootii Kd., bricklayer 
10 HomI \Vm., stoienian 

lla'wkiiix riiuma.x, laborer, r 
J'Inkcley .lames !>., laborer, r 
( ooiier Allred, laburer, r 
.lotii'stoii .tames, laborer, r 
12 liiordMi Michael 1'., professor 
ir, DmiiiKlsoii ,(i\mes. sloienian 
17 Little Mrs. Jane, wid John 

20 .Sniis.iei: John I, , clerk C..T.R. 

21 Parker James, carter 

22 Coiuioi! .loliii, sKiri'innu 
24 Croze Liidger, bailiir 

/fere Muuro nt. bes'tns. 

27 Metiraih John, carter, r 

29 tirecn .lames, carter 
'roiirvillo I.ouis, car|icntcr. r 

30 l)iV-y Ch irles, cart, r 

31 lliioicr \Vm., lal/oror 
Svheslrc Oetave, jioliceman, r 

82 Atitlb UcurKe,iiolicoman 

Jh're Dm-cJies/cr st. iulersccfs. 

St liiike's church, Church of 
Kntiland, rev. L. Dpf Itrisuy, 
34 LoiierfTiiTi rev. James S., parish 

priest St. i!ridir4't's church 
53 riante IWsir6, trader 
C') Copau Mrs. M., wid James 
57 Audet (lis., «e.\tuu St liiidj^el's 

59 Nevpu Stardslas, shoemaker, r 
i.oisclle Mrs. Louise, wid ,Ios., r 
Kthirr Mrs IM.. wid Jus., r 
Dubois Uis Marceliiie, wid L.,r 
Menard Krs. .\.. hihnrer, r 
IJoch Christoiihe, box tiinker, r 
(iaiilh'ir Joseph, shoemaker, r 
ChassC.I. ItlP.. carpenter, r 
l,ama!lee Andr6 stonecutter, r 
Brown Ceorge, laborer 
61 I.afleiir.I. lite,, master carter 
l.amalice riiil:ppe, stotiecntter 
(ioyetle Jian Olivier, jiiuiir 
68 Chin>iit MC'dcire, lalmrer 
S(''ii('(:ul lly,, slioeiniiker 
Vijfer .Mired, shoemaker, r 
1/ibelir Clovis, pi.lidiT, r 
C.") CharpentlerT , .|uu,, joiner 
67 IVlllir Jus., laborer 

Ch •rpenller T , sen , joiner, r 
(loyitli'il. Itle. ciirienii'r, r 
])uliri"nil llilaire, no'icenian, r 
Dubreuil Victor, tiiisinitli, r 
C9 Oulresiie Jo.'oph, sen., laborer 
71 Uiirette (Charles, clockmaker 
7,3 Charbonnrati K. X,, shoemaker 
75 Uelivettutjemiaiu K.,Hhoemakcr 

Here SI. Itniie nl. iliterKerlH. 

77 Courlemancho HabilnK, Rrocor 
SIcard KranV"'"! i""'!" '"• •" 
J.emuv Anirusto, carter, r 

78 Toohey John, jrf'X'cr 

80 (ioimain I'ii rre, shoemaker 
Uicliard (iemuiin, hattor 

!l -I'xton Patrick, laborer 
8:i l.amonrenx Ovide, mason 

81 Hall Win., ouiiiiiiclurC.l'.K. 

85 Charbonneau Wm., shoemaker 
I'rimeau I'ierre, laborer, r 
MailletPaul. laborer 

86 Catr6 Andr^, shoemaker 
Itleau Benjamin, mason 

87 Taylor's church, rresbyterlan, 

rev. John Jones, pastor 

88 Charbonneau Aug., shoemaker 
90 McDonnell Thomas, polio man 
92 Charbonneau Jos , sen., joiner 

Ciiarbonneau Jus , jun., trader 
94 Gobert Francois, shoemaker 
Sf) I'ainchaud Kiimond,ex|iressman 
98 IJonneviilo NarcL-ise, policeman 

100 Ciiarbonneau George, presser 
livan Cornelius, policeman 

101 I.aderouto Alpbonse, painter 

102 I'oilender Kiirci.sse, p liceman 
Ivivallee Alex., carter 
I.egros (i;>oipe, clerk 

10.3 De>chiintttl I.ouis, carpenter 

CMiatel I.ouis, laborer, r 
104 i.egroa Antoiue. shoemaker 
lO.'i Harden I'aiil, jrardencr 

Miirlineau Krs., slioemaker, r 

{ liaiile I.ouis, laliorer, r 

Belairo Jos., laborer, r 

If*) J.elieau Omer. leatlii'- ciilter 

108 Di'sjiirdins Antiine, laborer 

100 rinsoniieault I'aul, labor.r 

110 St (jermain Laurent, carpenter 
St (iermiiin Fran^cds, barter 

111 (.uilhaidt Kin., shoomaker 

112 liiouillet Knillo, grocer 

flere SI. Germain lane intemects. 

113 Benoit Moi'«(>, cabinetmaker 
l>uponl(jiuillaume,siiue dealer, r 
Martel, laborer, r 
relletier Jos., shotmaker, r 
Doujiefte Jos., carter, r 

114 Kelly Wm., moulder 
Brennan Michael, laborer 

127 Jouhirt Ui'sirfi, laborer 
129 Martinet Mrs., wid Mag. 

Uere St. Catherine .it, intersects. 

1.30 .fasmain Stanisla.s, trader 
I'ri'Ulx Alphoiise, trader 

131 l.iilli'ur Aini'dfp, laborer 
K.tliier I'ierre, clockmaker 
D.ysz K. Otto, bi.lcher 
lliaiichamp Nap., sailor 

132 ChallW .loseiih, shoemaker 
Gii'orix Michel, laborer, r 
Caidinal .K^ionie, bak' r, r 
I'oilras .Mrs. .'M., will I'liilippe, r 
Touranpenu Ovila, laborer, r 
Diirette .Mrs. ,F , wid George, r 

\"fli'.in; •! V*'n , 'r:!'' '■, 
Itoy Uleudoeml, lHbori>r, r 
Chail!(^ Napol^^oir, shoemaker, r 

1.31 l.avlgni! Amatile, laborer 
13ii (i'lr'O' II Dlihieo 

Korest Simon, laborer, r 

Frick I.ouis, barber 

Lecomaiideur K*tlix. blaoksmith 
1.38 Krapjiier .Tosejih, laborer 

KeriV' I'ierre, laborer, r 
140 Uruiiel NapolOon, butcher 
142 Cbedlcur Iteiij,, blacksmith 

144 Marion I.ouis, trader 

14'! Tuggey James, rubber worker 

145 lleaiidry Mrs. A., w d Maximo 
Carleair Jules, liihorer, r 
Limoges Hubert, laborer, r 

y/e»'c Miynnvne st. intersects. 

151 Lafraiichlse Louis, wood, grain 

and hay mercluint 
154 Voselle ,IiiH , laborer 
150 (ileniiv Kndriijue, painter 
167 Kiopelle hiiilarie, brickliiyer 
Juuuuutt4.> CharluOf shueumkur 

158 Champ.igne Maxime, baker 
L<ibros60 T., blacksmith, r 
I.iamoureux I'ierre, coo]ier 
Goderre Jos., laborer, r 
Gravel Kdouard, laborer, r 
Chass^ MoVse, calker, r 
Grimnrd .foseph, laborer, r 

159 Sigouin Elzi ar. shoemaker 
Larance Alphonse, moulder 

100 Briure Elie, laborer 
161 Cati Louis, carter 

Barbeau Mrs. Olive, wid Fra. 

102 Kife Hubert 
Boy Naroiasp, laborer, r 
Perron A lex. lalmrer, r 

103 Emond Mrs., wid J. Itte. 

104 Uoy Niircisse, laborer 

105 Lamclielle Krs. X., shoemaksr 
Catti Louis, laborer 

108 Malouin J. Ule., laborer 

171 Perreniilt .1. Bio., buker 

172 .Malo Krs., st'iu' cuitor 

173 Clialiot Adolplie, sen., merchant 
ITT Korest Vfineiniit, driver 
179 Kouriiier Jo-<.ph, tobacoonlst 
ITHJBeiiard .Miclojl, joiner 
181 Leblanc Xavier, tra er 

Lesii ;;i. Kiaiiii^. laborer, r 
186 Hughes Mrs, Klza, wid 8am. 
1S7 Clianipa.i;iie V, .. , laborer 

Here Lor/an st. intersects. 

195 Barn^ rierre, carter 

190 (iariepy William, contrnctor 

197 DiSsoimrau (Y'saire, atoroman 
Kelly J..S , laborer, r 

198 K.iciot .Xavier, laborer 

199 HoU'inan c;liarlea, currier 

200 tiiignon ( barles, tiu'inith 
Coiirov Mra. Aug., wid Stephen 

'201 Monelf,. Krs. X.boxmaker 
St Ji'an Liruis. laborer, r 

'202 Limoges Oc'.ue, parriiigemakor 

'203 Draneau Kloi, milkman 

Cadieux J(?ri*niie, shoemaker, r 
Lupine Joseph, laborer, r 

205 iMansnn •Tames, tobacconist 

207 IJeauviiis Mndisto, laborer 
Iltirtiey Mrs. W., wid Pat. 

'219 Wri);lit Wm., tolraccoidst 

I.I1 l>i:i: CI .li liii, liiit.t r 

211 Lefuivre Anioiiio. policeman 
llurgess (ii'or;,;e, carter, r 
II' ule ,1. Bt(>., joiniT, r 

212 (.airliier Josi pli, laburer 
Cbarhiiid J. Ule . laborer, r 
Kiir>.elle .los., labouir, r 
Cusson .los , carpenter, r 
Mean Uesiri', laborer, r 

•JI.3 I)i.).li'-sis I.ouis, ear*' 1 
:ilo (ia>iioi iiii'iiiiuit, liiiiii I- 
217 Draycott Mrs., wid Albert 
2 'i lii) i'° Xiiviir, r-hoeinaker 
219 Perreault Tlieidore, laboier 
'220 Hunt Joseph, soapmaker 
'221 Draycott Kiederick, agent 
2'22 Duc'liesiiu Kelix, baker 
'2'23 Trudeau Octave, carter 
'2'24 Deniers S. S., letter carrier 

//ere /Aifontaine si, intersects. 

230 (iauthler Alfred, carter 

231 L.toitoii LC'andre, shoemaker 
Lolseau .losepli, laborer, r 

232 Ilrocliu l<Vlix, laborer 
Cliaput Kugt^ne, shoemakor 

233 Pri''Vost L nils, wood deulor 
MoriMUi Joseph, carter 

'231 Loiigpr6 .los,, laboier 

llrosseau C. milkman 
2Su Provost Slaiilslns,uaiter 

Marllneau Geo,, plasterer 
230 Laranee Niip.itobiicconist 
'2.'I7 Spencer J. Ule , < . od dealer 



237 Pichfi Mrs., wid I 

238 B6langer Joseph 
Clermont ^ap., t 

239 Provost Lours, gi 

240 Lamoureux Churl 

242 Seguin Mrs. L ur 

243 David Fran9i)is, c 
JiBtremouille Hvi 

244 Filiatraultt;., IhU 
Lemyre Pliilippe, 
Vinette Paul, labi 
Kousseau Charles, 

Wo Pulien Mrs. Kilen 
,,„ La'noureuxKd.,h 
246 Gariepy Luc. carp 

248 ayPtte I'ierre, lal 

249 Prudliomme Hur^ 

orn ?^*'''^'" ^, labore 

2fiO Kichai'dson Wdha 

251 Kaymond K|)li.. la 

25^ lirouillet Chs., win 

203 .VI<?nard Honor?, h 

V.\ i*"''iai d Oscar, bu 

2o« Brouillet Horm , ci 

250 Martiuiau Frs. X. 

257 Lachance Narcisso 

Imelle Joseph, car 

268 Lemire ^'arcisse, gi 


260 Malouin Joa., labor 

Payette dit St Aino 

(iiiv Jos., printer, r 

Jalbert Mrs. U , wit 

2W (jascon 31r«. KHz \ 

Corbin Charles, butt 

284 Ulanchard Franc U 

Venue Joseph, iBbo: 

Z8j M Jeiin L., ahoenial 

267 Courtois Auguate, p 

^ Hruyere Joseph, gr, 

Larocipie J. [Jte., Iu 

Godin Mrs. A., wid 

o-n ?M '^fi'^.'"'" Alexis, to! 
2.0 Chaliloux Hyp,, sho 
}'\ y*'""! Andrt?, slioei 
2(2 Jiadeau Oiiriaiine, sh 
Kmond Kd., laborer 
274 IJoUuc Niir., lubor.i 
2u Ileaus ileil Jos., ^in,,. 
^» I'r.jvost Heiijiuniii, c 
lourvillo Clias.,pait 
Selorior Job., paiiitei 
BoCarifefh. H. S r 
TO1 !'"S'' •'"'"I'll, iiaiiiiei 
Ml Leduc .sfiraphlii., paj 
-83 Gamache Ant., carir! 
«5 Hlialrault l'oth«ii, t( 
Mn Y"'"'^'''J"'"''. l-b cc, 
280 Buiniis Isaac, Joiner 
S; "eNcliaiiipa Joseph, c 
«« )uvalJoa.,slioemak( 
l)e.Hroch().i T|iO„,,h,le, 
Ste .Miirlo Geo,, labor 
Uupras Doiii^ shoeiu 
J Nantel Jean, trader 
WO Umoiireux Louis, to 
«1 Kayinoiid M.'V«e, lab, 
A-seliri Joseph, hibon 
nilfilaiigertii.defroi j, 
Wi aiili' !•>.<,, slioeiiiak. 
I lailte.|„^,.|,|,, hlhorei 
PJlJNutKel Lra l..s(Mi,cat 
' St .mloliie Allred, yr, 
Ni ;l'l'"''lte Louts, hot,. 11 
I'M 'ich^i I.ouis, Jaboicr 

1/diiiulere ,Mrs. K,, „li 

117 Atiiljroi.o i.ouis, labor 

I'lviil Kriiery, mason, 

I loiiiri Aiii:il)|e, win.,. 

U.SI, Muriel'ierre, ;ab„ 

Ml «o 1 LI,'. J, liner 
Mullen Tliomiis, carter 

psMonsseiiuryrllle, o^i,|, 



■, baker 
r, r 

oi-er, r 
, r 

orer, r 

wid Fr8. 

PT, T 

.'t, r 




11., morohant 



, ^er 

iiorcr, r 
wid Sam. 




, .storomun 

, r 




, wid Stephen 


nor, r 



lioHinaker, r 
lorcr. r 



Id I'at. 



lor, !• 

r, r 

iil)orer, r 

er, r 
liter, r 
er, r 

rt, , 

nil r 
)u maker 
o, bilioier 
k. aKont 

r carrier 




borer, r 



(id dealer 




\ . od dealer 







237 Piclid Mrs., wid Ed. 

238 B6laiiger Josepli, laborer 
Clermont nap., tuilur 

239 frovust Loum, giaia dealer 

240 Lamoureiix Cliurles, laborer 

242 S^Kuin Mrs. L nise. wid li. 

243 David Fruii9iiis, cooper 
JiBtremouille Uyacinthe, baker 

244 Filintraiiltt;., laborer 
Lemyre Philippe, slioemaker 
Vinelte Paul, laborer, r 
Rousseau tiiarlos, laborer, r 

S45 Pullen .Mrs. Kllen, wid Murk 

Lamoiireux Ed., laborer 
246 tiuriepy J,uc. carpenter 

248 i'ayette Pierre, laborer 

249 Prudlioniiue llnra.iedas, clerk 
Mercicr X., laborer, r 

250 liicliai'dson William, laborer 

251 Raymond Kph., laborer 

25^ lirouillet Clix., winUow maker 
253 M^niird Honors, laborer 
2'i4 Keniai'd Oscar, buietier 

256 Brouillet lloim . collector 
25t> Miirtiiiiau Frtt. X. 

257 liBcliance Narcii-se, baker 
Tinelle Josepli, carter 

268 i^emire Narcinse, grocer 

259 (,adoit<> Narcisse, laborer 

260 Malouin Jos., laborer 
Payette dit St Amour F., carter 
(Jny Jo8., printer, r 

Jalbert Mrs, H , wid Pierre, r 

263 (iascoii Mrs. Kliz., wid Frs. 
Corbin Oharles, butcher 

264 lllanchard Friiiiv .in X., plumber 
Venne Jc'^eph, lab()ror 

265 St cleiin L., slioeniaker 

267 C'ourfois Auguste, policman 
I 258 Hrujere Joseph, grocer 
Larowiue J. [ite., laborer 
> (iudiu Mi'8. A., wid Frs. 
St Marie Alexis, tobacconist 
1 270 (Jhulifoux ilyp., shoeniai^or 
l2il ilainci Andr^, shoemaker 
1 2T2 Nadeuu OiiiJsiine, shoemaker 

Kmond Ed., laborer, r 
1 274 lioUuu Niir., labortr 
|2'7 Keaus ileil •los., shoemaker 
|27i Pnivost lieiijamln, cl< rk 
Tourville ("lias., painter 
Selorier Juh., painter, r 
Dctaritellf II. .S.,r 
liucli .Joseph, palmer, r 
|281 Lc'duc ^6raphln., paper carrier 
|283 Uamaclie Ant., carpenter 
|235 Kilialrault I'otien, tobacconist 
Joues Jiinii'K, tub cc^inist 
i Diipiiis iHuac, Joiner 
128' Uesohainps Jusepli, cVrk 
|288 Duval Jos., i^hoemaker 

Ui'.srochu-i ThiSophlle, laborer 
8te .Murio Geo., laborer, r 
Dupras Duiii-, shmMiialter, r 
E!i9 Nuiifel Jean, trader 
^M lamoureux Louis, tobucoonist 
VI Kuyinoiid .Molse, laborer 

A-seliii Josepli, laborer 
Ki It6laii;,'er (ioilefrol J liiier 
U5 Naiitel Nniel, jun., carter 
fj' riiiiili' Frs., sliiii'iniikir 

I'lllllte.losepli, lilliorer 
pO Nuntel l-ra 1. sen , carter 
PC St Aiiloliie Allred, jtrooer 
fW l.npoliile l^onls, lioli'lkeeper 
Jfi VkMi l.oiils, Itiliorer 

Lkltinilere .>ii's, E., wid Lonid 
|i7 Ambrol.o i.onis, labuier 
Divid Etnery, mason, r 
Tlioiiln Aiiiiiule, WMeclwrlghl, r 
lU !Sli' Mario I'lerre, iaborer 
iii Miiisolii s Niip., shoomaker 
h\ No I E:Io, Joiner 
1 Mullen Tlioimis, cat tor 
Kl Mousseau Cyrllle, carpenter 

322 Ouellette Eus6be, trader 

323 Lemay L., lab irer 
Leiiiuy T., shoemaker 
Maloney Michael, laborer 

324 Chalifoux ilyp., laborer 
3io Fojtarty Michael, laborer 

326 Uravel Piein?, laborer 
(jravcl Z6phirin, laborer 

327 Lavole D. L , Sc Co., grocers 
Wickham B., laborer, r 

323 Uenaud Joseph, laborer 
Hardy Miss Deliina, r 
Hardy Xavicr, laborer, r 
Uouigeois fiouis, mason, r 
329 JJ6patie I^ouis, laborer 
331 Henu-d Damase, laborer 
3i3 I'retioveau Mrs. M , wid Elie 
335 Kelly I eter, i-lioemaker 
337 Pombriui.d Mrs Marg., wldM., 

scliiiol teacher 
339 Eabelle Ovide, labour 
341 liaporte Frs., 
343 Surprenant Frs., laborer 
3H Barrette U6sir*5, phooniaker 
345 l^andry Joseph, carter 
316 D6patlo i^ouis, carter 

Uesrochers Pierre, carter, r 
I^andry Nazaire, carter, r 
347 i.andry L6011, carter 

(Jagiioii Jos., siioomaker 
3t8 Gascon Uvila, carter 

349 Martel 0£il6on, milk dealer 

350 Landry I'litSophlle, carter 
I.esp6ianco Auguste, carter, r 
V^zina Oct., carter, r 

351 Rucicot Ferdinand, laborer 
353 Thirien Jos., laborer 

Desnoyers Gedt^on, laborer 

355 Brunet IsaVe, joiner 

358 laundry Joseph, baker 

359 Lavole (Ji'ddon, laborer 

360 Lapurie MtidOrL', baker 
.361 Brais P.. grocer 

3ii3 Deschamps John, agent 

364 I)iirooher'rii(?ophiK>, laborer 

365 hallotte Isidore, laborer 
Payeur tioorgo, laborer 

366 MasKon Mrs. i'., wid Felix 
3'J7 Ijauxon Murselln, laborer 

Brussoii Jos., laborer 
369 Landry I'rs. X., laborer 

371 t'hartraiid lly , stairbuilJer 
Laberi^e Alp , stonecutter 

372 I'atenaude Piisciil, grocer 

373 B'dhntneui /6lec, biluklayer 
375 Lafraiice .Joseph, miller 

378 Tierii.iii .Mr-. Ann, wid 1}. 
3*) David BenJ., carti'r 
381 (J ravel Pleire, laborer 

352 Courval E'l.. roofer 

383 .Meunler Francois, laborer 
Desnoyei's Ferd , Joiner 

384 GarKipy -'os., laborer 

385 Bougie .los , tobacconist 

356 Ste Maiie Alexis, laborer 
Bourdean Sim <n, laborer 

357 Michaiid L. Alp., laborer 
.W >(eunier Piei ri', laborer 
3*) I.eoour I'lerre, plasterer 

Rauiilte .los., laborer 
.T.K) iiamai'C'ie Kilou ml, agent 
301 .Mai'celals Louis, ..lineiiiaker 
3112 IIMiert For. I., laiioror 

Morlii .Vnloliie, lalior'r 
.'llti ller^jeroii .los., l.ibonT 
30i Liirose ovila, labiiuir 
MH (,'outn /I'p., carlir 
4U0 l.ain irclie (leoigii, baker 
401 l.avdie 'riiCi ipliilo, laboiur 

Conrlein iiiclie Nareisse, rool'or 
4111I .Mahor DimaM«, carter 
4'lH Dnniiid tliie-lini', luliorer 
410 (jorviils Clii^rl, buteln'r 
412 lloiitn I'liloiv, bricklayer 
4U Roy Allnd, jun , agent 

CHAKBONNEAU, formerly 
Brisson lane, .from 472 St Domi- 
nique west to 573 St Lawrence, 
St Louis ward 

3 Eaughton James, machinist 

4 Philips Ed,, paperbux cutter 

5 VVoddle Robert, laborer 

(i Cointe Louis, coiiUuctor, r 

7 Broderick Martin, laborer 

8 Miirsolais Alfred, stonecutter 

9 Brisson Frai.f lis, stonecutter 

10 Dunn Jonn, laborer 

11 Robertson .lohn, gardener 

12 Keatint; Michael f., cabinet mkr 
17 tiauthier Alexis, grocer 

CHARLOTTE, from 130 St Con- 
stant west to 133 St Dominique. 
St Louis ward 
9 Racicot Roniuald, grocer 
Here St. Justin nt. beyms. 

13 Fontaine Mrs. P., wid Jos. 
Limoges Victor, shoemaker 
Dargi Louis, laborer 

15 Mercier Mis. Julie, wid Pierre 
Thyar Beiuaniin, htoroinaa 
Valentin Michel, of L. Bor- 

toldi & Co. 
Bertholtli L .& Co , fruit dealers 

17 Laboni^ Edouard, laboror 
Lapierre Albert, laborer 

19 Martiiieau J. B.. shoemaker 

19piadlu Michel, laborer 

CHARRON, being oat:ide City- 
limits, names will be found in 
Alphabetical order in Village 
of St Qabnel 

CHATHAM, from 545 WiUiam 

to 362 St Antoine, St And and 

St Antoine wards 

4 Sculley .lohn. Hie cutter 
MoCabnay Henry, storeman 

6 Boisvert L. U., laborer 

9 Gordon Empey, carpenter 

10 CunninKliam.lohn, grocer 
Corns .lohii, carter, r 
Vincent Louis, boilermakor, r 
Redfcrn Henry, rag picker, r 

11 Smith iIoliB, inacliinist 

12 .Major Alfred, moulder 

15 Irwin .Mrs. Eli/.,, wid Joseph 

Jfere Ifantt'r at. bvyini. 

17 (irogan Miir'in, laborer 
l.eclalr Miss R,, dressmaker 
C.iintols F X,. shoeiiiaUer 
I icard .Mr.<. Julie, wid ,loseph 
21 Morton .loliii, brass lini^hL'r 
23 l)i>jiirilins AiidnS grocer 
25 Coulnie Engine, e.rter 
Itertnind l.onis, storeman 
i.afetiere Win., carpenter 
Doliertv (it'- .. liiiiier 
29 De.-jiirdins Aiulir', grocer 

//(•(■(■ y'di/e'/t' lit. vltih. 

//.:»•(' St. Jim'iik !il. iiilersects, 

70 IManle ,\/,iirle, gr eer 
72 lliile I', lao ir r 
74 I> ■siiiainis l-an'. barln'r 
741 rai'ps \Vil Ian, foremaii 

76 l.iu'ln .1. Ilie., sen. 

77 tCKeilly .lohn, mould. T 
'li l)aoust'/.i*,,liiriii, clerk 

' 1^;;^, 










79 Chapman Homer, laborer 

81 Culinlnii James 
SlJLocke Forrest, cneineer 

82 RinMissK. A. 

83 Uilliard Mrs. S., uiil Tliomas, 

83iOboriK' .lolin H., clerk G.T.R. 
Clarke Micliael, bliicksmitli 

84 AmsK^e I'uscliu', boileriimkor 

85 LuMCombe Mrs. M. A., wid l£. 
85JMniir(> William, foreman 

8(J McN'abbA.K , conductor U.T.R. 
SiJjSniilb Robert, mason 

SiiiitlpJame*, mucliinist 

Smith David, moulder 

88 Houston Wni., finisher 
SSSTierney Francis, laborer 

89 Lavigiie Lambert, joiner 

90 Cotler James, electrotyjier 
(jilt'oy \Vm., iiolicomau 

91 J.ebrnn F. \., turner 
Dcsjardins I'aul, (Inishcr 

92 I.aeliinice Jo.M'])li, clerk 
92]JIamiltnn Andrew, baker 

Kiirris Iteiijamin, milkman, r 
Tracy Michael, laborer, r 
i3 I'atleiiiuide Kl/.ear, buicher 
95 Hochon Francois, carter 

D'llie Pierre, of Laiiviere & 
99 TiL'iiauier Jos., carter 
100 Hubert Slaploire, joiner 
102 Le^vi^ William, coaclinnui 

Jlorrinv John, laborer, r 
lf'4 Shea Thomas, laborer 
100 Call Charles, heater 

Clements beo., boilermaker, r 
li8 Call Charles J., roller 
l(i9 Verdon Cyrille, joiner 

110 IJrown Robert, millwright 

111 Conslantin ,1. lUe., Laborer 

112 Hersey John, tackmaker 

113 Spedding Kdward, milkman 

114 HakerF. W., clerk 

115 Versailles I'rospere, butcher 
Versi.iUes Alphonse, butcher 

116 Abel Mr.s. A. S., wldT., music 

Oborne J., clerk G.T.R. 
lis Currigan Jose|)ti, cooper 

120 Morrison Mrs M., wld l>. 
Morrison .lohn It., cutler 

121 Kirllse du Redempteur, rev. J. J. 


122 Cunifibell John, machinist 

123 rrenderftast Jlrs. Ann, wld J. 
Ti erien I)., police sergeant 

124 Myles William, laborer 

125 Hobert Theophilo. patternmaker 
12ti Finnejrati I honnis. stove litter 
128 Dunwoodle .Mrs. >!., wid K. 

iJunwoodie Francis, clerk 

130 Hale John, dyer 

Diivie Francis, gardener, r 

131 I'ltrie Fre(l<'rlck, nuichlulst 
1.33 Lulrd <ieor>re, laborer 

134 Wost Knd Masonic hall, K. C. 
Roll'ev, cnretaker 

1.35 Itopne William II., stove fitter 

137 Holmes riiilip, )ratenn\n G.T.R 
J.'Keuyer Mhn.. laborer, r 
Hall .Samuel, currier, r 

13:i Keuue .lolni, waiter, r 
(iuy ( ilivi'r, hibnrer, r 
l.uiiointe Anialili'. Iiibi>rer, r 
rainier lieuiy, uiirter 
llrnton ll;irry. carter, r 
Aspiiuill Itoliert, builih r ■ 

141 Utirrilt lvi«iiicl, lai"uiT 

145 Williams Wllliiini, ili'rk 

II!) Harris Archd W., belt maker 

151 Noble tlolin. bilker 

]Ki l{i)lierl« Mis. Fiiiliiii. « Id F.d. 

155 .hiriinemin l.oiiis, mucliinist 

157 Flits John, laborer 

159 McCann John, braasmoulder 

Shelly James, laborer 
IGO Dumont Thomas, carver 
ItJl Mp.rtiu Jlrs. Ann, wid Henry. 

Here the liaUroad intersects. 

162 Racine Julien, carpenter 
103 Fcroyd George, ennineer 
lOSiiJracken Michael, bricklayer 
165 Cook Richd., conductor G.T.R. 
lt;5]Leblanc LOon, brakeman 
167 O'Grndy William, trader 
i67jSwift Thomas, trader 
liiO'Sadler Mitchell, city missionary 
biUlUuggan A , storeman 

171 I'otter Thomas, grocer 

Here St. Bonaventure st. intersects. 

170 Hubert l.oiils, butcher 

172 Laiiointi' Olivier, joiner 
1721Hickoy Martin, driver 

174 Rjan M. G., diecker G.T.R. 
174iF,dington A. W., policeman 

176 lilack Diivid, coppersmith 

177 Brissette Alexis, painter 
Fi.-ette Jlrs. M., wid Ktienne 

178 Hamilton Alexander, cooper 
Ifiis.- Allan, storeman 

179 lielalr Joseph, hat maker 
Wlirie A., gatcman G.T.R. 

180 iiurray Andrew, laborer 

181 Tuft Jlrs. Mary Ann, wid Thos. 
Dekoninck H. I-., police sergt 

187 Geriken lred.,jun., agent 

(iuilmette Kdouurd. laliorer 
lill (iordon .lo.-eplj, safe maker 

193 Lelort Adrien, paper ruler 

Hire Lrtrin av. eiitts. 

194 Reilly I'lillip, laborer, r 

195 Gooley Martin. Iiiborcr 

196 (iroves Amliroise, laborer, r 
198 Meailows Harry, butcher, r 
2(i'> Klljott ilanies, coaclinian 

205 .Mitchell Alexander, founder 

206 Fierce John, bookkeeper 

207 lilondin .Mrs. Olivine, wld Jos, 

208 Martin Hugh, laborer 

209 (iodin .los., hat miinui'ucturer 

210 Owhr Wm .clerk G.T.R. 
Desinarieau I'liili'as.wool carder 

211 .Smith. lohn, jirluter 
Riith<<rl'ord \\ illlani, Joiner 

212 ( arrull Mrs. Mary, wid John 

213 .Sadler (ii'orge, beltnuikrr Jliirie And., com tiiiveller 
2153 Wright •' S., conductor G.T.R. 
217 liyd(>.lohn, ucountuiit 

219 I'atersnn Win jupanner 
223 Itigras David, ukiT, r 

225 Irepunier ^'liaries, baker, r 

226 Liimb Itenjamiii, butcher 

227 Cui.nlngham Jas., baker, r 
2«i l.lhton David, collector, r 
239 Heckham Robert, sash luctory 

CHAU68E, formerly Paris, from 
Shcrbrooke, near Colborne av, 
north to City limits, St Mary 

1 Mcrcier Thomas, carpenter 
(uintliicr .b -epli, labori'r . 

4 Itiiriis .IkIiii, pliinilii'r 

5 Doolry .loliii, gardriu'r 

6 Ijrace.Io.-eph, pidiiter 

GHENNEVILLE, from 613 Craig 
north to 026 Dorchestbr, St 
Lawrence ward 

6 Mi'llride .liinies, cabinet maker 
i Alcoru Johu, uruhiieit 

9 Robertson T., & Co., hardware 
10 Di'stHe J. Bte., foreman 

Charlebols Romuald, clerk 
12 I'rovenchcr Mrs. Marie C, wid 
Michel, suluiol teacher 
Clement Mrs. Adtlai'dc, wid 
Cyprian, school teacher 
U Vincent Mrs. Aurelie, wid 

Simon, bdghse 
15 Dominion Typo Founding Co., 

1'. A. Crossby, manager 
18 Clark Patrick, waiter 

20 JIcGuire Francis, waiter 

21 Anderson Charles, luborer 
Carmody Mrs. Alargaret, wid J. 

2USanuiel Abel, grocer 

22 Sauv6 Mrs. Rose, wid Narcisse 

23 Rland George, funcy store 
hoachstien F., furrier 

24 Stnilli I'airick. >hoemaker 
Smith Jones, laborer 

25 Rrunet Thomas, s'loemaker 
Buckley Jeremiah, biucUjinith 

20 I'artlaiid Owen, jiainter 

27 Reeves Mrs. Jane, wid Koberf 
Lalande.l I!te., milkman 
Catalurd .Miss K., school teacher | 

28 Aspinall Jlrs. Jliiry, wid Sam. 

29 Sullivan Mrs. JI., wid John 

30 JlcCouville Thomas, shoemaker | 
.')OiToiigas William, carjieuter 

31 Itrieii lloiniisdas, junk dealer 

Rossinback Henry, i)eolar 
32 Mercler Mrs 1 liilomeuc. 


Henri, bdg hse 

33 Renaud .Mrs. F., fruits 
IJiu.'-key Johu F., laborer 
Slattery James, sciiool teacher 

34 Partland William, laborer 

30 McJIahou Mrs. Mary, wid John, 

3*! MeadowcroftT., patternmaktr 
4o Trayuor .lames, storeman 
42 O'l.oughlin I'uirick, silk dye; 
421McCann .losejih, printer 
44 Scaiilau M., grocer 

Jlere f'itre at. intersects. 

Kearns D., grocer 
46 Rcddy Charles, tireman 
50 (iratiou Jlaiirice T., waiter 
52 Cuiiuiiigliani D., gas iiispect(>r| 

54 Robertson Henry, clerk 
(illmour Jo.veph, lireinan 

.56 lliguiiis Mrs. .lane, wid Thus, 
Siiulriell George, storeman 

55 Jluriihy .lames, expiessmuii 
60 Walker .MexniiiU'r, printer 
62 Gates, lohn, engineer 

Relies Jlicliuel, shotMiiuker 

Here Lnt/auclietiire st, intersccli. 

Jewish synagogue, rev. A, D'l 
Sola, I.I..I) , high priest; rttj 
Mo,<es /erovich, assistant 
McCallrey .lolin, tailor 
McConiiell Robert, carter 
Irvine '.Villiam, laborer 
Friedluiidcr A., cigar maker 
Fiirey Mrs Anil, wid lluxli 
Khet Charles, barber 
(Jiiesiiel .Mpboiise, liiiislier 
.Moonui riiiiiiias, luliori r 
Cuiiimliigs I'lit.. painter 
iSiiigiT .l.imes, eiigiiieir 
lltili e) Tiniotliv, tailor 
Hiuuoagi' Frank, cli rk 
.loiiest I rlllith, stevedore 
Fortier F.d.. com travel er 
•Millard Mordeeai, boiikki'i>|ii'r | 
llllliiiiin Mrs., niidwiti' 
Diirai.d I IS, J., of l'u[ iiicau I 




herst to head of 
James ward 

Here Mentam 

28 Currie D.avid, ro 
31 .lobin A. D., not 
33 Mann Eric, arch 
30 Campbell D., suj 

Here Maple at. 

CPOMEDY, from 
therine to Sherb 
toine ward 

21 Wells W. C. 

a3 Ritchie .laa. C, b 

2a ilusby Mrs., wid 
Rusbv Ogdeii, do 

2, Walker Johu, ao 
29 roungJohn 
31 Brown W. (iodbe 
Buttoiiek & Co. 
35 Simpson R. c, be 
S7 Ross George D,, i 
39 Shaw A., aucliom 

St Catherine to 73( 
St Lawrence and 

2 First Baptist chiir 
Slunro, pastor 
oi>ear Charles C, 
Bajitist church 

12 Robb John, beer h 
Bitlor Mirtin, gari 
14 Bastian Tliomal 
I'j JIaguire .Mrs. C. n 
H Peddle JHss. Mary 
20 Hannali Mrs. Jl m 
22 Inviii .Mrs. Sarali,\ 
^4 Cox F., shirt and c 
Cox .Mrs. F.,dressi 
ih Murphy J„|,|,,ia|ji) 

30 U'lVeil Daniel, g," . 

Here Mayor st. intt 

yojSmlth Mrs. Mary, i 

31 .UcCubbin James c 

32 lleury William, m. 
■M .Simpson Jumos, jc 
'ii MuLttughliii Mrs. > 
3) Stenhouse Walter i 
*i McLean I)., piano 

37,lames J.,of.loseph 
Ji Mayor James 
3:* Spencer A., of J , 
10 Heudi.rson .Mrs. C 
lOilJrown .Mrs. K., wii 
Brown F. .1 , artist 
Brown K. H , clerk 
,., l,'"';"'!' ^Vm.. moul. 
U Rodger Mrs. Mary, 
H Weir Mrs. M., wbl . 
4t I'.lliiitt .Martin, groc 
HJ'orteous William, i 
•■lliott M., grocer 
Uu.ssell Charles, buti 

//>■/•.' Ihrlkeli't St. in 

t'l llurrago .Mr<. K., w 

MiiiTiige , 
W banning .Mrs. K||z 
b'lnniug.los , eliM 
I'll WINou G. S , of J 

■•' Wibon MN.1 
^'^ Clnirleboh \\ \ 
li'UruyJ. W., urli"( 








St. Mcrxi'cli. 

CHERBIER, from head of Am- 
herst to head of St Deals, 8t 
James ward 

Ifere Mentana st. e. d,i'. 

2S Currie David, reporter 

31 .lobiu A. D., notary 

33 3lann Enc. areliitfCt 

30 Campbell D., superintendent 

Here Maple st. intersects, 

CiHOMEDY, from 1792 St Ca- 
therine to Sherbrooke, St An- 
toine ward 

21 Wells W. C. 

2A Uitcliie .las. C, broker 

25 ilusby Mrs., wiU K. C. 

Husby ORdcn, cleik 
27 Walker John, accountant 
29 Young John 
.31 Brown W. (iodbeo, manager for 

Buttoriuk & Co. 
35 Simpson U. C, bookkocpor 
37 Ross (ieorgc I)., infrcliaut 
.3i) Shaw A,, auctioneer 

St Catherine to 736 Sherbrookei 
St Lawrence and St Antoiue 

2 First Baptist church, rov. A. U. 
Muni-o, pastor 
Spi'ar Cliurles C, scvtou Tirst 
Ikiptist cliuicli 

10 Par.'iit Tlis., bricklayer 

11 Kobb Jolin, beer bottler, r 
B.itlor M.iitin, gardener, r 

U Hastian Thomas 

li) ALiguire Mrs. C, wiil James 

IS IVddie Miss Mary, ladiu^' school 

20 Hannati Mrs. AI., wid W. 

'22 Irwin Mrs, Sarali, wid John 

24 Cox K., shirt and collar maker 

Cox Mrs. K., dressmaker 
20 Murphy .lohn. laborer 

30 O'Neil Daniel, grocer 

Here Mayor st. intersects. 

ailSmith Mrs. Mary, wid ». 

31 .McCubbin James, com traveller 
'M Ileury William, merchant 

;') Simpson ilamos, jeweller 

34 McLaughlin Mrs, M., wid John 

35 Stenhouse Walter, coin traveller 
30 McLean I)., piano manul'r 

37 ,lanu>s J., of Joseph tlames & Co, 
3S .Mavor Jamus 

30 Spcuicer A., of J, James. & Co. 
10 lli'udersou ,Mrs. C., wid Alex. 
lOjHrown Mrs. K., wid Kdward 

Hrown V. ,F , artist 

Itrowii K. 11 , clerk 
U C'arsoii Wm., moulder 
42 Uodgpr Mrs. Mary, wid David 
li Weir .Mrs. M., wid .lames 
41 lOlliott Marliii, groc.i'r 
41,l'or(eous William, moulder 

Klliotl .M., grocer 

Kii.sscll Charlus, butcher 

//,•(■.' Itrrtlteli't St. int 

'. U. U. 

15 lUu'rage Mr<. K., w'' 

liurriige .Miss 
4tt Lanniug .Mrs. Kti/. , w I Henry 

l.;iiming .los , cliMv (1 T.l{, 
I'll WIUou Ci, S , of J. C. Wilson A 

47 WilM)n MIs^ 
4S Cluirhljoj.. W. A. 
U (J ray J. W., artist 

61 Jackson II. A., of Jackson Bros. 
52 Fraser Alex. 

63 Foote Mrs. C, wid Frs. 

64 Day Ihomas 

55 Buss K. T , ckrk 

Buss J. B., Hsh merchant 

56 Evans Mrs. I{ebecca,wid Samuel 

58 Davidson Isaac B., trader 

60 Ciallughcr Hugh, agent for the 
Ijrey Nuns 

62 Guy (i.. customs officer 
67 Lafrlcain Geo. 

65 Noel Mr.^. C, wid David 
73 Minmorc Chs. 

MuFarlane James 

McFarlane J. E., clerk 
75 Mathewson M. U., cle k G.T.R. 
77 Tyre Mrs. 
79 Crawford 5Iiss 
81 Tiiggi'y Mrs. Mary E., wid Chs. 

luggey C 11. 

CLOSSE, from 1821 St Cathe- 
rine west to Sherbrooke, St 
Autoiue ward 

7 Peters Jolin, Mercantile agency 
S) Simpson J. Cradock, real estate 

COLBORNE , from the Canal north 

to 232 St Joseph, St Ann ward 

S Cyprien, saloon keeper 
10 Hope Adam, forwarder 
12 I'latliern & Caverhlll, warehouse 
17 .Montreal Warehousing Co. 

Ih'rc WclUitijIon st. iiilirsecfs. 

32 Force A., coal warehouse 
38 ilowiey .James, coojier 
.30 ilauna Ol., storeman 

40 Sh(<ehan — , laburer 

41 Slierry Wm. , telegraph operator 

42 Dwyer Michael, laborer 
Beraliem (ieorge, carpenter 

43 Fuller Fred., cooper 

44 .Mel ver Michael, storeman 
46 Kavanagh I'eter, grocer 

llere Smith st. liegins. 

48 (ireeno Eugene, grocer 
40 D'Keefe Dennis, laborer 

Qulnn Doinild, carter 
01 Cohen i'honnis, shoemaker 

Hurley Donald, laborer 
65 Itayley John 

56 Kateman Hugh, laborer 
lirabant I'lerre, laborT 

57 O'Leary Thomas, laborer 
Nornum Xlichael, laborer, r 

59 D.iUon Michael, laborer, r 
(,'oates Matthew, laborer, r 

(10 Kossiter Tliomas, laborer 

01 Lynch .lohn, laborer 
(raven Dennis, laborer, r 
Newman Harnett, laborer, r 

62 Cassidy Mr*. Ilridget, wid Johu 
(lassidy John, storeman 
Mctiuire .Mrs, C,, wid F. 

63 Harry Wm., laborer 
111 Kyan .lohn, cl Tk 

6.5 Furrell Mis. Kll/.abeth, wid W. 
67 (,'larke William, laborer 
•H Ciillcn Anilrew, deti dive 

60 Parker Wm.coopi'r 
60]Ujrry 'riinotliv Francis, oler|« 

70 Hi'rbei't Mrs. Mury. wId Alex. 
Crowe .Mrs. .M., w'lil W , grocer 

71 Slieppard .lames stovelltter 

71 j.Miitliewson William, laborer 

72 WaUh .leremlali, blacksmith 
I'owers ICd.slilp I'liipi'iiter 

7') I'ower .loliii, loreiimii 
731.Mi;,Viuilly Wm,, dioj cutter 

7i Syi.vestre Louis, carter 

Uyan Mlcliael, carter 
76 Koach Mrs. Sarah, wid N. 
75iMcGurk Patrick, printer 

Angel Mrs. Jane, wid George 

76 Kyan Mrs. Bridget, wid M. 
Bn'mingham Joliu, laborer 

77 Mullins Michael, laborer 
77JFoIey Martin, broommaker 

78 Failan Thomas, driver 
Wood Mrs. Helen, wid E. 

79 Flanoway Patrick, shoemaker 

80 Moraii Patricli, carter 
Halpin .John, carter 

81 Farrell Moses, laborer 
Sheppard Mrs. Cath., wid J., r 

82 CurranJohu, tailor 

82] Donovan Mrs. Helen, wid James 
Desmond Patrick, laborer 
Berlmm Cornelius, laborer, r 
O'Leary Dennis, laborer, r 
Walsh Patrick, laborer, r 

84 Power Edward, stoker 

84U'igott Jolin, laborer 

88 Dunn John, carter 

90 Uacqiiebycotl William, driver 

92 Buckley James, cooper 
Foley John, laborer 

94 Holiday Andrew, cooikt 

96 Bradley John, printer 

98 MtGnik Mrs, lAU>n, wid T. 

99 Cummings Mrs. Eliz., wid John 
Connolly Miss Tlieiesa 

100 Hall .Mrs. Clara, wid Michael 

103 Flanagan Jamos, grocer 

Here Ottawa st. intersects, 

104 O'Connors Jam. 8, laborer 

105 Kin.sella Thomas, grocer 
107 tJ'Uyrue .Matthew, trailer 
lt/8 Clarke George, carter 

109 Coleman J,, & Co., butchers 
109i Walsh George, expressman 

Danby William, laborer 

110 Kaiinon .lolin, blacksmith 

111 Muliiall Patrick, carter 
lajMicnulty Mrs Mary A„ wid J. 

Coolirauc Thomas, laborer 

112 Ward .lames, printer 

113 Lyseght Jolin, baker 
ll3]Sh"ridaii Francis, tailor 

Stewart William, laborer 

114 Murphy Jeremiali, laborer 
Henry Thomas, laborer 

115 Fitzgerald .lohn, blacksmith 
115lWheeler Edward, clerk 

'Donaldson William, driver 

116 Mailer Edward, laborer 

117 Eiirlght James, laborer 
lUiO'Keilly James, policeman 

DowniLin Tliomas, laborer 

118 tiarland James 

119 Brown Mrs. Mary, wid John 
I '20 Heelau William, carter 

121 Cooney Patrick, liremau 

122 .lonos Jlorris, laborer 

1'23 Corcoran Mrs. E., wid J., grocery 
121 Uorliam Edward I.,., mes.senger 

National Express Co. 
l'241MeNally Thomas, clerk 
125 Flanagan .Mrs, .lulia, wid John 
1'26 DonohueMis, Mary, wid M, 
127 Ahearn John, carter 
12S McCarthy Daniel, presser 
1'20 Malone Peter, laborer 
13) lUich P., plaM.'ivr 

131 Uutler John, carter 
Supple Fred., carter 

132 Harrigaii Patiick.l,, laborer 
1.33 Walsli Iveurii, laborer 

Walsh James, carter, r 

134 Boardmaii William, hihorcr 

135 MoCabi' .Mr..i. .M iry, wid .Michael 
l,!iinbert George, carpeutor, r 

13'} Wilson Wm , iliburer 







136 Donnellv Cimrloii, policeman 

137 Hubbard Mrs. Mary, wid M. 

138 Kelly John, Krocer 

189 IJrew I'atrlok, plumber 

140 Brady Mm. Catli., wid Robert 

141 Toole Jamoa, stpvedore 

143 Young Josiepli, laborer, r 
DuiT Andrew, bnilermaker, r 
O'Doimcll John, policeman, r 
IlnrrinKton John, laborer, r 
Lciigatt Mr--. Kancj', wid Robert 
Hrophy INtiicIc, laborer 

144 Newman rhuniu.s, carter 

145 Kelly I'at., (!r<icnr 

146 Taylor llionias, laborer 

148 Irwin .lolin. Inhoier 

149 Kulan Mrs., wid Michael 

160 Hnrr Hobr rt, carter 
Prenriersast .lolin, laborer 

161 Hyan Wm., trader 

153 Vail Lawronce, laborer 
Kolan •Jamos. laborer 

154 Sullivan William If., laborer 
166 Noon Luke, tiiiFmilh, r 

Ford rat.,t.inKniith 
156 Wallace Kdward, driver 

McUuirc Denni', fireman 
166.JBurrow.s Henry, driver 
168 Heale Henry, tialesman 
160 Acton Uoorgo, grocer 

162 tiamilton Henry, driver 
164 McOowan Samuel, laborer 
166 Melvin ]>atriok, laborer 

168 Acton (jieoigii, grocer 

/fere iVitliam st. inUrseots. 

169 Doherty Wm., grocer 

175 McCjiarlty Patrick, laborer 
184 Kxcise bonded warehouae 
196 lies Mrs. S , wid Frederick 
198 McLeod Alex., maltster 
204 Lamb Thomax, grocer 

St Mary north to the City bonn- 
dary, St Mary ward 
Here Brant /awe commences. 

18 O'Neill John, milkman 
20 Dillon John, baker 

I'helan Thomax, baker, r 
34 McDonald John, grocer 

Here Erie st. begins. 

38 Lapthorn James D., soap and, 
candle manufacturer 

40 Hannerman Itober', grocer 
I'eltler Mrs. M., wid Stanislas, r 

42 Green TIik., laborer 

I'lamondon William, laborer, r 
Murney Dennis, nipe maker, r 
tScott Patrick, laborer, r 

46 Uoriin I'atrick, butter 

48 Robinson 'I'liomas, clerk 

Here Dorchenter at. commences. 

50 Anderson Wm., milkman 
5S Nelson Charles, (rader 
00 IlroomlleUI .loseph, laborer 
62 McKvoy Pat., coiiduolorC.P.R. 
04 Hinton Wllllini), Hlioemuker 
tit) McKay Thonins, lorvman 
08 Roberts John, «l(>rk 
70 Mitchell James, liread driver 
74 (Jroen Mrs. Kllen, wid Chris. 
78 Donovan Friiucis, carpenter 

Here Ktnt st. beqvtu. 

m Mill John W., elerk 
108 Dixon Mrs. M., wid II. 

Dixon Wm. II., ul'W. 11. Dixon 

& Co. 
DIxuu J. JI. II., uustotuH locker 

114 Dixon W. H., & Co., tobacco 
pipe manufactnrers 

Here St. Catherine st. intersects. 

139 Mulrooney John, laborer 

232 Gaiibert L. E., kid leather man! 

Here Lafontaine at. intersects. 

291 Desmarteau Alph., plasterer 
296 Henderson James M., sen., of 
Henderson & Lovelace 
Henderson James M., Jun., com 

309 Coyle P. J., advocate 

310 Moss H. 

3''i4 Guilbault Louis, Mncksmith 
3.SI5 Coutu MoVse, brickmaker 
338 liacette Che., grocer 

Here Ontario at. intersects. 

St. Lawrence Sugar Refinery 
Bone Burning works, James 
Hutr, for man 
HufT James, foreman 
Drysdale William, huntsman 
Chalut Denis, brickmaker 
Populus Modeste, brickmaker 
Bei-t Charles, brick miinulacturer 
Bellefluur Ferd., brickmaker 

Here Sherbrooke at. intersects. 

Lionais IIard*iin 

Lionu..4 Alfred, official assignee 

Lionais J. D. Kdouard, mrrchunt 

Here Rachel at. interaecta. 

Fyfe Jas., of Jas. Fyfo & Co. 
Moore William, clerk N.C.O.Co. 
Uruham James, painter 
Manning James, excise officer 

COLLEGE, ftrom 124 McGill west 
to Chaboillet, St Ann ward 

14 Ashes Inspection stores, Dyde & 
Major, inspectors 
D^de& Mnjor, pot and pearl asli 

Here Longueuil lane begins, 

2 Lightbound, Ralston Si Co., 

23 Tessier J., cooper 
26 Martin Mrs. ('.. wid J., bdg hse 
28 Young & Chapman, whou>sale 

boot and shoe inunufactiirers 

30 O'llrien James, Jt Co., wholesale 


31 Roy Mrs. Julie, wid Kdouard 
Roy Alphon-e, Inborer 
Johnson Jolin, laborer 
Lemieux Joseph, laborer 
SIgoutii Isnui'l, laborer 
iV.yW.p Alfred, carter 
l.apiene 1,6'in, laborer 
Smith Mrs. Mary, wid 

Vi:iu Adoiials, laborer 
Dellnelle Franyois, carter 

33 Larmonth h Kons, iigricultural 
inplcment wurellou^e 

87 Uerric Adam, tobuccoiiist 

Here Si. llenry st. be;/iii.i. 

43 llourgeau. Heron k l^ilfiton. 

muniifiictunrs and im|iortors 
47 (inllleint'lte Angiislc, Joiner 

Martel .loH'ph. shoemaker 
40 Cass Peter, siiloon 
51 Wills Ali'X., Ai Co., eolTeo and 

s|iiee mills 
55 Mcl.iireii William I)., Couk'd 

Friend bakiiig powder 

59 Uubbard & Donald, analytical 

and consulting chemists 
Wrlngtield Bonnyn, C E. 

60 Mullin James E., tfc Co., import- 

63 Washburn it Moen Manufactnr- 

ing Co. 
McLaren J. R.,jun., wooden- 

65 Murray Tlmmas, trader 

67 Steele F. L., coffees anil spicos 

68 ThibeauU Joseph, pluml)er 
Beckham & Scott, carpenters 

69 Foley Maltliow, stevedore 
71 Label le Chark's, bdg hso 

Charbonncaii Josepn, joiner 
Churl rand — , shoemakc r 
73 Gordon Alex., scalemnker 
74Beckli<m & Scott, carpenters 

and joiners 
81 Mullin John, storcman 
83 CI6ment Frano^jis, Qsh dealer 
85 Sutherland Mrs. C, wid R., 

bdg hse 
87 Lawson William, driver 
90 Dederick P. K., & Co., hay press 
7 Williams Miles, & Co., brewers 

100 Fibh & Tighe, morocco dressers 

101 llansley Mrs. M., wid W. U., 

103 Lynch Mrs. Mary, wid P. 

106 Canadian Cork Cutting Co.,. 

John Auld, proprietor 
Auld John, Canadian Cork Cut- 
ting Co. 

107 Dillon Robert, gilder 

109 Kthier Mrs. Olivine, wid M. 

110 Stafford W., machiuist 

Here Dupri lane intersects. 

113 O'Reilly M, grocer 

117 Foley Michael, stevedore 

119 Carroll Terence, butcher 

120 Carvill, Barr (t Co., iron yard 

Here Duke st. ends, 

121jO'Tioary William, storemm 
Johnson David, hairdresser 

123 Tiinnor James, laborer 
Murtagh Mrs. C , wIdL. 

125 Cooper Kdward, laborer 

129 Langevin A., hotelkceper 

1&3 UrIttWm., clerk 

137 Sdn^oal A., hotelkoepcr 

139 Lawlor John, stovedore, r 
Fox James, laborer, r 
nightly Robert, r 
Telieney Bernard, laborer, r 
DooIhii Peter, r 
Kennedy James, laborer, r 
Terry Stevens, laborer, r 
McGiveny William, saloi^man, r 
Carinody Joiin, laborer, r 
Richardson Pat., watchman, r 
Connors Robert, laborer, r 
IjApino Jules, plumber, r 
tiny (Jeoriie, r 
Dully I'atrick, engineer, r 

141 Connors Michael, trader 

Sinitli Mrs. Catlierini', wid W. 

143 l.iirin Charles, liottM 

157 Li'nii(>ux Louis, hotel 

159 .Martin Mrs.l'., wid J. nio.liotil 
Piioii I'ierre, clerk 
I'iloii Napoli^ n, ehrk 
Romllllard NapoK^on, clerk 
tioiigeoii N.ipoleon, blucksiiiltli 
Milliard Kdouiird, cigar muker, i 
llOz"aii Joseph, r 
I'lancieiir I heodore, cnrpeiit<'r,r 
Derepeiillgny MoVse, liibonr, v 
Itoiioher Placlde, tailur, r 
Bieuvenu F. X., laborer, r 



l61 Stanton C. 0., su; 

Brown Peter, tra 
163 Tuckwell James, 

Bowden John, sti 
165 Waters Daniel, b 

Maguire James, p 

Montreal horse i 
Maguire, propri 

Hay market, ; 
clerk; Maxirae 
ant clerk 
167 Lewis Daniel, for 

Frazer James, cle 

Clendinneng Davi 

Jones John, laboi 
Wi Wilds , lames, taili 
171 Ryan Mrs. N., wit 
173 Roclion J«Jrdmie, 
175 0'Connr)r .lames, 
177 Prior Mrs. Helen, 

Here Inspector st, 

195 Labr6che Fran9ui 

Labri'che Joseph, 

Clermont Cliarins, 

199 VaillancourtClias 

201 Collins John, labc 

Waddell S., lubon 

203 Lach ppeilo Olivier 

205 Btlisle Mrs. A., wi 

Malchclosse Stanis 

306 Proulx Henry, lab 

207 Moreau Josepii, la 

210 Brignon Olivier, It 

211 Randoux BtJlanie, 

212 Leduc Joseph, labi 
Charlebois Daniel, 

213 Langevin Louis, tu 
Thibault V.\?.bw, tl 

214 Diirocher Mrs. R., 
Berliiiguetfe Mrs. 

215 Lafond .Stanislas, I 
210 Thomson Paul, lal 

Olsan Charles, labd 
De«f-'ri;cs Joachim 

217 Parisean I< ranfois, 

218 Doyle Mrs. Joseph 
Mc(:unibcr Arthur 

220 Murray (ierald, gai 
Casey James, clerk 

Here Chaboillet a\ 

rack, from Water to 
East, Centre and '\ 

1 Robillard & BoaucI 
9 Vincent Jos,, boat 
13 Ryan,S: Co., Junk d 

Here Friponw st. 

21 Paris Lcnls, shoeint 

I.educ Olivier, stevi 

V) Rousseau rev. I{(!m5, 

►ccours church 

Valols Alfred, saoi 

oours church 

37 BrodeiirClnistoiihe 

41 Lafortuiio Josepli, i 

Jlere Vic/or st. and 
twtrlicl liei/ii 

llonsccours market 

rlRo.clerki Oiii-vii 

assistant clerk 

47 Klll.itt.lohii, wholes 

51 I'urcot Jit .Marchaiul 

M Harbor hotel, Tboi 








^61 Stanton C. C, gupt ofhaypreBs 

Brown Peter, trader 
163 Tuckwell Jamos, trader 

Bowden John, stevedore 

166 Waters Daniel, boot titter 
Magulre James, proprietor horm> 


Montreal horse market, Jame<^ 
Maguire, propriotor 

Hay market, M. O'Coiinoll. 
clerk; Maxirae Oroulx, assist- 
ant clnrk 

167 Lewis IMniel, foreman 
Frazor James, clerk 
Clendinneng David, laborer 
Jones John, laborer 

ISa Wihla ,Tame«, tailor 
171 Ryan Mrs. N., wid Dennis 
173 Koclion Jtir6miu, tailor 
175 O'Connor .lames, trader 
177 Prior Mrs. Helen, wid Pat. 

Hen' Inspector H. intersects. 

195 LBbrfiche Franfois, painter 
Labri'clip Joseph, painter 
Clermont Cliarlns, laborer 

199 VaillancourtChas., black.sniitli 

201 Collins John, laborer 
Waddell S., laborer 

203 Lach ipello Olivier, mouldor 

206 Biilsle Mrs. A., wid Samuel 
Malchelosso Stanislas, Joiner 

306 Proulx Henry, laborer, r 

207 Moreau Joseph, laborer 

210 Brignon Olivier, laborer 

211 Randoux ItOlanie, laborer 

212 Leduc .foseph, laborer 
Charlebois Daniel, tinsmith 

213 Langevin Lonis, tailor 
Thibault Klz6ar, tinsmith 

214 Dnrocher Mrs K., wid Joseph 
Berliiiguette Mrs. 

215 Lafond .Stanislas, laborer 

216 Thomson Paul, laborer, r 
Olsan Charles, laborer 
De^f^racs Jonchira, laborer 

217 I'ariseau 1< ran9i)l8, carter 

2IS Doyle Mrs. Josephine, wid Geo. 

Mu(;umber Arthur, Joiner 
220 Murray (ieraid, gardener 

Casey James, clerk 

llfre Chaboillex at. begins. 

rack, from Water to 1 II MoOill, 
East, Centre and West wards 

1 Koblllard it Beauchcmin, hotel 
9 Vincent Jos., boat house 
13 Ryan & Co., Junk dealers 

Here Fripomtf at. begins. 

21 Paris l,iMils, shoemaker 

l.eduo Olivier, stevedore 
15 Rousseau rev. IWuO, curate Bon- 
^ccours church 
Valois Alfred, soorit^tan IJonae- 
ooiirs church 
S7 BrodeurChrlstoiihe, wines, &c. 
41 Lafurtuiin Jiisepli, clerk 

liars Vic/or st. ami lionsecourtt 
murlicf lifr/in. 

Bonscfiours market, .Icdin Per- 

rlRo, clerk; OuiWIme (iadoua, 

asrdstant clerk 
47 Klliott.lohn, wholesale grocer 
61 Turcot Si Marchand, wholesale 

63 Harbor hotel, Tlios. Uurdette. 


67 UcDonough John, new and 
second hand clothing 

63 Titlin Tlios., & Co., wholesale 

Sere Jacques Cartier sq. begins. 

65 Wilson Thos., & Co., hardware 
69 l^eblanc & Desaulnicrs, tlour,&c. 
73 Hotel du i'euple, D. Daniel Mur- 
ray, proprietor 
Murray D. D., prop Hotel du 
77 Richelit-u & Ontario Navigation 
Co. 's stores, L. V. Blancliard, 
Blaiicbard L. V., supt store de- 

partiut Rich. & Out. Nav. Co. 
MontroalTelegraph Co. branch 
81 Portland hotul, Coutu & Roy, 
H6tu Jos. Oscar, clerk Portland 
S3 Itenoic Eug6ne, flour merchant 
tiu Dufiesne Ovide, son., flour and 

91 Gaucher & Telraosse, wholesale 

93 Holland R. Henry, lb Co., 

wholesale fancy goods 
101 Hudon & Orsall. whol grocers 
10') Kenoit Frs. X., flour merchant 
1 1 1 Pr(5vost A., 4 Co., grocers 
113 Mcintosh Andrew, blacksmith 
11.5 lioliveau J. Bte., flour merchant 
119 Brossard, Chaput & Co., flour 

and provision merchants 
123 Sdn^cal. Cadieux & Co., whole- 
sale grocers 
125 Feuiou Kug., veterinary surgeon 

Here St. Gabriel ,st. begins. 

129 Desmartcau ft Co., wholesale 

131 Leclaire F.& J., & Co., whole- 
sale dry goods 

133 Greiiier Jacipies, ft Co., whole- 
sale dry goods 

139 Burke Arthur, Dominion saloon 

Here St. Jean Baptiste st. begins. 

145 Hudon Jos,, ft Co., wlioli>:ile 

151 MuA.'thur John, &. Son, paints 

and oils 
157 TilBii Bros., wholesale grocers 
161 Miisson D., ft Co., wholu.^ale 


Here St. Dizier lane begins. 

163 Tliibaudeau Bros, ft Co., dry 

165 King, Atwoll & Co., general 

produce merohunis 
109 Uiicine .V , ft Vo., dry good!> 
175 .Murphy .1., Commercial .saloon 
179 Sonne T., ship chandler and 

ISl Kyle .lames, sen., storeman 
183 Hudon Cotton .Mills Co. olllce, 

V. Hudon, pri'-.'deht ; l< . C. 

Cliarboiineau, .-'C.-treiisurer; 

W. J. WliitolK'ii'l. muniiger 
1S5 (iHlarneau P. .M., & Co., whole- 
sale dry goiids 
(iihu >uril. v., & Co., dry goods 
Iffl Itenoit >t 'in'xoire, provi-loiis 
191 Itiiinl ,1., ft Co.,giMi comniis.siou 

193 liUlreniireft St Onge, Hour aud 


Jterv St. Sidpice st, begins. I 

195 Carbray, Routb, & Co.,hr.nbe 
and shipping agents 
Portuguese Consulate, Frank A, 
Routh, consul 
197 Arless Jas., & Co., ship Joiners 
199 Sidey John G, ship broker 
Adcock T., ft Co., importers 
Kstate Jos. Beaudry, non. J. L.. 

Beaudry, ex-mayor, executor 
Monette Mrs. M., wid Pierre 
203 Tourville L., ft Co., grain and 

lumber merchants 
205 Shaw David, ship broker 

Montreal arid Acudian Steam- 
ship Co., D. Shaw, agent 
Quebec an(' Gulf Port" Steam- 
ship Co., D. Sliaw, ageirt 
Temperley Line < f London 
steamships, D. Shaw, a^ciit 
207 Grand Trunk Railway customs 
otiice, Sam. WliittaKer, agent 
Whittakur Sam,, customs agent 


Rendeil ft Browning, shipping 
and com agents 
209 McLean Chas., ship broker 
Sndth Geo., shipping muster 
Boyd Wm. E., average adjuster 
Reed Wra., ft Co., com mercht& 
Kay Wm. J., customs agent 
Lanctot 0.,&Co., com un. rchntse 
Creau John F., com agent 
Simard A., manufacturers' agt 
211 Dominion Telegraph Co. 

MoKeiizie Bros., ship chandlers 
213 St Lawrence Steam Navigation 
Co., 11. F. Bellew, agent 
Belle w H. V., agent St Law- 
rence Steam Navigation Co. 
215 McEnroe P., saloonkeeper 
219 Estate Boyer, Arthur Boyer, 
Sailors' Institute and Reading 
room, Jn'i. Rltoliie, manager 
221 Mitchell James, ship chandler 
'223 Spring Hill Coiil Mining Co., 
Andirsou, McKeuzie ft Co., 
Anderson, McKenziOi& Co., ship 

Victoria Coal Mining Co. 

226 Kenwick ft Solater, mill and. 
engineer supplies 

227 Mitchell A., ft Co., produce 
St Lawrence Grain Elevating 

Co., Jas. In^lis, manager 
loglls James, iinporterand man- 
ag(>r St Lawrence Grain Ele- 
vating Co. 

JJere Custom Hones sq. begins. 

'239 Gallery Bro.»., coopers 

241 Driscoll Mrs. Mary Ann, wid J.,, 

246 Mali) Louis, eating house 
'247 Birmingham John, saloon 
'Mt\ Leahy M., ft Co., grain bags 
'Ju3 .Morris W. J., siillnmker 

Wurtele J, G.,com merchant., 
O'Fairell J., weigher ft gauger 
Brown Jon., fruit and provisi jus 

Here Si. F anii'Hn Xauier si. be- 
gins and iJutliires .\t. ends, 

'259 Vipond T. S ft J., provisions 
Brook ft Co., com merchants 
201 Vipiiid, Mcilnde ft Co,, Iruit 

and provisions 
203 ltulilie.\l. \V,, boots and shoes 

Loiison John, agent 
'205 tIaKar Ed., ft Co., cliina.b glass 
'207 Duncan ■!., ft ('o.,tea importers 
'271 Veiri't, Stewart & Co.,coutmia- 
klon merchants 

i If 







Here St. Nicholas .it. hef/ina. 

277 McGrail JI. T., provisions 
279 Robertsmi Uiivid, &, Co., flour 
281 Ulovf r Si itiais, liaberdasliory 
^5 Bell, Siinp.-<on & Co,, produce 
1291 May S. II., & Co., iJaiiiU,oils, &c. 
295 Quintal X., w io1oj,.1h ({rocer. 
Mcl.,uulilau Bros. & Co., dry 
299 Cotemi LnnrtinR Milling Ci).,J.C. 

UllCUclt, Hf^tMlt 

303 Uoiuillard C , culin); liout'O 

Cliiiimt L., Ktis & Cic, wliole- 
salo f;rocf'rs 

J/i're St. Peter, st. inlerxecfs. 
Here St. .Inn's market covimencen. 

315 CoIl(M(.'t K. U., Iiardwaro 
317 (jioiicaii Hector, Patina liouse 

(jilmourMrs. JI., witfj., saloon 
321 (iaIliislier.J., prop Albany liouso 

Alb'.ny liou.<i>, J. tiiillagUur, prp 
327 Albiuiy diiiinj; rooms 
331 Vaillaiicoiu'f .1. A., iiroduco, &C. 
3'A'i Fiilh'i- .V .Sliuft'lt, produce 
3:3.') St Cliitrli's K. X., Hour mtToUaut 
S3r Siiair.Dti A , A: Co., grocurs 
345 liin^Mii & Mo IJurnt'y, produce 
317 Carr.ill I'atrick, foii., saloon 

Can' i!l I'.i'rick, jun., clork 

.McSlianu Uicliard, grocer 

COMMON, from Customhouse sq 
west to the Caual basin, West 
and St Ann wards 

1 Custom house, W. B. Simpson, 
Simpson W. B., collector o! 

Lewis John, surveyor of customs 
O'llara \V. J., collector's sec. 
Blomeley E., chief clerk ware- 
house dept, 
Crispo Frs., chief clerk customs 
Selby Charles, cashier custom 

Weir W. P., tide surveyor 
Myers lid., chief landing waiter 
Corner Samuel, chief gauger 
M(>harj< James, engineer 
Hughes Thos., messenger 
Cox J., chiefclerkshipidng office 
I'urcell J. 1'., tirst clork statisti- 
cal ollico 

Here CalUires st. begins. 

4 MoKcirnan Chg., proprietor Joe 

lieef's canteen. Marble block 
7 Lichtonlieln E., & Co., rag ware- 
llevneman Robt., cigar importer 
t) McLea .1. & U., com merchants 
and shipping agents 
I'roctor W.U, agent 
.',} Uavis Moses, customs and for- 
warding agent 
Merc'.uints' IJuspatch Transpor- 
tation Co., M. Davis, agunt 

Here Port st. commences. 

13 Boyd, EganJk Co., customs and 
torwanling agents 
Sonno Christoiilier, sailmaker 
ISjiTlilbault J. Bte,, shoemaker 
15 llluiklock Bros., wurehousomen 
17 Miiirhead ilanius W., city 

Weigher ami ganger 
IS SliMp«on J., & Co., commission 
uie chuuti^ iiud wuruhousemeu 

Here St. Peter st. beijins. 

23 Allan II. & A., agis Allan Line 

of Steamships 
25 Allan Lino of KoyalMail Steam- 
ships, 11. Ic A. Allan, agents 
27 Harbour Commissioners' ollico 

Whirnev H. D., secretary Har- 
bour Commissioners 

Kennedy JdIiu, cliief engineer 
Harbour Commisvioner." 

Harbour .Master's ollico, Capt.A. 
M. Uudoli)he, harbour master; 
Capt. Louis St Louis, asstant 

Uu<l()lplie Capt. A. M., harbour 

St Louis Capt. Louis, assistant 
harbour master 

Superintendent of Pilots office, 
Joseph l.(S.oill«,su|K>rinteui1ent 

Leveille Jo.-eph, superintendent 
of Pllotp 

Savigny A. B., mechanical en- 

Kerns John, wliarUnger's olTice 

liiennan M.. water bailiff 

(iah:n Pa. rick, caretaker 

Smaill John, asst wliartinger 

Kelson.!. M., asst engineer 

Steamboat inspector's ollico 

Burgess John, steamboat inspec- 

Department of Canals 

I'arent Henri, Kuporintending 
engineer of canals 

Uan-iujjton T. W., astista'. t en- 

Conway Michael, superintendent 
Lacliine canal 

Lesagu L. A., accountant and 
secretary department of canals 

Sutclill'e John, engineer and 
inspector Lachiue enlarge- 

Josliu II, K., resident engineer 
Lachiue canal enlargement 

Rosamond J. E., asst engineer 
Lacldnc canal enlargement 

Aylmer J. A., asst engineer La- 
chiue caual enlargement 

Duchosneuu Alfred, asst engineer 
Lachine canal enlargement 

Page John, asst engineer La- 
chiue caual enlargement 

Robertson U K., asst engineer 
Lachine canal enlargement 

Marino and Fisheries depart- 
ment, li. St A. Ornu)nd, agent 

Government River Police, H. 
St A. Orm mil, Inspector ; 
(ieorge Murpliy, chief 

Murphy George, chief Govern- 
ment River I'olice 

Urutond H. St. A., inspector of 
Government River Tolict! and 
agent Marine and Fisheries 
31 Pjxamining customs warohouso 

ViUeneuve J. E., appraiser 

Moir A., uppraLser 

Hilton J. !<., appraiser 

Gordon John, ap])raiser 

Gabler Tlieo., customs appraiser 

Tlionuis Richard, examining 
warehouse keeper 

Here McOill st. begins. 

Il".re Orey Xun st. beyini. 

45 S^guin Louis, saloon 

40 Goulding Mrs. M,, wid M., fruits 

47 River View hotel, Jas. O'Ueo, 

li) Rutulle J. Btc., barber 

51 Mayrand J, H., grocer 
Gouiu P. E., clerk 
Lfiveilli' Albert, clerk 

54 Parent Ulderic, Bohemian hotel 

55 Turcotto Am., Champlain hotel 

IVrra\ilt Hubeft, pilot 

Turcot Henri, bartender 

Perron Alfred, fireman 

Richelieu and Ontario Naviga- 
tion Co. '9 freight oflice, R.Mo- 
Ewpn, agent 

57 Gauvreau ICmery, proprietor 
Bull's Head hotel 
Globensky Benj . storeman 
Simard l.,i'on, bridge keeper 
Uutton Henry, bookkeeper 
Stone Paul, foreman 
Pr6vost Leandre, barkeeper 

Here King st. begins. 

59 New York and Lake Cliamplaiu 
Transportation Co., W. F. 
'I'orrancP. agent 
Torrance \V. F., agent Now York 
and L-ikP Cliamplaiu Trans- 
portation Co. 

C3 Larame >'., hay merchant 

Here Queen st. begins. 

67 Torrance D., & Co., warehouse 
GO Montreal A Ottawa Forwarding 

Co.. J. M. Kiiighorn, agent 
75 Larin C, Stars and Stripes 
Stars and Stripes hotel, C. 

Larin, proprietor 
Cushing J. A., public weigher 

Here Prince sf. begins. 

80 Williamson Jaa , warehouseman 

Here JMilce st. commences. 

81 Woodhouso .Tames, agent 

83 Norrls A Routli, Hour merchants 

86 Hope A. & C. J., & Co., ware- 


87 Ottawa River Navigation Co , 

Arthur Mullin, agent 

88 Canal toll ollice, J. O'Neill, col- 

lector; T. McXally, cashier; 
Franv'ois Corbeillo, whartiu- 
ger; L. Pomlnville, F. Bussier, 
Joseph St Louis, and John 
Arahill, clerks 
O'Neill J., collector Canal tolls 
McNally Thomas, cashier Caual 

Corbeille Franvois, wharfinger 
Pomiuvllle L., clerk Caual offlci' 
liussiero Frs., night clerk Canal 

St Louis Joseph, clerk Canal 

Arahlll John, clerk Canal office 
Buyer L. A., Hour Inspector 
Flour Inspection olhce, L. A. 

Boyer, Inspector 
Slnceiines - McNaughton For- 
warding and I'ug liuo, I). Sin- 
cennes, sec.-treus 
Slucennes U., secy.-treas. The 

Siiiceuni's-McNaughton line 
Glngras J. C, deputy flour in- 
Rousseau Phileas, deputy flour 

Montreal Telegraph Co. braucb 

ollice, ('. M. Lea, operator 
Murphy U,, & Co., lorwarders 
Bedord A. N., ttgiut lor D. Mur- 
i)hy & Co. 

89 Wilson Jas , jr., steamboat sup- 



Here Nazaretl 

90 Wight James, 
Kelly * Burv 

8tr Manitoba 

91 Dominion Tele 

oflice. Miss G 
93 Western Expr 

J. Hope it C< 
Brothers airs. 

John, saloon 
'J8 Lapierre Cypr 

Here Dallioua 

108 Slinrpe Jas. U 
Jaquos G E., 
and commisd 

City limits, St £ 

CONCORD, oppos 
St Lawrence wi 

o Kneen Thos,, b 

Davidson Willi 

5 Moore Ths.,sli( 

11 Cook Wm. J., I 

CONDE (formerly 
479 Wellington 
St Ann ward 

8 King A., carpe 

10 Geiiand Fr;iiiv'' 

Genaiid Gustii' 

Gcnand Augusi 

Here Grand Tram 

VI Bolton Wm., to 

Fell George, foi 

14 Rutherford Joh 

Here Centre si 

1.') Murphy John, 
I'.t O'Rourke John 
23 Hammond Jan 
'i) Mooiiey Daniel 
2IJ .McKirgow Adi 

Milligan James 
3!) Smitli Daniel, 
3,') Buller Thomas, 
37 Simard Josei)li 

O'Brien Cornel 

Here llic/iarilsu 

43 Lndoucour Mrs 

4."j .McManus .Mr.s. 

Visoau Charles 

49 Henry .lolin. Hi 
Henry David, i 
Henry Ale.\aui 

50 Hugron Callxt( 
ti;. .Mcllugh .Mrs. ( 
73 O'Neil .Miss A. 

Adams Win., I 
75 Stuart ,loiin, c 
77 Leger Joseph, 

Kelly Wm.. lal 

51 Ifouijers Wm,, 

Hire Stt I'lilrick 

farm to G. T. 
Point St Charle 

7 Ho'.ioy Willlui 

'.t Marks , lames C 

'^3 C.cklleld .Most 

1> St uey G.i tolej 







Here Nazareth St. btgins. 

90 Wicht James, fttorage 

Kelly ft Burwasb, proprit'tors 
8tr Manitoba, captain Kif(by 

91 Dominion Teloeraph Co. branch 

otfiCD, MiKS Gibdon, oi^rator 
93 Wpstt-m Express line, A. & C. 

J. Hope .fe Co., agents 
Brothors Mrs. Lt-ocadio, wid 

.)obn, saloon 
'J3 Lapierre Cyprien, saloon 

Here Dalhousie st. begins. 

108 Sliarpe Jas. U., nareliouscman 
Jaqiios U E., & Co., forwarders 
and commisdiun merchant* 

COMPTE, from St Matthew to the 
City limits, St Antoine ward 
Not built vpon. 

CONCORD, opposite 271 Bleury, 
St Lawrence ward 

3 Kneoii Thos., builder 

Uavidson Williiiui, traveller 
5 Moore Tli3..slioeiiiiik('r 
11 Cook Wm. J., plasterer 

CONDE (formerly St Croix), from 
479 Wellington north to Canal 
St Ann ward 

S King A., carpenter 

10 Ueiiand Franyois L., M.I). 
Genand Gustave, bank clerk 
Geiiand Aiiguste, clerk 

!L've Grand Trunk si. intersects. 

I'i Uolton Wm., tool maker 
Fell George, foreman U.T.U. 

11 Uutlieriord .lohn, trader 

Jhre Centre st. intersects. 

1.') Murphy John, grocer 
1!) O'Uourke John, wood dealer 
2:i lluiiimond .lames, laborer 
25 Mooney Daniel, butcher 
2(J .McKergow Aduiii, carjienter 

Milligan ,ram(>s, carpenter 
311 .Smith Daniel, laborer 
3') MullerThonias, trader 
37 8iinurd Joreph, cliM'k 

O'Urlen CorneliU's, laborer, r 

Here Jtichanlson st. begins. 

43 Ladonceur Mrs., wid Gabriel 
4.'j .XeMunus Mrs. E., wid Juuies 
Vlseau Clmrles, mason, r 

49 Henry .lohn, student 
iienry David, milkn\an 
Henry Alexander, tinisher 

50 ilugron Calixte, trader 

(i.) .Mcllngh .Mrs. C, wid Thomas 
73 O'Nell .Miss A.. 1. 

Adams Wni., laborer 
75 (Stuart <lonn. conductor 
77 l.i'ger Joseph, carter 

Ivelly Wm.. laborer 

51 IfoUgers Wm., carter 

Hire !itt I'lilrick st. intersects. 

CONOREQATION, fiom the Nuns' 
farm to 0, T. Railway track. 
Point St Charles, St Ann ward 

7 Hoiiuy William, carpenter 
't Miiiks , lames Cox, caretaker 

Zi C.cklleld .Moses, llllerG.'i'.U. 

'it Si ney G., telegraph opirutor 

26 Falconer Wm., engineer G.T.K. 

27 Hairriiomas, labt rerG.T.R. 

28 Thomas F. G., engine driver 

29 Seygner Henry, carpenter 

30 Lee Samuel, engineer G T.R. 

31 Allen Ji'seph. laborer G.T.K. 

32 Greenwood Cornelius, conduct- 

or G.T.K. 

33 Lewis John, machinist 

34 Kidgway John, painter G.T.K. 
3i> i>'nllard .los., enguieer G.T.K. 
38 Allan George, engineer G.T.K. 
44 Brown John, car checker G.T.K. 

Nixon Mrs. Sarah, wid W., r 

47 Curtis William, painter 

48 I'atchette Mrs. SI., wid Wm., r 
61 Singer William, carpenter 

03 Anderson John, woud turner 

05 Garrett F.-ed., carpenter 

67 .Stoot I'eter, driver 

(1 MacFarlane Kobert, carpenter 

73 Tyldsley Joseph, fitter G.T.K. 
75 Smith Charles W., carpenter 

77 Studd William, painter G T.K. 

78 Mclutosh Alex., storeman 
83 Hannah Mrs. K.. wid R. 

80 Sbotton I'liilip, liite. (iT.R. 

89 Stevenson Thomas, tbrenmn 
91 Dixon Kobert. shoemaker 

93 Miller Wm., engineer G.T K. 

94 Walton AU'rrd.curpenterti.T.R. 

95 Ifubinson G., conductor G.T.K. 

90 Hayr Jolin, roiid master (i.T.R. 

97 llolhind K, conductor G.T.K. 

98 Oliphant W. L.,sec. to mechani- 

cal superhiteiidi'nt (i.T.K. 

99 Miller J., engine driver G.T.K. 
101 .Monday Kli-is, conductor U.T.K. 
1"5 (iough lliomas, clerk G.T.K. 
I117 Walmsley Janie.-i, clerk (i.T.K. 
1119 Smith Daviil. blaeksniilh 

111 Langlands lly., engineer G.T.K. 

113 I'ringle Robert, en iter 

114 Klynii Mich., conductor (i.T.K. 

115 (iraluun Wm., uiacliinist (i.T.K. 

119 A^liurol't lUchard. clerk 

Jlere Fauardst. in/erstcls. 

122 (iaibraith William, grocer 
125 tjall Andi'ew, grocer 

120 Ayles (Jeorge. luborer 

loO Lyth' Frederick, engini'cr G.T.K. 

137 McMillan .Allies, coo|)er 

138 Ji-nkins William, shoemaker 
Labreche AUred, engine driver 

139 lliirold .Mrs. Martha, wid James, 


142 Ni'wmarcb ,Iames, fitter, r 

143 Morris \\ illiiim, btncksiiiith 

144 Day John, milkman 

145 Miller Chs. H., ofMiller Bros, & 

147 Mitchell .himes, machinist 

151 (ireig (Jeorge, muchinlst, r 

152 Anderson William, turner 

153 Stalker , lames, lab«rer, r 
1.54 Andei'son Colin, turner 
157 Wa],ne.)ohn, grocer 

100 Collinson (i., carpenter G T.R, 
liil (iolden Thomas, litter li T.R. 
104 Upton Philip, litter G.T.K. 

(ioudie Ali>x.. machinist (i.T.K. 
100 Kay J., lumber Ibrennin (i.T.K. 

171 Jliller Francis, patternnuiker 

172 King Henry, insurance clerk 

173 Archibald .lohn. ntachinist 

174 Maee Thomas Henry, foreman 

175 Dunn Tliomas, lirennm (i.T.K. 
170 Holland (i., engineer (i.T.K. 

177 Kiildell James, engineer 

178 Stone ,1. ('.. lelegi'aph operator 
Stone (i., tele;jiai>li operator 
ClillJuhn, ci\ll enirlneer 

180 Mace Kobert E., bookkeeper 
ISl Bell James, assistant superin- 
tendent G.T.K. 

182 Kingston Ed., train, despatcher 

183 St Matthew's Sunday school 

St Matthew's church, Canada 
I'resbytcrian, rev. W. K. 
Cruikshank, minister 

180 Belcher rev. Samuel, rector 
(■race church, Ch of England 

18S Millington J., engineer GT.R. , 

194 Cronshaw J., conductor G.'T.K. 

195 Kirkup John, carpenter 

197 Miller James, brakeman G.T.R. 
199 H ighmore Thomas, dyer 
203 Vaux William, groceries 

I/ere H'ellingfon st. intenects. 
207 Bolton Charles, hotelkeener 

Kickless James, litter G.T.K. 

I'reston Alex , brakeman G.T.R. 

Livingston AU'X.,labe, cT G.T.R. 
213 FrasiT G<?orge, clerk 
217 Atkinson John, engine driver 

221 Clark Chs., carpenter G.T.R. 

222 Secombe Win., machinist (i.T.K. 
'.i'20 Uutram (ieorge, of Georgo Out- 
ran! & Son 

Here Grand Trunk li. It. track 


CONTANT, westofl"84Campeau, 
St James ward 

8 Conrval Eugene, joiner 
10 Hicki-y .Mrs. Jas., charwoman 
14 Harri?on .Vliehael, carter 
!iO Lafrimce Edouard. laborer 
Chartiand 11., laborer 

CONWAY, from the River wett 
to 25 St Etienne, in rear of For- 
far St Ann ward 

I Inlayson Donald SI., machinist 
8 Finlayson Xorman, storeman 
10 Finlayson ,1. A., customs broker 
12 -Marshall Alexander, printer 
10 Anderson Wm., joiner 
'2o McCarthv Edward, blacksmith 
22 Thompson A. G.,of A. D.Thom- 

i-on & Co. 
20 Orr Robert, saw maker 
'28 Abraham W., soap nianufr 
30 .McCiilloch Kobert, tinsmith 
33 Kroadhurst Geo., engineer 
35 Imrie George, clerk G.T.K. 
39 I'iche, laker 
41 (iirard (has. L., nuichinist 
43 Roberts (ieorge, foremau 

51 Ivelly William, carter 

52 Lew'is Frederick, painter 
Victoria mi.ssion, Chs. Houston, 


Here Menal st. intersects. 
08 Charlton Thomas, clerk 
7u Murphy Mrs. AnnOla 

71 .McXamara lames, laborer 

72 Hickery Juliu". nailer 

74 Hssam .Mis., wid R, charwoman 
70 Hold Richard, nollcenuiu G.T.R. 
78 Keough Tiniotliy, shoemaker 

80 Spearman E, coinluctor G.X.R. 

81 llrown .lames, watchman 

83 Calhighan .Mrs. Miiry,wid Henry 
Calhighan James O., machinist 
80 .McNab John, conductor ti.T.R. 
88 Ryder James, check^'r G.T.R. 
98 Crtitohlow (i , conductor U.T.K. 

100 O'Keeli' Ihonnis. laborer 

101 Furlong .lohn, carter 

102 (Juillan I'eter, laborer 
105 llrown .lolin, storennui 

100 McMaliouMrs, Mai-garet,widil. 







107 Cooper FredarickW, machinist 
106 Gordon William, carpenter 
1U9 KrigK^ Kzra, carpoiittr 

110 Green K., ni$;ht wxtchman 

111 Walker James, nailer 
113 Itaker E , laborer 

116 Mitchell Wm., laboior 

117 l*owli;8 Henry, bl.ieksmitb 
119 PowlesH. U.. Utter 

121 Noonan Michael, laborer 

COSTIOAN LANE, off 233 Rich- 
mond, St Antoine ward 

141 Hiizlatt Alex., carter 

ICi>l>iiisi>ii David 
143 Bla oliet Clovis, carter 
145 Luplanle Odile, bukcr 
147 Kdilor .los., cabinetmaker 
149 Labrec<)ue Uuniase, laboier 
14!<J8mith Stephen, paporbiifj nianf 

ht Maurice Jer^mie, carpenter 
151 Desjanlins Narci«fe, laborer 

Savariat Napolton, carter 

1127 Shorbrooke north to the 
City boundary, St Antoine 
21 UrqubaVt Alex. 

Here StimmerhUlav. begins. 
rhillipa Mrs. J. D., wid W. E., 

Summerhill av 
Harte J. A., diuggist, Summer- 
hill av 
Henry George Wm., gardener, 

Sumnierbili av 
Scott John, coachman, Summer- 
hill av 
100 Ewing Samuel H., of S. H. & 
A. S. Ewing 
Leduc Maxime, gardener 
Garrelo Louj8, gardener 
116 Auld John, corK manufacturer 
Auld Charles, clerk 
Auld itobert, clerk 
Auld Edward, clerk 
149 Piy J. J , y.C, ot Day & Day 
Da/ E. T., ofDay & Day 
beard 8. W., cual merchant 
151 Cro-g hon. Alex., judne 

Cross S. 
161 McCord David R,, advocate 

OOTTE, from 681 Craig north to 
511 Laganchetierd, St Law- 
rence ward 

1 Vogt Mrs. Em^lina, wid Joseph, 


SO IJropliy Hobcrt, bdg hse 

Whitiing Uluh., bluckKmiht 

Gaidan George, water police 

32 Koester Alex. J., snlooiikveper 

23 Theatre Koyal, Jesse Joseph, 

28]Jell}niiin Richard, proprietor 
Canada paper box factory 
Union Machine Co., S. J. Urls- 
sct, proprietor 
21 Patterson Wm., fcn.. proprietor 
Victoria livery stnbles 

30 Clark Joseph, foreman City Tus- 

Minger Kallway Co. stables 
Franklin John J ., inepcctor t'ily 
I'ansenger l{allway Co. 

31 Chapleaii J., & Son, printers and 


Here ViM at. intersects. 

3T Hell Morris, iron worker 
CuUen Mrs. M, wid Wni. 

39 Loughead John, clerk 
41 Allan Robert, driver 

Kerr William, coppersmith 
43 Briti-h and Canadian scbnol. 
John McKcrcher, U.C.L.,bcad 
Kyle John, caretaker 
50 Christian IJrolbcrs school, rev. 
Bro. Fiamien, director 

COURSOL, from 198 Cannirg to 
City limits, St Antoine ward 
4 Ueauchamp Denis, carpenter 
Here Fuffordnt. intersects. 

8 Sloniingp Petrr, grocer 
ID Wooliey James, moulder 
11 Hobson K.S., clerk U.T.R. 

13 Lyons Stephens, grocer 

14 liamsay John, com traveller 

15 Garvey A. A. E.. tel operator 

16 Smith Robert, lithographer 

17 Brady John, gardener 

18 Leeson U., nisiiiiifacturersagent 
liO Krogan A., of Wright & Ilrogan 
21 Mathews Wellington, agent 

'J2 McGoun James, com traveller 

23 -Massey S., com traveller 

24 Filer R., foreman 

25 Cunningham Geo. W., pattern 


27 Mussel James, millwright 

28 Shearly ^'icholas, butcher 

29 Fudger James B., accountant 

Sun Mutual Life Ins. Co. 

30 I>>e John M., millwright 

31 Webster Clis., clerk Shedden 

Co. cartage office G.T.R. 

32 O'Connor Ed. G., editor Star 

33 Burden Thos. W., bookkeeper 

34 Proud W. W., conductor 

35 I'odd Robert, clerk 

Todd Thomas, clerk G.T.R. 
Todd Patrick D., c'erk G.T.R. 

36 Woodford Charles W., late man- 

ager .Montreal Horse Shoo and 
Horse Nail works 
Woodford il. E., machinist 

37 Burgess Mrs. J., wid Jolm 

38 Brown David, jun., of James 

Brown & Bros. 

39 Allan Thos., book agent 

40 Cameron Hugh, bookkeeper 

41 Uodd W. F., clerk 

42 Clark Wm., meat preserver 

43 Salesbury Clias., clerk G.T.R. 

44 Slcliergow John, of A. A. Ayer 

& Co, 

45 Wilton William, bookkfoper 

46 Weisenborn Chas., clerk G.T.R. 

47 Curran J. J., Q.C., of Curran & 


48 McArlluir Miss Jeannio 

4!) Midbujuf Arthur, customs clerk 

50 Martin J. W..timi'kceperG T.R. 

51 Urniond 11. St A., agent 

Marine and Fisheries ana in- 
spector of Government police 
53 Mudge Mcb R., manufacturer 

//ere JJominion si. intersects, 
64 Bell Jo.-'hua A., of Bull, Simpson 
k Co. 

55 Ilowoll Go'irge, bookkeeper 
Howell E. J ., oiMi traveller 
Howell A, W., i)ainter 
Howell B. T., auclioneer's c'erk 

56 Stiaoliun A., acct Mol-ous bai.k 
f)7 McCabe F. K. , manager 

58 (iny William, buokkeeper 

59 Uingland G., clerk 

60 Itoiiger J., clerk 

64 Sienee (J. S., Ireigbt account- 
kut'suillce G.T.R. 

65 Whitney Edwin R., inventor 

66 Cruchet rev A. B., of Canning 

Street church 

67 Tester J. W., of J. W. Teeter Jt 

63 McDonald Wm., ma'ch mann- 

70 Thurneloe Walter, bookkeeper 
Thorneloe R. C , clerk 

71 Dixon rev. James U., rector St 

Judo's church 

72 Farrell Jiimes, com merchant 

73 Schneider Geo., com traveller 

74 Wynu Richard, machinist 

75 Robinson (Jeo G., jevi'eller 

77 Fiiidlay John, stove manufr 
St. Jnde's church, rev. J. H. 
Dixon, rt'CtLT 

CODRVILLE, from Lavel Avenue 
west to 525 St Lawrence, above 
Sherbrooke, St Louis ward 

7 Comte Joseph 

9 l>awlor Mrs. Margaret, wid P. 

17 lindale Matthew, manufacturer 

of patent groats 

18 Young James, brasstiiii^her 

19 Ryan M., merchant tailor 

Here Cadieux at. intersects. 

29 Scott James, com traveller 

Eraser Geo., grocer 
37 Bureau Chs., laborer 

//ere St. Hypolile st. intersectf. 

Johnston John, grocer 
42 Kochn Ferdinand, tailor 
44 Doudiet rev Charles A, minister 
St John's French Protestant 
Presbyterian church 
46 Bryson Mrs. Jane, wid T. M. 
Bryson H. E., of T. M. Bryson 

Bryson J. Elliott, ins clerk 
Bryson Benj. W. 

46 McGill Mrs. Jane, wid David 

47 BInmoreMrs. Elizabeth, wid G. 

48 <;osten T. W., druggist 
49iLoiseIle P. 

60 Lamontagne Chns., bookkeepor 

61 Pipe Wm., macliinii-t 
51iF>royd John, engineer 

52 Wilson Andrew, bookkeeper 

63 Michaud J. H., com merchant 

64 Hall John S., bookkeeper 
Hall James M.. bookkeeper 

55 McKiermm Hugh, ship liner 
60 Wright James, conlruc'.or 

Wright Jas. R., clerk 
56JWard James, builder 

Here St. Dominique st. interseets. 

57 LeeThs., Bank of Montreal 

58 Raclcot Albert, grocer 
no Terrault Elol, jun., clerk 

62 Taylor Wm., pliisterei' 
Church Miss, dressmaker 

64 McCoy .Tanus, storenian 
(16 Murphy Felix, gardener 

65 Stott Albert, carpenter 

CRAIO,fromColborneav west to 
88 St Bonaventure, St Antoine 
St Mary, St James, St Louis, St 
Lawrence and St Antoiue wards 

11 .McEntee Frs., beer driver 

39 Jones Chas. Jus., laborer 

J/ere Shaw st. in'crsecls. 

40 Hands Mrs. Bridget, wid Wm.> 




41 Murphy Timet 
44 Parsons .fohn, 
Donais Alf., Hr 
47 Police station 
Lancy Chs., si 
Berard Chas., 
Fire station 
guardian ; ii 
Donais, Jose 
Josepli C. G' 
Codin Adoliihi 

tire station 
Aumond Moi's 


I/ere Gain st 

56 Bagg David, sli 
5S Dwyer Micliaol 
02 Breniiun Edwii 
63 Cantwell Pairic 

Here Papineau 

CO Paplnonu mai 

Dauiiais, c » 

assistant cle 

Daui'iiis Clei'i 

neau marl<(>t 


Here Papineau 

68 Brais Hormisda 

Scott Wm.. CO) 

Laperclie C, 

76 Kii tiir Louis, n 

78 Slartel Fraiici-, 

O. & U. UR. 

Here St. Adolplna 

84 Fitzgerald Ed. r 
MJGlover William, 
i'7'Cody Wm. F , c 

88 Muini William, i 

89 Contant Fr.''., w( 
9it Perkins Chas., n 
90JLalnniier(> .Saniii 
92 Galarneau Alfre 

Demer.s l-.tieuiie. 

92iUrazean .Mrs. (i 

Barbeau Mrs F.i 

Cbaput — , labor 

Here Voltigeurs • 

95 St Mary's foun 

Crevier, prop' 

98 Smith Horsley, I 

Km) Ryan I bomas°, si 

James Robert, It 

103 McDonald Mrs. 

Glaniien TIroma- 

Large Edward, 1 

105 Gauthier .Mrs. / 

106 Dickson I.,<>uis, I 

107 Bertrand & Laii 
109 Bertrand D6Mr 

& Langevin 
Langevin I'ous,, 

//ere St. Ignace , 

lU) Doray <t Limogt 
112JVerdoii Camille, 
114 Daoust Maxime 
116 .Monaripie Andr( 

Egginton Itlcha 

Desmarais Mrs. 

Latrance Louis, 
116 Burke Mrs. Mar 

liOrlieTous., lal 

120 Lynuli Joseiih, li 
IMsormeaii Thoi 
Guidi .lean, cabi 

122 (jutiital E T, sb 

121 Ball Benjamin, i 







west to 


ouis, H 





41 Murphy Timothy, grocer 
44 l'ar8on» John, laborpr 

Donais Alf., Urpman No.8 station 
47 I'olicn station Ko. 2, C. Berard, 
Lanc'y Chs., sub-chiof of police 
Berard Chas., seigt city police 
51 Fire gt:ition No. 8, A. Oodin, 
Kuardian ; Mcil^c AiimonrI, A. 
DDiiais, Joiie|ili St Pierre and 
Jo^^epll 0. Ciiioiix, firemen 
Codin AdolKho, guardian No. 8 

tire station 
Aumond Moiise, tireman 

Here Gain st. intersecls. 

53 Bagg Uavid, shoemal^er 
5"? Dwyer Minliael, laborer 

62 Itrcnnan Kilwiinl, shoeinaker 

63 Uantwell I'.ilrick, gauiier 

Ihre P(t/)ineau s-]. ineraects. 

66 rapineau market, Cleophas 
liauiiais, otrk; Hon. Vouds, 
ansit'tant clerk 
Daui'iils C'lt'i.plias, clerk Tapi- 
neau market 

Jlere Pajtineau road commences. 

68 Krais Hormisdaa, hay dealer 
Scolt Win.. confl'Ctioner 
LuprrcliB C, .xaloon 
76 KirHir l,oui>. in:ic)iinist 
78 ilartol Kranci^, conductor Q M. 
O. & U. U.K. 

Bere St.. Adolphwt st. intergecLs. 

St Fitzji^rald Kd. U , pre.-^smau 
f-a.lGlover William, laborer 
Sr'Cody Wni. !•' , com tra.eller 

88 Muiin William, moulder 

89 Contiint l''r.<., wood merchant 
(Xl I'erkins CIihb., miichinist 
QlJLaUiniiL-re .Samuel, lal)orer 

92 Ualurneau Alfre I, beer driver 
Demei.s Kfieiiiie. beer driver 

i)2ilSrazeau Mn. (i, wid t;., tr.nder 
Jlarlieau JlrH Kujienie, wid C, r 
Chaput — , laborer, r 

Here Voltigeurs st. intersects. 

95 St Mary's foundry, Toussaint 
Crevier, prop' ietur 

93 Smith llorsley, laborer 
Km) Kyan Ihomas, Hhoeniakur 

•lames Uobert, laborer 
1U3 MotJoiiald Mrs. ,)aue, wid T. 

tilaniien Tliomii-;. laborer 

Large Kdward, laborer 
105 (jBUthier .Mrs. Zott, wid Medard 
l(i6 Dickson Louis, laborer 
107 Bi-rtrand & I/angevin, grocers 
109 Bertrand D6sire, of bertrand 
& Laugpvin 

Langeviu i'ouii., of Bertraud & 

Jlere St. Ignaoe si. intersects. 

Ill) Doray ft Limoges, grocers 
ir2)Verdun Ciimille, i>rlnlur 
114 Daoust Maxime, labori r 
116 Monaniiie Andr^, confeclioner 

Kggiiiton ItlelianI, laboriT 

Desinarais Mrs. A., wid M. 

Latrance Louis, lab 'rer 
US llurke Mr.-t. Mary, wid John 

LoriioTous., laborer 

120 Lynch Joseph, laborer 
Diisormeau Thonuis, carter 
(iuidi .lean, cnbtni'tmakcr 

122 (juliitul to T, shoemaker 

121 Ball Uvnjamiu, muuldur 

124 Quinn Thomas, C PR 
McCJarey John, safemakor 

126 Ball Joseph, niarblecutter 

128 ItallTlionias, carter 
Fecteaux Ge.orge, joiner 

131 Deliirme S^riipl^n, laborer 

133 Lav'gne Kdward, laborer 

HO M' Jamc-^.^adiJIir 

Mc.Uillen Mrs. Margaret, wid J. 
Weldon John, ston man 

144 Tremblny Ktionnu, grocer 
Itousseau Jo-epli, cnrpeuter, r 
Gravel tNcar, shoemaker, r 

Here Desalaher-ry st. in'ersecls. 

148 Cowan Mrs. C, wid David 
ir)0 (iiroux Mrs. IL. wid Ferdinand 
Tririii e Mrs. Olivf, w d Cliiis. 

152 Lafrenii re Nar., saddler 

153 Coii'tcnav Mi<.>< M., fruit dealer 
looil.and) deorge, clerk 

Hnckirr Jlr-i M., wid .lames J . 
157 Ball Kicloird, mouMer 
159 l!ol)i>rt Albert, piiinter 

St Mary's church, U.C. 

Here Panel nt. intersect f. 

163 ISarcelo K. B., grocer 
lii5 JIartiii Ailoljilu', [irofessor 
li!6 l.e>carbetiii I'liilcas, (jrorer 
167 M:di ney Mr-, li. wiil M 

I'lante SIcplien, galvanizer 
109 eiiiiitr^iult K. S., clerl; Mon- 
treal jail 
n Harcolo O.'^car, groci^r 
175 Baolilaw II. \V., baker 
177 Mur-h .Mrs, Sarah, wid Ale.x. 

Marsh John, bra!<sliiiisher 
151 Vi-itatiou Model school, con- 
pation of Notre Danv, sister 
Si lii'ai.s, supeiioress 

Here VisUalion si. intersects. 

181 Acadeinie St Marie, A. D. La- 

croix, ' rincipal 
1S7 Brozi's O'lillaiiinc, j;rocer 
191 Iticha'd Arthur, policeman 
lOllHion.-i^eau I..()uis, root'or 

"Brou.-.seau .lu!-eph, of Foisy Jt 
195 Ciiard Frs , policeman 
195JNolin I.,, (i., eiiy oorporatn col. 
197 liaignet .\iini^. policeman 
199J(!ourval Miss Marie, fruits 

Here lieaudry si. tiejins. 

200 M mtreal Manufacturing Co., 

(i . H Kcudiill, piiHiK^er 
'201Jl'oitras AlpbooBO, hotelkeeper 
203 Smith .Mrs Llizj.,wid Wni 
2u5 Lucroix Mrs. K., wid I'., bdg hsc 
2()6lHertiand J. .1., butcher 
207'(irlgiion A., tinsmitli 

NornuiiKliu Narolsse, Joiner 
207UW»us(iuet — , jo'ner 
20751Je:iucliiiinp .Jos., com traveler 
2ii8 l'ag(!N& Ferguson, tubao mfrs 
'-iOO Kyleiliinies It., clerk 

Corner Robert 
20931'iiri'nt .Miixime, driver 

Rahoul Piirre, b(>er driver 
211 Ciiigra* Mr:'. Salome, wid Ang,, 

trad' ! 
213 Laiizon Vital, carter 
i^l7 SuiiilltT Kusebe, saloon 

Here M mtcalm at. intersects, 

218 llurtiiblsp Camillo, grocer 
220 Lahaise Franyois 
'<121 Daiisereau P , c.irriagemakcr, 
'J22 Sorgi aul Arseiie. gardener 
Ueaucluimp Joan, trader, r 

223 Oulnn Mrs. John, trader 
2*24 Michon Ciermain 
225 Rioux Wilfrid, shoemaker 
2:s7 Flood James, policeiftan 

230 Nicholson George, butcher 

231 C'atlicartT.. grocer 

Here Wolfe st. intersects. 

2.'?2 Kiorna" D.. night watchman 
'Siiii .Martel Kugene, butcher 
234 Donnelly P., & Co., lumber yard 
■-35 Lane Mrs. Ague-, wid Wiliiam 
237 Clianipagnc KugtSne, engineer 
1^39 V'illeniaire Mis. Liza, wid Edw, 
'243 Carroll James, trader 

Jlere Amherst st. intersects. 

ICastern Congregational church 

Re.iiiick (.'porgc 
251 IJa Fred. W., locksmith 
'252 I'>arrett<> Fr.^. X., stevedore 
•253 Lnpieii Leandre, shociiiuker 

Bouchard .Mi.-." K., ilre-sinaker 
251 .Mareliand Miss M. L.. drcvsinkr 
'257 (!ontant Frs., wood incrchiint 
1:59 Renuiid Hector, ef lienaud & 

lienaud Mrs. H., dre.>"imaker 
261 Keiiaud & Fre!(\ grocers 

Smith F. X., livery sta'iies 

Here Jacques Varlier st. inter- 

'2' 3 Xoel Fvnride, grocer 
'265 (Jagiion ,li)seph, saloon 
'266 .Mathleu A., carriagi'inaker 

BiMgevin Charles, laborer 

Bergevin Miss K , dressmaker 
267 Proulx & Co., coppersmiths 

I'ruulx A , of Proulx & Co. 
'268 I'aqnette A. D , saloon 
'209 I'icli6 Herdiound. engineer 

De.-lrcdsniHisons J., bookkeeper 
'271 Trudel Mrs. K,. D., cigars 

JJere Campeau si. intersects. 

276 Donnelly p , % Co., lum morchts 
'284 liiouilleite Clis., window, door 

and blind immufacturer 
'280 Pai|Uetto k Robert, nianufac- 

tiiiers of doors, t-ashes, Ac. 
MhIo P a., carver 
287 Viger cattle nlar'■^ct, Edward 

O'lieilly, clerk; A. Robert, 

assistant clerk 
O'Keilly E., clerk Viger market 
'292 Ut^-autels .Michel, livery stables 
295 Sylvestre Felix, hotel 
'298 Fausse A., veterinary surgeon 
Momini Michel, blacksmih, r 
'299 llumelin Jo.seph, saloon 
.'Ji'ljLeb anc Joseph, grocer 
302 Bonnar A. J., Cincinnati hotel 

Jlere Rnpallu at. begins, 

304 Beanchemin A., & Co , manii- 

luicrs of thrusliing machines 
;in6 Poiilin Samuel, clerk 
3'i9 DesiioyerNarcissp.hayandstraw 
3Ut I^-febvre K., of l.efebvre .k Vlnu 
311 Viger .Si)uare hotel, Payette Ik 
Guilbault, proprietors 
I'a^ ette k Uuilb lult, proprietors 
Viger Square hotel 

Here St. Hubert at. intersects. 

812 Wall llonry, bookkeeper 

314 Angers Kdmond, merchnnt 
316 Mt\tlvier Louis li., contrnotor 
C0t6 J. A., ofN. J. COI^ & Co. 

• t] 







318 Monctte Olivier, bookkpoppr 
Catelli Clmrlcsi, statuary 

Here Herri lane enda. 




Clcmont.Tosppli, fruit doaler 
McC'orinaok H. .1., clerk 
Hubert Cltment, laborer 
S6n6cnl Louis A., toiitiactor 
Loraiiffpr Jos. M., <^ C, of ,i- 

anpt-r, Loranpor & ISaudin 
Loranppr Hon. L. O., M.IM»., 

Att-(Jpn . , of Lorangor, Lorun- 

fiyr & Baud in 
Bailhir(?coii Vital. P. O. clerk 
LafrPiiiero ('., tobacco .* fruits 
Kobiilurd Kdmoiid, M.D. 
llrissctte & Norniandin, lumbpr 


J/cre Bowecours nt. endu and K>t. 
Denis st. heyins. 

S69 Graiigrr XapoK'on. saloon 

370 Flynn John .1., fruitsaiid confoc- 

373 Ouimpt t>..phnnl)er and tinsmith 
377 V^zina Mis> 8., drossniaker 
370 Vezina Frs. A., sliopmakpr 
381 Kay C. \V., gilder and picture 

3S3 Key Claudp, watchmaker 
384 Canliii Dosith^c, horseshoer 
Chpvalier .1. 14., vetrny surgeon 

386 Pillar Lindsay. lumbPr yard 
Kertrand M., contractor 

387 Bouchard riiilip. trader 
Lambert Peter, contractor 

389 Trevier J. A., M.D., naturalist 
I'lamondon Tli6 idore, notary 

393 Fauteux Leandre, coal mclit 
Fauteux Arthur, bookkeeper 

Here GoHford st. ends an I San- 
(juinet St. hcijins. 

4'il Cn'Oinas George, hotolkoeper 

4II.J Koray K., hotel 

40J Charron .AI., trun'<sand unibrlas 

411 Fogarty Miss JIury. fruits 

413 Circe Timssaint, miIixiu 

417 C:flt6 N. J.. & Co., tobacconists 

419 St Armand Xavler, shoemaker 

421 Quail Miss .Mary 

421Jltosco Jolin, medicinal herbs 

423 (joulet A. H., Figaro hotel 

F'iparo hotel, A. il. Cjoulet, pro- 
Bellehumeur Klie, barber 
Devillo A., prof of Knglish and 

Grenier rev. Clias. \V ,asstpa«- 
for First French Prot. church 
French Methodist church (lirst), 
rev. L. N. Beaudry, pastor; 
rev. (.'. W. Grenier and K. \V. 
iJeveneau, assistants; A. L)e- 
ville, sexton 

Here St. Elizaheth st. begins. 

433 Brosseau AlfVedT., M.D. 
435 Lapierie>J , boots and slioc.s 
437 Vincent A., carver and gilder 
4o9 Malcolm Mrs. Klizabeth, wid R, 
4'1 Itiel Mrs. P., wid .los,, milliner 
443 Labbe I'ierre, ol P. LabU&Co. 

Htrc German st. begins. 

Kcad Department yards, old 
drill 8lied, J. Labelle, loreman 
450 Labelle J., ftiroman Koad depart- 

Victoria Rifles armory, old drill 

Montreal Garri>on Artilleiy ar- 



Here Si. Constant st. begins. 

401 Arcan J. B., sa'oon 

4U3 Armstrong W m., gunsmith and 

fisliiug tackle 
4(i5 F'nuteux Artliur, barber and 

4i)S Slecth t).. wood yard 
473 Brisebois S ,<iysters and tobacco 
475 I'aluchaud G., carriasemaker 

l'<uncliaud Mrs. li., dres.smaker 
481 Leniicux M., sec liand furniture 

Here Perrenuk lane begins and 
St. Gabriel st. ends. 

483 C0t«5 Telespliore, proj) Oreana 
Oreana house, T. C0t6. prop 
485 Meek .lames, fruit dealer and 
Kills Chris. C, com traveler 
48 eHedard Louis, notary 
4H5]Boker <;., SI George hotel 
48(j Matliii-u Adolphe, advocate 
4^7.Coughluii .M., shoemaker 
4S8 Mousseau & Archumbeault, ad- 
(ioyette Pierre, student 

489 Vailerand A. I., tobacconist 

litre St. Domiiiii/ue ,it. begi'' 

490 Parent Maxim , livery staMo 
401 Deladuraniaye II. JI., saloon 
493 Jacob Simon, tobacconist 
497 Un.scOtes E., picture framer 

l.avasseur Chnrles, shoemaker 
408 lytipton John lumber 

Iiose C. ^\., joLhiiig smith 
490 Ma>:ton .Toseph, g'inmaki'r 
5 '1 Lee Wall, Chinese liiuiidry 
505 Craig •liimes, pianomaker 

Dauteuil Miss ,Iulie 

Maisonnenve C'arlis. currier 
507 Fi'atherston V. M., buots it shoes 
oiiS I'reund Kmil' .saloon 

lli-rt St. Lamtr.'rt >7. cmh nn't- St. 
Lawrtnce .it. begins. 

511 Gravel Fn'res, g,ocerie.s, &c. 
612 Meunier Charles, iiublic market 
510 (iurney K. & C. iV Co., stoves 

517 McGriith John, fruit, Ac. 

518 Pratt A.', & Co., ciibinotmakers 
f.l9 Baylis Artliur. bartender 

520 Geiitesse C, liat block niaki-r 
o20iGauthier K., turniture dealer 
52rXatiouaI Hall saloon 

Jlere St. Chiirles Ilnrr<)m-;e st. 


522 Siegars (iilbert E.. hatbleaclipry 
^'£i t'uino Antonio, luun-, bacon, Aic 

524 Surveyer I.,. J. .V.. hardware 

525 Blumiield B,, jiawubroker 

526 Brown .lohn, stoves 
Kichanl.^un J, A,, & Son, plum- 

527 Uaniien ,1. L., frame maker 

528 (iaraiid J. I!.,]iainter 
52it Pa()uette W. .M., saloon 
529iCrockfor(l Allied, lunch room 
531 Que(>irs sample rooms, Mrs. C. 

\\oima, proprietress 
531J Worms Charles, Jl.U., patent 

Club rooms of the Young Men's 

Lnion of F'rendship 
5.32 Cletidinneng William, stovei 
.'io^J Itesseau (iustave, imblic market 
5o3JMarcou 1»., wire worker 
630 (ianh Chs., & Co., metal works 
537jliubeu8teiu Bros., silver platers 

537iRuben8tein I., of Rubenstein 
Jtnbenstein J., of Rubenstein 

Rubi nstcin Ma.x, glazier 
JJubenstein Lazarus, silver plater 
Rubenstein A., silver plater 
.5.30 Crevier 'I'oussaint, tinsmith 
539] Ross Uavid, clerk 

Smith William, lumber 
5tl Mason John, & Co., saloon 
Mason ,f.. of,!. Mason .t Co. 
545 Pearson James, public market 
540 Parlspau T., furniture 
547 Leblanc J. IL, leathers, &c. 
5S0 Gauttier Pierre, of Gauttier k 

5.51 Walker Alexander, hardware 
552 Gauttier & Vervais, gilders 
554 Vervais Leon, restaurant 
556 VervaisLoon,ofGaut{ior<k Ver- 
562 Bennett John 1)., cabinetmaker 
504 Rico r. (i., -Montreal Wire works 
5!i4'.Kivar(I L. E., bookseller 
564iC.ty Pa.ssonger Railway waiting 

Here FUice d' Amies hill ends anil 

St. Urbain st. begins. 

5G5 Canibpell James, restaurant 
60H llorurd I-. J., manufacturer 
5(!'J Tyler William, conlectioner 

570 Cox J., shirt and collar manufr 
UecarieA., & Co., Victoria Wir 

570 j Scott JauiRs D., engraver 

571 (^uiiin John, saloon 
572j(ireene Frs.. plumber 

575 Perry John, boots and shoes 

577 Donaldson Robert, machinist 

578 liice Brothers, )>aper collars 
570 Massy Xavier, restaurant 

581 N'ogt .Mrs. E., & Co., saloon 
Vojt .Mrs. E., of .Mrs. E. Yogi 

& Co. 

Jlere Cotte si. heijins. 

582 .Tellyman R., paper box manufr 
584 Wilson J. C., & Co., manufac- 
turers of paper bags, itc. 

''.i3 Cliuntelonp Ernest, brasslniislier 
J91 Gprliardt & Co., engineers 

Gebhardt G. J., of (J. J. Geb- 
liardt & Co. 
O'Jj Vinelierg Isaac, second-hand 

597 Morrison A., A: Son. Domiuiou 

Electrotype foundry 
Morrison ic, of A. Morrison it 

598 tielihardtCi. J., & Co., engravre 
fill Morgan W..& Co., public market 

II' i< St. Franqoia Xavier st. ends. 

FyfoJames, scale manufacturer 
.\iurray & Murrotte, City collW 

Beaubien Pierre, M.O. 
Fireman's hall, ,101111 F. Nolan 

Nolan .lohn F., guanlian Fire 

station So. 1 
Ferpuson Alex , hoseniaker 
Meliolsun Wm. G., Ureiiian 
Fire Station No. 1, John F. 

Nolan, guardian 
I'atton W in. .chief engineer Fin 







Here CUennvvilte st. Iicyins. 

GlS'Truteau Alfred, snloon 
617 Cule J. R,, wa'.chiiiuker 


617J Chevalier Loi 
018 St Lawrence h 
619 Ratcliffe S.H.,s 
623 Slevin Mrs. Sa 

Here St. deorgi 

C24 Star Kmploym 
C2o Aronson L., s( 
C2U Dick & Co., p 
L'uiver.-al II 
627 Goltman A., c 
029 Allen Lazarus,i 
631 Long-Song. Ch 
C35 .AIcKee Williai 
637 Fowler .James 

C'leland James 

Laurie John, & 

Kiell'.r Bros 
boot and sho 

Kiellbr .loseph 

White Robt. 

Goodiick 11. ,1a! 

I'ump works 

Best J., pattern 
f;39 S'ltherland Jar 
040 Stewart .M., lur 
641 Siunett D., A C 

Sinnett D., <if I 
043 Wellstead Mrs 
645 Rogers & King 
640 & (jibb 

Gibb P. Thoma 
ters and mam 
648 New William 
040 Swenson C, ^\ 
650 Ewan Wm.,& 
052 King Wm.,fun 
io3 Bernstein I.saa 

654 Date J., plumbc 

655 Aiierlmcli SI. I 

055; Hart L. 'P., opti 
0-57 Lightstone F. ( 

650 ("ouper llenry. 1 
061 Cunningham Jii 


602 Dominion .Macl 

U. liuidiHiian 

Buchanan It. IL 

ion Mao'iiiierj 

002:.Oddfellows cliai 

Howard Div. S. 

(;<13 lunes James, bo 

Kyte S. C. prii 

604 Henry, 

liardware &'li 

005 Hunt, Barnes 


Smith L. W.,,1 

Barnes & Co. 

C07 Benett John C , 

Robert Ale.xis, 1 

Here liteuru st. I 

I'rter St. 

609 Brodie & Hnrvi 

071 Mooney Henry, 

072 Mitchell 1{.,&C 

073 Ihompsoii ,Johii 
075 Burns A; (iormi 
077 Bruneau O.. vet 
ii79 .Maguire Wm., 1 

083 Xlarcoux D., wi 

084 Gross, Clare & 

strument man 
Canada Truss 
Claru \ Co. 

085 Dion IL, tobacc 
t:K7 I'ayne George, 1 
0S9 WhilcA.T., sii 

Cosby A. II. , m 
O'Jl Wttddell Thos. 






Amount of Profits Betarned the Assared. HEAD OFFICE, 179 ST JAKES ST 

til'i Chevalier Loui!i, merchant 
G18 St Lawrence Imll 
61'J KatclifTe .S.H.,!«;con(l-haud books 
023 Sleviji Mrf. iiarah, widJ., hotel 

litre St. George st.inU-rsects, 

C24 Star Emi)loympiit agency 

C25 Aroneon L., ccconil-haiid store 

C20 Dick &, Co., proprietors Dick's 

Uiiiver.-al IIori"o medicine 
627 Goltman A., clothing 
029 Allen Lnzarus, second-hand store 
6?1 I-ong-Sonjr. Chinese laundry 
(135 McKeo William, tubaccouis't 
C3" Kowler James, cutler 
Clelaiid James, die maker 
I^aurie Jolin,& Bro., machinists 
Kiill'-.r Uros., manufacturers 

boot and shoo machinery 
Kifllbr .loseph, machinist 
Wliite Roht., manf shoo stock 
Ooudrick II., hut manufacturer 
McMiirtin.I. A., & Co., National 

I'limp works 
Ilest J., pntt,^ni & model maker 
C39 S'ltherland James, trader 
ti40 Stewart M., lumber nuTchant 
641 Sinnett D., ic Co., gunsniths 
Sinnett D., of Sinnett & Co. 
043 WelLstead Mrs. (J., niillmer 
645 Ropers & King, iron founders 
CIO Maj(ir & (jibb, wire weavers 
Gibt) r. Thonia-, & Vo., impor- 
ters ai'.d niaiiufaclurcrs 
C4S New William, k Co., apeiits 
649 Sweuson C, watchmaker 
OiO Ewun Wm., & .'On. clothiers 
6oi King \Vni.,furniiure war, house 
(i53 Ikriisteiu Isaac, sucond-hand 

0J4 Date J., plumber and gasfitter 
655 Auerbach M. I\., second-hand 

6.55] Hart I,. T., optician 
657 Lightslone F, G., bccond-hand 

659 Couper Henry, fiuits 
661 James, boots and 

602 Dominion .Alachinery depot, R. 
ii. Uuehanun it Co., i)nips. 
lUiohaiianlt. II., & Co., Domin- 
ion Mac'iiuery depot 
iW2iOd(H(llows chambers 

Howard Dlv. S. of Temperance 
003 lunes James, bookbinder 
Kyte S. C. jiriuter 

604 I'rowse Henry, & Co., stoves, 

hardware & Imuse furnishings 

605 Hunt, liurnes & Co., oyster 

Smith I.. W.,, agent for Hunt, 

harnes & Co. 
607 lienett John C , jun., druggist 
Robert Ale.xis, assistant chemist 

Ikre Iltturji st. lieijiim and St. 
/'tier St. ends. 
669 llrodie & Hnrvie, dour mrchts 

671 Mooney Henry, restaurant 

672 -Alitchell I!., & Co,, brass foundrs 

673 Thompson ,John, estate agent 
675 liiirns A: tiormley, plumbers 
677 llruneau O.. veterinary surgeon 
679 Maguire Wm,, horse bazaar 

653 Marcoux D., wire nnmufaiiiirer 

654 Gross. Clare & Co.. surgical in- 

strument nniiiufactnrers 
Canada Truss factory, Gross, 
Claro \ Co. 
685 Dion H., tobacconist 
tX7 I'ayne George, gunsmith 
6sy White A, T„ spiing b.Mls,\c. 

Cosby A. II., manf spring b' ds 
691 Wuddell Thos, H., iv.-tauraiit 

692 Gucrin James J., M.D. 
(inerin Thomas, civil enginopr 
Guerin M., accountant 
Guerin Kdm., I!..\.,lawstndent 

693 Lebrun Frederick, machinist 

694 Creen Mrs. Annie, wid C, fruits 
696 lieauchamp Win., hairdresser 

Ileauchamp Mrs. W., ladieshair 
6'>7 Collins Tliomns, confec'lon^r 
698 Marsden & Co., maufs Manhat- 
tan feed 

700 Cullahan & Co., printers 
The Harp, J. (iillics, proprietor 

701 Kigaouctte & Frero, grocers 

//(■re Ilermine H. begins. 

703 Routhillier Alex., saloon 

704 Reeves Mrs.M..widTh., lidg hse 

705 Shannon Mis. E.wid J, 

706 Koyal Dye works, Walsh & 
Jensen, propru t'ls 

707 JtuUins James gr icor 
7u8 Tansey liernard, pxip Tansey 

709 Lowe .James, jun., clerk 
711 Lunn <i. J., & <"o.. tnncliinists 
Lunn G. <l.,ol G. J. Lunii & Co. 
Lunn V. K., of (i. .». Lunn & Co. 
712iWood Bros, jewel case manfs 
Saueii>r Kd., manager Theatre 

Tht^atre Comique, Joseph Wei<t- 
I gate, proprietor 

713 Cosmoiiolilau Win'> rooms, Mr.s. 
D:ugon. proprietress 

' Here St. Alexander st. Iiei/ius. 
: 714 Sowdon F. M., pnprietor Win- 
\ gate Chemical Co. 

718 Ri'scoiirsiei' Ant., framemaker 
I 718irerry Ct.irge, sen., lire engine 
I manulacturcr 

720 Valiqueffe Alphonse, dry goods 

72i Tansey T. 1'., Hour merchant 
I 724 Shaw II. J., & (.'o., auctioneers 

725 .Maxwell E, J., & Co., lumber 
I 7.30 Clendinneng Wm., stoves 

7.31 Alain Luzor, second-hand store 
i 7:J3 Curran I'., second-hand clothing 
. 735 Goldberg J., second-hand clith- 

I '"K 

737 Arless (i. C, photographer 
7o9 Evans liros., wood and coal 

Here Victoria sq. intersectt. 

Lewis John, & Co., druggists 

/Art' St. Itadei/onde st. f'cgin.i. 

740 Euard & Macdonald, stove 

742 I'ingel Jolm ('., & Co., watch 
makers and jewellers 

743 Stewart Alex. U., gilder 
Edsfer & Co.. boots and shoes 
Thurston .1. 1> , boots and shoes 
Tunibn!! & Co.. manufacturers 

of knitted seatnle.-s llo^lery 

744 Hivard Lnnis.Hiient 

745 llnglies& Stephenson, plumbers 
and gastltters 

Ifcre St. Sophie Itme tirgins. 
740 Half pur .Mrs. Amelia, wid liobt 
748 Milieu Henry, painter 
7-iii I'aciuelte .M., wines and liquors 
750 Ituckingham .Mining Co. 
752 Canada Vine Cirowers' associa- 
tion, John Hammond, agent 
Hammond & Dier 
755 Clark Miss 
I 75ti I'ickctt Alex., porter, r 
I 757 Kiely M. T. , agent 
I 7571DonaMson U..e.\prc3s driver 
I 758 Dowd H., tailor 

758 Parker tieorge, laborer, r 

759 Ashby & Eegan, hoots & slioes 

760 Cameron J., suddleri 

7G1 I'ost Trinting and Pnbli.-liing 
Co., proprietors of livening 
I'ost and Prne \Vitne«s 

762 Noble .lames, lurnitiire 

704 Ryan John, horseshoer 

765 Warren 11. l^., & Co, scale 

767 Dann Hoot and .Shoe Co., W. J. 

Hodgson, manager 

768 Young Andrew, & Co., machin- 


769 Shareholder (The), W. J. I'rat- 

ten, editor and proinioior 

770 Hall A S., aitent Siiarliam'* 

roolinu cement 
772 Daily \Vitne.-s (rear entrance) 

774 Montreal Steam I.iaii'dry Co. 

(iimited) J. M. liichardson.. 

775 Gavin Michael, carriagemaker 
770 Gallagher .Mrs. E, wiu 1", Ar- 
lington house 

777 Morrisburg Buttei Co., U. Har- 
vey, agent 

781 D(>lonry James, gri c, r 
781iLoftus I'lnmias, fruits, &c. 

Mott James W . baibcr 

782 Hughes I'atil k E.. i)rinter 

783 Reed Geo. W., slate, nietai ancT; 

uravel roofer 

786 !MoiL'aa I'., grain, &o. 

787 l>aulne Edmund, bookkeeper 

788 Itraham Joseph, Iruit dealer 

Here Ifa^liy st. cnmmeiice.'^. 

789 Cadorette .Fcri^mie, )ilumber 

790 Sibley .Mrs. E., tobacruiiist 

791 Cadorette Joseph, tinsmith 
'.94,iSibley George, sulooiikeepef 
795 I'eacoek .lohn, watch > nker 
7iii'> Educlier & !■ ils, lianiware 

711'! Eauclier Olivier, sen., of Eauchcr 

& Eils 
7P9 Sliide John, second-hand store 
SOU Soniii're (JuC'rime, of Faucher & 
Here Little St. AntOinv st. ends 

anil St. Antoine st. Ih tji'is. 
sol James Josi'ph, A- Co., roofers 

Sloiiitor (burn Co. 
S04 Archer D., silver and brass plater 
805 Jenning Thos., carpenttr 
800 Couper William, naturaiiit 
807 Jenning .Mis. A., dressmaker 
S'i8 Mathieu Gilbert, saddler 
S09 Dageiiais Joseph 

812 I'orcheriiii it Co., carriage nikr?- 

813 Dufresne L. 1'., watchmaker 
815 Hyaii Artlinr, hor,-e (ic:i|er 
819 Larkiii I'., wood inercbant 
822 Gretiicr Aniedce, saloon 

CRESCENT, from 943 Dorchester 
near Bellevue .terrace, north 
to 1580 St Catheiiue, St 
Antoine ward 

31 Crescent .«treet Ere-livterian 

cljiircli, Alex. Forbes, >e.\ton 

32 Evans rev. Lewis, Jl.A , honor- 

ary canon Christ Church Ca- 
thedral, and rector of St 
Stephen's church 

33 Baxter M. S. , bookkcoiipr 
Baxter Geo., clerk G.l R. 

30 Johnston W. P., hoots & shoes 
50 Slater Goo. T., boots and shoes 
68 Kirby Robert 

Kirby W. J ., manager (iuardiail< 
F'ire and Life Insurance ( o. 
()4 Hughes J. W„ of Hughes ft 









tween 400 St Paul and 327 
Commissioners, Centre ward | 

F'lod Iiinpection offlcp, .1. L. 

Viix.Mit, K. Kicliard, J. N. 

' !imyrt, J. I". Kuauchnmp, L. 

< . a'. t<tt' Marie, L. Truauau, 

v.. Kniilipr, insppotoM 
J;iUJi(l Kt'vt'iiiic ollici'S, 1{. Bflle- 

riarp. di-ifrict iri«ppctor 
J.-\ciM« dllico of Inland rovenue, 

■' l<. Vincent, collector 
t.u.-Inspcctiou otlicfc, N. Aublu, 

Wi'iplits uiid Measures Ins^pec- 

• ,i>ii, A . G. VVhitton, inspector 
1 11 mpsoM, Murray & Co., gen- 

■ a! luercli'.iiits and ageuts 

I' ve Coj.ital st inler.tcts. 

■t McBean A. J.,proiineeinorchant 

"t. 1 sun, r ttir-on & Co., naval 
stores and (.-eneral mercliants 
5 1,:: ^el liros , importers 
7 M'litieiil Elevating Co., A. Mc- 
l>oiif:all, -ecreiary 
Ki'iiwiok I)" II. . I., hardware 
■J .irUuiil T. T., & Co., tin plates 
S St l.awrpi'Ce and Cliicapo Koi- 
wi'.rding Co., I). Matpliie, 
:iiana'iins director 
liil-e A., .W C. .1., & Co., 
inerehants and forwankrs 
'^ l:wliaud J. A., & Co., bootb and 
10 Jli)iietle Jo^epli, restaurant 
U .\.lani-I{. C.,t Co., shipbroker.s 
Virt^arden's liiue, David itoss 

Kerr, port ' arden 
Sli.iw JauiUii li., deputy port 

Montreal Tran^portation Co.. 11. 

MeLi !;n;in manager 
Mcl.ennan 11., grain merchant 
10 <'stell & Co., small wares, \.c. 

67 Knlioo Thomas, laborer 

McLaughlin Daniel, laborer, r 
Ward Thomas, laborer, r 
Keepan MIcharl, hollermaker, r 
O'Connor Thos., laboier, r 

69 Cnnningliam John, luborer 

71 llennesfpy Mrs. Marg., wldJ. 

72 llalnes Fred., guardlau Fire 

station So. 3 

73 Creighton Francis, laborer 
7.'i Finn Micliavl, machinist 

77 Ta;.'gart James, laborer 
Murphy Mrs. M., wid J. 
Jl(^ab I». , iron turner 

79 McDonald K., grocer 

CYPRESS, from 130 Peel west to 
Stnley, between Dorchester 
and St Catherine, St Antoine 

1 Waterman Jiimos, watchman 

DALHOUSIE, from 98 Common 
north to l;s:8 William, Sc Ann 


2 i\>nncdy I'hiiip. carter 

'6 (Ji.wau ji.lin, anuuouia niMiuf 

Here James Iniie 6ff/(n.«. 
i' MHhaii C. H., aaricult implemts 
Knipire wvrks, C. U. Maliau, 
20 .^cotl James, cooper 
.31 Itiitledge John, carter 
30 i-ami,liell David, cooper and 
Campbell David, jun., cooper 

Here Brennan st. in'ersecU 
57 Miranda Mfs I,., bdg hse 

I'ri-coll — , fouiuiir 

McCue John, linisher 

( uurtcmanche Jos,, painter 

Dawson David, clerk 
, S8 l.alonde Ain£>diV, lockman 

Cirard Henry, laborer 
00 Fatard Wilhed, laboier 

.Matt Ileus Hobl., clerk 
<>.3 lUini.s Mis. Mary Ann, wid Jos. 
04 .Scott Jasi., cooper 

iicoltW. A,, bookkeeper 

//ere Wellinyton st. in er sects. 

80 Morgan B.,gr(icer 

83 I'l rguson John, checker 

85 Kiily Patrick, laborer 

llifjgiiis .lamcv;. laborer 
87 ChiTrv Uob., farrier 
O:] l{i)s.s fjioch, bras- lliii'ileT 
iJo (.lo.-fel 1) Michael, laborer 
l'o>tello .Mrs. Henry, r 
>elson Wni.. laborer, r 
.Smith \Vm., laborer, r 
99 Mulhi>rn John, trader 
lirnce lleniy. laborer 
Crowe Miitlhew. h.borer, r 
1('3 Cunningham Michael, milkman 
li •') Donaldson Job i. laborer 
1'j7 Dub,' Frank, laboier 
Day Jo!' n, laborer, r 
I'oweis I'ut., blacksmith, r 
Have'' .James, laborer, r 
McDonald .lames, laborer, r 
I.albnil Alf'X., thiisher, r 
109 IJus.sell John, laborer 
115 Cameron Allan, cooper 
Harnett Joiin K , tit'er, r 
]|ig'.'S U , blacksmith, r 
bt Stephen's church, Church ol 
Fngland, rev. Canon Lewis 
Kvans, M A., rector 
133 Ali'xaiider David, carter 

.Shea Daniel, laborer 
1.35 Turner Robert, laborer 

Cook Mrs. K., wid .lames 
137 Knnis Nicholas, laborer 
llolidav Frs., engineer 
139 Dailv I'eter, laborer 

Jtowland .Tohn, carter 
111 StalTurd Thos. 1'., grocer 

Here Ottawa st. intersects. 

142 Henry Kobert, cooper 
l't-',.Miiriihy Cat., stonecutter 
l'44"llarkins .Michael, shoemaker 
I'lllCrit Ve Ai(s\., stortmaii 

146 Coogan Owen, stonecutter 
140.Hrown John, com traveller 

147 I'rimeau Tierre, painter 
McGariy I'at., baker, r 
O'Hrien Win , carter, r 
Dupuis I'eier, carter, r 
Fry Philip, laborer, r 

148 Cutler James, machinist 
148i(,arvin Mr^. Kliz., wid Matthew 

149 Ti udeuu Olivier 

l.'iO HIackbiirn Kichard, laborer 
15oi.Milloy Uichard, tailor 
161 Luct.! William, storeman 

llarrigan I'atrick, clerk 
152 liodgers John, boilermaker 
I52'l(rilt John, checker 
153'iteid John, policeman 

Martin Patrick, shoemaker 
154 Gibtiii I'at., son., letter carrier 

<i r.u. 

(.iblin .Michael, clerk 
(iiblin Joliii, cooper 
li'jf Hrennun .Mrs. (,',, wid Dennis 

150 Mathews Cliurles, bluckbiuith 

157 Toner Michael, filter 

.lamieson Wm., lab .rer. r 
Archibald Francis, labon'r, r 

159 Donaldson Mrs, M., wid A., 

Ilanley Henry, cooper 

160 Foulkes John, blacksmith 
Kelly Thos., laborer, r 

161 Cummings Edward, storeman 
10,'i Clancy John, grocer 

107 Conroy Thomas, stoves to rent 

108 Wyliclos., baker 

10S> Heelan Kd.iard, type caster 

171 hei'y ,1. W., slevedoie 
Myers Jacob, laborer, r 
Tri-mbhiy Geo., baker, r 
O Neill I'at., plumber, r 
Collins .Mrs., wid, r 
Lii.dsay Ale.x , machinist 

172 Ganntla Lead works 

173 I^ynnMiss .vlary Jane, furrl r 
I'lae S. S., diiver 

175 O'Cimnor John, baker 
McMillan J<din, baker 

177 Daly .Michael, carriagemaker 
( ave Micliiiel, steainlitli r 
Mc.Maiius Mis K , wid I'at., r 
Kiely John, eniiineer, r 
McCushion D. N., b )okkeuper, r 

181 lloyd Wm., storeman 

Si .Mark's church, ' auada Pres- 
byterian, rev. John Michols, 

junction of Notre Dame, St 
Paul and St Mary, East \7ard 

1 Mcrcier F^li.\, carriage maker 

7 Moore K., blacksmith 

11 (jtSii' reu.x K. A. 

12 Fire station No. 7, K. Jackson, 

Jackson Kdward, guardian No. 
7 Fire station 
15 Dorion P. A. A., advocate 

DE BRESOLES, from 23 St Disier 

lane west to i3 St Sulpicei Nuns' 
Buildings), Centre ward 

2 Thompson It. & ij. H., hardware 

8 Uiberloii A. & Co., importers 
12 Kunkiii, lieuttie & Co., manufac- 

Canada Thread Manuf.icturing 
Co., John Hunter, maiiaj;er 

14 Ewiiig ii Co., mirrors and 

10 DeLaelA., importer 

20 Lamarche, l'i6vost & Co., 

wholesale dry goods 

21 Kosi nheim Bros., whole.-aledru- 


DELISLE, from 96 Canning to 
City limits, St Antoine ward 

51 Miroii Ferdinard, laborer 

52 Koyal Arthur school, Chaa. A. 

Humphrey, principal 
JIutt James, caretaker Uoyal 
Arthur school 

53 Coutu (<6raphiii, joiner 
57 (ilenny Wm., blucksmith 
59 Brennan Tliomas, rooler 

01 Deslauriers Lucieii, nailcuttor 
03 Lumarre Oilberl, lini>her 
05 Coutu Joseph, joiner 

Dfisourdis Maurice, moulder 

69 CorbeilleOdue, joiner 
Denis Jos., iiailuutter 
Koger Joseph, laborer 

70 Caragher Kdward, iron nianuf 

71 Roger Pierre, laboier 
LeI'vbvre Mrs, Marg., wid Jean 



72 Bertrand David 

73 Cullbaiilt FerdI 
Poirier .Magloln 
Forget F.,joine 

<4 Leblanc; (iabiie 

76 Moisan Charles, 

77 McNally Willia 
<8 Miljour August 
80 Moore James 1 1 

82 Kiend. an Jo.sep 
Wuiiitin Lo 1 . 1 
Bertiniid Alfred 

83 (lauthler Uv>ir6 

84 Sun.^chagriii Jei 
'"5 Dubois John, ei 
87 Cionnoy Jo.'.eph 

89 McCoombps (jeti 

90 Curtiii Philip, e: 

92 Prltchot Wi'iiai 

93 Smith Michael J 

94 Urieii Olivier, la 
EwingWii.., lab 

95 Farrell John, ca 

96 Murcii Elie, nail 

Here Fii/fnrd st. 

104 Legault A., groc 

105 Uiroux Mis. C. 

106 Oladu Aiiditi, ca 

107 Xenman Archib; 
Uoyer Charles, g 

110 Lahelle Tonssaini 

112 Mart in Denis, hi 

Danuurand Jean 

114 Sicurd Pierre A., 

116 Corbiii E., palter 
Brunelle Heicule 

117 Dunbar I homas, 

118 (lU^-rin Joseph, s| 

119 tireen — , confect 
12j Bilodeau Augu>ti 

Bour.siiT Mrs. M., 

121 Heroux Wilfrid, ' 
Boui'Sier Miss Mi 

122 Mathieu Iren^, jui 
.Mafhiou Nap., cle 

123 Larose Pierie, lui 
Duval Jose|,h, mil 

124 Fautenx Heicule, 

125 BailiurgdEuclide, 


JolyZotiquo, nail 

Dumoiichel h . H., 

120 Tou(iiii T6:esphoi'( 

12( McKeemaii Jame- 

las Oroleau Alfred, j,, 

130 Sabourin Zephirin 

m Sabourlii Antoine, 

i;i3 EggintonMrs. A., 

Irft Koy Kdmoiid, engi 

135 Dawson |{o ert P 

130 Koy AimMi... lubon 

13S Kocheleau Louis, e 

Bernard Joseph, In 

139 Miller Henry: pedl 

140 Gerard A (i . 

141 Lewis A., finisher 
145 Gooris Joseph, cai 
14( Giroux Allied, but 

Mary north to 104 
tiere, St Mary wa 

2 Pellelier Isru 1. hot 

9 Buxey .Mr,«. Cuther 

Uuxey Thomas, niii 

9i Bacliand Urgele, ju 

lu McMillen Win., pn 

Talbot Louis, mouli 

11 McGiltoii, 

12 Dansereau l-'raiivoii 
Pellerin ProsiM-re, j 

18 AuUrew W J., trai 










Bertrnnd David, laborer 
(iuilbiiiilt Ki'rdiiiaiid, laborer 
Puiricr Mnftlnirc, iiiasun 
Fipffjct F.tjiiiner 
Lebluiu; (iiibiit-l, laborer 
Moisuii CbiirliH, jointT 
MvNally WllliHiii gilder 
Miljour Augiistlii carter 
Moon- James I iKinia", trader 
Kieiid- ail Joseph, trader 
<^uiiitin Lo i . I borer 
Huriubhe K|ilireiii, liiimer 
Uertiaiid Alfred, carter 
(iautliier l)i>ir<;, engineer 
8 an ."C I lap rill Jean, baker 
Dubois Juliii, eiigiiie tVireman 
Cioiinoy J<ise|j|i. ^torelllall 
MoCoiinibe'* tieo., coucliiiian 
C'urtin I'liilip, express driver 
rrituhot Wniiiiiii. laliorur 
iSniitli Micliiiel J., lai'orer 
Urieii Olivier, laborer 
Ewing Will., laborer 
Farrell Jobn, ciir()uiiter 
Murcil Klie, iiallcu ter 

Here Ftilford St. inlersecfa. 

104 Legault A., grocer 

105 (iiruux Mis. C, wid Joseph 
1U6 Gladii Aiidi^, curti r 

107 Newman Archibald, carfienter 
Uoyer (,'hurlis, gatemaii 

110 Lalielle 'I'oiissaint. j'<iiivr 

112 Martin Denis, luboier 

Duiiaurand Jean h., laborer 

114 iSicurd I'ierre A., boots aiidshoes 

116 Corbiii K., paileriimaker 
liruiielle Heicnle, nail utter 

117 Dunbar I'humas, salesman 

118 OuOriii Josepli, shoemaker 

119 Green — , confectioner 

12j Bilodeau AuKU>tiii, boilermaker 
BoursiiT Mrs. M., wid .lulien 

121 Hcroux Wilfrid, machinist 
Uuui'sler Miss M rie, dretiiimaker 

122 Matiiieu Iren^, Joiner 
Mathiuu Nup., clerk 

123 Laro.-'e I'ierie, luliorer 
Duvul Jose|.li. millwright 

124 Kauteiix Ueieule, juiiitr 

125 Bailiargi Kuclide, LacbineCanal 

Joly /otiquo, nnilciittcr 
Dumouchel 1< . U., tanner 

126 Tou^iin T6:e8|ihoi'e, engineer 

127 McKeemaii Jame-, storeman 

128 (iroleau Alfred, joiner 

130 tiabourin Zephirin, laborer 
132 i^abourin Antoine, ninriuer 
ViS Egginton Mrs. A., wid V. 
13( Uoy Kdmoiid, engineer 

135 Dawson lio eri 1*. , engineer 

136 Koy Ars^ne, laborer 

13S Kucheleau Louis, earriagemakcr 
Berimrd Joseph, laborer 

139 Miller Henry, pedlar 

140 Ut-rard A (■ . 

141 Lewis A., finisher 

146 Uooris Joseph, carver 
U7 Uiroux Allied, butcher 

DESALABEBRY. from 367 St 
Mary north to 104 Lagauche- 
tiere, St Hary ward 

2 I'elletier Isra 1. hotelkeeppr 
9 Buxey Mr.'>. (.'atlieriiie, wid Ed. 

Uuxey Thomas, niuulder 
9J Bacliand Urgele, joiner 

10 McMillen Win., printer 
Talbot Louis, muuluer 

11 McUiltou Willmni, Jeweller 

12 Dansereau Kranyois, >hoeiuaker 
Pellerin I'rosiM're. joiner 

18 Andrew W J., trader 

//ere HUhiip'K lane end» 

14 Deliiine Adiliird, ciirter 

15 ^lebeii ;>jiiii6on, loreiraii 
I'aquette Louis, shoemaker, r 

Here Crniy nt, intersecta, 

'2Si Leviiip Edward 

24 Quintal Frs, \.. shoemaker, r 
Allard ■). Bte., laborer, r 
Bourdon J6i^niie. laborer, r 

26 Lachaiielle I ion. black.smith 
iilrard Alphoiise, painter, r 

28 Kobinson KusObe, sliu maker, r 
Diiin' nl Mrs. E., wid A. 

29 Metjari'V John, overseer 

30 .Smith \Villre' , plumber 
Hay Lewis, tuba' co worker 

31 Uurr-I David, moulder 

33 Lufreiiieie Udilon, bookkeeper 
Ball John, niouldtr 
Belanger I'hiiippe. laborer 

33^McKeon Michael, laborer 
Murlh Wni., laborer 
Dumoiit Mid el. sioreman 
llodd UeorgO, laborer 
B^nard Ldoii, moulder 
Knox Airs C'hai iotte.widThos. 
Ward Edward, dyer 
McKae .Mrs A., wid I'at. 
Meloche Jos., laboier 
Blown Arch., engineer 

35 Lafreniei e C'yprien, confectioner 
Lafreiilere Ad<>lphe, tijbacconl.-t 

36 Dtsiilaberry M del school 

37 Boh(>tiiier jlichel • 
3i> Boli^mier Mnp., carter 

4u < abina llypoli'e, carter 
41 Ward Henry, policenian 

Ci- ugeon Joseph, shoemaker, r 

43 I'urcell John, grocer 

44 Atchison £i<imuel, laborer 

DESRIVIERES, from 231 St 
Bonaventure north to 146 St 
Antoine, St Antoine ward 

2 Bruce David, machinist 

3 Simmons Miss Annie, dressmaki 
MacKenzle II. E. 

4 Jolins Eilwaid. machinist 
4'. I*arry I)., advocate 
a'Coliins Mrs. M., wid David 

7 I'ettener B. .1., niaehinist 

8 Hunter Mrs. J., wid Allan 

9 IJitclile Willia , sculptor 
10 St .Maurice Ueiliion, laborer 
lOlLedoux David, carriageinaker 
ll'l'ortur Allred, clerk 

Here Jk'srii'iiris lane, intersects. 
riiUoMn dit Lapoiiito Mrs., wid J. 

13 Desriviires Street Mission school 
Kelsey Miss, school teiicher 
Kelsey John, shoemaker 

14 Moore Mrs. A., dressmaker 
Morrissoii David, gardener 

16 Sharkey James, carter 

Smith John B.. cabinetmaker, r 
Mcliride T., manager Dominion 
Kews Co., r 

IS^Bent .lohn, conductor G.T R. 

20 Symington .lames, saddler 

ailConneliy W'm., trader 

22~l'eterson Urs M., wid Thomas 
I'ptei'scn William L., clerk 

24 Kiva .lames, truiikmaker 

32 .Ma.ssy A uguste, architect 

Desrivieres west, St Antoine 

6 McVey Win., carpenter 
8 l.)utll<' Joliii W., .storeman 

20 Donald John, laborer 

21 Lat'oad Charles, painter 


23 Lalande Lsr»"l, carpenter 
I'attlngale .Mrs. Ann, wid Dan'l 
(..age Jo eph, painted 

24 Itiissell William, machinist 
26 < rawlord John, stoienian 

Kaiips George, storeman 
28 Koberts Jolin, car checker 
3i» tirear .Samuel, liiiisher 
31 l.ilinour Ungli, laborer 
33 McMurdy j{ ibert, eiijjineer 

35 Lackeii Hugh, mail driver 

37 \\ alker Neil, baggage master 

DEVIENNE, from 73 St Philip 
west to 227 St George, St Law- 
rence ward 

12 .Saunders Benjamin, sawmaker 

13 Martineaii (VedtSon, joiinr 

14 Wallace John, laborer 
Wallace .Miss Kealy 

16 Honey .Michael 

18 Stollery Edward, fireman 

19 Hubbard BeiiJ., whitewashpr 

20 Ion Mrs. Maigaret, wid Ed. 

21 .McGibbon Gustaviis. painter 
23 Karrell Mrs. Jane, wid Henry 
25 .Sarre Auguste, trader 

36 .Moore Jose]ih, carpenter 

38 Hanovan .Mrs. Bridget, wid Jas. 
40 Monigomery Jolin. laborer 

46 Lanriaiilf .loseph, shoeniiiker 

47 Allard dit LoiiupitM. B . laborer 

48 riamoiidon Miss M., seamstress 
Aubiy Slanisliis. carter, r 

50 Eoi>:Pt Krf^diTic, clerk 
Lapointe Joveph. joiner 
Lap inte H i6d6rlc, tailor 

61 St Charles Mrs. sopliip, wid Ed. 

DOLLARD, formerly Little Wil- 
liam, firom 431 Notre Dame to 
224 St James, West ward 

4 -Moss J. L., & Co., pawn office 

7 MoArthur & Co.. paints & oils 
15 I'rowse Geo. K., hardware 
Beckett Bros., printers 

DDMINION, trom St Josephnorth 
to Si Antoine, St Antoine ward 

1 Kerrigan Andrew, hotelkeeper 

2 St Denis Narcisse, hotelkrcper 

5 Allan Alpheus D., barber 
7 Booth Thi>mas, waiter 

9 Benoit Louis, moulder 
15 Barbeau Alexandre, hotelkeeper 

Here Workman st. intersects. 
26 Sfcn. cal Tli#ophile, laborer 
N:intel L^oii, laborer 
Here Detisle si. intersects. 

41 Hickey Mrs. Eliza, wid John 

42 Davidson Ths., & Co., wholesale 


Here Albert st. intersects. 

43 Seii6cal Alfred, clerk 

45 Villenetie capt. Am6d^e 

BuruH Patrick, currier 
l/t-re dranil Triinl: intersects. 
47 Wallace Georae, trunkmaker 
49 Distin Thomas, trader 
Here St. litmaventaie st. intersects 
64 Gu6rard Alfred, laborer 

Lepage John, stonecutter 
56 I'icard G4d(5on, carpenter 

Here (^iiesnel st. inlerfects, 

60 Caulhier Marcel, tobacconiH 

63 Mclnnes Duncan, trader 

64 Ciinrville Joseph, butcher 

65 Tellier Mrs. Appoliue, wid A. 









66 Den'. on Georgo, clerk G.T.R. 

67 Dettin Albert, c:irtor 

68 Trudeaii I'ierre, blind makor 
70 Heiidritty I'litrick, shoemaker 

72 tjteplienson Mrs. E , wirt Tlios. 
Jonea Mr*. Clara, wlil John 
LiOeuni'sseT., bricklayer 

73 Mhjoi' Antoinc, cabiuotniaker 
Dubois Eugene, policeman 
Hubert C'ulixte, cabinetmaker 

74 Grlffltli Kbenezer, maoliinlst 

76 Deslaiiritrs Tons. L., contractor 

80 Higginson S. B., bookkeeper 

81 Bruce G. C, maniiger lor Wuber 

& Go. 

82 Black William, macbinist 

chester. Peal and Stanley Sts>, 
St Antoine ward 

Windsor hotel, U. 11. Southgate, 
Ji'or list of boarders see Dorchester st. 

Soutligiite U. 11., manager 
Windsor hotel 

lies George, bookkeeper Wiud^ 
8or hotel 

Holliday George, room clerk 
Windsor hotel 

O'Krien K. A., room clerk Wind- 
sor hotel 

Brennan John, steward Wind- 
sor hotel 

Alixe Marcus, carriage agent 
Windsor hotel 

rullinan,storeke, ,crWind- 
sor hotel 

Baker J., nli>ht clerk Windsor 

Davis K. H., watchman Windsor 

Windsor Branrh Medical iiall, 
Kenneth Campbell & Co., pro- 

DONEOANA, from 26 Windsor 
west to 16 Bisson, St Antoine 
1 Burkinshaw Kichard, Canadian 

Express ottice 
8 Stuart Mrs. Bell, wid Alexander 
6 Muliaiky Peter, com traveller 

6 Lvall I'etur, contniotor 

7 CkdonUte Anselme, conductor 

8 Rogers John, cliemist 

9 Henderson Wm., jun., bookkccp 
11 I'arker Kobert, contractor 
llJiShuluit Simon, commissioner 
13 Doherty Jolin 

J6 Stuart koborl, bookkeeper 
17 Sooit Mrs. Harriet, wid J 
19 Bovd Mrs. M., wid John 
21 Wall James, builder 

28 Milne .lohti, bioker 

24 MoCiBcklii James, bookkeeper 

26 Crowley James J., phonograimic 

clerk G T.K. 

27 Lnsk U. J., of Lnsk & Lough 

29 Henderson \V.,sen , accountant 
Henderson 11., of R. Henderson 

& I o. 
87 Hains J. McDonald, bookkeeper 
89 Carson Wm., police sergeant 
41 Kent Alexander, brjoker 
48 button Thomas, Imtr dres«cr 

DOBCHESTER,fi;om 06 Colborne 
av west to the City boundary, St 
Mary, St James, St Louis, St 
Lawrence and 8t Antoine 
6 Cox Ed., Jail Kunrdian 

7 Marley James, carter 
9 I'ott George, cutter 

10 Chambers Daniel, laborer 

11 Iturus riios., jail guardian 
Vi Murnev Jas., leather roanuf 
13 Guest John, clerk G.l.R. 

Fitzgerald Mrs., wid, r 
Jarrett Henry R., laborer, r 

18 Connolly Mrs. Harriet, wid R. 

19 Uichards K. S., mus iiistrumtnts 
2U Robert Sydney, com traveller 

21 BuUam Airs. S. , wfd Merviu 

22 Cosiello John, storemau 

23 Railen S. S., caliinetinaker 
McGonigal Juines, piinier 

24 Frappier Ambroise, mason 
23 Mitchell Geo., butclier 

Mitchell Charles, bookkeeper 
26 Sarjisin Severe, joiner 
31 Johnson na,iu. W., engineer 

Here Shaw st. iiitemects. 

41 Benm.'t Andrew, cooper 

42 Campbell .Urs., wid 
44 Deignan MissMurg. 

40 Coutes Mrs. Murttia, wid Wm., 

school teacher 
48 Beutiird VVm.,Juu., blacksmith 
CU rrult VVilliam, steamtitter 
51 I'helau Patrick, grain dealer 
62 Uoach bidward, grocer 

Here (Jain st. intei. icts. 

65 Prauce Wm., of Normandin & 


66 Ueinpsey John, collector 
59 Lowen .lohn. pipe maker 

tW McGuire Chrisiopher, laborer 

()1 U'Neil James, laborer 

iii COie Suuveur, tobacco agent 

6'1 Patterson Mrs. Mary, >«ia'i'hos. 

66 Harper Wm., policeman 

6i Lubeuu Tliuophile, joiner 

Here /'afiineau road intersects. 
71 Martin Sam., steamtitter 
73 Hrouilleite Tons., shoemaker, r 

Wiike Mrs. Murg., wid R., r 
76 i>extoii Michael, laborer 

Beilehumeur Elie, barber, r 

BeauUry Joseph, joiner, r 
% Beattii John, rope maker 
8 Clark William, laborer 
'Ai Jeunnottc .vlrs. M., wid NolU 
81) IMoiidiii Antoine, plasterer 
90 Duncan John, weighmau 

St liUke's cliurch. Church of 
Kiigluiid, rev L. DesBrlsay, 
00 PlainoiiUon Ignace, foreman 
98 I'iliati'uult AiatWio, conslaMe 

100 Laporte & Couture, grocers 
Luporl(> Thomas, ot Laporto & 

C'Dutuie Michel, of Laporto & 

Here Uiamplain st. interjects, 

101 St IJridgefs church, R.C., rev, J, 

S, Loiiergan, curate 
lur> Chrisiiuii Brotht'i's school, Bro. 

Andaine, director 
lit) lieiiaudOvlla, laborer 
112 Kreei Kninui.H, lorennin 

I'oissuiit i.uc, laborer 
114 eliupul Oils,, iiiideriaker 
Hire M'lisoiinciive st. iHternents. 
116 Aubertin MaptiliSon, grocer 

118 huwlor Francis C, printer 
Davis iMrs. Surah, wid George 

119 lie. air Kranvois, joiner 

120 Iteuiiprd iNoiliert, trader 

121 Warner James, rubb»r worker 

122 Brooks Mrs. Louise, wid Clis. 

122 Gauthier Alfred, boxmaker 

123 Par6 Fabien, joiner 

124 .lodoin Mrs. H., wid Molse 
David J. B., laborer 

126 Fullum William 

126 Prince William, messenger 
Thomas George, laborer 

127 Goyette .Miss Esther, milliner 

128 Thome E. \V., rubber worker 
l'.:9 Kirwin John, currier 

131 Dufort Vital, slioeinaker 
133 Louby Miss Ueleu, trader 

Here St. Alphonse st. begins. 

185 Charbonneau Olivier, tobacco 

141 Lai use l..ouis, grocer 

Here Plsssis st. intersects. 

142 Pianiondon Jlrs. Mary, wid P., 


144 Fitzpatiick James, laborer 

141' McGeary Ernest, stouuiuason 

lib Roussin J acnue^, joiner 
Mason Cyriile, laborer, r 
Verreau Xavler, pedlar, r 

150 Jeannotte Jos., baker 

161 Joiiebois Mrs, octavo 

163 Uoule Mrs. Maig., widj. B. 
Chantal Antoine, l.iborer, r 
Ueuucuire b ruijyois, laborer, r 
Hutaut Av'ilu, vegeukOlus, r 

157 Proulx Robert, loborcr 

Latleur !< rxiivois X., policeman 
Bouthillier I'ls. X., policeman 

168 Desjardiiis Muise, boxmaker 

lu9 Daiisereau Joseph, baililf 

102 i..acailh> Aiaiie, uarber 

lu3 Leonard Jean, grocer 

Here J'anet st. intersects, 

168 Giroux Joseph C., tiremun 
170 TlilUauIt J. lite., bo.iLiuukor 
174 Trudel George, clerk 
176 GaudetA., oi Gaudette & Cle. 
St Peter's church, R. C, rev. J. 
Let'ebvre, superior 

y/er<i I'isilalionst. intersects, 

178 Clii'ouxP. Klis6e, grocer 
li8jl'eireault Louis, cmpenter 

162 Picolle I'lioiiias, leailier cutter 
itas Vegiurii Alphuii.-e, suoeiuaker 
iHi Giroux Louis, laborer 

18ijSl Pierre Heiiii, baililf 
185 I'iche .^upoleoll, engineer 
180 DesjarUina Leon, ulacksinith 
l&OjLacroix Clis., slioeinaker 
irihilfivard Fraiiyois, carpenter 
luu Ai'chambauii J. R. A., grocer 

191 Vaileii uuuuoii, jjrocer 

Here JJettuiIri/ st. intersects. 

192 Daoust Joseph, laborer 

l'.i4 Gaboriuuli Ji.'unE.,gi'aiu dealer 
Guboiiaull O., jun., grain dealer 
19t> Giiidu Alexis, shoemaker 
Mogiiinali Joseph, laborer, r 
Desoui'dl Airs. Vitaliiie, wid F.,r 
Cliarbonneim A., »li'jeinaker,r 
197 Luclmpelle A. L., cabinetmuker 
luis L'l'xu>er Louis, liutcher 
199 Drolel Jaciiues, carjieiiler 

Jlere Montcalm st. intersects 

207 Flsetfe I'ierre, slioeinaker 
Dupuis Mrs. v., wid, grocery 

208 Lerange Josepli, grocer 
',^09 Iruteuu A. C, baker 

Here WolJ'e st. intersects, 

218 Bergeron Alexandre, gi ooor 
2'<!U BeauprA Antoine, laborer 



221 Joly Joseph, c 
Gagnon Oharh 

228 Martel Odilon, 
Lorrain Ovidi 

224 Graingel Thon 

226 Downey .fohn, 

230 Gari6py Josejil 

Here Amherst t 

231 Johnston John 

233 B«langer .lules, 

234 Laurin Louis, 

235 Filiatn>ault Ua 

235iGauthler Israel 

Here Jacques Cart 

237 Ballard Jolin. I 
Ballard Chs. T. 

238 Salter William 

239 Fairbairn J. J., 
241 Ryland George 
243 Beaudry Juliei 

Richelieu Na> 
Beaudry J. N. i 

Here Campea 

245 Ferns John, tei 
li47 Graham R., wo 

240 Perrault J., dry 

Sere St, Amir 

250 Sisters o I Mercy 

'r6se do J^sus, 

Chapel of the Mi 


255 Glrard Henri, n 

267 Moisan lYanjol 

Convent of \\w . 

ter Ste Thftresi 


Here St. Chrisloi 

263 Globensky Uenja 

■ & Globensky 

2f)a Dagenais Adoijil 

2G8 Moiisseau J. A., 

Mousseau A . 

270 Slcotte Louis Wi 

& Filiatrault 
272 Beauvais J. c, 


'274 BrosseaiiD. C.,\\ 

'276 Dangerlield W., 

1(170 Barbi>au Alfred, 

London and Gl 

Cadieux Louis A 

277 L'Alricaiii fheoi 

278 DelonneO., leall 
Garreaii .Joseph I 

ior court 
280 Pagnuelo S., of 

nuelo& Raliivi 
280)Diiverger Mrs. j 

Louis N. 
""I Cl(^ineut Olivier, 

Here St. Hubert s 

283 TalllonL.O., M.l 
2b5 Vincent Andre,ol 

Gibeaii Alfred, bi 
287 Cialg AiKlr6 B., J 

Craig Sidney, (,tu 

Here Liihvlte st. 
203 Larocipie AllVed, 

Jlere Herri st. i 
206 Marchanil Louis 
Marchand L. W , 







DEATH BY ACCIDENT COMPENSATED. Weekly Belief Afforded. Head Office, 179 St Jamds St 

221 Joly Joseph, collector 
Gagnon Charlpj, clerk 

223 Martel Odilon, painter 
Iiorrain Ovide, of BeaudryA 


224 Graiiigel Thomas, laborer 
226 Downey .lohn, laborer 

230 Uari^py Joseph, grocer 

Here Amherst at. intersects. 

231 Johnston John, grocer 

233 B^laiiger Jules, carter 

234 liRurin Louis, carter 

235 Fillatn'ault Uavid, of Filiatrault 

236iGauthier Isvaol, cabinetmaker 

Here Jacques Cartier sf. intersects. 

237 Ballard Jo1in, late commissariat 
Ballard Chs. T., jun., architect 

238 Salter WilliRm U. 

239 Fairbairn J. J., com traveller 
241 Kyland George H., registrar 
243 Beaudry .lulien tf., secretary 

Itichelieu Navigation Go. 
Beaudry J. N. A., bookkeeper 

Here Campeaii at. ends. 

245 Ferns John, «en,, wharfinger 
Ml Graham K., wood merchant 

249 I'errault J., drygooUs merchant 

Here St. Andre at. t)egins. 

250 Sisters ol Mercy, sister St^. Th6- 

'r6se de J6sus, suiierioress 
Chapel of the Misericorde, rev, J, 
M. A. Brien, chaplain 
2C5 Girurd Henri, muicliunt 
257 Moisan I'ranfols X., dry goods 
Convent of the Alisericoidc, sis- 
ter 8te l'li6rt-ae do Jt'SUSiSuper- 

Here Sf. Chrialophc si. begins. 

263 Globensky l!cnjamiu, of Lacoeto 

' & Globensky 
265 Dagenais Adui])he, M.D. 
aG» MouKsuiiu J. A., y C, M.P.. of 

Moiisseau di Aruluinibeuult 
270 Sicottu Louis Willied, ofSicotte 

& Flliatiuult 
272 Beauvuis J. C, of Bcauvnis & 


274 Brossciiu U. Cwholejtalo grocer 

275 Uangorlleld W., bunts una ahous 

276 HiirlH'uu Alfred, Liverpool and 

JiOiiilon and Ulobe Ins. Co. 
Cadieiix Louis A., accuuiitunt 

277 L'Alricnin nieonliile, cl- rk 

278 Uoloriiie (»., leullur merchant 
Garreuu .Joseph D., clerk Super- 
ior uoiirl 

280 I'agniiulo 8.. of Uiihuinul, I'ag- 

nuelo & iiuiiiville 
280JDuverger .Mrs. Su^un L., wld 

Louis N. 
""1 ClOmeiit Olivier, V. (». clerk 

Here Sf. Hubert st.infvraects, 

283 Tttlllon L. (>., .ALIM'., advocnto 
285 Vincent Andri.ot Irudel & Vlu- 

GibeHU Alfred, butcher 
287 Ciaig Aii(ir6 H., M.U, 

Craig Sidney, iituileut 

Here Lubelle at. l>e!fiua, 
203 Lnrociput Alfred, sun, 

Ht're Herri at. iutcraeoti. 
205 Marclmnd Louis 

Marcliiind L, W , clerk Court of 


Marchand Alphonse, clerk Q, 

M. O. ft O. U. K. 
Marchand I'ierre A., pboto' 
297 Ste Marie Joseph, dry goods 

8te Marie Mrs. J., wid Pierre C. 
299 Muiiro Pierre A. C, M. D. 
801 Desmarteau Pierre E., of Des- 
marteau & Co. 

Here St. Denia at. intersects. 

821 CoderreJ. Emery, M.D. 

326 McNichols J. A., iiccountantand 
commissioner Sup-rior court 
Brunei Mrs. L., wid Ambroise 
Stubenger U. law siudent 

329 Itivard Antoiue, copyist 

Beaucliemin Miss M., dressmkr 

331 Semple Miss Mary 

333 Koso Alexander, carpenter 

837 Dupr<i Mrs. KImire, Mid Louis 

838 'I'liompson James A. 

339 Drolet M. J. K., insurance agt 

840 Grell'ard Gliarles, printer 

841 Wurtele Mrs. Jennie 

342 Hill Henry, 8t. Lawrence Sugar 


343 Ouesnel J. Bio., tailor 

345 Fruitier Louis, bru>hmaker 

346 Brodeur Mrs. Aurelie,wid Uypo- 

lite, bdg hso 

347 Wilson John, late sergeant water 


348 Thom Mrs. )[ary, wid Alex. 
Sweeney major J. F., Impe- 
rial Pension ofilce 

Pension olhce, major J. F. 

349 Bernard Uichard,cljrkKichclcu 

Navigation Co. 

361 Devliu John, Imperial Pension 


352 Gravel Martin, grocer 

353 Payette Jo.«eph, grocer 

Here Sanguine! at. intersects, 

354 Fowler J. A., prof of music 
856 Cronin Wiilium 1'. \V. v., bookkeeper 
Cronin Miss A. 1.,., directress St 
Joseph's young ladles' academy 

362 Pnr6 L'yrille, merchant 
Pare Odilon, clerk 

364 Orsall A., of lludoii & Orsali 
866 Dalgleish .Mrs. M., wld Koberl 

Sleeth D.,juii., wood merchant 
368 Darling Mrs. .Iiiiie, wld Koburt 
371 Cooper John, lishmongor 
873 Grothb Mrs. L., wld A. 2:. 

Grothd Pierre, agent 

Here St. Eli:Mbith sf. intersecla. 

374 Legnult Leon, grocer 

376 Mciveowii Mrs. K., wld .lohn 

370 t'ullens John .S., I'oreinan 

37V Weiholt Fred., oiiperliox nutkor 

378 Clow Francis, torenian 

380 Slenhouse .Lin., Iiiitter 

381 Dorchester Slreit school, Pro- 

testant lioiird, Fis. Huney, 
head muster 

384 Turcot .los., of Turcot & Alar- 


385 LatrellleF. L,, lintelicr 

386 Homier Mrs, A„ t\id .1. Illo. 
Homier J. K., agent Tfieatre 

Uenaud J. K., bookkeeper 
380JWtttt Arch., clerk 

Here (lermnn at. iuterserts. 

3U0 Buurgunu Victor, architect 

391 Laramie Jos. Alfred, M.D. 
892 Terroux Kobt., teller People's 

bank , 

883 Dawson Wra. J., oflice Sir Hugh 
Dawson W^allace, druggist 
.394 McCormiok Uobt., laborer 
395 Uodd William, grocer 
397 Chisholm Alex., com merchant 
899 Kued Thomas D., M.D. 

400 Gray Mrs. Maude, wid ChasU., 


401 Lanctot Chas. B., church orna- 


402 lienoit C, provision merchant 

408 Murray Mrs. Celiiia, wid .John 
404 D^sautels Mrs. Marie A., wid J. 

406 ChapeleauZ., ot Z. Chapcleau & 


407 Homier Jean Bte. 

Here St. Conatant at. intersects. 

409 Pirotto Jules 
Bowie W. U., clerk 

410 Dorval M6d6iic. clerk 
Dorval Ad6raar, clerk 

411 Seebold John J., piano tuner 

412 Hibbins William, printer 
414 Larteur Edouard, notary 

Montreal General liosjiital 
422 Imrie A. W., M.O., hoiuse sur- 
geon Montreal General hos- 

Bates W. U., steward Montreal 
General hospital 

Here St. Dominique st. intersects. 

426 Courlemanclie Olivier, furniture 
4'.J7 Latour Mrs. M. L., wid M. 
429 Labelle Octave, lubmer 
439 Dodd Wm., grocer 

Here St. Lawrence at. intersects, 

442 Hickman Miss J., dressmaker 

443 St Lawrence and Oorclipster 

. Carriage factory, 1'. X. Uoy, 

444 Uoy Frs. X,, projt St. Lawrence 

and Dorchester Carriage fac- 
Hoy Alex., bookkeeper 

446 Schiller William, jail liirnkoy 

447 Metliiidist Siiiuliiy School 

448 I'insonnault Mrs. i",, wld I'as^cal 

Here St Char/ea Dorramee at. inter- 

ai eta . 

4V2 Baron J. lUo., fnrnifiiro 
455 Kawlinson Fnink, tolmuconigt 
457 Halierty John, bricklnyor 
4ti2 Haker Henry 11., oigarmaker 

463 Lagaci! Frs., slineiniiker 

464 Siilllvmi .Mrs. M., wid .1., fruits 
464) Wittnninii Clis., furrier 

Hire Jlroiiadon lane begins, 

St John's French l'ri>test;uit 
466 Morenn Michel 

Vatulerwee Iraiiyiis, merhanio 
Ue Sclic^pper Oli\ier,iiuiikkeeper 
46K Scott .lohn, wliite\vii!<lit' r 
4)8i Ills on I'ruiivois, biavllnisher 
470 (ianthier Miss s., iriill >toi'e 
472 Brown .Mrs. Julia A , wld Chs., 

'ilg llse 
472i|SniitTi David, muchliiist 
474 Otsormlers I'hiliHi , grocer 

Here St. Urhnin at. inleraertt, 

477 Vincent Felix, grocer 

Church of .SI I' ranvois d'AssI se. 
It. C.rev. P.C. Dufresiie, cure 







479 Walker Robert, junk store 
Walker John C, fireman 

482 Ryan Mrs. Helen, wid James 
Cook Wm., carter, r 
Bacon James, furrier, r 
Robb Wm., laborer, r 
Jiimeson Tlios., carpenter, r 
Oatt Fraiii'ls, messenger, r 

484 StAndi-ew'H home, D.Campbell, 


485 Lspham Wm, sen., contractor 

486 Canii)bell Donald, superintend- 

ent St. AnUrow's home 

487 WRrdill John J. upholsterer 

488 Babcock Thos., butcher 
Desloriers Jo.-eph, brakeman, r 
Cairington Wm. U., clerk, r 

491 LoiiRhniau John, veterinary sur- 
493 Conrick J hn, boarding stables 
495 Leclaire Mrs. i*., wid Andro 
497 Constantino l{obt.,cabinctmaker 
601 Reeves P., hatter 
611 Bairgs William, r 

DomincMi James, laborer, r 
513 Roe William, waiter 
615 Hughe.'* Mrs. M. A., wid Joseph 

O'Connor Timolhy .1., laborer, r 
517 Tyre'l Mrs. Alnry, wid Thomas 

'fyrell Jame', clerk 
519 Viau L., carpenter and joiner 

620 Holland .loseph, cooper 

621 Pich^ Jo^^eph h\, baker, r 

Here Chenneville at. ends. 

522 Gahill Michael 

624 DulVesne Onier, trader 

525 Dwyer I'atrick, carter 

526 Dion Uoiioie, printer 

528 MuDonuld .Mrs. E., dressmaker 
629 Condon Miss, dre.ssniaker 

Livi'rmore Walter, carpenter 
530 Walster Wm., blacksmith 
631 Kent James, operator 

StafTord Henry, printer 
532 Fraser A^am »., grocer 
634 Hayes & Co., grocers 
684i Hayes ilieluiel, ■ f Hayi'g & Co, 
636 Murphy Dennis, grocer St, (leorge St. intersects. 

537 Curraii P., second hand clothing 
53S < oniielh Mrs. M.,wid Patrick 
BSC Flood Wm,, gardener 
540 Mcintosh /Xlpine, carpenter 
Kiillens Miss .Margaret, r 
Madley lliMiiy, printer, r 
Goodwin .Mrs, S., wid J., r 
Harrison .l.ioob, coachmnn, r 
(;oyle KilvNanl, clerk, r 
Mchen/ii' Jiilin,bras8)inlsher, r 
641 Wuinn .lohii 

(Juinn .liilin, Jan., clerk (i.M.O, 
& O.K.K. 
643 liutliiTlord .lames, carter 
544 < hirkm Mrs, Jlnry, wid Andrew 
646 H( ward I'lis. .1,, grocer 


.liKlirunn at. .inds. 

647 industrial Uooins I'rotestont 
House of Kefuge. Mrs, D. 
Milne, superintendent 
Milne Mrs. 1)., siiperintend>'nl 
Indiistriiil Itooms Protestant 
House of Ueliige 

549 Mc.Mllliin David, superintend- 
eni Protestant House of In- 
dustry and Hefdge 

661 Hoiis*' of Ii.ilnstiy and Itefiige, 

David McMillan, secretary; 
Mrs, I), .Mc.Uillun, lady super- 

662 Clilpcli'i*"' Nedby, cabinetmaker 

654 Ohiing John, shoemaker 
Pillow Mrs. A., wide, 

657 Cameron Jas, C, M,D, 

658 Maley I'atrick J., laborer 
McBride James, laborer, r 
Gallagher James, laborer, r 
O'Donnell John, laborer, r 

559 Bnrland Wm. U., M D. 

Brown Thomas L., M.S. 

McGannon Edward A., M.S. 
660 Lachajielle Albert, cook 
560iMorrlson J.,& Co., fruitdcalers 

Morrison J., of J Morrison Jfc Co. 

Rllches Robert P., of J. Mor- 
rison A Co. 

561 FinnleJ T, M.D. 

562 Wells Charles, painter 
564 Parkin John R , chemist 

566 CoverntonC. J,,& Co., druggists 

Here Jlleury st. intersect». 

570 Carignan J. A., wood dealer 
530 Simpson John, boarding and 

livery oxpre.«s stables 
590 McColl James D,, clerk 

Rowland John A , baggageman 
592 Wheeler r. »,,M,D. 
594 McAiidrew M, J., upholsterer 
aW McMahon Dernard, shoemaker 
604 Stcencken Mrs, A,, wid A. 

Here St. Alexandur ?t. intersects. 

630 St Patrick's Orphan asylum, rev 
sister Dal|ie, superioress; rev 
F'ather Leclaire, director 

646 Fitzgerald Misses S. & A., fancy 
Gttlloyly Mardo, of Misses 
S. Jt A. Filzgerald 

Here Beaver Hall terrace ends and 
Heaver Hall st/. begins. 

650 French & Bond, grocers 

Moore deorgo, florist 
654 1. lark Miss IJ. M. .\., fancy store 
66(3 liuss John B., oysters and tlsh 

Uuss Edwin T,, oysters iind llsh 
658 Scott Robert, fruit dealer 
662 Hyriie Miss M. F., milliner 

Beaver Hall niarket, Joseph 

l.avioloito k Son, proprietors 

606 HIU'.s Circulating library, C, 

Hill, jiroprietor 
667 SutherluiidMrs, CwidDr, W. 
Sutherland L,, of Morland, Wat- 
son & Ci' 

Here li nnswick at. intersects, 

669 Liggett 'I'. ,of Liggett* Hamilton 

670 Mcdrail \l. T ., provision nier 

671 Mul!eney John, coach-nan 

672 O'Dnwd JIIss M., dre.ssniaker 

673 I'trry William, ooauhinan 
6T4Jlleiiilerson Peter, butcher 

67o Senior school, F. rt. Halght, 

M.A., lieadma ter 
Adams Samuel, caretaker senior 

676 Willison Henry, grocer 
OJS Ashfoni V , bookseller 
678j Drake I'. ('., of Uainsay, Drake 

& Dods 
6Hi) Urown Allen, com trB'^Jlor 
682 Murray J. S,, florist 
684 Glen C., plumber and gaslltter 
Mew Jerusalem church, rev E. 

Gould, minister 

Here Hanover at. ends and Uni- 
verailji .•it. Iieyina. 

6858t James'club.W G. Wt Iboriio, 
seeietury and malinger 
Kay VV, l<, it,, St James' club 
Cuminlng W. B,, St James' ulul- 

686 Smith Frajik, cabinetmaker 
688 Buckland Mrs. C, wid John 
690 Smith Arthur L., B.A., M.D. 
Hei . St. Genevieve St. ends. 

&^2 ingrai.! VV J.,asst gen. manngr 
Merchants Bank oi ( anada 

694 McDougall liaitland, of Mc- 
Dougall Bros, 

696 Vuleniine .Mrs. B., wid G. F. 
Hickey J. A'., agent Napanee 

iirush Co. 
Lockerby Alex. L. 

698 Arnton John J., auctioneer 

700 Shepherd Kobt. W., president 
Ottawa River ^'avigallon Co. 

711 Stephens Harri.son 

St Paul's churcii, Canada Pres- 
byterian, rev. John Jenkins, 
D.D , minister; Tlioiuivs Gar- 
diner, sexton 

Here St. Mimique st. intersects. 
735 Bulmer Henry, of Bulmer & 
Bulmer Fred. T., clerk 

737 Cheney (iilniaii, superintendent 

raiiaUiiui Express Co. 

738 Jo,»epli J H. 
Joseph Henry 

739 Reed Geo. VV,, sliito roofer 
741 Pratt Mrs, M., wid Joliu 

Pratt F'led. 

Matthews Geo, H., broker 
745 Angus Win., manager Canada 

laper Co, 
747 Hunter Jas, S,, of J. S, Hunter 
& C. Cushing 
Hunter W, S , clerk G,T.ll. 
751 Ramsay A., of A. Kamsay & Son 
7i,3 iMcNaui'hion William 
755 Clark Alex C , broker 
7uS Evans l.dwurd, ot Evans & 

760 Clark W.J,, bookseller 

Here .Uanmlcld at intersects. 

Knox church, Canada Presby- 
terian, rev. Jas. l^leck, pastor 

St Peter's cuiliedrul, R. C, In 
course of construction 

Here ( 'othedrat at. ends and .Metcalfe 
St. beyins. 

Diiminion sf/. 

Here Windsor at. ends and Peel 
at. beyina. 

Winusor Hotel Co,, R, H, South- 
pate, imiiia;,!er 

Sdiitligate It, 11., manager 
Wiiidsiir hotel 

Holllday Geo,, cashier Windsor 

Windsor brunch .Medlciil hall, 
Kelineih Campbell Si Co., 
proprii^tors; K 11 llryson, 

Uoarder.t ilt Windsor hotel. 

Globeiisky Itenj,, of Lucosto & 

Chapleuu lion Jos. A,, y,n. 
Diuniinond A,'r,,of Drnmmuiid 

Ill-OS, & to, 

CMircli lion, L, Kuggles, ij.C. 
Schwob A,,ofschwoh Itrotbers 
.Slack Geo, F„ A1,D, 
Seymours VV. W. G., of Si'y- 

moiirs & Co. 
Smith It A. 
Haiirahun 'I'ho as E., editor 

Comm.rclal Kolew 
MoGlllivruy ;s.J. 



Macdonald .1. 
Cumming W. 
Coristine T. J,, 
Ravonhill W. 
toria Straw 
Mitchell hoii. 
Peddle k. 
Small E, A., ( 
Biiell A. A,, m 
port Lumber 
Sadlier Mrs,, .i 
Ford Cujit. E., 
Beddall Thus., 
Perriiult Clis. 
vice-cinisul <i 
Schwob M., of 
Crottv .Mrs. 
MossH. E., of 
Davis I, , of Jo 
Snyder F'red. 
Stewart Alex., 
Petersen I". A. 
Buchiinaii W, 
Moffiitt .1, 1). 
Harper .1. R., 

A Co. 
Holmes l{. W. 
Chad wick Fran 
Kay Geo., ot II 
O'Brien I.. A., 
Ilollidny (ii'o., i 
Brennan J no , i 
lies Geo , boi.kl 
Alixe .Ala reus, 
PnliiiHii C, E , 
Davis K, IL, wa 
Baker J., iiiglit 

860 Methodist cliin 
Bl.iiid, miiiist 

852 Lay .Mrs K,H,, . 
ladies si>niiiiai 

Here .Stanley at 

g55 Club chambers, 


Meakiii Walter 

("Uib oliiimlier 

856 Evans 11. S.. wl 

858 Davids.ui ( hii.' 

Monk, Cro-^s S 

800 Biiish (ieorgc, 1 

At water A. U'., 

American I resi 

rev. (ieo. H 


Wells (,eo. H., 

lean I'leslivter 

802 McCluiit \V ,l.,,s, 

Pii'~l(Vl<Tian c 

805 Heauilry 

Here Drnmnhtnd . 

m Gould .loseph 
872 FleeU lev. .Imiies 
Kingiinin Aline 

Chllds ( liiirh's, 
boot and ^lioe 
English Sainuel 
SffS Slnarer' 
Hl)l» iSlchuNon I'eto 

eonlriicl r 
lino Glen Cniwiord,; 
Miirtin Chiis. II, 

Here .Mountain s 

»10 llulchiiis \V,F., 
at Pillow, Hen 






JAMES A. BAZIN, TEETH FILLED, &o., 1357 ST CATHERINE ST oor Uoaill College Avenue 


Macilonald J. 

Cumininf; W. B. 

CoristincT. J., of C Tistlne & Co. 

KavRiihill \V. C. mauager Vic- 
toria Straw woriis 

Mifcliell lion, rotor 

Pertdio K. 

Small E. A., of H. Sliorey & Co. 

Bucll A. A., managor of tUe Ex- 
port J-umber t o. 

Sartlior Mr.".. & DuiiKhtprs 

Ford Ciqit. E., stuck broker 

Beddali Tlios., of Hoddali & Co. 

Perniult Clis. Ovido, LL.i)., 
vicr-cmiKUl iif Eraiico 

Scliwot) M., of Sclnvob Bro.s. 

Crottv Mrs. 

Mo.»s'H. E., of S , H. & J. Moss 

Davis I, , (if .lose))!) it Sons 

Snydor Fro<l. 

Stowurt Alex., civil ongiiioor 

Peterson I*. A., Govl oiijrineer 

Chisliolm V.n.. of Clilsliolm Bros 

Bucliaiiaii VV. F., broker 

Motfiitt .1. I). 

Haiper ,1. K., of J. K. Harper 
A CO. 

Holmes II. W. 

Chndwick Frank 

Kay (ieo., ol Hall, liny & Co. 

O'Hrion !■-. A., room clerk 

Holliday (ieo., room clerk 

Brennau .Ino , steward 

lies (jeo , 1)1)1 ikkeeper 

Alixe .Marcus, cnrriaire agent 

Pitliiiaii ('. K , stortkeeper 

Davis |{. II., wa climan 

Baker J., niplit clerk 
850 Methodist cliiircli, rev. H. F. 

Bland, minister 
862 Lay .Mrs K.ll., wiil U.W., young 
ladies seminary 

Here Stditlci/ at. iiifersecis 

565 Club cinimbers, \V. J. Meakin, 
Meakin WaltiT .1., prcpriotor 
(Mub cliainbers 
850 Evans II. S., wholosale drugs 
868 Uavid.-on (has. IV, (^.C, of 

Jlonk, Cio-s & Davidson 
880 Brush (ieorge, Eaule loundry 
Atwater A. \V., lawstudent 
American I ri'sbyi 'riau church, 
rev. (.eo. H. Wells, MA., 
Wells (loo, II.. minister Amor- 
icun rrestivteriaii church 
802 McCluiir \V ,1 ,soMon AuuTicun 

l'l■(l^l)v(e^ian church 
806 Beaudry Vii' 

Here Drummmiil ,s7. 

808 (ionhl ,Ii)..epli 

•Iiiini's, minister Knox 
of Adanitt & 

;>18 (Jroer William, painter 

Burrows John (j., bookkeeper 
Torrance Clias., com mercnant 
920 (Graven VV'm. J,, oil merchant 

Craven V\ m. A., com merchant 
922 Stevenson rev. .f. F., pastor of 

Emmanuel church 
924 KorthoyD. K..of D. R. Northey 

& Co. 
928 Warren W. R.,('pn., bookkeeper 

Warren \V. R., jun., clerk 
930 Blacho Louis 

Blacho Nap., clerk 
93i Mclntyro John E., mercht tailor 
938 (allow Jolin, Jnpanner 

Crescent Street Presbyterian 
church, rev. A. U. Jlackay, 
Forbes Alex., si>xton Crceccut 
Street I'resbyteihin church 

Here Crescent st. begins. 

942 Green Francis, carter 

943 Mont .John, of W. & J. Moat 

945 Force Anthony, com merchant 

946 Vallary Francis, bricklayer 

Here Aqveihict st. ends. 


Fleck ivv 

Kingman Ahiii 

Chillis ( liarles, mannfiicturer 

limit and '-hoe la.'ts 
K.nglish Samuel, secntary Art 

H!>8 .Sh. nror 
8U'.t jVlchiiUon I'etei', builder and 

con tract r 
901) (ilrii ('rawli)lil. pliinilicr 
.^lartiu ('has. II Mull sinre 
rrlngle.MIss II., unit and con fee- 


//ill' Mi>iitiliiiii si. iiitt r.^icts, 

910 llnichins W. F.. superiiitendont 
ut Pillow, Horsey St Cd.'a mills 

Johnson \Vm.. of Wm. .Tohnson 
A- Co ,nnd of Johnson, Dixon 
iV (-0., Toronto 

949 Bniloy lieut.-col. Henry 

951 Kamsay Thos. K., Judge QB. 

9.53 Low capt. John 

955 Black LcwlsS.,of Lewis S. Black 
& Co. 

967 Seymour C. K. 

Here Ilisknp st. begins. 

9.59 Huntingdon hon Lucius S 
9tit) Phillips Mrs, Ann, wid (;iiarl(« 

Maher Patrick, ga'ilcnor 
970 Imrie |{ , gardenei' and Horlst 

Here McKay st, liegins. 

1007 Shepperd cnit. H W. 
llHiO Huston C., wholesale clothier 
1025 Sannoors Alex., of H. & A. 

Here (liiji St. intersects. 

1028 Laporto Audri^, laborer 

1048 Urnut , lames, manager Hooho- 
lagu Fire Ins. Co. 

lono Kiiijislon Fred., wine mercht 

1050 I'ranklin Francis, stock dept 
Bank of .Montreal 
Franklin Itenj., dork 

11168 Norman rev.' I{. W., assistant 
ministi'r Chnrch of St James 
the Apiistio 

1074 McDoiifinll .lohn, of the Cale- 
donia Iron works 
,St('ioix church, |{.C., rev, D. 
Tamiiereiiu, S S., chaplain 

lilSii Evans .1 ,s,, ol J. S. Evans & 


.S7. Miitlheie st. Iiei/iiis. 

1094 riiillips llenr\', gardener 

UlKI Rohi'rlH)n .'Vinh"w, ol Itobert- 

'-oii>, l.iiitiin % Co. 
112(l'Klll>y U. II., hardware nn'rcht 

.Indiili I lis. .s;., .1.1',, advocate 
1127 Ogilvv John, ol John Ogilvy 

«c Co. 
UU8 Drinkwater ('., gen. maiittgiir's 

assii-taul (■ 'I'.U. 
1120 Evans linht., iil Evans Bros. 
li:tl K-ans Win., seed morchant 
1132 Eraser John, ageiit 

1133 ChalTeo A. B., secretary and 

treasurer South Eastern rail- 

1134 Graham D., managing director 

C. W. Williams .Mfg. Co. 
11,35 Davis lienj. T. 

1142 Kutherfoid W., of Rutherford 

& Son 
Rutherford T. J., of Rutlierford 
& Son 

1143 GrahameJ. A. chief commis- 

sioner H. B. V.K 
Grabame J. Ogdon, lludgon 
Bay Co. 

Here St. Mark st. begins. 
1145 Cantin Augustin. ship builder 
Cantin Jas. B., ship builder 
Cantin Chas. A., ship builder 

Here .Seigneurs st. ends. 
1149 Brown R., ol Brown & Scott 
1151 Jlclntyre D., of Mclntyre, 

French & C ). 
1154 Torrance hon. Justice F. W. 
1157 Smith hon. D. A., Hudson Bay 


ffere Edgehill av.and Fort st. begin 

1160 Mackay R.. of Mackay Bros. 
Mackay rev A. B., pistor of 
Crescent Stnet I'resbyterian 
Ogilviu A. W., of A. W. Ogllvio 
& Co. 

Lawrence W. V., of Poiry 
Davis & Son A- Lawrence 
1201 Friiser Cliarlos T. 
1203 Stauclille Fred., residentspc'y. 
Reliance Mutual l,,lfe As8. 
1205 (iiierti. A., lumber merchant 
1207 Coiiillard Jos., laborer 
1212 JudahFred.,of Judah & Bran- 

1221 Seymour M H., sen. 
Seymour M. 11., Jun., book- 

1222 Judah Henry, snlicitor Trust 

and Loan Coiii|iany 
1225 Lye Henry, secrc'tary National 

Fire lii-urance Co. 
Kiithorlord Mrs. .Mai g .wid.Tohn 
122)' Hope .lohn, of iiupe & Co. 
1229 Shotton loUii W. 
1243 Linton .lohn, couper 
12'17 riirster lov. J L., minister of 

Calvary church 

Jlere Kssex ar. l>etiiiig, 
1261 Woman's llospllil. Western 
Hospital building. ^Irs. H. 
Kitcliie. matriin 
Ritchie .Mrs. Helen, wid Alex. 

//. re Atwater ar. Iiegiiis. 

Lewis W. K.,of W. F. Lewis & 

Scyliold .1. 1'., of .Seybold, Son 
& Co. 
Smilli , Allan's otllce 
Calgay H., gardi'iiir 
Dill iii'ord capt. I'hillp, colli ctor 

provincial riniime 
Durr.fird .'\. D., aecniiutant 

Diinilord E. C, toller tiuebeo 

Macaiilay Robt , manager Sun 

Mutual I, ill' Ins. Co. 
limes Jas., biiukbinili r 
Weir W. I'., lldrMii'Veyer 
Weir R. .S , •eciiiid niaiitor 

senior school 
Weir W, A„ luwsludoiit 








em continuation of Dorchester 
street, near Selby Grange, St 
Antoine ward 
Irvinn ri^nrles, fhrrner 
JrvinoJo''!!, farmer 
Hiitcliisoii Henry, builder 
Ilorsiimn John, gardener and 

Jackson James G., clerk 
Jackson Sirs. C.,wiri S., Townley 

Jiickson T. L., clerk 
Loffnn Thomas, vice-president 

Cnnndn I'aper Co. 
Dnir J. .M, oflicial asitipnee 
Hntcliison A. C, nrchitect 
Hutchison CMias., com traveller 
Boyd ,Iotiti, blacksmith 
iSharpe.J., livery stable 
Shnrpc Uco., livery stable 
Smith .lames, ice dealer 
Wbitlak.TS., clerk tJ.T.R. 
Jellyniiin Rich., iiaper box manf 
Lisjroe Thomas, farmer 
Shaw Tliornas, jrrocer 
Mc<ir('}.'or J., accountant 
Barrat (i., com traveller 
renin .li'au, 
Wooiiii> William, pros Canadian 

Hubhcr Co. 
P'lrpuson .lobn, bookkeeper 
Forftusou David, bookkeeper 
.''peed .lohn 
ScrimpiMJur W'm., merchant 

16 Core St Antoine road. Being 
outside City limits, names will 
be found in Alphabetical order 
in Cote St Antoine 

DOWO. formerly St Germain, 
from 90 Bleury west to 77 St 
Alexander, St Lawi'euce ward 

8 Canipbi'll .lolin, hor-eshoer 

9 Uoipin .Michael, laborer 
TuriiHiM' Tliomas, laborer 
Koildi'ii Tliomas, laborer 
Strappeu Patrick, laborer 

U KapiiMi Kdward, laborer 
O'liourke ,las., laborer 
Kennedy .Mis,, wid James 

13 DniKiin '.Michael, laborer 

14 Coriivciiii Silk mills 
Scanlau .Alirbael 

10 McDermolt .Mrs. .M., wid Mich. 

17 (.lilies 1' , liiborir 

18 Ivilliin I'alrick, shoenuikcr 
< (lie Mis , wid iMhvaid 

19 Itarroii Dtiiiiis 
Witiiuh Williain, laborer 
Cartel- .lohn, laborer 
(Jiilliii Mrs. ,S., wid .1, 
iMc.Miiiioii .^J|ss, dressmaker 
O'llrleii .M.S. M., wid 1*. 
O'.ridv .Mrs. A , wid J. 
.Slewiilt .Mis., wid l'. 

Uviiii Mrs. I'., wid .M. 
25 O'liourke Diiiiiel, lahoivr 

Kliiiiiiuiiii ICilniird II , clerk 
27 (jiilnliiii Lawrence, stoiemaii 

DROLET, from JJRoy north to 
City limits, St Louis ward 

71) Oe<l! .lessi', eiiu'ineer 

I'e K k I 'nil , lnborer 

H!) Deiiiiidi Alfred A., eiiifineer 
H7 heMiiiiiii (ii'cirjj;!' v., engineer 
ill Koliy Tilt rick .lames, steainlltter 

UK) Clement A. IC. 

104 Woods W. II., com nieruht 

106 Bouruon Jean, carriapemaker 
108 Charbonneau Xnp., of Trudel, 

l)eMontignv,Charbonneau & 

110 Cope W. C, com traveller 
112 Primeau 1.. A., principal St 

Oenia academy 
114 Dumas D. C, of D'Amour & 

116 Smith Daniel, contractor 
118 Morris .John, sewing machines 
120 Berrv Marlborough S., clerk 
li2 Maillet I.. L., advocate 
124 JIacdonell I'eter L., advocate 
126 KielTer .Joseph I. , machinist 
128 Krims John, clerk 
130 Grant l)avid, salesman 
Grant Alex., agent 
Grant J.ihn, printer 
Grant Andrew, clerk 
132 Dallaire Kdmond. agent Harbour 

Tug Boat Co. 
134 GlackmeyerC, jun., accountant 

Police department 
136 Clement J. I,., cabinetmaker 

Thivierge Napoleon, carpenter 
13^ Diis,s(ault Xeu'ipbon. bailiiT 
140 J.elebvre Olivier, bookkeeper 
142 I'liquette N., of Loiseau & Co. 
144 Quinfd .Miss 
146 Lamontagne Trcffl<;, deputy pro- 

148 Watson .lolin, clerk 
160 Heandry Henri, clerk 
Ifil I.efebvre Zotiipie N , teacher 
162 St I'ler caiitain Samuel 
l"i3 I'lovencher 51.. foreman 

164 La.salle Klie, enciiieer 
InO (iuy Ovila, cattle dealer 

166 raflcrsoii A. IV, piano manufr 
]i"i7 Stuart .lohn K., com merclit 
1;")1) Roebuck .^Il•s. Marv, wid 11. 

160 Ooran W. K., architect 

161 l.iisy ,Tas., iron fiunider 

162 Dnfour I'ilie, carpenter 
Dufoiir Miss, dressnuiker 

104 Stanton K W., nccouutuut 

Stanton F.. ,)., ensir.iver 
166 .lobin THiicriJde, broker 

165 Martin K. X., accountant 
170 Ross .Mrs. T. I{. 

172 Valois Jos. M., of Ueauchemin 

& Valois 
174 Sniilh Robert, real estate agent 
176 I.iipieire Allied, piano nuiker 
178 l,a|iierre Kerd,, piano mnker 

riiiberge .Mrs, G., wid A. 
1S2 Kenand Crjielc. grocer 
1H4 1'lierieii Alplioiise, painter 
1H6 liupahne TrellhS iiotHry 
IHH Valaiie A., eiirriagemaker 
100 DescbPne |{.. com traveller 
201 l.afoiid Stanislas, plumber 
203 Vaiidry ('. painter 
206 Cunchiin (>.. piiinter 
2fl7 (irave! ,losenli K. agent 
20!l I'hlllips Setii, nplidlsteier 
2IIOlStewarl Geo. II , com Iiavellor 
2iriireiiicr N'ltiil, plumber 

DRUMMOND, from 80 Osborne 
north to the Mountain, St An- 
toine ward 

1 (lorrle .A., wholesale tohacooiilst 
3 Keld ,lo!in Keith, clerk 

6 Swift W A , com traveller 

7 Ritchie David, tobacco luctorv 

I) Usslier rev. |)r, |l It., inlnlKter 
St ili:rtlioli.ini'w's IM",, church 

8 <illles)'le Mis. K , will Prior 
(lillespl,. |{ 1)., iigeiil 

11 relliin (>. S, ci>m tniveller 

12 Cliirke tieo., ol (,. Si W, Clarke 

13 MiitIVy Alfred, organist 

14 (iiaiit Lewis, com traveller 


15 Wilkinson .Tohn, booklteeper 

16 McNab William, civil engineer 
ItiJMason Alesander, bookkeeper 

17 Adams A G., foreman 

18 Swift W. B., supt silk factory 
Stuart Mrs. Jessie, wid W. 

19 Rutherford Douglas, builder 

20 Newman Henry, clerk 
Bean Alfred 

22 Gilford W. M., sec -treas. Domi- 

nion Leather Board Co. 
American rresbvteriau church; 

rev. Geo. H. Wells, minister 
Here Dorcliexter st. intersects. 

31 Heiiuilry lion, .icnn Louis 

Victoria Skating rink, Isaac, guardian 
1/CP Isaac, guardian Victoria 
Skating rink 
54 Aitke. Mrs. Mary, wid John 

Shaw J. U„ clerk GT.R. 
CO Law Robert, bookkeeper 
62 Miller Miss 
64 Kraser John 

Fraser J. M., insurance clerk 
67 Kinmond 1'. L., merchant 
69 Fav J. B.. clerk 
71 Barnston tieorgo 

Barnston W. M 8., of Barnston 
86 Mclnlyre Archibald, carpenter 
Here St. Catherine st. ititersects. 

97 'lylei- Mrs. Mary, wid Robert 
99 Darling Tbonias, assignee 

113 CowMi H, C, advoca'e 

127 OgilvieJ.,of A.W.Ogilvie&Co. 

141 Mav S. II.. of S. II. May & Co. 

144 I'aterson W. S., of Wilson, I'a- 
terson & Co. 

150 Wilson .lolin T.,of Wilson, Pa- 
ter-on & Co 

152 Mathews Frederick, clerk 

163 (ireciieG.,of (ireeiie & Sons Co. 

164 Lawrence CHid. John, ins agent 
155 Eadie Geo. W., of Frothlngham 

& Workman 

168 Falrbaiin .lohn, broker 

169 Taylor Thos. M , of Taylor »ros. 
171 Rr4iwiiiiig .Miss Susan, bdg hso 

HIack J.,.leik 
Bradv !•". .1., clerk 
Watson W. W , clerk 
Dean C. W., .Montreal bonk 
Winslow K. S , .Montreal bank 
179 Itrown ,Fa-., of.Ias. lirown & Co. 
//(■)•(' Sill rhriml:e .«/. intersects. 

221 Milbnrn ca|>taln 

265 Cowie A, .McK.. produce nier- 

279 Seargeant L J., (ralllc manager 

G I'.U. 
204 Dongall .1. D., of .1. Dougall k 

311 Caverhill Tliomes, of Crathern 

» Caverhill 
320 llnll Miss Cliarliitte 
317 jMel.enimn Hugh, of Montreal 

I'lansportnlioii ( ,>. 

Ill re Driimmiinil .it, etiiln. 

DUBORD, from Campeau west to 
37 Sanguinet, across Viger sqi 
Bt James and St Louis wards 

3 lloui'ilon Angus 111, tailor 

6 llii-lii'ii Siiniiii'l, biitber 

7 Oiiiliird I'.nii'e, plninliiir 
Diiiiias Victor, siidiMcr 

l.'l <He:iV' s .Mrs. Si., wid .lohn 
KilM'^ Wni., Jeweller 

23 Greaves II. |„ 

24 Aneliilre Maglidre, ciiiter 
26 Loiigliii ilulluti, laboriT 



26 Lavoie Berthfcl 
Thomas David 
Taillefer Loui.s, 
Bertraiid Paul 
Charbonneau J 
Hilman John, 
(iregoire Jos., 
Traner John, 1 

Here Jinpa/I 

Here ,St. Hubert 

41 Cadieux L. A., 
Champagne ,To: 

43 Dealers M. J. 

45 Marchand C., 

47 Dumesiiil G. II 

49 MHlchelo.sse Mi 
Malclielosse Sai 
Morin Hubert, 

53 Fauteux G. 
(•rcdit Foncie 

55 Fauteux P. A., 

Here n lam 
57 Perrault H M., 
61SUellyJ , of Tin 

Here Herri nt. 

63 Level 11(5 Joseph 

65 Beaudry Dr. (i 

fessor of Phv 

thologv. Vicfn 

">'eo!nan Mrs. i, 

67 Duvernay Lmh 

Le Courrier d 

69 L.acoste A., of I 

sky k Ilisalllo 

Lacnste Artliiir, 

O'Menra P , assii 

73 Dufr(>sne J. M , 


75 Trudel Kugene ' 

dent anil pn 

Faculty. Victo 

Trudel L. P., law 

Here .V^ Deniis 

101 Mitciiell Wm. F. 

103 ScholieldC.,of(' 
Clarke .1. C., me 

106 (ilackmeyer Mrs 

107 Di'scliainps Jo.'. 
109 Traquiiir.l , rulll 

[fere hinjiiiirhelii'r 

113 BaillarL'eon .)os. 


sailles, St Antoit 

37 Lalielle (iregolre 

o;l Mi'toine > liarles, 

Duliriile (Hide i: 

north to the Ci(y 
Mary ward 

,3 Vaiiier l'',iullleii, 

Viinier J. V. , civ 

6 St .Miivilii l.oiiis, 

8 l>li|Uelti',losepll, 

9 Pollock Mrs,l', , v 
.Mii.j r Niiri'l se, s 

11 Lynch ,\itlnir A, 
Lvncli ,los A., Ill 
Kfiirsaii .loseph, ( 

12 Doie Hubert o 

Vlnceni ill' I'aii 
16 (iantliier Cvrllle, 
16 Luvoie .li^rrtim-, p 

llvre Joachim Uvu 







26 I.nvole Bprflifelptnl, laborer 
Thomas Davirl, traelor 
Taillpfpr Lmii«, laborer 
Kprtraiid Paul, labnier 
Cliarboniioan Jiisoph, clerk ' 
Hitman Jolin, laborer 
(ir^goire Jos., laborer 
Trailer John, laborer 

Here ItnpaUo st. ends. 

Here St. Hubert st. interKy:cts. 
41 Cadiciix L. A., com traveller 

Champajjne .losciih, clerk 
43 Deiirers M. .7., merchant 

46 Maictianil ("., wholesale grocer 

47 Dumesnil G. H , •'. I'., notary 
49 Miilchelossp Miss Josepliiiio 

MalclielossoSanuipl, clerk 
Moriii Hubert, appraiser 

()3 Faiitpiix G. N., cashier Le 
(-redit Fonder 

55 Fauteux P. A., advocate 

Here a lane hi gins. 
57 Perrault H M., arohlteot 
61 SkellyJ , ofTlioniasTilliu &Co. 

Here Herri st. intersects. 
63 Level 11(5 Joseph, fnrnitMro 
65 Heaudry Or. (i. ()., M.D.. pro- 
fessor of PJiysiiilojry and I'a- 
tholo<rv. Victoria university 
Yeoman Mrs. Louise, wid 'i'hos. 
67 Duvernay LudL'er Uenis, editor 

I,e Courrier do Montr<''aI 
69 Lacoste A., of Lacobte, Globen- 
sky & Uisalllon 
I,acMste Arthur, merchant 
O'Meiira P , assistant City clerk 
73 Dufi-esne J . M , of Dufresne A 

75 Trudel F.ugene H.. M.D., presi 
di'nt ami prd'essor Sledical 
Knculty, Victoria university 
Trudel L. P , law student 

Here St. Denifsl. intersects. 

101 Miti'iiell \Vm. K., sexton Trinity 

103 Scholielil('.,ofi'.Scho(leld&Co 

Chirke .1. ('., merchant 
105 (ilackmever Mrs. .S , wId I-. F. 
107 D''scliain|is Jo-', com traveller 
109 Traipuiir J , rulUiiigs, ole. 

Here L<iiiauclietii're lane begins. 

113 l$alllar>;eon Jos., grocer 

DUBRULE LANE, off 35 Ver- 
sailles, St Anloine wavd 

37 Lalirlle (ir('•^'oire, caliinetmttker 
JO Metiiliu' ( harles, painler 
l)ulirnl(^ Ovhie machinist 

DUFRESNE, from 75 Bt Mary 
north to the City boundary, St 
Mary ward 

.3 Vanlcr Kniilieii, provisloiTH 
Vanicr J. lO , civil ciiKlueer 
(1 St .Mar' In Louis, (rrocer 
H l'ii|iii'lli' .losepli, driver 
9 INdlock Mrs. hi, wId Cliaries 
Ma,| r Niini si', shoi'uiaker 
11 Lylii'h .\rlhur A. 

Lyiu'li .los A., law student 

Marsan .losi'ph, carpenter, r 

VI Dore Hubert O., prliielpal fSt 

Vincent de I'rtul academy 
15 (iaulliier Cvrille, lalmrer 
Iti Luvoie.lOrOme, pollccimtll 

Here Joachim tune begins. 

17 Laprandeiir Joseph, carpenter 
Dufresne Joseph 

18 Villeneuve MrH. Mar , wid L. 

19 SanvRfre I.,ouis, joiner 
St Jean 1' , baker 

20 LynpSIiciiael.cartpr 

21 Wells Samuel William, clerk 

22 liaymond Damase, laborer 

24 Rieiideau Mrs. Jlelia, wid, r 
Frechette Joseph, laborer, r 

26 Heauchamp Mrs. S. widL6on,r 
Koy Miss Marceline, seamstress 
Desjardins D.amasH, laborer, r 
L;d'ranchise Pieire, laborer, r 

27 Archamlmult Am., ot Archam- 

baidt & Leclero 

25 Kiiymond Krs. 

3l> Vii'icelettp I.cuiis, laborer 

32 Provost I'hil^as, laborer 
.Massim Frs. Xavier, cooper, r 

33 Dwyer Dennis laborer 
Deaurielet George, laborer, r 

.34 Mrtssou Emmanuel, shoemaker 
3'' l,afranelii-e Mrs. L., wid Jos, 

36 Martel Mrs., wid Isaac, grocery 

Here (•rant lane brgin.i. 

37 Lariviere Edmond, watchman 
37il'etitdit Lidumiere J., nulkmun 
3S liuller lienry, l)riclilayer 

39 Hi'rthi;iume Isale, sailor 
Allard J. lit>'., sailor 

41 Kurns .Toh^i, milkman 
41.JHeuuett ilohn, laborer 

42 Audette Mrs. .lulie, wid Fr.s. 
lliimilton iTames, lal<orer, r 
Collin Xavier, butcher, r 

43 Kendall Thomas 

45 (iauthler Frs.. conductor 
47 Pilon Octave, helper 

Here St. (Wlierine st. intersects. 

56 (iroleaii Frs., & Fils, grocers 

57 Marais Olivier 

I'oulin Ernest, labi.rer, r 

58 Pr^fontaliie T., jmlici'nmn 
tiO Sauguinet Albenc laborer 
6()jLasalle William, broommaker 

l,<wilie Olivier, Ijailer 
61 ''i'lriii Louis, currier 
i.attamme Artliur. laborer 

61 i Desjardins Stanislas, laborer 

62 I'.thicr LiVin, painter 

ti25 Uissounetli'.). Hte., liealer 

63 l.abine .loeph, laborer 
Sliiller ,Iohn, plumber 

63]('hiiuvin Frs , trader 
64"l.i!uoges l/uds, brakeuian 

Vincent lliuiri, stoki'r 
il4'I'revost Naipol'OU, foreman 

65 t'hauvet Loids, hay merchant 

66 .Moisiiu I'll rre 

Foiiciiiilt Cleophas, laborer, r 

67 llelier! Louis, laborer 
Ueiuiud Mis. M., wid ('. 
Itetwiud Miss, liressnuiker 
Lesperauce Vniable, laborer, r 
St Germain Louis laborer, t 

68 (lircuix I'Idli'as, shoenuiker 

//()•(' .S7. Uncli lane be!;ins. 

ti!) UreadshaH Henry, carter 

7il Champagne Oii^siiue, grocer 

71 Cliampagiie (1. , liiitoher 

Hoasseau Li'ou, blucksudth, r 

75 Duo,' Louis, liiborer 

77 lilcliurd Profpere, iabiu'er 

78 .Naiitel FraiiV'Us 

HI) Gulbiird Jo.seph, laborer 
SI .staari I h'lUias, polleemau 
Stuart tieo,, hatiuaker 

82 .Malhleu .1. ltli> , laborer 

83 Marieau .\.. carpenter 

St lUlalre /,eiililrln,ciirfi'r, r 
St llllalte \ietor, carter, r 

84 Groleau NapolcSon, laborer 

86 Matbieu Pierre, laborer 

87 Perrin Charles, plumber 

88 McLean .I(din tobacconist 
88iPringIp Mrs Mary, wid Richard 

Kpaulieu F. IL, grocer 

89 Choquette Ignace, foreman 

Here Mignonne lane begins. 

90 Deslauriers Louis, brickbiyer 

91 Sims Charles, blacksmith 
Jamieson W illiiim, sldpbuilder,r 

92 By da well G.. bl.acksmlth 

93 Lalumltre W., trader 

94 Rollo John, clerk 

95 Grigncm Pierre, joiner 
95iBruneIlp Louis, milkman 

97 I'loutfe Jean Bte., bookkeeper 

Goulet David, laborer 
97} Lussier Joseph, laborer 
98"Th6riault Toussaint, laborer 
V9 (jreni.>r Jos., plasterer 
lot) Brown Miss, charwoman 

101 Dubois Mrs. Emt^lip, wid Luo 

102 LJipine Moi'se C, laborer 
Malettc Simeon, laborer, r 

103 Kobichaud Mrs., wid Joseph 

104 Martinean .loseph 
Carmelle Michel, laborer, r 

105 I'atenaude T., broommaker 
Lusignan Hegis, laborer 

105JL6veill(5 Joseph, laborer 

Here St. Elizabeth lane begins. 
108 Perreauit Anaclet, trader 
Lepine Joseidi, laborer, r 
lii7 Peatman William, farmer 
b'8 Gagnon llemi, laborer 

110 Kaiitel Maxiuie, labiuer 

111 Beaupr*! Louis, laborer 

112 Beaujiri^ Iteiijaniin, soapmaker 

113 Beaupre fhomas. laborer 
.Maille Isidore, slioeuiaker, r 
Giroiix Luc. carter, r 

114 Peirault.l. Bte., laborer 
Asselin Francois, luliurer, r 

115 Morneau LiMiis, laboier 
I.Mtonr Isaac, laborer, r 

116 lirodenr •loseph 

Marsan Antoine, laborer, r 
llOJDagenais N'nrciHse. laborer, r 
Jamieson Hugh. ioin'<r 
.lumiesou I'eti'r, laborer 
118 (iiiriepy Charles, laborer 
120 Hellerose Louis giocer 

122 Delorme .luies. laborer, r 

123 Corbeille David, botelkeeper 

Here Logan ■•■t. inltrMCts. 

127 Barlierv Eli'^i^e. writer 
133 Beyuolds Edward, laborer 
139 Laii/.on Frs., watchman 

141 Esplin John, laborer 
Iturrell .loliii It., laborer 
Draiiiu'ss .lanu's, carter 

142 Ptdice station No. II, U. J. 

Beaudry, sergeniit 
113 Niiiitel Cluirles, laliorer 

I.eeavalier St^raphin, joiner 

Bimrdoii l.iuii-, laborer 

L»''piiie Ovirie, butcher 
'14 Uraiidry |{..l., sergeai't No. U 

I'oliee station 
li ! I.avoie Andie, laborer, r 
II" I'rovenval llilaiie, croeer 

.leiiidngTIionuis, laborer, r 
llii Ditlresii,' Mrs. E., wid Pierre 
150 Marti I lioriMiMlas, carter, r 
152 Burns .Mrs. .lane 
154 Siirpicmint Edward, foreman 

ItourcaiMvllle.liihn, carter, r 

Bergei Celestiu, laboier, r 
156 Moineau.los .carter 
173 Ouellelte Plilleas, laborer 

Geni>reii.x Honors, laborer, r 







175 Moiiblcaii ('Iovi», shocinaker, r 
MaratH rieirc, laborer, r 
I'rfivost Aiigustin. joiner, r 

DUKE, from 81 Common to 121 
College, St Ann ward 

2 Norris & Kuutli.flourinprcliants 
13 Williamson Jas., wart'hounemiiii 
16 Dooner Ed., master carter 

Here Ureniian st. iutersecls. 

26 Hughes John, lockniastcr 

28 liiiriiH Thomas O., storcman 

30 tiray W'm., polisher 
Crowley Jas., labonr 

33 I'litterson Jolin, st' I'cman 
Locke Edward, tinisl.r 

40 tiouldtliorpe Oi'or^'c, ■! -'► 

(ioiildlliori>e Mrs. Al . .' .< ,r r 

42 Daigneaul* Niirl'Y. ciirl c 
Vine lli'ii V, '■ :■■ fr, r 
Willis Mr' Su:^.li, wi<l V.' ., r 
Mey.T.H K' , d. \V., ;irint< r. r 
C'lendiniie i,'.'., pHUernir .'i-cr.r 

44 Cioiildiluii |,i; .'oim, '■'."-: 

40 Young Joi , (•iiopi.'P 
\oung \Vi ; , clv.niist 

48 (jingras.I. . dev 'ty 'lomia.-j. . 

52 Gibson Jlrs. Mary, wiu .las. 
(jlibson 1'. H., sti'ieman 

53 Winn & Holland, ■•.nm nn rchts 

64 Keid Oeorge D., nuiiliiiiist 
lieid (ieo. L>., jiin , mtcUinlst 
Held A. v., (j T.H. 

65 Tonnocli .lolin, laborer 

5tf Argent Mrs. A., wid K.. bdg h 

58 (■Ht^noii Jose^^h. Imtclier 

59 Roberts Wm., bunk nie.«seiiger 

60 Teniiant Thomas, machinist 

61 Hall Mrs Ann, wid James 
Hall Wm., art iicial log manftr 

f)2 Olsen Calder, brusinu iker 

63 l,ivjngstone John, blacksmith 

64 Auder>on .los., baker 

66 ( Orbet Daniel, ston'mau 

67 Dean lieorge (.;., clerk 
Tiioni|)»on Mrs. .M.,wid Wm. B. 
TlioMipsoii Kobeit, cleik 

68 (i odfelldw Sam., brass (inisher 

69 ll.'itton I'^dward, miiehinist 
Dciyle .losepli, watcliman, »• 

72 lirMwn Jmiies, engineer 
74 Di'll .Vlexiinder, tinsmith 

Hiri IVilUnijIon s/ iiiti rm-cts. 

84 nridy Ihos., Iiilmrer 

>vi U i>«ell Mr-. Mnrfliu, wid .lames 

90 ."-iitberlai d F.. enliliietmuker 

92 Card. Ml .loliii, stiirein.m 

93 WbeHfoii .Inines l- '.. toreninn 

94 Mi'Shane llii-lmrd. grocer 
S» Vliinii Williani, engineer 

97 Miistertiiiiti wtttcliiiian (i.T.K. 
.Miisterlon .V .1., clerk <;.T i!. 

98 .Spier .liimes, siMi.. ins inspector 
.Spier Wm . clerk 

.Spen- .lanie<, jnn,. I'li^rk 

99 Aniliill .lohM. -loreman 
Araliill Michael, grocer 
t^uinn ^lieliiiel, sen., enginoer 
(joinn M. .1 l'..,inn , i\ilvocat(i 

103 .Shannon V. (!.. bookkeeper 
10.') (iieig Wm , bookkeepc-r 
107 (■albriiilh Sanmi'l clerk 
110 Ciinipbell Daniel, agent 

I'lsgan Mr^. lOiidly, wid .lames 
112 Cromwell II U. 
in Kspliii (i. (k ,T., Inmlier merchls 

118 Ksplln (.eo.,or(i.Jk J. Ksplln 

119 Ksplin Jas., uf O. & J. I'..spliu 

Hii-r OftiiV't .it. iniersic/s. 
121 Dcmpsuy Thumas, groour 

122 I avanagh Jlrs. Catherine, wid C. 

123 Itourgut I'ierre. laborer 
126 Jubin Cyrillo, tinsmith 

130 Thornton Tli mia-s, laborfT 
Murphy I'atrick. moulder 

131 Farmer Patrick, carter 
Webb Thomas, carier 
Kavey Tat., carter 

132 Osborne. :am>'s K.,storeman 
134 I'attena 'de Xarcisse, engineer 
136 Dairy mpio tieo., store man 
138 I'urcell A drew, beer bottler 
i38] Hurley Mrs. M., wid James 

tjoliiller I'at., laborer 

Moore Robert, laborer 

Thoma" .John, laborer 

Moore Wm,, bricklayer 
140 Moore .John, checker G.T.R, 

Moore S. A., clerk (■.!'. II. 

Moore Wm , clerk G.l' U. 
112 Hagan John, weigiier 
143 O'Neil Hugh, trader 

145 Brenna Martin. chTk 

146 .Smith George, laborer 

147 Jeffs W , light-hou.<e keeper 

148 Kelly John, carter 

16(1 Sladigan John, plasterer 
' 151 McAuley John, laborer 

Itedard Joseph, laborer 
I 1.52 0'^eil I'honnis 

166 Deory Michael, typecastor 
I Callaghan .Mrs. .lulia, wid Wm. 
I !57 <»lsen Mrs. .Mary, wid '). 

Mrennan .lames, laborer 
I 158 .Mctiarrell Huah, engineer 
I Oudv .loseph, laborer 
I 100 Whiilin Michael, moulder 
j Uil (iardncr .John, plasterer 
I .Manser David, plasterer 

>Sl;ittery .Jidni. grocer 

Hi're William si. iiitcraects. 
7 Claude I'ierre, tanner 

I DUMAKAIS, from 116 German 
w»st to 117 St Coustant. St 
Louis ward 

1 Coutu J. lite., printer 

2 I'rovost E., of I' & Fr6re 
4 l{ilev William, trader 

li Houle .Mr« Elmin, w id Bruno 

7 soliiner A^olplie. cigiirniakor 

8 liros-aril wi,i e, storeunin 
Boucher ViniMt«>'. joiner 

9 Daniel- Mrs. K 'en, wid George 
in Arm-tioni; Win , w.x ) lealer 

12 (i'ddbodv W custon - <i lioer 
Ui Miilo (Idilon r.iilor 

Kisotte Mrs IVlima. w i Oliviir 

14 .Moore K.dwstrd. clerk 

15 .Mari.tli. A'lloini'. .M 1> 
l)iii|ieite'r., sho. maker 

V\ Demers HoiH)i-e, laborer 

DUPRE LANE, from ll3Con?ge 
north to 100 St Joseph, St Ann 

*< llowlntt Win . shoemaker 
!t Deiviit Mrs. Ifliirv, wid Henry 
11 Wright A .M . clerk 

13 (iray SHiniiel. agent 

l,e < appellain II., nicture framer 
17 Barrett KIcharil. tih-^.nilh 
10 lieid.las.. laborer 

21 'larrigan Thonni". laborer 
Hubert EJ. iiard, t'oieman 

22 Dmnas NoCl, shoemaker 

23 Devlin Hugh, dyi'r 
Wray II , lalmrer 
^^ueulleville Frs., lab'irer 

25 l.upien .Vmable, block aittl pump 

26 Lapierre f-don. carter 
Venne Alphonse, storeman 

27 Jones George E., barber 

28 Jacotel Mrs. Angel<>, wid Jos. 

29 Fra.serMra K., wid Uobert 

31 DuboN Joseph 

32 Aubin Molse, grocer 
35 Feunell John, coo])er 

Hi-re St. Mnnr oe st. intersects. 
40 (^ueniievilleJ. H.. grocer 

47 Kennedy .lohii, laborer 

48 Salmon W., vet(>rinary surgeon 

49 Mazurette (■yrille, shoemaker 
Chafl'ers William, labor T 

50 Watts James, sen., grocer 

51 Lavery Lawrence, fruit dealer 
53 Thompstm Edward, laborer 
57 Lamarro Anioine, shoemaker 

DUftUETTE LANE, off 91 Ver- 
sailles, st Antoine ward 

93 Carriere Isiii'e, butcher 
95 Cartier Bemi. laborer 
95 Brunei Mrs., seamstress 
97 Duquette Alex., laborer 
99 Dmiuette l'h('>ophili>, shoemaker 
101 Labont6 Lemiro, laborer 

UeslauruT Mrs., seamstress 

Lajoie Delphis. carter 

Saillet J. B., laborer 

Jarry LiH)n. baker 


DUROCHER, ft^om 733 Sher- 
brooke north to City boundary, 
dividing St Lawrence and St 
Antoine wards 

civil engineer 
Hy., of X. U. 


McKenzie Alex., civil engineer 
Gee Kol)'irt. solicitor 
Eroste .Miss 
.Toslin Hiram K. 
Packard Lucius 

Packard A: Co. 
Packard E.. ol L. U. I'aokard & 

Matluws. ti Mrs. E S., wid H. 
JI .Nally Bernard, sen., 

Ereiglit dept Allan line 
Mc.Nalh William, of W. Mo- 

N'ally & Co. 
McNally .lolin, clerk 
McNullx Bernard, jun., clerk 
XciNally (i., clerk 
stewnit Henry, marine mana- 
ger K >>ul < aiiadiaii Ins, Co. 
.Iiidge ! ., olOliier, tiibbs & Co. 
Arclibahi Henry, of Frothing- 

ham & Workman 
I'rotliiMglnitn Miss .Mary L. 
.Mewaii .lames, gardener 
Baillie ("lias., jun., of Foster, 

Kiilllie & Co. 
Pralteii W..I . newspaper propr 
Cordiierrev..lcdin D.D., L.L.I)., 

Iiastor Cliurch ot the .Slesaiali, 
Jnllari n 

Day ,Iam!'s <iilmour, advocate 

Hcnlt chs. ('., Bsst supt occiden- 
tal Hallway otHce 

De-harat' Georue E., printer 

Boss* C. L,, ins agent 

Martin C , inaiinlr it Importer 

.Maihewson .Sam., of Malhew- 
sou ft Patloti 

McLaren ,lidin ('., saddler 

SI Denis Alex. 

Weir William, banker 

Williams Clis I'., superintendent 

Campbell Kenie Ih, of Kenneth 
Campbell & Uu. 



84 Hoaton M.,inspct 
^5 Whelan John, co 

86 Vaughn Fred., bn 

87 SevboldC.of.Sey 

88 Dumaresq Edwan 

Here Kim an. 

90 Baillie James, clc 

Baillie Chs., sen. 
92 Packard E , shoe 
94 Byrd Charles, me 
96 ^oii Kappard E.. 
98 I'atterson .1., com 

100 BeevorA F.,draUi. 

102 Snntb Henry L., 

106 Brown Thomas, c! 
108 McAithiir W. U 
110 Hunter Mrs. !.. wi 
112 "Welsh Mrs. Charh 

Welsh Percy, mm 
Welsh H., confect 
Gordon Mrs., will 

Here I'riii e Irlhiir 

118 Hart Mrs. C. II.. 
Hart Gerald E , 

zens Ins Co. 
Hart E. A., .f Hi. 
120 Hurst (lOo.. crier < 

124 I'rid lam W. C.. 

soli'lated hank 
126 Smallwood Cliarle 
123 Donaldson Williai 

129 Brock Mrs ,1 , wid 
Brock J <i., ■<( l!n 

130 Wadswortli K VV. 
1.S2 Kussel Colin, .ni l{i 
134 Costen Ills., Ol I". I 

Costeu(.. W .off. 

143 Aver A. A., ofA..^ 
Hihhard W. P., di 
llibbard .Miss Ada 

149 Kerry .lolin. of K 
& C'o. 

107 Peck .Mrs. M.. «id 
Peck Coinelius i . 
i'eckl'.. of Peck, II 
Molsini ,loliii H l{ 

K. .Molson & l!ro; 
Clintlev (ieorge. ga 
Allen Henry, coacl 
IMcNamara , lolin. t 
Peacock Mrs Marv 
Esdaile Robert, ol.l 
Esdaile R. .M.,of Li 

F.silaile A. M., coal 
Boyle Williani, gai 
Law D,. ol Law, Yi 
Cundill !• ., of Ciiiu: 

& < o. 

I'ouruier, niatroi 

Dorchester, St Anto 

l.awieiK'(> W. 
MtKav Robert, dri 
Ogilvie Alex. W.. I 
tioiiHl Insurance 

ELEANOR, from 2 
north to 266 Willi 

1 Leonard Airs. I{ . « 

ti Davis aines, nionli 

Ca-ey D nMl\ lalmi 

8 Douov an .lames, la 

9 Morrison .lolin. car 

10 Kearney M., letter i 

11 Coo.ieyMlcliael, cu 







81 HeatonM.,in?pctr>I()lson8bank 
f5 Wliplan .John, contractor 
8(5 Vaiipthn Krffl., bnokkct'iier 

87 SevboldCof.Spybold.Son &Co 

88 Dumaresii Kdward, bookkeeper 

Here Kim ao. beginn. 

90 Baillio .lames, clerk 

IJaillieCliH., sen. 
92 I'ackttrtl K , slme Hiidings 
94 Byrd Charles, tnorchniit 
96 ^oii Kappnrd K.. boDkkeeper 
98 Patterson .1., com traveller 
lOO BeevurA F.,drMni;lit3manG.T R. 
102Snistli Menry I.., nianuf agent 
106 Brown Thomas, clerk 
108 McAithiir \V. U., com traveller 
110 Hunter Mrh. I., wid (ieori»p 
112 Welsh Mrs. Charlotte, wid D. H. 
Welsh I'ercv , mni'hinist 
Welsh H., coiiCectioutr 
Gordon Mrs., wid rev. Jas. A. 

Here I'riii e Irtliiir st. biyliiri. 

118 Hart Mrs. C. II., wid Adolphus 
Hurt Gerald K , manager Citi- 
zens Ins Co. 
Hart K. A., .f llhrt Bros. & Co. 

120 Hurst Goo., crier Court Queen's 

124 I'rid mm W. C.. in.''pector Con- 
soli liited hunk 

126 SmiillWDOil ( liiirles, 

123 Donaldson Willinni. bank teller 

129 Brock Mrs ,) , wid .1. 
BmckJ <;., d' lirock & Co. 

130 Wndsworth F W., bookkeeper 
132 Uussel Colin, <-r IfnsselBros. 

131 Co^tcn Ills., .11 I". Coslcn & Co. 
Co^ten (. . W .of 1'. Costeu & Co. 

143 Aver A. A., <dA. A. Aver & Co. 
Hihhiinl W. 1'., rli.rk 
liibhiird Jliss Ada 
149 Kerrv .lohn, of Kerry, Watson 

& ('■... 
167 I'eck .Mrs. .M.. «id Tlis. 
Peck CoiiO'lius ! . 
i'eck I'., of I'eck. Ilenny & Co. 
Molsou .lohn II It., ol ,)ohn II. 

K. .Mols«»n & l!n)s. 
CiMitlev Geor>:e. jjanli'iier 
Allen llenry, eoaohiuan 
IMcXiimarn .loloi, carter 
Peacock Mrs Marv, wid .S. H. 
KsdaileKoliert,of.I.& I{. Ksdalle 
Ksdaile U. ,M.,of Law, Voung & 

Frfidiiile A. M., coal merchant 
Boylo William, panleiier 
Law !»,, ol l.uw, Yoiiii); &('(). 
Cuinlill I* ., of Cundill, Mathews 

& Co. 
Sioiill pox, Mde. K, N. 

Fournier, matron 

Dorchester, St Antoinu ward 

Lawrence W. 

3I( Kiiv Koheil, ilry goods 
UKilvi.' Alex. W.. jiresidcnt Na- 
til Old hisuranci' Co. 

ELEANOR, from 207 Ottawa 
north to 266 William, St Ann 

1 Leonard Sirs. I{ . wid Thomas 

6 Davis allies, lOiiiililer 
Ca^ey I) nid^, laborer 

8 Donovan ,lames, hihorer 

!t Miu'rlsoii .lohn, carter 
li> Kearney M.. loiter ciirrlei 
U Coo.iey'Mlcimel, carter 

12 O Connell Thos., foreman 
Mack .lohn, laborer 

14 Phelan -Mrs s., wid Jamea 

15 Brothers I'atriok, laborer 

16 Cherry Arthur, carter 

17 McDciwell Wm., carpenter 
Farrell Mrs Mary, wid Patrick 
Farrell John, laborer 

25 Itrennan .lohn, carter 
Metiarity Thos.. laborer, r 

27 Hoyd James, laborer 
McCreadv Mark 

28 <'ox Mrs! J. 

29 Nelson Clis., lai)orer 

30 ForestaJ .Mrs. Ann, wid Patrick 

31 Cosgrovc Patrick, carter 
.32 Coleman .Iidmflaborer 

33 Mooney .Mrs. Maria, wid Jas. 
Hatch .lames, carter 
White F aiicis, laborer, r 

31 McGrail .M'Chael, stonemason 

36 Golden Joseph, carter 

33 Quiiilan Thos. J., sec.-treas. St 
Ann':-- .Mutual Building socy 

."jO Dr'schamps Alfred, miller 

52 Callagh III Michael, grocer 

ELIZABETH, from Colhorne av 
west to Shaw, St Mary ward 

Not bwlt upon. ■ 

25 St Elizabeth east, St Louis 

4 Ui'nihe .Alph., painter 

li Deliotte .lohn, blacksmith 
111 Bonr(reois .Mrs. L., wid J. B. 
12 (lassaril l.oiii<, carpenter 

14 Daniel ,lo-eph, painter 
IH (i.dt .I'lliii laborer 

15 Braiilt .lo<eph, carpenter 
20 Sniilli (loorne, laborer 

22 Iternlir Miireel, laborer 

24 Iatoiix Fu^jr'iie, carter 

ELM AVENUE, near 88 Duro- 
cher, St /Vutoine ward 

Minto Wm.,of J. Fraser & Co. 
Swain lleery, tobacconist 

ERIE, from 32 Colborne av west 
to 45 Shaw, St Mary ward 

5 Gunii I'iitrick, gilder 

11 Hi fter .'Mrs. l{os(i, wid Thomas 
15 Walker Patrick, policeman 
19 Dunn William, laborer 

25 Chambers .)ohn,lab(oTr 

27 Moore Mrs. JL, wid James 
33 McNiilly (ieorge, labore" 
41 Ferns liidiert, laborer 

ESSEX AVENUE, from 1249 Dor- 
chester to 1822 St Catherine, 
St Antoine ward 

5 KenrieU < liarles, clerk 

9 Gordon William, seoy Hamilton 

Powder < 'o. 
15 Smith (ieorire, customs otlicer 
17 .Steele K.. ardiitecl 

23 Patent (i..i. K. IC. 
25 .McCord Miss 


EVANS, from 270 St Charles Bor- 
romee wi st to 296 St Urbain, 
St Lawrence ward 

8 Phillips Thomas, of Phillips Si 

8 O'Sullivan Michael, driver 
Dury John, bartender i 
Gaudry J. B.. j>iiiier 

18 Faulkner Geo., customs clerk 

EVANS COURT, off 10 St Moni 
que, St Antoine ward 

1 Hannah William, I borer 

2 Mackeii Martin, laborer 

3 .Shea Dennis, laborer 

4 (iown Georsse, tinisher 

6 Wilson Charles, whitewasher 

7 HaiTiihan .lohn, laborer 
12 Crowley Uussel, storeman 

EWERETTA. from Colborne av 
west to Shaw, St Mary ward 
Not built upon. 

FARM, from 425 Wellington to 
St Patrick, south of Lachine 
Canal, St Ann ward 

:! Davins Williiim finisher 
6 McCartliv Dennis, jrroccr 

9 coonaii Mrs. J , wid John 

11 Carroll Hartholomew, hiborw 

12 (ioderre SIis. ('., wid ^amitt'l 

14 Qiiiiin Mrs. p:ileii. wid lohn 

16 Meehan Patrick, laborer 
25 Power Nicholas, ensriie'er 
27 Murphy .Michael, laborer, r 

29 Callahan Mrs.C, wid Thos., r 

30 ('ooiian William, litter 

32 Butler Kdw.nrd. iiiacliiidst 
Slm))>on .Tames, hihorer, r 
Walsh .Mi hael, labm-er, r 
Hoole Thomas, laborer, r 
Kjfan .Jidin, laborer, r 

38 Byron .Mrv K., wid And. 

41 McDonald Mrs. L., wiii James 

42 Byron William, bra-'sfinsher 
46 Hayes Denids, laborer 

48 Flynn ilolin, laborer 

Nichols Thomas, milkman, r 
50 -Sniiili Ths., laborer 
52 Haiiey Bernard, i.. ter 
(Hi Carro'll .lames, laborer 
liH Creamer .James, laborer 
7<l Lakiii, labor<'r 
72 lionovan .\Iis. Mary, wid Wm. 

FAVARD, formerly Congregation 
lane, from 88 Sebastopol west 
to 105 Bourgeois, St Ann ward 

9 Uolxon .lohn, pii(»ineer 
10 Myers .lohn, laborer 

13 (iall Andri'W. grocer 
CamiicliMel William, niaohluist 
Cariiiiciir.el .lames, machinist 
Carin cbael John, blacksmith 

III re ( 'iiiif/r' ;/ i/inn si. inti rsecfs. 

15 (ialbraith William grocer 

17 Kolierlsoii las., tireinan ti.T.R. 
Ill Pike Thomas, black-niith 

21 \\ri;,'lit Adam, lalioivr (,.T.U. 

22 Powell , lames, liiriier (i T.R. 
2.'i Waltcoi .lohn, turner (i.l'.U. 
24 Ificliards S., litrti. r (i.T'.IL 
2"i Walton Wm., titter (i.T' l\. 

2') Me\ers .t , imtternmaker (■ T.R. 
27 liiiies Wm,, mnehini-l (i,r.U. 
32 Hall t'lis., baggageman G.T.K, 
34 Deviiie .\le\, ioiiierti.l' 1{, 
Devine K A., clerk (.,T.K, 
30 Patterson Samuel, tanner 

lli're .Miujil'ih'il st. iiiti'r.ieotl>. 
.3!) Il.iiry William, niachlnlst 
Foiinan A., coniliictor G.T.K, 
Clark Jb8., caretaker City school 








EOBFAR, from the River west 
to 67 St £tienn<>, Point St. 
Charles, St Ann ward 

1 Wright David, macliiiiipt 
3 Cnmrron UiiiiCRii, clpik 
5 L'gnn JamP!', clerk 
7 Campron I>avii1, snpprinteiidont 
10 JoiiPs Stpplipn, firPinan 

13 Uarrip Mrs. .1., wirt John S. 

14 EvRiisThs. , bripklayer 

15 Gow Jolm, millwriKlit 

16 Lockp Mrs. Mnrcarpt, wid .Tas, 
18 MoGlllivTRy Arcliibalri, littpr 
20 Cunningham Kobort II., clerk 
22 Simpson .).,pnpinp(lrivpr 

Morris Washinpton, sailmaker 

Wilson tlolin, laboipr 
27 Hootson Sirs. Marv, wid Geo. 
31 Ullpy Jolin, carter 1 

33 Wnlkpr I|pin-y, miller 

34 Roliliison William, blacksmith 

35 Mcfntyre Andrew, laborer 

36 l{pddv .Tolin, grocer 
38 Tate Robert, laborer 

Bean.soleil (iecge, laborer 
89 WallacR Wni., tirpnian 

40 Keddy John, grocer 

41 Corripan I'at., carpentpr 

43 Harvey All)prt L., storeman 

45 .Menisli Gporpe, Piigineer 

46 Fowkes Charles, laborer 

49 Davis William, saddler 

50 Stavely John, cariienter 
61 Jones Ths., iron heater 
58 Meelian 1*. ,J,, bookkeeper 
65 Jones William, iron lieater 
56 < I' Dell Fred \V., clprk G.T.K. 

58 Itattray Kobt , tinhmith 

59 Campbell Jolin, rooter 
59JDalrynipre Thomas, biassfinii-hor 

61 Fe.ssenden Thomas, carpenter 

62 Gr> en Albert II., fireman 

63 Norval .John, engineer 
Taylor Kobt., machinist 

64 Snellinp Harry W., clerk 

65 TymondsChs., machinist 

66 McKenley J.imes, laborer 

71 Keutoti rliarlps, auent 

72 .Slantini William, (Inisher 

73 iStark William T., niacliinist 

74 Walker Jolni, baker 

75 )Iartin.lolm. machinist 

76 McDermolt Duncan, wire makr 

78 Kills Thomas, machinist 

79 Hamilton Mrs. Apni's, wid Jolm 

80 Towie Fiank, mac inist 

81 Annett J. I!., apent 

82 SIcCutiheon I)., brasslinislier 

83 I.avers Lewis, bookkeeper 
86 Wilson .lames, paintiM- 

Wils-n (i., clpik (i.T.K. 

86 Ilcandoln W.. gmcer 

//i;/v Ml iini .it. I'lils. 

87 McWood W., cur siipt (..T.R. 

91 McWood l»avid, carpenter 

92 Land) (;i>ors.'i- L.. biitohor 

93 Dade (iilbert, enpiiieer 

94 liariepy A., shoemaker 

95 (iandM>rp .lohn, iininter 

99 McDermott I'at., contractor 

100 I rine Wllliiim. la»iorer 

101 Itanonf I'hilip, tailor 
1(3 .Slirk Iv ward, engineer 
104 Pilts Henj., brasslii i.sja'r 
106 Anderson Alexander, clerk 
108 AIcNight liohert, liilionr 

110 IStewart .lohn, ciirpei ter 

111 Thorbiirn.) , storeman G.T.It. 

112 rilts.lcdm.eiuiienti'r 

113 Clipckelts W., engineer- G.T.K. 

114 Lane .Miadrach, J(diier 

1ir> Daniels Tlunnas, watchman 
llU Johnslou Peter, machinist 

117 Doliprty Mrs. Area, wid John 

119 Martin Francis, laborer 

120 Moss John carpenter 

121 (Jilson William K.. clerk 

122 Morgan Thomas, laborer 

123 Curti.^ Charles R., mnchiniRt 
12.') McLean William, clerk G.T.R. 
126 Morgan James, laborer 

128 Kemp Charles, tittpr 

129 Wllby C. H., of C. H. Wilby & 


131 Barnard H., carpenter 

132 Morrison Reuben, laborer 

133 McMalion Mrs. Jlarv, wid Pat. 

134 Plnmb James, biborer 

135 .Smart Robt., shopmakcr 

136 Baker Charb s, fitter 

138 Greenleaf Calvin, confectioner 
1.30 Groves John, laborer 

140 Coulter Jolin, expressman 

141 Stewart Andrew, foieman 
143 .'stokes .lames, laborer 

145 Hatch George, blacksmith 

148 Black Albert, laborer 

150 Tees Joel, machinist 

LIB Cross Wm., fitter (i.T.U. 

160 Harrison Mrs. Alice, wid Henry 

FOROUE AVENUE, off 183 Guy, 

St Antoine ward 

24 Bourassa Charles, clerk 

26 Sawj-er Nap., cabinetmaker 

Ifilinn Hormisdas, engineer 
28 Quintin Israel, joiner 
30 Honle Pierre, clerk 
32 Moodv William, clerk 
34 Vian Mrs, P., wid II. 

Leduc Franr'ois X., clerk, r 
36 .'sawyer John, foi\nder 

39 Delorme Adam, jMiner 
LeroH.x Octave, carpenter 

41 Villeneuve Kablen. tailor 
(^harron Ulric, lireiiiaii 

43 (iagnon Narcissi., biitclier 
47 Maher Narcissp. laborer 
49 Guiboid G., grocer 

I'atenaudo Alex., batcher 
Drapeau Jo.seph, printer 

FORT, from 1157 Dorchester 
to St Lttke, west of Guy, St 
Antoine ward 

12 Gray John, agent 

14 I'ickett James II., printer 
16 Hall 11. C, stockbroker 

15 Clarke Mrs, M.. wid (ieorgo 
20 Whitley K., of Whilley Bros. 
22 i;v(>leiph J., of J. Kveleigh & Co, 
24 Bonin A,, of Boiiin * DeBelle- 

24Utoss D. W., of Ross. Hall & Co. 
26"For<I William, engineer's dej)! 

28 Akin James, agent for Canada 

Life InsnianceCo. 
30 Hall rev. W., minister Douglas 

Methodist church 
.32 .Sluir K., chemist and druggist 
34 Foster .lames, jrpneial agent 
Ri) Fvfe James II. 
38 Hiinter •John, nnniager Cunada 

Thread Co. 

40 McLean Chs., ship broker 

42 Keplinger John, merchant 

41 Beard Alex., bookkeeper 

4') Sliller John 8., cii-loms clerk 
46 Lister John .M., bookkeeper 
18 Di'Zouche G. C of ti. C. De- 

Zouclie & Sons 
'lit Near P. W , lioc)kl<eeper 
r>() .lohusou J., railroad contractor 
Tjl ihuiues Arliiur 
03 Mmmo Mrs. rev. James 

,56 Meyer Kdward, customs officer 

ITere Tapper xt. enrtn. 
58 Phillips Wm. A., of Phillips A 

60 Hutchins Jos. R., merchant 

Ifere St. Catherine, si. infer-iecU. 

76 Ansl»v G. D., citv surveyor 
m Fairbairn W. J., broker 
82 BuHselir.W., accountant G.T.R. 
86 Davis M . custom house agent 
88 Matthewson F. H , Bank of 

VO Rice Walter, of Rice Bros. 
92 Green^hields J M.. of Macmas- 

ter. Hall & Greenshields 

FORTIER, runs west to 381 St 
Lawrence, St Louis ward 

8 Relnhardt (Jeorpe, ofG. Rein- 

hardt fc Sons 
Relnhardt Adolphe. clerk 
Reinbarrit Henrv. bookkeeper 
Reinbardt Edward, of G. Rein- 

hardt & Sons 

Here Oervinn at. ends. 

46 Li^pine Jos. P.. clerk 
50 C0l<5 Louis painter 

Here •'>^ Cnnntmif sf. infemects. 
70 Roupsean Frs X., bricklayer 
74 Kinsran Gordon, of Kingan & 

76 Ropers Mrs. M., wid John 
88 (Jalt William, foreman 
90 Scbiiltze Edward 
92 Frost D. T..n)Ril clerk 

Frost Edward \.. drug clerk 
94 Bates ,Tobn. advocate 
96 Kanffnian Isaac, cigarmaker 
98 McKay Wm., school teacher 

100 Breeze Edward, clerk 

Herf St. Dnmiiik/iie ■•■f. intersects. 

101 Jewels .Tolin, laborer 
Cnnningham lliiph, foreman 

1P2 Jarvis Lioll. leather cutter 
Tnkernnin John, com traveller 

103 Bourdean No-1, baker 
McGee James, l.iborer 

76 St Gabriel west to Victoria 
sq, Centre and West wards 

1 I'ilotte ,Tosepli, bdg hse 
10 O'Farrell M., caretaker Geolo- 

pical museum 
22 Briickert (ieorpe, Taverne Al»a- 
cieiiue, beer and wine bottler 
27 Lion Martin, saloonkeeper 
Carol) Victoi , saloonkeeper 

Here St. LnnVert hill intersects. 
31 Bigarelle Aug., shoemaker 

Bel.'ibi^ Arthur, jeweller 
33 (Jrotht' Theo. A., jewidler 
■37 Giirnev E k C , & Co., stovps 
30 Pratt S'o 1, furniturp 
41 Genicsse Camille, hat blk maker 
44 Ewlng S. II. & A. ,^., collie & 
spice steam mills 

47 SurveyerL. J. A., hardware 
66 (larlh Chs., & Co., Dominion 

.Metal works 

61 Parlseau Thomas, cabinetmaker 
63 Vervais L. . saloon 

66 Crossen ('has. H., Vienna lagor 
08 Perraull Louis, & Co , printers 

Beniu'tt il. D , t'urnituru 
72 cote- N., guarUiuu Uamtue du 


Desired, foi 

73 RlceT. G., wire wo 

Here Place d'Armes hi 

81 Foster William. «at( 
83 McLean T. H., Egyj 
85 Campbell Chas.. ma 
91 Rice Bros., paper co 
tlellvman R., paper 
96 Wilson J. C, & Co 

factory, r 

105 GazetfePrinting ho 

Gebhard' Gfo. J., 8 

Dawson Bros., booli 
108 Post Office 

Here St. Francois Xavi 

116 St. Lawrence hall. 
126 Ruckwart Mrs., salo 
128 Dalton A , messengt 
Bank of Cotrmerc 

Here St. George st. 

1.30 Herald Printing offi( 
131 Star Printing house, 
138 Walker .Fas., & Co., 1 
142 Bishop Geo.. & Co.,< 

147 Major .t Gibb, wire \ 

148 Crawford D., grocer. 
New Will.. & Co., till 

149 Ewan W.,&Son,clol 
King Wm., furniture 
Date John, plumber, 

153 Buchanan K. H., & 
Domini<m Machine 

161 Sissons Joseph & 
fectioners, r 

168 Methodist church lee 

170 Slierritt James, sextoi 

Here St. I'cter st. inte 

179 Mitchell R.,&Co..bia 
186 Dawes & Co., alp vaul 

190 Brown Jas., & Bro.. h 

191 Gross, Claio & Co, 

instruiupiits, r 

192 Mcfiibbon Alpx , groi 
1% O'llpalley James, frui 

Field M. E., manulact 
Thomson Jas., furniti 

198 Kreeuian's restaurant, 

199 Doghirty Wm.,cablij 
203 Koyal Dye works 

208 .Shaw W. E.. auctiom 

209 Perry's hall 

2U Parsons S.K .furnitur 
214 Peacock Wm .cricket 

218 Kankin Rol)prt, cirpei 

219 Shaw lloiry J.,& Co. 

and pianos 

220 Irons .James, hiacksmi 

FODNDLING,from 10 Cf 
93 McQill, on the soul 
St Ann market. West 

2 Burns Mis. E,, wid E. 

;Uirry Clmrles, ciistoin 

6 S'liitli .Mrs. Hem ietta, 

12 GuscDU ,1. A., vt Co., p 

14 (illilis ('. T.. pi'oduci' n 

16 Labplle II., & Co., floii 

18 .Magor I'.ros. & Co., c( 

20 Oliver R. S,, ft Co., flo 

'il llainillon,)., & ( o., co 

llnnsicker J. E., flour 

Md'Ve Alex., A- Co., 


24 Ituriell .lohn, warehou 

26 Druiniiiond (;., produc 

32 Walter, I l{., paper st 

aUOgilvicA. W.jiVCo.,! 






Desired, for which Low Figures will be quoted. HEAD OFFICE, 179 ST JAMES ST 

73 Rice T. G., wire worker 

Here Place d'Armes kill intersects 

81 Fostpr William, saloon 

83 Mcl^a" T. H., Ej/yptiaii bitters 

85 Campbell Clias., machinist 

91 Ricp Bros., paper collar manufrs 

.lellyman R., paper boxes, r 
95 Wilson .1. C, & Co., paper bair 

factory, r 
105 Gazette 'Printing house 

Gebhard' G«o. J., & Co., litho- 
Dawson Bros., bookbinders 
108 Post Office 

ffere St. Francois Xavier st. inter- 


llfi St. Lawrence liall, r 
126 Riickwart Mrs., saloon 
128 Dalton A , messenger Canadian 
Bank of Commerce 

Here St. George st. begins. 

1.30 Herald Printing office 

131 Star Printing house, r 

138 Walker iJas., & Co., hardware, r 

142 Bishop Geo.. & Co., engravers, r 

147 Major \- Gibb, wire works, r 

148 Crawford I)., grocer, r 
New Wni., & Co., threads, r 

149 Kwan W.,& Son, clothiers, r 
King Wni,, furnituie, r 
Date Ji>hn, plumber, r 

163 Biiclinniin K. H., A Co., props. 
Dominion Machinery depot 

161 Sissons Joseph & Co., con- 
fectioners, r 

168 Methodist church lecture room 

170 Slierritt James, sexton 

Here St. I'eler st. intersects. 

179 Mitchell !{.,& Co.,bra.«sfini8hers 
186 Dawes & Co., ale vaults 

190 Brown Jas,, & Bro.. hardware, r 

191 Gross, Cliirc & Co,, surgical 

instruments, r 

192 McGibboii Ale.x , grocer, r 
195 O'lleallcy James, fruit dealer 

Field M. K., nuiMuliicturer 
Thomson ,Jas., l\irniture factory 

198 Kreeuiuii's ri'staurnut, r 

199 Doghirtv Wm., cabinetmaker 
203 Koyal Dvc works 

208 Shaw V\ . 1'",., auctioneer 

209 Perry's hall 

211 I'lirsoiis S. I{ , furniture storerm 
214 I'eaeoL'k Win .cricket bat nmnuf 

218 liankiii Knliert, cirpenter 

219 Shaw Henry J., & Co., furniture 
and |)iaiios 

220 Irons .James, blacksmith 

FOUNDLINO,from 10 Callieres to 
93 McOill, on the south side of 
St Ann market, West ward 

2 Burns Mis. I'',., wid K., saloon 
Kiirrv diaries, eiii-totiis otiicer 
6 S'uitii .Mrs. Ileiuictta, siiloon 
12 GusoDU .). A., & Co., produce 
14 (illilis ('. T.. produce nu>rchants 
16 Liibelle II., & Co., flour merchts 
18 Magor Urns. & Co., com inchts 
20 Oliver l{. S., «c Co., flour mchts 
22 llinuillon .)., & Co., com mrclits 
ll\Mislcki'r J. K., floiirmerchunt 
McKee Alex., k Co., produce 
24 Iturrell .loliu, 
26 Driiunuoud (.'., produce broker 
32 Wiilker J It., paper stock, &c. 
3« Ogilvie A. W., A Co., flour mills 

42 Cooper, Fairman & Co., bard- 
ware merchants 
48 Semple J. H., wholesale grocer 
60 Price J. & 8., hides 
64 Daignanlt J. E., » Co.. grain 
i'2 Ward Josepli. produce mcht 
94 Oliver J., & Co., produce merch 
96 McLean & Campbell, flour and 

provision merchants 
98 Martinenu E. A,, stationerv 
ino Sllcock F. C, produce mcht 
lo2 Thompson L. H..& Vn., proitnce 
106 Evans Wm., seedsman 

FOURNIEB, off 392 Seigneurs, 
St Antoine ward 

8 Ducharme V. 

9 Syriac Bon.lamin, laborer 
Paqnette Klz6ar. laborer 

1.3 Oucllette J, B., machinist 

15 Morin Luc, blacksmith 

16 Thomp.son Wm., carpenter 

17 Macdonald Donald, clerk 

18 Scott Ulysse, clerk 

19 Cassidy Mrs. Sarah, wid John 

FRIPONNE, from 27 Commis- 
sioners to 64 St Paul, East 

6 Lascouet Yves, trader 
Pepin Andr^, cabinetmaker 

Here St. Francois st. ends. 

II McNeice Ardrew, clerk 
Oratton Louis, cooper 
(Juerin Louis, laborer 
Gu^'-rin .Tosepb, laborer 
Clinnnmgne Mrs., wid 

18 Collette MoTse, shoemaker 
Dragon IL, shipcarpenter. r 
Beiiuoliemin F. Xavier, clerk, r 
Monlbriand — , watchman, r 

FRONTENAC. from ♦; 

north to City limits, St Mary 

1 Boy Dnmase, hotel 
28 llazen .Toseph, insurance agent 
.30 Biseornnis .Tulien, trader 
8'2 Toupin Keiix A., wood inspector 
'M Tighe Kdward, laborer 
H6 Kearney .Tames, conductor 
.3^ (ilrard Hubert, conductor 
40 Kuiard .Toseph Ulderic, clerk 
42 lidurii^sa Louis, bailiff 
4'i (ilobensky David, agent 
48 Liimourcux C, fXirnifnre dealer 

ffere Frontennc fanerommeiices, 

52 l>esniarais Mi'dard, laborer 
54 Desmarals Honord. encinwr 

.st Jl.irs Mrs. II., wid .Tuseph 
50 Wilnian .los., engineer O.M.O. 
& O. K U. 

Lynch Joseph, upholsterer 
58 (I'll are .lames, laborer 

Robillurd S., conductor C.P.H. 

ffere St. Catherivest. intersects and 
CUij limits begin. 

Frotitenac west to 47 Iberville, 
St Mary ward 

1 Malo Zeiion, joiner 

9 MHiuvllle.L, conductor C.P.K. 
II May Joli)>, sugar ri'llner 

Martiiieau Adelard, joiner 
13 Fortier Joseph, laborer 

FULFORD, from 735 St Joseph to 
384 St Antoine, St Antoine 

13 f.abranehe Casimir, carpenter 

16 Wells .lolin, moulder 

Laiid Nathaniel, nn'nt packer 

17 Charbonneau Micliel, carpenter 

18 Tiby .Tenn B., conk 

20 Bre'aiilt Philippe, joiner 

21 Forest E., gmcer 
PnniietteL IL, M.D, 
Lednc Antoine, moulder 
Gullbault .Joseph, carter 

22 Horel Olivier, joiner 

24 Lnrocqae .(o.^epli. laborer 
Hubert Mrs. Denise. wid KmanI 

Here Worl;mnn st. intersects. 

25 Bowes Thos. saloon 

27 Barrette Ludger, nailer 

I epage Ifoimisdas, nailcutter 
33 Clunev .Tolin. laborer 
42 Bayard Alfred, nailer 

Pesrocher .Tosepb, carter 

Martin .Toseidi.earter 

Leganit .Toseph, carter 
44 Legault Arniiuius. grocer 

Here Delisle st. intersects. 
fiO Pepin F.loi, nailer 
62 Roger George, nailer 

flere Albert st. intersects, 
71 Laniel Michel, eroeer 
73 Brocbard Mrs. JL, wid Joseph 

Itavinond Israel, blacksmith 

77 Bergeron F.. 'jatekeeper G.T.R, 

78 Lendeux MoVse, blacksmith 

79 llainanlt I<ra I 
Ifobitaille Desire, painter 

81 liover Mag'oire moulder 

82 Lemieux MoVse blacksndth 

83 Gautler Napol<?on, laborer 

Here Grnntl Trunk railway inter- 
85 Smith Pat. 













re St. floiiarenfiirest, intersects. 
Tuck Fred , of Citi/eiis Ins. Co. 
Stntlbrd William, macliinist 
Mill William, traveller 
Brennaii Martin, gravel roofer 
I.atonr lie Henri, nailer 
cote C. IL, head teacher St 

Cnnegonde academy 
McArthnr D.. clerk 
McArthurMrs.Kllznbelh.wid W. 
Bell Tliennis. bookkeeper 
Chadwiek Mrs. A., wid C. B. 
Tweeilie Charles, storeman 
Carroll .Toiin, lahorer 
Carrig William, policeman 
Svmlngtiin ,T«nies, clerk 
Lilly William, black-mitb 
Barry .lohn, storeman G.T.K. 

ffere Qiie.'<nel st liei/ins. 

.Suiythr- Charles, shipper 

liintoii (ieorge 11. , sa»makor 

.loly .lames, clerk 

Salt F.dwanl, com traveller 

tiordoii Uebert. baker 

Cnmiibell Peter, bnllder 

Spence Mrs. S., wid Stephen, 

Slai'cpiisien Mrs A. F , wid Pat. 

Crtie Magloire, tanoer 

Brown (Jenrge, clerk mechan- 
ical office (i.T.R, 

(io\lgeon PhileHs, i alter 

Love .Tobu It., cooper \ 

Quinn I rank, advocate 

Viau lllldi'ge, iioliceman 

I* '-S 


. ii 

. 'i; 









143 Soil! Harry, clerk (i T.It. 
152 DdwI.T K.. clprk <i T K. 
154 Smith Williniu ll..p|<>ik G.T.U. 
158 Caspy William h'., bnokkopper 

/A'lv Vuiirnnl St. hitrrnccts. 
163 Lyons Stpplien, jjrocor 

FULLUM from 163 St Mary, be- 
yond ths Jail, novth to the City 
boundary, St Mary ward 
2 Kivcf .Jules, jtTocnr 
5 Loiipy t.oiiis. all lomiikor 
7 niinias Mr^, I)., witi Nicolas 
Pilioii Paul, 'oilier 
,2 $!»"«-''«''• '^Ir" • "id Jnmps 

10 DpfilniiiiersJ. JUp. hutolipr 

11 tjiciii-ie Mrs. M., wid Louis 

12 Condon .loini, trailpr 

13 I'orsonne .Teim lite , bricklayer 
(loypttp Stanislas, roppiiiaki'r 

,_Talh t It^lcsnhorp. fiirpnian 

17 Deniprs bulclipr 

18 Lockliead David 

19 Deniprs Anfoinp. bntclier 

21 Jouvpnip Mrs A., wid Piprrfi 

Jlooiiey Mrs. C., Hid R.vl.eit, r 
„„ iandelacMis. .Julie, wid .Jos., r 
23 PaycttP .losppli. lab.irer. r 
^ Archanibanlt.r.. sli(r>makpr,r 
no Si'""''"' ^''''" Tianvois, lafmrcr 

28 BatesTliomui, steward .Montrpal 


29 OuellcttP Louis. lal)'>rrr 
Moiiaglmu Will'am laboror 

80 Gestlpy .John \S .. tobacconist 

31 Bi<son Mrs. 

32 Bry-oii I'lionias, 

33 McKpown .lanK's. luilktuiin 
Mclvpi.wu John, roppuiakpr 

84 Martin rutrick, contractor 
36ilipiiny .John iirewer 

37 Olianibers .John, waiter 

38 Turbavno .Mrs. .Taui', wid .lamps 
40 Dumas \Vm., Board ofllpalth 

Lai)lerie Louis, shopmakor 

Here liivet tt. b, qin.i. 

43 Blais Mauricp, joiner 

45 Kli6auuip XmpoI.'moi, shopmakor 

Laiial'iis Louis, laborer 

Lanjr|(,is rieiTP 
48 Dufort ilennisdas, grocpr 
60 Touriieba I'lip Hpuri. baker 

51 Bniiipt reipstin, pilot 

52 .Jprvais .T. Bfe., cnr'pr 

53 Briiti'-t Trpfll^, blacksmith 

54 Gillard A., whitpwaslipr 
66 D(;^'irinipis Louis, laborer 
56iFaulkiM'r l'"raucis, tradpr 
58 I'aypttp .Jpan, iiardpin'r 

60 llquetto Kilwaid, laboror 
62 Chartraiid Alrs.M., wid Fran9oIs 
64 Baoband I'hluas. shoemaker 
66 Codpy Dennis, labori>r 
68 Desonnierv .T Bte.. laborer 
Kpli^p ,St Vincpnt dc I'aul, rpv. 

3IoiVe LuvalliSe, parish pri»sf; 

revs. A. Mcunier and Louis 

Leduc, vicars 

Here St. f'atln'riiir .•it.inter.tccts, 

76 Boiitbillipr Alexis, butcher 
88 Gravel r 'v. Isidorp 

85 l'iovidpii.!P du .Sacr(5 Coaur do 

•St Vmcpiitdp I'aul, rev, sister 
Marc, 8uporiorp-s 

86 Gauthior llpnri, limp burner 
108 Gauthier Andre, V. O. clerk 
110 Malo .Joseph, laborer 

112 I'uitras .Josppli, cartpr 
140 Acad(5inlo .St Vincent do I'aul, 
Hubert Dor6, principal 

149 l..ynch Pat., jun., gardener 
Lynch Pat., sen. 

182 Prison des Femmes, under the 
dirpctlon of the SIstprs of ttip 
Good Shepherd, Mother Sto 
ll<>Iine. guperloress; Protes- 
tant division, Mi.'<s Hill, 
Sisters of the Good Shenberd, 
sister Ste H<^16ue. supprioiess; 
rev. ,1. Lnuzon. chaplain 
Menjistery of St Jose|)h du Bon 
I'a.stpur, sistPr Marie de Ste 
llfelenp, superiore-ss 

246 r issiriy Edward, laborer 

24'< r.aval'ie Joseph, laborer 

249 Bea'dspll Wm. F., gliip manfr 

250 Mad.ain William, laborer 

Here Mnrinnnast begins. 
2.')4 Gvolean (•'rancois. jun..6rrocpr 
258 Bpardspll W., cUie manufactory 

260 IJov Pierre, brlckmakpr 

262 Honcber .Joseph, laborer 

263 Dominion Glue works, William 

F. Bpardsell. proprietor 

264 La vole Nicolas, laborer 

26 1 i Scott .Jo.seoh, laborer 

266 Lfivpsqup ijospph. Inborpr 
266U.,niiine Hertrl, laborer 

267 Cavalo P., & Co., lager beer 

269 Roy Mrs. P., wid Pierre 

Here Ontario st. inttrnects. 

Til Clermont Antoine. butcher 

276 Sloane .Tames 

277 Collet (i^d^on, laborer 

279 iMsson Mrs Olive, wid R^Ris 

21^1 McMahon Thotnas, laborer 

2'<") Li^r-esoue Joseph 

2S7 Seir.' Mrs. Sophie, wid GeorjfP 

■'SO I,tV'ine Jnsetih. driver 

291) Urouillette F. X., laborer 

291 Riilansrer Joseph. lahorT 

292 (iauthier Zi^phlrin, lal. >rer 
2W St Martin Lonis, shoemaker 
295 Lepine E., confectionerv 

Here Fulhim lane bi'o'ms. 

297 lli^tu .Toseph. ffiocer 

299 I.,'!".sp6rance Jos., cabinetmaker 

Sf\n (iridith.Tohn, laborer 

310 Laiiiilhe I'ierre, liihorer 

Liirieithe Victor, laborer 

Cantin ,1. Louis 
312 Forest Olivier, laborer 

Menoit Maglolre, laborer 
318 Mnrpby Matthew. roi)pni!iker 

321 Murphy Ths., broom manul'cr 

322 Tracey Timothy, laborer 

Here a lane intersects. 
326 La mere Charles, laborer 
.S28 l^abonte Mrs. A., wid .Joseph 

I'arent Ktienne. laborer 
3-10 Lavigne Jacques, brickmaker 

334 Blass Charlo.-, laborer 
Thouin .Joseph, laborer 

.330 Lacbapelle 'lh6ophile, procer 
Perrault Damase, milkniuii 

335 Arcbambeault I'li'Pide 
340 liriiui'lle Joseph, milkman 
34« cote .los., laborer 

349 I'eel Brothers, brick manufacrs 
Peel Walter, of I'eel Bros. 

360 Saloit Louis, brickmaker 
Savuria Aimi?, brickmakc^r 
Pliaiieuf Josenli, laborer 

361 Lam^ro Israi'l. watdiinan 
.302 Canant Franyois, bricklayer 

Baiidoin .Joseph , brickmaker 
Bi^jrin Cyprien, brickmaker 
Hubert Alpliouso, brickmaker 

364 Tbihaudeaii II . brickmaker 
Chalut Ahtoioe, liihorer 
Gaspard D:iin;i-e, laborer 
Lavalle«i 11 rhel. laior 'r 

363 Robinson l>.ivid, tirickmaker 

Here AmUn st twr/his. 
372 Plante Ma.xime, brickmaker 
374 Plante Adol|ih.> o-ickmaker 

Plante J 'sepb, b-ickinaker 
386 Gagnon Narcisse, hi cksralth 

FULLUM LANE, otf 231 FuUum, 

St Mary ward 

18 Beauchene Zepbirin, brickmakr 
20 Laiigeviii Joxpiili, bri -kmaker 

22 J^aflamme I'^iicha'iste, baker 
(iervais Stanislas, baker 

23 Duval Giiillauine 
Lagace Aiieustiii, laborer 

24 Lafrance J sepb, ffi-ocer 
Roy Wilfrid, laliorer 

27 Duiude Jeremie. laborer 
29 Thouin Octave, laijorer 

GAIN, from 257'. St Mary north 
to the City limits, St Mary ward 

1 JIcKeonMrs. S., wid P., grocery 

2 Dumont Desire j iner 

6 Goodrick Henry, last maker 

Here Craig st. intersects. 


Kaesar Fred., mnson 
Mullin Mis Nancy, r 
('rossay I'hoinas, r 
Burk Mrs M., wid Richard, r 
14 Anmond Moise, as-t guardian 
Firp station No. 8 
('hristy llenrv, laliorer 

16 Hiixpy Richard liiborer 
Clbaniberla'id Nap., laborer, r 

17 Houghton Mis. A., wid Jas. 

18 Klvnn Joseph, eiiiineer 

20 Uiggins A. .S , grocer 

Ifire LagnuchetUri' st. inter.<ects. 

21 McNnngbton Mrs. C, wid S. 
24 O'Reill.- M . grocer 

26 St Pierre Jospi'h, firpman 

27 Condon I'atr ok, milkman 
(^tiiiin Mrs. K., wid Patrick 

2'.' Maber John, luilter 

29 Dillon Riehiivd 

30 Jleilugb Piitrick. milkman 

31 Stuart \V. ("., caipiMitor 
.i2 Tiipiiey M,. laborer 

3'i MeT.orighlan I)., tobacconist 

.'1 Sullivan C., laberer 

«7 Stiippel Mrs. SI., wid William 

Moves llenrv, iiacker 
38 Noble .John, laborer 
40 .Mclveon Airs. M , wid William 
42 Sillier Mrs. .\l., wid Thomas 
47 .Mulligan .John, s'eanilltter 
49 Richardson .laiiii>-^, niucliinist 

Penning Joliii, watchman 

Here Dnriliester st. intersects. 

hi Kmo Win,, carter 

51 Lajiierre ( ftme, shoemaker 

Pinette (jeorge. turnkey at jail 
•lO Relisle .JoM'ph, liihorer 

57 Morney .James, currier 

58 Abbott R.ibert. laborer 
,09 Darragh llrs. C., wid P. 

GERMAN, from 4i3 Craig nortli 
to Fortier, St Louis ward 

9 C;usson A., wholes.ile grocer 

Cusson A. L,. Ii'iokk-eper 
11 Tessier Mrs. Virgiiiie, wid L.ff, 
bdg 1)80 


11 Bourdon Mrs. Uenio 

Bourdon .losepli 11., 

13 Martin P. p., of P. 

& Co. 
17 Beauchemin C. O., t 

mill & Valeis 
19 Dreary Mrs. liacliel, 
bdg lise 
D^cari J. S , clerk 
D6car.v AriliuriL, cl 
Beauclniiiip J. J. 
Moiik,V' lleaucliiiiii 
23 Leuihan J., wbolusa 

Here rUr it.inten 

31 Fortier Josi i. -tat; 
Martiiieuu I jerk 
ilelimir F.. i.o email 
Comly Ale.\ nider, lb 
Gerliaiui .; ngin, 
■J'as.siS 11. J. |.„, (juoi,: 
33 Boyce .Micliuel, iiutai 
35 Davii- /. , cigar manul 
ijy SilVi'i lj::t,i L) !■!, jewi 
41 Pliiigiiei .lac((»e>, jirii 
I'liiigiiet A. I ., book. 
44 Spiiidio liius., baker 
b'i Kobilaille J. Arilinr 
Ouimot Josejjii, clerk 
64 St. Jeuu ..(,.. dry m 
Bti Uarkiii.- Peter, ■.icvlm 
58 Lalricaiii ]Ui>. Aune 
Lauieiiueau U., law st 
60 hparks Uiceaid, prim 
62 Jlackay i li>., pro\ isio 
OuiiULt Irelllcudvucu 


Here Layauclieticre st. 

71 Perry Cjeo , sal, sinau 
7( I'urcell Jolin O., auvoi 

PUICUII J. P., LllstolUs 

79 Fleiunig Mi.-,, llrul^et, 
Flcniiiig Jolm.jun., cii 

80 llouriioii J-iii'.ro, lalioi 
Lariviuie VViuaiii, ma' 
BlaiicliHi ./u.vpU,l.,l,or 
Boucher .1., j.ia,siei r, i 

81i ilcUonalu J.iiin's, >ain 

Bouciiei .Vii.eil, driver 

Beuudiii I ., (.riuier, r 

Beaudin .(u.-e,!., ,\t., |u] 

beuoii .Ml., .u., uij 1,' 

Ouihoia.k.-ei,a, tradei 

ii Cliesler .). Im, builder 

85 Franklin Lciuura, huii 

87 t'liolitie J. L., Uiiokkec 

Choletic, cl, 

thultlte II r, clerk 

uou '".''''";" '^■•"***' »HJ 

89Hud,m \ ici,jr,jir,sideat 

(.;ott ,11 .dill,, ( ,,. 
90 Moneile .Ui.-. .,.arie wi 

Mouetlu Paul, , lerk'r 
1)2 Moiiutle .M ,.\ii„|., ^.^[.f^ 

S.'?;'"'": \ ''•-'. '.ei,. sail 
aoUeli A.U. |.-,.,.|„ciU!hii 
% Kuiuaii .Wis. .\melia, wl 
Kuiiiaiiftaiii., cigar iiiuiii 
Koinau Uei.iy,.,. wellur 
9( Jarret Louis ,. gr„cur 

Ikre Ditrckesler st. inter 

lOGSwilt Fred. J. D., proft 
Uopkin- Win. .1,, bookl 

111 Anger- .Mis 1)., wnl Ul 
U«lttlr .\>i,iipl,e, clerk 

nib Piuvn.l cc ! I.',,, grocei 
Irovosi Liigeu,., lit Pn 

17 Booth Will., bookkeepei 

Here I>iim,irais st. beyi 






liki'v atjull 
lid I'. 

braig nortb | 
ll(> jjrncer 

wlJ L.W. 


11 Bourdun Mrs. Ueiiio., will Wni., 

ISouvduii .luKPpli U., dentist 
13 Martin P. l'„ of V. T. Martin 

& Co. 
17 Boaiicliemin C. O., of Beauche- 

niiii & Vail lid 
19 Uicary Mrs Itucliel.wid J. B.U., 
bOg hse 
D^can J. .S , clerk 
D6cars Ariliiir M., clnrk 
lieaucliaiii|i ,J. J., I'f Uaruard, 
Monk A' lU'aucluiiiip 
23 Leuilmn J., uluilesaie liquorH 

Here fitr' 'f.iuterects. 

31 Fortiir Josc' u. stationer 

Martiiiuuti I Icrk 

ileiiiiar F icman 

Coiiily Aic.s ;ailcr, foreman 

Gerliurui .1 ugiii. I'r 

i'asse II.. J. 1,., Ijuokkoeper 
33 Bojci' iUcliuil, notary 
35 Davi- / , ulnar manutkcturei 
3D tiilvi-i inau L) I PI., jeweller 
41 l*iinj;»v: .laci|u('s, printer 

I'liugiici A. I ., boiilikutper 
44 Spiudlu iMus., balver 
b'i Kobiiaille J. Ariliiir, grocer 

Ouimut Jiisejili, clerk 
54 St. Jean . . tj., dry goods 
M Uarkin.- I'eter, «tt!veUoro 
68 Lalricain Mrs. Anne, wid S. 

Laurenuean K., law student 

ClianiiiL^ne A,, law student 
60 Sparks Uiceard, printer 
i'i Uackay 1 ii~., prot ision dealer 

Ouiiui t 1 reIHe, advocate 

Hert Layaac/ictiere si. intersectii. 

71 rony oeo , sali sman 
77 i'urcell Julin O., auvocato 
rurccllJ. r., LUsioni^odicer 

79 Flem'nK Mr.i. liiidjift, wid John 
Fleming Julin, jun., clerk 

80 liourUiiii l-iil'iie. laborer, r 
Lariviiire VVi.iiani, nnHon,r 
BlancUei .lo.-cpli, l.iii.irer, r 
Boucliei' •!., piasiei , r 

9i MeUonalii's, .uiiuaker, r 
lloucniT .Vii.eil, Oliver, r 
Beaudni I .. (.rinier, r 
Beaudm .i..>e,i:. .\l., laborer 
beuoii ,Mi>. Ji., wid F. X. 
(jluiborU .li-Mpn, trader, r 
83 CUesler J. Iin, biiilnur 
85 Franklin hiiwarU, Ijuiider 
8" tiioiitle J. L., buokkeep'T 
ClioU'tic Cli.iiiis J,, cic 
Cliolttic II T , clerk 
Cliolelt. u A., law student 
89Hudun Vicior.iir.sidentUudon'H 

■ Coll ,11 .llMl,^ Co. 

90 MoiieiU- .Ml.-, i.arie, wid N , r 
Monellu i'ani, . lerk, r 

92 Moiielie .M i.Miin-, clerk , r 

91 Siiniie Hi,.>i , i.ei, sailinaker 
95 IScll A .li. tr.>i-liiciu!hifr(i.T.I{, 
9(i Koniun .Mi-, .wuelia, wid W. 

Kuiiiunsaiii., cigar niaiiufucturer 
Komaii lli'i,iy,.i-weiler 
97 Jariel l.ouis grocer 

Here Durchculir sr. intersects. 

poo bwilt Fred. J, D.. profes.sor 
llopkin- Will. .)., bookkeeper 

BU Anger-^ .\lis 1)., wnl Olivier 

I Uiittir Aiiuljilic, clerk 

P16 fiovo. 1 »c ! 1111 , grocer." 

l'rovo«i, Kngene, ol I'rovost & 

pi7 Bootli Win., bookkeeper 

Here huinnfais st. begins. 

118 BosMi,,iit Uolphls, trader 
ll'J Met, ale Daniel 8., clerk 

120 Seiboid John, litlio printer 
lialniers Juleti, prof of music 

121 Coelirane liobert, bookkeeper 

122 Hawk 1118 George, machinist 

123 Uupliuel William, artist 

124 Dennis Louis, si" emaker 
Cliartraiid Loui- Uoeniaker 

125 Uawksett Sam rtrait and 

landscape paintc. 
12U Cregeen Henry, sal'emaker 

127 Saucier Mi88 D., dre.ssmaker 

128 lieaupr^ Kdmond, trader 

1211 Itivet Mr8. Constance, wid U. 
13U Kacelte Fran9oi8, grocer 

131 McCleary Uobl., policeman 
131;Larose Damase, grocer 

132 Gravel Fierre, clerk 
Oiavel L^on, laboior 
Veronneau >;apol*on, jeweller 

l$j Dauphin Jo8., mo d turner 
134 I'uye Ueujainiu, caipc liter 

136 Malard Mrri. Marie, wid i.,^ou 
13U (.'adiirette Mrs. Marie, wid J uhn 

Dube Vincent, laborer 

137 Auger Alexandre, sen., saildler 
Auger Louis Alex., juu,, saddler 
.>>nbois Michel, laborer, r 

138 French Win., laborer 
Keinhardt Frank, cigar maker 

139 Itowle- llenrj trader 
110 i<yfe John, siuirbuildcr 

141 Hay lies ■!., professor Catholic 
Cumincirial academy 

Hay Ilea Mrs. Bridget, wid Jas. 
14- Stiachan James, baker 
14 j Kiope. Miss Mary, dressmaker 
i±i Uicimrdsou Mrs. U., wid 11. 

Kichardson Arthur, clerk 
14.1 Silverstoue Mrs. K., wid Samuel 

Silveistoue Isaac, prof oi iiiusic 

140 Kiciihoru Max., prof ol music 

147 MOiiard Louis, trader 

148 Mariiii H., bookkeeper 
15U Turnei John, foreman 

102 St Aubiii Franyois, mason 

103 Ue.'^jardiiis Ulric, e.\press driver 
153jl'oiira8 F. T., trader 
164'Faiiie ChriAOlogue, joiner 

I'ruuhomuic A., curriagcmkr, r 
Dealers Ltiou, mason, r 
Lanthier Mrs, Val6rie, wid Jos.,r 
Diival Charles, trader, r 
155 Malo Alex., clerk, r 

St Jean Kdmond, plasterer 
15u;Sniitli James, blacksmith 
luU Dufresue L. A., accountant 

157 I'aradis M, A., clerk 

158 Oiiiinet J. Alex., M.D. 
Forbes II. K., notary 

159 Arcand Miss A , uphulstercss 
llju Vallt'e ilermeni ^'llue. laborer 

Gr6goire Mrs. 1 ., wid David 
llil L) man A., stonecutter 

Lucroix Fdward, collector 
1(12 Lalimaiidior >'ap., shoemaker, r 

103 .MalclielosseChas., bookkeeper 

104 Kobley Oeorge, shoemaker, r 
lii4jl>oiissiu Mrs. M, wid A., r 

l>i5 Defoie Miss Marie, dressmaker 
liiU liriere Mrs. Uacliel, wid Frs. 

Benieur Louis, laborer, r 
liiV Kayniond Wm., expr,'.ss driver 

108 I'ominville Chat)., tailor 

109 Lufortune Ambruise, grocer 
Lafiirtuno Cyrille, clerk 

170 Lavallee A., iustruineiit maker 
172 Olsen H. F., Jeweller 

Ol.sen U., piano teacher 

171 I'roveuoherMor., lithographer 
175 Lyman Lambert, stonecutter 

I'aradis Miss 1'., Heaiiistress 
Veriiou Miss Kuliiile, seamstress 
170 Uerubii L., tobacconist 

//ere St. Catlierine si. inli'mecti, 

178 Dupli 8<is Mrs. Cdliiia, wid B. 

17'J Leeiair Hlnier, butclier 

ISl Itii.-son Jos .silver pialer 

183 Dubi, nil l^douard, artist 

1S6 St Mane I'.lie, baiter 

Jiiiicue.u Zacliarie, merchant 

180 Saiiiiers Louis 

187 liagnoii li. X., painter 
Sicotte J. B., customs otlicer 

188 Coull6i' D. A., clerk 

18tf Dorval Mrs. D , wid J. T. 

Clianipi au Jos., cleik 
189; Lanctut J Bie. A., foreman 
IM lirisson Lus., juiner 

191 Dorval J. Kmile, builder 

192 Decoiiau .Mrs. Julie, wid Jo8. 
Kthier .wiss Marianne 

193 St Ainana C, bai.itl' & ciillector 
r.n (juiiniiiiii I alixle, butclier 

195 Leiiiire Eugene, saiiiller 
190 Cibb Mrs. .Mary, wid David 
19" Denis r , .\ . painter 

198 scliiniilt .1 iin, marblelinisher 

199 Labiiir lied, dentist 

2(j0 Uobil mil L., waiehmaker and 

mil- 01.111 
201 Caz.iv.iu Stanislas, boukkesper 
^02 F.1UI, ux Jacii. Hector, clerk 
203 Toni iVille Iranvois. juiiier 
2U4 Kill ,111 Mrs. Uose.widC. 
2u5 Lapiiiii . boots and Hlioes 
Dupuiit .Nil-., wood nieichant 

200 . ourdiin .MIas H., dres maker 
Uourdon KarthtSlemi, butcher 

2ti7 U iiiianis \V in F , tinsmith 

■J.\<^ ( hartrand Mrs. U., wid F. X. 

2 9 .Slur.; eon l£i>bt., laborer 

illU Diibeau Louis N., clerk 

'ii\ smiih Jiiliii, engineer 

212 Scott John 

:il3 Viger Miss Mary, French and 

hiiglisli academy 
214 COle « esuire, customs officer 
•.ilO yuelcli SVm. J.,clerk 
218 Kennedy .loliii, carter 
2^0 Archaiiibault Aiidr^, tailor 

Here Miyaonue st. interaecti. 

221 Mn-sicotte O. H., grocer 
. ■.;22 Arcliib.iid Alex., baker 
i 223 Massicot te F., niano teacher 
Beaiiduin C, clerk 

224 Leconipte Auolphe, foreman 
2:i4il'apiiieau Stanislas, upholsterer 

225 Du(|Uet Mrs. Louise, wid F. 
22o Wiliaul Alex., com traveler 
227 Aluin tliOodore foreman 
229 Ducharme Oeorge. joiner 

Dueliarine Jo.sepli, bookKeoper 
23j ltli6auiiie J. A., moulder 

Arplii Zepliirin, shoemaker 
231 Diiniii \V . 1., printer 

Urosseaii Jose|ih, clerk 

233 Alyez iNicola', tinsmith 

234 Logan -Miss Janet, dressmaker 

235 Dui lull Jos., beer driver 

237 Thibauoier Mrs. O., wid J. M. 
I liibaiidler Henri, clerk 

238 St .Maurice l.-ai'e, shoemaker 

239 Clialigny Aib., professor Catho- 

lic Coniinei'ciai academy 

240 .Mtiinird .\lrs.L , wid David 

ot\ '■"".'""!";'■""; -^^ •*'«-■•. plasterer 

242 Ktliier I harles, carter 

243 Mday Jolni c'eik 
McLiij I'lurick, baker 
McCay .Mrs. Cath-rine, wid Pat. 

244 Lainalice Mrs, .Marie, wid Chs. 

245 Lalleur Jo~., bricklayer 
240 Lupicrii' Frs , carter 

247 Mulier Win. J., plumb<>r 

248 liiegiestine Mrs. L., wid J. H. 
iiltf Olsen J.J,, watchiualter 




■ h 


I- i 


111 ■■'I- 





i I.I 

[JO ~"^ M^M 

mm U22 
^ 1^ 12.0 


|y5,|u j^ 














(716) •72-4503 












360 Latour Xavier, oarpeuter 

261 Chapleau Alphourie, stonecutter 

262 Barbe Mrs. Lucie, wid U. 
268 t«gTU Uvidu, machinist 

264 Uayden (.iliurlms, mail conductor 
266 Valine Jos. U., bookkeeper 
26tf Barbe I liomas, cabinetmaker 

Watson Uenry 
257 Uesuoyers Tlios., advocate 
268 Marr Ualthazur, Joiner 

259 ttalfour Ueoi'Ku. bookkeeper 

260 Montmarquet F. X., baker 

261 iluot t. W., shirt and collar 

262 barbeau Mra. £m«lie, wid E. 
268 Ludwig (Jhs., fuirier 

26t LaniaroUe — , clerk 

266 Cheviguy Joseph Ed. O., driver 

267 Marcii Alfred, printer 

268 Clnqmars Jlrs. E., wid Noiil 
Lefebvie Mrs. E., wid E. 

269 Mormau Mrs. Lucy, wid Wm, 
270,Thibeau Aiux., ]jrinter, r 

I'ouiiii Joseph, carpenter, r 
271 Oragou Isidure, cutter 
Wi i)upr6 Ueuri, Joiner 
274 Lambert 'luiien, couteotioner 
276 Klvut Mrs. Murie, wid Denis 
Bourbeau J. ute , puiuter 
Vailiancourt I'oussaint, joiner 

276 fortugais L., sen., undertaker 

277 Doriou Stephen, com traveller 

279 Lavignu Ouarles, stonecutter 

280 Vuesiiel FrHU9ois, of ^tuesnel & 


281 Wliite»amuel, collector 

282 Cadieux Altr<^u, butcher 

283 I'revost Isidore, clerk 

284 Quesnel Zeuuphile, tailor 

285 Clavetie Churies, tinsmith 

286 St I'ierre Mrs. 1"., w.u Am«d6e 
Forget flerre, pioslerer 

287 Grenier i< raiiyois, laborer 

288 Corbeille Jos., desk 

289 Lavalitie J. Btu., shoemaker 
Lavalltiu Henri, watchmaker 

290 Yatch Edwar.i, carter 
Paradl> J. Ute., builitf 

291 I'lcard Uonoie, printer 

292 Grant Mrs. isopnie, wid Chas. 
Charruii Henri, stonecutter, r 

392^ Uesciiamp.- Eraii9i>is, joiner 

293 Lafreniere Ai thur, watchmaker 

294 Corbeille Mrs. Itose 

296 Leblaiic Muxiiue, printer 
286 Kichard i'ierre, tirv-inun 

297 McKeunu Mrs. Uridget, wid T. 

298 Alarle Nar., truder 
Lee Churies, clerk 

300 Latrauchii-e Loui.'<, Ureoian 
Foucher Alesis, furrier 

301 Dreary Prospere, trader 

302 Nault Charles, cabinetmakor 
Fitraau Jo»epii, mucliinist 

808 Klvet Med6ric, grocer 

Jii-re Bruiiet lane ends. 

304 Dubuo Casimlr, tailor 

305 Lacroix Alphonse, grocer 

806 Uubuc Louis, painter 
Laporte Frs., Uremau 

807 Befleiiu h',, printer 

808 Bran<lt C.,conl(>i;tloner 
3u9 Sheppard George, driver 

Morrant Uobert, driver 

810 Lavigne MolNe, butcher 

811 Couvrette I'ierre, oontraotor 
813 Uourgoin 1I„ bookkeeper 
317 I'lainoiidon Mrs. E , wid E, 
327 Dubuo Casiinir, Jun. , Joiner 

lirousseau F., bookkeeper 
829 Dageiiais JoM>pli, butcher 
iluinr Henri, clerk, r 
Blohard Joseph, boilennaker, r 

Here Ontario tt. interieeti. 

330 Farrell Mrs. Ellen, wid MarUn 
332 McMahon Michael, laborer 

Baudet Am£dee, laborer 
339 Kaud Jos,, guardian Ho. 6 Fire 

841 Keinhardt G., &, Sons, brewers 

Uemhardt'8 brewery 

GOSFOBO, from 133 Notre Dame 
nortli to 401 Craig, East ward 

1 Valade Joseph, boots and shoes 

18 Bauceriul George, statuary 
15 Fahey James, bjtel 

J<ahey Joun, detective 
15iDuucet i'ierre, Iruit dealer 
17 tiocidte (Jauadieune Fi'an9al8e 

de tjonstructiou, F. A. i<uu- 

teux, president 

19 Bobert Abel, botel 

//ere Champ de Mars at. ends. 

25 Dominion theatre 

Here St. Louis st. ends. 

81 Vlau Olivier, contractor 

33 Marchaud Miss Supine 

36 Lester Mrs. E., wiu W'm., fruits 

37 Cairo E., secoud-haud clothing 

gHAHAM, from Colbome av 
weai to Uain, Ut Mary ward 
Jiot Ouilt upon. 

GBAND IKUNK, from 469 Wel' 
Ungion, loutb of the Canal, west 
to tlie City boandary, St Ann 

8 U'Donougbue U. C, principal 

St Fatrick's academy 
10 Smith William, buiiermaker 
17 Marcer William, laboier 
IM ikiaybury liaiues, of J. Maybury 

<k Co. 
21 McCarthy Dennis, butcher 
^ Kavanagu Mrs., wid 
Kavauagh James, cooper 
Kavanugh John, ale cutter 

26 Smith 'i'lios., laborer 

30 Head William, cattle dealer 
Head James, butcher 
Friue John, butcher 

34 ijuinn James, buiiermaker 

here JUontmoreiioi st. begins. 
46 Mills James., tireman G.T.U. 
48 Dickson Mrs. Martuu, wid i'lios. 

Dickson U., brakeman U.'i'.iC, 

ii'avreau Toussaint, laborer, r 
50 Lariu J. Bte., miller 
6:^ Hudson Wm., laborer 

Dei^ardins Azarle, laborer, r 
54 Montgomery Henry, painter 

Broohu .MapolAon, engineer, r 
66 Miner John, tiusmitb 
58 Lyon ihomas, mauhtuist 
60 iseattie Jas., engine driver 

Lamarre Arthur, Joiner 
62 Leiniuux Norbert, carpenter 
04 Carou Joseph, brakeman 

i'oirier iieou, foreman (i.l'.R, 
64iMcMab Daniel, engineer G.i'.K 

Caron Blaise, brakeman G.X.U, 

B^rubd B., carter U.'£.lt. 
60 Dumaiuu Samuel, moulder 
ti» liuisvert A., ouuduutor G.X.B. 
70 Ducal A. 

72 Little Uobert, laborer G.X.B. 
78 St f atriok's academy, H, U, 
O'Donougitue, principal 

74 Lerreau Joseph, foreman 
76 Duquette Mrs. F., wid Fierre 
Zelle Julien, laborer 

76 Frice Mrs. E., wid William 
Frice William, Utter 

77 Lamire Frank, shunter G.T.R. 

78 Seymour Maurice M., M.D, 

79 Gendron Jos., brakeniau GXB. 
81 Blackie James it., litter 

83 Kowett Alfred, laborer 

Here JticAmond st. tntersects. 

84 Connaogbton Bernard, grocer 
8 > UutUn John, engineer 

87 Bellnare John H., rolling mills 


88 Dowdeu J., conductor G.T.R, 

89 Tesaier Frs. Xu/ier, painter 
llotfey V\ alter, laborer 

90 Mc^ab James, engineer 

91 Gougeuu i<6lix, blacksmith 

92 Ethiur J. lite., laborer 

93 I)ixon Albert, blacksmith 

94 Fage V\ alter, laborer 
Uu ilipley A., laborer 

96 McAbbutt Frank, Water works 

96iKenuecy Mrs. Ann, wid F. R. 
Vi Dubreuil Juseph, paii<ter 
Us.j^Gibson Mrs. Alex., midwife 

Uibsou Alexander, clerk 
99 i'liomas Churies, laborer 
99^ Whitewoud John, laborer 
luu Dube W. A., G.i.U. 
lui Freudergast James 
iOii ...oiiJuuun Wm„ dreman 
103 Kiuuisier W., conductor G.T.R, 

iiutters John, laborer, r 
104 Barry Michael, laborer 
lUo Airlie Wm., moulder 
Lyons Wm , tireinau 
106 Arnold James, lauoror 
1U7 VermeulingerJ., liiiisher 

Foirler J., lirakemaii G.'i'.R., r 

108 lilunuhard Elie, Joiner 

109 Burduas Louis, carpenter 

110 Lamontague Bruno, carter 
Arcuambault Aap., urakeman 

111 u uorin iUi;Ophile, painter 
113 Dustou Isaac, cierk 

iio Allan Win., boilL'rmaker 
Carter James, uremau , 
117 Laporte J. iiie., uanmakor 

Luporte i'ierre, painter 
119 Miraglia iCaphaji, painter 

L,evesque i'ierre, shoemaker 
121 Foutre JusepU, milkman 
1^ Doheney James, park inspector 
1^0 Wesiuott 'i'lios., tiusmitli 
I'ii lupine Gusiave, tinsmith 
IM i hompsou i rancis, curperter 
IM i'apiueau Alphonse, shoemaker 
131 Fickeriug Jonii, laborer 
133 CliapulJ. Ble„ grocer 
136 Armstrong Oeorgu, laborer 
13? i'uiUipsD,, engine driver 

139 Schneider L., uraKeinau G.T.U. 

140 Martin & Beau, Alaska impruv- 

eu inilti. pau uianuf 

141 Dusrocues Jos., laborer 
143 Bonueau iiudger, carter 

141 Crevier Aniiuee, wood dealer 
Crovier Fauiuu, photographer 

Here Seigneurs st. intersects. 

148 Glynn H., sergeant police 
160 Foiiue station iNo. 9 
iu3 Lyons Dennis, laborer 
lu3iMartel Mrs, Augiiie, wid Frs. 

Mai tui i! ranvuiB, brukemau 
165 Kelly James, grocer 

Here St. frauds st. begins. 
167 Dotai* L„ lalooukeeper 



161 Moore it 

181 Wickam 
1)13 Legault . 

147 Bourdon 

ISSlFriguu A 

Here IsU 

197 Crosby C 
Fljiiu Joi 

199 Itutelle A 
'i'neiieu c 

201 Amyot J. 

ajl^Usligiiy k 

'Aio OuK*^" i'ii 

'Mb i'eari ucu 
Wo^Coguii Ju 
Wi Cluucy Ju 
Wi'lUirwin iVl 
^3 Iteid iui. 
Kouiig All 

215 Rouleau J 

217 Duuia A., 

219 uesrucues 

223 Leahy .iol 
jtiuriuvv SI 
liiauciiui. t 

26UBeaulieu v. 

'Jixi Uenuiauiii 

267 Ritchie Al 
'JtH Lucroix II 
'i'li V;ger J. ij 
!iil}Laoi'oix jui. 

Auinouu 1 
273 Bougie i>« 
'it't i'euu^oud 
'M Deluruie i 
28? Uiuii lleui 
2ii<^Lauriu isa 

Haul I C>p 
299 idiuuu J. 
Wl Luluiiue O 

iiayile Wi 

Lui'ose oei 
M Matiueu J 

lieau Juiu( 
295 Lacuuiuu i 

Bigue Cyr 
297iCa«uvauL « 
'tu\) (.oueiueaa 
'Mi Ariusiroui 








Toseph, foreman 

An. t., wjd Werre 

Bn, laborer 

I. H., wid William 

lliam, filter 

laulc, slmnter G.T.S. 

Maurice M., M.i>. 

JuH., brakeiiiau O.T.B. 

ames U., Utter 

ilfred, laborer 

mond st. intersects, 

ktou Bernard, grocer 

bn, eugiiieer 

Jobn a., roiling milla 

J., conductor Ci.T.S. 
rn. XteVltT, painter 
ait«r, iaburer 
am«ii, eiiKliieer 
i<6iix, UiackHuiith 
litH., laborer 
bert, Ijlacliiimith 
itflr, laborer 
., laborer 

;t Frauli, Water works 

Jlra. Ann, wid F. R. 
JueepU, paii'ter 
In. Alex., midwife 
Jexaiiilur, cleric 
Jburles, laborer 
odJotiu, laborer 
A , U.l.U. 
;aiit James 
lU Wm„ lireman 
W., uuiiducior G.T.S. 
obu, laborf r, r 
icbael, laborer 
m., moulder 
m , tirumau 
amun, laborer 
iitjurJ., liiiiaber 
., urakemau U.i'.B., r 
a tAiti, joiner 
IjOUIS, carpenter 
gue Bruno, carter 
auit i>ap., urakeman 
iKOpUtle, paiuter 
laau, cierk 
u., uoiK'rmaker 
met), uremau 
. iiie., uaamaltor 
'ierre, painter 
iCapUaji, paiuter 
i'lurru, tilioemaiier 
leupu, milkman 
Jamoit, park inspector 
I'lios., tinsmitli 
iBiavu, tinsiuitU 
> 1< raucis, uarperter 
Alpuouse, siioemaker 
Joua, laborer 
Ule., grocer 
g uuorgu, laborer 
,, eugiue driver 
I,., uiaktiiuau U.T.K. 
iluuu, Alaska Impruv* 
pau manuf 
Jus., laborer 
j^uUgt-r, carter 
nidaee, wood dealer 
,uiuu, plioiograpUer 


iteurs 6l. intersects. 

sergeant police 
lion i\o. U 
iinis, laborer 
s. Augule, wid Vn, 
tuyuin, tji'ukemau 
lea, grocer 

Kruiicis St. beyim. 
, Miooukeeper 

ISTiArmstrong Mr8. E., wid James 

Armstrong James, engraver 
161 Moore iiotieit 

ffere Henri' st. intersects. 

181 Wicliam Tbomas, storeman 
18ii Legault Aiuxauure, miller, r 

(ieriuaiu Jos., engineer u.l'.U. 
147 bourdon Aiexaiure, paiuier 
IJiTJl'atenaude Allred, brakemau 

1 ta^rieu Hector, carter 
189iFrigou Ariliur., butelkeeper 

Here Island st. intersects. 

197 Crosby Cburles, trader 

ii'l^uu Jouu, luuoier, v 
199 ICatelle Auioiue,laUoier 

'i'neiieu oa,->parU, iaoorer, r 
201 Amyot J. iiie., curpeuiei 
'^liUsligiiy J<iaii^ois. laUoiur 
'^ii Ougaii i'airicK, uiauksmitli 
^iUitiJounsuu Joliu, lurrier 
Mo I'eai'i uuui'jje, suUuier 
'J)ajOugun JoUu, muuumisC 
Wi (Jluuuy Jus., swiicumau 
^U/^lvirwiii Maniu, luuorer, r 
'iiSi Ueid i'ui., milkmau 

iuung Mrs. 1:,., wiu James 

JiUiU J0.1U, puliuemau 

Mere Hibernian st. ends. 

215 Uouleau Jules, sUunter U.T.K. 

ituauuliamp A., uarpeuter 
217 Duuia A., oiaaemaii u.l'.K. 

i'ulenuuUu i.uugur, pulioeiuan 
219 jjesi'uciies A., oiakumau u.T.U, 

Here St. Andrew st. beffins. 

223 Leaby Joiiu, laborer 
jUuiiuvv samui'i, laborer 
i>iauciiub uuiluu, eugiueer 
26Uiltiauiieu ouutiui, eujsiiiu^r 
266 Ueriuiauiue i< . A., gruuer 

Here Hopery St. begins. 

257 Kitcule AUreU, laborer 
2u9 liuci'uix iiie.ipuiie, laborer 
^li V>ger J. i>iu., lauurer 
^iliLaoi'oix^tii's. ill., wiu i'rauyols 

Aumouu iieuoii, gravuilur 
273 iioutjiu JNupuieuu, carter 
'iu I'euujUuU uuur^e, conductor 
<iitf Uelurmu uyuciuilie, buiuiier 
!iS7 Uiuii Ueuu, uuauuctor U.i.U. 
28i^i.auriu Isaac, laborer 

Uauii C>|jnuu, iat>oier 
2^9 iiauiiu J. ijie., UrKklayer 
JUl i,uluuae Uauriel, laborer 

iiayiiu Wiiiiuiu, laborer 

Laroae ueor^e, carpenter 
288 Matliieu Jus., juiuer 
29<i|bouiuuuu iklrs. a., wid J. Bte. 

lluau Jumec, carpenter 
!I95 Lacumue Aureu, eugiueer 

. liiguu tjyrilie, pallor 
397i(Ja«avaui Jusepn, conductor 
'A>v cousiueauJeremie, laborer 
'Mi ArmsU'oug ueury, eugiueer 

Here urewUer st, beyins, 

bauvnge M., wid Julleu 
Cbuitii Cliarlea, trauer 
fbolei J. c. U., clerk 
Uiciier Aavier, carter 
COte Auloiiie, carpenter 

GRANT, trom 143 Water north 
to 604 St Mary, St Jamei ward 

Uerthiaume J. lite., innkeeper 
tarivl^ru Frs. Xavier, maotifnlit 

GRANT LANE, off 36 Dnfresne, 
St Mary ward 

10 Uorgare Xavier, storeman 

11 Uutler uweu, laborer 
14 Archainbault £., rooier 
16 l<'lamaud oeurg*', pedlar 
18 Benson David, baker 

'M Brousseau U., conductor C.P.R. 

OBEY NUN, from 46 Common 
north to 12 William, St Ann 

2 deguin Louis, hoteikeeper- 
4 Uuucau William I)., storeman 
ti Mclxenzie Ji., sbipuUandler 
8 uossiirus.&c;o.,BUipcbaudler8 
IZ Uodiu KusuOe, laborer 
14 I'etit JusepU, sailor 
la Jlorissette uiivier, laborer 

l'ai6 tieiix, suip captain 
18 Kicbaiu A arcisse, laborer 
•O) L.emay Airs, t'., wid H., t&Uoreas 

ilauluu Frank, city welgtlur 
'a l:>erraulc uuburt, carter 

Ciruiuau i>umase, painter 
26 Uobeney James, beef and pork 
Beet and pork inspection stores, 
JauifS uuucney, iuspector 
84 Intercolonial Coal Mining Co.'s 

86 M<-Cartby Edward, sbipsmith 
4U Kees li., & Cu., curers in packers 

Here yoaiiille st. ends, 
62 tieery lUouias, blacksmith 

Here Wellingion st. interseott. 

80 vJoplaud it, McLaren, importers 

86 Watson & McArlbur, mtrs 

UU Watsun Juuu, & Co., cliina, 

glass, etc. 
ti6 A>er A. A., & Co., butter and 


100 Cuiriu W. & F. v., St, Co., im- 

purlers ui heavy bardware < 

101 Kii'ktjairick it Cooksou,produoe 
1U4 'Cowie A. Mull., pioducemercbt 

GROTHE, north from 661 Mi- 
gnouue, between tit Elizabeth 
and iiangiuuut, St Louis ward 

1 Cliarland Uegls, clerk 

2 i'ruueau J. i>tu., grocer 
4jUoii6mier V., plasterer 

6 i'areui i'.amouu, leather cutter 
iieaselle Iruule, shoemaker 

7 i>ut'aux Uuueit, laourer 
b Miller uapiiite, potislier 

18 larauis i'lurie, carpenter 
i'arauis Fiauyuis, puliueman 

16 iieuin Jeau uie., iilhugraptier 
li Bourbuuuiei'o Michel 

19 Kihier Furuiuauu, tailor 

^1 JLtrapeau J. ute., of Urapeau fc 

23 Leclair Liambert, tinsmith 

20 Uavid — 

27 I'areiit Pierre, labor* r 

81 MayseiihuiderMrs.i'., wid Oavd 

Mayseiiuuluur l>avid, Jeweller 
88 raienl J, U., printer 

Uicbardsuu u., Uuokkeeper 
37 Muriutiu Ml ai)i, laborer 
88 Labelie Joseph, shoemaker 
8U Uioksun Ueui'ge, iitbograpbor 

OEOULX LANE, off 68 Ver- 

■aillei, St Antolae ward 

67 Mouette Napoleon, carter 
CuurvUle Mrs. IMlima, wid O. 

69 Uagnier G., blacksmith G.T.R. 
71 Groulx Maxime, clerk 

78 £>t Jean Aotoiue, cabinetmaker 

70 i'ratt Alexanuer, laborer 
Chagnon 1^ raucis, laborer, r 
Lavuie Charles, shoemaker, r 
Tli6rien Mrs., wid Uaymoud, r 
Leduc Leon, laborer, r 

' 77 l<'iset JJoaithee, diver 

OUILBAULT, hrom 686 St Law 
reuoe to i«i4 Upper St Urbain, 
St Lawrence ward 

11 Turner Peter, gardener 

18 Villeueuve J., excise ot&cer 

16 Leonard M., trader 

17 McFeai James, clerk 

Here Arcade st. begins, 

23 Ciilquuouu Mrs. J., wid Walter 
•M uavidsou Uenry, bookkeeper 
27 Uall Charies, aiust 
'M Lee James, manager Montreal 

Movolty Co. 
81 Frappier undsime, of Frappier dc 

83 Kow John, traveller 

GUY, from the Canal off 483 
William north to 1128, Sher- 
brooite, At Auu and ttt Antoine 

8i Gorman Mrs. Maria, wid Philip 

86 liurk Julin, laborer 

8i auUivuu liiuinas, laborer 

89 Cuiiuuings Mrs. Sarah, wid Pat. 

91 liooney Joliu, laborer 

96 ui-rirand ilouore, wood corder 
lieiuir David, wouu corder 

97 Contigau Martin, carter 
CosMgun Patrick, shoemaker 

99 Dai'peuiigny Jean U., laborer 
U2 Lemoiiue & Co., blacksmiths 
I^ Laouaut Luc, carriagemaker 

Marieaa J . 1>. 
127 St Oyr 1< rs., cabinetmaker 

Here St. Joseph st. intersects- 

160 Kennedy Pat., gardener 
16;^ Ubi'uh i'hilip, juiuer 
164 Juttd Muk'ae, blacksmith 

166 Laiiig Ji., pruuuce commission 

Here Ouy av, ends. 

157 iSolield Christopher, blacksmith 
169 CharlebuiB Iheuuore, shunter 
Lruwu Johu, pura butcher 

161 Curriu J allies, tailor 

168 Duloriiiu Mrs A., wid Bei)]. 
Ueluriue Miss E., inlliiuer 

166 Jutte Muine, biacksnlkth 

167 Watier Joseph E., clerk G.T.U. 

169 McLeod Jouu, storeman 
171 Mousseau Joseph, Joiner 
1)8 ouilbault 6umuul, laborer 

Lelebvre Siulpice, Joiuer 
176 Morton Abraham, cai penter 
17U i'outbriant Joseph, foreman 

188 Vall.eres 8. D., grocer 

Here Forgue av, ends. 

186 Dufresne Ovido, wood dealer 

189 Gardner John, maclllnist 
191 Pr6vost Einlle, bookkeeper 
198 iSauviS Elzear, duputy registrar 

196 Lei'ebvruisap., brakeman G.l'.R. 

197 tit Jules Auoiphe, upholsterer 
Leduc Michel, iniison 
Leduc Cyprien, Joiuer 









199 Pr^cuurt Alfred, moulder 
Giroux Luui.t, milk driver 
Lalraiice Luuis, laborer 

201 Wili-cuiii Cliurl<-4 ^i., cloik 

208 Mailluux Abraham, moulder 
Barclay Mihs 11. 

205 Ouiiuut t leopba^, clerk 

Here Albert htnc begins, 
O. T. n. track. 

Sere St. Jtovavcniure st, intersects. 

283 S«ii<^calA., furLiiian (i.T.B. 
238 Mcshuiie Michael, butcher 

MciShaue J. A., cli-rk 
240 Kodier i aul A., wood merchant 

242 Clelaiid Jainett, diemaker 
Uoui-seau 1'., Hour inspector 

243 Vouiig A., furcmHii bheddenCo. 
246 iit ucadfiii}-, F. L. 

U'Uouuughui', priucipal 

Detiiioyert! Viiicuiit, caretaker 
246 JohiiHtoiiu VViliiuiii, marble man- 

AriiK-truiig J., Cum traveller 
260 Haiuiltou A., dry goods merch't 
2T4 O'Uurit KichaiU, waiter 

JSmith tluiiii, iiiuv liiiiist 

beatty VVm., steward 
276 Lamurche A., M.l>. 

Vraiicoiur Luuh, loieman 

Here St. Aiitoiue si. intersects. 

Here Richmond av. commences. 

296 Redden 1;. (i., aHscssori)' clerk 
298 FrB^'t'r A. t)., booKkeeper 

FraHer VVillium, crier 
802 Ulhcutt Jamex, carpenter and 
eextoii Calvary cliurcli 
Calvary (Joii^^rcgatioual church, 
rev. J. L. i<<iiiiter, minister 
810 Lawsoii .ioiiii, blauksiiiitli 
312 Ilauiia Johu, watchman 
326 Mount tttMary couveiit,Congre- 
galioii ot ^Notr)' Damu, sister 
at i'hoiiuts d'Aijuiii, directress 
836 Dowliiig William, carter 

Here JJurcliesfer st. intersects. 

879 Crowtlier W., assistant superiu- 

teudeutU.T it. 
881 Mcl'iiersoii It. \V., of W. F. 

Lewis & Co. 
33S GeneiMi Uo^|lital -md Orphan 

asylum, iScour M. J. i>es- 

champi-, buperiole^H 
403 Major J. K.. ol Uyde & Major 
M^or K. J., of Miijor & Uibo 
416 Versailles Nu/uiie, butcher 
418 Uuut J. U., uccouiitaut U.lMt. 

Here St. C'ltlierme st. intersects. 

446 Jordan G., grocer 
448 VoyerJulien 

Courville .Uiss J., dressmaker 

460 Benaliuck H., & Co., butchers 

461 MavDoiiald Duucuii, contractor 
MacDonuid Ucii., student 

454 Janes Mrs. .luiie, wid 1>. 1*. 
456 Williams Mrs. A. T., wid C. W. 
468 MoUiurmiU iCwaii. bookkeeper 
460 MacUoiu'll UuiicHU, of J. U. 

Hamilton \, Co. 
466 Asclitr o. J. 

Korto.'<k li. 

Asclier J. 

Here .St. Lu.^a si. commences, 

472 Kouth K. T., of Morris «t Kouth 
478 Keld William 

Hwe LiMotn av. commtncea. 

600 Stevenson P. is., com merchant 

6u7 Carsley iii., dry got ds merchant 

508 X'rotestant lufonts' home, Mrs. 

James Uutlon, president 

OUYAV£NU£, off 157 Oay, St 
Antoine ward 

7 Uaiarneau Fraiifois, policeman 
9 Uiendeau Mrs., wid J. U. 

10 l>eiiis Joseph Aniable, clerk 

11 Lamouruux Miss I'hilomine 
I'i Walker Johu, curler 

13 llaslev John, dnisher 

14 Uussel Joseph, printer 
16 Coiiroy James, laboier 
16 Hedge John, builder 

2U Booth (jieorge, carpenter 

HANOVER, from 31 Belmont 
nor.h to 684 Dorchester, St An- 
toine ward 

5 Bissett Mrs. Jane, wid Alex. 

6 iSternberg Mrs. Julia, wid Wolf 
{Sternberg Joseph, halter 
{Sternberg lleury, hatter 

7 .iliuns Mrs. K.. wid Wm 
Daniels Kobert X., 1'. o. clerk 

8 Multarky M. C, of MuUarky & 


9 iJeZouche C. C, of DeZouche & 


10 tjimpson Johu, of Bell, iiimpson 

Ac Co. 

11 Wright Mrs. 8. A., wid John, 

bug hse 
Cheireman James, chemist 
Kolestoue J antes, merchant 
Dow K., clerk li.l.K. 
t^uintin Edward, bookkeeper 
King Wihiam, mercuuut 

12 White U,, leather uiaiiutacturer 

13 IV err Kobert L., clerk 

14 Thompson Johu 
Davis .1. A. 

15 Bauden J., insurance inspector 
Bond James, of French k Bond 
llolden U., druggist 
Anderson li., clurk 

Alston — , costlier 

16 Vipoud Xhomati la., of T. S. & J. 


17 Wyatt Mrs. U. J., wid W. 
DunlopU.C, broker 
Wyatt CD., artist 

18 Sternberg Moses, merchant 

19 Uanken Johu F. 

1-ergusoii Mrs. Helen, wid James 

20 riiomas Henry, mamiger Acad- 

emy of Mus.c 
Madden Jer., cuttoms clerk 

21 (ilen David, plu ber 
Olen Wm., clerk 

23 Stewart Mrs. J., wid Kobert 
2b Church of the New Jerusalem, 
rev. Edwin Uould, pastor 

HARMONY, off Amity, rear of 
Fttllum, St Mary ward 

360 Phaneuf Joseph, laborer 
Savariat Joseph, brickmaker 
Saloit Ixmis, brickmaker 
aavarlat Aiui«, brickmaker 

862 Caiiiii Iraiifois, brickmaker 
Hubert Alphonse, brickmaker 
Beaudoln Joseph, brickmaker 
B^eau Cyprieu, brickmaker 

364 Tiiibeaudeau lior., brickmaker 
C.halut Antoine, laborer 
Uaspard Damase, brickmaker 
l.avall4ti Jlliohel, brickmaker 

HENRY, from Grand Trunk west, 
opp 197 Centre- Being outside 
City limits, namei will ba found 
in AlphabxtioaL ordisr in Vil- 
lage of Sc Oabriel 

HERMINE, from 701 Craig north 
to 608 Lagaucheiiere, St Law- 
rence ward 

1 Itigaouctte & Fr6re, grocer 

2 W iii'laii Mrs. ltridg<'t, wid Fat. 
8 .\lanninji James, clerk 

4 Bouthillier Alexandre, saloon 
8 Mhuter Mrs. M., wid Andrew 

Keadtj. W., printer 

11 Dominion iSteain Carpel Beating 

Co., A. B. labb, munuger 

Miiutreal Beer I'uiiip and iileigh 

Bell Co., A. B.Tabb, manager 

Wright J ., & Co., manufuctureis 

13 Farreli t'd., hioreinan, r 

16 labbU ^.,& Co.,brassfounder8 
Do) le Miss, iaiindresB, r 
Mcuibbon i eler, laborer, r 
Ciillespie Wm., laborer, r 
Heir Henry, baker, r 

14 Carroll Mrs. Ellen, wid Michael 
16 Hill Samuel, porter 

18 Lynch Johu, shoemaker 

19 MacMillan Miss Aunie 

21 I'residder James, lithograpber 

22 Drake Uicliard, cooper 

2ij Burke Mrs. Mary, wid John 

25 Lougmoore Mi s. June, wid John 
Loiignioore L., telegraph oper 

26 Aewuury John, carpenter 

27 Cuggy John, laborer 

B6daid Mrs, Klizu, wid C, 8ick 

29 Wlielan El ward, tailor 

30 Bruwu Mrs. Mary Ann, wid J. 
MclUroy Mrs. C, vvia D. 

81 Lynch Miss Julia 

32 Kuss Mrs. Aun, wid William 

33 BurKC Uicharu, shoemaker 

34 Hudson Mrs. C, wid Joshua 

35 lishur Mi.-is U,, dres- maker 

36 lergusoii William, watchman 
36; Shepherd Joiiatiiaii, pressman 

37 U'Shaughiies.iy JaiiiuB, grocer 

38 Uoudwiu Edwin, cook 
38^Alitchell Thomas, storeman 

Luinunt Jaiiit-s, baker 

39 Uile> Mrs. Elleu, wid TI108. 
Uiley Itobei t, furrier 

40 sca>ilou Mrs. James, grocery 

Here Jurors st. intersects, 

43 Lukeman K., engine driver 

44 Eiiright Michael, tailor 

46 Urimsdu'e Cieo., bluck.-smith 

46 McUauly Mrs. Jane, wid Patrick 
McOauly P., assist-sec. Cana- 
dian Manufacturers' exchange 

47 O'Brien John, shounaker 
U'ltrieii Juiiies, luuther cutter 

48 Field John, laborer 
Laverty James, laborer 

49 AlcBieariy John, laborer 

60 McCurmick James, storeman 
51 lilioksted Charles, chicker 
62 Uuherty Mrs. Julia, wid Pat. 
53 Ally Tlii'Uius, printer 
64 Mt yt^rs C, marble polisher 
5u Muiphy I'uii'luk, waiter 
56 Lewlugtdii Allied, puiuter 
Meyer Frank, painter 
Lewingtoii ileiir), painter 
67 Hartsuian David, undertaker 

Hurlsman Mrs. Anna, midwife 
68 Lewis Uobert, laiioy soapmakor 
59 FUuiOKuu Johu, plumber 


J. A. ba: 

60 Rowe John. 

61 Lynch Johi 

62 Beauchumii 
62^11 uidigiin M 

63 Nolan Willi 

65 ('hirk John, 

66 Dagenuis Jo 

67 tallary J., U 

68 Traynor I he 

69 Becket Davi 
7U Champiigiie 

lingtou west 
St Ann ward 

Robertson D 
iickli? Peter, 
Milton I'honi 
Brown i'huu 

Here Jtusfibr 

Burns Jas., i 

Casey Jus., ,s 
Dunberry lie 
Prevost Azar 
Suriiey 1 redi 
Silveisides i' 
Cahili Jirem 

Here CUcni 

Maurice Joac 
Kiusellu Luu 
Purse Will „ 
thishoiin Alt 
Pickering c, 
liraceM., coo 
Thibault Jose 
Slater »V ., cai 
Chiistiu Hem- 
Ewun I'tiuiu.c 
Boweii i iioiiii, 
Beuii I'lio.^., r< 
Stoba Duviu, 
St OuLiriel ti 
Miss E. J'lio 
Sbiiw Will., bi 
Cli(H;seiiian tn 
Valiquette S., 
Purrauli Louie 
Harris Cliariet 
Mitchell flioiii 
Oray Chas., la 
Maguire Edwii 


Here Knox s 
Here liuilwty 7 

Grenier Jliclie 
Atkiii.sou Ed., 
B6luuger J. Bi 

Xavier west t 
West ward 

4 Taylor Kd. T. 

Mutual I ire 
ViCiona .Uiitui 

to., Ed. T. ■ 

Province oft 

Edwunl Sciii 
Sohuli/AEd.. A 

BecliiTL-r Carl, 
Loiiier A.ioiplu 
Truuel Ailoipii, 
(ioodliiigh W. 

nier. hunts 
Lefurt E,, fane 



ind Trunk west, 
Being onttide 
H Will ba found 
L ordar in Vil- 

701 Craig north 
etiere, St Law- 

Wre, grocer 
riUgct, wld Pat. 
*, clerk 

xaiidrf , saloon 
, wia Andrew 

m Cnrpel Beating 
,bb, manager 
I'uuip and Sleigh 
iJ.Tubb, manager 
3., munufuctureis 
jieinan, r 
inUrens, r 
at, laborer, r 
laborer, r 
ilier, r , ^ , 

lien, wid Michael 
iioe maker 
I!) Annie 
38, lithKgrapher 
, cooper 
iry, wid John 
8. June, wid John 
, lelt'grapU oper 
I, carpenter 
^lizu, wid C, sick 

■a, tailor 

ury Ann, wid J. 

C, wiu U. 


wid William 

wid Jo8hua 
, (IreH- maker 
iam, waiuhman 
itlian, preMDian 

JauivB, grocer 

AS, Ptoreman 

u, wid TI108. 


ame8, grocery 

t. iiiterseotB' 

igine driver 
ui, taiior 
, biack^iinith 
^uno, wid Patrick 
t»bit>t-8ec. Caua- 
iturerx' exchange 
luatber cutter 
n, laborer 
Aiu», storeman 
leH, cU( uker 
ulta, wid Pat. 
ble poliiiher 
k, Mailer 
ed, puiuter 
ir> , painter 
i, undertaker 
Anna, midwife 
laiioy Hoiipmiikor 







60 Rowe John, bra^slinisher 

61 Lynch John, iirinter 

62 Ueaucliumi) William, tailor 
62^ilai'dig:in Jlrs. Mary, wid Thos. 

63 Nolan William, plumber 

65 t'lurk John, htoreman 

66 Dagenuis Joseph, Urcinan 

67 t'allary .1., let tor carrier 

68 Traynor I'liomas, p.iimer 

69 Becket l>avid. cabjiietmalier 

70 Chanipiigne Gilbert, tailor 

lington west to Grand Trunk, 
St Ann ward 

Robertson Daniel, engineer 
'ilckliJ Pf tf f , macliiuist 
Milton riiomud 
Browu i'humas, milkman 

Here Rtishbrooke at. begins. 

Burns Jaa., gtoremau U T.IC. 
Casey Jas., .sL'ciionman (a.l'.U. 
Uuuberry lieniy, miiler 
Prevost Azane, siiuiiter U.T.U. 
Sariiey ireiteiick, inavliiniBt 
tjiiveisideij 1' renenuK, clerk 
C'ahili Jeremialt 

Here Cheitier at. begins. 

Maurice Joachim, grocer 
Khii^ellu Louis, carpenter 
Purse Will. IJ., luoorer 
Chislioim Ale.vanUer, builder 
Pickering c, engine ilriver 
tjraceM., cooper umj guuger 
Xhibuull Jose^ju, tiiisiuUli 
Slater \V., uaipenier 
Chiistie lieiiry, later G.T.U. 
Kwan i'nuiu.s M., grocer 
Buweii 1 liumuB, cei'k U.'i\U. 
Bean II10.1., rooler 
Stobu Uix\ln, black.>mith 
bl bauiiel «.iis.-eiitn-nt school, 

Miss li. 'I'humnon, teuulier 
Shaw Win., boileiiuaker 
Murphy Uatiu, liiOurer 
C'lKHjsUinau Oi'o., cleaner G.'i'.IJ. 
Valiijuette S., cat riageiuuker 
Perruuli Louis, painier 
Harris Cliaiies, iireiuaii G.T U. 
Mitclieil riionias, curpeuter 
Gray (.-'has., laborer 
Muguire Edwin, tirenian 

Here Knox at. iutvreecta. 
Here Railwiy Track intersects. 

Greniur Miuliel, miller 
Atkinson KJ., liienan G.T.R. 
liAlauger J. B,e., miller 

HOSPITAL, from 61 St Francois 
Xavier west to 20 St Alexis, 
West ward 

4 Taylor Kd. T., a«ent Victoria 

Jtlutuai I iie iiisuruncM v,o. 
ViCionii Jliitual Kiio li.auranco 

Co., i'iU. T. I'll) lor, agent lor 

Province ol'C^ui beo 
Auslru-lluiigai'ian consulate, 

I'.dtvurd Sciiult/e, consul 
Soliulizv Ld.. Austro-lluiiguriun 

Beclierur Carl, agent 
Loiner A.iolplie, oliemiat 
Truuel Adolplie, earotakor 
Uoodiiugii W, a,. & Cu., com 

mer. hunts 
Lut'urt E,, iuiicy goods 

6 Imperial Fire Ins. Co. of Lon- 
dun, Ikintoul Bros., gen agents 

Rmtoul Bros., com merchants 
and gen agents liii|ierial Fiic 
Jus to. of London, Kn^. 

Rintiiul Andrew, inspector Iin- 
peiial Fire Ins. Co. 

10 Torrance I>avid, & Co., gpiieral 

mercliant^ and agents l^om- 
inioii 8.S. Line 
Dominion Line of Steamships, 
U. TorrHiice & Co.. gen agts 

11 Macdougall & Davidson, btock 


Here Menhnvts Exchange Court 

10 Cassels Uobt., & Co., gen agts 
Stephens G. W., advocate 
Couraol Chs. J., general agent 
Kane Uobert, gen aj^ent 
Estate iieirs t^uesuel, oliice 
Wiiyto John 

11 Moat it. & J., stock brokers 
Abbott, iait, Wotlierspouu & 

Abbotts, advocates 
Koe 1'. P., gen merchant 
Cu< ada luvestiiient and Agency 
Co., limileil, J. B. iiuiuaesun, 
sec. and accountant 
Tliibuult Jeun, caretaker 
Burnstuii Bros., stocK brokers 
Grilhu tW Ba>iies, iiutaiies 
U Hamilton Geo. W., stock broker 
Co.x & Green, com uierch.ints 
anu u^eats lor the Banvw 
liueinalite Steel Co., limited 
Barrow uminatiie Sieel Co , 
luniied. liarrow-in-l' uriie>s, 
EiMlaiid, Co.\ & Gi'eeii, agents 
Xuiiii <!t Crainp, advocates 
IreniMliiie & lay lor tit^ocaics 
McUermott llios., ca.etakur 
15 Jlacpliei'son K. D., tea niercliaiit 
Kiiig>ton and Jlloiilieai I'ur- 
wardiiig Co., limlied, J. Dun- 
can 'i'liOii>|ison, agent 
Tlioiiip.-'oii .). Dui.ean, agent 
IviiigMiin and Muiiiieul i'or- 
wardiiig Co , linn I'd 
18 liave.i George, iiun merchant 
Wayne Iron and bteel SVorkri 
of I'lttoburfc', George Reaves, 
21 lleiisiiaw F W., gen com incht 
Itepubliea Oriental Del Lini- 
guay, F. W . ilensliuw, consul ; 
F. C. lleiisliaw, vice-consul 
Consulate 01 chi.i and I'eiu, 
Geo. 1(. Day, consul ; F. C. 
lleiisliHW, vice-coiisui 
Consulate ol AigeiiliiiO Coil- 
fediTUtion, Geo. U. Day, con- 
sul ; F. C. iiensliuw, vice- 
25 Kingston l''re'<., wine mercliunt 
20 Jewell's Tateiil iJiiivei'sul grimi- 
er, W. WiiigUeld Buiiii)!), 
Violiiiia Ullles Orderly rooms 

29 Boss \V. U. & Co.. general 

coiiiinlssioii niereliants 

30 llendrey & (.'o\\uii,wliiesale teas 

aiul wines, etc. 
lieu David, jiiii , leathers 
Raphael I. VV.,& Co., coming r- 

Qiieliec riiariii'iceutleal ass n, 

N Mercer, reglsir r 
Woods W 11., agent 
Drey Ills ll. J,, com agent 

Here ISt. John at. inUraecta, 

33 Uyrd Wm,, carpenter aud Joiner 

Here St. Alexia »t. intersect*. 

HOULE, from 449 Wolfe west to 
334 Amherst, rear St Jamei 
market, tt Mary ward 

1 I'ayotti' Medard, grocer 

5 B eau Hypulite, carier 

7 I'lioiniison Dun., shoemaker 
15 Bob' rt Louis, plasterer 

17 I'atnnande Joseph, baker 

21 St Arnand Vr . X., baililT 
L'ileureu.\. Lazare, carpenter 

25 tjnilean Joseph, carpenter 
27 llrierc Charles, laborer 
31 Valois Alphonso, grocer 

HUNTER, opposie 17 Chatham 
west to 12 Canning, St Ann ward 

2 Cunningham John, grocer 
4 tJ'iiiain Daniel, liremau 

6 Iveurns Win., carter 

8 Vinceiii Louis, bollermakor 
Bedlern Henry, rug picker 

10 O' ileum John, storemuu 
12 Crawtord W., oottoii inanfr 
14 Woiid Kicliard, laborer 
Iti Hart Iticliard, leatln r diesser 
4^ Stylos .Uicliael, laborer 
Diamond Thoiiiu>, laborer 

22 uoodchild George, laborer 
Meuiiier Au;5U,-iie, bricklayer 
3larliii Fis„ laboier 
i..abonte .Mi.'ts J., charwoman, r 

31 Cowpei- & A'isli, macliiiiists 

39 Gordon Andrew, carier 
i'^iliutc i'liomas, iii'iver, r 
Leonard .Micliuel, boilei maker, r 
Sheen Abraliaiu, laborer, r 

IBERVILLE, from 16 St Itlary 
north lO City limits, St Mary 

27 St Louis F.,tImokpp|)prC.I'.R. 
31 liiviere .Mrs. 1'., wid Joseph 
3i Go.-iseliii .tl., lurpeiiter 
30 ilodoiii Louis, grocer 

37 Alcyiiaid 1 avid, ciriienfpr 

38 Di'cnainps F. A., coiiiitrC.P.R. 
KaymoiidCliei'i, driver C.r R. 

33 Uobiciioux Alex., engine driver 

40 Dri^coll liiciiurd, con racior 

41 oiloert I'., storekeeper 
4J Jouoiil i.,iiul-, grocer 

43 Mason .■1. W., bookbinder 
47 Uyiin Thomas, engineer 

Here Frimlenac lane enils, 
5') Trudeau \arc sse, laborer 
68 .Major Narcis.«e, laborer 
60 Began .Mis. Callioiiiie, wid J. 
I'luiitu Alexis, |iolioenian 
Here .St. Vathtrini: at. intersects. 
Here liobb Terrace bi'ginn. 
O.) Laiizoii D . eoiidectoi- C. p. R. 
97 Jones Tlionnis, iiaiiiler 
99 I'lister t li^irle.- A., professor 
iul Perr) Itoliei lj.,l,,ieiiiaii IVeight (J. .M. u. &. O. K.U. 

130 I am e / itiiiiie. baker 

\:ii Leclerc Lduuard, Ciirjientor 

131 Lecierc lienjaiiiii., luinherdoalor 
130 lloisf ll J., tiiisinithamlplumbr 

//ere Logun st. intersect >, 
110 Nantel Aiilhliiie, bulclier 
lo2 Piaclii'y i liar es, hibuier 
llri SI tie l',U;;(iiie, luboier 
154 Itiendeiiu I^iiiile, painier 

Here L({t'i>iitaine at, interjects. 
2I7 Uoulet EtIunnu, carter 







261 Gilbert C«legtin, laborer 
255 8t Clair houis, laborer 
267 Dillon William, weiyher 
259 Dlonne Pierre, laborer 
261 Mirun Jo.tepli, lal>orcr 

Uiifiiux Ali'Xis, plasterer 
266 Larose EdouarU, laborer 

Here Ontario si intersects, 

IRSPECTOB, from 140 WiUiam 
north to 66 St Antoine, St An- 
toine and St Ann wards 

ijteinvon H., & Co., biscuit man- 
10 Ramsay A., & Son, manufac- 
turers of paints, colors, etc. 
Dominion I'lalu UlaHs Insurance 
Co., A. Uamsay, agent 

Here CoUege at, inter sects, 

28 Labrdche Fran$oi8, painter 
8» Viau L6ou, boilerniaker 
Trudel Miss E., Uressnmker 

82 Lecture Josepli, busketmaker 
84 Blais lUichel, foreman 

Sduocul Air.". X., wid C, fruita 

83 Cliestortiin James, pensioner 
88 McKicoi Uunuttu, weiglier 

Uuggins iieorge, brewer 
40 UossJoliu 

Koss Frank, clerk 

43 McWiliiauis ilrs., wId Jane 

44 Cawtliorn iieury, tisli merchant 
46 Uurt Miss Agnes, music teuciier 

Here St. Maurice $t. ends. 

Here St. Joseph st. intersects. 

Here Cliaboillez sq. begins, 

59 Leduo J., M.l)., druggist 
61 CittliHu jMutthew, plumber 
64 Woodward A , puiiiier 
66 Daoust Mrs. i,., wid I'ierre 
68 Daigneauit J. A., giuiu dealer 

70 Mosdeli Alfred, luOorcr 
Forget Joseph, barber 

71 Bouihillicr uustave, grocer 

73 Montpetit .Vliss, dressmaker 

74 Demers Augaite, clerk 

75 Inspector 6treel American Pres- 

byterian church, rev -• Mc- 
Fadden, minister 

76 Renaud Joseph, fireman 

77 Brown Ueorge, tel messenger 

78 Grant Peter Allan 
Grant Mrs. 11., wid John 

80 Filiatrault Mrs U., wid Pierre 
82 Uertrand O. J., painter 

84 Kerr Alexander, machinist 
Gravel Theodore, laoorer 

85 Walsh Thomas, laborer 
85iLulham Mrs. A,, wid Ihos. 

86 Deneuu I^ouis, merchant 
Sti^tiedge Uenry, joiner 

87 Laforce llypolite, clerk 

88 Ueuiers Josepn, slioemakcr 
88iUeguire Antoine 

St Aubiu Arthur, printer 

89 Foley James, laborer 

91 tittle I'hoH., laborer 

92 Itoulet F., blacksmith 
98 Elliott James, machinist 

Hicks B., bricklayer 
94 Coughlan L. J., storeman 

96 Lyncli T., telegrapli messenger 
Thomas Wni., guruener 

97 Beaupri Narcisse, tobacconist 
Chabot Louis, blacksmith 

97i Fleming Mrs., wid Charles 

98 Oonovau James, waiter 

99 Collins Wm. C, cooper 
99]Creighton Peter, storeman 
10(» < 'oderre Mrs. L#ocadiP, wid I. 

101 Scullion ICdwaril, carter 

102 Carter F., bread driver 
Laflamme B., roofer 

103 Bowli-s James, bread driver 

104 Binville J. B., grocer 

1U6 Heavvsese Henry, carpenter 
Tilly Mrs., wid John r 
Courtney Goo., machinist 
Harvey John, boxmnkcr 
Mooney James, laborer 
Henvysege W., carpenter, r 
Dussault Jos,, cooper, r 

107 Kobcrtson Miss li., drpa.«maker 

109 Perrault .Mrs. Kose, grocery 

110 PIchi Fraii9ois. joiner 
113 St Unge Joseph, saloon 

Here St. Bonaventure st. intersects, 

122 Picard i.onis, butcher 

123 B ugle Philippe, butcher 
125 Dubois Ktienne 

127 Allaire Edward, silverplater 

Mayer V Ictor, joiner 
142 Fitts C, & Co., biscuit bakers 
14y Dugagii^ Simeon, coachmaker 

D6voyeau Odilon, horse dealer 
151 Deschainps .Mrs. A., wid Pierre, 

y^roniieau Denis, blacksmith 
153 Lnngevi'i Dominique, clerk 

Korn August, hat and capmakr 
155 Valois Narcisse 
1.55J Dow Mrs. K., wid John 
169 Lavoie Frs., shoemaker 

ISLAND, from Qrand Trunk 
north to the Canal, St Ann 

Here St. Albert st. begins, 

17 Gongli Thomas, laborer 

21 Fitzinaurice Michael, watchman 
Lolseau J . B., ju u., carter G . T. U 
Loiseau J. B., son., laborer 
Toomcy John J., clerk 
Lavigiieur F., shunter G.T.R. 

22 Montrcuil Alfred, butcher 
O'Keefe John, laborer, r 

24 Murphy Mrs. M., wid John 
29 Police station, Wm. Deegan, 

31 Deegan Wm., police sergeant 

82 Doyle Peter, butcher 

Here Centre at. intersects. 

37 McMenamIn Daniel 
39 Coveney Wra., engineer 
S^JGarvey Henry, machinist 
41 McVey J., wood turnerO.T.R. 

McVcy A., clerk 
43 Cave Wm., laborer 
4.3)Uennessy Michael, contractor 
45 Murphy Michael, laborer 

Here Jtlchardaon st. ends, 

63 Redmond Peter, grocer 
66 Gillespie Peter, laborer 

Grignon Th^ojiliile, laborer, r 

Here Manii/Mtarers st. intersects. 

75 Payette Joseph, carter 

Payette Elz6ar, bricklayer 
75iilanley William, carter 

83 Sweeney Chs., sugar boiler 
Hagerty Philip, laborer, r 

Here St. Patrick $t. interseon. 

Water to 239 Sherbrooke, St 
James ward 

2 Milligan William, chandler 

6 Connelly Jnmcs, maltster 

7 I'rudeau Eugene, laborer 
Marsolais Charles 
Beller Miss Eloise 

8 Nourrie C, sergt water police 

9 Fontaine Israel, Ir.borcr 
Perreault Liidger, shoemaker 
Bernier Joseph, laborer, r 
Ratelle J Bto , coop' r, r 

11 Bouthlllier, clerk 
Kirby liichard, laborer 
Lucroix Arstnie, ship carpenter 

13 Boldiic Louis, engineer 

COtd Mrs. Alexundriua, wid 

Charles, seamstress 
Latour Pierre, agent 

14 Montreal Browing Co., Thos. 

Cushing, manager 
Hurley Alaurice, stableman 
19 Bertrand Mi^s Ursu'e, furrier 
Bilair Joseph, shoemaker 
Mesnard Cyrille, laborer 
Caron Napoleon, clerk 

Here St. Mary st. intersects. 

22 GagniC, butcher 
24iCo8te Jean, laborer 
2t> .Monet Jo.seph, traveller 
2(>.Jl'oitras Joseph, laborer 

28 Tansey Timothy, laborer 

29 Bedard Alfred, carpenter 
Gauthier Jo^'epli, laborer 

31 Folsy NiipoIC-on, ship carpenter 

32 Hurson James, laborer 

33 Ouellette J. Bte., joiner 
.35 Pich6 Fabien, stevedore 

3(3 Strachan W., & Co., soap and 

oil makers 
37 Tardie Charles 
39 Guay John, soapmaker 

Iturnau Alexis, carpenter 
41 Bouchard ilelUidure, storeman 

Ford Patrick, pensioner 

43 Felletier Miss Sopliie, seamstress 
Hogue Miss, seamstress 
Ileum Sarah 

44 Leslie J. H., inspector of water 


45 Duverger J. B., assistant clerk 

Recorder's court 

46 Vermette Frs. 

47 Dumont Isai'o, collector 

48 Allen James, storeman 

49 llardie Kicliard, brewer 
60 Fitzgerald John, carter 

51 GauUiier Moise, tailor 

52 McCarthy Tlioraa^, cooper 

63 Smith James, muster carter 

64 Lepoiute Louis, printer 

65 Smith Fr.-. X., carter 

Here Craig st. iuferaects. 

63 itagnon Mrs. M., wid Joseph 

66 Chagnon Miss C(-lina 

68 Charbonneau Miss Marguerite 

69 Hardy Miss Clara 
TO Giignon Miss Clara 

72 Labelle Miss .Marguerite 

73 It^langer Mtss Agnes 

74 Geudron Mrs. E., wtd Joseph 

75 Butcau Bariiab6, laborer 
Carles Fraiif dIs, carpenter 
Laforest George, painter 
Laforest Louis, laoorer 

70 Sauv« Mrs. Marie, wid Joseph 

77 lioucher Mrs. Agnes, wid Peter 

78 Fortier Louis E., laborer 

79 Brodeur Augustin, laborer 



81 Cloutier M 

82 Bergeron 'i 

83 Sonliire J. 

85 Dery Tlion 
Messier Lo 

86 Tucker Mr; 

87 Laporto Lo 

88 Pa'4U(.'tte M 
Brault Mrs 

89 l.«fleur ilo 

90 L hale Mis 

91 Crawford A 

92 Keel Autoii 

93 Tessier Mic 

94 Denis Mrs, 

95 Miller lien, 

96 St Louis To 
Moriii Ant., 

97 Limoges Jo 
93 Lubrecoue ( 
99 Leo 
99iGagniin Gu 

100 Labrecque < 

101 Didier I'icrr 
103 Moieau Nar 

Corneiu F. 

Rivet Fran? 

Pottel .Miss ! 

Hcroux V'^n 

Mesnard Pic 
107 Devoy .Mrs. 

Delcourt M' 
109 Gucrih — Jc 

Barrette Sirs 
111 Courtoi8M(5( 
113 <'onnolly Jo 

Chambers M 

Here Laganche 
111 Dickinson Tl 
116 Lucas rev. D 
118 Vllleneuve .J. 
Via Looby MIchn 
127 S6n«cal Alf're 
115 Gauthier Isr^ 

Here Dorcheal 
147 Roy Henry, li 

Roy Miss Mat 
161 Lord Edmont 
167 Killutraiilt Dii 
159 Lloyd Williai 
161 Watkiiis I hoi 
163 Purcell Kober 
178 Goulet Jo.sepl 

Lebel P. V. .1 
182 Bourgouin C} 
182iMorin Louis,' 

Poiitou F. X., 

184 Maillot A lexa! 

185 Cusson Mrs. h. 

187 Deslongoliaini 

188 Leclairu £iap(i 
190 Fortier Oze, j< 
192 Piootte Josep 

196 Collins D.,suu 
Fauchcr Mrs. 

197 Fletcher Gllbe 

198 Thompson Jai 

199 AllardMagloi 
201 Ennls Cliorles, 
m Burgin W„ let 
203 Mulllet Mrs. A 
201 Dtviautels Alpl 
2U6 Chrlstiu Josep 

Christin Henri 
Household ,1 

206 Gervais Jo8ep^ 

207 Thibeaudeau IS 

209 Robitaille F. X 

210 Bourdon Maxii 

211 Mondehard En 
Arobambault A 



IB, from 186 
erbrooke, St 

, chandler 



water police 


, shocinakor 

iborer, r 

)i>P' r, r 

inse, clerk 


ihip carpenter 


luiidriua, wid 



II? Co., Th08. 



anie, furrier 




. intersects. 


, laborer 
itliip carpenter 
, joiner 
Co., soap and 


re, iitoreman 

III)*, tieainstreas 

lector of water 

assistant clerk 






, cooper 
ster carter 


wid Josepli 


s Marxuerita 



wid Joseph 


, wid Joseph 
nes, wid Peter 
, laborer 






Istned for any len^ of time reqnired at very Low Rates. Head OfSee, 179 St James St 

81 Cloutler Michel, laborer 

82 Bergeron Thdodule, blackemlth 

83 Souliire .1. Uto.. bollermaker 

85 Dery Thomas, laborer 
Laf'rt*ni£ro Airs. A., wid L6on 
Messier Lnuis, ghni'raaker 

86 Tucker Mrs. .M., wid Wm. 

87 Laporte l^oiiiH, tailor 

88 Paijuotte Maximo 

Biaiilt Mrs. D., wid Charles 

89 LafltMir ilonnre, ciKarmaker 

90 L haie Mis4 MatliiUle 

91 Crawfiird A. H., shoemaker 

92 Keel Autoine, trader 

93 Tessier Micliel 

94 Denis Mrs. Albina, wid Joseph 

95 Miller Henry, painter 

96 St Louis Toiissaint, barber 
Morin Ant., chimney inspector 

97 Limoffcs Joseph 

93 Labrecque Chs., tinsmith 
99 V^ L^on, laborer 
99)GHgnon Gcd^on, laborer 

100 Labrecque ' hurles, tinsmith 

101 Didior I'icrre, joiner 

103 Moieau Narcisse, fish dealer 
Cornetu F. X., joiner, r 
Kivet Francois, blacksmith, r 
P.ittel .\lissS., r 
HiToux V^nance, r 
Mesnard Pierre, carter, r 

107 Devoy Mrs. los., wid Lawrence 
Delcuurt M'lfse, shoemaker 

109 Gut^riii — Joiner 

JJarrette Mrs. A., wid Olivier 

111 CourtoisM(5(li Tic, feed store 

113 < Connolly Jtihii, saloon 

Chambers Mrs. Mar> , wid John 

Here LagaiichetUre St. intersects. 
lU Dickinson Thomas 
116 Lucas rev. D. V. 
118 Villeneiive J. Bte., butcher 
125 Looby Michael, milkman 
12? S6n«cal Alfred, blacksmith, r 
145 Uauthier Israel livery stable 

Here Dorchester st. intersects. 
147 Koy Henry, barkeeper 

Kuy )Iiss Marie, dressmaker 
151 Lord t^dinond, clerk 
157 Filiutrault David, blacksmith 
159 Lloyd VVillium, clerk 
161 Watklus riiunias 
163 Purccll Kobert, confectioner 
178 Goulet Joseph, laborer 

Lebel P. V. .1., clerk 
182 Uour^ouin Cyrille, carter 
ID^^Morin Louis, ship carpenter 

Ponton F. X„ carpenter 

184 Alaillot Alexandre 

185 Cusson Mrs. K., wid Francois 

187 Desluiigoliamps Z., shoemaker 

188 Leclairu JSapoMon J., clerk 
190 Fortler Oz6, Joiner 

192 Piootte Joseph, stonecutter 

196 Collins D., sua e inanufuoturer 
Faucher Mrs. U., wid Cliarles, r 

197 Fletcher Gilbert, painter 

198 Thompson James, laborer 

199 Allaru Magloire, shoemaker 
201 Knnis Clurles, storeinan 
m Burgin VV.. letter carrier 
2(i3 Maillet Mrs. A., wid Joseph 
204 D£.Hautel8 Alphouse, carter 
2U5 Chrlslin Joeeph, trader 

Christin Uenri, manager of the 
Household Journal of Kuw 

206 Gervais Joseph, earter 

207 Thibeaudeau Naroisse 

209 Uobitaillo F. X., leather cutter 

210 Uourdon Maximo, furrier 

211 Mondehard Kmlle, baker 
▲rcbambault Audr4, baker, r 

212 Blllette.rean Baptiste 

215 C' a^non Emerie, plumber 

216 Gari6|iy A., bank agent 

217 St Germain K., horse dealer 
219 Murray James, tancy goods 

Here St. Catherine st. intersects. 

224 Boudrias Dominique, professor 
227 Leoomte Avila. boots Sl shoes 

229 Thibaudeau Muthias 

230 lidlanger Ldandic, notary 
BtManger F. X., shoemaker 
Venables Joseph, bookbinder 

237 l>esjarding J. Bte., bliicksmith 

239 L iberge Francois, ^tonecutte^ 
Ueaupr^Mrs Emily, wid Jo.-eph 

240 l.afranchise Loui^, Joiner 
Pichcttp Mrs. E., wid Frs. 

241 Hubert Nap , joiner 

242 Chiplvau Augustin 
Charbonneau A , shoemaker 

243 Herbert Chs., joiner 

244 Brais J. B., painter 

Brais Mrs. C, wid J.,8ioknurse 

Legarafe Evariste, shoemaker 
246 Mongeau Mrs. L., wid J. U. 

Mongeau J . Bte. 
245iLauzon Arthur A., clerk 

Lussler Elieune, carter 

246 Pepin Mrs. K., wid Joseph 
Crevier Alfreil, shoemaker 

247 Normandin Jo-epli, clerk 
247iLagass£ Eus^be 

248 Keller Jacob, butcher 

249 Gosselm Anatole, sculptor 

251 Giroux Charles, painter 
Aubertin Mrs. M., wid Louis, 


252 Marcotte James, bookkeeper 
Du)iuis Pliilippe, clerk 

253 Lauzon Zotique, blacksmith 

254 Bourque llilairo. engineer 
Gharroii Mathias, l.iborer 

255 Gauthier Julie'', blacksmith 

256 Desjardiiis J. It., blacksmith 
25TiDeinont Cyrille 
259iBrien Med^ric, clerk 

Larocquo Alplionse, druggist 
261 Gervais A. U , M.D. 
^Ol^l'aiadis George, tailor 
^')2 St lermain Joseph, grocer 
263 Stebenne James li., clerk 

265 Pcrrault & Fi6re, grocers 

Here Mignonne st. intersects. 

266 Landreville M., hotelkecper 
268 L*febvre Olivier, shoemuker 

Lelebvre Antoiiie, bjukkeeper 
270 Blais Cyrille, trader 

272 .Uonette Louis, bookbinder 
Lapolnte itod ilpho, cooper 

2?2U{i)se OiiejinK!, laborer 

273 ChaputMr'. Louisa, wid Charles 
2(4 Jett* Albert, laborer 

275 Martin hus6be, clerk 

276 Contant Napol6on, painter 
David J. litu., clerk 

278 Desrochers K. carriagemaker 

Itivet Mrs. ituse Ddlima 
280 Lamothe Ulric, truiikmaker 

Holland Amed(>e, tailor 
284 Hunt PairiuK, policeman 
288 Champagne Charles, laborer 
29U B'>rni. r Gallon, shoemaker 
290 Despatio Josepli, undertaker 
2U1 Durocheis Mrs. A., wid Joseph 

292 Bisaillon Mrs. M.,wid F., grocer 

293 Bel isle Miss A., dressmaker 
Godard L., police sergeant 

293i Homier Adolphe, umiertakor 

294 Molfatt Felix, shoemaker 
Moffutt Miss A., dressmaker 

296 Corbell Joseph, butcher 
296 Uirard William, laborer 

298 LAciiyer Ephraim, laborer 
De^jardins Phildas, joiner 
Berub* .Mrs. E , wid Pierre 

300 Perreault Eucllde, carter, r 
L^cuyer Hormisdas, laborer, r 
ISriquier Panl, r 
Clialifoux Augustin, r 
Gantliier L,£andre, tinsmith, r 

301 Guudet .Miss Modeste, seamstress 
o02 l'a<iuin Nazaii-p. '".b'lrer 

Uemard Edmond, cabinetmaker 
Beaudoin Pierre, driver 

303 Guudet Narcsse, baker 
ICobidoux Camille printer, r 
Oiilmot Joseph, laborer, r 

304 Cotret Josepli, tailor 

305 Renaud J. Bte., laborer, r 
307 Casavant Louis, joiner 

Morcau J. Bte., Joiner 
Brien ,1. Bte., butcher, r 
Lord Joseph, carter, r 
3'^8 Laberge Ed., stonecutter 

309 .Mireault Jean, shoemaker 

310 Laberge Alfred, stonecutter 
C6rat Josepli, sculptor, r 

311 Lord J. L, trader 

312 Prior John, butcher 
Masson Louis P , shoemaker 
Piquette M6d6ric, laborer 

313 L'Heureux Mrs. J., wid Sar. 
3l3iCliabot J. T . grocer 

314 Gerard Kmilieii, laborer 
316 Hurtubise Joseph, Isborer 

316 Gaudry Mrs. M , wid J. It. 

317 Charest Magloire, polisher 
Dorveau Gustave, bailitf, r 

317iGuay Prudent, Joiner 

Mundclit .Miss A., dressmaker, r 
Parent L^undre, baker, r 

SUJUevnoids Thos., shoemaker 
Lebianc .Mrs. M., wid Joseph 

817|Chartrand .lean Bte., laborer 

319 Beaudoin Kuclide, carter 

320 Mercier Naruihse, stonecutter 

321 DiichSiie Benj., blacksmith 
Perrault James, blacksmith 
G^iinas Joseph, joiner 

322 Forget Auguste, guardian 
Trudel Miss C, iaundress 

323 Chiquette Ben., shoemaker 
Lap Tie Olivier, merchant, r 
Goupille Alplionse, shoemaker, r 

324 Smith — , clerk 

325 Bnauvais Casimir, tanner 

326 Aubry J. B., grocer 

327 Scott Mrs. 
Itoiideau Pierre, carter 

328 Ayette Francois, ttleW'Tker 
Burui'd Jean, tinsmitii 
Allaire Louis, laborer 

829 Millette Joseph, butcher 

Millette Mrs. .lulie, wiil Lonis 
330 Brouillet Mrs. C, wid Pierre 

Bourbonniire Olivier, baker 
332 Arcand .Maxime, shoemaker 

Carriire Magloire, joiner 
334 Martin Mrs M., wid J. Bte. 

Arcand l.lio, sawyer 
336 Del fosse Pierre, laborer 

340 Keiiaud Pierre, cabinetmaker, r 
Carlin Charles, undertaker 
Chartrand Mrs. A., wid Louis 
Jarrard Pierre, laborer 

341 Kli6iuine J. Bte., laborer 
341iKayinond Joseph, cooper 

342 St Oiige Joseph, laborer 

343 Contant Joseph, chemist 
844 Everitt Thomas, shoemaker 

Chaielet Pierre, carter, r 
346 Mailloux Octave, joiner 

Kenaud Ed., carriagemaker 
847 Tourangeau Miss U., seamstreM 

Letellior Joseph, painter 
340 Abel Joseph 

Donahue Wilbrod, olerk 








S50 Rochon Ixidorp, carter 
Martin Itcriiard, laborpr 

861 LiililxTtg Kll^t■b(.•, joiiipr, r 
MndriiiitGodelnii, plaNtcrpr, r 
CliuiiipaKiif I'ii'rrc, carter, r 

S62 Lirno/jfs 1'". X., fihocmakor 

364 Kiixc Kus^bo, labort>r 

i'vriault Azarle, brlcklavcr, r 
ISuurboiiiiaiii Ueiard, Inburtfr, r 

336 l^abolle Josepti, plasterer 
l^andry Lvoi.ido. carter 

857 Lu:iigiiaii diaries, confectioner 

869 ( harbonneau .lo8ei>h, luboror 
Docellcs rierre, baker, r 

862 Uubreuil Norbcrt, grocer 
8ti3 tit Uermain Atigimie. carter 

briere t ran^ois, clerk, r 
Uupoiit Octave, bricklayer, r 

364 Labelle tyrille, carter 

365 CusHun Avila, plasterer 

366 uartiii Mrs. C, wid Joseph 

367 Labelle Paul, carter 

868 Mirun I'ancrede, lamplighter 
J^acliupellc Charles, carter 

870 UiinarU Fliil^as, gilder 

872 Lefebvro I'ierre, shoemaker 

Lemireisiilure, labor- r 
373 Lufortuiie O^car, butcher 
375 Laprise Pierre 
378 Tdillijreti Mrs. M., wid Louis 
S78i;)icard Mrs. Philoineno 
879 Burthittiinio Louis, baker 
38U Chartrand S., shuemaker 

Uetinu .lohn, r 
SSO^Kuchon Mrs. S., wid Edouard 
381 AllarU Mrs. J>., wid Ktienne 

384 (josselin Cyrille, shoemaker 

385 Hubert Josepli O , baker 
J^ord Joseph, carter 

886 Tes-xier Adoiphe, baker 
Miron I'hil^as, carter 

887 Uaoust II., bdg hre 
387iUenoit Joseph, tailor 
889 116 1 aultDuntien, agent 

Lemonde F X., imiTiter 

390 Mireault Louis, horse trader 

391 L.ivuie All'rod, culler 

392 'I'rudeau L6on, carter 
Wilhiieit John, caiter 

393 Uuziiiet J()s> nil, shoemaker 

394 liossoliii F. X. 

Pelletier Kvariste, tin«mlth 

395 Faucht-r 11., bl.icksmith 
Lavoie J. Uie., painter, r 
Smith Mrs. H., wid Cieorge, r 

39^ I'igtoii Laurent, butcher 
397 Charboiiiie lu J. IJte., cooper 
898 MuMahon Jolin, laborer 

CliarestMrs. K., wid J. Bte., r 
3982Mc.Mulioii James, laborer 

399 Tisoii C'elesim, shoemaker 

400 Billett.J. Be., carter 
Jett^ Jo.-eph, shoemaker 

401 Turcotte . I uUh, grocer 

403 Martin Abinlmtn, shoemaker 

Oaj.iion fSimon, shoemaker 
408 Laiide.s Juhn, giocer 

Here Ontario sf. intersects. 

412 Versailles . I oseph, trader 

414 Lesage Xaiioleon clerk 
4Uil)umphonsse Kdoiiarn, clerk 

415 Ouellette Henri, joiner 
Liiiuoii Joseph, plumber, r 
Lnrlviere Ale.xis, shuemuker 

416 Lesagu Louis, plasterer 
416iOuelletie Joseph, shoemaker 

417 Malo Isai'e, tailor 
Turcot Laurent, carter 

419 Crevier Antoine, butcher 

420 (jougeon J£'r6mie, Joiner 
lloule >'apol^i>u, painter 
lioule Joseph, laborer 

422 B^langer Ueorge, carter 

428 Bellemiire Pierre, sheemaker 

429 Itetuge tjacred Mean ot Jesus 
Mazurette L'baldi-, gunrdi^n 

430jl<ri('n dit Uusiocliers Frau9oi8, 

432 Foiniault K a rcisfe, laborer 

Forget Kiai.9iiis, carter 
4iJ2JKorle Lou<s. shoeniaker 
i'H Uochoii Anthiiiie, .-lioeinaker 
43'i Laporte Miss C, seamstress 
438 Joseph, laborer 
Koy llonord, milkman 
lieige.ou .lohn, laborer, r 
Layard Zotujue, tinsmith 

440 Auil't Ldmiind. joiner 

441 Cotillurd Kdimaid 

«t Hilaire Naicisse, shoemaker 

442 (iaiilliier Charles, shoeniaker 
Lefebvre & Michuud, shoes 

443 Chaniberluiid Alf>ed, clerk 
Hi Aimurd Maxime, shoemaker 
448 Let'ebvie H., shoe manulucturer 
44s* Loiseau Mrs. P., wid Charles 
450^St Georgo Jos., waiter 

452 Chaiideleur I'lerre, grocer 

453 Li'brectpio .Mrs. 8.,wid Adolplie 
'I'rudel Aniable. trunkmaker 

454 Micliaud Jean M , shoemaker 

455 Jobiii Charles, joiner 

4 .oiFournier Bte., sli. einaker 
45i) Blondin N ipojuon, cnrrier 
450] Labelle Toussaiiit. confectioner 

468 Paquetle IrelH^, gas lighter 
45siJuneau Josepii, laborer 

469 Lediic I'ierre, laborer 
Jobiii Prospere, joiner 

46>) Lachapclle AinuU^e, blacksmith 

461 Bloiiuiii Feli.\, laborer, r 
Lescarbeau Airs. L . wid M., r 
Mazuietle Jos., stonecutter, r 

462 (. ardinul Thuoduie, baker 

463 Major Unesinie, joiner 

464 Malouin Timotliy, joiner 
466 Ducbutelet Joseph, joiner 

from 173 Comiaissioners to 162 
Notre Dame, East ward 

1 Tidiii Thomas, Jfe Co., wholesale 

3 Ivelly John, trader 

4 Wilson I'hs., & Co., hardware 

/fere St. I'aid at. intersects. 

7 Larue Ldon, jun., tobacconist 

8 Couillard li , ieutlier nirrcliant 

10 Uastoul F. X., boots & shoes 

11 Aubry Alphonse, lim-inith 

13 Desroches .\l. A., tobacconist 
15 -U.'Uiiier Joseph, hotel 
18 Grattoii Chs., lobaccoiiist 

Here St. Ainable lime teyins. 

2(1 Laruo .Magioire, tailor 

22 L-.toom|iiu Hubert, boots & shoes 
Carriei'e Joseph, saddler 
(judlll .losej'ii, leatiier 

23 Grand Trunk Kaihvay gencnil 

General Manager's ollice, Joseph 

ILck.-oii, ^eu niaiiaiiei' 
DrinUHuier C, j;eu manager's 

Treasii.ei'sollico, Uob't Wright, 

trea iirer 
General russengerAgen'N office, 

Win. Wainwright, gen paasen- 

gei agent 
IJiciiot C, Jun., secy to gen pas- 
senger agent 
Trallic Alaiiager's office, L. J. 

isuai'tscaul, tralHc manager 

23 Traffic Accounts' office, Joseph 

White, traffx acct 
Bruuglitun Jos., chief clerk traf- 

flj malingers office 
General treight Agent's office, 

John Purteous, gen freight 

Engineer's office, E. P. Ilanna- 

ford, chief enjiiiieer 
Engineeis Accounts' office, T. 

\\'. Kussell, chiet engineers' 

Accountant's office, H.W.Walk- 

er, gen accountant 
Audit otkce, 1. B. Hawson, 

Walker J. F., assistant auditor 
Cashh'r's office, T. W. Elliott, 

P.aymaster's office, Geo. Irving, 

Fuel office, D. McTasgart, gen- 
eral agent 
Car Mileage office, Jno. ilunt, 

chief clerk 
Drawing olHi'e, It. Clarke, chief 

Beevor A. F., C.E., drawing 

Claims office, J. J. Cunning- 
ham, claims clerk 
Telegraph office, Jas, S. Corner, 

Intern.itional Biidge Co., Jos. 

Hickson,vice-pru;ident; Kobt. 

Wright, sec-lreas. 
Hamilton J., messenger 

24 Gratton Glis., ffour and grain 
28 Goyer Benj., leather merchant 

31 tiurbboise A., gram store 

32 Beriau E., bdg lise 
UcscnCnes Tliunias, printer 
Dupuis Jules, pulice soigeant 
Bacon Weiicesius, clerk 
Bacon Arthur, cierk 

S3 tjimin Jos. A., saloon 

34 Uenrichou J., sen., boots and 

36 Barry John, fruit dealer 

42 ISoiviu G., boot and shoe mantr 

43 Payeite Josepli 

41 Aubry Alpiioii-c, tinsmitll 
Leclaire David, blacksmith 

45 lieliveau .losi pli. hotel 

46 LapierreT., boots and shoes 

51 Zervoudacni A. G,, Greek consul 


52 Brunei Francois, plumber 
55 Alartin K., saiooii 

58 GiraldiD S., Tivoli restaurant 

Paris Jo.seph E., burtendur 
62 t haiileau i hoinus, saloon 
68 Leiiiire George, pliytographer 
Lefebvre Jules, advocate 
Itoy Euolide, advocate 

JAMES LANE, from 27 Dalhou- 
Bie west to 15 Anu, St Ann ward 

JOACHIM LANE, off 16 Dufresne, 
St Mary ward 

9 rit Martin Octave, carpenter 

10 Berber Loui <, shoemaKer 

1 1 St Martin Mrs. Mary, wid J. B. 

12 Brais Luc, carter 
Uobert llormisdad, carter 

13 I'erreault Louis, laborer 

16 Donnelly 1' runcis, laborer 

17 Malllou.K Jeuii II., bricklayer 

18 Tliouiii Antoine, bricklayer 
20 Desjardin Fiuncis, laborer 
22 Tliouin Mrs. Mary, wid Ldon 
25 Delurme Adolphe, laborer 


J. A. B 

27 Landry 

Oumas K 
29 Baillarge 


Suill H 

Urbain, St 

1 Cher.ier S 

3 Deguise I 

4 Atkinson 

5 Bergeron 
Valiii Nic 

6 Martin K< 

7 Montrenil 
Masa6 .los 

11 Mass^ Mr 

JURORS, froi 
to 63 St B 
rence war( 

1 Delahanty 
6 Fitzgibboii 
6 Heranjfer I 
7tO'Npll Dai 
S WickeiisJ; 
Wickens ,Ti 
9 .lacqnps Jo 
9',Crawford \ 

10 Younger J 


bdg hue 
Elliott Thof 
liami'ton F 

11 Kitzpatrick 

12 Gamble Pai 

13 McClureJa 

14 Lawsiin ■!., 
Gcen JiiinPi 

15 Connor Mi« 
Toole .los., 
lioncli I'nul 
Brown .Mrs 
Johnston M 
Murphy Tir 
Stewait Wi 

Here Awh 

19 Doyle Ja mi 

20 Medical llu 

torv, riiB 

Gurd (hail 

Hall .nen 

21 Smith Thoi 
23 Greenn'nv . 

25 Turner Alh 
Thomas .Mr 

26 Langtiiii M; 

27 Castle T„ hi 

28 (ileeson Pa 

29 Stained gliu 


Spence J. t 

glass wor 

32 Biiigley, H 

Here Blew 

34 Knnrns ^'lc 

36 iniov Jnino 

37 Vick (;has 
Lapolnte ^ 

88 McGrnth D 
Jackson Mt 



' oflice, Joseph 


hit'f clerk traf- 


Agent's office, 

, Kcu freight 

, E. 1>. Hanna- 


lints' olllce, T. 

liet eiigiueers' 

;e, H.W.Walk. 


ii. Hawson, 

si!4taiit auditor 
T. \V. Elliott, 

e, Geo. Irving, 
oXaagart, gen- 
ie, Jno. liunt, 
:. Clarke, chief 
U.G., drawing 

. J. Cunning- 


Jas.S. Corner, 

idge Co , Jos. 
rufideut; Kobt. 

ur uiid grain 
lier nitii'uhant 
aiii store 

UK, printer 
icu suigeant 
, clerk 
n., boots and 

|iiU shoe mantr 



uiid shoes 
|„0 reck consul 

I plumber 

)li restaurant 
I, fuloun 

27 Dalhou- 
i St Ann ward 


I carpenter 
(try, wid J. B. 

|i borer 

J bricklayer 
, laborer 

wid Ldon 
1 laborer 







27 Landry Albort, laborer 

Dumas Katiolt^on, laborer 
29 Baillarg.oii P., diiverC.P.R. 

JOB80N, from Hibernian to 
Napoleon road, St Ann ward 

Built upon, but unoccupietl. 

JOSEPHINE, opp No. 240 St 
Vrbain, St Lawrence ward 

I Cher.ier Miss Kuther 

3 Dreiiise Krar yoix, undertaker 

4 Atkinson <.porge, laborer 
Ruiidell Alfred, bibnrer 

6 Bergeron Louis, laborer 
Valin Ninolas, mason 

6 Martin Unbert. coachman 
Newman \Vii|i;im, carpenter 

7 Montreuil Laurent, blacksmith 
Mass6 .losppli, laborer 

11 Mass£ Mrs. Mathilde, wid A. 

JUBORS, from 54 St George west 
to 63 St Radegondo, St Law- 
rence ward 

1 Delalianty Michael, grocer 
6 Kltzeibbon Miclinel, custom hse 
5JMoIntyre 'nines, beer driver 
6 Heranjfer Loul-". foreman 
7iO'Neil Daniel, onqtliip driver 

8 VVickeiis .lames, sen .wiitchman 
Wiclicns .Tames,. jini., tinsmith 

9 .lacqiies .Toscph, litter 
9',Crawford Wni., custom house 

10 Younger John, of Davidson & 
Mcl.ouglilin Mrs. R., wid U'm., 

bdp lise 
Elliott Thos. C. clerk 
Hamilton Kred., Witness office 

II Kitzpatrick Mi?8 IV, laundress 

12 Gamble I'arker, painter 

13 McClure .lames, wood turner 
U Lawson .f., blncksmitb 

Geen Jnines, carpenter 
15 Ci)nnor Mi^s Catherine 
Toole .los.. Laborer 
1,'Africaiii Mrs. 
lioncli I'nul 

Itrowii .Mrs. Helen wid Wm. 
Johnston Mrs. H., wid H , r 
Murphy Timothy, moulder, r 
Stewait William, tailor 

Here Anileraon st. begins. 

19 Doyle .lames ('..laborer 

20 Medical Hall aerated water fac- 

tory, diaries Gurd, manaffer 
Gurd ('haili>«, munajjer Medical 
Hall aer:\ted water factory 

21 Smith Thojnas, storeman 

23 (ireenw'av .lohn. class cutter 
26 Turner Albert, private detective 
ThnniHs Mrs. L'niisa, wid Wm. 

26 Langtiin Mrs. Alice, wid Joseph 

27 Castle T., house and siun paintei' 

28 (>lee.-ou Patrick, machinist 

29 Stained (jtass works.J. C. Sponco, 

Spenee J. (!., proprietor stained 
glass works 
32 ningley, Hooking & Co. 

Here litewtj st. intersects. 

34 Kearns N'icholas, grocer 
3i5 UUey James .T., wire work 
37 Vick (;has Kd., laborer 

Lapointe Mrs. Sara'i, wid And. 
88 McGnitli Daniel, laborer 

Jackson Martin, laborer 

3!' Daniel Mrs. Lonisa, wid .lohn 
Mc' arthy C, newspaper seller, r 

40 Guilbuult Amable. laborer 

41 Hanks Mrs. 1* , wd William 

42 Trowels .'o.seph. laborer 
(Jiirraii Daniel, laborer 

43 Knisv llormii-das. butcher 
Murtnuh 'Ihns , liorseshoer, r 
Mnlier John, laborer, r 
■Smith <'., shoeinnker. r 
Dohcney Aiidiew, laborer, r 
Iteni.ey Samuel, laborer, r 
Phillips Cliailes. tinsmith, r 
Hiitger Jolm, printer, r 
Keynolds Peter laborer, r 
Twohy John, tel messenger, r 
G"rvie J^'hu. labonr, r 

War I en Henry, booltitter, r 

44 I.aiig Charles, shoemaker 

45 O'Connor Timothy, laborer 
Pliiiikett Mrs. Mary 

4« Talbot Rob., laborer Post office 

47 Police station No. 5, Wiilter 

Burke, seri;eant ; James Ke- 

hop, aclinir sergeant ; Henry 

Do Koiinirk, acting s<>rgeant 

47 Curley Patrick, shoemaker 

48 Fitzgerald Junies, waiter, r 
.«>ullivan Jimes, b'ncksmith, r 
Yabsley .Tobn, tailor 

49 Young Mrs. Ann 
Mcdowaii Tlio'nss, shoemaker 

50 Asselin Nap., clerk 
Miixw'-ll .John, laborer, r 
Booth Mrs. Kobert. r 
liiiiterly Harih , tlni.sher, r 
Dunbar Wiliiuin, baker, r 
llea'v Mr-i. June, r 
Webber Henry, plasterer, r 
Piirker Mrs. latlier'ne. r 
Wil.»on .Mrs. .Marparet, r 

53 (»'S>iaujhiies<y Janu's, grocer 

54 (lOlden .lames, laborer 
Norton Thomas Ciirpenter 
Kndmany i iiiseppe. cook 

56 Middleiii'iss Mrs. Jane, wid Jos., 
fancy goods 

58 Scanlain Mrs. James, grocery 

Here Hermine st. intersects, 

59 Hoiithillier Mrs. A., wid A. 
Uregent E . )>ainter 

firt .Soville Thomas, painter 
fll Cartwriglit Miss Mary 

62 Wall Dan el, engineer 

63 Bell-le Ansustln, butcher 
6t Boon William, shoimaker 

Po (iondron ryrille, sausage maker 

66 Onlmet Edward, laborer 
Caldwell Mrs B., wid lohn 
Hevpolds Mrs. »,, wid Jos., r 

67 Neville MissNorBh.reaistryofficc 

68 Queen Joserih, storeman 

69 Johnston John, carpenter 

Here St. Alexander st. intersects. 

72 Reynolds Wm.. grocer 

75 Cbincv Mrs., wid Dmiel 

76 Clarkin Dtninis, miiuhinist 

77 ilarrl.s .lidin, saddler 

79 Unrk» Thos., steanilltter 

Monroe Mi»s Cliira 
79iMe<'lian Joliii, 'alioror, r 

Latour .Mrs. Mary A., wid J., r 
81 Itoiirassa .Tosepli, hro.immaker 

McDonald ,lobn, baker 
8.1 Mathews Patrick, clerk 

84 Mel.aren Wm. C, & Co., boots 

and shoes 

85 Turner A. R., clerk" 

93 Itriggs William, plumber 
Feeny John, saddler 
Carson Jos., jeweller 

93 .Stacy F., jeweller 

Waverly house, Jos. Johnson, 

99 Starr T., Royal Victoria stable* 

KENT, from 78 Colborne av west 
to 67 Shaw, St Mary ward 

10 Kindelan .lohn. carter 

15 l.iiscombe Thomas, tailor 

16 Mellhone John, carpenter 

17 Smitli Joseph, varnish maker 
19 .McEvenueMrs. C, wid Bernard 

McEvenue J. E.. med student 
25 .McGinnis Ant., tel messenger 
£9 Tweedy Charles, jail guiird 

86 Kyle W., sergeant jail guard 

KING, from 67 Common north to 

26 William, St Ann ward 

1 (iauvreau E.. Bull's Head hotel 

(ilobenskv Benj.. storeoiau 
10 Larlvlire F61ix, carter 
12 Lalonde Emery 
19 (^upsnel ClSopliHR, laborer 
21 Diilley Mrs. J., wid John 
81 Smith Frederick, laborer 
34 Urnsli George, proprietor Eagle 

ai Rowland Patrick H., trader 
50 Luing John, foreman 
52 St Lawrence Sugar Refining 

Co., limited, W. R., Elmcn- 

liorst, president 
68 Mcl'eke Hugh, laborer 

70 Meldrnm J. jun.,coal Terchant 

71 Robertson Jas., lend pipe mauuf 
Mclnerny John, storeman 

Here Wellington st. intersects. 

87 McGrail Michael T.,p_rov inercht 
90 Ryan John, blacksmith 

.Tohnson .Tames, confectioner 

98 Cidliiis .Tolin, laborer 
Gilmoiir James, laborer 

99 Warniinton K. & W., tinware 

100 Downey .John, laborer 
Brown John, fireman 

104 >oville James, trader 

Butler Mrs. .Mary, wid Jeremiah 
106 Thompson Ale.x., stonemason 

Kennedy Mrs. JIary, wid P. 

113 Boden C., irodiicc exporter 

114 Miller Brothers & Mitchell, 

117 Warrington J. T., jun., cheese 

no I>'einingTh8., ifeCo., com mchts 
122 Chandler Harlow, produce lucht 

LABELLE, from 287 Dorchester 
north to 746 St Catherine, St 
James ward 

1 Arcand Lndger, detective 

3 Tiirgeon Odave, agent 

5 Marcotte Mrs. N, wid Jacques 

7 I.«veilU* Tr(5ffl<5, clerk 

9 Jlonssette Am., customs clerk 

19 White .lames, traveller 
I.afon Vincent, detectlvo 

20 Desrosiers Ernest, jeweller 

21 Iver.sse Louis, ganlener 
(iuilbanit 'os., gardener 

23 Bourgoiiin Charles, bookkeeper 
His-onnette N., letter carrier 

25 Itrosseau Mrs. (J., wid \i. 
Pbanenf Cliiirles II., collector 

27 Biila"ger Fiance, advocate 

28 Bolduo F. X., 1 borer 

29 Uaoint Alpli mso, P.O. clerk 

30 .Iett6 Henri, stoneciilter 

31 Paquette Kubtibe, saddler 









82 LnmiPiix Mrs. C, wid U«sir« 
PIroftp Josppli, laborfr 
Jiobillard Samup], plasterer 
Fanvelle K#Iix, laborer 
I'Jchptte Kapulion, shoemaker 

83 Oufllptto LoiiiK, Joiner 

34 Ciirdinal J. Bte., policeman 
83 l^page Hvpolite, trader 
36 Blake John, leather cutter 

87 Martel Ald^ric, laborer 

88 Martin Felix, printer 
39 Montour Jos., enpineer 

I<emieux Hilaire, butcher 

41 Caron Mrs. !>., wid Joseph 

42 Huvsman Auguste, guardian 

43 CollettePaul,Kroccr 
4i Dammi .losepli, coolc 

46 >iai tin Joseph 

47 B<^dard Mrs. Julie, wid Louis 
I'leau Alfred, tinsmith 

49 Gauthier Eloi, slmemalcer 
60 I'ailleur Mrs. Sophie, wid Geo 
Bl Pelletier GHsnard, cleric 
Dion Frs., billiard player 
lU'iiiic'hiinii) Zotique, joiner 
C2 Gauthier Mrs. C, wid Joseph 

63 AllsoppClmrk's, Btuieman 

64 Larose Ausustin 

£6 L^vesque Mr:j. E,, wid Joseph 

Here St. Catherine st. intersects, 

59 Providence asylum, rev. sister 
Amable, superioress 

Sangniaet to 4 St Elisabeth, St 
Louis ward 

2 Mercil Jot^epli, tai'or 
4 JtelU'flitur On<'>sime, ins agent 
6 Plunau Josepli, laboriT 
8 Parent Edouiird, laborer 

10 I^abtlle Itruno P., cleric 

12 Fp! ns Janips, tel operator 

14 Ui^^jlins Joliii, tailor 

16 J^otebvre Pierre, clerk 

LACROIX, from 217 Water to 22 
PerthiuB, St James ward 

18 I.aperieie Josoph, laborer 
Ucaiiclianip Piprrc, shoemaker 
Heaiilieu Olivier, carpenter 

19 Culley Samuel, blackemith 

Here St. Mary St. ends and Dal- 
houait sq. ftegins. 

29 Arpin L. G., forcmau 

89 ti ruvel Z., grocer 

Here Jious.ieau st. ends and Cham]) 
de Marn st. begins. 

46 Faquette Jos., of Paquetle & 

LAFGI7TAINE, from Colbome av 
west to 277 Visitation, above 
Bt Catherine, St Mary ward 

193 Mathipu L4nn, milkman 
196 CutrMutthuw 

Miiilin I'liilip, laborrr 
199 Keuiieiiy Mrs. N , wid James 

Martin M., tobacconist 

Allard Jeuu N., grocer 

Here Champlain st, intersects. 

201 Labrie B^rs. J., wid C, grocery 
203 Lizotte Aujrnxte, engineer 

206 i/nclinppllp Prudent, laborer 

207 Moiitbriaiid Louis, plasterer 
211 Lacroix J., leather cutter 

213 DigrosselierT., storeman 
Wiihelmy Clias., laborer 
Meilleur ('harles, carpenter 
Pelletier Miss J . , reamstress 

216 Gaynor Tlio.^., tanner 

219 'I'rudeau Uamase. Joiner 

221 Archiimbeault Joseph, painter 

228 Bouiher F. X., Joiner 
224 Poitras A., iirocer 
226 UilairMrs. M.,widT. 

226 Hisson Magloire, painter 
Brunet JCr/Smie, carter 

227 Tourville Mrs. E., wid L. 

229 BoisseauT.. laborer 

230 Brazpuu O , shoemtikor 
Sigouin Joseph, laborer 

231 Landry A., laborer 

232 Latour Nap , laborer 

283 T urville Joseph, shoemaker 

284 Miron Maxime, laborer 

235 Me cier Alexis, grocer 

236 Beauchanip Alfred, laborer 
Beauchanip Pierre, laborer, r 

237 C'olombe J. Bie, Joiner 
2as Paquin D^sir^, laborer 

239 Kivard Hirb, painter 

240 Tliiriault Arthur, shoemaker 
Ma.s8oni:harU's, tanner 
Sauvageau <)., shoemaker 
Bousqiiei J. Bte , biicklayer 

242 Miron Bciij., painter, r 
Alaire Mr*. M. , wid J Bte., r 
Paiiseau Mr-i. E., wid U., r 

243 Uionnn Albert, grocer 

214 Majlloux Uvide, printer 
246 DIonneTiioinas, butcher 
24t) B irolet Maxiiup, dealer 

Thibeaudeuu Z., laborer 
24S Piiri.'^eau (>l., ])olicenian 

H^nault U., laborer 

Perrauit Pierre, shoemaker 

Morin Josepli, laborer 

Uiinine Albert, grocer 
260 Leclaire Cnarles, laborer 
262 Henaud L^uis, trader 

Nuntel Uenis, carter 

Tapin C, stonecutter 

Gauvreau H., slioemaker 
254 (iulipeau Joseph, saloon 

Here Maisnnneuve st. intersects. 

2r,$ Landreville D., baker 
2i)8iTli6r1uult Uidacc, biicklayer 
2UU Maill^ Joseph, laborer 
26t)sLaiidry Francois, bricklayer 
202 .Maiois 11.. shoemaker 
204 Laurence Andre, shoemaker 
200 Collin Saul, shoemaker 
208 Keaudoin Jos., butcher 
272 Lesuai'beau Treffl^, shoemaker 

Desjardins Joseph, joiner 
283 Papiuuau Elie, wood merchant 

Here Plessis st. intersects. 

285 Duplcssls Pierre, grocer 

287 Dupout J. Bte., joiner 
L(^v(>squo Pros|Mire, laborer 
Bouthillier Michel, painter 

288 Tlii'riault Eugene, bricklayer 

289 Dcslongchanips Frs., shoemaker 
2it0 Forest Azarle, joiner 

2W1 C'ornciier J., shoemaker 

292 Henri C, joiner 

293 Lulonde Josepli, laborer 

294 KlK^a'inie Maaloire, slioemaker 
Trudel i'heodule, baker, r 

206 Lnpierre .Mrs. E , wid Adam 
296 llaynes John, painter 
293 Lafraiice T., laoorer 
2ii9 l..<^'veill6 Joseph, laborer 
S'X) St Jean Jos., storenun 
301 l.alibert^ S., policeman 
303 CliiSiiard Philippe, laborer 
Laporte Arsftue, baker 

304 L^veili^ Damase, tanner 
L^veill(^ Mofse, cariienter 

806 Emoiid Tli6odore, slioemaker 
8iK> l.,escurbeau M., stoii« cutter 

807 U^.saiitels K£mi. com merchant 
Lahaie L., cubiiietmaker 

808 Chaput Josepli, iiluinber 
Giard Xavier, liinorer 

309 Scott Uuvid, printer 
Delaneau Pierre, laborer 

310 Bourgeois David, grocer 

Here Panel st. inU rsectt. 

3U Boudreau A., urocer 

313 Biossard Adolard. plumber 

31 1 Kivet Frs., carpenter 
316 Houle Fabieii, laborer 

316 Saiiscliagrin F., ba-ket maker 

317 Beaufort Frs., laborer 
321 Heauvais C, tanner 
326 Lupierre Louis, trader 
3ij0 Tlierien G., confectioner 

332 Beaufori Mrs O., wid T., char- 

Matte Mnxime, laborer 
336 Lalumiire Z., shoemaker 

Tremblay Vital, bookkeeper 
838 Flageol Ovide, shoemaker 

LAOAUCHETIE RE, from 24 Shaw 
west to Cathedral, btHary, St 
James, St Louis, St Lawrence 
find St Antoine wards 
Here Gain st. interacts, 

13 O'Bcilly Michael, grocer 

14 Biac VVm., a.^sLstaiit I'orcmaB 

'• Star" 
16 Honey Frs., school teacher 

Here Papineau sq. intersects. 

24 Thompson John, grocer 

26 Mullin&Co., lumber merchants 
Mulliu M., manager I'ur Mullin ft 

31 Murphy Miss Ellen, trader 
Koiau Michael, laborer, r 
Dower John, laboier, r 

82 Lowe Mrs. Jane, wid Pat. 
Fraser Jolin, liatter 
Uoissoniieau D., soai>maker, r 
Lescarbeau Jean Bte., laborer,) 

34 Leduc Amable, laborer 

Small Mrs. M., wid James, r 
Lacliaiice Uctave, policeman, r 

S6 McMahon Patrick, laborer, r 

88 tiurpreuaut Moi'se, grocer 

Here St, Adolphus at. ends. 

40 Schleifferg diaries, grocer 

Here Champlain st. begins. 

42 Brown William, slioemaker 
44 Ucfl'ernaii ihos., contractor 
46 Bray Bernard, waicliinan 

48 Leroux Alexandre, laborer 
Brunei Augustiu, laborer, r 

49 Doyle I'eter, laborer 

66 Trenit>e Louis, blacksmith 
D^sy Joseph, runner 

67 i<abine Josei h, laborer 
Buthuiie Uobert, laborer 

Here Voltigtura st. intersects. 

58 Croze Matliias, grocer 
62 Page David A., plasterer 
Trudeau I.^alo, foreman 
Munro Daniel, engineer 
05 Slieehan John grocer 

Here Maisonneme st. begins. 

68 Gardner Thomas A., builder 



68 Chartrnnd 

69 Uniack Thoi 
69iDavU Wm., 

Here St. h 

70 Brien Pierre 

71 tlusheii Dan 
Tl llinton Geo. 

73 Dockrill Mrf 
73i\lcDougall ) 

74 .McEnroe Jo 

76 Tucker W. L 
7&iLummis Mrs 
70 Collins Dikni 

77 O'Neil John, 
77J.Story Williai 
79 Wilkinson W 
79iKing I^vi, g 
81 Gould Edwai 
SUBreen Thoma 

83 Murray Petei 
McNeil Georf 

Here Pless 

84 Brown Etieni 
Brown John, 
Brown Akin, 

86 Cough Ian Wi 
88 Corcoran Mrs 
90 Smith Mrs. Ci 

92 rli^rleu Li.wn 
96 Shaw J. .>l.,s 

93 Stewart John, 
100 Carney Thomi 
102 Deroche Ed., : 

Deroch(5 .Miss 
104 PurcellJobn, 

Here Desalab\ 

109 Methodist CUu 

rev. D V. 

'ihos. Irwin, 

111 Irwin Th mas, 

Mi'tliodist cl] 

Smith George, 

11% Gauthier E., bi 

Gauthier P., bl 

113 Muir James, m 

114 Duplaiite Edm 

115 Lapoiiite 11., b 
Deroclies .Mrs. 

116 LafraiiCH Clias. 
Loiseau Edoua 

117 I'icliettc Louis 

119 Muliins Mrs. 1. 

120 Gautiiier Aiitoi 

Here Panel st 

121 Ko -he Henry, i 

122 1-artheiiais M«i 

123 Delaiicy JaiucM 

124 Goyette no ri 
Gaivin Thos., I 

126 Dufort Nazaire 
\'i% Campbell D., w 
180 Mooiiey Alex. , 

132 Bain Uobert, la 

133 lleinond I'ierrc 
131 MurMy Joliii, t 
135 lliiitou Geiirge 
13^5 Krophy Jolih, i 

140 GarnSpy Fred.. 
Gariop, Lu Ige 

141 Gauthier E., bl 

Here Visitation 

145 DaiiSereau Frs. 
147 Laplante Isldo 

Vincent Nap , 
149 Doiny A., tore 

Moore I'hos., bi 
161 Allard Pierre, 1 





1)1 niprebant 

I borer 






i-knt maker 





wid T., ohar- 


, btMary, St 
3t Lawrence 



taut I'orcmaa 

I teacher 


r merchants 
lur Mullin k 

I, trader 
KPer, r 

id rat. 


oai>inaker, r 
ite., laborer, I 

James, r 
H>licenian, r 

labiirer, r 


at. ends. 


. begiiM. 




borer, r 








I. begins. 

,, builder 







68 Chartmnd Pierre, fthoemaker, r 

69 Uniack Thoniaa, laborer 
eaiUavia Wm., laborer 

Here St. Ignace st. eiida. 

70 Brien Pierre, carriagemaker 

71 Hushen Daniel, laborer 

72 ilinton Geo., wliuelwritiht 

73 Uockrill Mrs. K., wid Wm. 
73)McUougall Mr8. A., wid John 

74 McKnroo Jolin, traveller 

75 Tucker W. D., engineer 
76iLunimis Mrs. Kliza, wid John 
7ti CollliiK iMniel, grocer 

77 O'Ni'il John, laborer 
7"i^tory William 
79 Wilkinson Wm , boilermaker 
79jKiiig Levi, grocer 
81 (jould Kdward. tinsmith 
SljBreeii Thomau, laborer 
83'Hurray I'eter, grocer 
McNeil George 

Here Plessis st. begins. 

81 Brown Rtienne, laborer 

Krown John, laborer 

Brown Akin, laborer 
86 Coughlan Wiiliiim, laborer 
88 Corcoran Hn. A., .\iil John 

90 Smith Mrs. Catherine, wid N. 

92 rii^rieu L^undre, carpfnter 

91 TiHdale John, rubber worker 
96 Shaw J. .VI., storeman 

93 Stewart John, machinist 
lIH) Carnev Tlioraan, wiremaker 
102 Uerochu bd., .--huemaker 

Derochi) Miss G., dressmaker 
101 Purcell John, 

Here Desalabevru st. ends. 

109 Methodist Church (Kast End), 
rev. D V. Luca.--, minister; 
'i'lios. Irwin, sexton 
111 Irwin Til mas, sexton Kast Knd 
Mi'thoUist church 
Smith George, laborer 
11^ Gauthier K., blacksmith 
Gautliier 1'., blacksmith 

113 Muir James, inanag<'r 

114 Diiplante Kdmond, shoemaker 

115 hapoiiite 11., blacksmith 
Ueroches .Mrs. A., wid A. 

116 Lafiance Chas., laborer 
l.oiseau bdouard, burber, r 

117 I'ichi'tte Louis, lamp lighter 
119 Muliins Mr.t. 1., wid .M., saloon 
IW Gauthier Aiitoine, grocer 

Here Panet st. intersects. 

Ko;'he Henrv, 8mall wares 
rarthi'iiais M^diird, grocer 
Delaiicy Jaiut>s, milkinau 
Uoyitte lie li 
Galviu Tiios., laborer 
Duturt Nazaire, butcher 
Campbull U., watohmuu 
Mooney Alex. J., stircman 
Uuiii Uobert, laborer 
llemoiid I'ierru, shoemaker 
Mumy John, contractor 
tliuton Ge.nge, wheelwright 
Hrtiphy John, drauKlitsmau 
Uai'iiSpv Fred., carter 
Guriepi Lu Iger, cluik 
Gauthier Ifi., blacksmith 

Here Visitation st. intersects. 

146 DaiifiereBu Frs. X , grocer 

147 Laplante Isidore, saddler 
Vincent Map , silvorplater, r 

119 Doiay A., foreman 

Moore I'hos., bricklayer 
161 Allard Tierre, laborer 





163 I'louffe Frs., trader 

Gadbois Mrs. K., wid Jos., r 

156 Piirsons Mrs. Mary, wid tl. 

157 I'lamoudon Joseph barber 
168 Tansey I'atrick, wood dealer 

Here Beaudry st. intersects, 

159 Poltras I'hil^as, grocer 

160 Forest N.. butcher 

161 Viau Nap., clerk 

162 St Germain Jog., butcher 
Dubois Zoti<|ue, fruit dealer 

163 Corrigan Mrs. Hriiiget, wid T. 
I'helaii Mrs. Harriet, wid And. 
Girnrd Louis, ci^inr maker, r 

164 Uenommd PiiTre, shoemak>-r 

165 Lamoureux Kd , bookbinder 
Turcot Auitnste, confectioner 

166 Corbeil Paul, grocer 
Fauclier Miss Marie, tailoress 

168 Lortie lAon, carter 
Uautliler Antoiiie, laborer 

169 Courtenianche A., jun., trader 
17U VadeboncoBur Mrs. S., wid J. B. 

Giriird Alt'., umbrella maker 
170i Arcliumbault Sim., joiner 

173 Lamarcbc Frs. X., clerk 
Laniarche Jos., bookbinder 

174 Dudevoir Trellis, grocer 

Here Montcalm st. intersects, 

175 Beaudoin & Perreault, butchers 

176 Mathurin Camille, tailor 

177 Charbonneau P., barber 
Charbonneau U., laborer 

178 Marois Kutibe, painter 

179 Globensky J., soap iniiker 

180 Fournier J. Bte., Hhoemaker 
Ul M sson Mrs. Henriette, wid M. 

Massou Fi'ri , caiter 
182 V iitard Kriie^t, rag dealer 

Fournier Geoige, laborer 
184 Viiiceletti^ Simon, joiner 

Viiicelette Miss A., teacher 
18*i'Tii^iien Pierre, stonecutter 
188 Murtiiicau Arthur, barber 
1~9 Goyette MoS, saloon 
190 Bi'noit Cyrille, laborer 
192 D'Brieii I homas 

194 Uoch Louis, butcher 

Here Wolfe st. intersects. 

195 Amiot Antoine, jun., grocer 

196 Uoolahan John, crockery 
199 Bi-aupr£ Ignace, laborer 

Mandeville Louis, laborer 
2)0 Uoolahan Daniel 

201 Thomson James, watchmaker 

202 U'Ueilly Mrs. M., wid John 
McCall John, butcher, r 

203 Neveu Kriiesi, shueinaker 
2(j6 U'Sullitan J., blacksmith 

Ldpiue Louis, baker, r 

209 Sicard Louis, laborer 
llenii' ssy Patrick 

210 Mt'iiard Oiiiisime, saloon 
21UjSaiicti I'ietio, statuary 

211 Berthiuume Ant., grocer 

Here Amherst st. intersects. 

213 Plouffe Joseph, butcher 

214 Granger Ad^laid, grocer 

217 Pell Geor;.e, tailor 

218 >liipnel Henry, butcher 

219 Bi-rul)6 Fraiiyois, clerk, r 
Berub^ Jean, blacksmith, r 
Lam rre Alex., laborer, r 
Dcmers E., contractor 

219il(ell Mi.'^sMary 

223 Lamoureux J., trader 

Beaudry Dunbar, cabinetmaker 
225 Gadbois Komaiii, weigher 

Uaks Thomas, clerk 

226 Bisson Maurice, machinist 
Trudel Joseph, laborer 

227 B^riau Olivier, trader 

228 Lagac6 Mrs. Henriette, wid A. 
Lagae6 Mi^s Marie, dressmaker 
Mathurin Alfied, tailor 

229 Kobort Ah'xls, contractor 
2i0 Brown Mrs. C, wid M. 
282 Kyan William, laborer 
284 Connolly John, saloon 

Here Jacques Cartier st. intersects, 

233 RiOier Jo:<epli, detective 

235 Siinard J., notary 
Simard KG., notary 
Perrault it., notary 

236 Menard .M., grocer 

237 Brilloii B^noiil, plasterer 

238 K< niiedy J. H. 

239 Dorlon Frederic, machlDist 

240 Loft us A.. PU. clerk 

241 Contant E.. printer 
Martin .lacob, joiner 

242 Niideau Mrs. Henriette 
Kadeau Mrs. Ddlima 

243 Gauthier Charles, grocer 

244 Desroclier Mrs. L<'da, wid A. 
Meussot Etienne, bookkeeper 

246 Pascal I'ierrn, laborer 
248 McLean Michael, laborer 
2j0 Lanointe Edouard. clerk 
Chapleau Louis, laborer 

252 Dini Alb., statuary 

Hete Campeau st. intersects. 

253 Sceurs de la MIsiricorde, mother 

Ste TlK^rise of Jesus, supe- 
260 Dempm>y Miss Mary 
262 Smith E., of Hood & Sons 
264 Grant ChuH.. bookkeeper 
(irant James E., traveller 
266 Burgess J., Govt, steamboat 

270 Lespiraiice J , editor Canadian 
Illustrates News 

Here St. Hubert st. intersects. • 

293 Fiibre Mrs. Luce, wid E. K. 
Surveyer L. J. A., hardware 
291 LaKocque Armand 

Ouiniet Licat.-Col. J. AM^rie, 
M.P.. of Ouimet, Ouimet ft 

295 Gravel J. A., of Fabre &, Gravel 
Gravel K. 11., clerk 

296 Hardy Napoldon, guardian Le 

Club Canadien 
Le Club Canadien 

Here Herri st. intersects, 

310 Amos Mrs. L., wid Auguste 
816 Ciieirier C. S., Q.C , advocate 
318 Desmarteau N. B., jun., mercht 

Desmarteau N. B., sen. 
320 Monk F. D., advocate 

Here St. Denis st. intersects, 

3.32 Ouimet Adolplie, advocate 
333 Miintmar(|uet S., joiner 

(iullbnult Bruno, bookbinder 
335 Beaupr^ Mi."." Mercil, milliner 

Bergeron Joseph, prinh r, r 

Leuendre Mrs. Marie L., wid F. 
337 La«ac^ Ph>lli'pe, letter carrier 
S3J Filion Honord. clerk 

Delorme Jos., laborer, r ' 

Picard Xav., laborer, r 
339 S^ii<tcal Andrd, bookkeeper 

Charpentier J, 

Lonuprd Kdmnnd, painter, r 

Laurent SiSraphin, trader, r 
34'> Prfivost Louis Arthur, clerk 

311 Labelle J. U., oigauist 







843 Mathyl.J. 1»p.. flnlshcr 

844 Du(ia!<p(t A. Alf.. 1' • J. clerk 
DpOa."!!^ P. A., clork 

845] l.«fr<'i. it-re Jii.-ioph.jiiiiipr, r 
MoldrciK Mrx. Janet, wid John, r 
84fj|Mnicier MhVm-, liiborpr, r 
846 Vaaii Allrcd, advucuto 

Jlere LagaiichetUre lane ends. 

347 Itpaiival8 Kimonrl 

849 St Gprnialii Kr-i. X , bookkeeper 

86') Dt'KiletK I harles, druKK'^'t 

851 Hortraiid S. A. D , com traveller 

862 Cormier .luoopli, tailor 
852iUuoust MrM. IJeliiltiiie, wid T. 
a>3 Marieii Alfred, clerk 

354 Juni>d K., wiitchiiiuker 

866 Couway Mrs. A., wid T., grocery 

Here Sanguiuet st. intersect). 

863 TIbon Benj , Joiner 

866 Koiiriiier I.uuih, clerk 

867 Donnelly Thomas 
869 Price Martin 

370 Fo8ter Mrs. Alice,wld .lames 

371 t'lialifoux Alfred, tailor 

372 ISgdiird i ouiti, notary 
874 M rpliy Muurieo 

876 Van Kucren rev. F. L., French 

Kvanneliual missionary 

Uere St. Eliuibeth st. intersects. 

877 Majeau .Joseph, jun., grocer 
Slii Krien MrH :Suzanne, wid Jus. 
379 Nonnauiieaii I'. K., notary 

381 Thomas liunrl, butcher 
i^tlamme Mrs. M., wid F. X., 


382 Oiler Mrs. T., wid TtMesphore 
(jiaiarneaii Uus. O . cleric 
Course John, clerk 

Ilt^iu A., clerk 

Oiler Aristide, agent 
883 Warren Mi.>. M , wid John 

Warren Moses, slioemaker 

Warren J., bookkeeiie- 

Warren N., clerk G.T.R. 
386 UuriiH \\m., laborer 
887 MacMahon A., stevedore 
889 Chester Wm. K., proprietor 
Chester's cure 

Here German st. intersects, 

396 Fortln S , schoolteacher 

V6zina Pierre, clerk 

Martineiiu Pierre, law student 

Leduc Joseph, law student 

Bouchard Uouis. joiner 
3.^ itickerstair David, carter 
400 Tremblny .Mrs. Kmma, wid L. 

Itrunet F. X., clerk 

Harris Albert, trader 
400il.abelle .loseph, moulder 
403 Vuillancourt Joseph, butcher 
406 Lamoureux l^aniel, shoemaker 

Uouchard lieruHrd, steveilore 

406 Labelle .Mrs. M., wid Joseph 
J.abolle Joseph, laborer 

407 L'casse M. h. J., bonkkeeper 
Pigeon Jo.-epli, foreman 

408 I'insonneault /erilda. grocer 

409 Mallette Theodore il., grocer 

Here St. Constant st. intersects. 

410 Moncel Auguste C, laborer 

411 Tiifj-ien Loul-, shoemaker 

412 Cjenocclil Mrs. Catherine, wid D. 

413 Kurni'tt l<Mvvard. carter 
J..abelle Kliii, cubiiieimaker 

414 Uladu Louis, shoemaker, r 

Ito .cliard terdiuand, painter, r 
Calcauo Napol6on, r 

416 Normandin T.nuis, bookl>lnder 
iiauthler Albert, tiiisiriith 

416 Tii^ih'n Franci.s, shoemaker 
Fieui'd FrancN J., laborer, r 
C'harbiinnenu Jo.<epli, joiner, r 

417 Diifresne Mrs. I.urie, wid L. 
41!) Mcliurney .lames, driver 

4'iu Keaucliaiim 5Irs. M., wid F. X. 

421 liulresne I/on, fancv guuds 

422 Vernoite K.. news ageut 
Matte -Miss E. 

Matte Klie, laborer 

423 Lailonge I'ierre, laborer 
i'ii Sawyer .Miss Marianne 

Pepin Joseph, Ciirter, r 

426 Tisnn J. Hie., architect 
S6ii6cal Xapol^oii, clerk, r 
Berlhiaiime Mrs. U., wid J., r 
Miiuger Miss Ku|>hrosiuo, seam- 
stress, r 

427 Itobldoux3IlssM6l , seamstress 

429 (jr4>eii John, storemaii 
Par6 Frs., joiner, r 
Par^ Frs. X., joiner, r 

430 I'arlzeau D.. lumber merchant 

431 Scott Mi<» Barbara 

432 Vakares Mrs. ,M., wid D. 
434 Bariiin Jean, shoemaker 

438 Toner .Tames 

439 Martin Michel, saloon 

440 Menard Win., grocer 

Here .St. Dominique St. intersects. 

441 Labclle Kohert L., jtrocer 

443 Soucis-se Mj-s. A.. w;d Alexandre 

Belangi r Joseph, laborer 
44.") Ouioiet Kiisehe, brig hse 
140 lirotz F. X., coppersmith 
417 Morenii Mrs. Aiiastash-, wid A. 

Ura-id 'r^li'.ophnre, chemist 
419 Mulligan Andrew, groc. r 

400 Desclie rs I'., bookkeeixtr 
l.)eschenes Joseph. i)riiiter 
Deschiiies P. M.. com traveller 

452 l>tib* Victor, bdg hse 
Desjardins T., clerk 
Marcll Uenjaniin. clerk 
Boismenii Toussaint, clerk 
Maziiret S., tiiilor 
l>uh6 Ulrlc, dental student 
Gagnon — , merchant 
Dtivid ('.. barber 

453 Higaoiiette & Kreres, grocers 

454 Carroll Mr<. .lane, wid James 
Carroll James, dry goods 

Here St. Lawrence st. intersects. 

455 Mansfield John, clerk 

459 McDonald Mrs. K.. wid John 

401 MacPhersou G. !>., clerk 
465 llengerty John, grocer 

467 Water Works press house, C. 

I.a<:ac6, manager 

468 Mulligan Andrew, grocer 

flere St. Charles liorromee st. inter- 

470 Richer J. Ble , grocer 

Blaiichlield Miss M.. seamstress 
Lepage L^anilre, notary 
470iBonin I't'Kfphore. clerk 
Wilson Alexander, cleik 
472 Walsh Willinm, clerk 
472', Henderson George, cutter 
474'Hii'hpr Antoine, clerk, r 
470 Part? Kdouard, bdg hse 
Lafortune — car|)eiit(>r 
Lamoureux Henri, shoemaker 

478 Doudlet A. (j.. carpenter 

479 Bishop William, beer bottler 
5(9JMcDon«ld Daniel, laborer 

480 Kayinoiid .lo^eph, c erk 

l{a> inond G. A., agt for Seminary 
liaymoud G. il., clerk 

481 Rvan Kdward. clerk 

482 Hriidy D.. general lontractor 
484 lioiiuher A. J., nuuic dealer 

Houober Frs.. teacher of violin 
Rousseau .losi pit 
4°6 Vickery <ieorg<*. machinist 
Keek Arthur, shopmnker 

487 Wiirgiiis ltolM>rt. shoetinishcr 

488 Wright Monno. saloon 

491 Lainarche Stanislas, locksndth 

Here St. Urbain st. intersects. 

493 Refuge dc la Passion de .lesus, 

.Miss .S. Vincent, directress 

494 Barsaloii Joseph, of Benning & 

496 Mitchell .Mrs. G. A., bdg hse 

.Martin deorgp, pollfeiiian 
49^ DtinningMrs .M. wid J.,l)dghse 

Schmidt A., tel instruments 
499 Roliprts Geo., builder and contr 
600 Kyle Jolin, caretaker British 
and Canadian school 

H re Cotte st. ends. 
509 Canada Bolt ani Latch Co., E. 

Jaeger, manager 
516 Montreal Card and Pappr Co., 
W. W. Kidout, manager; E. 
Jaeger, s^c-treB«nrer 
Montreal Carpet Heating Co., 

Geo. T. Warren, manager 
Montreal Manufacturing Co. 
617 Montreal Novelty Co., James 
Lee & Co. 
Lee .lames, & Co., publishers of 
the Mouseliold Journal 

519 KgL'inton Jos. A., ornamental 

glass cutter 

520 Christian IJnithers school 

,521 Westennan Wm., bookkeeper 
523 Carpenter Mrs. Mary, wid T. S. 
525 ' loor B., cliina deccvrator 
625](;ampbell W. A., cottee and spice 

529 (iilison Thos., printer 
531 Mercler .M. li., baililT 
533 Thompson .lolin, carter 

School of Poriutfiiese Hebrew 

Con^'regatiou, Aaron Jacuby, 

Jacoby Aaron, teacher 

/fere Cliennerille .it. intersects. 

538 Park Wm. D., wond dealer 

539 Notre Dame des A nges church, 

R C, rev. A. Giband, director 
Lupine .fos., sexton 
541 Mondoux S'm^oii, registrar 
Woodlock Mrs. E.. wid Frs. 
Duggan E. J., reporter 

flrve St. (ieorge st. intersects. 

545 Cunningham Edward, grocer 

546 Uttiii'.' .Mrs. Hannah, will Wm. 
549 .Myniitt Wiilti>r, machinist 

551 Jones .Mrs. Marguerite, wid K. 

552 Kent Mrs. E.. wid Robt. 
hriineauO .M. 1). 

5.")3 Ledoux Mrs. Cath.. wid A. 
554 Jones Frederick, hank messngr 
6fi5 Colliiin Mrs. Elizabeth, wid H. 
.5-")6 Sanfth'ben Bit., clerk 

557 McCoy Pat.,srhool teacher 

558 Johnson J., customs olhcer 
.559 McDonald Sirs. Ilridget, wid T. 
560 O'Loughliii .Tames, grocer 

501 Itrown David, laborer 
563 Delancy Dennis, carpenter 

Here Anderson st. intersects. 

506 Sherman Thomas, stevedore 

507 Kenu' dy JIlss .Mary, teacher 

508 Kirby Patrick, printer 
669 Millitr Mrs. C, wid James 



670 Nolan Wm. P 
llorrigan M 


671 Mclntvre Dm 

672 Elliott" Kdwar 
579 Sparrow Johi 

Here /lleuri/ 

683 Robinson Edv 
685 Stewart .Mrs. 
Gole tireiivilh 
587 Kellv .lolin, d 
b'iS O'Fl'alierfy 
Mailhot Jiihn, 
Bouohiird .Mrs 
McCarthv .Tn.. 
Christy I'lioni; 
Kelly IVm.. hi 
Finn Mrs. Elle 
Finn Tlmmas. 
Malone Philip 
Bowen Thos. , 
.Mollov John. „ 
639 B irnside Robe 
Wallace Alex., 
Duclmrs Wm.. 
590 BIssonnette Jii 
5"1 Kellond R . & 
602 Eraser James. 
594 Wallace JiiniPi 
6.'»5 Murev Jacob T 
m Lester Wm., st 

598 (iueniieville M 

599 Rowland .Mrs. 
6'i0 Hawkins Sirs. 
6i)2 Nellijaii Vntte 

Nell'gan D.. as; 
«02jCoIllns John.c 
6114 Harty Miss .Ma 
OlJMorg.Tii Eli wan 
&)o 3Iori;au Henry 

Here Hermin 

608 T..<>nnan Thoma 
610 .Mogan Mrs. Ait 

612 Benton .Mrs Is 

613 MacDonnellC. 
G14 Brouillet Louis, 

Itroui.let Miss I 

615 Finiiii James, tii 

616 Duiilop Alex , ] 

617 Singleton Geor/ 

Here St. A/exandi 

St Patrick's cl 
Patrick Dowc 

813 Dean Mrs. Jam 
Dean Robert A 
Dean II. J., com 

620 DeSeve A , i)ri! 
Meadows Mrs. 

622 Atkinson Chas. 

6a4 New York hou; 
Melvin D. A.,n 
Marsdeii G. A. 

Mailer Adolphi 
McMillen R. G. 
Capel J. F., cot 
Hayiies W. S., 
Hodu'son A. R. 
Hodgson (i., cii 
Gamble Win , I 
Hnrlburt C. W 
llibbard Wm. ( 
Kirk.l. W ,en> 
Alston J. E., cl 
Baker SI. C, ve 
Brown George 
Ellis W. II ,clt 
Nolan John 
Pendleton Wm 



I. ic dealer 
lier of violin 




\a, locksniith 


bIoii dp .Ipsuj, 
;. directress 
of ItPiming & 

)l iceman 
der and cfnitr 
taker British 


I.atoh Co., E. 
lid Pappr Co.. 

iniuiaj^er; K. 

Heati'ifr Co., 
, managpr 
cturing Co. 
J Co., Janips 

, publishers of 


... ornamental 

s scliool 

aiy, wid T. S. 

ofl've and spice 


iiese Hebrew 

aron .Jacol)y, 



nges cliurt'li, 
)and, director 


wid Kr». 


ird, procer 
all, wid \Vm. 


rite, wid K. 






JAMES A. BAZIN, TEETH FILLED, fto , 1357 ST CATHERINE BT oor HoOill CjUege kv 

wid A. 

ink mp.ssiigr 
til, wid 11. 

s otliuor 
idget, wid T. 

nier sects. 
W teacher 


670 Nolan Wm. P., prnvlsion dealer 
llorrigan Mrs. U., wid, sick 
fi'l Mclntyre Duncan, bookkeeper 
572 Klllott Kilward, jfrocpr 
679 Sparrow John U., city bill poster 

Here Uleurii si. intersects. 

683 Robinson Kdward C. painter 
685 Stewart ,AIrs. S. .S., sick nurse 

Gol<> (ireiiville. clerk 
687 Kellv John, driver 
5'J8 OKlalierty I'ntrick. cutter 
Mailliot .liilin, laborer, r 
Honchnrd Mrs. Jose . wid Ant.,r 
McCartliv J(din. labrter, r 
Christy I'lionias. pUinibjr, r 
Kelly iVm.. baker, r 
Finn Mrs. Kllen, wid 3lichael. r 
Finn Tlnmins, painter, r 
Malone I'hilip, policeman, r 
Howen Tlios., palnt-r. r 
Molloy .Tolin, coachman, r 
5S9 Burnsldp Kobert, laborer 
Waiiacp Alex., planpmakur 
Duclmrs Wm., hturenian 
590 Itissonnette Jiillen, clerk 
6"1 Kellond K , & Co., carpenters 
692 Fiaser James, storcman 
594 Wallace .liimes, bookkeeper 
69,") Miirey •Incob T., livery stables 
W Lester Wm., storemaii 

698 (iueniieville Mrs. O., wid Alp. 

699 Howland .Mrs. Mary, wid P. 
&K) Hawkins Sirs. .Mary, wid Frs. 
&)2 NelliL'aii I'ntrick, P. O. dept 

Nell'gaii I)., asst P. O. inspector 
<!02iColltns John, clerk 
6111 Harty .Miss Mary 
GfH)Morpaii Kdwiird, (frocer 
605 Morgan Henry, butcher 

Here /fermine at. ends. 

608 T^miian Thomas, grocer 

610 .Mogan Mrs. Annie, dressmaker 

612 Kenton .Mrs Isibella, wid J. 

613 MacDoiinell C. A., marble works 

614 ISrouillet I.ouis. tirchitect 
Itrouilet Miss M., dressmaker 

615 Fliiiin James, tailor 

616 Uuidup Alex , printer 

617 tjiiigluton Ueorgo U., bartender 

Here St. Alexander st. intersects. ' 

St Patrick's church. U C , rev 
Patrick Uowd, parish priest 

613 Dean Mrs, Jane, wid Robert 
Dean l.'obert A., clerk U.T.U. 
Dean 11. J.,coniirerciul traveller 

620 DeSeve A , professor of violin 
Meadows Mrs. l!:iiza, wid It. 

622 Atkinsiiii Chas,, photo<!rapher 

624 New York house, D. A. Melvin, 
Melvin U. A.,mngr N. 
Marsdeii U. A., of Marsdeu & 

Sluller Adolpho, artist 
Mc.Millen K. U., agent 
(,'apel J. v., com truvollor 
llaynes W. S., messenger 
llodiison A. U., com agent 
Hod^rson (i., com agent 
(jamhle Wm , bookkeeiier 
llurlbnrt V. W.,tel operator 
llibburd Wm. C , clerk 
Kirk .1. W .engraver 
Alstcm J. E., clerk 
Waker JI. C, veterinary surgeon 
Krown Uenrge 11., druggist 
Ellis W. II , clerk 
Nolan John 
Peudleton Wm, II,, foreman 

624 Phelps ti P., fish A oystpr denir 1 
Smith M. W , tish k. ovster doair 
Ronayiie M. J., forpmnn 
Stewart Kobert. bookkeeper 
Tracy A A , c'erk 
Young .T K., clerk 
Wood W. P., bookkeeper 

628 Qiiinn Edward, messenger 
tjulnii John, Ht'reman 

6.30 Mauri e Mrs Mar , wid Jameg 

H'{2 Kamsay Alinoii H., bdg hse 

u33 St Hriiinet's llome»nd Hou.scof 
Hefiige, sister \llchiiiid.siipi88 

64.3 Samuel W., hatter and furrier 

645 Dugdale John J.. M.D. 

640 L .vejoy G. W.. M D . L D.S. 
Church of the Mo-siali, Unitarian, 

rev. J(din (,'oidner. minister 
Sleeper Jumes P., sexton 

Here Sf. liadei/nndf «<. en'ts, and 
beneer Hall iiill begins. 

St Bartholomew's Reformed 
Epi-copal church, rev. B. B. 
Ussher, D D.. rector 
Mitchell .lopeph, sexton 
St Andrew's church, cli of .Seot- 
liind, rev. G. Lang, niinister 
('lement Jaiees, pextim 
648 Jidinsim J., prop Wave rly house 
Downs J. ,7,. buffer 
Edel I .oiiis, burnisher 
Perie Alex., ageiit 
Feeley Marshall .1.. foreman 
650 Fnhrer Mis. C , doctress 
Fulirer F. A., customs clerk 
Maclagiin Dr. P. K , organist 
fi52 Date .loliii. plumber 
654 .McKenzie M., .shiii chandler 

Hamilton A., of McKen2ie& Co. 
656 Riidolfcaptaix A. M. 
Rudolf A. T, clerk 
Rudolf A. W., bookkepppr 
658 Donnelly Jas., of Jas. Donnelly 
& Son 
Donnelly John T., of James 
Donnelly & Son 
660 Shannon Mrs. E., wid N. 
662 Roy James, merchant 
664 Hell Tlmmas, of J & T Bell 
666 McLaren Wm. D. baking pow- 
der manufactuier 
McLaren John U , manufacturer 
McLaren G. A , drug clerk 
6C8 (iross F., of Gross, Clare & Co. 
670 Bell Samuel, of J. & T Hell 
672 Hntchettp John, com merchant 

Campion Mrs. E., wid Frs. 
674 Fitzpatrick .Mrs. Kate.wld John 
676 Stevenson .Jas.. agent 
678 Campbell D.. shipping clerk 

Camjibell Ercd., clerk 
680 Murphy J., of J. Murphv & Co. 
682 McIndoeMrs. E., wid Robert 

Mclndoo F. C. A., clerk 
684 Smith \,. F., bookkeeper 
656 Marshall T. R., of J. Rattray & 
Marshall J . , travelling agent 
Rattray David 
6S8 Buchanan J'hs., provision in.spct 

Here St. Geneviii'e st. intersects. 

700 Stuart Charles, accountant City 

and District Savings bank 
702 Farrell Win., wine monbant 
712 Wilson Andrew, jun., clerk 
Matthews Fred., merchant 
714 hyniiin Mrs. B., of Lyman, Sons 
& Co. 
Wilson Mrs., wid Andrew, sen. 

Here SI. Monique st. intersects. 

724 Ross Mrs. Ellen, wid Alexander 

Bishop U. U., com traveller 

7!tl Clendlnnpnsr Wlllinm. founder 

'.•K Tolmie Murdo. carpenter 

7;» McGarvev Owen, ol ()• McGar- 

vev & Son 
742 St Antoine ai-adem'-. Consr**- 

patton of Notre Dime, rev. 

si'tpr St Agnes of Jesus, sa- 

7(6 Hicks M.. of M H'eks & Co. 
748 Sexton Mrs Mnrir.. will Thos. 
Sexton Danl-l, plumber 

Here Mansfield nt. h,gins. 

760 Smith Mrs. O , wlil A. M. 
Campbell Wm., steiio/rapber 
Cnmminp Wm.. com traveller 
I.lndsav ,Ta«.. clerk 

7M G'-nn Mr*. Kate, wid Wm. 
7fi4 O'tJmdy Mrs. Airne-. wid .Tas. 
6fi6 O'Brien J. J , lea'her merchant 
160 McXI'ce .Tas., of Douglass k 

Here St. Afarrrnref sf. evds. 

761 BI»hop'« palam, R. fnthollc 
Fabre Mffr. E. C, bishop of 


Pinaonneanlt M-T. A., bishop 
of Birtha 

Moreaii very rev. canon Hypo- 
lite, V, G. 

Hfoks Terv rev. eaion E. H., St 
Henri of Montreiil 

LeWaiic verv rev. canon P. 

Mongenn very rev cnnnn .1. L. 

I'lnmondoM very rev. canon 
T., prlmicier 


109 Dubord to 34S Laganche- 

tiere, St Louis ward 

1 Diib« F. X.. h'=ek1nvpr 
,S Letournenii Prudent joiner 
5 Maiiton Edw'ird I inor 
7 Metiilnpv Mr' ^■•id 
9 Pinter Gporp", I 'lo'er 
n Trndean M<'i''e. b-rt>er 

13 Dver Jimes. storeinnn 

14 Bissonnet Frs. X. nla-terer 
It F.iran .Tnhn, roHcemaii 
16 Messet Robert, eng neer 

LARIN AVENIIE, from 477 Sei- 
gneurs west to 195 Chatham; 
St Antoine ward 

2 Larin Pierre, carriontpr 
6 Doulpbey IT., poMcemnn 
6 Hamilton Wm., carpenter 

LARIVIERE. from 382 Panet to 
383 Visitation, St Mnry ward 

1 Larivltirp .lean Rnjitiste, grocer 
I.ienea Pierre, Inlinrer 
Vizeau Charles, laborer 

Here St. Pierre Innn hef/inn. 
l,'Orang.> Mrs. M*'> ina, wid 

LATOUR, from 50 S*^ Radegonde 
west to 20 St Monique, St An- 
toine ward 

8 Mattlnson , Tames, of Mattlnson, 

Vouns & Co. 

9 McFarlRiie David W., sexton 

Zion church 
10 Veit F., professor of music 
12 Ctilhane Mi-s. M., wid Thomas 
Culhane Thomas, elerk 
Brigars James, macliinist 
O'Neil John, priutcr 







18 Victoria hotpl, Q. Britain, prop 
14 Parker William 

16 Alpxnndpr Mrs. Mary, wid Jas. 
WiPark John A., carpenter, r 

CaHxey Stevens, laborer, r 

17 Munfo Mrs. Janet, wid Daniel 

18 Wait Jan., jun., contractor 
Wait Geo., sen., contractor 

19 Simpson .Tames, trader 

20 Rodffers Mrs. C'ath , wid John 
Woodley Charles E., foreman 

21 Jacol)K Henry, of (I. Jacobs A Co. 

22 Hibbiiis.Tolin.carnenter, r 

23 Benallack Henry J. 

24 McUii aid J. K., bellhanger 

25 Wei's Diivld G., bookkeeper 

26 Balllie H, plumber 

St George John, laborer 

27 McCariiiy Mrs. Phoebe, wid J., 

bd.' hj-e 

28 Hainnx Frederick, storeman 

29 BoiiRlas Wm., boots and shoes 
Si Nifclitiiieuie Hei.ry, carpenter 

and (■liner 

Nightiiigale Mrs. Wiillam 
Sl^Smith j-rnips, storeman 
32 Sweeney Mrs. J., wid James 
83 Forte Louis, carter 
34 Ousao.k .1 lin. carriagemakor 

Farqiihar Mrs. Anna, wid Peter 

85 Sareent Albert, clerk 

86 Hud^son John, hiirnessmaker 

37 Common John, brasniinisher 
Comm. n W. J , bookkeeper 

38 Sullivan William, clerk 

Here Busby $t. ends. 

40 Buliner John, contractor 

41 McLean Mrs. G., wid John 
McLeiin David, paper ruler 

42 Stacey Kdvvard, general agent 
48 CusBck P. K., carria^emaker 
43iKind1nt' Alexander, packer 

Doyle Jolin, grocer 
44 Berireron J. U., clerk 
46 McShtiiie James 

46 White MI^N E., dressmaker 

47 LauKliiRu Jolm 

48 Burns P., bartender 

49 Norman Henry, grocer 

60 Wliito K. (;., cutter 

61 O'Brien Kdward, bookkeeper 

62 Boyd Hubert, clerk 

53 Spenrpoiiit Mrs. S. E.,wid W. E. 
65 KrouKC August, tailor 

67 French Mrs W., dressmaker 
French William 

68 Gagnon Mr.s .Tosephlne, wid H. 
Reed oeorge W., slater 

69 Bell John 

Here St. Geneviive at. intersects. 

40 Ijceson Miss, dressmaker 

62 Hunley T. 1*. 

63 Steins, u Henry, of U. Steinson 

& Co. 

64 Uamilton Saml. D., of Hamilton 

06 Stuart Edw., hatter and ftirrif r 
68 McMitrtin Bobt , com tiaveller 
72 Gurrau .1., pruvisiun merchant 

LAVAL AVENUE, formerly Up- 
per St Elizibeth, Irom 441 
Slierbrooke, St Louis ward 

Here Courville st begins. 

74 Barll Antoine. Joiner 
130 Gi>ii6 II., guruenur 
139 Stnurt John 
141 I'crrault (ieorgo, Joiner 
Cameron Archibald 

Here Itoy st, interseoti. 

149 VonngJohtiG. 

151 Blakenev .Tohn, com merchant 

153 Webster W. G., boots and shoes 

157 Payct'e Adolphe, builder 

159 Reed Wm., com merchant 

161 .Sene* C. A., com traveller 

lfi3 Jenkl'iiT Henry 

165 Pow James, cferk G.T.R. 

167 Mitchell Peter, of Alitchell & 

• Wilson 
175 Trudel Henri, Joiner 
177 Leolaire E , milkman 
179 Etipnne Arthur (>.. foreman 

183 McDonald W. W., clerk 

184 Fisher Edmund C, clerk 

185 Bouchard .Joseph, clerk 

1S9 Renaud Ad"lphe, shoemaker 
197 Brissou Emory, silverplater 

Roussin C., tinsmith 
199 Poitevin George. Joiner 
201 Etienne.Toseph. Jun.. shoemaker 

Ktlenne Miss S. O.. dressmaker 
203 Valiquetto Alp., contractor 

Brunette Placide, contractor 
215 English David, printer 

.*»ommerville Henry, printer 
217 Egins Joseph, accountant 
227 Pollock ,Ter., com traveller 
229 Cunningham J. J., clerk G.T.R. 
231 Cbalut Joseph O., inspector 

LEDUC LANE, off 243] St 
Dominiqne, St Louis ward 

1 Garlfpy Mrs., wid Olivier 

2 Bastien Edouard. carter 

4 Lacombe Louis, bookbindex 

5 M'>r),'aii E., of E Moriran & Co. 

7 Montrait A., cifrnrmaker 

8 Fell John, painter 

9 Kiiigsvllle John, butcher 

I'l Martin Mrs. »S., wid E.,spHmstre88 

11 D^patle Zotique, plasti rer 

12 IK'patie Hazil, p'as'erer 

13 Proulx Mrs , wid Joeph 
Larivlire Baptiste, laborer 

14 Morcure Mrs., wit! Ji.^eph 
Pelletler Kug6no. baker 

16 Beaiidry .Mrs. M., wid Joseph 
Ritchie Alfred, bru,4|imnUor 

16 Fagnat Etlenne, butcher 
Viau L^andre, stonecutter 

17 Planter., jol'er 

18 Courteau J., Joiner 

19 Lamutte Arthur, painter 
iO Fournier Nap., butcher 

21 Moore Mrs. Mapp^ie, wid D. 
Latiello Phil . lat'orer, r 
Landry Pierre, shoemaker, r 
Chovittny Jo8., shoemaker, r 

LEMOINE, from 100 St Peter 
west to 147 McOill, Westward 

6 Tees, Cosfipan^ Wilson, grocers 
Dominion Leather Board Co., J. 

A. BazJn, president and man- 
aitiiig director 

Gifliird W. B , sec-treas Dom- 
inion Leather Board Co. 

Ecroyd Ths., leather manuf 

6 Coulson K. It., leather 

7 O'Brien J. J., leather and hides 

8 Moonuy J. H., & tSon, munul'ac- 

turersof kid leather 

9 Weaver G. W.Jun., wool dealer 
(ioufipon & Co., leather, &c 

10 Perry & (;as,><els, boots and shoes 
12 Fisk H. J., leather and tiiidlogs 

Balston P., & Sons, tanners 

Samuel Tlis., importer 
14 Dongall John, & Co., leather 
16 IteveridReli. R.,& Co., dry goods 

Here St. Helen st. commences. 

16 Seath Alex., leather merchant 

18 Sutherland, Lindsay & Co., 

dry fronds 

20 Whitley Bros., leather Ac flndngs 
Stevenso J. A., leather 

24 lleuser Edward, hardware 

Boker Henry, hardware 
26 Hatchette.lohn,<.il- Co, grocers 
28 Binks C H., & <'o., importers 

80 Stafford W., & Co.. boots, &c. 
86 Han is S., hats and caps 

Whelan J. D., & Co., litho- 
Lanctot J. B. A., scarfs, Ac. 
38 I^e F. W., &, Bros., grocers 
Proctor C. D., bops, malt, &C. 

LEON Xni, from 166} St Denis 
west, St James ward. 

1 Blais Prndent. laborer 

3 (irimsdale Wm., envelope cutter 
5 r.ennon Charles, engl eer 

7 B^langer Charles, clerk 

9 Dackus Mrs. > artha, wid John 

Dackiis Alexander 
13 Bednrd Elz^ar, joiner 

19 Clarke M's. Ellen, wid George 

21 Masi-6 Mrs. A., wid Joseph A. 

LEROUX, east from 361 Seig- 
neurs and south from 172 Bail- 
way track, St Antoine ward 

23 Millier J., cai-penter 

38 Ht'lnnger Xavier. laborer 

40 McNeil Octave, moulder 

11 I)n\ Mis. M.. n Id .)., laundress 

43 Uaz^ >iup., boilerninker 

44 (iulvin Mrs. A., wid John 
OU)!iioii Pierre, laborer 
I.,iirin St^vere, labnri r 

46 Holland Xavier, tinsmith 
61 ( (■r6 Godtroi, shoemaker 
Letournuau J., lahorir 
Rochun Uei janiiu, plasterer 
55 Lt'tourneau Honor*, ji Iiut 
57 .Sarazlr Andrt^, bliicksmith 

Maruuda Jos., laborer 
59 Larociiiie JUrs. J , wid N. 
65 Itruni't Peire. laborer 
6T Ni'stor Francis, shoemaker 
73 (ioyer Mr*. E., wid Jus. 
75 Giroward Joseph, shoemaker 
77 Anger George, laborer 
79 Maniville.Ioseph, laborer 

81 Il61anger Fraiifois, laborer 
83 Giiguon Pierre, laborer 

L£ ROVER, from 15 St Dicier to 
39 St Sulpioe, Nuns' Buildings, 
Centre ward 

2 Fortler J. M, cigar mannt'r 

4 Canadian Rubber Co. I'f Mont- 

real, F. .Scholes, manager 

7 Giberton A., & Co., importers 

8 Cassldy J. L , & Co. , wholotale 

cliiiut, iilass, &o. 

11 Raukhi, Seattle & Co., wholesale 

thiead, &o. 

12 McKedleJ.W.ft Co., wholesale 


13 Ewlng&Co.p wholesale mouldgs 
It Buntin .VIcx., & Co., wholesale 

|iaper and stationery 
IE Di'Laet A., & Co., wholesale 
Importers and exporters 

16 Hoduson, Sumiier& Co., whole- 

sale fancy goods 

17 Simpson. Hall, Miller k Co., 

wholesale plated goods 

19 Lanuirclio,l'r(ivost& Co,, whole- 

sa'o fancy dry goods iniportert 

20 Keir>, WalJiuu & Co., drugs 



ttuy to St Mat 

4 Gordon W. 


5 Keller Frank 

C Connor D. st( 

7 Tucker John, 

'lucker & .\U 

8 Carmii'hael R( 

9 Radford Fran 

10 Henderson N. 

12 Fleming: D. A. 

13 Craiij Alex. M, 

14 Davison Dune 

15 Currio Jas., sci 
Liddell John 

16 Watt W illiam 
Shattuck U. 

r Hart Geo ,of] 

18 Robertson D., 

son & Co. 

19 Morris W. J., 

20 Duncan J. W 

Duncan & C( 

25 Weaver (i. W. 

26 Gilman F. E. 


son, St Lawren 

11 Kettles George 

12 Grace Lawrenc 

13 Aulty Thos.. la 
15 Dc'luuey MissB 

from 152 Seig] 
Island, in rear 
St Ann ward 

2 Ldpine Pierre, 1 

Lagarde I'iurre 

Deragon 8 , bat 

Trudel Allred. i 

4 lluude Mazaire, 

32 Mouiu'y I im 'tli 

34 Uinphy Paul, Ii 

Uogan John, n 

36 Brennan 'Ihonn 

SS Davis Mrs. Am 

4U Mailloux Clias., 

44 Kyun Mrs. B., i 

Ityau James, ca 

48 Latulippe Frai 

W Lupine Fredfcru 

62 Kondeau Churl 

Tucker John, h 

St Bonaventure 
Craig, St Antoin 

2 I.,6ve.''que Jo.sep 
4 Lussier l.,ouis, s 
7 Grant Alex., Ik 
9 (irunt ilolin, In 
lU Hinds Edwaid, 

12 WaL^h John, cu 

13 Nurri'i James, I 

14 Iniloch Alexan( 

15 Burns John, lal 

16 Carr .Mrs. 

ir Owens George, 

18 Smith Henry, ii 

19 Treinlilav Alfri 

20 I'lfe Thii'mus, si 

21 Sibley Geo., sal 

22 Kublnson Mrs. 
24 itubertsuu lliui 



.thpr merchant 
ndsay & Co., 

, leaUier 
, liardware 
& Co , jjrocerg 
"o., importers 
>,. bocifs, 8cc. 
ind capa 
& Co., Htbo* 

., Bcnrf*", Ac. 
ro8., grocers 
lOps, malt, &c. 

166} St Senii 



, envelope cutter 

, enei eer 

s, clerk 

rtlia, wid John 



n, wid George 

wid Joi^eph A. 

om 361 Seig- 
rom 172 Bail- 
atoine ward 


. Ill borer 
id .)., laundress 
irld John 
11, pla.xtcrer 
irt.y liitT 


Wid N. 

id Jii8. 


S St Dizier to 
is' Buildings, 

ar maniit'r 
I'o. (if Mont* 
,, iiiijiDi'teni 
;o. , wholoi-ale 

Co., wIioIcbbIo 

Co., whoK'xnle 

esale mouldgs 

)«.. >vhulei<ale 


o., wliolei>ali! 


& Co,, whole- 

mirr k, Co,, 


& ( 'o,, whole- 
ndH importer! 
Co., drugs 







ttay to St Matthew, St Antoine 

4 Gordon W. V., of Crawford & 


5 Keller Frank J., of Keller & 

C Connor D stowell 

7 Tucker John, of McGauvran, 

'lucker& McDonnell 

8 Carmii'linel Kob>rt, bookkeeper 

9 Radford Frank W., bonkkeeper 

10 Hendersiin N., lumber merchant 

12 Fleming D. A., com traveller 

13 Craig Alex. M.. painter 
U Uavi.ion Duncan, clerk 

15 Currio •lao., 8cn., carpenter 
Liddell John H , com traveller 

16 Watt William 
Shattuck U.. clerk 

17 Hart Geo ,ofB B.N. A. 

18 Robertson D., of David Robert- 

son & Co. 

19 Morris VV. J., mininc agent 

20 Duncan J. VV., of James W. 

Duncan & Co. 

25 Weaver <f. W., sen. 

26 Oilman F. E., of Gilman & 


LITTLE DUBLIN, off 28 Ander- 
son, St Lawrence ward 

11 Kettles George, laborer 

12 (jrace Lawrence, laborer 

13 Aiilty llios.. laliorer 

15 Duluney Mies llridt;et, laundress 

from 162 Seigneurs west to 
Island, in rear of St Patrick, 
8t Ann ward 

2 Lupine I'lerrc, brakeman 

Lugunle ritrrc, nailer 

Deragon 8 , baggageman 

Trudel Allreil. nailer 
4 Uuude Kiizaire, laborer 
32 Mooney I im 'thy. carter 
U Uiiiphy I'aul, laborer 

Uoguii John, moulder, r 
36 Itronnan 'Ihoniax, laborer 
83 Davis Mrs, Ann, wid John 

Mailloux Clias.. lab rer 

Kyan Mr.s. U., wid Kranois 

liyan James, carpenter 

Latulippe Frai v'ois, laborer 
Lupine Vrnlfenc, labou-r, r 
Kondeau Churles, laborer, r 
Tucker Jolin, laburer, r 

St Bonaventure north to 796 
Craig, St Antoine ward 

2 Livesque Joseph, bookkeeper 
4 Liisaier Louis, sawli (>r 
7 (jraiit Alex., Iiorseshoer 
9 (irant ,)oliii, hor-eshoer 
lU Hinds Kdvvaid, laborer 

12 Walsli (lolin, uuriienler 

13 Nurri'i James, litbnrer 

14 Iinlocli Alexander. (Airpcnter 

15 Burns John, laborer 

16 Carr Mrs, 

i; Owens deorge, baker 
IS 8niilh Henry, primer 

19 Tienililav Alfred, tinsmith 

20 File Thomas, shoemaker 

21 Sibley Geo., saloonkeeper 

22 Kobinson Mrs. Mary, wid D. 
24 Uubertsou Thomas, carter 

LIVEBFOOL, from Wellington, 
beyond the Crossing to Dublin. 
Being outside City Umits nam s 
will be found in Alphabetical 
order in Village of St Gabriel 

LOCK LANE, off 239 Bichmond, 
Ht Ann ward 

62 Lcblanc George, nailmaker 

llollidav John, cooper 
53 Cashin Patrick, packer 

L'-mienx Louis, patternmaker 
65 Dohertv John, laborer 
5fi Mercier Joseph, carter 
59 *ackson Henry, cabinetmaker 

Nadeau Elz^-ar, shoemaker 
61 Walpole Arthur, weigher 
113 Krown hobert, blacksmith 
116 Cowie John, laborer 

McGuire Joseph, policeman 

LOOAN, formerly Smallwood, 
from 136 Iberville w>Bt to 
227 Visitation, St Mary ward 

2 Allaire Norbert, saloon 

3 L»sp*!rani'<'Tou»saint, laborer 

4 Martin Miss M., dressmaker 

8 l.a> oin Mpdard, laborer 
J<(>dard Jos., laborer 
Supreniint M6dard, laborer 
Lefranfois Igi.ace 

9 Forgue Lauri'nt, laborer 
Dutoit Joseph, laborer 

10 Endr- w Godufroi, laborer Aniuiiie, laborer 
Favreau Louis, liiboier 

11 'J'aillon Chiirles, laborer 
Gautliier Miss K , dressmaker 

12 Uoyle I'eter, laborer 
Laddv William, laborer 

13 Nanti'l Anthinie. butcher 
lliggins John, laborer 
Tliouin Na/.airc, laborer 
Sie Marie, laborer 

14 Kellv 1 liilip. laborer 

15 Dclaney Kdward, waiter 
I'iclic Dainlon, painter 
Rcnaud ( alixte, laborer 
Ueimud J. Ute,, laborer 

16 frisson E, conductor 
Lain tot Clias., machinist 

17 Favreau L6ou, laborer 

18 l>unovan i'at., laborer 

19 Lesperaucu A., bU'Cher 

Here Poupart lane intersects. 

28 Kelly S. J., Joiner 

24 rouiiurt Hubert, laborer 

27 Adam N'Tcisse, lab. rer 
Lanctot Delphice, laborer 
Lauzon Aniable, laborer 

28 (ill ard Alfred, plumber 

29 llupc^ Alfred, grocer 

^t iillaire Victor, laborer 
Labelle .loseph, laburer 
80 Miiudonald I atrick 

Latri niouillu Kus'iacho, laborer 
31 Gautliier J., carpenter 
3'J l.apiirre Ainable, carter 

33 Glgiii'iv LiW)ii, luiborer 
Duforii Zotique, laborer 

34 tjnintul (lUillanme, laborer 
( haput AHchel, laborer 
Itai ri'lle Joseph, laborer 
I'rovoKt Joseph, laborer 

36 ( hapiit Stanislas, grocer 

30 Mntiiieii.l. Ittu, laborer 
Chrihtie William, laborer 
Goulet Islilore, carpenter 
I'ayi'tte Louis, laborer 

87 AuderviUu Eug{>no, conductor 

B^langer Simislas 
88 Dejardins E., laborer 
Renaud Noil, laborer 
Pnyette Louis, laborer 

39 Th^rien Fraecois X., grocer 

40 Bergeron 8. E., vet surgeon 
42 Valuis On^sime, laborer 

Here Dvfresne at. intersects, 
66 GritteAuguste, laborer 
56 Kavette I'lacide, policeman 

Trudeau Moise, carriagemaker 
58 Asselin Francois, laborer 

Lachapelle Michel, laborer 

Here load intersects. 
243 McNeil I'ascal, carter 
245 Kisson Ir^n^e, carpenter 

247 Martel Joseph, labi rer 

248 Martel Mrs. Christine, wid B. 

249 Beaulii'U Cyrille, laborer 
252 Perras Pliiiippe, collector 

I'erras Franjois X., barrister 
Lefebvre Miss A., bdg hse 

258 Archambault Aug.. grocer 
Cardinal Athanase, baker 
Lamarche Louis, foreman 
Longpi6 J., laborer 
Gauthier J., laborer 

Here Champlain at. intersects. 

255 Malboeuf C. A. L.. grocer 

259 Brunei Kdouard. baker 
Nuttle John, driver 
Hiirglns J., laborer 
Duford Louis, carter 

259JPerreaull Olivier, joiner 
261 Jeatinotte .los. 

Dubois EusJibe, carter 
263 CoalUer Antoine, tailor 

Murtineau L6on, laborer 

266 .Martel Kdmond, laborer 

267 Charest C, laborer 
269 Caisse Joseph, lat'Orer 

271 Galnrnean Nnrcisse, bricklayer 

273 Boisvert Pierre, tanner 

V75 Vpnne Alexis, grocer 

277 Bourbonnais Joseph, laborer 

279 Berthiauni" Cyrllle, tobacconist 

2S1 (iaulhier Jacques, laborer 

285 Jeannotte rreffli*, gr. oir 

286 Gagnon Joseph, M.D. 

Here Maitonneuve at. intersects, 

291 Martineau Charles, laborer 

292 l.amy T6 esphore, grocer 

293 Lebeau Simeon, carpenter 

294 l.aporte M., policeman 

295 Desjardins Miss C, dry goods 

298 Mirault Ludger, carter 

299 Maillet Motse, laiior 

300 Gratton Vital, laborer 
Lapierre J., laborer 

802 Lacombe Hubert, baker 
303 !,angevlii V , trader 
■'j04 McMaiui I'at,, pipeinaker 
806 !Sicard Pliil(:-as, tailor 

Liiporte LtSonurd. laborer 
8'>8 Ulsen Rudolf, carter 

309 l>6paiie Z,, t< bacconist 
Iteauchamp J., laborer 

310 Gravel J, 11., carpenter 
811 Chaput MolVe, ciirter 

(iai'peau Chs,, shoemaker 
312 Ulancliard Miss M. K , French 
and Knglisli model school 
D'Aragon Mrs. Kinnia 

813 Coiiluro Heiir', butclier 
Dagenais Joseph, shoemaker 
Langlois Louis, laborer 

814 Fisher George, butcher 

318 Bissoiinette Antoine 
Morin Napoleon, shoemaker 

319 Couture tl„ butcher 
Laforce M., butcher 

imiiip i m i ii 







320 Lauznn Joseph, grocer 









litre IHe^fi^st. intemects. 

Diil'ri'tiil Trcdl^, sHloon 
I 'ais.ic F. X . snlooii 
Bourdon I'ipitc cnrpcnter 
Daiidio Kraiiy i-i, lufiorer 
Lccoiir- l.oiiis, bricUIaypr 
raqupttp l.oiii-, cnrpcnter 
Hrpaiilt I'icrro, clprk 
( nissp I'". D , saloon 
Foiiriiior D . tohncconist 
Clprnimit Jlis. Jiilip, widT. 
(.'oallicr Kticiinp, oaliitrr' 
Kniond MNs M., drcHsmakor 
Marlii) lliil)prt, ciirppnter 
Iliiot Noibcrt, carppiitpr 
Fiilluiii .losppli, sli omaker 
Martin .1. tl.. carpuntpr 
McKnre Micliiipl, ciirtrr 
tJf'santpls Fraiivoi.i, la'iorpr 
Lamliprt (icrviiiii. laborpr 
Uelormo losepli, laboror 
Quintal Hiiino. carpenter 
Giroiix ( ilbirt, carter 
Fltzpatiiek Jumps, cnrpenter 
Lccmir'' Clrirli-s. shopniaker 
Kpllpr Micliiipl, cartpr'iault Josppli, carppnter 
Qni'itin Joscpli, lalioicr 
J^tnniy Ado jii p. agent 
LalihtTlp Ilpctor 
Lunriii I'lpriP, cirpenter 
Here f'uvf at iiilersectii. 

Dpromp Mi>s, fruit di'aler 

Martcl Xa' ii-r. (rrocer 

Alipio 1).. luiihpr 

Pml'f J ispo'i. ^liopmiiVpr 

Hpuir-i- llornii-da''. lnl)orpr 

Tlifirinnlt Aiiilioiisp, slinpnnkPr 

Hactiiiiid ly Iv, lioots and slioes 

l,pblnnc Mrs. I,., wid Gilbert 

LpbPL'iip l.iiiiH, sliopHi'iker 

Rocb Kniilp. slKHMiiakor 

l*a(|npttp Ancriistlii 

(^ikIoUp (liiirlps. laborer 

Ciu'pIIp liisppii. lnbori>r 

M ntpptit MissM., di'U'sninkor 

Halliard ();i\lpr, butclipr 




LOGAN FARM, from Fapineau 
road west to Champlain, St 
Me ry ward 

Mctilrr Mii-Iiapl, laborer 
Austin ilrnry 
Irving Tliiinmi, fnrmpr 
Hob'is l.pwi". gardcnpr 
McClennan Kidicrt. laborer 

26 St Mary. St Mary ward 

Koblllird ('., boti'l 
Grant Jos., roiiPtnaker 

College north to 10 St Joseph, 
St Ann ward 

3 Moss (i. \V , mprcbant 

5 Donnpllv ,1n'.. fi Son, dry goods 

6 Tps»I(t ,lo«ppb, cnopnr 

7 l'"wlng Hros., sppd nicrcbant^ 

9 Packard I.. H., & Co., fliop 

15 IlaswcM 11., ft To., warplionsp 

16 KvansJa-i. S.,& Co., warphi'usp 
19 Ti'stcr ,IiinnM W., & Co., con- 

21 Mttckay Itros., wiirpliouso 

Ili're SI. .\fititiirrst. intersects. 
89 FIslipr M.. .Sons & (^o., wnrplise 
Sy^MUU & llutulilsun, wurehuuso 

39 Jfatlipwson & ratton,warehouse 
4t American house 

45 Wilkes It , warehouse 

46 Mntlipwson J. A., grocer 

49 Huston C, wholesale clothing 

LOBNE AVENUE, fmm 19 Milton 
north to 40 Prince Arthur, St 
Antoine ward 

DrnkP Waltpr, city assessor 
Stpvenson .T. B., com merchant 
.Stevenson K., cU'rk 
Har'ier W, H., morclinnt 
Oaiker" Hpuinmin, accountant 
Si-ptlii'm W. .T , com traveller 
llollnnd A. T., exchange liroker 
Iteinhai-rtt Mrs. S. .1 . wid John 
Shearer ,Tohn S., nirent 
Shearer A. S., bookkcppor 
llnrrower (J. H., com traveller 
Mnrston \Vm.. engraver 
Sims Allison FT , com traveller 
Sims C. N., chendst 
Irw'n Mrs F.lizn. wid rev, .T. 
Maeked'e Mrs, C, wid .lohu 
Mnekedip .Tos., nl rk 
Mackcdlp Jas. K . hookkepper 
Mobson C. <;.. broker 
Chandler 0. II.. lecturer 
.Todory Mrs M R. %vid .Tacob 
Jiidery Fipd , b lokkeeper 
.Todnrv Wm., clerk 
stills ,T;imes. m.>rchant 
liarnnv Levi C . oil manufr 
Hrowii A. R.,of A. U. Brown & 

ITo'idav .fas.,sp'i, manufacturer 
llidldnv ,Tc)hn M., elerk 
.Tospidi G., ndvoentp 
Inslis A.. Ufe .Axsoc of Scotland 
UraVpiiridiyJ W , B.C.L., clerk 

of Hoval Institution 
OpBonnmont Alfred, clerk 
Tiwlor Ri'iibpii 
Touslcv D. B. 

Arthur, north, St- Antoine 

1 I.omer G.. com mercbt and agt 

2 KDlotT. W.,c»-hiprG.T.I{. 

3 Sims A. II., of A. 11. Sims & 


4 Camnboi R. A., cashier South 

I'^tstern railway 

5 Shi'pr Andrew B.. urain mercht 
7 I'prry F'ank. onslder 

(iil>l)'i (has. F., (1 uir and com- 
mis^lon merchant 

10 Johnston A. \V.. com traveller 

11 Iv.'ivanagh \V., manager 

12 riimsoU Artliur, assignee 

Andre west to 26 St Christophe, 
St James ward 

1 .Tncipips Kile, grocor 

2 'Iri'mblny .Mrs. 

Ilnot Na'iio'c5')n, laborer 

4 l.abi-i Ad ilplip, laborer 

5 De-^inarni'' .Mrs,, wid 

6 Mosps Mrs. Lduisn, wid M, 

S Chartrand (Jeorge, shoemaker 

10 ({igiKMi Michel, soapinuker 

11 rupliipaii IjUc, trailer 
10 <iann6 M., shoeinaker 

13 FInnIo Hugh, ialinrpr 

14 lairnO Mrs Kmrdl". wid Vital 

15 Garli^py .1., hotel porter 

17 llogup Francois, storenutn 

18 Lavole On(>biiiiu, laborer 

20 Gnilmettp A., laborer 

21 I'arnipntier ('., Hhoemdkor ' 

22 Martlnbaidt \., engineer 

23 Mi'ruidt houis. carpenter 
T61rault Mrs. Julie, wid F. 

25 Orenier Mrs. S., wid A., grocer 

LUSIGNAN, flrom 207 Barre lane 
to 264 St Antoine, St Antoine 

Kodrigne Alft-ed, carter 
I'oiricr livacintlie, grocer 
RIvard I'ierrp, Inboier 
Denis I'ierre, carter 
All-n I'eler, cooper 
I'lclK^ Clod'imier, carter 
I-ari;se .lean I'-te., laborer 
I'aln Henri, laborpr 
Pufour Jcseph, laborer 

Here St. Joseph sf. intersects. 

B Charet Jos., painter 

7 I)olaurl"r8 Jean Bte., trader 

9 McCalfrev .lospph. jirinter 

McOermott 1'., G T R. 
11 Rpiinip .John A., clerk 
13 Biinettp I'"ran9 lis, carter 

Stamford Ktienne. carpenter 

15 (ilneras Joseph, blacksmith 

McMurtrie .Tolin, carpenter 

17 Kiicgsley Alexander, carter 

Vipond Itenj. S.. watchman 

19 Crawford .lohn, Inliorer 
Miles .Tames E , clerk 

20 Skelly I'atrick. laborer, r 
I^ewis I'eter, laborer, r 

21 Ciiarters Kd., hn clier 

33 Huitubise Barnain'. blacksmith 

I ilanger Miss Aurnes, tailoress 
35 Bourdon Ovila. bookkeeper 

D irval liouis. blacksmith 
37 liichard .lean Bte., shoemaker 
39 (iiiinnTlios , trader 

McBiirney S. 
41 I.ecterc Joseph, trader 

Kearns Mieliael, laborer 

43 .luldnville Narcisse, i)alnter 
roirier Mrs. .M., wid l.ouU 

44 Robertson I'eter, carpenter 
Robertson .loi-eph 

45 Kohicliaud • >dilon, butcher 

46 Lnvoie (iregoire, slioemaker 
I'ttvplte Liidger, slioemaker 

48 Uadoua .Mrs. Aiig^le, wid L, 
(iroulx Auguste, carter 

47 (iannoii Mrs. Kstlipr, wid Jo8. 
IVriard Kd., hihorer 

Filion (ir(?goirp, laborer 

49 Fortlii I'bomas, shoemaker 
l,acombe Mis, C, wid C. 

50 Laliaie 11., cioitractor 

51 San-'oartier Atidri^, laborer 

63 Briiis Alexis, carpenter 
(jodin Krs, X., laborer 
Gagnon Uavid, nailmaker 
Saiiv<* (ieorge, laborer 

C4 Hunt .Mrs. K., wid, midwife 
Carpendiile I'.dwin, bookkeeper 

55 I.iiliaie H.. coiiiraetor 

56 Harris William, laborer 
Young Price, porter 

58 Mston Peter, shoeii aker 

Barlow (Jporgp, civil engineer 
CO Barnes Win., porter 
62 Kliigslaiid N., com traveller 

64 Whyte Robert, milhvriulit 

(111 Bertram (has. F<,, com traveller 
68 Burnett Wm. B., bhicksmith 
70 Fraser Sidomoii, T>oiler 
72 BaylisTh.m., ch rk (i.T.R. 
74 Co>tigan ,las, ,l„ night mung'r 
Dominion Tel Co. 
CoDtigau D, J., muiidungcr 



76 Douglas James, ( 
78 Kiniry David, gr 
82 Mackenzie 1'. K. 
84 Cido Wm . mach 
86 Richaid Thomas, 
88 liirlch Alfred, p( 
90 Mitchell Win., p 
92 .Mc< ready H J. 
94 Urinton Mrs. Stti 

Here Railway trac 

Here St. lioiiavenlur 

118 NIchol John S., I 
127 (Jiivier Daniaso, 
129 Day J. B. S., ttai 

Day E., of Day & 

Colombo Am., cl 
131 Parker Moses, ole 
133 Te8.»ier Ijerniain 

'fessier Paul 
135 Thompson W. I. 
137 Driimmond Mrs, 

Druinmond W 
139 RIeudeau H., lu.i. 
141) Dixon James A,, 

Quinn Francis, a{ 
m Penney Miss E,,s 

142 McKay Angus, m 

143 tlurluui^e irs., b 

145 Sllepperd (jeorge 

146 Porter Miss Mary 

147 Haskett S. (j., tr'a 

149 Talford Alex., cle 

150 Smith John, clerk 
lf)l Winters (J. A., ex 

152 Tyler Uichard, co 

153 Beauvuis 1. A., ta 

154 Comer s , gaugei 
165 Almour Wm., sen 

AUniiur Wm., Jun 

156 Jones W. J., booi 

157 Hicks W. II., pri 

^'ormul school 
108 Brofrn Mi>H I. 
159 Uarlow 1(„ cidef 

Ueologicul survr 
190 Walsh John, undi 

Simpson west t 
Neiges road, St £ 

1 Lanibe Wm. U., i 
3 (ieddes Ohs., uf 

6 GedUes Chs. O,, o 

(jl elides 

7 WiUoii Daniel, bi 
10 Barclay cai>t. JoL 

MACKAY, from 99 
north to 1094 SI 
Antoine ward 

12 Sliorey Chas, L., 
14 lloilgis Jolln,cu^ 
18 Moiisell Wnt. H., 
20 Slniiloii tieorge 
22 SuileyC. II., edit 
Sorley J. 11,, clei 
24 !iea David, impo 
2(i Fulheistonhaugli 
wid (leiii'ge 

30 Ilutcliiiigs .M, W 

31 liiirie Itoberl, gai 
3i Inslee C, cashier 
83 Aiildjo Lewis, 

_ Bay Company 
S4 Thoiiison AIux., 
86 Allan .lohn 
Allan Robert A,, 
Allan ArchibaUl, 
AuUersou Uuberl 




hoenmkor ' 
lip. H-id F. 
wid A., grocer 

207 Barre lane 
ie> St Antoine 

, carter 

in, procer 




', oartpr 

, liiburer 


a borer 

'. intersects. 


IUp., trader 
h. printer 

<, iMirfor 
p. carpenter 
, cm ppiifcr 
iidcr, carter 

iborer, r 
trcr, r 


hi'. bliicks>mith 
rues, tniloress 
p., Hhoemaker 

e, i)alnter 
wid l.ouia 




li>U', wid L. 


er, wid Jos. 


i, liiborer 
lil maker 

1, midwife 
I, lioukkei'pcr 


II nker 
vll eiiBiiiecr 

1 traveller 
, com traveller 
! <i.T.R. 
liKlit mang'r 







7C Dousflaa Jnmesi, conductor 

78 Kiniry Usivid, procer 

82 Mackenzie 3'. K., storeman 

81 Colo Win . machinist 

86 liichaid Thomas, bookkeeper 

88 Hindi Alfieil, porter 

90 Mitcliell Will., porter 

92 Mc< 'ready li J., com traveller 

91 Urintoii Mrs. Sarali^ wid \Vm. 

Here Railway track intersects. 

Here St. Itonavenlure .it. inti-rsectt. 

118 Nicliiil John S., Laborer 

127 Olivier Uamaso, insurance ag't 

129 Day J. B. S., teacher of piano 

Uav E., of D<iy & Uchlois 

ColomLie Am., clerk G I'.K. 
131 I'arker Moses, cleric 
133 Tessier Oermain, contractor 

Tessier I'aul 
135 Thompson Vf. h,, mining en'gr 
137 Urumnioiid Mrs. E., wid Geo. 

Drummond VV. U., mcd student 
139 ii., lu.i.ber mercliant 
IW Uixun Janips A., tthippiiig clerk 

Quinn 1' raiicis, agent 
m i'enney Jliss E., »cliool 
112 McKay Angus, merchant 
U3 iluriutjise irs., bookkeeper 
145 Shipperrt Georpe, casliier 
111) Porter Miss Alary 
147 Haskett S. G., trader 

149 Tallord Alex., cleik G.T.R. 

150 iSniitli John, clerk 

151 Winters G. A., express msngr 

152 Tyler Uichard, cum travuller 

153 Keauvais i. A., tailor 

1.51 Corner s , ganger custom house 
165 Alniour Win., sen., baker 
Almiiur Wni..Jun., baker 

156 Jones W. J., bookkeeper 

157 Uicks W. II., prinuiiiul McGlll 

^' urinal sclioul 
1.08 Brofrn Mi^s I. 

159 Uarluw ic, chief draughtsman 

Geological survey 

160 Walsli John, undertaker 

HACQREQOR, from head of 
Siiupson west to Cote des 
Neiges road, St Antoine ward 

1 Lanibe Wm. U., advocate 

3 Ueddes Clis., of C. & C. G. 


6 Gediles t hg. G., of C\ & C. G. 


7 Wlli-oii Uiiniel, builder 
10 llurciay cupt. Jubii 

MACK AY, ftom 998 Dorchester 
north to 1094 Sherbrooke, St 
Antoine ward 

12 Sliorey Clias. L., com traveller 
14 lloilgi s Joliii, cuntuins oUicer 
18 Miiiisell Wm. U., agent 
20 blantoii George O., iriiveller 
22 SoileyC. II., editor Sliaivholder 

Sorley J. II., clerk G.T.K. 
24 .(tea David, inipurter 
26 I'ellii'istonliaiigh Mrs. 8. F., 
wlU (ie<irge 

30 Iluiciiliigs .\I. W., cashier 
81 liiirle Itoberl, gardener 

'i'l hibleu C, casliier 
83 Aiildjo Lewis, Hon. Hudson 
Hay (.'ompaiiy 

31 Thoiiisuii Alux., warehouseman 
36 Allan .John 

Allan Robert A., clerk 
Allan AruhibalU, bank clerk 
Audersou Robert 

36 Grnflltey W. K., bookkeeper 

37 Hrennan Krui:k, coal & woud 
Z* Iticbmond John, traveller 

3i) Mussey rev. S., minister Salem 
Massey Fred., of Hamilton & 

40 Fotlierinpham H., bookkeeper 

41 Greeiishielus 3Irs. M. J. .,wid U. 

42 Keller John 

43 hi.Uiell A. F.,or Evans & Kiddell 

44 Giirdner W. S., ironwork 

4U Willison riv. Robert, minister 

I'resbyterian church 
48 Drake Charles, munufacturer 
56 Lyman C, of Lyman Sons& Oo. 
58 Struthy Gordon U., of Stiathy 

& Sliathy 
62 Bell Ihomas, supt. The J. M. 

IJradstieet Co.'s Improved 

Mercantile agency 

Here St. Catherine it. intersects. 













F., Bank of Mont- 
H., clerk 

Nicholson Peter, builder 

Stephen Wm. 

Cowan John 

Patterson J., of A. Wills & Co. 

Black rev. J. S., miuistur Er^■ 

kiiie church 
Miiiliollund H 
lilauKudder F, 

Blackadder C 
lilacliaildor W. B., clerk 
Bei.Jaiiiin L, M., advocate 
Green rev. James, agent Mon- 
treal Bible society 
Green Jas. T. R., bookkeeper 
Suiitli J. M., manager Bunk of 

WiniiJ. II., of Winn & Holland 
Mackenzie R., railway supplies 
Boirowmtin A., of Borruwman 

& Co 
Peck James U., of Peck & Co. 
Fairman K., hardware 
Fowler Alex. G., architect 
Muiruy John Clark, prulessor 

McGi 1 college 
Scott Henry C., stock broker 
lluicliinson William S, 
Arcliibiild J. S., advocate 
Red|.ath Fiau is R. 
Wanli'ii rev. Robert 
Iveishaw I iiomas, broker 
iluiray Mrs. 
Baijcroit Mi>ses 
Ihomas W . T., architect 
Triini.le Thos., of Mclntyrc & 

Macniuer A., Bunk of Montreal 
Lind.^ay W. B., of Kiuluch, 

Lltid.-ay Sc Co. 
Stevenson James B., of Steven- 
sun & Co. 
Stuvfii.ioii Alex. A. 
Laiiig .M., com merchant 
ilaoDou>iall Alex., secretary 
.Uoiiin-al Steam Elevating Co. 
.MaeUoiigiill .lames .>., cleiTk 
Samlei's ileiiry, optician 
.Muckeiizie Wiii.,stocU broker 
Cowans Robert, manager Mont- 
real Car Wiieel works 
Mcl'in<yre Archibald, builder 

MAGDALEN, ft-om the River to 
the Grand Trunk railway cross- 
ing. Point St Charles, St Ann 

6 Cbarbonneau Pierre, engineer 
11 KeuilDg William, .bolleriiiaker 

13 Birse Joseph, engineer 

15 Wliitiiey Jlrs. liiiiriet, wid D. 

10 Cl.irk John C, libiaiian Gl.U. 

20 Antlioiiy Jiuiies Utter G.T.R. 

21 Wylie William, laborer G.T.R. 

23 Walm-ley Wm , piitekeeper 

24 I!lls^eli T., steamlitter G.T.R. 

25 Stewart l'eter,cariienier G.T.K. 

28 Ciirrie F. I'., niuchiiiist G.T.R. 

29 Uudpson W., inaoliiniot G T.B. 
34 Strtel Josepli, G.T.R. 

30 Miven R. P.,foriinnn 

38 I'ashby Mi.''. Ann, wid Thos. 

Ratclill'u J., clerk G.T.K. 

Younger A., uunOnctor G.T.K, 

Laro.«e II., conductor G.T.R. 
40 JlcLareii DoiiaiO, stoiemau 
42 .Matley Jos., blackMiiitli 
08 Ransom Jlrs. Annie, wid John 

Campbell W., caip nter G.T.K. 

Fizzell Jtdiii, Utter ( 1.1. R. 
72 Deverell lly , supt typo tbundry 
75 Myers Patrick, lauorur G.T.K. 
70 o'Biieii Mrs. J., wi i Daniel 
77 Smith James, blacksmith 
hO Rodpers J., railioaO contractor 

81 Smith David, biacksinitli 

82 Surgeon D.inul, boilermaker 

83 Brown Geo., niuc.liinist G.T.K. 

84 Kelly William, ei gii.eer G.T.K. 
93 ilroiiiley Jaiiu's, iiiie- G.T.K. 

101 Acton Williiiiii. < iipiiiier G.T.R. 

Tliompsoii i.ilwani, painter 
105 Walton Jos ,l:laekMiii h G.T.R. 

Oliver OOed. luoorer. r 
109 Atkinson Josejiii, engine driver 
117 Overell Wm., siojuman G.T.K. 
121 Tliompsun Ed., lureiiiaii 

City school,. -5. 11. Par.-.oiis, A.B., 
bead master; J. 1'. ClarKe, 

Here Favard st. Inti-mccts, 

Henry Win., niacbiiiist G.T.R. 
129 Ciitlibert .Urs. .)., wid I lis. 

Cuihbert A. Geu., liiler G.T.R. 

Ciitlibert James, liiier u.l.R. 

Cuthbtrt David, liiter O. I'.R. 
132 Law Wm., car litlei- G.T.R. 
131 Turnbull U., cundiiotoj G.T.R. 
135 McDouell F. W.,tniiii de-patchor 
137 llrowu Mrs. C, wi.i W iitiain 

139 Tarllon — , G.T.R. 

Ill Kennedy Pat., toieman G.T.K. 
113 Sargent Wm. U., liiier G.T R. 
141 ilavor W., eii^ineorivi r G.T.R. 

Mavi.r Alex., macliinist G.T.K. 

iMavor 0., clerk G.I.R. 
115 Deviiie Daniel, l„r. man G.T.K. 

140 MoiTisoii R., biaekMiit.h G T.K. 
147 Gorman David, engineer G.T.K. 
14S I'eiiwiek J., bUick.-iiiiili G.T.K. 
151 Cliri>tie !>., UiiiokMiiitli G.l'.K. 

\\ ilUiusou II,, nremaii G.TK. 
153 French Mrs. M., win liobert 
Ijl t iieei.e Will., blauk^inilh G.T.R. 
150 Diiiiean lus. 

Iu8 \\ iliiuin K., boilermaker G.T.R. 
UiO lloiiii<low .Mrs. Ann. wid Chas. 
I'i2 Livers /Viid. II.. tj.iok. eeper 
1H3 DickMHi .la.-., luieoiau (j.l'.K. 
li.l Wjer Francis, turner G T.R. 
I0.:i liajde.i .hiiiies, niauliliiist 
100 Bangs .Mrs. 

1)7 Iviiisoii .loliii, fill eiiMinCi .T.K. 
lO'J Smail ilohii, inaek.-tiiitli G.T.U. 

172 iiol.erlsoii Win , liui.-slini-her 

173 Beat lie W in. ,bliick.<i.iitli G.T.K. 
171 Oowm' Henry, jniner 

170 Riilgedale,)., nnicliiiiist (i.T.K. 

177 Clark Robl., eomlue.oi G.T.R. 

178 Neilson J., lel opeiulor G.I'.R. 
l;0 .Melrose J. .engine driver G.T.K. 
180 X'opuw Wui,, chairmakur 







181 Mnsion James, lioravshoer 

182 UillJ;t'daleTlls.,^tL'n., blacksmith 
181 Uickstiii U., muchaiiic (i.X.K. 

185 Durwciit M. N., cl. rk G.T. K. 

186 Uidgt'dul*' !j..b<>ilcrmukt.>rU.r.R. 

187 Prelty Mrs. K., wid K. 

183 Taylor Harry, nrcmuii G.T R. 

189 Thuinp.sdii J., b akeiuan G.T.K. 

190 Scott Walter 

Scott David, bookkeeper 

191 Clark Jamo.-i, laborer 

193 Keyiioldi! UicharU, grocer 

Here Wellington st. intersects, 

201 Duckctt Wm., fitter 

2u3 dtewarr A .engine driver U.T.K. 

Stew irt Jani(!h, clerk G. I'.lt. 
205 Hamilton John, painter 

208 iurner Kicliurd, grocur 

209 Cook David, carpenter 

211 ilclveniui l'.,b .il. rniaker G.T.R. 

212 Bray Richard, fdreniaii G T U. 

218 Wilber C b.ilcrmaker G.T K. 
Dine I'., boilerniaker G.T.K. , r 

214 Irving James, blacksmitli 

Frovost J., plate layer O T.R., r 

217 Leonard Mrs. C, wid Wm. 
Leonard Wm , turner 

219 Ncwmarcli J., machinist G.T.R. 

221 Blair J., tool kueper G.T.U. 

222 Ryan Cornelius, carter 
226 Brown Wm K., clerk 

282 Rainst'ord W., machinist G.T.R. 
Kainsfoid W. G., clerk G.T.K. 

233 Shotton Mrs. Jane, wid Joliu 

234 Stark Robert, brassfounder 

235 Ilowura J., blavksraiiUG.T.R. 
836 McLean Wm., t)uilermaker 
236iSmith Georg ■, boiloi maker 

287 Gamble John, conductor G.T.R. 
238 KonaldsonMrs.M.,wid W. 

240 Williams W. I'orter, designer 

241 Sargeaiit A.J.,machini^t O.l'.K. 

242 Derrick Itobt., boilerniaker 

243 Bowden John, carpenter 
Black James, boiler inspector 

XAISGNNEUVE, formerly Syd- 
enham, from 68 Lagauobetiere 
north to Sherbroolce, St Mary 

11 Munroe Daniel, saw mills 

Here Munroe lane ends. 

28 Malone Mrs. Mary, wid Matthew 
80 Penny William, currier 

Here Dorchester st. intersects, 

88 Aubertitt Napoleon, grocer 

Here Sydenham lane ends. 

44 Boulard Amable, shoemaker 

B6loc Michel, stonecutter 
46 Lapierru Wm., leiitlivr cutter 
48 Youds II., market clerk 
60 Hubert S >linie, shoemaker 
62 frovoiit Jo!<eph,Hhoemttker 
64 Tessier dit Lavigne L., laborer 

Groleau Charles, curpenier 
66 B6nard Mrs. A(l<iliiie,wid J. H. 
68 Lcblanc I'ierre, luatlier cutter 
68p'rovo»t Joseph, slioumaker 
60 Sicard Kraiivoi.-, laborer 

62 Larochelle Denis 
U^moiid Mrs S., wid A. 
Pateuaude Joseph, laborer 
Chautal Nap., laborer 

63 Massou Thomas, laborer 
Complaisance i . , laborer 

64 Tliibunit Telusphore, maohiniat 
06 I'errault Mrs. A., wid A. 

Jlarbeau Uyaolatho, r 

66 Peltier Joseph, tinsmith 

68 Jabot J. U., laborer 

70 I'elletier Karcisse, liiboror 

Morin Mrs. O., wid Jdseph 
72 Lalumi^re !<}., tisli dealer 

l»rieii dit Dcsrouiier — . baker 
74 •Toaniietto Augustin, grocer 
77 Buiisle Willium, grocer 

Here St. Rose st. intersects, 

79 Caron Jean L uis 

CoUenaie ilonri, turnkey 
82 L,educ Joseph, laborer 
\H LaHfur Tlieouliile, carter 
l<'oiitaiin* Aiidr^, clerk 
Guibiird Fabien, brassmoulder 

86 Roy Adol]ihe, clerk 

87 Pelleriu Fabien, slioemaker 
Millard Autome, laborer, r 
Cardinal Maximln, carter, r 
Truuel Ih^odoie, laborer 

8S Touiu Josepli, laborer 

90 Picli6 bdouaril, shoemaker 

Leblanc Miss P., dressmaker 
01 St Amour Louis, labmer 

Cariguau Th^opliile, Joiner, r 
92 Lamoureux Joseph, laborer 
i)3 Lamoureux Joseph, joiner 
Oi C'omtois Joseph, joiner 

Prciioveau A., cigarmaker 
94iVaillaucourt J. U., laborer 
96 i'ei'reault Charles, shoemaker 

96 Descarreau aaiiiuul, vouper 

97 Valiquette Louis, lab rer 

98 Courtois Louis, baker 

99 Cliaput Uvila, cabinetmaker 
1(.0 Warren il. !£., cigarmakur 

Here St. Germain lane intersects. 

101 G.ilarneau T., laborer 
103 Robiilard Ovide, laborer 
108 Orsali Claude, grain dealer 

Here St. Catherine st. intersects, 

116 Larochelle Isidore, plasterer 

117 Martin Narcieiiie 

lis Larocliello B., bookkeeper 

119 Dagenais Uvila, laborer 
Cuglilau Mrs U., wid T., r 
Clioyer Regis, laborer, r 

120 Lapointe Pierre, shoemaker 
Muran ^iarois^<e, shoemaker, r 
Gauthier 1 1 en li, shoemaker, r 
Lalumi6re F., laborer, r 

121 Couture Joseph, joiner 
Soucis Pierre, carter, r 
Choyer J. B., driver, r 

122 Uelac Louis, carpenter 
124 Uellefli.-ur Hubert, laborer 
126 Noi'l Casimir, policeman 
128 St tiilaii'eN.,jail guard 

1^5 Champoux Charles, guardian 

Payette T., cabinetmaker, r 
13(i Laclmpelle N., leather cutter 

137 Li'Ciaire Mouaid, luhber wkr 
Morel. c Zepliir, tinsmith, r 

138 Lacliupelle Fabien 
Lariu ICdouaid, tanner, r 

139 l.,6onard Joseph, carter 

140 Lavoie Louis, carter 

142 Gravel Mrs. Marie, wid Martin 

144 Deroches Miss li.. teacher 

145 Langlois B., policeman 
Wlisou Aiex., lab irer 

Here Mignonne st. intersects, 
155 Lalibert6 Edouard, Hhoomakcr 
158 I'urras Frs. X., puintur 

Groulx A'lolpho, carver, r 
169 Tracy Ed., carter 
100 UuauK(\iour Antoiue, joiner 

Keuusejour J., shoemaker, r 
162 MireaultG.,cook 

Forest Aiarie, laborer, r 

162 Bnrbier Norbert, laborer 
164 Du|)ras Louis, butcher 
V6/.ina Henri, laborer, r 
Marcil I'ierr.', storemuii.r 

166 I'erreault Nazaire, butcher 

167 Guimond C. H. A., sec.-treas. 

La Soci6t6 de Coustructioa 

168 Bordeleau Michel, sculptor 
Gignac Klie, jniner 

170 Marouin Uoiior6 

171 Labello Henri, carriagemaker 

172 Marois Muxiuie, h' oemaker 

173 Lemieux Ho li, clerk 

174 Churlaud Pierre, shoemaker 
Latreillu Joseph, mason 

1741Lahaiu Louis, tobacconist 
li'5 Charpentier Jo.sepli, carter 
17t) Lamoureux Airniu, joiner 

177 Tu6rien Mrs. Lucie, wid Jog. 

178 Goyette A., Hlioeraak»r 

180 Langiois F. X., Mioemaker 

181 Perry G. L., excise otlicer 
Perry L. V., a signee 

182 Pigeon Mrs. J., wid Isidore 
Langlois Kdinund, shoemaker 

184 LaniyT61esphoio, grocer 

185 Gugnon Joseph, M.D. 

Here Logan st. intersects. 
187 Beauohamp taiiislas, laborer 

192 Laurier Toussaint Al. 
Martineau Murcisse, joiner 
Leclaire Joseph, j> iner 
Languedoc Frs., Liborer 

193 Lajoie Louis, laborer 
Guernon Narcissc, shoemaker, r 
Laoiiapelle a., laborer, r 

191 Juneau Uiis^o, slioumaker 
Celario Anui^, mason, r 

195 Lapierre Marcel, laborer 
Landry Th6opliiiu, liaker, r 

196 Malouin Joseph, carter 

197 Vaiidt'iao Auicuste, carter 
l^eclaire Joseph, cooper, r 

B auchamp L., junk dealer, r 
Lafrauchise Joseph, laborer, r 

198 Bissonueite 11., shoemaker 
Boisseau Win., shueiuaker, r 

200 Lacasso Zotique, carpenter, r 
Hudou Wm., mouiuer, r 

201 Lachapelle Charl.'S, laborer 
Durociier Nuclide, laborer, r 
Cyr Isidore, (auiier, r 

Cote Joseph, blacksmith, r 
Veiine Franyo s, laborer, r 
Clavelle Mrs. M., wid Isidore, r 
Tesuiit J. U., laborer, r 

203 Morin Dafnase, laborer 

2Uu Fulluin Xavier, currier 

206 Chartrand Raphai'l, policeman 
Chartrand Xuvie. , joiner, r 

207 Lachapelle Augusie, shoemaker 
Latour Ulriu, siioumaker, r 

St Amour M s. A,, wid K., r 

208 Laiuoureu.\ Mai cis»e, carter 
2U9 Vulois Albert, laborer 

210 Beaucage Mrs. A., wid Alexis 

211 Tostert Pierre, brasslinisher 
Sauriol Uonore, laborer 

212 Gratton Kdouard, laborer 
Diipuis Elie, tobacconist 

218 Meunior Pierre, carter 
Quevlllon Louis, carter, r 
Bolduo Franfois, laborer, r 

214 Laiuouruux tM., shueinaker 

215 Fllion Michel, shneinaker 
Gagnon Joseph, carter 

216 IMsormeau Dama-iu, milkman 
216iDupulH Franyois, laborer 

217 Ualld Joseph, carter 
Lapierre Jo.'<uph, painter 

218 Desautels Mrs. T., wid A. 

220 Huurget Etiunne, laborer 

221 Nadeau J. Bte,, laborer 



222 T)i6riault Mrs. M. 
Brieii dit DesrocI 

maker, r 
Archambanit Jos 
Bourget Joseph, 

223 Di<)nii<'Tlios.,but 
Brodeur Joseph, I 
D^sormeiin Th(<od 

224 Tardy David, joir 
Tardy Zo.l, carpe 

Here Lf^fontnine st. 

225 Labellc Jos., shoe 

226 Goudreau Olivier. 
Lednc Fiaiiyois, c 

iluot Jean K.,Iab 

227 Bourgeois Eminaii 

228 Pr6vost Joseph, s 

229 Lauriii Joseph, sh 
Brault J. ittc., tob 
Gagnon Mrs. K., v 

230 Liard Ludger, car 
2;il Dugas Mrs. M., w 

Guimette Jos. , bri 

232 Sicaid Frai>9ois, j( 

233 MongelaMrs. J., i 
Bdlanger Alphons 
Gagnon L^oii, latK 

234 Surpreiiaiit Ferdin 

235 Chatel G6d£on, gr 

236 Marion Treifl6, lab 
2b' Lcbrun Simion, st 

Gagnon Mrs.L., w 
Landry Euclide, si 
D<^i)atie Auguste, I 
Belisle J. B, lab.r 
Paiiuette cUophus 

239 Lebrun Pierre, ma 

240 Gagnon Alph., cur 
Renaud Narcisse, ( 

211 H6tu irvfai, labori 
Laramie Joseph, h 

242 Ucitnind Michel, ti 
Briendit Desroche 

243 Lab.idie George, si 

244 Cliaput Midard, a 
'M Archainbault M., c 

Archambault Addl 

248 Forest M»po 6on, t 

249 Prdvost Alphonse, 
Lapierre Toussaint 

260 Caion J. lJtp.,irn(l 
251 Barrette J.B.,cari 

262 Caron Molse, shoer 
Laurier Felix, cart 
Duclos Ignace, carl 

263 Gagnon Mrs. M., w 
GaKiie Daiiiase, sin 

264 Bernard David, ba 
235 Muot Augustin, tm 
261) Chouiiiard .Vlrs. M. 
257 Guiliiiette A., cnr) 

Geiidron Nap,, tra( 

268 Chouiiiard Tli^ophl 

269 Desiioyers Louis, ri 
2ij0 U«Iaiiger D„ brlukl 
2()1 Uivei E , stoiiecutli 
2(i2 1)ui>t6 Pierre, .slioe 
2U3 Mayer Joseph, paii 

Payette Uliic, pain 
264 Uolduc Mrs, Hon., 
Contant MoVse, oar 
Fouriielle Trelfltf, s 
Ueaupi'd TrelHi), sin 

266 Groleau T., Joiner 

267 Gravel Honors, oai 

268 Robert M^dard, la! 

269 (irimon F , laborer 

270 Blondin Uorculp, h 

271 Lesi'ard Henri, slioi 
273 Caza ant Louts, br 
276 Bonneville Mrs. L. 

Bleau DoIphlB, brio 



lorer, r 
, butcher 
A., sec.-trpas. 

, sculptor 


' ouinaker 





>li, carter 

i, joiner 

it>, wid Jos. 



f. otHcer 


d Itiidore 

, Hlioeraaker 



ila8, laborer 

e, joiner 

I sliocraaker, r 
lorer, r 
, liaker, r 
, ourter 
toper, r 
ik dealer, r 
I, laborer, r 
eumker, r 
trpeutor, r 
luer, r 
, laborer 
laborer, r 

!imith, r 
borer, r 
id Imdore, r 

rT, r 

juiuur, r 
-, Klioumaker 
utkvr, r 
w)d K., r 
e, curtur 
vvid Alexis 

•lor, r 
Joiur, r 



, inllkman 


rid A. 






STANCES by TAKING a POUCT in the CITIZENS' INSURANCE CO. Head Office, 179 St James St 

222 Tiifiriault Mrs. M., wid I. 
Brion dit Desrocliers A., shoe- 
maker, r 

Archambaiilt Jos., laborer, r 
Bourget Joiseph, laborer, r 

223 DIonnc Tlios., butcher 
Brodeur Josi'pli, laborer 
D^sormcini TlK^ndore, joiner 

224 Tardy David, joiner 
Tardy Zo.l, curpenter 

Here La^nnUtine at. intersects. 

225 LalM'lle Jos., shoemaker 

226 Uoudreau Ulivier. xlioemnker 
Lediic Kran9oi9, carter, r 

226iL«vdilld Tou»saiiit, laborer 
lluot Jean K,, laborer 

227 Bourgeois Kuiiiiaiiuel, shoemakr 

228 rrfivoi't JoH'pli, stonecutter 

229 I.aurin Joseph, shoemaker 
Brault J. lite., tobacconist 
Gugnon Mrd. K., wid Jean L. 

230 Liard I..u<lger, carter 

231 Dugas Jirs. M., wid T. 
Guimette Jos., bricklayer 

232 Sicaid Fraiifois, joiner 

233 Mongela Mr.i. J., wid iienri 
B^laiiger Alphonse, laborer, r 
Uaguon L6on, laoorer, r 

234 Surprotiant Ferdinand, laborer 

235 Chatel G6d6on, grocer 

236 Marion 'I'relfl^, laborer 

2b7 Lobrun Sim6on, stonecutter 
Uagnon Mrs, L., wid Leandre, r 
i.andry Euclide, shoemaker, r 
D6imtie Auguste, laborer, r 
Bellnle J. B., lab.)rer, r 
Paquette (Jl^ophus, joiner, r 

239 Lebruu I'lerre, mason 

24U Uaguon Alph., carter 
lieiiaud Narcisiie, carter 

241 I16tu I'rtffld, laborer 
i,arani6e Joseph, laborer, r 

242 Veitruiid Michel, tobacconist 
Brien dit Uesrochers — ,carter, r 
Ueinhardt Ueo., cabinetmaker, r 

243 Lab.idie Ueurge, shoemaker 

244 t'liaput M6dard, carter 
24t) Archaiiibault M., carter 

Arcliambault Addlard, printer 

248 Forest >Hpo ion, butcher 

249 I'rdvoat Alphouse, curler 
i..apl(!rre Toussaiiit, carter, r 

260 (Jaion J. bte., trader 

261 Barrette J. B., carter 

262 Caron MoVse, shoemaker 
Laurier F6lix, carter, r 
Duclos Ignace, carter, r 

263 (iagnon Mrs. M., wid Olivier 
CiaKiie Diuna!<e, slxiemaknr 

264 Bernard David, baker 
266 Huot Augustin, trader 

266 Chouinard .Vlrs. M., wid Aoh, 

267 Uuiliiiette A., carpenter 
(iendron Nap., trader 

268 Chouinard X li^opliile, laborer 

269 Ueaiioyers Ijouia, roofer 

260 Uilanger D., bricklayer 

261 Kivni tC , stonecutter 

262 Uuprd i'ierre, slmemaker 
268 Mayer Jiiseph, painter 

I'ayette UIiic, painter 

264 Uolduc Mrs. Hon., wid Gorvais 
Contant MoVse, carpenter 
Fournelle Trelfl6, slioeniaker 
Beauprd TrulHii, shoemaker 

265 (iroleau T., joiner 

267 Uravel llonord, carpenter 

268 Kobert Mt^dard, laborer 

269 (jrimon F , laborer 

270 Blondin iiorcule, laborer 

271 L■es^ard Henri, shoumakef 
273 t'aza ant liouis, bricklayer 
276 Bonneville Mrs. L., wid M. 

Bleau Uolphin, bricklayer 

276 Armstrong Douglas, laborer 

277 Koch Mrs. M., wid Amablo 

278 Gucrtin Alphonse, shoemaker 
Lalreuiure Dislr6, jdiiier 

279 Lareau F., & (ion, feed store 
28H Metayer .lohn, joiner 

281 l.dpiiie Miss K., dressmnker 
lisa Tinelle Alfred, tobacconist 

283 J.arcau F., merchant 

284 Charbonneau Olivier, laborer 
Tougas R., laborer 

285 Mai'ceau Joseph, laborer 

286 I'erreaiilt Mrs. A., wid Frs. 
I'erreault l.oui.'i A., clerk 

286j Iteauchump A., joiner 

Beaucliamp Mrs. A., grocer 

287 Chausse .Sulplce, policeman 
Bousquet Joseph, bricklayer 
Boudreau A., Joiner, r 
Ldveilld Amable, stonecutter, r 
Mai 16 Louis, baker, r 

288 Francceur Kdouard, laborer 
288iMeuiiier E., laborer 

289 Mireault Oiiier, joiner 

290 I'ulletier Joseph, laborer 

Here Ontario at. intersects. 

303 Lavigne Jos., laborer 
305 Chaiipagiie Fi'au9oi3 
3 17 i'dtreauli I'ierre, engineer 
313 Beaudidn Jo-epli, c:irver 

I'ilette IjOuis, slioemaker, r 

Brabant Urbiiin, shoemaker, r 
315 Ldveili^e Joseph, blacksmith 

Lumuureux Octave, lab rer, r 
317 i^uenneville Joseph, milkman 

David J senh, mason, r 
321 Desautels \V.. joiner 

Dinelle Cam! lie, laborer, r 
323 L6vCqueJo.'icliim, laborer 

I,afontHine Joseph, machinist, r 

Aciiddmio Commercial du Sacr^ 
Cosur, Bro. Aii.stin, principal 
327 Gauvreau Ovila, laborer 
329 I'orrault Mrs. Mathilde, wid B. 

Lespt^rance Pierre, painter 
331 Leconipte .Maxime, cooper 
333 I'oulin Josepii, laborer 
335 Archainbanlt C., shoemaker 

Bouchard Frs., shoemaker 
337 Charbonneau J. B., laborer 
339 Uagnon M<id6ric, shoemaker 
U41 GonletJ. Bto., shoemaker 
3t3 l.,amoureuxToussaint, bricklayr 
344 Brien dit Desrocher U., grocer 
845 David 1, mason 

347 Guilbuult Pierre, mason 

348 Clmrron A., milkman 
35U Lavoie ArnK^e, lal)orer 

Malo Fraiifois, laborer, r 
351 Jett6 Alphonse, stoneouttfer 
'Sa'l Delormu Augustin, lab rer 
363 Perraiilt Adolphc, laborer 

Con>taiiiiiieau Joseph, laborer 
354 Parnavot Auguste, stonecutter 

Diiz* Honors, joiner 
356 Dazd Charles, butcher 
368 Lavole Josupli, stonecutter 
359 Loiselle A., watchmaker 
iHH) itaceite Mathi IS, shoemaker 
Stil Lediic Maxiniin, shoemaker 

Kegitnbul B., laborer 
362 Cl:aput Airs. K., wid George 
303 il6tu FOlix, joiner 
305 liarrette,). H., joiner 
3(30 Fournier Fian9»is, Joiner 

Uiichou C, shiieniaker 
367 Mai hieu Oct.tve, Joiner 

Beaudry Pierre, joiner 

308 Itenaud Michel, laborer 

309 Peltier Kdouard, laborer 
3iU Hogiie Joseph, laborer 
371 (Jsureau Antolne 

374 l..avoie I., grocer 

876 Uoiviu Uatulag, photographer 

876 L^veill* Jos., larp' liter 

376 Barrette Ftj , carpenter 
Turcot Pierre, carter 

377 (jiroux Denis, laborer 

378 I'oulia Stanislas, carter 

379 Moyen Antolne, grocer 

380 Major Tli«ophile, laborer 

381 Mathieu C'l^ophas, laborer 
Hogue Magloire, mason 

382 Dula-.ix Alexis, plasterer , 
385 Leniire Maxime, laborer 

387 G reave Kdouard, laborer 
Lebrun Alph., shoemaker 
391 Itenaud J osepli, shoemaker 
393 Cloutier Pierre, laborer 
Uoy Joseph, shoemaker 
395 Asselin Jean, cooper 
397 Turcot Louis, laborer 
3.98 Daniel Andre, milkman 

399 Daze Cyrille, joiner 
Livesque Damace, laborer . 

400 Bleau 1' ranyois, stureiuan 
403 Hond J. B .iua.son 

4 5 Asselin Alt'ied, laborer 
Trudeau Joseph, carpenter 

407 Thibault Pierre, bricklayer 

409 Keriiot F. X., joiner 

411 Brison Benjamin 

413 Denis Nazaire, bricklayer 
Pelletier Joseph, traveller 

MANCE, from 641 Sherbrooke 
to the Hotel Oiea, St Lawrenc* 

12 Piatt Mrs., wid James 

11 iSimosoii v., lite insurance agent 

16 Lafreui^re J. O , mercliaut 

18 Parslow John, stationer 

19 Brophy James, com traveller 

20 Uolmes Mrs. K., wid li. 

21 Longley Mrs. M., wid John 
Loiigley James, ol .>IcFec& Son 
Longley George, of Hodgson 

Sumucr & Co. 

22 McLaren Wm. C, of VV. C. Mc- 

Laren & Co. 

26 Meagher John, with VV. Farrell 

27 Fogarty J.,of Fogarty & Bros. 

28 Urquhart J. K., general mercht 

29 Clarke K., a»sistant engineer 


30 Allan Tlis., of Thos. Allan &Co. 
82 Auchterlonie A. J., managing 

director Montreal Card ana 

Paper Co. 
84 Rhyuas John, com merchant 
38 Rodger W. P. 
88 Tail M. M., of Abbott, Tait, 

Woiherspoon & Abbotts 
40 Hodgson J. E.M., com traveller 
42 Locke Piers, of Black & Locke 
44 McLaren D. K., of Wm. C. 

Mcl..aren & Co. 
46 Pownall Robert, scc'y Canada 

Life Ins. Co. 
50 Young Mrs. A., wid John 

MANSFIELD, from 746 Lagau- 
chetiere north to 862 Sher- 
brooke, St Antolne ward 

19 Hadrill George, sen., clerk 
Hadrlll George, jun., clo'k 
Hadrill A. VV., asst secretary 

21 Parsons Win. H., civil engineer 

23 Pelletier R.O., piofussor ol musio 

26 McCorkill J. C, of Keller At 

Duinont J. Bte., carpenter 

27 Tabb H. N., inspector 

29 Woods Robert, contractor 
84 Bureau Mrs. C, wid George 

30 Uuiudon J., laborer 














30 Gaiithier Joscpli, carter 

UuinUoii Tuu.siiaiut, BUoemaker 

Here Dorchester st. intenects. 

Kuox cUurcli, Canada I'rcsby- 

lui'iaii, i't!v. Jad. l<luck, luiiiistr 

(S5 Ncl^ioii 1' mil., ul U. A. Aulsuu & 

67 McLuivu lioiiry, of Copluud & 

69 McL.L'oa (J. 11., lecturer McCiill 

71 Wuiauii a., uf J. WatsuD & Go. 

73 Millar J. a., tiUippiiig ugi'Ut 
Milliir il. o., ciL'iK u.l.U. 

74 isuuit Ju^epii, curuUi^ei.' VV'cl- 

liiij^iuu Oiidj;i! 

75 Buoy iiui'uce, ul'llua, Uichard- 

sou & Co. 

76 Boas !<'. , salesman 

V7 J<ert;uBoii Jlrs. l^.,wid Archibald 
Uu»s W iiiiii.u, iiuiury 
Uus^ U>!oi'^e, uguul 

79 Cliipiiiuu Jus. IS. Al., mana^ier 

lil 111)11 MudiCill ijlto aadou'U 
Cliipiiiuii i'. d. 

80 W liiijc.iiuO Kobert, foremuu 

W'lim.wii ollice 

81 Ueaiiiu O. i'., vvUiilusale mrclit 
8.1 ijuuriui .tlid. 

8<i Juue.^J. 11., luauagerfurltobert 

84 tjiuiliii- A. C, nitidicul student 

8u blKpuilM 1<I>. J; M.U. 

8ii Mcuui.iiuii v., uf jiuUuuvrau, 

lu-Ki-i- & .UcUouiit'll 
87 Cameron uupiuiu Cliuiles 
8^ Aiiibi'.i.-^su .1. 1>. L„ di'UggUt 
90 tjuthur.uiiu tiuliu K., laiiur 

btuveusuu AUaiu 
94 Jaiii.t^iuii Sl.16. J., wid Ueorge 

97 Uodriguu JotUpli 

98 UurriMiii Juuu, ulJoha Murri> 

Huii & sua 
Murri.'-iiii Jained, of JohnMorri- 
suii Si, auii 

100 Spuiicii- U., AI.D. 

Here Callicart st. ends. 

101 Fish (Ji'urge, bookkeeper 

102 Aliiuf .ui'a. L>., MidJuiiie.s 
Kelley l- rtfu. W., M.A., I'b.D. 

104 liiOOai'u 1. L., tuiriei' 
ll6 liruuiifin Mrd. J., wid J. C. 
108 Hi'uv.i.-ego Jir.-. Al. A., wid C. 
lit* LauaW .liic'ii J., yuuiig lauies' etitablidiuiiuut 

Here St. Citlierine st. intersecl*. 

113 Gibb Mi.sii Victoria 
115 UulU.-it'iii A., ul A. Guldstein & 

118 Irela. (I Tlios , engraver 
ist Juiiii n iUa'<oiiic litill 

King ^oluiuun ludge No. 622, 

14. -. 
Muutic l^>yal lodge 32 (^.K. 

119 Ouvii ,l.u. 

ISO Gurd.iii A Kgnn, plumbers 

121 lterii..r'. 1'., i)rol'e.-!tur ul 1 reucli 

122 Guru >ii l>Uiiuiiii, pluiiiOur 

123 Cliipiii.iii >V. i.., iUBpeclur Mer- 

cliaia.-* bank 
125 IJuirnigtun George, of George 

Itari'i.iglun & Sun 
127 McCoiiKcy 1'. L,., iniliiucry 
Vl\> l*erkiii,>, U.ivid 
131 Vouhg Wunieiiii' Clirlstiun qb- 

Hoeuuiuii, .Mi'H. Juhil Muu- 

l>ou„ull,pre.'iiUeiit; Misiii3auu> 

derail III, secretary 
133 Bluiih'iiiiiai a., tuiior 
135 CurdiiL'r ili-a., wla tliarloa 

137 Ituwell Mrs. Emily, wid Jolin 

Mct'adyn Kev. A. L. 
I:i9 liae Mm. Margaret, wid A. 

140 JenUin.s rev. Jolui.D.L)., L.L.O., 

uiliii^ur 61 Paul's cliurcli 

141 Liildell VVni., superiuleiident 

Muntreal g) mna.->iunt 
Muiilrtal g) niiiu.'-ium 

142 lluliand Uicliard 

l:i3 Jleroaiicilu hioiary Association 

and Ueaduig room, Wui. Lid- 

dell, guardian 
Moiiiivul diiow-shoe and La- 

erocs ■ club room 
144 I'oley M. S., of M. S. Foley 

& Co. 
148 KuOiiiMrs. Kot-e, t'dglisc 

llubUurd Walter It., Marine In- 

bui'unce Co. 
IluliOai'd John J., of Hubbard 

& Donald 
150 King lidwin F., P. O. inspector 
152 Canllie J. A., ul i'autliu, Ewau 

& Co. 

Here liunuUte place intersects, 

154 Henderson Mrs. C, wid J. H. 
iOti Jolinsuu juiiies, Juu., uf James 

Julinson & Co. 
158 Cruil James, ugeut of the I'resby- 

teriuii church lu Canada 
Itil AndeL-oii Juiin, baker 
103 Kirkpatrick J E., of Kirkpat- 

rick ik Ciukrou J. J., clerk 
168 ayiuiner9& ;SuiitiiJlis»es, young 

lUUICi' (ClIuOl 

J 73 Teei Ihos. W., of i'eel Bros. 

i eel Kubei t, ouutractur 

i'eel Aiixaiidur, uf i'eei Bros. 
175 IruUerJuhn, clerk 

Irottoi Mrs. B., wid T. 

Xruiier Miss 
177 Laurie J., ol Sterling & McCall 
liU laylur Alexaiiuer, buukkeeper 
2U5 i'uilllps Mis. MartUu, wiu ins. 

MANUFACTaRERS, from 141 
iteigueurs we.t to Brewstei'a 
road, St Ann ward 

5 Ue.'^jardiiis Joseph, sen. 
Ui-jjaidui!. Ju.>epli, juii., nailer 
Canieioii Joiiii, laborer 
Muiiette A., biakeinuii G.X.U. 

7 Cliaput i'hiliiipe, grocer 

8 Vamiiii'lio K. a., grocer 
y Kelly ileury, engineer 

lo Lupieii Aiiiiur, juiiier 

I'liiiier Miciifl, laborer, r 
12 Valitiuelte I'. S., grocer 
H Uiidei'dowii John, cook 
Ij Uouviot M'aiiijJis, eiiginoor 
10 Dillon Win., laburer 
17 St cyr I'ierre. cabinetmaker 
lU Be gi'vln Luus, laborer 
Ai (Julini'ti. Miciiel, shueiiuiker, r 
I'oilras \avier, la'jur r, r 
M .Mi'iianiiii I'at., laborer, r 
MuiriSM'y Mr.s. !■:., wid Jus. 

23 Uvvjer lutrick, labuier 

24 McMaiius Beruai'il, laborer 
Cuirie Mrchai!!, laburer, r 

25 liiruii Jus., brakenuin U.l'.K. 
20 Meluche Juliii, d.iver 

27 Lilian Juliu K., laborer 

30 Monagliiin 1 hu.s., laburer 

31 Laporie Aug., coiiauuinr G.T.U, 

32 .Mcl^voy Mrs. B., will F. 

33 Miiiliewsoii Win., mouliier 

31 Coiisiantiiieau Mrs. S , wid Jos. 
35 illiiton Adolpliu.i, laborer 

Cicaiilaii James, blaoksinltli, r 
87 MOtrus AlpUousu, laborer 

39 McElrov Mrs Rnsa 

44 Oliver James, biiilermaker 

40 Dart Maynard II., carpenter 

48 Irving \Vin., polisher O.T.U. 

49 Conway Thiinias, butcher 
Leclaire Joseph, laborer, r 

55 I'lielan James, wateliniau 
Nolan John, basketniaker 

56 I'helan Joseph, machinist 

61 Gauthier Jeun ii.,shlpcai'penter 
Tucker John, laborer, r 
Gilardeau Alex., laborer, r 
Lepiue M6deric, laborer, r 

62 McGauvrau Mis. A., wid Peter 
60 Tynan Win., laborer 

70 jfcAiee George, carter 
70 Sly John, butcher 

77 KeinliurUt Uichard. carter 

78 McConoinyTliomas, laborer 

79 AUcKeowii E., wood merchant 
81 Hutchison Hubert, miller 
81.JlJunl Cmus., machinist 

I'igeon Franyoio, laborer 
83pierigan Tliuma-, saloon 

Here Island st. intersects, 

89 C0l6 Louis, carter 
SOJKapple Jo-eph, blacksmith 
9liDoyie I'eler, labuier 
95 iiuurque tloiuiisdus, butcher 
lUl Sullivan Ali-s. Margaivt, wid D. 
Sullivan Kichard, laborer 

109 Muiiagliiin Juliii, carter 
Sullivun Daniel, laborer, r 

113 Blown Juhu, grocer 

Here St. Andrew st. intersects, 

110 St Pierre Eusebe, butcher 

IIU Haddlessy F., heater rolling mis 

121 Curran James, timekeeper, r 

125 Gleiison Tiinuthy,cart4!r 

127 W liite James, sa\i ) er 

131 Curruii Julin, laborer 

137 Moiiaghaii Jas., blacksmith 

Cutler C , laborer, r 
140 McGiiuvrun hd., laborer 

Mclveiiwn Neu, laborer, r 
142 Wait Joseph, lab. ivr 
l42iCoiteMis , wid William 
lil^Marcoitu A., laburer 
Ho Ciautliier i cave, lurter 
HO^Uu.ssault Louis, laburer 
148 Patenauue uiuLs, laborer 
148jFavi'eault Chs., carter 
luu Mou.ssette 1' , blauksinith 
150jMurphy Thus., laborer 

Here Hojjerj/ st. intersects, 
159 llairliigton JameF', laborer 
162 McAaiiuiru Jus.,gr>.cer 
103 Bradley Joiiu, cooiier, r 
lO'J McAuiey Chs., cuiier 
170 Miles Lilwaid, carter 
173 McNeil Joliii, stonecutter 
li4 Caion lliOoplii.e, caiier 
170 Kai wak r Henry, laborer 

Fi'ost Joiiii, iron worker 
177 JicCarthy Tiiiiuthy, tailor 

Harringtun I'utricK, laborer 
189 Upple Oeoige, b.acksmitli 

Ueyiiulus I'uinck, laborer, r 
191 Kelly Bartholuniew, niilknian 
2oO Scott V\ m., brakeman G.T K, 

JJere Jiriioster road intersects. 

229 DesgeaiH MoVse, laborer 
<!3'1 Green Benjamin, lab irer 
L32 Anderson John, blacksmith 
2;i4 Leiebvre Frs , sailor 
235 Moineau Aniuine, inilkmau 
241 Ka e Maurice, laburer 

Hogan James, labuier 
244 I'llon 1 aui, carpenter 

Duprii JoUu, turuer 



247 Troy Mrs., wid I 
Pouleiot James, 

250 Greeney .las., wa 
Doran Thomas, 1 

154 Weir William, ct 

261 Shaw Frs.. carte 

MAPLE, near 
head of St An ire, 
limitB, St Louis 

Here Cherrier st. 

07 Brian Phil^as, gi 

i.,et<'bvre Z6phiri 

Tli6rien Elie, mai 

Or Par'izcau Damase 

09 P^^ruse C. .(., engi 

S4 Gauthier Frs., lei 

^8 Lauiier .1. Bte., s 

s:> Plante Xnvier, br 

3) Roclion E., shoen 

Cliartiand Amfd' 

;>! Coyle James, coa 

92 ChabotNap., bot 

04 Beauchamp Moisi 
Boauchamp .1. Bt 

05 Maill6 Joseph, sti 
96 La belle Frs., woo 

93 Cloutior Pierre, s 
liiO Garrett Thomas, 
102 Desmarais P. U., 
m MilNT.N., clerk 
108 Notman John S., 
110 Daly M.,profps3fl 
112 David Louis, con 

Galarneau Pliil^ai 

Hre Roy st. in 

!.'!() KtraultTreffle, ci 

140 Motcalf Charles, i 

141 T^traiilt Louis, sh 
143 Di'Bchfines Joseph 
U7 Varny Louis, joiiu 
U9 Auclaire Cyprien, 
ITS Deli.''li*S., mason 

Bruneau L6on, cc 
Goujfeon K , joine 
(Jartier Paul, featl 
1^4 Doslorinier Frs., 
1^6 Qiievillon /- , bak 
190 Demontigny S. 8. 
200 Cdt6 J. D., tradei 
217 Dorhm D., b;iker 
225 Gaudry A. E., ba 

Joseph, StAutoin 

6 Donovan A Staffi 

11 Masterinan Itenr 
l:J Mastermau A. S. 
Vi Harper James, 1)1 


way Track to 10 

Ann ward 

V.) Penk Georpo, cle 
21 Mingle Walter H 
23 Ellis George, pat 
27 Erapey U., coudi 
20 Sloane George, c 

west to Parthen 

11 Coll* Joseph, lal 

12 Connors Patrick, 
Hi Hcxton John, lal 
U Drolet Arthur, « 








347 Troy Mrs., wld Pat. 

Pouleiot Jameii, shipcarpenter 
250 Greeney .las., watchman 

Doran Thnmas, laborer, r 
VA Weir William, currier, r 
261 Shaw Frs.. carter 

MAPLE, near 265 Sherbrooke, 
head of St An ire, north to City 
limits, St Louis ward 

Here Cherrkr st. inlfrsects. 

07 Brian l>liil^a.s, grocer 

Letobvre X^phirin, shoemaker 
Tli^rien Klio, ma«on, r 
Gr rai-lzeau Damase, w od mercht 
t)9 IVruse »;. ,(., engineer 
S4 Gaiithier Kra., Icatlicr currier 
■18 La»i ier ,1. Bte., shoemaker 
S;) Plaiite Xavier, bricklayer 
d) RocliDii K., Bhoomaker 

Chartraiid Am^d^e. joiner 
!>1 Coyle Jamea, coachman 
ft2 ChabotNap., bookkeeper 
94 Beauchamp Moise, joiner 
Beauchamj) .1. Bte., joiner 
fl.5 Maill6 Joseph, stonccuttor 
1)6 La belle Frs., wood dealer 
98 Cloutior I'ierre, stonecutter 
liXf Garrett Tlioinas, laborer 
102 Desmarais 1*. U., Rrocer 
m MilNT.N., clerk 
11)8 Notman John S., photographer 
110 Daly M., profe.ssor 
112 David Louis, contractor 
Galarneau I'hil^as, carter, r 

Hire Roy st. inferseetit. 

l.j!) T^traultTreffle, carpenter 

140 Metcalf Charles, afgrent 

141 T^trault Louis, shoemaker 
143 Ui>8Cli<!ne« Joseph, clerk 
147 Varf^y Louis, joiner 

149 AuclaifH Cyprien, collector 
ITS Uelisli- S., mason 

Bruneau L6on. contractor 

Uoujjeon E , joiner 

(^artior Paul, feather renovator 
I'll Deslorinier Frs,, shoemaker 
1S6 Quevillon Z , baker 
196 DemoMtigny S. 8. P., lafcorer 
3)0 C6t6 J. D., trader 
217 Dorion D., b:iker 
225 Gaudry A. K., baker 

Joseph, St Antoine ward 

6 Donovan It Stafford, boots and 


11 Mustcrnian Henry, butcher 
l'! Masternian A. S., butcher 
10 Harper James, butcher 

MAPLE AVENUE, from the Rail- 
way Track to 102 HuUins, St 
Ann ward 

19 Penk Georfre, clerk G T.R. 
21 Mingle Walt(>r H., carpenter 
2!J Kills George, patternmaker 
27 Krapey U., conductor G.T.K. 
29 Sloane George, cooper 

MARIANNA, off 262 Fullum, 
west to Parthenais, St Uary 

1) Coll* Joseph, laborer 

12 Connors Patrick, laborer 
1:1 Hcxton .John, laborer 

U Urolet Arthur, shoemaker 

16 Fouchon Jules, watchmaker 
IT Dupuis Joseph, uudertaker 
18 Bibaud LAon, painter 

Fi>ucher M£d6ric. carpenter 

Trudel Mrs., wid 

21 H6tu Ji>r«mie, laborer 
Poitras Henri, laborer 

22 Parent Antoine, laborer 

23 Duroclier Mrs., wid Maximo 

24 Bouclier Antoine, laborer 
2,5 Lacoste Alcher, laborer 
26 Robert Emile, laborer 

MARIE JOSEPH, from 31 St 
Andre west to 37 St Christophe, 
St James ward 

1 Ringuette Louis, grocer 

2 St .lean Antoine, joiner 

4 Pucjuette Bazile, shoemaker 

5 Lamesse Joseph, plumber 

6 Doucot Louis A., shoemaker 

7 Tourville F. X., shoemaker 

8 Deslauriers Calixte, shoemaker 

9 Ryan Henry, storcman 

10 Pelletier Mrs. E., wid B. 

11 Dyotte C, laborer 

12 Tremblay Felix, laborer 

13 Montpetit M., laborer 

14 PiMtier Joseph, clerk 

15 Lapierre Mrs. Olive, wid .J. J. 

16 l^enaud Pierre, shoemaker 

18 Larivi6re Joseph, lab jrer 

20 Roulot Joseph, laborer 

22 Godard Mrs. M., wid E. 
26 Lemieux Frs., laborer 

233 Sangainet, between Mig- 
nonne and Ontario, St Louis 

15 S6,?uin D., clerk 

17 Ke'naud George, shoemaker 

19 Gigiit'ro Louis, shoemaker 
Ruuillard Israel, shoemaker 

21 Bertrand Simon, joiner 

22 Granger Adenias, clerk 
Charette Alex., tinsmith 
Orl(?an8 Jos., stonecutter 

23 St Pierre Mareil, laborer 

24 Bonoit Alfred, joiner 
Jiickson James, agent 

26 Turcotte Charles, printer 
Di'lorme Ant., bricklayer 

26 Fauvel Mrs. Lucie, wid F. X. 
Dagenais Stanislas, painter 
Brisebois F. X., blacksmith 

27 Pepin Mathias, printer 

Beloc Mrs. Phil., wid Charles, r 
Gagnon Louis, laborer, r 

23 L'Archeveoue Picrpe, baker 
GreniiT J. N., polisher 
Bonrgoin Cleophas, painter 

30 Lariviisre Isiia", s'loemlkor, r 
Jliirln Fabien, joiner, r 
i,.abellc Louis, painter, r 
Parri Mrs. Kug6iile, wid J., r 
Jolicoeur Isra 1, shoemaker, r 
St Louis Jules, laborer, r 

32 Duval Mrs. S., wid C, bdg lise 
Barlulle A., pnintc^r 
Lormand Alfred, joiner 

34 Iroude Peter, bookkeeper 

rence market), oif 181 St Law- 
rence, St Louis ward 

2 Nadeau & Fils, furniture 

4 Nosida Alphonse, tob.icconist 

6 Wilson IJeury, grulu merchaut 


MATHIEU, ofT 241 OnUrio, St 
Mary ward 

263 Lagarde Michel, maton 
265 Boisvert L^on, laborer 
267 Goulet Hoise, shoemaker 
269 Lalonde Josetih, pedlar 
273 Katelle Mrs. Rosalie, wid 

J,,alibert6 Joseph 
275 Monette M^dard, laborer 
279 DuludeMrs. 

Monette J. Bte. 

Ifi:re Ontario st. intersecti, 

323 Rochelot Joseph, joinnr 
I'rovost NapoliSon, agent 
•331 Lemay 11., leather manufacturer 
333 Archambault Andr6, laborer 
341 Chouinard T., laborer 
345 Drapeau Charles, shoemaker 

Paqnette Mrs. Marie, wid 
■3.53 Jolicoeur Mrs. Marie, wid 
.355 Aubry Louis, laborer 
3,57 Lafraiice Benjamin, laborer 
361 Reid Pierre, trader 
363 Thouin Cyrillo, carter 
365 I'avernier Mrs. Adeline, wid 
•367 Derect Edward, laborer 
•369 Keegan Godfrey, water police 
375 Koy Louis, toymakor 
377 Dubois Louis, blacksmith 
379 Lafleur Antoine, mason 
•381 Archambault — , laborer 

MATTHEW. SseMathieu. 

MAYOR, from 206 Bleary to 35 
Aylmer, St Antoine and St 
Lawrence wards 

2 Courtney' John M., cabinetmaker 

7 Scott Miss Jane 
IVcbles J. T., stationer 

8 Law William, shoemaker 
Law Miss Maria, dressmaker 

10 Evans Albert, agent 
Lynch Pat., bricklayer, r 
Warren Mrs., wid Mosck, r 

12 Lawrence Mrs. T., wid 

13 Kilgour James, carpenter 

14 Warren Robert, agent 

15 Chipcjiase James, cabinetmaker 
Ijuigley Mrs. Flora, wid John 
Heme Win., marbl<> polislier, r 

lolSalter William, printer 
17'McMurtrie John, engineer, r 
19 Hilton T .acting sergt City police 

Kodgors Fn'd., storeiiian 
24 Seiinatt Anthony, cartur 
26 Brown John, driver 

Simpson Mrs., wid, r 

Here St. Alexander .it. cnili. 

.39 Hilton E. A., organist 
41 (iilisoii John F , agent 
43 Moore (ii'ioRi', llorist 
45 Norris .Mr.-,., wid T. 
47 Sonn'rville l»., builder 
iSomerville (-hs., clerk 
51 Kelly Mrs. E., wid Ed. 

63 Dogherty Wm., cabinetmaker 
57 Stoiihouse Willium, plumber 

Holland U. H., tancy goods 

Here Citi/ Councillor.i it. intersectt. 

tiO Richmond Mrs. Emma, wid L.^ 

62 Parent Pascal, carpenter 

64 Beaufort Mrs. Marie, wid J. 
t>6 Butler .lames, laborer 

67 ("lltVord Mrs. M., wid John 
6ST»vlorMrs. P., wid Alex. 
70 O'Brien T., saloon 







MeCOBD, from 261 Wellington 
north to 364 St Joseph, St Ann 
3 Degaire Antoine, saloon 

Here St. Lion st. commences. 
7 Herard (Jeorge, laborer 
<J Uourke lluf;li, nalooii 
13 Sullivan Coruuliu?, laborer 

16 Morris John, coiiper 

17 Ilickuy James, grocer 
21iWoodhouap Joseph 

23 Butler I'atrick, machinist 
23]McLouglilin James, painter 
25 Desrubiers Mrs. D., wid J. Bte. 

Jlere Oder nt. commences. 

Here Basin at. begin.'. 

35 Barry John, laborer 

Cofl'ey Jeremiah, biacksraith 
37 I'errault M., laborer 
3'J Daviu Michael, grocer 

Here Smith st. ends, 

41 Crowe Mrs. C, wid Fat., fruits 

42 St Ann's church. It. C, rev. 

James Hogan, parish priest ; 
revs. Jas Brown, J. Callahan, 
W. Ducket, L. J. Miller and 
C. Thibault 

43 Cregan Matthew, boilermaker 
Cregan James, boilermaker 

45 White William, shoemaker 

47 Guerin James, M.D. 

49 Malone Wm., warehouseman 

51 Martin f hilip, laborer 

63 KeegHU A., professor 6t Patrick's 

55iMarghall I'iorce, carter 

Murphy John, laborer 
67 Savage Michael, grocer 
67iMcArthur James A., engineer 
59 Martin John, carter 

Gleeson Uennis D., laborer 
61 Kane Mrs. B., wid John 
63 Pepper Kobert, laborer 

ClarKc James, bridgeman 
65 McGuire John, laborer 
67 Cavanagh Mrs. 
69 Moffut John, nailer 
71 Morris Kobert, moulder 

Cannon Patrick, stevedore 
73 Hoobin J. hn, machiniiit 
75 Ford John, printer 
77 GatTney Barth., moulder 
79 Ganuau John, cooper 
81 Dineen Maurice, sergt police 

O'Byrnf (-'hs., gateman G.T.U. 
83 Sanderson John J., laborer 
85 Sanderson Kobert, laborer 
95 Power John, laborer 
97 Coady Mrs. Kose A., wid John 
1U2 St Ann's school and academy, 

tister St Francis, Hupcrioress 
113 Farmer Thomas 

Nugent Patrick, laborer, r 

Kane Mrs. Bridget, wid I'at., r 

Kennedy Mrs. k,., wid M., r 

Murray Mrs., r 

Skelly Francis, laborer, r 

Ralvey Jliss Kliza, dressmaker, r 
115 hrennan Mrs. Maria, wid U. 
121iKeilly James, laborer 

Kyan VVm., policeman 
ViS Black Christopher, laborer 
123iUugi>r8 Samuel, laborer 
125 Malioucy Daniel, laborer 

Donnelly Charles, laborer 
127 Maloney Patrick, shoemaker 

Uullarky Anthony, shoemaker 
129 Bclluis Peicr, laborer 
1291GibboDS Pat., lihunter G.T.R, 

Here Ottawa it. intersects. 

Here St. Augustin )t. ends. 

135 McCabe Mrs Ann, wid Jar.ies 
McNarn ira Michael, watchman 

137 Kobillard S., pilot 
Sinnott Thomas, laborer 

138 Hogan Patrick, laborer 
1(19 >iolan Edward, laburcr 

Sheridan Mrs. B., wid Thomas 

140 Kenny Philip, engineer 

141 Gleason Dennis, watchman 

142 McCatTrey Thomas 

143 Seymour James, laborer 

144 Smith Wm. J., coachman, r 

145 Stevenson William, tailor 

146 Lef>-bvrp Alex., brakeman 

147 Shelly Thomas, machiiist 
118 Welsh Michael, carter G.T.R. 
HSU'^canlaii Mrs. l.ridjjet, wid J. 
150'Briody Thomas, laborer 

150i Farmer James, laborer 
152 Sherry John, machinist 

Cusack Mrs. C, wid John 
173 Dupuy A., & Co., lumber merchs 
1j6 Nevin John, trader 
159 liurke Patrick, carter 
IGl Samou Richard, laborer 

162 Quinn John, checker G.T.R. 

Here Seminary st. ends. 

163 Dair William, coachman 
165 Johnston Thom^is, grocer 

167 Driscoll I'hos., gr'jcer 

168 Savage Alf., & Son, soap & oil 
109 Foley Patrick, gardener 

171 Lynch •lames, grocer 
173 Kane Micliael, laborer 
175 Foley Michael, steumfitter 
177 Kelly Mrs. C, wiJ Michael 
179 Riley John, baker 

Here William it. intersects. 

O'Connell Mrs. K., wid Thomas, 
187 Cloran Joseph, baker 
189 Hallen David, tailor 
193 Msldrum Robert, carter 
l!)3jIlislop Daniel, storeman 
196 Humphrey A., foreman 
195iKeliy James, letter carrier 

196 Dupuis Pieire, shoemaker 

197 Lortie L,, saddler 

198 Horn John, nailmaker 

199 Lortiti J., fruits, tbc. 

Here Darrf st. intersects. 

Dufour Pierre, grocer 
207 Pigeon Alex., laborer 

209 Lalonde J. Bte., laborer 

210 Vezina Jos., carpenter 

214 McGowan Mrs. K., wid John 
216 Katolle Alex., barber 

216 Descliambault Jos. 

217 L 'speranue Joseph, saloon 

218 Parent Joseph 
Parent C. A., notary 

2^0 I.iifoiid Mathias, St Joseph club 
'2*22 Bougie Arthur, barber 
Kousse D., saloon 

Here St. Jo.wph st. intersects and 
Mountain st. begins. 

McOILL, from 35 Common north- 
to Victoria sq, West ward 

28 Leouyer J. D. U., It Co., coal 
Here TouviUe st, interaecla. 

29 Maybury J., & Co , coal mchts 
52 Beard S. W., & Co., coal mei chta 

Here IVetlington »t. «»mmence». 

66 Davis S., manufocturer of cigars 
62 McNally W., & Co., drain pipes 
65 Robertson F.,coal and wood 
74 Jones F. C, steel and stencil 
letter cutter 

78 Montreal Gas Co.'s lamp light- 

ers' oilice 

79 Latimer Kobert J., jun., agent 

81 Cossitt G. M., & Bro., manufac- 

turers of agricultural imple- 
ments, R. J. Latimer, agent 

Korth American Broom Co., 
Chas. Drake, agent 

Drake Charles, agent Korth 
American Broom Co. 

80 WatkiusJiilin, barber 

82 Harder Wm., genl merchant 

83 Baile Andrew, coal merchant 
86 Kirkpatrick & Cookson, tiour 
88 Archer Robert, & Co., produce 
90 Hall, Kay & Co., metal merchts 

92 De Sola Bros. & Collins, produce 

and commission merchants 

93 Evans Wm., seedsman 

Here Fouwlting st. ends and Wil- 
liam St. commences. 

St. Ann's market. 

Here Commissioners st. ends. 

96 Charlebois Hyacintbe, grocer 
100 Johnson B. D., & Sod, boott 

and shoes 
106 Warminton R. & W., tinsmiths 

108 Leggat James, boots and shoes 

109 McShane Richard, grocer 
113 Pagels & Ferguson, tobacco 

116 McCruddeu Wm., boots & shoes 

117 Jones G. E., barlK'r 

119 Hart & Tuckwell, IVuitg 

120 Perry James, boots and shoes 

122 Edwards Jas., storeman 

123 Monette J s.. Western house 

dining rooms 

124 Light bound, Ralston & Co., 


Here College st. begins and St, Paul 
St. ends. 

129 GuilbaultT., saloon 

133 Foley Thos., importer 

134 Meld Edward.gents' furnishings 

135 Pringle J is. J., fruit dealer 
138 Moss Geo. W., agent 

140 Donnelly Jas., & Son, dry goods 

141 Albion hotel, Stearn.s & Murray, 

St«arns A Murray, proprietors 

Albion hotel 
Murray C. M.. of Stearns k 

Mackenzie Kcinioth, of Mftc- 

keuxle, I'owis & Co. 
Stitt ['., bnokkeeper 
Svkes.S V. 

Wilson Jas., jun., oil merchant 
Robertson F., wood and coal 
Koburtsoii Keiinetli, rierk 
McKiniion John, merchant tailor 

142 lowing Bros., seed mcichants 

147 Lee F. W., & Bro., grocers 

Here Lemoine st. ends. 

146 Packard L, II., & Co., shoe 
Henderson Robt., & Co , agents 

148 Haswull II., St Co., druggists 
162 Tester Jas. W , It Co., wholesale 

fruit deulers and contectionen 
104 Fcrneyhough S. A., Montreal 

Stencil Works 
Montreal Stencil works, 8. A, 

Ferueyliou«h, pmprietor 
Turner Urus., mauulacturerg 



165 Irwin R., sadd 

168 Maokay Broth 
l'J7 Vict iria coffee 

169 Middleton & B 
Aldridge Georj 

171 Murray James, 

Here St. Alaurict 

176 Oriental Tea C 
Carroll J., of < 

177 Jacobs H.. & ( 
181 Douglass & iU 
184 Fisher M., Son 
1S6 Mills & Uutcli 
137 Birks Richard, 

188 Mathewson & 

189 Bergin Micliae 

191 Goldberg Davi 
Goldberg llyin 

192 Mcl'herson J 

195 Patterson Ja'*. 
Wright Jas. V 


196 Wilkes Robt., 
Jones J. U., ni 

198 Brown Jas., di 
Brown J S,j 

199 Dwane John, I 
>>00 Holland Mrs. ] 
9O2 Mathewson J a 

203 I'atton Thoma: 

Here liecoll 

204 Dunn Robt., d 
•208 Huston Clis., c 
2')9 Michaels tl., p 
211 McEiityre Dan 
'212 B6langer Chs., 
213 Beck Martin, i 

215 Stuart Ed., hat 

Here Jfotre Dame 
Joseph st, 

216 Kilgallin Marti 
'219 Hannah J. W., 
221 Howe Machine 

British Amerk 
Brooks J. !<., 
Machine Co. 
223 Irish Mutual I 
Irving T., iuipi 
Spence Ali'x.. 
Prrreault Deni 
Hicks s. X., si 
Hocfor James. 
Sternborg H., 
225 Miners Suniue 
'226 Walker Alex., 
'227 Martin J., & C 
231 Dwane Thos., 
2:32 Bnas B. A ,a(t 

233 Michaels Maui 

234 Robertson & 

238 King John E., 

from 64 Cathci 
Sherbi'ooke, n< 
St Antoine wa 

2 Tabb William 

Tubo Albert E 

Flint Geo. H 

4 Ascher U. S. < 

6 Kushton Allrc 

10 Marien JosepI 

11 Godfrey R. f , 

12 O'Brien C.,pt 
Burns John, p 



•er of cigars 
Irain pipes 
d wood 
»nd stencil 

lamp light- 
en., agent 
I., manulac- 
ural imple- 
lor, agent 
troom Co., 

ent North 

son, flour 
o., produce 
L'tal morclits 
ins, produce 

Is and IVil- 

nee 8. 


St. ends. 

be, grocer 
, Son, booti- 

f., tinnmitlis 
g and shoes 
oots & shoes 


and sboea 


stern house 

on & Co., 

md St, Pant 


)n, dry goods 
ih & Murray, 


Stearns ft 

h, of Mac- 

il merchant 
1 and coal 
, rlerli 
rchiint tailor 

. ends. 

Co., shoe 

Co , agentt 

, u lioleeale 

roi'ks, 8. A. 



1 » 







1G5 Irwin R., saddler 
106 Mackay Brothers, dry goodf 
l'J7 Vict'iria cufli'e and cliop house 
1139 Middk-ton k Birnll. friits 

Aldridgo Ueoi'gi>, uho]) house 
171 Murray Jamus, clothier 

Jlere St. Maurice st. commences. 

176 Oriental Tea Company 
Carroll .1., of Oriental Tea Co. 

177 Jacobs 11.. & Co., tobacconists 
181 DiiuglasH & .McNit'ce, crockery 
184 Fisher M., Sons & Co., woollens 
18ti Mills & llutcliisoii, woollens 

187 Birks Kicliard, drugj;'''* 

188 Mathewson & Patton, grocers 

189 Uergin Michael, tailor 

191 Goldberg l>avid, pawnbroker 
Goldberg llyman, pawnbroker 

192 Mcl'herson J W., restaurant 

195 Patterson Ja"., boots and shoes 
Wright Jas. V., reporter " Wlt- 


196 Wilkes Robt., importer 
JouesJ. II., nianagor 

198 Brown Jas., dry goods 
Brown J S., jun., merchant 

199 Dwane John, bjots and shoes 

200 Holland Mrs. iM , wid John 
p02 Mathcwson Jas. A., grocer 
;03 Patton Thomas, clothier 

Uere HecoUet st. ends. 

204 Dunn Robt., dry goods 

'208 Huston Chs., clothier 

2')9 Michaels tl., prop Pantechnicon 

211 McKutyre Daniel, clothier 

212 B^langer Chs., tobacconist 

213 Beck Martin, imimrter 

215 Stuart Kd., hatter and furrier 

Htre Hotre Dame st. ends and St. 
Joseph st, begins. 

Here St. Catherine st. intersects. 




Kilgallin Martin.Fountain house 
Hannah J. W.,& Co., upholstery 
Howe Machine Co., J.F. Brooks, 

British American Dyeing Co. 
Brooks J. 1'., manager Howe 

Machine Co. 
Iriih Mutual IJuildiug Society's 

Irving T., imiwrtorshoe findings 
Spence Alex., general nu>reliant 
PiTreauit Deul.-', janitor 
llicks s. X., si. ns 
Hoctor Jiimes. cigars 
Hternborg U., cap manufacturer 
Mevers Samuel, jeweller 
Wiilker Alex., & Co , dry poods 
Martin J., & Co., restaurant 
Dwane Thos., boots and shoes 
Boas B. A , i Co., importers 
Michaels Maurice, tobacconist 
Robertson & Co , hatters & 

King John E., suddler 


from 64 Cathcart noith to 844 
Sherbiooke, near FUillips sq, 
St Antoine ward 

2 Tabb William R., sen. 
Tubo Albert E. D., clerk 
Flint Geo. H , journalist 

4 Aiicher U. S. U., merchant 

6 Uushtou Allrod, clerk 

10 Marien Joseph, hairdresser 

11 Godfrey R. T, M.D. 

12 O'Brien C, painter 
Burns John, plumber 

17 Nutter A. S., dentist 
Nutter J. D.,ot J. D 

Nutter J A., traveller 
Nutter W. D., traveller 

18 McFarhme Andrew, of McFar 

lane Jk Co. 

20 Craig Thos., cashier Exchange 


21 Morris Charles, of E. Lichten- 

hein & t j. 
Morris James 
Lichtenhein £., of Lichtenhein 


22 Mitchell hon. P. 

23 Akrill F. T., clerk 

24 Fowler R. J., prof of music 
Beattio J., of Rankin, Beattie & 

Robertson John A., of Robert- 
sons, LintOD & Co. 

27 Perkins Mrs. M. M., wid J. A. 
Perkins Alex. M., of Perkins 

& Perkins 
Perkins Arthur M., of Perkins 
& Perkins 

28 Skelton J. W. 

29 Duncan J., of J. Duncan & Co. 

30 Dydecol. John, C.M.Go.,f Dyde 

& Major 

31 Leslie A. C, of A. C. Leslie & 

SSFraser Mrs. E., wid Thomas 

33 Myers Samuel, jeweller 

34 Hagar cha^. M. 

36 Laiour Major L. A. H., notary 

37 Stewart James F., of Verret, 

Stewart & Co. 

38 Black Kob>.rt 

39 Darey P. J., prof McGill uni- 


40 Walker Alex., of A. Walker i 

Walker Fred. W., clerk 

41 Dawson Benjamin, sen. 

43 Gillou Mrs. Mary A., wid John 

Here BurnHde place intersects. 

MoTAVISH.from 887 Sherbrooke 

north to the Reservoir, St An- 

Nutter 4% I toine ward 

1" Scully Peter, coachman 

18 Ferrier Mrs. L., wid G. D. 
Ferrier Louis FrunK, clerk 
Ferriir Arthur G., bank tiller 

20 McCulloch A. A , of McCulloch 

22 Ewing A. S., of S. H. & A. S. 

24 Wotherspoonlvan.M A.,LL.B., 
of Abbott, Tait, Wolher- 
epoon & Abbotts, commission- 
er for Ontario 

26 Pacaud George, broker 

28 Henderson A'., lantlscope pho- 

30 Denuistoun Alexander 

31 Bovey Ueury T., professor Mc- 

Gill universiiy 

32 Woltr Richard, of T. Mav & Co. 

69 Presbyterian llieoli.gicul col- 

lege, rev. D. II. 5lao Vicar, 
LL D., prii.cipul 

MauVicar rev. D inald Harvey, 
LL.D., princ pal mid professor 
of theology Presbyterian Col- 
lege of Montreal 

Lyons D., steward Presbyterian 

70 Hum 1'. Sterry, MA., F.R.S., 

73 Lyman Fred. S., of Dunlop & 

of Lyman, Song & 

44 Cowie W^illiam 

Cowie Miss Catl-.erine 
47 Gautliier Mrs. A,, wid Kdouard 
5'2 Atkinson John, general agent, 
and agent for Mrs. Massou 

63 McArthiir Mr.-,. John, bdg hse 
McArthur John, clerk 

64 sharpley W. E., of Rice Sharp- 

ley & Son 

63 Davidson A., sen., marine in- 

Davidson A., jun., of Davidson 
Bros. & Co. 

64 Badgley hon. Wm. 
Biidgloy John C. N., clerk 

65 JHCobs Beer 

66 Francis Geo., mining agent 

67 Wilson Isaac P. 

68 Dawson W. V., pf Dawson Bros. 

70 Johnson A., LL.D., professor 

McGill university 

71 MacCallumC. F., public weigher 
Cushing J. A., public weigher 

72 Macrae George, y.C, advocate 
DeSola rev. A., D.D., LL.D., 

Iiigli priest Jewish svuagoguo 
and prof McGill university 

73 De Sola Meldola, of Dc Sola 

Bros. & Collins 
De Sola Joseph, of De Sola 
Bros. & Collins 

74 Mucphersou Alex., of Benny, 

Ma :pherson St, Co, 

74 Lyman U 

103 Coleman J 
108 Allan And 

guardian reservoir 
. of 11 & A. Allan 
Lambert Louis, guardian 
Mcbarlane Peter, coachman 
148 Gault M. H., M P., manager 
British America and Royal 
Insurance Companies 
Mi^Laughlin Edward, gardener 
AUau Sir Hugh, of U. & A. 

Dunbar Jo'm, guardian 
Johusou rhos.,couchmun 

MENAI, from Britannia north ta 
86 Forfar, St Ann ward 

42 Wood James, weigher 
62 Wesson Jesse, liiborer 
54 Klrwin John, laborer 
56 Smart David, clerk 

68 Arnott .lames, fitter 
Oxley Mrs. Jessie, wid John. 

60 Huglies Michael, piiinter 
67 l^aron Olivier, nniler 

69 Chauvin J. Bte., nailer 

Here Conway it. intersects. 

86 Keough T., sen., watchman 
Grace Wm., sen., painter, r 
Grace Wm., jun., painter, r 

88 Houston Charles, laborer 
Brockwcll Charles, laborer 

91 Broadhurst Miss A., bdg hse 
Fennell Wm., driver 
Walmsley Wm., litter 
Hudson John, fitter 
Murdock Geo., fireman 
Leonard Wm., fireman 

92 Cuttle Geo., laborer 

95 Wright William, machinist 
98 McCulloch Wm., tinsmith 
100 Uarrick David, bailiff 

Hen Forfar st.Jntersectt. 








KETCALFE, from 781 Dorchester 
north to 887 Sh;rbrooke, St An- 
toine ward 

29 McCrank Mrs. M . wid X. 

Hayps .fohu J., clerk 
31 Maxwell A., accniintant 
. 33 Millov J. ,1., clotliior 

33) Turner \Vm. .1. N., principal 
Montreal Oommorciai scIiodI 

Montreal Commercial kcIiooI, W. 
J. N. Tumor, principal 
35 Mcridowte L., com traveller 
37 Noble W. C, bookkeeper 
39 Becket It. A . , manager ice dcpt 
39iPlil!bin Mrs. Jane, wid Richard 

Philbin Sophia, dre.^^maker 
41 McMiister VVm., appraiser 
43 White E. S. 
45 Adarn^ Capt. R . C, of R. C. 

Ailanii! S[ Co. 
47 Foote S. B. 

49 Findlay J., insp public works 
51 Maokerrow A., diy ({oodjt " 

53 Anderson J. L> , mercliant tailor 
55 Henshaw (ieorce H., cnKincer 
57 Ha.<tings Mrs. M., wid George 

Here St. Catherine st. intersects. • 

93 Paul Walter, grocer 
97 Dominion Telegraph branch 
99 Kehoe 1'., & Co., carponterg 
101 Dunn Miss, bdg hse 
111 Claxton T. J., merchant 
113 Hagar Ed , of E. Hagar & Co. 

Ha;;ar \V. E., clerk 
115 Hutchison John, grocer 
117 Simpson George \V., broker 
119 BiumoroMrs. J. G.. wid ./"hn 
121 Iteaves Geo., iron merchant 
Hish school, boys' department, 
iluiry A. Howe, M. A., LL D , 
rectsr; girls' department, Mrs. 
L. H. Scott, lady principal 
Riiyal Institution, otlice Mctjill 
uuivor.<ity, W. C. Baynes, sec. 
Lunii W'm., treasurer I'rotestant 
Board of School commissioners 
Robins S. 1'., M.A., secretary 
and superintendent of schools, 
l'r>t09tant Board of School 
Biav .1., caretaker 
l23 Wheeler Thomas B., M.D. 
l25 Bigeiow Mrs. L , wid D. T. 

Here linrnHfle plar.c inter. ■>cct.i. 

Allowiiy C. J., vet surgeon 

129 BudUt-n H. A. 

lal Mi;< 'unkey Tlios. L., merchant 
133 C'iiiiniai'd Mrs., wid J., bdg hi-e 

130 Gii'oMX Mrs. C. wid ,loseph 
138 Sk.'ifon L. J. , of Skelton Bros. 
13iJ «.'ocliiiuie I'ollock 

141 Cushing 1... l.l..l>., B.C.L., of 
Duviclsou Si Cusliing 

143 Cusliing Clias., BC.L., of J. S. 

Hunter & C. Cusliing 

144 Feri-icr James, jun , of W. M, 

Mooney & Co. 

145 Moynaugh I*., contractor 

146 Maodonald UeBellefeuillo 
Macduuald DeLotbinier^ 

147 Fry Henry, lumber merchant 

148 Ale.vander CIms., confectioner 

149 t'ornish rev. George. LL.U. 

150 Hatton J. C, advocate 

151 Ross F. R. 
K >ss H. C. 

Itoss W. \.., n.C.L. 

152 Murray U. E., of Thompson, 

Murray & Co. 
163 Hnldine James 
154 -I James, merchant 

156 Wainright W., general pas- 
senger agent G.T.R. 
160 Kinluch William G., of Kinloch, 
Lindsay & Co. 
Kinloch William, of Kinloch, 
Lindsay & Co. 
chester av north to Cote St 
Antoine road. Being outside 
City limits, names will be found 
in Alphabetical order in Cote 
St Antoine 

METCALFE LANE, off 300 Bich- 
mond west, near St Joseph, St 
Antoine ward 
1 Moreau J. Bte., grocer 
3 Irwin John, laborer 
5 Denis George, carpenter 

Bcauchamp Felix, laborer 
7 Lunglois . I oseph. tanner 

Jleunier Mrs. Rose, wid Jean 
9 Lariviere F^'lix, laborer 

11 Nadeau Mrs. M., wid Fran9ois 
13 ISeauiie I'olycarpe, laborer 

15 Ueaune Jaciiues, laborer 

MIOEON, off Calbeme av, St 
Mary ward 

Xot built ttpon. 
MIONONNE, from 94 Farthenais 
to 227 St Urbain east, St Mary, 
St James, St Louis and St Law- 
rence wards 

12 Colquhoun Ikobert, laborer 

13 Bessette Emery, blacksmith 

16 Giroux I'ierre, carter 
Olier Mrs. Rosalie, wid Frs. 

17 Vale John, engineer 

Racette .Mrs Celina, wid .1. Bte. 

19 Nantel J. Bte., laborer 

20 Dufresne Charles, plasterer 
Jubarl)e Joseph, laborer 

81 Lunney John, druggist 

82 Lemoine George, shoemaker 
84 Duprt! Naiioldon, wood dealer 
86 I'errault Joseph B., collector 

2U4 Dalcourt Miss E., school teacher 
Monette Alexandre, stonecutter 
Dalcourt Moi'se, laborer 
Mondou Arthur, newsdealer 
Roch Kdiiuard, shoemaker 

206 Henaud Moise, moulder 
Renuud Ceorge, moulder 
Loizeau Benjamin, ti»l\ dealer 

2U Oirou.\ Wilfred, tailor 

212 (juevillon Joseph, butcher 

213 Miiilloux Joseph, jiacker 

//i:re Cliamplain st. intersects. 
223 Gut?nard Joseph G., grocer 

226 Boucher Mrs.l'hilomAue, wid I'. 
Rivard Mrs. 

227 Ste MaritS Orphir, clerk 
Guduard Etienne, laborer 

229 Laf<irtune George, laborer 
Moloclie Eusi'be, laborer 

231 Mi'nard Louis, plasterer 

232 And<rs Mrs. Mathildo. wid Jos. 

233 Verreault Charles, laborer 

234 Gauthier Joseph, carter 
Morel Joseph, carter 

235 Lomay Narcisse, carter 
Charbouneau F. X., shoemaker 
Dalcourt Louis, shoemaker 

236 Quiubert Franfois X., joiner 

237 I ar6 J. Baptiste, laborer 
23!) Desjardins Alphousc, laborer 
240 I'rovost Louis, clerk 

211 Champagne Charles, shoemaker 

241iLeclaire F^douard, mason 

242 Nant>>l Emmanuel, labnrer 

243 I'alement Orphir, laborer 
243iDurocher Joseph, laborer 
245'Croze Vital, carter 
■2451L«belle Honore, baker 

246 (,'lement .losoph, carter 

247 Turcot Jo.seph, laborer 
247J JeannoCte Joseph, jidiier 

248 Larose Napoleon, 8ho«'maker 

249 Duhamel .Mrs. Victoria, wid A. 

250 Giard Napoleon, tailor 
RaiTerty John, conductor 
McGill Geor«i jail guard 

2-51 Kennedy John, carter 

252 I'llon Xotinue, shoemaker 
Campbell James, clerk 
Dupvi H , of Dupr,' & Freres 

253 I'allascio Joseph, saloou 

254 Chauss^ Edouard, joiner 

255 Dcquoy Alfred, leatlier cutter 

266 Beaudry Hector, grocer 

257 Cha|iut >Ieau Baptiste, laborer 
Latis Joseph, laborer 
Roberge Arthnr, shoemaker 

258 Beaudry Hector, grocer 

Here ila<sonneuve st. int.-rsectt. 

259 Roch Louis, trader 

260 Bussiere Louis, grocer 

261 Degean J. B.. barber 

^62 Laforce JI , of Laibrce & Coutu 
263 Chicoine Pierre A., joiner 
2)>4 Carle Joseph L.. butcher 
265 Couture Joseph Oct., barber 

267 Di'ry Mrs. .1., wid M., fruits 
26S UurtubiseA. D., grain dealer 

269 BiSnard Michel, laborer 

270 Lafricain Mrs. M., wid Etienne 

271 Geudreau Dolpliis, policeman 
Clermont Mrs. Louise, wid T., r 

272 Uurtubise A. D., ^rain dealer 

273 lieraoine Eugene, joiner 

274 Coutl^e Jean Baptiste, tanner 
Brunette Stanislas, joiner 

275 Archambault Camillc, butcher 
Lamourcux Nar., shoemaker, r 
Messier Alphonse, joiner, r 
Higgins Thomas, sailmaker, r 

276 Ethier Joseph, carter 

278 I'ion Miss C6lina, seamstress 
280 Virbouteillo Francois, carter 
282 Beausolcil Francois, shoemaker 
284 I'ichettc Joseph, shoemaker 
Dufault Paul, shoemaker 

288 Roch Camille, barber 

289 Laurence Benjamin, shoemaker 
200 idtrault Urgelo, barber 

■£)2 Bourbonni6reZ6pliiiiii 

293 Peltier Jean Bautisto, laborer 
Durocher Joseph, car conductor 

294 Renuud L. N., saloon 

Here Plessis st. intvr.iects. 

295 Giroux .lean Baptiste. laborer 
Lamontagne Charles, joiner 

296 Noi'l Oni.sime, grocer 

299 Beauchamp Andr^, trader 
3ii0 I'ariseau A., contractor 
Larivt^e Mrs. I'hilomene 
301 Lamontagne Mrs. E., wid A. 

304 C^dras Henri, shoemaker 
Tlierieu Stanislas, wood dealer 

305 Parmentier Pierre, shoemaker 

306 Pepin Franfois, baker 
I'opin Josepli 

307 Cadotte Vlodeste, carriagemaker 
808 Nantais Joseph, driver 

Rondeau Narclsse, shoemaker 
3^9 Dufour M^dard, shoemaker 

310 Champagne A. B., M.D. 
Pelletier Jean Bte., fruit dealer 

311 Cadotte Modiste, carriagemaker 
312]Maill6 Alexandre, laborer 


J. A. ba: 

313 Rheaume CI 
Rondeau Na 

314 Jarvais Do^i 
314|Uurocher \ 

315 Contant He 

316 Poirier Nap 
318 Beaupr6 T., 
320 Quintal Josf 

Desjardins j 
.B21 Dubois Miss 
322 Quintal Phil 

Here Pan 

324 Bisaillon Fn 

325 Coallier Au£ 
.326 L6veill6 Mrs 

328 Marineau L( 
Gravel Josep 

329 Gagnon F. : 
Denis Mrs. 1 

330 Dor^ Joseph 
^iSl Gagnon F. > 

Viau Marcel, 

Here Ht. Pie 

.^32 Croteau And 

333 St Jean Edo 

334 Lagreuade T 
'■iS6 Ehe Arthur, 
336 Laberge Pier 

Mirou Thomi 
;^7 Quintal Char 
338 Frenette Jos^i 

Lebeau F^lix 
•341 Provost Elie, 

345 Christin Jose 

346 Arcaud Jose( 
348 Duraud Uudi 

Giroux Miss 
350 Letourucuu i 

Here Visitatic 

354 Brodeur D<:-si 
305 Pauze Calixtc 
Pauz6 Mrs. O 
Gagnon Alpli 
3.57 Dupr6 MeUar 
•360 Giroux Isaac 
361 Courtois Tliei 
363 Malo Joseph 

Here Ikaudrj 

365 Chevalier Jos 
367 Dulpt' A., 'cli 
SOU Gagnon Mrs. < 
Gagnon Mrs. 
Huberdeau JI 
Huberdeau A 
St Jac<|ues Ei 
Poitroh liernu 
Arcand Siniui 

376 Papineau Misi 

377 P6pin /epliiri 

378 Drolet Elz(5ar, 

379 Angers litimi, 
Stid Martcl TimotI 

31aguau Uvilu 





Here Mvntcali 

3B2 Leclair Jos.,« 
Magnan Benj! 
Alarie Louis, 
Bayard Olivie 
Maurice Mrs. 
Morin Cliimeij 
383 ^ harboniieau 
385 Brien Thumut 
387 Blais Hypuliu 
Christin Adol 
389 Courville Adu 
Gerinai" Edui 
39U Gagitou Klie, 







313 Rheaume Cliarli!!, boatman 
Duminique Mol8e, Bboemakt'r 
RondPau NarcUse, mason 

314 JarvaJH Do^itliie, cartn 
SUjDurocber Marcel, laburcr 

315 Contant Uunri, butcher 

316 I'oirier MapuMou, sbuemaker 
318 lieauprd T., t'hoeuiaker 

320 QuintalJoepph, jointr 

Dcwjardin-i Alphonse, clerk 
.^21 UubuiM Miss t'^lina, giocfr 
322 Quintal I'Lileuu, botelkeeper 

Here Panel it. inUrstcU. 

324 Bisaillon Frs. X., grocer 

325 Cuallier Augusta, cariMuter 

326 UvellW Mrs. K., wid Toussaint 
32ti Marineau Louis 

Gravel Ju»eph, laborer 

329 (jiagnun V. A., baker 
Denis Mrs. Luce, uid Jean 

330 Doti Joseph, butche>- 

331 Uaguon K. X., baker 
Viau Marcel, driver 

Here St. Pierre lane begins. 

332 Croteau AndriS, Hhoemaker 

333 tit Jean Kdouard, watchmaker 

334 Lagreuade I'heophile, ehoemkr 
3;j5 Kbe Arthur, cleik 

336 Laberge Pierre, moulder 
Miron Thumaii, carter 

337 Quintal Charles, trader 

338 Frenette Joseph, tolmcconist 
Lebeau F^lix, laborer 

341 Pr^voiit Elie, grocer 
345 Christin Josiph, grocer 
340 Arcand Joseph, clerk 
348 Uuraud Kuduli)he. butcher 

Liiroux MissMui'celle, drei'smkr 
350 Letourucau Alfred, butcher 

Here Viiitation st. intersects. 

354 Brodeur Ddsir^-, grain dealer 

355 I'auze Calixte, bricklayer, r 
Fauzd Mrs. Olive. seami<tress 
(iagnon Alphunse, piiinter 

3.57 Uupr(5 Medard, bricklayer 

360 (iiruux Isaac, butcher 

361 Courtois Theophile, baker 
363 Malo Joseph U., grocer 

Here Ittaudry st. intersect.^ 

3C5 Chevalier Joseph, butcher 
367 Dul|;6 A., ■'cliool teacher 
SOU Uagnon Mrs. <.'. , wid Jos. 

Uaguon Mrs. Sophronie, nid N. 
'■ill Hul)erdeau Mugloire, stouecuttr 

Huberdeau Anutble, curpenler 

373 tjt Jacques Ku:-tuclie, barber 

374 Poitras Uernabi', ciirter 

376 Arcund iSiniuu, grain dealer 

376 I'apineau Mi^s ijuphio, furrier 

377 Pipin Zephirin, carpenter 

378 Urolet Klztiur, c rpenter 

379 Angers Utimi, carpenter 

380 Martel Tiniuth6, ciinfuctiuner 
Muguau Uvilu, & ISros., grocers 

Here Montcaltn st. intcr.iects. 

382 Leclair Jos., & Bros., butchers 
Mugnan Benjamin 
Ahirie l..ouis, lubnrer 
Bayard ()li\ier. butcher 
Maurice Mrs. Marie, wid Olivier 
Murin Clement 

3B3 ^ harbonneau Jos., fruit dealer 

385 Brien Thunius 

387 Blais Ilypulite, carpenter 
Chrislin Aiiolphe, curpenler 

389 Courvillo AdolpUu, sliuemuker 
Oermain Kdniond, currier 

390 Ciaguou Klie, laborer 

390 Uagnon Mrs. Xoi, milliner 
D^ziel Pierre, driver 

391 Poupart A., & Co., grocera 

Here Wolfe st. intersects. 

394!Ethier Mrx. Marie, wid J. B. 

8avariat Miss Odile, dressmaker 
395 Monard Alfred, grocer 
:j96 Kthier Mrs. !{., wid Autoine 

Ethier Miss Marie, teacher 
397 Brosseau Mo<', grain dealer 

Uuay Kdouard, carpenter 
397jDubois C, grain dealer 

Archanibaujt Dama.^e 
399 Archambauit & Co., saloon 
100 Robert Kapol(-on, grocer 

Here Amherst st. intersects. 

401 Vallieres Joseph, carpenter 
403 Larue Edouard, wood merchant 
405 Uras Auguste, laborer 
412 Perrault Ani6d^e, prof of music 
Perrault Jacques, grocer 

Here Jacques Cariier st. intersects. 

417 LandrevilleM6dard,hotelkeeper 

418 St Oermain Joseph, grocer 
421 Bourdon Camille, clerk 

423 Tellier Jean Baptiste 
Lamouroux E., clerk - 
Jones Aaron, engineer 

424 Kacette Vitalien, cigar mfr 

425 liogue Moi'se, coufectiouer 
Bruno Charles, stonecutter 

426 Bonrbonnitire Ludger, butcher 
Lawson John, carpenter 

42G]Perrin Charles, laborer 
Perriu )Irs. A., laundress 

427 B^land Napoleon, carpenter 
Bt^land Mrs. Celiua, dressmaker 

428JKacette Iguace, joiner 

Racette Miss Ct?lina, dressmaker 
429 Morrison John, trader 
433 Marsau I^uuis, sen., mason 

Marsan Louis, jun., clerk 

Here St. Andri st. intersects. 

436 liayraond Adolphe, grocer 
Ferland Miss 11., dr..ssmuker 

437 Swift Wni., grocer 

438 Uaniois Clia.'?., merchant tailor 

439 Swift James, driver 

44l> Kacette Alplionse, barber 

441 Proulx I.,. A., insurance agent 
41USt Martin < harles, butcher 

442 Bertiand Mugloire, contractor 

443 Bergeron Vital, clerk 

445 Cussuu Pierre \V., bookkeeper 

44) Leblanc J. A., M;U. 

447 Kichurdson Charles F., agent 

449 Kavaux Uainase, urlift 

450 Puquet E. A., M U. 
452 Blanchet Louis, clerk 
452]Koss Charles, clerk 

454 Bjette Jean Baptiste. printer 

455 Lafortune Oscar, b^itclier 

Here St. Cliristophe st. intersicts. 

457 Simard — , jun., notary 

459 Moncel (J.JS ,mgr K: tute Alusson 

4ill (jirou.x Hercule, mercliunt 

463 Laforce Aiigusto 

465 Oe.sorini. rs I'hileas, grocer 

4ti5yrougU8 KuH-lie, com traveller 

467 Leonard Fiuiivois, tailor 

litre St. Hubert >t. intersects. 

4i3 Hospice St Joseph, sisters of 
Providence, sister Franvois 
Xavier, su, erioress 
riifirien rev. T. A., priest Ho- 
])ice St Joseph 

487 Reform and Institute of Brothers 
of Charity, bro. Justinian, su- 
perior; r«<v. C. A.Therlen,chap 
Hospice of St Vincent de Paul, 
Brothers of Charity, rev. bro. 
Justinian, superior; right rev. 
E C. Fubre, bishop of Mont- 
real, din ctiir 

489 Oisel Francois, piano tuner 

499 Brunet Jor.,& Co., ooniractors 

500 Providence Orphun asylum, 

sister Edwid^e, superioress 

Here St. Diiiis st. intersects. 

510 Terroux Charles, clerK 
Clerk I'idtnond, clerk 

511 Brais Ainit^ merchant 

613 Cinnniais Alfred, bookkeeper 

514 Godin David, clerk 

515 Koy Hypolitp, butcher 

516 Chapleau Gregoire 
Joubert Mrs J., niano teacher 

.517 (j ravel Jos. Sarcfsse 
517iOnellette A. E., trader 
Brochu Jos., trader 

518 HuotT, clerk 
Perrault H., clerk 

Lavigne J. T.. wine merchant 

519 Bouthillier Michel, carter 
(jiguereThos., shoemaker 
Uiguere Xupoleon, clerk 
Uravel David, shoemaker 
Boyer Pascal, laborer 

520 L^veilI6 /ephirin. jun. 
Belisle Magoire, laborer 
Lefebvre Thdodore, pilot 
L^veill^ Jtan, laborer 

521 Denis Joseph, butcher 
David Alexander, plasterer, r 
Thunias Mrs. M., wiii /., r 

522 Belair Kiistache, clerk 
Leveill6 Joan, laborer 

524 Lcclaire U., clerk 
Labelle I.ouis. carter 

525 (.iougeou Edounrd, cleik 
Moreau — , stonecutter 

526 Bonlnnl Joscpli, uar()ent«r 
027 Bai-tion Edouard, printer 

Lauzon Mrs.Tlieophile, wid A. 

529 Uariepy A exi.", carpenter 
Labelle Ovila, )iuinter 

530 Forget Louis, sen., carter 
Forget Louis, jun., carpenter 

530jDclurme Pierre, biitciier 
531'LaohapelIo AnUro, grocer 
532 Lafrance Fronvois. storeman 

534 (jnilliault B(Mijaiui!i, ."ciilplor 

535 Liiporb' iliigluiie, giocer 

536 Pa({uet /epiiirin, saloon 

tJcre Saiiguiurt st. i.tterstcts. 

537 DiTt' Charles, juii:er 
Barsulou .los.. iiink'.eper 
.Maiion Mrs Vit:i".iiie, wid A. 
Ainiot .Mrs .lulie. wicl J. Bte. 
LncliapelUOlis. Kiicliel 
Lavullei' Nnrcisse, shoemaker 

538 Perrault. los., giocer 
Labelle MU.s P. 
Soiiliere Louis, painter 

."J-SO Dor6 Frai yoi-, laborer 
•'J43 Carnioilv 'i'lios., milkman 

545 l'"raser Mrs. U., wid William 
l^evisiiue .'(liss L., charwoman 
Caiiicroii .Mis. Anna M., wid 

Col. \V. ,\. 

546 ICmoiid .Mrs. It se, wid On6sime 
(Jaiulry iMisibe, biiUer 

547 Liitsior .lo-i'i'li. clerk 
Isoaiicliiimp l^ai'e. cupenter 

548 (jauthier \.. .■-rmpciilter 
.Martin I'lene, cli^rk 

549 Pi rrai'lt Muvel. .-toward 

550 Tri'iiiiio Krauvois X., clerk 
iluot Tliomiis, liaclier 









561 DAsourdy Miss P., (troccry 

562 Manglii rit.rro, shoomakor 
Deruuin Aiituiiio, laborer 

Hi're drotlit nt. beginn. 
553 PruiiPaii Ji-aii Btp., pluctrror 
564 iiichflli'u r*lesjihore, tailor 
56tf Def^randmnnd II., printi-r 
65S Bpuudft Andri, Hhocmakfr 
660 lio!<!ipliii /Aphirin, fruit dealer 
562 Laroie Mm. M.. wid A. 

Bpljtariie Tli6opliIle, pattPrnmkr 
5fi3 Moiitmnniuerte Mrs. «) , wid M. 
56.5 Jenninjfs .lamef<, laborer 

tleiinings Mrs. Suphip, trader 

Here St. Elizabrth at. intersects. 

566 Prunoau T., grocor 

670 Mallette AnioiiiP, butcher 1 

572 Collerotte H., carpenter ' 

576 (jautliior Nazniri*, stonecuttor i 

Haldimaiid Ovide, iunknoper \ 

678 Mypt'e Narci~se, atoiiecuttor I 

Mvette Mf. N., dresHmakPr j 

579 Mashicotte Olivier H., grocer i 

Here Hirman .»<. intersects. 

581 Coderro ( Jilbcrt, leathercuttcr 
5''2 i.ebrui' "v Krire, itrocers 
683 U^sir^ ll.'nri, carpenter 
686 Plantp . Illu. joiner 

Nadeai! '[..x. K. 
586 Ooulpt ■' ■> , laborer 
.587 Dfeslri'^ N > I, laborer 

Cr6peaii I'liarlO't, laborer 
583 Cri^peau .Mis. K., wid J. s. 

Charbonneau i it'oplias, joiner 
589 Vincent Miss Knlalip 

690 Lftttiuclie t). A , bookkeeper 

691 Vian Charles 
693 Bfirtrand Kirmin, clerk 
595 Mainville Mrs. A., wid Antoine 

Irvings Tliomas, blacksmith 
699 Vit;pant Mrs. A., wid Isaac 

600 Daijtneault Moi'se, grocer 

601 Cliartrand Mrs. D., wid Frs. 

Here St. Con.ftant st. Intersects, 

602 Perrault Jfarcisso, fruit dealer 

603 (iagiiier Pierre \i., buililT 
Uagnier H., painter 

605 Lp.<ageT. 11., grocer 

606 Ueriger .Airs. P., wid J. B. 

607 Peacock Georjie, shoemaker 

608 Chalilbux Louis, shoemaker 
Myefte C, tinsmith, r 

610 Hobin John 

612 D6.sautels .Vdolphe, blacksmith 

613 Payette NapoI6on bookbinder 
Lavlgne .MoVsp, grocer 

014 Straymenskfp Nap., cigarmaker 
Dupras Kiaufois, mason 
Archaml<ault J. A , clerk 
Moore Cluirlrs, laborer 
Gnernon Ktienne, laborer 

617 Latreille Joseph, butelipr 
Desrnches Franfois, tailor 

618 Daley Joini 

619 Corbeille Joseph, bricklayer 
6:i0 Delormo Pierre, butcher' 

621 Uawlinsiin William, printer 

622 DiSpatie .1. Baptiste, driver 

623 Beaudolii I^.tmis, laborer 
Chatelle Jos., labonr, r 

624 Bouc'.ier Antoine, carter 

625 Moutniai'niict Jos., butcher 
627 Parent Narcisse, clerk 
629 Dowd William, bakir 
631 Odcliesni' Joseph, stonecutter 

Dragon Joseph, tailor 
633 Bernicr Joseph, baker 
6;}5 Lacroix Adolplie. carpenter 

Viau I.L'anMre, ^fouecutter 

641 Beaucairo Frarv lis, grocer 

642 Major StanUlus, grucor 

Here St. Dominique St. intersects, 

613 Labellc P., trader 
643iDrai)eau Z6phlrin, printer 
fit MBurice H., storeman 

644 Lecavalii r F. X.. merchant 

645 Kival Joseph, laborer 
'J47 I.edoux Louis, carpenter 
649 Couslneau Mrs. O., wid Pierre 
631 Sebastien Mrs. Marie, wid E. 

M^or Mrs. Marie, wid Muise 
662 LalN^Ile (ieorge, innkeeper 
I 665 Dragon Joseph, tailor 
667 Gohier K„ & Co., merchants 

Here St. Lawrence st. intersect!'. 
i 659 Corbeil Jos , grocer 
: 660 Gibeau Ku.'iAbo, grain dealer 
I 662 Goulet Ludger, grocer 
j 668 Ponton Louis, painter 

! Here St, Chs. liarromce st . intersects. 

I 668 Gnllipoli Dominique, musician 
I 670 Moussetto Mrs., laundrf'S.s 
i Blcher Napclton, painter 
i 671 Kantel I rctfli?, grocer 
I 672 Bohme Henry, laborer 
' 674 iSauvageau .IiVeph, cigarmaker 
' 675 Reinhardt Michael, carter 
[ Poudrette Joseph, carpenter 
I Daignnult Augustin, laborer 

676JKIler Mrs. Ann, wid William 
Gauthier Jiau Baptiste 

677 Cyr Eugene, shoemaker 

6(7jDamny Leon, laborer 

679 Neil William, assistant engineer 

681 .Hinn 11., tinsmith 

681\<)'Leary tSanmel, brassfinisher 

6S3 David Mrs. '/,u6, wid Louis 

686 Maisonneuve Alphonse, laborer 

687 Barnes George T., bookkeeper 
6f^9 McCrory Peter, laborer 

690 Charlebois L., Joiner and grocer 

691 Geeves William, brassHnisher 
693 Aub6 II., brushmaker 
696 McManus Patrick, laborer 

HIONONNE LANE, off 89 Du- 
fresnp, St Mary ward 

12 Richardson Robert, laborer 
' 16 Houli£rc Mrs. Rosalie, wid 
I 17 Youle John 
I 20 Dufresne Charles, plasterer 
Joubert Jos., carpenter 

I MILL, between the npper basin 
of the Canal and the Biver, St 
I Ann ward 

I 17 St Lawrence Engine workSiW. P. 
Burtley & Co., proprietors 
Bartley W. P., & Co., St Law- 
rence Engine works 
] 67 Peck. Benny & Co., iron, nails,&c. 
! 73 McDougall J.,Canai Flour mills 
I 87 (iould Ira,& ,Son,Clty Flour mills 
1 93 Pillow, llersey & Co., Victoria 
I works 

I 105 Lyman Sons & Co., linseed oil, 
i 'paint, color and drug mills 

' 121 Montreal Wa^ellou^iing Co., G. 
! 11. Ilanna, manager 

I Here a strcit intersects. 

\ Tate's Dry docks, capt. G. T. 
I Tate, proprietor 

, 129 Mooney W. M., & Co., proprie- 
I tors Canada Horse Nail Co. 

j MILTON, from 40 Shuter west 

; to Lome av, St Antoine ward 

' 2 Tooke B., of looke Bros, 

I 4 Pinkerton Robert, of Piukcrton, 

1 Wltham & Co. 

6 Powis E., of Mackeniie, Powi* 

k Co. 

8 MacDonald Miss Jessie 
10 Mcl'herson D. P. 

12 Tay'or .1.. hardware merchant 

14 Mi'cDongall George 

19 Jolinson W. W., manager for 

Dun, Wiman A Co. 
21 Evans Walter N., cashier at 

Frothineham & Workman's 

TEBBACE, in rear of St Tho- 
mas church, off 306 St Mary, 
St Mary ward 

1 Jones Frederick, carpenter 

2 Provost Ls., of Provost & Par* 

4 Cox Edwin J., ei^graver 

7 Trif;ge George, clerk 

9 Wright John, caretaker St 

Thonia.-' church 
10 Lindsay rev. Kobort. rector St 
Ihomas' church 

694 St Lawrence, St Lawrence 

1 Rough Robert, shoemaker 

2 Lupton .John, wood merchant 

3 Pillar Wm., lumber merchant 

5 Phelan Acbille 

MONARQUE, from the Biver 
north to 272 St Mary, St Mary 

Molson's brewery 
Canadian Rubber Co. 

MONDELET, formerly Barre 
lane, from 273 William to 322 
St Joseph, St Ann ward 

7 Vall*!e Louis, carter 

8 Martin Charles, carter 

9 Despatie Ed., caiter 

10 Vincent Alphonse, joiner 
13 Pitri^ Josejili, carter 

15 Bickley Francis, laborer 
17 Cadieux Placide, carter 

Here Barre st. ttegins. 

19 Verdon F^lix, carter 

21 Chayer Mrs. C, wid Benjamin 

25 Deslauriers Joseph, baker 

26 Kennedy VVm., carter 

Here Mondelet lane begins. 

27 Charlebois .lean, fruit dealer 
Piitenaiide Charles, laborer 
Kichot Joseph, carter 

29 Lachapelle 'roussaint, baker 
Gougeon Maxime 

MONET LANE, from 244 Aqne> 
duct to 111 Yersailles, St 
Antoine ward 

Lachapelle .Solomon, laborer 
Lavigiie Chas., U>athercutter 
IHibi Frs, X,, laborer 
P'antP Michel, sawyer 
Parent J. Bte„ carter G.T.R. 
JIaichand V^ictor, machinist 
Monet 'I'lu^opliile, carter 
Richard Michel, laborer 
LocBvalier Itenjaniin, laborer 
Rny Auguste, laborer 
Belleniarre Jos., slioemakcr 
St Amour N., boxmoker 
Nadeau Benjamin, clerk 



Berlhelot E., sh 
Bourdeau Jos., 
Goneau Andr^, 
McNally John, 
Lampureux D., 
Laberge Wm., c 
Charette Mrs. I 
Landry Cyrillc, 
Boucher Guillai 
Bounin August 

north to Sherbrt 

2 8t Pierre M.. po 
4 Tiffin Mrs, A„ w 
6 <,ole Wm„ book 

6 Corneil C. R., fo 

7 Dickson E., cler 

8 Bennett Fred., ( 

9 Leblanc Jos. A. 

10 Harper Wm., se 

11 Donis A., mail c 

12 Hartt Geo. A., 

13 Francis Kichard 

15 Nelson Daniel, I 

16 St Aubin Belzai 

17 Maggie C., stort 

18 Cooke George L 

20 Beaudry .Moi'se, I 

21 Moore Samuel 

23 Thomas David, ( 

24 tioriie Simon, c 
24JNewton E. W., 
26 Maloney Patricl 
20}Anderson Nicho 
30"Galvin James, s 

Here St. Mary 

36 Renaud Moise I 
lis Plante J. Bte , 

41 Kverette Mrs. M 
I'ichiS Bcnj ,blai 
Boyer Louis, lat 

42 Coallier J.Bte., 
44 ValU^re Mrs. L., 

46 Gagnon Ernest, 

47 Ethier Ernest, v 
4,S Lapoiute Arthni 
49 Richard Louis, j 

Daoust Mrs. M., 
,10 Cbapleau Octavi 
-52 CouthSe Slmrton, 
53 Canon A., shoe 
.54 LubelleJ., ston 
5t;Hoogs Edward, 
56 Chabot Pierre C 
o6Jl rerar James, c 

Leith Mrs. J., m 
58 Wynn .lamos, si 
62 Fitzpatrick Wn 
64 Lardie Mrs. U61 

Larde l.4on, st 
•).■) Patter,*on R. J . 

McKenzie John 
06 Frisel Jean Pie 

Here Craig M 

1)7 Schiller E., hot 
71) Munriie .Mex.. 
71 .Mennt.Fwm Ble 

73 Uaoui-t .Mrs. M 

74 Daunais Nap., 

75 O'Connor Dani 
"•) Uoot'stotter P., 

77 Fauclier Urbuii 

78 .Moraii E. 

79 Chabot J. Bte., 
7!)lStebeii Louis, I 
Hi Quintal Paul E 

Here Btmapa 







Berlhelot E., shoemaker 
Bourdeau Jos., nhou packor 
Goiieau Andr^, stablpman 
MoNalty John, laborer 
Lampureux O., laborer 
Laberffe Wm., cabinetmaker 
Charette Mrs. P., wlil Fra. X. 
Landry Cyrille, joiner 
Boucher (iuilluume, laborer 
Uounin Augurte, carter U.T.R. 

UONTCALH, from 135 Water 
north to Sherbrooke, St James 

2 St Pierre M,. police srrgeant 
4 Tiffin Mrs. A., wid ilenry 
6 C&le Wm., bookkeeper 

6 Cornell C. K., foreman 

7 Dickson E., clerk <J.T.R. 

8 Hennett Fred., customs officer 

9 Leblanc Jos. A., clerk 

10 Harper Wm., sec'y road dept 

11 DoiiIh A.,ma!Iconductor (i.r.K. 

12 Hiirtt tJeo. A., bookkeeper 

13 Francis Kichard.lahortT 

15 Nelson Daniel, laborer 

16 St Aubin Relzaime, machinist 

17 Maggie ('., storeman 

18 Cooke George L., clerk 

20 Beaudry Moixe, carriagemakcr 

21 Moore Samuel 

2.3 Thomas David, clerk 
24 (loriie Simon, clerk 
24jNowton E. W., storeman 
26'Maloney Patrick, trader 
2()} Anderson Nicholas, sailmaker 
30 Ualvin James, saloonkeeper 

Here St. Mary st. intersects, 

36 Kenaud Moise laborer 
;JS Plante J. Bte , P O. clerk 

41 i';verette Mrs. M. A., widT., r) 
I'ichd Itoiij , blacksmith 
Uoyer Louis, laborer 

42 Coallier J. Kte., customs officer 
44 Valllire Mrs. L., wid J. 

46 Uagnoii Ivrne.Ht, saddler 

47 Ethier Ernest, wood corder 

48 Lapoiiite Arthur, hatter 

49 Richard Louis, joiner 
Daoust Mrs. M.. wid F. X. 

50 Cbitpleau Octave, printer 

52 t'outl6e Simi^on, jomer 

53 Canon A., shoe niaiiut'acturcr 
.54 LabelleJ., stonecutter 
54jHoogs Edward, printer 

56 Chabot Pierre Octave, clerk 
o6JV rerar James, confectioner 

LiCith Mrs. J., wid Thomas 
58 Wynn .lamus, salesman 
62 Kitzpatrick Wm., carpenter 
64 !.,ar(tie Mrs. U^lima, wid E. 

Larde l.Son, shoemaker 
li,') l'atter.«on K. . I., storeman 

McKpnzie .fohn, bookkeeper 

66 Krisel Jean Pierre, joiner 

ffcre Vriiig st. intersectn. 

67 Schiller K., hotelkeeper 
71) .Muiiriie Ale.v.. butcher 

71 .Menut.Fwm IJle., pewter worker 

73 Uaoust .Mrs. M.. wi<l Nap. 

74 Uaunais Nap., grocer 

75 O'Connor Daniel, moulder 

76 UootVtetter P., master carter 

77 Fauclier Urbaiu, carter 

78 .Morau K. 

7!) Cliabot J. Hte., millwright 

79iStebeu Louis, boot fitter 

'iU Quintal Paul E., cabinetmaker 

Here Bonaparte st. ends. 

86 Pichette Mr. F., wid Joseph 
88 Langlois .Mrs. Denise, wid Chs. 
90 Dwyer .Michael, laborer 
92 Wall John, laborer 
94 Fitzpatrick Peter 

Here Lagtiucheliire st. intersects. 

100 Paquette I<idore, laborer 
Brazeau Paul, laborer 

104 Swallwell James, stevedore 

105 Jackson James, mail contractor 
1<>7 tiosselin Octave, printer 

108 CaifiFrs. X., clerk 
1U9 (jaiipeau Louis, joiner 
Dugas F. <)., advocate 
109i Rondeau Ulysse, P O. clerk 

110 Murphy Hugh, laborer 
Rcnaud Stanislas, painter, r 
Champngne Mrs, E., wid F., r 

111 Lacoste Komuald, trader 

112 St Jean Alfred, laborer 
Chauvin Jacques, bl.icksmitb 
Cliaron Simim, trader 

113 Sansfufon Pierre, roofer 

114 Uatelle J. Bte., blacksmith 
Mainville L.,bu'cher, r 
Boucher P., laborer, r 

115 Morache Edouard, laborer 

116 Ratelle J. Bte., blacksmith 

117 MouetteM., trader 

118 B.-istien Maxime, cooper 

119 B61ac Jos., carter 

12') Proulx Antoine, jun., foreman 
121 Houle Charles, barber 

123 Deladnraiituye E., shoemaker 

124 Loranger Joseph, grocer 

Here Doicliexter s/. inter ■'•ects. 

125 Em 'nd Alphonse, trader 

126 Brouillette Adolplie, packer 
Fiset Pierre, grocer 

127 Mort F. X.. stonecutter 

131 Maran Jose|)li, moulder 

132 Uiroux Aiigustc, carter 

133 tlouleJ. Bte., carriagemakcr 

134 Richard Alex., baker 

135 Koblllard .loscph, laborer 
1.36 Lynch Henry, baker 

137 Slurier Joseph, carter 

Constantineau P., laborer, r 
D'smarais Jo.seph, carter, r 
Leclerc A., leather cutter, r 

1.3s (iiard Alphonse, driver 

139 Bernab6e Edounrd, merchant 

140 Lasonde Joseph, br'-ad driver 

141 Bourgoin George, contractor 

142 B< lisle Jo.seph, shoemaker 

143 Clement Mrs. F., wid C. 
Perre.iult .Mrs N., wid A. 
Charbonneau A., blacksmith 

144 Blanchard L. V.. superinten- 

dent store department Riche- 
lieu Conipiiny 

145 Castonguiiy P., milkman 
116 Archainbanlt Clias., jeweller 
147 Tourville Michel, butcher 

Renaud J. Bte., shoeinuker, r 
Reiinud Mrs. N., wid P., r 
Litelle Krs. X.. laborer, r 
Luvoie Toussaint, r 

14S Haynes Cliiiries, shoemaker 
Malletto Xiivier, shoi^maker, r 
Oiii-Uette Alex., shoemaker, r 
Bisson Henri, printer, r 
Jarry Edouard, barber, r 

I'O .MarciUe Edouard. printer 

1.52 Ciite Hector, printer 

l52iMondou A., of Uudin, Mondou 
& Co. 

154 Dastie Alexander, ciirarniaker 

154iBrunulle Charles, printer 
Emend C, merchatit 

156 Gari6py Arthur, clerk 

Beauchamp Alfred, shoemaker 

JVii Brunei lo liu<f»rd, printer 
l(M Pippin Charles, uigarmaker 
158iO'Hf 'en Charles, shoemaker 
1.59 Marr4'au Arthur, painter 

160 Martineau Narci-sse 
l6<)iPatenaude T^lesplioro 

li'hnu Mrs. T , wid Jo». 

161 Bllodeau Antoine, shoemaker 

162 Lamontagne F. X., painter 
162^Lamontagne P., cleric of Revenue 

164 Lariviere rh^ii|ihile, agent 
Lariviero Sfibastlen 

164iPaquettM N., shoemaker 

Boisvert On(!sime, shoemaker, r 
Aug6 Joseph, shoemaker, r 
Patenaude Mrs. M., wid F., r 
St George Napoleon, laborer, r 

165 Cassabon Loui<<, laborer, r 
Larami'-e Alphonse, laborer 
Dei-jardins Antoine, laborer 
Mouliu .Joseph, cook, r 

166 Normand J. Bte., laborer 
S6ii£cal Prospire, shoemaker, r 
Martineau P , laborer, r 

167 Dufort Jules, laborer 

168 Demcrs Mrs., wid 
Drolet Mrs. P., wid E., r 
Malone Itlchard, carter, r 

170 Sareault .Maxime. baker, r 

St Jean Samuel, shoemaker, r 
HwU Giistave, clerk 
I'OJTreiublay T., shoemaker 
Mari|uis Joseph, laborer, r 
St Germain Louis, lul)or^r, r 

171 Ouellette Thomas A., butcher 

172 ('Ot<^ Alphonse, tailor 
Gratton Louis, cooper 

173 Archanibnult L^on, clork 

174 Gagnmi Geo., laborer 
Desjardins Jos , laborer 

177 (iiroux Fab'en, butcher 

179 Leduc O. tJeorge, shoemaker 

180 Martel Jos., policeman 
Jodoin Timothy, policeman 

181 Ritcliot Miss Malvina, 

183 Cliapleau F., butcher 

Aucia r On^sime, laborer 

Gaudreau Alexandre 
1S5 Uacette Miss L , seamstress 

Thibeatideau On^sime, clerk 

Dnmouchel L.. biirber 

186 Duclos Pierre, grocer 

187 Malctte Mrs. E., wid J. 
Mathuriii Joseph, tailor 

188 Parent Nap , printer 
Dufres'ie '1., bookkeeper 

ISO Desch&ne.s R. , shoemaker 
Houle Pierre, contractor, r 

190 Beauvais L. 

Painchaud Fabien 

Here St. Catherine st. intersects. 








Therien Louis, painter 
Allaire Odilon, cabinetmaker 
H^tu H.. leiitlier citter 
Guilbnult Henri, shoemaker 
Verboueimur Mathlas, laborer, r 
Liduniii>re X., siioeinakor, r 
Lamontagne Beloni, slioemakcr 
l.ongpi-e Miss E., tailoress 
Lonppi6 A. 

Lecoinjite Ovila, merchant 
Cousiiieau Vital, carter 
Charbonneau A., joiner 
Tliibault Joseph, shoemaker 
Sanriole Clis., blacksmith 
t'ouileau NoC>, labor(>r 
Ransom Wm. F , milkman 
Dupont Eloi, foremiii 
Bourdon Simon joiner 
Heaiy Pat., trader 
Petit (itiilluume, baker 
Beatidoin Roch, poiicemaa 
Pepin Dclphis, laborer 


'! I': 






210 Lalnmiire Joaepli, eboemaker 

211 Valllire Pierre, Mbcwraaker 

212 Delp^e Amablv, sclic il teacher 

213 I^aire J., of Leclairo & iiro. 

214 L«fVaii(oi.« Jos., clerk 

215 Clement Mrs. M., wld M. 

216 Champa^"*' Pierre, tiusmith 

218 Mafcnan & Frt^re, grocerH 
Magnaii Oct., of Miignaii & Frere 
Magnan Ovila, of Mafiiian & 


Htre Mignonne st. inUrstcts. 

219 Charbonneau Joseph, tailor 
222 I.iacoHte Charles, trader 
224 (jrignon huuis, tailor 

22ti Donipierrc Isaac, shoemaker 
Pelletior Joseph, slioemaker 
Boucher Olivier, blacksmith 
(jibeau Joseph 

227 B61air Pierre 

228 Kollaiul F., confectioner 

229 (jibeau Ludgcr, bricklayer 

230 Laiirianlt Cyprien, joinir 

232 Rolland F., sen., linsinith 
Levesqiie Antoine, cunfectioner 

233 Legault Dominique, trader 
2S4 Denis Fraiiyois, butclier 

Noel Itartlielemie, saddler 
2.35 Lachance Pierre, slonecntter 
2.3G Bellchunieur Jos., slioi maker 
236iBouoher Zephire, lish dealer 

238 Montreuil Louis, baker 
238iM6nard Victor, shoemaker 

239 L.apointe Marccllin, grocer 
Steven Alfred, laborer, r 
Passieras Jeau, r 

240 Lamoureu.x Charles, laborer 
240iTiUssier G. M., butclii.T 

Mdnard F61i.v, sculptor 

241 Ferland h.,of Xoel & Ferland 

242 ^6n^cal N., carpenter 

242i Brule Jacques, photographer 

244 Boaui^ejour J. Bto., shoemaker 
Belleflpur .M., blacksmith, r 

245 Chevalier <;ii3., grocer 

246 Dcsmiirais llor., shoemaker 
Lachance.). lUe., carter, r 
Bellehumcnr ■»vila, carter, r 

247 Dajglp Udsir«, tailor 

248 Pellefier Godlroi. stuflTcr 
Paquette .Mrs. J., wid A., r 
Hoy Damaso, shoemaker, r 
Caron Miss Margaret, r 

St Jean Kdouard, slioemaker, r 

249 Steben llonori^, laborer 
Heaupr*'! Joseph, collector, r 
lyevasseiir <)., shoemuker, r 

260 Courvllle Joseph, upholsterer 

251 Caron Alexis, agent 
Uagnon Joseph, laborer, r 
Carpunller Jos.pli. clerk, r 
Moquin Vital, laborer 
Caron Mercule 

252 Leblaiic Andre, printer 
Lafleiir Jos , cHrj)eiiter, r 

254 Lalumiere I.,oui'<, laborer, r 
Dufresne Mrs. Marie, wid I., r 

254jUugnon Damase, grocer 

255 Steben L., laborer 
Roger Louis, laborer, r 
Lachance J. Ble,, laborer, r 

257 (jareaults,, cabinctniaker 
Thompson .lohii, niiicliinlst 

258 Alexander Francis, juii., carter 
Alexander Francis, sen. , carter 

259 McClosky Bernard, horse dealer 
Bourgiiignon Isidore, laborer, r 
(jliroux Airs. IC, wld .Michel, r 
Bennit Mrs, P., wid Charles, r 

200 Godu Mrs. M , wld A, 
2U0iJoinotte Adelard, laborer 

Vande'uc Josepli, butcher 

201 Armstrong Archibald, laborer 

262 Rice Henry, Joiner 
262)jArchambault TH., shoemaker, r 

263 Jones J. 11., laborer 
Chevallier Joseph, baker 

264 No€l k Ferland, cabinetmakers 

265 Violletti George, musical instrs 

266 DesUaurier Israel, engineer 

267 Jolie Etienne, cabinetmaker 
Stays Frs. X., shoemaker 
Sreben Joseph, shoemaker 
Henri Kdouard, shoemaker 

268 Pepin Joseph, carter 

269 Barbeau George, joiner 
Iloweson U., clt-rk 

270 Mayer Josepli, shoemaker 
Laureut Charles, clerk 

271 Croteau Isai'e, .joiner 

No,l M., of Noel & Ferland 
M6tayer H0nor6, shoemaker 

272 Grimard Kdouard, joiner 

273 Picotfe Alex., cutter 
Beauchamp David, trader 

274 Belleau Henri, shoemaker 
Cunin A., blacksmith 

275 Blouin Paul, shoemaker 
Latour Michel, shoemaker 

276 Bourbonniiiro R.j hotelkeeper 

277 Dugiiay Kdouard, shoemaker 
277] Latour Samuel, trader 

Labossi^re Calixte, saddler 

279 Lauzon Cyril le, carpenter 
279^8 leben Louis 

Here Robin st. intersects. 

280 Bcauileu Joseph, grocer 

281 Rochon Ktienue, grocer 
Matlhieu Joachim, carpenter, r 
Laurundeaii Alf., carpenter, r 

281]Archambauit K., grocer 

283 Pngeaii Oscar, laborer 

284 LScauchamp Joseph, shoemaker, 
Lenoir Frs.-Xavier, clerk 

285 Boucher S , contractor 

286 CazaviMit Mrs. M., wid A. 

287 Perry Th^ophile, laborer 
289 Bisson Clis., laborer 

2i)0 L6veill6 Felix 

292 Hebert CnmlDu, laborer 

293 Richard Frs. Xavier, laborer 
Richard Mrs. A., wid F. 
Provost Ktienne, blacksmith, r 
lieaugrand Frs. A., painter, r 
.St Pierre J. Bto , laborer 
Desjardins J. Bte., laborer, r 

294 Lecours .Joseph, shoemaker 

295 Wales Mrs, M., wid G. 

:I96 Bonnehomie Ovila, shoemaker, r 
Miiheux Pierre, nittrbleciitter, r 
Montlie Joseph, shoemaker 
I 297 Hens Louis, inu.son 
I 'I'tissier L., tirickluyer, r 
j 298 Bruneau .lo.seph, laborer 

299 Lapieire AndrC', cabinetmaker 
Boutbillier .foseiih, laborer, r 
St (iermuin AlpilOll^e, laborer, r 
I'Ulardeau Mrs. K,, wid I'., r 

.300 Ueaudin Nap., leather cutter 
Charretler F. .\.. joiner, r 
Melan^on M., laborer, r 

■3i1l (lirard Aueust(>, laborer 

3o|]Lapoinle Nap., joiner 

.302 Beauchamp Airs. .M., wid A., 

.303 LariviJe I'lerro. shoemaker 

3j4 PlouH'e Joseph, laborer 
Loclerc .Moi'si', carter 
/{odier Klisi e, grocer 
lit'combe Olivier, baker 
.Mathleii Oiiosiine, car|)enter, r 
Hogue Delphis, shoemaker, r 
Blsaillon C, policeman 
I.,eclerc Mrs. .M., wid F, 

3iJ8 Sylvi'stro David, laborer 
Gallpeau — , liiboier, r 
I Uouiv L., oarter 



308 Paqnette Jules, blacksmith 
311 Robitaille Frs., carter 

813 Labreche Jos., carpenter 
Fanneton Joseph, shoemaker 

314 Lamarche Mrs D., wid N. 
Mercier Narcisse, laborer, r 

315 Trdpannicr Kuclide, joiner 

316 D<>patie N., stonecutter 
.317 Clark Peter, trader 

318 Beaudry Phildas, currier 
Roger F., cigarmaker 

319 Thibeault 'A., laborer 
Gervais Alex., laborer, r 
Mathieu R^gis, laborer 
G^inas Joseph, laborer 

322 liatu Joseph, shoemaker. 
Leblanc Olivier, shoemaker, r 

323 Kthier Zdphirin, cabinetmaker 
Poirier Jos., trader, r 
ThiLieault George, r 

La verdure Jules, shoemaker, r 
Kthier Cfesaire, planterer, r 

324 Chartraiid Henri, joiner 

326 Th^riault Miss M., dressmaker 
■326 H6tu F^lix, shoemaker 

327 Cavalier Amable, grocer 
Arcand Alphonse, laborer, r 
(ioulet Louis, laborer, r 
MassS Pierre, laborer, r 
B^nard Michel, laborer, r 
Paquette J. Bte.. laborer, r 

330 Lortie Mrs. A., wid M. 
Bri'iebois Zotique, laborer, r 
Laplene Damase, painter, r 
Durochers Michel, laborer, r 

331 Glbeau riK^odoro, laborer 
Lebeuque Edinond, shoemaker, r 
Brazeau Antoino. trader, r 
Brieu Camille, laborer, r 

332 Lepine J. Bte., joiner 

333 Sigouin Joseph, joiner 
S6u^cal K., painter, r 

3.34 Gauthier Charles 
335 Godard H., painter 

Laforest Kd., cabinetmaker, r 
St George K.. plumber, r 
3.36 Larivl^re Autoine, laborer 
3!37 McBeth Mrs., wid Joseph 
;338 Lepage George, tailor 
338',Mantha Alagloire, laborer 
.34ri.«clerc Geo., second-hand sto)*.' 
.343 Campeau Paul, joiner 
Ratelle W., bricklayer, r 
Lajoie Mrs. K., wid F. X., r 

346 Desroclies A., trader 

347 Miron Jiir6mie 

Here Ontario .s^ intersects. 
.348.JBeaHdry Dania,<e, wood mcvclit 

349 (iuilbault George, carter 

350 Lesp^ranci' .1. life., shoemaker 
BeauvaisMrs. A., wid J., r 
Beaudry H., carter, r 
Duplessis M., Joiner, r 

351 B^langer F.X., shoemaker 
Morel Elie, policeman 

3ij2 MIreiiult Olivier, baker 

.3,53 Cyr NapoUHin, roofer 

ii'tli Ritchot Avila. foreman 

357 Beauchamp Mrs. E., wid Josejiti 

Favreuu .M., caliiiiutniaker 
.359 Charbonneau D., laborer 
300 PIcliette Hllaire, plasterer 

lleronx Jean L , laborer, r 

Ivel'ebvr.' J., leather cutter, r 
861 I>aten(li'(>sse M., sen., carter 
302 Masslcotte Olivier 

Ouellette .Joseph, shoemaker, r 

363 Lateiidiesso .>!., Jan., bricklajei 

364 Gascon/., grocer 
Cluirtler Charles, carter, r 

307 Leiebvro .1. Tretlli', shoemaker 

309 I'erroault Miss J., teacher 
Perreault Miidtirlo 
Kthier Joseph, messenger 


J. A. ba: 

371 Diehard Henri, 

372 Lapointe J., ci 
Larivt'o Alfred, 
Bertrand A., si 

373 Deschatelet J. 
Gannard L., b( 
Deschatelet Mi 

374 Perrault F. X., 
374 J Bureau Chas., i 
376 Lagassg Georg( 

Therien Joseph 
378 Filiatrault Max 

380 Laporte Josep' 

381 Beaudin Louis, 
Dusirop J. Bte 
Gari6py U., lab 

382 HfenaultMoi'se, 

383 Landry Cyrille, 
Deuis Klie, labc 

"54 Huneault G. 
ii85 Beaudiu Louis, 
386 Montpetit F. X 

Bernard P., joi 
.387 Lord Adolphe, 
3S7iPI_quette hcgis, 

.388] Bertrand Pusca 
:i89 Normandin Pie 

390 Magnan Odilon 

391 Laiortune Dam 

392 Lalibert6 J. lUe 
Magnan Mederi 

393 Cloutler F. X.,t 
Royule Joseph, 

395 Charct Joseph, 
.396 Fortier A., bak( 
398 Balancer N., bo 

Gravel U , bhicV 
,399 Moreau Kdouan 

Dfeormier F. X. 

400 IVrrault \ar., n 

401 Gauthier K , grt 
4<)2 Vaillancourt Jos 
4J4 S( Tigny J. , trui 

Pelletier Ludgei 
405 Lutendresse jl>» 

Roger T., carpe 
4')6 Saurlole F. X., 

407 Pig on Nazaire, 

408 CoderreMrs. L. 
410 Smith Jac<iues, 
412 Sigouin K., sadi 
414 Dusirop Jean Bi 

419 Lefebvre Godfrc 
Pinsonneault .V 

420 Dfcsormeau Geo 

421 Lefebvre Coiistii 
122 Iti'lec Ijoiiis, cai 
l'J3 Brouillette Frs. 

424 Contant Mrs. J. 

425 Fauteux < ■ ilberl 
420 Lamagileleine N 

Contant Joseph 

427 Lebi'gue F. X., i 

Villeneuve A., > 

l,uram(''e Edouii 

Descliamps 1'., > 

42« Miette Mrs, Ellz 

429 (ioulet Charles, 

43U Uh^aume Alex., 

Drolet Kiiouard 

431 Jac(|uet Victor, 

432 Franco Henri, c 
Maisonneuve Pi 

433 Leiird Pierre, gl 
Bellslo Mrs. L., 
Sf Mars Jacques 

434 Richer Adolphe 
436 Gaiivin Michel, 

Allxte IX'uis, cl 

438 Ouguv v., shoei 

439 (loutlee .Joseph, 
Duniont Plerie, 
Kalners John, s 

440 Augu Jean Bte. 








371 Diehard Henri, shoemaker 

372 Iiapointe J., carter ' 
Larivoo Alfred, carter, r 
Bertraud A., shoemaker, r 

373 Deschiitelet J. Bte., laborer 
Gannard L., beer driver 
Descliatelet Mrn. J. Bte., hatter 

374 rerraiilt V. X., sboomaker 
374JBureau Cha».,upholi<terer 
376 Laga8r6 George, ehocmakcr 

Th*^rien JoBopli, shoemaker, r 
378 Filiatrault Mavimc, weigher 

380 Laporte Joseph, carter 

381 Beaudin Loiii:', grocer 
Dusirop J. Bte , joiner, r 
GarifepV U., laborer 

3S2 H6iiault'Muise, engineer 
oSli Landry Cyrille, carpenter 

Denis Elie, laborer 
3S4 HuneaultG., barge captain 
>S5 Beaudin Louis, grocer 
;i86 Moutpptit F. X., blacksmith 

Bernard P., joiner 
387 Lord Adulphe, laborer 
387iriquette hegis, blacksmith 

Mireault Z^phirin, storeman 
■iSSJBertrund I'ascal. laborer 
'iS9 Nurmandin I'ierre, laborer 

390 Magnan Odilon, trunkmaker 

391 Lafortune Dainaso, baker 
3»2 Laliberte J. IMo., laborer 

Magnan Mederic, trndcr, r 
393 Cloutler V. X.,carriagemaker 

Koyule Joseph, luburer 
395 Charct Joseph, laborer 
39G Fortier A., baker 

398 B^langer N., bookk(>(>per 
Gravel U , blacksmith 

399 Moreau Kdouard, laborer 
D^sormier F. X., stonecutter 

400 IVrrault Nar., niilkmau 
41)1 Gauthier E , grocer 

41)2 Vaillancourt Joseph, shoemaker 

404 S( Tigny J. , trunkmaker 
I'elletier Ludger 

405 Latendresse Joseph, laborer 
Koger T,, carpenter 

4i)6 Sauriole F. X., trader 

41.17 t'ig' ou Nnzaire, laborer 

408 CoderreMrs. L., wid N. 

410 8mith Jac(iues, carter 

412 Sigouin K., saddler 

414 Dusirop Jean Bte., carpenter 

419 Lcl'ebvre Godfroi, shoemaker 
Finsonneault A., shoemaker, r 

420 U&soriiioau George, laborer 

421 Letcbvre Constant, shoemaker 

422 l{t'l(!C Louis, carter 
123 Brouillette Frs. X. 

424 Contant Mrs. J., wid A. 

425 Fauteux (lilbert, trader 
420 I,amagdeloiue Narcirise 

Contant Joseph, ciirriir 
427 J.,ebi'gue K. X. , shouniaker 
Villeiieuve A,, slioi'inuker 
l.aranu''e l<:douar(l, butcher 
Doschunips 1*., shoemaker 
42H Miclte Mrs. Klizahelh 
429 Goulel Charles, shoemaker 
4iJ0 Kh^aume Alex., slu.oiuaker 

Drolet Kdouard. labonr 
431 Jac(|uet Victor, laborer 
4i2 Kranco Henri, carter 
Maisonneuve I'aul, mason 

433 Leiird I'icrre, gilder 
Belisle Mrs. L., wid .1 Jlte. 
St Mars Jiic<|uos, joiner 

434 Kicher Adolplie, currier 
4:30 (jauvin Miclu'l, laborer 

Ali.\to IJenIs, clerk 

438 Duguy I'., shoemaker 

439 Coutlce Joseph, Uborer 
Uuuiont I'lerie, laborer, r 
Kalners John, shoemaker, r 

440 Augii Jean Bte., shoemaker 

441 Demers Frs. X., shoemaker 

442 Godard Zoti(|ue, cooper 
Br^haut Louis, carter 

443 BelangerT., laborer 
Bouthillette N., laborer, r 
Grimard Micliel, laborer, r 

445 Gros Pierre, laborer 

Koberge Ignace, laborer, r 
Vlau Nicolas, laborer, r 

MONTANA, from Cherrier, opp 
head of Jacques Cartier, north to 
City limits, St James ward 

14 Charbonneau M., carter 
16 Kobin Marcel, plasterer 
18 Kivet Charles, laborer 
20 Tailleler Mrs. A., wid I.ouis 
22 {..averdure David, sawBler 

Laverdure Z^phirin, laborer 
30 Crepeau Joseph, painter 
34 Williams Albert, tobacconist 
36 All.ird Joseph, laborer 
44 Bayard Osias, tinsmith 
IGi, I.,apointe Isaie, stonecutter 
104 Miron Camille, presser 
lOe McConvillfi T. P., laborer 
112 Chevalier Adolphe, laborer 
184 Deguire Michel, joiner 
188 LamontagneJ. lUe., carter 
Leniarbre No^, shoemaker 
190 Labelle Frs. X., painter 
194 Gucuette Pierre, shoemaker 
198 Guduette L.uis, shoemaker 
200 GuiSuette Joseph, shoemaker 

MONTHORENCI, from 36 Grand 
Trunk north to the Canal, St 
Ann ward 

41 Killaly Patrick, carpenter 
Here Centre st. intersects. 

47 Garoau Ed , Bull's Head hotel 
CI O'Grady Mrs. J., wid Michael, 

53 Charbonneau Noi'l, storeman 
5-5 Stewart T., stevedore 
'i7 Kenvlllo Joseph, car in.spector 
5'.) Cauavan Josepli, cur repairer 
63 Western house, J. Dorais. prop 
Dorais Joachim, Western huuee 

//ere Itichardson st. intersects. 

G7 O'Neil Patrick, grocer 
74 Uaniel Josepli, laborer 
77 Laggan Ambrose, laborer 
79 llenoit Joseph, ciirter 

Jlre St. Patrick st. intersect'. 

NORLAND, off 287 St Martin, 
St Antoine ward 

2 McMnrlin John, com traveller 

3 (iilmuur J. T., Ilthogrupher 

4 llickey .1. /., G.T.U. 

5 ijilcack Frank, com merchant 

7 Lnrkin Mrs. S.. wid M. 

8 Variu .1. M, clerk of Appeals 
n Short 1{. A., editor Wlliie.Hs 

10 Itarmird W. John, bookkeeper 

tween 113 and 115 St Domini- 
que, near St Lawrence market, 
St Louis ward 

2 Wray Llugh, checker 

3 Lnrkln William, slierirs oUicer 
i..arkln 'I'hiMuas, printer 

4 Blumeiithiil M., merchant tailor 

5 Wray Mrs. Klleu, wlj Joseph 
Savage A. P. 

MOUNTAIN, from 369 St Joseph 
north to 992 Sherbrooke, St 
Antoine ward 

1 Lipp6 Camille, grocer 

4 TurgeoD Louis, shoemaker 

8 Dionne Mrs. 8., wid Frs. X., 


9 McGregor Lewis, foreman 

10 Keefc Daniel 

Audrain II. L. H., vet surgeon, r 
Normanrleau A., blacksmith 

11 Kbacher Uoni., bookkeeper 

12 Major Jean Bte., jobbing shop 

13 Lanthier Miss K , music teacher 
Lanthier Jonor6 

15 Henry Sanmel, wood merchant 

16 Lanouett K., cabinetmaker 
Lanouetti' Mrs. K., dressmaker 
Monaroue l.^on, saddler 

18 Leduc Kdouard, buiclier 

19 Labelle F^lix, grocer 

Here Schoolhouse st. ends. 

20 Thdoret Jos., carter 
Sauve Alphonse, laborer, r 

21 Thibodeau Kus6be, joiner 

22 B(!Ianger/6phirin, slioemaker 
22iMcDonnell John, carter 

23 I'oirier M., conductor G.T.K. 

24 Poitevin Mr*. E., wid .loseph 
Poitevin Miss E., d re ~.< maker 
Hallworth Thomas, carter 

25 Monette Fraiifiiis 

27 Bernard Alfred, lithographer 

28 Privost Alphonse, miller 

29 Godin Francois, joiner 

30 Coriveau Unesime, tinisher 

31 Donahue Mrs. B., wid John 
Welsh Thomas, carter 

32 Andi6 Lou's, trader 

33 Lachapelle Olivier, laborer 
Donahue John, crimper, r 

35 Lefebvre Eustache 

Depocas Alfred, bookkeeper 

Here Holland lane beyins. 

37 Mallette Mrs. O., wid .lerftraie 
Mallette Alphonse, butcher 
Mallette Joseph, butcher 
Lefebvre Wllbrod, butcher 

38 St Amour Franvols, grocer 

39 Brazeau Joseph, laboier 
Pres.-eau Jos., slioemaker 
Pratt Hubert, r 
Williutt Jo,«epli, painter, r 
Tliuriault EusOibe, laborer, r 

41 Uinnas Miss ZoO, scan. stress 

42 Murohund Athanase, painter, i 
Mucfirlune Alex., shoemaker 

42JDeQOnte Tlieodule, cooper 

43 .Muriel Azarie, trader 

45 MacNeill Samuel, whitewashor 

49 Bastien Isaac, carter 

50 .lubinviUo Franvois. carter 
Mainvillo Alexis, laborer 

51 Baibeau Magloire, plasterer 

Hue Albert si. cmls awl Uailway 

crossiny inter.iei'ts. 
75 Montieal I'elegraph Co.'s oKice, 

John N'ellsou, operator 
70 Boyd Uobert, shoemaker 
Carson James, tailor 

77 Wear.lohn, shliiper G T.K. 

78 Patrick David, siuesman 

79 Lavlolett" .\lfred, laborer 

80 Suanlan Thomiis, foreman 
S< aiilan Frs., clerk 

81 Bissoniiette Vlctorien, moulder 

82 .McLuod Thomas, shoemaker 

83 Turner Wm., laborer 

84 Parker .Miss Liz le, dressmukoi 
Parker Joteph, cunler 







35 Simpson Edward, laborer 

86 Webster T., nicrcliant tailor 

87 Heiipy Joliii, waller 

39 Walton I$aac, umbroUa maker 

■Here St. Honaventurc at. inlersi'cts. 

91 Cusson Joseph, grocer 

Cussoii Miss F., fancy goods 
95 Lef'i'bvrc Jlrs. M., wid ricrie 
97 Statlbrd lli'iiry, boots and shoes 
99 Thomson James, siiloon 
XOU St Ant»ii.e markut, Joseph N. 
Duhum).-!, clerk 
OuhamelJ.N., clerk St Antoine 
105 Espio Arnold, crockery 
107 Hurful)ise Aliihonse, baker 
Uovvliiig William, carter 
Galligaii Mrs. K., wid John 
111 Starnes Charles, laborer 

Cross !j tmnel, clOrk 
113 HurrioKton V. \V.,ci-il engineer 
115 rhilll])s ,Johi', carpenter and 

HUjierintcndont lioys' homo 
117 Shaftesbury hall,. I. I'hillips, siipt 
121 hesperance Alpliouso, bntclier 
124 Hain S. S., gardener and tlorist 

126 Euman tieorge, tr;ider 

127 Chessar Geurge, carpenter 
133 Mctiiirry Uaidel, grain dealer 
1.37 McUarry (jeorge, jjrocer 

Here SI. Antoine sf. internee/:^. 

Mountain Drug hall, M. (j. Ed- 
son, proprietor 
141 Holmes VVm., 

144 Burko Brothers, grocers 
140 Hill George 

145 Kennedy William, crockery 
151 Neville W. li., carpenter 
l"i3 Mctirogor Alex.,storoman 
155 Uowling Michael, r 

15>i Connolly John, wood merchant 
157 Held Robert, fruits 

Htn; Blailie lane ends. 

Ifil Baylis J., of J. Baylis & Son 
li32 Uough Alex., confectioner 
1()4 Smith (ieorge, baker 

Olivet Baptist church, rev. W. N. 
Clark, b.D., pastor 
170 Taylor J., of Taylor & Simpson 
172 Toes David, of lees & Co. 

Tees James, clerk 

Tees David, jiin,, clerk 
174 I'rowse (ieo. K., hardware 

Robertson Robt., bookkeeper 
ITfi CblldsG.,of G ChildsiCo, 

Childs (jeorge A. 
178 Ross Win. E., clerk 

Uoss Rcbert 11., agent 

Jlathii) Win., agent 
180 Sadd er ti., >witi.liinan G.T. R. 

Gittiis Robert, di'ivei' 
ISOJArsenanit William, clerk 
184 Stewart Edward 


O'hitrnr sf. aiil.^. 

216 Saundersr.,ofH. & A. Saunders 

225 fringle Mrs. H., fruit dealer 

Here Dorchester st. intersects. 

226 Jfartin Charles H., fruits 
237 I.saacson .1. II., notary 
239 Brodie Hugh, notary 
211 I'ardy Miss Fannie 

243 Nivin Win., stock broker 
Ciiiso Miss Sarah 

244 Dufoit H., builder 

245 Robertson W. W., Q.O., of A. 

& W . Robertson 
247 Buvd S. W., of Boyd Brothers 
249 Wilkes rev. Henry, D.D., prof 
Theolofry Congregational col- 
lege of B.N. A. 
267 Shelton E. E, 
2t>9 McKiiinon James, accountant 

Garven James 
270 Guinan James, coachman 
272 Hiekson Jos., general manager 

283 Smith .Uelvin 

Smith Mrs. Sarah A., wid J. B. 
290 Si)ragge Mrs. William 
Spragge Henry 

Here .St. Catlierine sf. intersects. 
I'rdvost & 

, PrCvost & 

186 Mclturney J., of Kingaii & Mc- 

188 I'ell A. .1.. carver and gililer 

Garvie George 1). 
190 We^t End Trivate school, II. 

Arnold, princijial 
192 (loiild C. II., ol 1. Gould & Sons 
(ionid () M.,"lli'a(;ouid ,v Sons 
Gould rev. E, mini-ter New 

Jnrusab'iii cliuii-h 
214 Miller Mr.s. Elizabeth, wid Win. 
.315 ller\ey Institute and llomeaiid 

School oflnilus^ry, .Mi's,,l<>lin 

Ko.4s, dlrectri'ss; Mrs, Gr Ig, 


300 I'l 6\'08t Arthur, of A, 
Prevost Hector, of A 

I'rtWost Romeo, of A. Prbvost & 

Pr(5vost Mrs. K., wid Amable 
339 Stephen G., of G. Stephen «t Co. 
314 Nelson H. A., of 11. A. Nelson 

&. Sons 
355 Baker J. C. 

304 Clieese W. E. 

305 Gordon J, W., of Gordon & 

366 French Robert, of Mclniyre, 

French & Co. 
.368 Russell .lames, contractor 
370 Symington Mrs. K., wid Ths. 
3r2 Anderson rev. Canon W., AI.A, 
38ii Slesser J. M., of Jas. Johnston 

& Co, 
3S7 Daiisereau Pierre, contractor 
388 Wliite Mrs. Annie, wid Robert 

Paton llugli,of Shedden Co. 
.39J Mcl'hee John R., .Mont. Tel. Co. 

Cameron Hugh, collector 
.392 Morton 11., of M'lrton, Phillips 

& Buliner 

Cote St Antoine road, north to 
the Mountain. Being outside 
City limits, names will be 
found in Alphabetical order in 
Cote St Antoine. 

otf 271 St Antoine, i.or h to 
62 Argyle av, St Antoine ward 

1 Doherty A., gastltter 
l'(Milili .>lplloiise. agent 

2 I'ringle (ieorge W., linit dealer 

7 lUnniiigliain I'atrick 

8 McAdum James, dry goods 

10 TIninias K.,')f Dawson Bros. 

11 I.edilen Willluin T. 

12 Madden Miss Maria 

13 Linegar Win., t'erinaii Brillsli 

American Bank Note Co. 

14 Turner Win. G,, bookkeeper 

15 Mussull Wllliani, com traveller 

16 Brown P. E., merchant 

17 Walsh P. Francis, bookkeeper 
20 Ruston W. C oil manufacturer 

MULLINS, from 489 Wellington, 
west to the City limits, St Ann 

7 Davy John, watchman 

9 Drew John, boilcrmaker 
56 Maloiio .Michnel, laborer 
58 Burke John, laborer 

60 Wheatley Mrs. A., wid James 

62 Hill James, en;,'ineer 

64 Scott Richard, storeman 

66 Fulton Mrs. Cath., wid Duncan 

Here Uiehm-mdst. intersects. 

71 Duncan Adam, storeman 

72 Eosey Taylor, customs officer 

73 Welch Thomas, engineer G.T.R. 
(4 Gleeson Pa'rick, flnishcr 

75 Pavptto Mrs. Susan, wid F6Ux 
Payette K , jun., engine driver 

76 Paris .lames, carter 

77 Rhind Charles, conductr G.T.R. 

78 Smith .las. machinist G.T.R. 

79 Levey Ohiistopher, engineer 

80 Walsh John, carter 

87 Hayes Patrick, laborer 
Westcott William, tinsmith 

88 Kelly Edward, butcher 

Here Maple av. ends. 

102 Freeman George, clerk 

Bulley Wm., joiner 
104 Cambridge Thoina", policeman 
106 Gillespie James, fireman G.T. h'. 

NewmarcU Thomas, founder 

Here Seignnirs st. intersects. 
124 Mclnnis Angus, storeman 
126 (iee .lobn, conductor G.T.R. 
128 Steele David, blacksmith G.T.R 

MUNRO, from 24 Champlain 
west to 28 Maisonueuve, St 
Mary ward 

6 Dawson Charles, moulder 

7 Thompson John, laborer 

8 Gardner Joseph, bricklayer 

9 Peterson Charles, laborer 

10 (jardner William G., plumber 
12 Carriiigton James, hatter 
14 Rutledge Mis. M., wid Edward 
16 Nelson James, shoemaker 

MURRAY, from the Canal, off 

261 Wellington to 284 St Jo 

seph, St Ann ward 

5 Croteaii George, grocer 
7 Di'smoiid .Mi>. .Vim. wid Daniel 
9 Manville Henry, agent 
31 KnrlcnigTIis,, watchman 
33 Burns Tlios., carter 
35 i)eviiie.lolin, cli'rk (i.l'.R. 
3; DdoUiii Iruncis ('., laborer 
39 Ellis Pair ck, laborer 
41 llarray .Mnriin, storeman 
4,3 Brriinan Patrick, cooper 
46 Hvnn .lobn, storeman 


Hi'iy .Smilli sf. liiiiiisecU. 

46 llickey Mrs. Ellen 

47 Palter-on J. W., & Co., roofliig 

1>< Burns Lawrence, laborer 
52 Kennedy .lohn, laborer 
54 Fiirrell .'lan es, grocer 

Kennedy Pat , carter, r 
60 Irvine I hoinas, tailor 

Allan Mrs, Muiy Ann, widN., >' 

60 Bourke Arthur, e 
60J Hatch Patrick, h 

61 Gorman John, la 

62 Budd Wm , laboi 

63 Campbell Ihos., 

64 Cannon Michael, 
63 Kelly Patrick, la 
66 Burns Mrs. Ma 


eO.lSutton Charles, Is 

67Reilov James, lab 

68 French Robert, h 

Nolan Tim thy, 

70 Moynaugh Mart 
O'Bren i'atrick, 

71 Prendergast Mrs 

72 Frowlev Patrick, 
Martin 'F. X.. lali 

73 Mctiarthy Miclia 

74 Gillies Francis, g 
Callahan Mrs. Ji 

75 McGowan Mri- 
Whelan Mrs. He 

76 Mi'Karlane Patri 

77 Foster William, 
Morrissey Patricl 
McNully Mis. Bri 
Connolly John, I 

78 Carroll Mr.'. Ann 
Burns Thomas, h 

79 MctJinnis Patricl) 

80 McCarthy John, 
Oilb ide Michael, 

81 McCoiinoii Mr>. ! 
S2 Filzgeriild Mrs. 

Cannon Miss Ma 

Cannon Patrick, 

tjiiminsou Wni., 

Lasey Sirs. B , wi 

(.ilbride Michael. 

Nt' Mrs. Eii 

Kelly I'liouia-', la 

S.l C'xiney JoliK.labi 

8.') Kinney I'at.. woo 

■Si) Tergert Arthur, li 

StiJl.urUin Frs., woei 

Itiirns I hos., carti 

87 Whelan Jame.'', s- 

8S O'Reilly Pat.. Iiib 

89 Kilzgerabl .Iclin, 

IK) Donahue John, 1 

1)1 Dniinmond Mrs 

92 Clnran James, lal 

;U Cassidy Bernard, 

'.III Duncan James, c 

WLlRulierty Win., ^r 

Idl Larkin Pat., groc 

Hrri' Offairii sf. i 

109 Uyun .ftdin. lalim 
Uritt Stephen, In 
Miiltli Samuel, la 
Wright RoLirit, t 

111 Myiui .Mrs. J., wi 
Massy l''ra:ik, ecu 

113 ltol.111 Mrs. M., V 
Iteiinett John, pi 

115 O'lliira Pat., lab 
lliirke Mr", llriili 

IKi Slutl'ord .lames, I 
Uoll.liid Ale.\is I 
.Mi'Avoy Tlioinie 
KeetV ('iirni'lln^, 

117 l)'iiiiielly I'll! ni:i 

118 ('ail.'iglian .Mielii 
.Miilier Daniel, In 

110 llii|i'.l(ilin.liilio 
I'i) Uo.xljurv Hem v, 
122 .siiiiiliin'l Alfii-,1, 
l'J3 (;<i|iiiiK,li)liii. ImIi 

llailhinr Willinli 
121 Uyun P;it . l.ilior 

Ileum Tlioina", I 
I'ii .Vlooney •lames,! 







', policemnn 
reman G.T.K. 
i, founder 

smith U.T.R 

60 Boui'ke Arthur, galoonke<>per 
60)Hatch I'atrick, laborer 

61 Gorman John, laborer 
&i Budd Win , laborer 

tj3 CampbfU ThoH., laborer 

64 Cannon Michael, biaclcsmlih 

65 Kelly Patrick, laborer 

66 Burns Mth. Mary, wid John, 

66JSutton Charles, laborer 
fi'Reilov James, laborer 
68 French Robert, luborer 
Nolan Tim thy, tailor, r 

70 Moviiaugh Murlin, roofer 
O'Br'en I'atrick, coachman 

71 I'rendergast Mrs. C, wid T. 

72 Frowley I'Htrick, laborer, r 
MartinV. X.. laborer 

73 McCJarthy Midnu'l, laborer, r 

74 Gillies traiicis, grocer 
Callahan Mrs. Jlary, wid John 

75 McGowan Mrc Marg., wid I'. 
Whelan Mrs. Helen, wid W., r 

76 Mi'Karlaiie I'atrick, laborer 

77 Foster William, lalmrer, r 
Moirissey I'atrick, laborer 
McNully Mis. Bridget, wid M., r 
Connolly John, laborer, r 

78 Carroll Mr-'. Ann. wid O. 
Burns Thomas, laborer, r 

79 MctJinnis I'atrick, laborer 
So MotJarthy John, laborer 

(jilb ide Michael, laborer 
81 McConnuii Mr.-. Maiy, wid IJ. 
S2 Fitzgerald .Mis. .Mary, wid. J., r 
Cannon Mi.«s .Mary, {{rocerv 
Cannon I'atrick, blacksmith 
Ijuminson Wm., laborer, r 
Lasej; Mrs. B , wid Tlinnias 
(.llbride .Micliai'l. 1 iborer, r 
^ewnlan Mrs. K.i/.ii, wid K., r 
Kelly Thoiria-', laborer, r 
S.l <'.Miney .lohn, labnrer 
S.') Kinney I'at., wood merchant 
Sii Tcjitrert Anhur, laborer 
Stij'I.arMn Frs., wood dealer, r 

Hums I hos., carter, r 
87 VVhelan James, stovelitter 
8S O'Keilly I'at.. luborer 

89 Kilzgerald Ji'hn, laborer 

90 Uoiialiuo .roliii, laborer 

91 Driiinmond Jlrs M., wid I'oter 

92 Cloran James, laborer 

M Ca>'si(ly Bernard, boili'rmaker 
9i) Duncan James, carpenter 
Wi.JRall'erty Wni., ^jrccer 
Ilil Larkin I'at., grocer 

Hen Otfivrn St.. Pl^';•,s'•(■r,^. 

109 Ryan .lohn. laborer 
Britt Stephen, Inburer, r 
tSiiiith iSainiicI, laborer, r 
Wright Uolii'it. limiider, r 

111 Mynn .Mrs. J., wid Wni. 
Massy I'rank, cuopiir, r 

ll;i Holiin Mr-. .M., wid .lolin 
liemiett .lohn, plasterer, r 

115 Olliira I'at., liil.-crer 

llurke .Mrs, llrlilgel, «ldC., r 

11<) .HtulHird .lames, liaker 

UoH.lIld Ale.\i-, liliti'hcr, r 
■Mc'.Vviiy Tlioiniis. laborer, r 
Keet'e Ccinieiiu-i, laliori r. r 

117 D.iiiiielly fli(.iii:i*, , arler 

W I'ail.'iglian .Michael, tiillor 
Mailer haniei, luliunT, r 

119 llo) e .lohn, liilioii'r 

li) lloxlmrv 11, .my, hlncjismlth 

Vi'i .siiiiijiinl .Mt'ir.l, piunter 

I'i'i (:n||iii>« ,liilin. iiilMiier 

Uiiihiiiir Willihin, iipliolstonr, r 

I'il liyan I'at , hiliorer 

lletirii Tli"iiia.<, hilnner, r 

\% .Moomy ,laiiie,-i, laborer 

126 Hill Jas., carter, r 

127 Colligan Mrs. Ann, wid Jas. 

128 Stakcn Patrick, laborer 
Mynes William, shoemaker, r 

129 Rogers Micliael, laborer 
Barry John, tinsmith, r 
Summers Albeit, carter, r 
Kennedy Patrick, laborer, r 

130 Woodhouse James, agent 
Wickham Patrick, carter 

1.32 OA'eil .fobn, laborer 
132.^ Hamilton .Jacob, laborer 

133 Sweeney Mrs. I.ncy, wid M.. r 
Stacy James, laborer, r 
Power Joseph, carter 

134 McGuirc Sirs. .In la, wid .fames 
136 Murphy \lrs. M., wid Stephen 
140 Price Chi.rle.-, machinist 

142 I'owney .Mr^. Mary, will Robert 

143 RobitailJP I'eler, laborer 
Ituckley John, laborer, r 
l>ull'y 'iliomas, laborer, r 

144 Caine John, tailor 

145 Crane Robert, cic rk 

146 O'Brien .lohn. prieter 
148 tialvin Patrick, hiboier 
150 .Mc.Mahon .liihn, storenian 

156 lli.rrin,i;ton J., shoemaker 

157 Lamb Benjamin, butcher 

Here William at. iu'< rH<;cts. 

100 Gauthier P. B.,c'erk 

Dnigneauli .T.. tel operator 
162 l>nboi> Benjamin, baker 
hJ4 Ciinningliam T., policemnn 
lij't! Valatle J., jnn., cariiageuiaker 
JIallette (Jiirtlave, cook 
Ueoareau NapoltSon, hatter 
108 il»\«\\ JIartin F., cliecker 

172 Git^toire Mrs. P., wid II. 

173 Mcl.ane I'atrick. laborer 
175 Bo cine l.onis, blacksmith 

184 Park \V. I)., wood nieri'liant 

185 Kmo Mr-. Susan, wid Tlios, 
Valade ,los.. sen., wlieehvright 

186 Pilotte Fraeyis, shoemaker 

187 I.esperance 11., Iio kkoeper 

188 G'Reil y Bernard, gn cer 
1S9 liiiiin .Mrs. A., wid Charli>s 
191 I'ilon (iodlroi, shoi>mal<er 
1!H Trudel Olivier, black.-mith 
102 Blancbard Ollviei, joiner 
l'.i3 ('aifse V.V/Awr, cider maker 
t!)4 Roussel R., tailor 

li)"i Sarault J. B., hatter 

196 McAraii .lames, stationer 

198 Cinq .Mars Fphrein, dry goods 

Proveiuher Adolphe, tailor 
'200 (iarean Charles, merchant 

NAPOLEON, from Panthaleon to 
697 St Lawrence, St Louis 

3 (irotenii N'npoleon, furrier 
5 l.abelle Tens., joiner 

l.apoiiih' — 
7 (iirnrd I.oiils, Joiner 

llotte Miss I).. seainstre>>; 
I 9 Robert-oil deorge A., sloreman 

PitWost .Mrs. S., wid A. 

Hvvn (iiilinix kI, iiili rsicff, 

72 I.abranclie David, tin.-iMitli 
74 (iingias Ale.saiidre, jolier 

//. ;r St. naiinliff Ht. iiit, )•.-. cf.i. 

76 IlMiinger (Jeorge N., painter 
78 I.esoaibeiiit S., tailor 
82 rai|uette Frs., foreman 
84 Uelisic Alfred, shoemaker 

NAPOLEON BOAD, formerly 
Brewster read, from Lower La- 
chine road to Lachine Canal. 
Being outside City limits, 
names will be found in alpha- 
betical order in Village of St 

NAZARETH, from 89 Conunon 
north to 114 William, St Ann 

16 Baylis Maiinfactiirlng Co., var- 
nishes, paints, &c. 
31 Weir J. C. & R. S., machinists 

Here Brennan st. intersects. 

White W. C, Vnlcnn Boiler wks 
39 Mcintosh John, & Son, Vulcan 

Iron works 
42 Oardn<'rRobert,& Sons, Novelty 

46 Reniiie James, engineer, r 
48 Lawlor.lobn D .sewing machine 

58 Linton Jolin, coopir 

60 Mcllvoeo (ieorpe, painter 

61 Kdwards IJobert, builder 

t)3 MiConiidl W., shiiiperG.T.R. 

(■amble Mrs. Sarah, wid James 
64 Walker Anhur, collector 

Walker I hos. S.. machinist 
64' Walker .Tos , shoe cutter 

66 Ceoney 'l lioina.-^, laborer 

67 Tobiti .Mrs. Sarali. wid James 
l)(,w Peicr, laborer 

68 llolliday David, com traveller 

69 Tear R(ibert, laborer 
71 Uiipui- Isra I, baker 

73 Breiinan James, laborer 
75 l!obert.-oii Jihn, laborer ■ 
77 Walklev .lohn, lab.irer 

81 DiHighi'riy W. K, stencil cutter 
Di iigbeity Wni.. printer 

82 ,Joliii.<(oi .ioln, sailninker 
Nazaieth Street mission chapel. 

in eoniiection with Crescent 
Street church, John Johnson, 

Ifero WeUivfjton st. intersects. 

95 Walker John, dry poods 

96 JlcConnell Win. I, shirt cutter; 
Oii\er John, macliinist 

08 Jones Freil , blacksinith 
105 Smith Mrs. .lane, wid llobert 
lii6 Cniinlngbani Charles, carter 
107 Turner James, englnoi r 
.Aliller lv< bert, stO'cman 
Curry Idbert, liiborer, r 

110 Crawl'ord (no., com traveller 

111 Maekay .lebn, jiriiter 
Mackuv Abraliaoi, cleik 

113 Cockbiiin Mr-". .1., wid John 
Ciekbiirii William foreman 

114 lla-ley S.. brn.«li niiiKer 

115 Donaf(l.-<oii .luhii, g:l^titter 

116 .Sliliiiies Nell, storenian 
O'll'.irii Mieliiiil, lain ler 
Murphy Cernelii a, laborer 

117 Tlionipsoii .lames, laborer 

118 l.aHience .lohn, miller 

119 I've William, clerk 

( leinleniiliii; Holeit. sailor 
r20 Carpen ei .Moses, (Winter 

Carpeiiti r Mrs. M., wid 
121 Hay lliuiry, shirt cutter 

Nelson .lelin, ^lorenlan 
r22 Griiliam Uiivid. machinist 

Tiimbei Mrs. .-arah, «id Geo. 
124 Simpson Wlllmni, sioremau 

fc ' 








125 Adams Enoch, tinsmith 
ChoulcsMrs. Mary, wid Richard 

126 Whilton Jos., inarblocuttcr 

127 Taylor David, printer 
VVi'lcli John, finisher 

128 Staniitield Lewis, machinist 
Hamilton James, water police 

130 Shannon William, laborer 

Ijreen Geo. W., tel operator 
132 McDonald William, Hreman 
134 Smith Tliomas, bricklayer 
136 Conroy Jolm, laborer 

138 Goudfellow Joseph, mncliinist 

139 Coiiib Mrs. .\t., wid Kobert 
Stanley Uavid, clerk 
Johnston I'homas, clerk 
Morissctte I.,(;on, laborer 

140 McC'rae John, cooper, r 
Duchesne I'ierre, sficumaker 

141 Whelan John, laborer 
Burns Kdward, carpenter 

142 Wilson Wni., wood merchant 
14") Kyan James, laborer 
149 McKeown Daniel, storeman 
153 Gordon Kobert, trader 

Uere 0/lawa st. intersects. 

& Co., planing 

167 Maxwell E. J 


173 Harden Michael, laborer 
Love Uobert, carter 

177 I'ower Kdward, engineer 
Power I.,awrence, engineer 
Kedpatli George, enginei-r 

178 IJritt l>ennis, .sliipcarpenter 
ISO McCnnn John, cooper 

181 Tobin Mrs. .Su.«an. wid Tat. 

182 Quinn Joseph, carter 
1S3 I'ognem Charles, trader 
184 Walsh .Mis. .M., wid Ihomas 

187 Galley Arthur, inspector for the 

Society for the Prevention of 
Cruelty to Animals 

188 Leahy .lohn, laborer 

189 Thonuis, butcher 

190 Joyce Thoma . laborer 
190.iSumnierville Frank, hibor9r 

Laren Mrs. 1$., wid Jeremiah, r 
192 I'ollotiir Joseph,. ^toreman 
liurling J. T , blucksmith 

198 Gallagher Mrs. Alice, wid D. 
Kates Uenry. laborer 

195 Itohcn I'atrick, luborer 
Malonuy Mrs., wid Jolm 

197 Lennan John, laborer 
Henry Krs , laborer 

199 Ashton Kdwiird, carter 
Ueauuhainp Kl/6ur, bollerinaker 

201 Ilcnaud .\uguste, i-aloon 
2U2 Linton Wm., laborer 

NELSON, off Colborne av, St 
Mary ward 

Not built upon. 

NONANCOURT. from 312 Fanet 
west to 311 Visitation, St Mary 

1 St Jean Auguste, grocer 

2 Chartrand .Staiu>las, Joini'r 

6 l^-mire I'liomas, >lioeiuaker 

7 JjUtortuiie Joseph, laborer 
Ouiniet .lo<eph, joiner, r 
Gosselin Kugene, nuison, r 

8 Dellsle ,lo>-eph, shoemaker 

12 (iulmoiid Cali.xle, Joiner 

13 Lavoie Louis, tinsmith 
Gagnon (ienri, shoemaker, r 
I'epln Hubert, shoemaker, r 

14 Mulo Simeon, shoeumker 
Dageniiis Adolphe, Uiborrr. r 

16 Ueuuchauip K., cubhietmuker 

16 Richer Mrs. M<!lina, wid Joiieph 
Malouin Pros))6rc, shoemaker, r 

NORM AND, from 11 Touville to 
68 Foundling, opposite St Ann's 
market, West ward 

1 Pinkcrton, Whitham & Co., 

boots and shoes 
C Hodgson A., & Sons, produce 
9 Lord & Munn,conmiislonmchts 

11 Edwardsburg Starch Co. 

25 Trotter W. C, warehouseman 

44 Ward Jos., produce merchant 

45 Daigiieault J. G., k Co., pro- 

vision merchants 

NOTRE DAME, from Dalhousie 
sq west to 215 McOill, East, 
Centre and West wards 

4iConnollyP. J., plumber, ga.sand 

6 King Wm., messenger 
9 Hospice St Charles, rev K. Rous- 
seau, director 
14 TIdvierge M., boots and&hoes 
18 Picho .Michel 

l8]lA'cu.ver .Mrs. A., wid I'oussaint 
20 ISarri J. L., real estate agent 
anil collector 
Plainondon T., notary 

22 Kennedy .Miss K., dres.-maker 

23 Ferns Peter, stevedore 

24 Prairie Epiirein, clerk 

25 lU'liveauMrs. AI., wid C, bdg h 
Rivet J..ouis 

LaHcur F. U., bank clerk 
Doiitre J. It , advocate 
Kheuiimc Nap., gilder 
Roy Candido 

Hannan J. •!., haberdasher 
Archatnjjault Houioe, advocate 
Kutvoye lieut -col. Geoigi;, Q. C. 
Perodeau Narcisse, of Jobin A- 

Ostigny J. H., bank clerk 
Mathleu —.pilot 
Dounelv — , clerit 
.McGiir.Mrs., wid 
Uoiithillier F <i., M.P.P., of 

Koy & Itouthillitr 
Roy .\.,otA. Uucine & Co. 
Hamilton N. K , dry gnods 
Chaiitelou|) E., tirass louiider 
(iuinicnd C H. A , cliTk 
Lanclot Phlluas, of De.-juidius k 

Mathiuu — , pilot 
Donnelly — , clerk 
20 HrlssiHti" Mrs. .Julie, wid 1[. 
Dulisle Arthur, assist, librarian 

Advocates' lllirary 
HrlsM'tte .Vd^lard, tailor 
28 .Mathleu Arthur, .M.D. 

30 Labbii .Joseph, bdg lise 
Hvosseau Ant, <» , notary 
Hubert P. D., M.D. 

31 lltlpital Notre Dame, under the 

siiperiniendence of the Grey 

32 Ricard Arthur G. A., .M.D. 

33 l..auioureux .M. 11 C , & Co., 

furniture nuiuul'aclun'rs 

34 SpiiudlilM. R., verinieelli inaiifr 
(iait Wm.. lithograplier 

30 Desrosicrs ,1., boots and shots 

38 l)escoteuu Felix, bdg hse 
Corby .loseph, merchaiil 
Laniontttiine .Mrs. .S.. bdg li-e 

39 Couslneau Louis, cook 
I>'.\niour Henry, cleik 

41 .MvCornnick \rtliur, dry goods 

42 Brosscuu D. C-, grocer 

43 Wanless Gilbert, fancy goods 

44 Beauvais Camille, clerk 

46 Hart Bros. & Co., coal merchts 

47 G^linas Mrs. O., wid H., bdg h>: 
Trudeau Calixte, printer 
Chagnon Edmond, P.O. clerk 
Chagnon Geo., Dominion Type 

Goyette Dolphis, student 
Poirier Kudard, advocate 
Gari^py H., of Villeneuve & 

Guriepy Joseph, clerk 
Lord Alfred, P. O. clerk 

49 Paquin Miss E.. hatter 
Sylvestre Mrs. Pierre, grocery 

50 Mercier Joseph, carriage factory 
61 J..acombe Vincent, arctiitect 

53 Papin Miss M. .M., dry );oods 

54 Laub^ Joseph, canary birds 

55 I'outre F<!lix, trader 
Durand Z., leather cutter 
Dauphinais IMiilibert, laborer 

57 Hart Richard, fruit dealer 

59 Flynn Jos. J., secy Health dejt. 

01 FKnn Mrs. M., wid E., milliu>.t 

66 Silverstone Wm. , pawnbroker 
(;6 Carli Thi s.. statuary 

67 Lepage Germain, hardware 

69 3Iars(dais& lienjamin, dry good'; 
Uaruois Charles, tailor 

70 Raymond C. A , chemicals 
Ruceite J. V., cigar manufr 

71 Leibbvre & Viau, dry goods 

72 Hutchison John, grower 

Here Donsecours st. intersects. 

74 Thivierge JI., boots and shoes 

75 Picault Jc Co., druggists 

76 ( orran Henry, jeweller 

77 Mathleu E , & Fr6re, grocers 

78 Hinette Simeon, barber 
Houle Hilaire, hairdresser 

79 Huet Achille. driver 
I'rudhomme Joseph, clerk 

80 Auliry Aiidr6, laborer 

81 IX'Toniianeour Louis C , tailor 

82 LangeviUik Monday, clothiers 
H'S Guerin C. L., & Cie., dry goods 

84 La/arus .Mrs. Dora, pawnbroKr 
Bohl Ulric, clerk 

85 Rivet & St Jean, dry goods 
8tl Fillppi P., statuary 

87 I'lipin ,^£ CorI.eil , boots and shot?- 
Corbeil i)., if Pai)in & Corb.'il 

88 Germain los. It, clothier 

S9 lt(aucliamn L. E.,& Co ,dry gil- 

90 Dtiroclier K. A., shoemaker 

91 Couiliard Louis, boots & shoe.') 

92 .\lbert L luls, pawnbrokir 

93 Larue J. It , merchant tailor 
FUiette ElzOar, shoemaker 
Liicuille Luilger, carpenter 

94 Arclianibault.Ml.-s, & i.o., inilli- 

Archanibault A. S. 
Lacroix ricrre. contractor 
Arehamlmult Nap., advocate 

95 Trtidel & Vincent, dry goods 
90 Roy Nail., merchant t«ilor 

97 I'erreauit .1.. & Co., drv gooils 
9« Bellenia:e.MissAur61ie,mllliun.v 
m Petit Thi'^ophile, tailor 

101 PrtWost it i'aiiS dry goods 

102 Lacas .Mrs. G., milliner 

103 (iareau .Joseph, tailor 
('outlOe .Miss Rose, milliner 
Thibaudeau Isaie, tailor 

Pi4 Dupart Sebastian, blacksmith 

l/ijeuiiPBse Jules, carrlageiuaki.1 
105 Malhi(>u & (iugnon, dry jooil^ 
107 Labelli' P. E., dry goods 
110 Cliaumetto L., livery stables 
HI I list! tut Canudien 

Huisseau A., supcriutondcut 



UI McNichols John A. 
Doutre J. B., advoc 
L'ArchevSquo B., n 
Badeaux P. B,, agei 
113 Monat & Co., dry g 
115 Sicard & Limoges, ( 
Ut> Labergn Louis, dry 
IH Meunier Alf., mercl 

Here St. Claude st 

121 Sovigny Narclsse, b 

Limoges Mrs., wid 

i:3 Rousseau & Oalarn( 

125 Fournier Jean, talli 

Papin P., of Papin 

Bcaudin Nap., brus 

Brodeur Chas., tra( 

Perrier Mrs. Albinc 

liT St Louis L. A., boot 

129 Beauvais & Perrau 

1)1 Labine Jules, & Co 

1:3 Valade J., boots an 

Here Oo^ord st. con 

m Hamel rev T., recti 

branch Laval nni \ 

University Laval, Mi 

faculty of medicin 

Hamel, rector 
Lachapelle Emmani 

Vaillancourt Chas , 
Vaillancourt Jos., ci 
!3;} City hall 

Corporation of Mon 

Kivard, mayor ; 

iiicyer, city cleik; 

as.'<istant city dor 
Mayor's oflice, S6v 

Kivard SiHere, may 
City Treasurer's ofl 

Itlack, city treasui 
Law department, 

of .Montreal. Roue 

city attorney 
llty Rounr, Q.C., cl 
Ktliier Leandro J 

a.s.siHtant city attoi 
(ominis-iouers" rooi 
City Auditor's ofHce 

City Surveyor's offl 

Aiisley, city survi 
Ausley George D., ( 
Koad department, 

Ausley, city surve 
Water Works dep 

U'.sago, supcrlntei 
Li'sago Louis, su] 

Water works 
Hoard of Assessors, , 

.1. lit". Allard, P 

J. T. Dillon, Richi 

and Walter Drak 
I'ire depiirtmont, V 

chief engineer ; 

CiiUoch and Jean 

ratton William, oil 

Vm' depariment 
Mi-Culluch Frs., am 

Naud Jean, assist cl 

Fire Alarm Telegr 

uient, F. H. Badg 
Itadgor F. H., su| 

Kirn Alarm Telegi 
Inspector of Itulld 

Olivier RouillianI 
Knuillard Olivier, I 

■(.'lilniiiey sweeps 


Victoria Sq 

fancy goods 

, coal merchtM 
vid H., bdg h- 
, P.O. clerk 
uminion Type 


Villeueuve 8t 

. clerk 

srn', grocery 
irriage factory 
:, arcuitect 
,, dry ((oods 
iiary birds 

ir cutter 
)trt, laborer 
it dealer 
y Health dejt. 
id K., milliu'.r 

mill, dry goodj 
ur maiiut'r 
dry goods 

. Intersects. 

ts and shots 



ire, grocers 




)h, clerk 


uis C , tailor 


ie., dry j>oods 

I, puwiibroKr 

iry goods 


jots and sho^- 

II & Coib.'il 


!tCo .drygil- 


)iits & slioeit 


luiit tailor 



& LO., milli- 


dry goods 

It tailor 

, drv goods 



y goods 







I, diy good'* 


ry slublcs 







J. A. B&ZIN, T££TH FILLED, fto., 1357 ST CATHERINE ST oor HeOill College Avenue 

111 MoNichols John A., assignee 
Doutre J. B., advocate 
L'Archevequc E., notary' 
Badeaux P. B,, agent 
113 Monat & Co., dry goods 
\V> Sicard & Limoges, dry goods 
llt> Laberge Louis, dry good.i 
US Meunier Alf., merchant tailor 

Were St. Claude sf. ends. 

121 Sovigny Narcisse, bailiff 

Limoges Mrs., wid 
123 Rousseau & Galarneau, tailors 
125 Fournier Jean, tailor 

Papin P., of Papin & Corbeil 
Beaudiu Nap., brushmaker 
Brodeur Chas., trader 
Perrier Mrs. Albiiie, wid S. 
\i' St Louis h. A., boots and shoes 
1'29 Beauvais & Perrault, dry goods 
1)1 Labine Jules, & Co., dry goods 
l;3 Valade J., boots and shoes 

Here Gotford at. commences. 

\U Uamel rev T., rector Montreal 
branch Laval uiii versify 
Tnivcrsity Laval, Montreal brch, 
faculty of medicine, rev. Thos. 

Hamel, rector 
Liichap<>lle Emmanuel P., M.I>., 

Viiillancourf Chas , clerk 
Vaillancourt Jos., caretaker 
13? City hall 

Corporation of Montreal, S^viro 

Kivard, mayor ; C. Glucft- 

iiieyer, city clerk; l". O'Meara, 

as.<istAut city clerk 
Mayor's office, S6v^re Kivard, 

]tivard Sovere, mayor 
Citv Treasurer's office, J. F. D. 

Itlaok, city treasurer 
1,HW department, Corporation 

of Montreal. Kouer Koy, Q.C., 

city attorney 
I! >v Kounr, Q.C, city attornov 
i;tliier Wandro J , B. C. L. 

a.'wi^tant city attorney 
'onimis-ioiiers' rooms 
City Auditor's office, Wm.Robb, 

City Surveyor's office, Geo. D. 

Ansloy, city surveyor 
An^tloy George I)., city surveyor 
Hoad department, George D. 

Ansley, city surveyor 
Water Works dcjiurtment, L. 

U'siigo, superintendent 
J.i'rtage Louis, superintendent 

Water works 
Hoard of Assessors, J, W. ({rose, 

.1. Bte. Allard, P. U. Moriu, 

J. T. Dillon, IMclmrd Thonius 

and Walter Drake, assessors 
I'lie department, Wm. I'atton, 

chief engineer ; Francis Mc- 

Ciilloch and Jean Maud, assist 

Patton William, chief engineer 

Fife depariment 
MoCullocli Frs,, as.sist chief Firo 

Niuul Jean, assist chief Fire de- 
Fire Alarm Telegraph depart- 

uii>nt, F. II. Badger, supt. 
Itadgor F. H., superintendent 

Kiro Alarm Telegraph depart 
Inspector of Buildings olfice, 

Olivier Kouilliard, inspector 
Kouillard Olivier, inspector of 

Cliimney sweeps 

139 Morin A., master of chimney 

sweeps for east end 

Raymond Joseph, master of 
chimney sweeps for west end 

Health department. Dr. A. B. 
Larocque, medical health offi- 
cer : I. C. Radford, sanitary 

Meat Inspector's office, Thomas 
Moore, inspector 

Moore Ths., meat inspector 

Recorder's court, C. A. Dugas, 
police magistrate, acting re- 
recorder I H. J. Ibbotson, 

Dugas C. A., P. M., acting 
city recorder 

Ibbotson U. J , clerk Recorder's 

Police department, H. Paradis, 
chief of police; headquarters, 
Central station (west end) 

Paradis Hercule, chief of police 

Naegele C. P., depty chief police 

Police Office, Mathias C. Des- 
noyers and C. A. Dugas, 
police magistrates 

Daroy .las., chief Corporation 

Bri},gs ,l()s., engineer 

140 Bury Win., com traveller 
Luck Mrs. Agnes, wid David 

142 Drouin Jean, messenger 
Drouin Peter, law student 
Drouin J. O., law student 
146 City Scavenging office 
148 Max Mrs. A , wid H., tobacco 
150 Rocand .M., umbrella repairer 
152 Martin Uphrcm, saloon 

Here Jacques Carlier sq. ends. 

158 Q. M. O. & O. Railway, branch 
ticket office 
Letebvre Nap., watchmaker 
160 Corbeil & Corbeil, advocates 
David, Rivard, Laurent & Drolet 
Dorioii P. A., adocute 
Morrison G. A., advocate 
Drolet 'iiistave, A., advocate 
('Ot<5 Mrs. Km(!lie, wid J. Btc. 
162 ThibuudiMU C, boots and shoes 
164 Chrisliii .los., dry goods 
166 Henrielion M., dry goods 
168 Bisaillon AU-x., biirber 
170 IJurgess K. W., saloon 
ITOJLe Viai Canard, H. Hcrthelot & 
Co., proprietors 
BiTthelot II., & Co., proprietors 

Le Vrai ('anard 
Bcrthelot Hector L., editor of 

Le Vrai Canard 
Thibault .losepli, liailill'S. C. 
Thlbault & Guudet, advocates 
Lemire (.., photogriipher 
172 Cunningham W., tobacconLst 
174 Cliajieleau Z.,& Labelle, books 

176 Dufresno.F. B. R., watchmaker 

Here ,St. riiictut st. ends. 

177 Court house, J. Bfe, Jodoln, 


Court of Queen's bench (Crown 
side). C. E. Schiller, clerk of 
the Crown; Alfred DeBeriu- 
montand J. F. Dubreuil, depu- 
ty clerks ot the Crown 

Court of Quwn's bench (Appeal 
side), L. W. Murchand, clerk; 
Comte Duteau de GrandprO, 
special defihty clerk 

Court of appeals, L. W. Mer- 
ohand. clerk; Comte Duteau 
de Graod|ir^, special deputy 

Superior court, Hubert, Honey 
and Gendron, prothonotary; 
Geo. H. Kernick, Geo. Pyke, 
L. H. Collard, J. B. Valine, F. 
BiSlanger and E. Desmarois, 
deputy prothonotary 
Protnonotary's office, Hubert 
Honey & Gendron, protho- 
notary Sui)erior court end 
clerk Circuit court; George 
H. Kernick, George Pike and 
L. H. Collard, deputy protho- 
notary Superior court and 
deputy clerk Circuit court ; .1. 
B. Valine, Frs. B^langer and 
Ed. Desmarais, deputy pro- 
thonotary Superior conn 

Court of General Sessions of the 
Peace, C. Ainie Dugas and 
Mathias C. De-iii>ycr8, judges 

Court of Sjiecial Sessions of the 
Peace, C. Ain'.i' Duga4 and 
Matliias C. Dcsiioyers, judges 

Advocates' library, Auguste De- 
lisle, librarian ; Arthur Dclisle, 
assistant librarian 

Peace office, C. E. Schiller, 
clerk; Alfred DeBeauinont, 
deputy clerk and su|iorintend- 
entof Ciown witnesses; J. F. 
Dubreuil, deputy clerk 

Circuit court, Montreal circuit, 
Hubert, Honey & Gendron, 
prothonotary;" George Pyke, 
Charles A. Terroux, protho- 
notary ; Gaspard Dagon, N. 
I*., deputy clerk 

Bankrupt court 

Crown office 

Police court. It. C. Desnoyers 
and C. A. Dugas, police magis- 
trates; Louis D. Roini'Cotret, 
chief clerk; William Frazer, 
crier: Arthur Giroux, mes- 

Sberiir's office, lion. P. J. O. 
Chanveau, sheriff ; Myron H. 
Sanborn, deputy sheriff: M.J. 
Vilbon, 1st clerk ; George T. 
Languedoc, 2ud clerk; Chas. 
F. llouthilliur, 3rd clerk; 
Moi'se Dubuc, messenger 

Tiitelle ofhce, C. A. Terroux and 
J. E. Chumpoux, deputy pro- 

High Constable's office, Adolphe 
Bissonnette, high constable; 
Charles Contant, cnie-t<'ble 

Registry odice (western divi- 
smn), George 11. Ityland, re- 
gistrar; Wiirreii H. Ryland, 
dejiuty ii'gistrar 

A'liims.lohn D., engineer Court 

179 Devlns R. J. (late Devlus & 


180 Beaudrv N., & Bro., jewellers 
182 Trudel De Moiitlgny, Cliarbon- 

neau & Tnidi'l, advocates 
182 Desniarchals F., dentist 
186 Lecompte .los., b')ots and show 
lS6i Archainbault & David, advocates 
Ward Ilenry, accoumaut and 

general collector 
Soly P. L., bailiff 
Leiaivre L. il., accountant 
Moore A. H , agent 
Bourdon Pierre, shoemaker 
188 RItchot L. N. Alfred, tailor 
UM) Laurlttult '/.., boots and shoes 
l'J2 Trestler & Globensky, dentists 
Day & Day, advocates 
Lescttrbeaii P., iihofographer 
Bourdon .loseph, caretaker 

I :<: 

i i .li 

\ n 







194 Kolland J. B. L., jr Co.,bootB aud 

196 Devinn It. J., driisf;ist 
196 Marcou .1. L., & Co., furrtors 

198 Matliiou K.. doiitist 

199 Mdisaii F. X., & (^o., dry ^nods 
2 1 Doajardiiis V., & Cie , furrii'M 
203 I'crras & Moriu, advocates 

MossU'rl) , aiivoca'e 
Mireault < i ., advocate 
Charpen'ier H. E.. advocate 
Th6rien JosenU, clork 
Uamol Alfred, policeman 

205 Bisaillou Jos., hair(lrp.x8er 

206 Goldstein B., tobacconist 

207 Cadicux & Derome. books and 

203 Kelly John, mercliant tailor 
209 Laviolette & A'dson, druggists 
212 La Mincrvc, M. A. Uansereau, 
Bertliiaunie & Sabourin, printers 
L'Abellle Medicnle.T. K. D'Odet 

Dorsouni'iLt. U.D.. editor 
Vana-sse & De carries, advocates 
Des^vc A., bailltr 
Koclion C. A., advocate 
Club Jacques Cartier, free read- 
ing room, H C'hagiion, sec'y 
Conipagnie C'anad enne, wood 
cni;rHvin°;, J. M. Haiuaultaiid 
V. Cassant.-managers 
214 DanFereau & Co., proprietors 
and printers La Mincrve 

Uere St. Oabriel st. intersects. 

216 Fortin Kdouard, restaurant 

217 Dubuc, Di^sHutcl- & . o., tiirr ers 
al9 Fabre & <i ravel, bookseller.s 

220 Keiillac U., t-luirch oriiaments 

221 Dufresne & Mongonais, grocers 

222 Daveluy Geo., deputy super- 

visor of cullers' ottice 
La' oix D., bailifl" 
Stanton & Coursolle, solicitors 

of patents 
I'errauli Joseph B, collector 
7>arivi6ro M J C, advocate 
(iirouard riieopbile, assi^fiieo 
l)ufuur dit Lutour Knliri'm, 
real estate agent and baillH 
Ferrault J.B., baililf and col- 
Beauregard A., of ^Vm. Walker- 
ton & Co. 

223 Uesrosiers Krnest, advocate 
l>.'SHulnii>r-i \). L., advocate 
Ualliec Alfn d. advocate 
Lovoill6 J ilni, real e>tate ngont 
I'iclie K. i; . , Q (J., advocate 
Lord Anthonv (iustivus, broker 
Akerinan Win., of Akeniuin, 

Fortler & Co 
('liapli'au & l.avignp, printers 
Clia|)UMiu ciiarlus, of Cbapleau 

h l.nvlgiie 
Lav'piKi .1 , of Chapleau & 

Revue de Montreal, monthly 

periodical. Chapleau & La- 

vignc, printers and publishers 
(irienwood Leuniird, collector 

224 European ft American Invest- 

merit Compiiny, J. B. Houil- 
liard, general manager 

Kfiniliiard,). B .minii'genjtiiieer 
226 Florant Mrs A. 1)., milliner 

Florant A !>., com traveller 

Florant A. F., clerk 

228 McKercher J. B.,boot8 and shoes 

229 Bonneville Aiphonse, Kunsmitli 
281 Lnvoie h Beaulieu, painters 
212 V^ebster Dr. J. 11., dentist 

233 Cardinal & Co., mcichnnt tailors 

234 Cluutier T., & Co., hairdressers 

235 Boyer A., tailor 
238 I'rince.'ts Louise Cottage restau- 
rant, F. Larin. proprietor 

Htre St. Jean Baptinte st.ends. 
237 Laurent, Laforce & Co., pianos 
Lavigne E, musical in:<truments 

241 Bi)yd T. \V., gunmaker 
Street .los. A. .jeweller 
Street John, jeweller 

242 llearn & Harrison, opticians 

243 Coutu L. H.. of Contu & Co. 

244 Harrison T. L.,otUearni.l£ Har- 


245 Coutu & Co., church ornaments 

246 Cheselirougli Manufacturing C>). 

of New York, branch oflice.De.s- 
conibcvs & Cainmann, agents 

248 SoliolHeldC.,«cCo .boots & shoes 

249 Brahadi A., batter and furrier 

l/ere St. Lambert .it. ber/iii.i. 

250 Irwin E., & Co.. milliiuTv 
Irwin E., of E. Irwin & Co. 

262 Si'n^cal, Frechon & Co., church 

266 Congregation de Notre Dame 
Sisters of the Congregation of 

Notre Uame 
Church ot Notre Dame de Piti(J 
Model school of Notre Dame, 
sisier St Alphonse, directress 
Barron Sabin, sb.oeoiaker 

257 Mussen Thomas, dry goods 

258 Lavole Elie. wi^miki r 
Lavoie Isaac, wiginaker 

260 Labelle H. 1'., cabinetmaker 
262 lirazeau F. X., Indian ^oods 

Lefaivre Arthur, agent 
264 Caliier >Ir.». John, millinery 
26o Butterick E., & (N)., fashion re- 
porters & paper pattern nifrs 
Brown \V. Godbee, agent for K. 
Butf*.rick & Co. 

266 Lamontaune L. J., furniture 
J'rigon W. H. 1'., eeneral agent 

267 Harper D A., doUar htore 

269 Beaudry Arinand, whlse jeweller 

270 Laiiclot ('. B.. church ornaments 

271 Lanthier & Cie.. furriers 
Luiithier F. X., of Lanthior 

A- Cie 

272 Busseau A., & Co., tobacconists 
Busseau A., of A. Bu.sseau & Co. 

273 Brll J. & r., hoots and shoe.- 
Bell Samuel, m'liiager Keats' 

Al'icliino Co. 

274 M'-rrill's carpet storis A. L. (,'. 

ili'rrill, projinetor 

275 Sadli' r D. & J., & Co., b lokselrs 
Sadlier J.A,,orU. & J. Sad- 

lier & Co. 
51c( abe Francis E., manager for 
J>. & J. Sadiier A Co. 

276 Bilauger A , furniture 

277 MclOutyre J & E.. meht tailors 
'.iiS Beaudr II., & Co., dry goods 
'i'H l>an;>erlield W. boots and siioes 
280 Le ( tin idii Musical, pub ished 

mont.ily, A.J. Boucher, editor 

280 Boucher A. J., piauon 

I'raite L. E. N., igent for the 
Dominion Organ Co. 

281 The singer Maiiulacturiug Vc , 

\\m. close, agent 

282 Sliarpley II., & Sons, jeW'lliTy 
Sliarpluy F,, ul Ulce Sliarpley 

& Sons 
Blache (;. II , clerk 

283 heinirrson J., & (;o., furriers 
'.285 Luvigni' A., cabinetmaker 

iH" Hie Terrapin r< stauiant, il 

Dunne, proprietor 
288 Merrill H. & II., dry goods 
Wl Eaves E. & A.,'rs 

293 Angus A., ladies' shoe store 
Angus .1., agent 

Schwob Bros., watclies 
Labadio Adolpho, notary 

294 Archambault Mrs. U., millinery 

295 l..evptus E. M., jewellery 
Levetus II. G., mangr for E, M. 

Griflith Alfred, optician 
Bolt .los., gold cliniii manntlr 

296 Agnew S. A ., I'aney giiods 

297 Simpson McUmIV, I'iirrier 
3()0 Beauchiimp V. X .jeweller 
300iVouiig Dr. \V. H. I).. I) DM. 

.Archambault L. G. H., artisf 
Dowiies Juliii, photograplier 
Horaii Williiim Ed., steward 
301 Holmaii Liver Tad Co., Alex 

Xotnian. propfor liouiicion ot 

Masseaa A., caretaker 

303 llannnii J. J .gents' furuisbing* 

304 Nichol Dr. .1 C, dentist 
Thorbnrn Win., agent 

.306 DeLorimierS A., gents' furhigs 
3ij7 Wheeler & Wilson Manufactur- 
ing Co.,,Tiilius Kruse,maiiii{tir 
Kru.'^e .lulius, manager Wbeeler 
»t Wilson Slaniifacturing Co. 
308 Henry I'hilip, tobacconist 

Here St. Sii'pice st. ends and I'lact 
d' Amies begins. 






Notre Dame Parish church, rev, 

V. lliiusselot, curate 
In'eriiational Murine Insurance 

Co, f limited) of Liverpool, 

Jackson Uae. agent 
Kae Jackson, general agent 
Browne John James, architect 
Dufresne T. O , architect, 
Brown Alfred 

Girouard iVViirtele, advocates 
Knox James, caretaker Koyai 

Insurance Chambirs 
Roval Insurance Co. of England. 

Ji. 11. Gault, M.r., and W 

Tatley, chief agents 
British America Assurance Co., 

M. II. t.ault, M.I'., and W, 

Tatley, inauafiers I'rovincc of 

Miiiual Life Insurance Company 

of New York, M. 11. Gault, 

ageir, tnr Noire Dinio auil 

Place d Amies 
M. H. tiauli, M.r., general «gt 
Seminary of St. Sulpice, rev. J 

A. Baile, superior 
Kousseiot ri'v. V., curate 
liegourd rev. L. 
Granjoii rev. M. B.,6conoiiie 
Diniel rev. F. 
Tambareau rev. D. 
Larue rev. ,1. B. 
(iiband rev. A. 
Trttiichemontagne rev. A. 
'I'oupin rev. j. 
I'rocn le office of the SiMniiittrVv. 

St Sulpice, rev. J. Ble. Larue, 

jirocureur; Louis Barri, col- 

leclor; (J. A. Kavniond, gen 

agrnt; G. L. Marler, accouu- 

tii'it; E. I.adiiiir, notary 
WaikiT W. 8., watchmaker 
Wood 1', W. watchmaker 
L'niversiiy of Lav ul Faculty of 

Law, rev. M. Hamel, rector 
Cabinet de Lectur- ParuUeUI, 

Miss P. Gibeau, librarian 
Western Fire and Marine 
/issiiiancu Co of Canada, A 

U. Betbune, agent 


yoor Family aga 

329 Library of the i 

Sulpice, rev. 

Betbune Angus 

Lancashire Insu 

Bethune, agcu 
Banque d'Hoch 

Charles, presi. 
Brais J. E., i 

331 Marler i Paynt 

Here St. Francois: 

Weir Wm., stoc 
Weir Somervil 

341 Harvey G , sewi 

342 Exchange Bank 

Gault, M.P., p 

Craig 'Thos., ca 

Bank of Canac 

343 Neher Martin 

344 Brodie Hugh, n 

345 Garvie Geo. D. 

gers Deraorest 

Pell A. J., artgi 


surance C^o. 

348 Forget L. J., A 

Mackenzie Wm. 

Clark A. C, bro 

Barton K. A 

Caverhill T. 
360 Blackwood R.,t 
Cairns Jas., met 
351 DeZoucbe Geo. 

362 McDonald W. V 
358 Hatton & Nicol 
Liddell A. M.,s 
Taylor & 8inips< 
354 Westbrook F., t 
356 McConkey T. L. 

356 Wilson Geo., bo 

357 Palmer J., & So 

358 Footner Mrs. ! 

tancy goods 

Footner Mrs. M. 

A. Footner & 

359 Eaves Wm., wal 
British Mas( ul 

Struthers, car 
Temjierancc Dii 

Mount, propii 
StonehamT. F., 


360 Brahadi Samuel 
381 Allan Tlis.,& C 
362 Anderson llenr; 

Ilayinond Thoni 

CItment L^on, ' 

Naud Charles, c 

VIgcr Charles, i 

Traquair J., mil 

3G3 Scott W., artdi 

m Bfutley D., AC 

360 Bodega Wine C( 

& Co., proprii 

Dawson G. D., i 

A Co. 
Dawson C. 
& Co. 
SC7 Samuel W. 
371 Eveleigli J. 
376 Morton, Phillipi 

376 Holland G. A., 

377 Aiiken John, & 


378 (inlbiaith & Co 
879 BoyceJ. R.,toy« 


, li:it 
& ( 

Here St. JoUn ai 



jhoc store 

II., millinery 
angr for E. M 

iiiii inHnuftr 
•y poiirls 
, jewf'llor 

ly.ii D.s. 

i. H., artist- 
aI., steward 
ad Co., Alex 
)r JiomiBion ot 


it.s' fiiruishiiigi 



, );eiits' furliigf 

:)ii Manufactur- 


linger Wheeler 

iifactiiriiit; Co. 


mds and Place 

8h church, rev, 

iriiie Insurance 
ol Liverpool, 

leral agent 
iiio.'i, architect 

:ele, advocates 
eiuker Koyjl 

ij. of England. 

Ml'., and W 
.''urauce Co,, 

M.r., and W. 

rs I'rovince of 

•ance Company 
M. II. Uault, I 
re 1)1 1110 auil ' 

general agt 

iiljiioe, rev. J 
: urate 


rev. A. 

J. Hie. l,aruf, 
uiK liarri, col- 
Ua^niond, gen { 
arler, accuuu- 




ul Eiiculty ot I 
ainel, rector 
ur>- raroiBslal, 
, librarian 

d Marine | 
ol Canadti A 








you Family against Want, by Faying it a Small Annual Freminm. Head Office, 179 St Jamei St 

329 Library of the Seminary of St 

Sulpice, rev. 31. liegourd, 

Bethune Angus K., insurance 

Laiicasliire Insurance Co., A. R. 

Bethune, agent 
Banque d'lJochelaga, F. X. St. 

Charles, procident 
Brais J. k., cashier Banque 

3-31 Marler i I'ayne, broker 

Here St. Francois Xavivr d. inter- 

383 Union Bank of Lower Canada, 

Frederick Nash, manager; P. 
Macb^wan, cas'hier 
Nash F.. manager Union Bank 
of Lower Canada 

384 Corn Exchange rejitaurant, Wm, 

Walker, piopiietor 
Walker Wni., prop Corn Ex- 

cliaiige restaurant 
aSt) Harper .1. H., & Co., jewellers 
3S7 Car.son ,1. L., & Co., booksellers 

and stationers 
.3H8 Webster Thos., merchant tailor 
3S9 Alexander C, whsle confectioner 
390 Shades saloon, Wm. Lane, prop 

Weir AVm., stock broker 
Weir Somerville, banker 

341 Harvey U , sewing iiiachines 

342 Exchange Bankof C!iiiadB,jVI. U. 

Ciault, M.l'., president 
Craig Thos., cashier Exchange 
Bank of Canada 

343 Neher Martin, map colorer, &c. 

344 Brodie Hugh, notary 

345 UarvJe Geo. D. ii K. S., mana- 

gers Demorest patterns 

Tell A. J., art gallery and agent 
Mi'tropolitan Flate Ula^iS In- 
surance (-0. 
348 Forget L. J, & Co., brokers 

Mackenzie VVm., stockbroker 

Clark A. C, broker 

Barton E. A., manufacturers' 

CaverhiU T. 

350 Blackwood R., & Co., ginger ale 
Cairns Jas., merchant tailor 

351 DeZouche Geo. C, & Sons, wall 


352 McDonald W. C, tobacco manfr 

353 Hatton & Nicolls, advocates 
Liddell A. M., shirt manufturer 
Taylor & Simpson, assignees 

354 Westbrook F., trunks 
365 McConkey T. L., millin&ry 

356 Wilson Geo., boots and shoes 

357 I'almer J., & Son., hairdressers 

358 Footner Mrs. M. A., & Co.. 

tancy goods 
Footner Mrs. M. A., of Mrs. M. 
A. Footner & Co. 

359 Eaves Wm., watches. &c. 
British Mast uic chambers, — 

Struthers, caretaker 
Temperance Dining hall, W. F. 

Mount, proiuietor 
StoneharaT. F., & Co., window 


360 Brahadi Samuel, tobaccoiiiH 
331 Allan The., & Co., jewellers 
362 Andersen Henry, polisher 

Raymond Thomas, wood carver 
Clfement L^ou, wood carver 
Naud Charles, cahiuetmaker 
Vigcr Charles, cabinetmaker 
Traquair J., ruiUings, &c. 
303 Scott W., art dealer 
364 Bentley U., & Co., job printers 
3tit) Boiiega Wine Co., ti. D. Dawson 
& Co., proprietors 
Dawson G. D., ot G. D. Dawson 

A <•■>. 
Dawson C. E., ofG. D. Dawson 
& t:o. 
3C7 Samuel W., linltor 
371 Eveleigh J., & Co., trunk mnfrs 
37G Morton, I'hillips & lUilnier, t<ta- 

37U Holland G. A., paper hangings 

377 Aiiken John, & Co., ladies' uu- 


378 (inlhrallh & c;o., meroht tailors 
879 UoyceJ. U,,tuysaudlaiicy goods 

Wert at. John 8<. inhnects. 

Here St. Alexis st. ends. 

.393 Carsley S., dry and fancy goods 
Siiii Warren Francis, cutiery 
398 I,«onard Francis, mrcht tailor 
400 Ilarte, James A. proprietor 
Glasgow Drug hall 

402 LeflammeA., trunks 

403 Murphy J., & Co,, dry goods 

404 Wanzer Sewing Machine Co. 
Willis & Roy, agents Wauzer 

Sewing Machine Co. 

Here St. Peter st. intersects. 

& Co., gents' fur- 

41D Bond Geo 

416 Thompson JobC. & Co., hatters 

417 Douglas A., boots and shoes 

418 Cole Fred R., lamp and oil depot 

419 Cooke G., sewiuj? silks 
Weber & Co. , piano warerooms 
Bruce George C, manager lor 

Weber & Co. 

421 Roy M., cabinetmaker 

422 Tlie J. M. Bradslreet Co. Ira- 
proved Mercantile agency, Jos. 
i'riestman, general manager; 
T. Bell, superintendent 

Bell Thos., supt The J. M. Brad- 
street Co. Improved Mercantile 

rriestmnn J , general manager 
The J. M. Bradstreet Co Ira- 
proved Mercantile agency 
424 Goltman S., merchant tailor 

426 Shaw Brothers & Ca8sils,leather 

427 Reynolds C. J., hatter 
Daly A D., & Co., furniture 

428 Tombyll R., H|)holsterer 

429 Barringtou Geo., & Son, trunks 

430 Hicks il., & Co., auctioneers 

431 McArthur & Co., paints and oils 

433 Moss J. L , & Co., jewellers and 
loan ollice 

434 Dupuis FiOrcB, Recollet bouse 

Here St. Helen St. ends. 

435 Goodyear Rubber Co. of <;anada 
Brown T. V. [{..raannger Good- 
year Rubber Co. of Canada 

437 Parsons S R., furniture 

411 iSeath R.,& Sons, mrcht tailors 

443 Jacobs A., wholesale woollens 

and pawnbioki^r 
448 Munro Andrew L., London 

house, drv goods 
4r)0 l'ardelliiin"J. 1!, I'icturo gallery 
453 Ottawa Hotel restaurant 
4.'.4 Donaldson W.. & .Vo., Inrniture 
4f)5 Uitawa Hotel billiiird piirlor 
456 'I'ownsheiid ,!t Hudson, mattress 


,Juhn, merchant 

459 Baylis Jas., & Son, oil clothe 

and carpets 

460 Dolan Francis, dry goods 
462 Agnew William, furniture 
4ti3 Campbell W., & Co. 

465 McLeod & Co., trunks 

466 Stuart Edward, hatter 

467 Sea Shell restaurant, D. E. 
Jones , proprietor 

471 Ambrosse J. D. L., druggist 

O'CONNELL, from Wellington, 
south side Canal, St Ann waril 

JVo< built it/ion. 

O'LEARY AVENUE, from 414 
Seigneurs to Grand Trunk Bai}^ 
way track, St Antoine ward 

ISO ((-borne ,f(din C, druggist's asst 
188 Hamilton Jolin, carpenter 
190 Rodger .1., locomotive dept GTR 
192 Alcolt Samuel, lile cutter 
194 Barry Wm., confectioner 
196 Prowso James, confectioner 

OLIER, from 31 McCord west ta 
Bichmond, St Ann ward 

1 Davidson William, caretaker 
4 Murphy Peter, laborer 

Cannon Patrick, blacksmith 
6 Ghanlian Mrs. M., wid Michael 
10 Shannon Dennis, laborer 
Sullivan Michael, laborer 
12 Donovan Peter, lumber mcrcht 
18 Murphy Patrick, laborer 
Conroy Thomas, laborer, r 
llartney John, laborer, r 
22 Redden James-, laborer 
24 Bennett Peter, carpenter 
35 Carroll Roderick, laborer 

Myers J. Edward, laborer, r 
37 Denis J. Bte., shipcarpeuter 

457 MeKinnon 


458 llodson W. 
liodson W 

II., Si Son, architects 
11., of W. U, Hod 

son & Son 
llodson G. F., of Wm. H. Uod- 
sun & Son 

OLIVIER, from Dorchester av, n 
Tollgate, north to Cote St An.. 
toine road 

Edwards C. D., safe mauufr 
Hutchison M., advocate 
lloudcMrs. M., wid David 
Trtniholme N . W ., ol Trenholme 

& Mticlaren 
Miickedie J. W, of J. W. Mac- 

kedio & Co. 

ONTABIO, firom Dufrejne to 237 
Bleury, St Mary, St James, St 
Louis and St Lawrence wards 

41 Valiquette S., com traveller 
43 SI Pierre William, painter 

Duplessis TliL-odule, tinsmith 
47 Bouchard .lose|ih, shoemaker 

Here FiUlum st. intersects. 

06 Gervais T., hotelkeeper 
71) .Macdonald \V.. timekeeper 
SI Morley Jnhii, laborer 

.lobiij ■loseph, laborer, r 
85 Charesl Josepli, hotelkeeper 

Souli»"'re Joseph, laborer, r 
100 Allan tioorge, foreman 
Kell .lames, stonecutter 
108 Coll'ey William, laborer 

Here Parlhenais st. intersects, 

110 Benjumin <'harles, laborer 

112 Diamond John, oilcloth painter 

121 ilaniptou John, laborer 

Here Colborne av. intersecti. 









158 Rsoette Charles, briekmaker 
173 Gendron J., of Uendron & Guay 
233 Corrivpau F., shoemaker 

241 Beaudoiii Thomas, trader 

242 Rea U. E , watchman 

246 Koberee Btt>., laborer 

247 Connolly FranciB, laborer 

248 Hamel Pierre, shoemaker 
CM6 J. Btc., guardian 

249 Charpentier Geo., mason 
2ol Lal'rance TouHsaint D., laborer 
255 Tremblay J Bte., laborer 
259 Gigu6re J., hotelkeeper 

Hiire Papineau road intersects. 

263 Rancourt Joseph, trader 

264 Marois Louiji, wood merchant 

265 Oesraarteau F., school teacher 

266 Pichotte Camille, blacksmith 

267 Ciuilbanlt Joseph, laborer 
8t Jean Mrii. H., wid Joseph 

268 Pion Moi'w, carter 
270 LC'veili^ FidAle, laborer 
272^^Ciialut Augiidte, shoemaker 
274 B'liailack H., & Co., butchers 

276 St A :toine Alfred, grocer 

277 Ricard Ouesime, grocer 

Hi^re Champlain .it. intersects. 

219 I^pointe Louis, saloonkeeper 
281 Souliere ClSmnnt 
283 Corbin (Jharles, butcher 
285 Lalumitire Bruno, carpenter 

287 St Germain N., barber 

288 Richard Alfred, butcher 

289 l4isalle Pierre, driver 

290 Brock F. Wm., chandler 
290}Ii6pine S., truder 

291 Couturie Fran9ois, laborer 

292 Corbeil N., butcher 
292iGoyette S., of Goyette & Belle- 

294 Gari^py Pierre, beer driver 
296 Gibeau J. Bte., trader 

300 Mireault E., blacksmith 

302 Brain Nicolas, music teacher 

303 Par* Francois, carpenter 
Roy Paul, carriagemaker 

301 Casavant Mrs. L., wid Louis 

306 Lupine E., hotelkeeper 

307 Pofteviii Alfred, butcher 

308 Lupine Joseph, grocer 

309 Moquin F. O., grocer 

Ifiire Mai.wnneuve st. intersects. 

314 Riopel W., hotelkeeper 
318 Lanv6e J. Bfe., blacksmith 
3l8iChenier BeiiJ., trader 
320 De'^jarijjjns Mins, & Co.,dry goods 
3W, DagcnHis Kinnin. luborcr 
3'il"Acad6mio du SacrO Cuour. Con- 
j)[reffati()nof IS'otre Uamo, sis- 
ter St Athanase, superioress 
ol'i Canali Giovanni, rci>tauraut 

323 Sacred Heart church, K. C. , rev. 

A. p. Uubuc, parish priest ; 
rev. J. Bte. Bourget, curate 

324 Ci'epeau Mrs. E , wid F. 
321) I'luiuln Jos., policeman 

(ijign* C, butcher 
32G'.U.'»noyers Antuine, barber 
328 C'odcrre Tfilesnhore, clerk 
32Sili iporto A., M.D., druggist 
3.32 GauthicrT., shoemaker 
3.'>4 Thibaud.-au Mrs. A., wid J. 
tm Ueinhanlt rri'ffl(1, barber 
34t> DIoiine A., driver 
SUJL^vesquo CWuphas, sexton of 

Sacred Heart church 
312 Mursaii Damase, coutractor 
34) I'itt J. U.. notary 
34:)^ltuaveH BenJ., joiner 
Sift Chai'Dn C, shoemaker 
ma Uosroohers Naiiuire, grocer 

fli?re Plegdis st. intersects. 

340iGendron & Guay, grocers 
Guay A., of Gendron k Guay 

347 Dagenais T., cooper 
347]Coderre Jean Emery, notary 

348 Clfiroux L. J.V., M.D. 
8t Onge Jos., sen., laborer 

318]Gervais Basile, baker 

349 Chaperon Edmond, mason 
Chaperon Mrs. E., dressmaker 

319JSt Jean A., shoemaker 

350 Meunier Cl^ophas, undertaker 

351 Carle Napoleon, musician 
S-olifiCpage David, dry goods 
.352 Vizina N. R., saloon 
352iPichptte Albert, shoemaker 

353 Lemiro Maxime, shoemaker 
353iBeaudry S., tailor 

Campeau J6r6raic, carpenter 

354 Geofrriou F6lix, shoemaker 
Desruche J., grain merchant 

355 Courval Joseph, tinsmith 

356 filbert Joseph, laborer 
356jMartel Mrs. M., wid B. 
3J7;M6uBrd Albert, saloonkeeper 

358 Arde James, shoemaker 

359 Valiquette Addlard, clerk 
Peltier Jos., grocer 
Lavallde M., carpenter 

Here Panet st. intersects. 

361 Blondin Charles, grocer 
Blondin Ludger, barber 

361J('olIerette B., laborer 
I!uir6 Frs., joiner 

303il)u:iiier U., second-hand store 

363 Ut'smarteau P. H., teacher 
363iL<!blanc Ovila, paints and oils 

364 Gouville Dfeir<5, laborer 
36,5iLHrin Joseph, tinsmith 

366 Soucis Frs,, saddler 
366jSt Jean L., watchmaker 

Dgsormeau 8., laborer 

367 Bcaudoin NoSl, joiner 

368 Robillard J. Bte., laborer 
Spatz George, laborer 

368iLavoie F^abien, shoemaker 

3(1 Donnelly P., & Co., packing case 

377 Cusson H., barber 
379 Beaudoin Joseph, hotelkeeper 

Here Visitation st. intersects. 

.381 Ste Marie Pierre, saloon 

382 Pich6 Ldandre, saddler 

383 Piquet J. A., restaurant 
335 Ratellc U.. furniture store 

■ Fortier ••'ranco. bailiff 
387 Hcmond P., & Sons, shoe manu- 

389 Venne Ant., laborer 

390 Uogue J. Bte., grain merchant 

391 Cusson G., carriagemaker*^ 
Sai Lt!Claire G., sec-hand furniture 
303 Campeau II., (Mit 
31)4 Miirtin Mrs. C, wid Bte. 

395 Sourdif .Mt^ddric, crockery 

396 Lnmothe Jules, laborer 
Atoiietto •l.>sepli, shoemaker 

.SO'JForest J. E., laborer 

399j(<acliapelle A., saloon 

400 Dulresne Pliildas, photographer 
Bi>rtrand Jos., shoemaker 
Hogue Ferdinand, grain store 

401jGareau F. X., grocer 
Plamondon Louis, clerk 

H;re Iteawlry st. intersects. 

102 Fire Station No. 11, Is.iac Roch, 
guardian ; NapoKiou Peltier, 
Alphonse Naud, John Naud, 

403 Valiquette P., barber 

404 Bouchard O., police sergeant 

405 Malo Napol(ion, shoemaker 

406 Police Station No. 8, O. Bouch- 

ard, police sergeant 

407 Renaud U., shoemaker 

408 Mannle G., barber 

411 Laporte N., second-hand store 

412 Lussier H., grocer 
Cascon Emfiry, baker, r 
Allard Xavier, laborer, r 
Aim£ Fabien. shoemaker, r 

413 Royal Miss F , seamstress 

414 Bellemare George, shoemaker 

415 St Jaques Isaie. oarber 

417 Charron Louis, carter 

Here M'mtctilm st. interstcfs. 

418 FautcuxL., hardware merchant 
420 Page Mrs. S , wid H. 

422 Chalut Pierre, laborer 
422]Gari£py Dumase, shoemaker 

423 Lebcau L-'on, laborer 

424 Marion Edmond, laborer 
Quintal Amcd^e, laborer 
Leblanc Urgel, laborer 

425 Goyette & Bellefeuille, second- 

hand store 

426 Laporte Charles, carpenter 
426iLsrue Ed., roofer 

427 CourtemancheU., roofer 
I^eriche (Miarles, tanner 

428 Renaud Vital, shoemaker 
Gauthier U.. carpenter 
Gagnon Ant., shoemaker 

428iClement E. C,, hotelkeeper 

429 Labossi6re J. Bte., joiner 
Pich* A., laborer 

430 Goulet J. Bte., shoemaker 

431 Cliarest Isaie, Joiner 

432 Tremblay J,, grain mei'chant 

433 Lachapelle Th^ophile, laborer 
Lusignan Frs., joiner 

435 Lefebvre E., hotelkeeper 

Here Wolfe st. intersects. 

450 Marcheterre 5Ilohel 
452 Cartier & Bruiiet, feather reno- 
454 Cartier P., of Cartier & Brunet 
Brunpt O., of Cartier & Brunet 
458 Giroux Ondsime, shoemaker 
460 Dehais Ad^lard, joiner 
462 Lavoie L. P.. frrocer 

Here Amher.-it .if. intersects. 

4^)2JGagnon Thomas, hotelkeeper 
I6i) Duval Nap., shoemaker 
4i0 Pich^, Hler 

470 llaly John, grocer 

471 Beaudry D., wood merchant 

472 Bachant J. A., & Cie., confec- 


473 Rousseau F., coachman 
Viau Mrs. .VI., wid Antoine 

474iArel Joseph, wood dealer 

476 l.andes J. L., grocer 

477 Gascon Magloiro, grocer 

H<n-e Jacques Cartier st.tnt«r.ii'<it.f, 

478 Chagnon R^ml, joiner 
P,>rteous Mrs. I^., wid James 

479 Landry Jean, tabaccoulst 

480 Labelle Damase, laborer 

481 Collerette H . , grocer 
4S2 G.-ignon Ant., joiner 
484 Bernier Vital, joiner 

Here Sf. Awlrf. lane begins. 

486 Duval Nap , shoemaker 
Bourgoln .loseph, shoemaker 

487 (jari^py T. , carriagemaker 
489 Greaves A(l»lphe, shoemaker 
l96 Dupuy Ali.>x.,Sc Co., lumber yrd 

JA...EJ A B 

497 Maeletfe Louis, 
601 Lund David, up 
603 Labri'ci|iie An.*e 
f)04 LeiiiiiMix Thos , 

606 Bellefl.MirM.,bl 
506 Pepin Mrs. K., v 

607 Lanmrche A., ci 

608 G:.urli!i.r Alpho 
610 Emard Jos.,joii 

Moii'oi- Louis, 1 

512 Miilo Norljert, t 
Pt'piii Mrs. A., \ 

513 Gauthier N., cai 
il^niard l< . slux 

614 Chan I and I'ierr 

Charrraiid K , j > 

516 Gravel Mi-.s P , 1 

516 Moriii Alexis, t 

617 Miller J. N., pr 
Lero.\ Eug., pr, 

618 Lebriiii Joseph, 

619 Leritv L A., sh 
£21 Bouthilllei Feli> 
622 Ounne A., j^roc 
626 DdscarieT., gro 

Here SI. Ch-istoftlie 

526 Collette Ed., tall 
628 Thlbiiud-auJ. O. 
532 Rayiu.)iid Vhonu 
.34 Vs'rey Airs. A., d 
^38 Lapirrre L., gro( 

Here St. Hubert s 

648 Hamel ueo., con 
648 Benjaiiiiu V,, dr' 
656 Denis Jos., beer ! 
557 Lebi'au Franyois, 
661 C'as^allt Ed., com 
603 IJasti n Eduiouil. 
805 St (.'la. r Jos., but 
567 Uenoi, Isaac, age 
669 Bulliii U., lue.-soi 
673 Dugaii J. L., com 
6^5 Ueaton Robert, a 

Here /terry st. ii 
677 Champagne N., Ii 
6'» Rohertsoii Clia.s., 
5S1 H.. adi 
683 Hay \Vm. D., con 
5S5 Paicr.son James, I 
6li9 Hortii deo., civil 
691 Wilson Joseph, b 
69:) Wilson William, t 
695 Lam .uche Jo.-., c( 
606 Duhreuil J. F., dt 
till- Clown and J 
, 610 I'iclic (jutave, co 
612 Duf-uis E. M,,«go 
614 Uyaii .losi'ph, hou 
616 (swalwoll R., oopp 

Here St. /)enisst.i 

CW Marliu Moise, com 
62( UaviAon .1. 11., boi 
Davison W. C , cl< 
629 Fr6clietle L. H., ai 
631 Villeii'cl 
633 Norris Wm,, accoi 
635 BaudryJ. 
637 Jones .li»eph, core 
639 Heur» Philip, tob; 
641 Kavauagh ll.,cust( 
643 Monk lion. Saniut 
juUg." Queen's be 

Here Siinyuiiiet st. 
m Boiirguuin Nap., c 
693 Uayley Ed„ bookk. 

Here St. Kllzahelh 
'02 Ouelletto E. U., p. 




JA uE3 A BAZIK, DENTIST. Established 1856, ST CATHERINE oor MoOill College Av 

497 Maelcfto LuuSn, printer 
601 Lund David. iipliolMU'rnr 
603 Labri>ui|iie Aiiiseiiiie. grocer 
Mi LciiiiiMix Tlii)8 , paiiitLT 
606 lielI(>ti>MirM., blackitmitli 

606 Pepin Jlrs. K., wid I^iiidffer 

607 Laiiiiirclie A., carriaf^emalcer 

608 G:>iitliii>r Alpiioiiso, tailor 
610 Einard Jos., joiner 

MuiMii^ l.tuui.s, siiuemalcer 

612 Mulo Xorliert, tiiilDr 
I't'pin Mn. A., wid Pierre 

613 Uautliier N., ctiniaffi'malicr 
H^niard It , slioeinaker 

614 Cliarliund I'ierre, .stu lecutter 
Chartraiiil K .Jiini'r 

616 Uiavel Mi'C P , laundress 
616 Alorm Aiexis, tin^<rnitll 
517 Miller ,1. N., protvs-or 
Lero) I0u((., pr>fe.-sor 

615 Lebriiii Jti.scph, ma on 
619 Lcroy L A., shouniakcr 
t'il Buutliilllei Felix, sculptor 
622 Ounnu A., grocer 

626 Ddscane T., grocer 

Here Sf. Ch-iatn^he at. interaecla. 

626 Collelte Kd., tailor 
52s Tliiliuud'au J. O. A., news agent 
532 KayiU'iiid i'hoin:i.'<, !<ciilpt ir 
.34 Vs'rey .Mrs. A., dres.iinaker 
?38 Lapinrre L., grocer 

Here St. Hubert at. iiitersecta, 

646 Uainel uec, com trtveilcr 
648 Bi'njaniiii V.. dry gonds 
556 Denis Jos., beer bottler 
657 Lebcau Kran9ois, joiner^ 
661 C'ax^aiit Kd.. contruclor 
563 Uasti n tklntond, furrier 
61)5 St I'lar Jos., butcher 
567 Tienui I.Hiiac, uguiit 
669 Bulliu U., ine.-'songer 
573 Duguii J. L., com traveller 
575 Ueaton Uoberl, agent 

Here Iterry at. intersects. 

577 Cliainpagnc N., hotelkeeper 
579 Robertson Clius., com traveller 
5S1 McMu'iou II., advocate 
683 Hay Win. D., com traveller 
5S5 Patersou James, tsiilor 
689 Hortii {too., civil enf,'ineer 
591 Wilson Josepli, baker 
59.) Wil.ton William, bookkeeper 
595 Lam >ucli(! Ju^., confectioner 
606 Oubreuil J. F., deputy clerk of 
till' Crown and IVuco 

610 Piclii' on-tave, com traveller 
' 612 UujMiis K. .>!., agent 

6U Kyaii .losi-pli, liook keeper 
616 Ciwalwell It., coppersmiili 

Hare ,St. J)eHia at. iiUeraecta. 

019 Marlin Mol'se, contractor 
62rUavUoii .1. 11., bookkeeper 

Davison W. C , clerk 
629 Krfiulietle L. H., agent 
631 Villeii' uveJ. K,, custmsappraisr 
633 Morris Wm., accountant 
635 BuudryJ. A. U., civil engineer 
637 Jones .lo>epli, coroner 
639 Uviirv I'liilip, tobacconist 

611 Kavaiiagli 11., customs inspector 
Wi Monk lion. Samuel Cornwullis, 

juUgi- Queen's beiicU 

Here Siinyiuiiet at. intersects. 
891 BourKuutn Nap., contractor 
693 Uayley Kd., bookkeeper 

Here St. Klizaheth at. etida, 
700 \larie .Miss C, dressmaker 
702 Ouellelto E, U., P. U. clork 

705 Police station No 4. Isaie Gau- 
iliicr, .sergeant 
(ilailu Jos., acting-.ser^eant 
K'aves T., as-istant"ergeant 
Nao.-el^ P., deputy chief of 
707 Naiiil Jean, assistant chief of 
I'ire diipartment 
Fire .Station No. 6, Jos. Naud, 

Hi-re Gerinan st. intersects. 

712 Heina Wm , laborer 
718 Proveii^iil Damasc G., butcher 
Granger ••., butcher 

722 Mireaii A. J. professor of music 
Moreuu Antoine, contractor 

723 .Maver Philip, contractor 

724 Per'rault »lrs., wid Ed. 
732 IVr'ault Antoine, clerk 
732', Lavig e LiSon. grocer 
784 Laflamme Henri, butcher 

Here St. ConstuHt at. intersects. 
741 Pacjiiette Louis-, shoemaker 
743 Sorcy Ah'x. 
745 .Moon Patrick, laborer 
751 Uoiiclier Jolin, carpi'iter 

Conite .Mrs. J , wid Joseph 
7')3 Lcm); Johi, clerk 
755 Lumieux 11., ^rain merchant 
7n5jCliarboiineau Mrs H.,dre.s8mkr 
757 Heiir-iistein ' . E., c erk G.T.K. 
75S Smith Patrick, carter 
759 Frei'inan leremiah 
76i Lavoii^ 1., tobacconist 

Here St. Hii/>olife liine i (ter sects, 

761 Itertrtind Jo.seph. .sexton 
763 David .\. I' , xrocur 
766illo;ue J. lite. N., grocer 

H,:re SI. Duniiiiqaeat. intersects. 

768 L.'iiiieux M, grocer 
768ischiuwi k J., furrier 

Si^oirtn .lospph. printer 
770lLemieiix W., saloon 

771 l.iirance lose h, joiner 

772 l(i'au<;ii!imp Pierre, joiner 
C'adleux David, plasterer 

7721 Joly Olivier, ic Co., harness- 

774lI.,aiiCiot Ovila, 0;irpeuter 
776 Validly (;has . paint r 
Pot\er Miss Bridget 

Here St Laiureiiee at. intersects. 

780 Doyle .Hiss Margaret 
784 Chai'leau G., Dominion Safe 

Here St. CUarlea liorromie at. inter- 

795 Gannon J. it., grocer 

Hu 'lison John, clerk 
797 Nurse,). T., upholsterer 
799 tieimer Mrs. A,, wid George 

(Murk William 

Vollar Wm , builder 
801 Te-sier Josnpli. tailor 
805 Lachapelle A., carpenter 
807 Diyette J., butcher 

Uobiiison Mrs. M., widW., mid- 
811 KobI) Isaac, plumber, r 

Luniiliig A., wire worker 

St Joliu Purochlal school, rev. 
E. Wiioil, .\l A , Bupi. 
820 Macpliei'soii Mrs. I., wid J. K. 
822 Leiiiesiirier W. W., com traveir 

Lemesurier SV.M., of J. Baird 
& Co. 
826 Miiiin D. D., coal oil mcrcUaut 
00 28 nmnJ. A. 

Here SI. Urbain at. inleraectt, 

839 Pickett .Mrs. A., wid John 
Williele J. W.. I.nilder. r 
8131.loiisen .1. L.. of Walsli & Jensen 
816 Arcliambailt U. K., principal 
Catholic Commercial academy 

Here Piatt St. begins. 

853 Roy J. E., of Willis & Koy 

Powell Wm.. organist 
S55 Hoyd Mrs. J., wid John 

857 MarnesG. K,. clerk 

858 Auger J. C, deputy registrar 
Aiij^er Josepli. bank clerk 

867 University of Itishop's College, 
Faculty of .Medicine, Uobert 
Walker, janitor 

Here St. (leorge st. interaects. 

Taylor John, bookkeeper 
Cowan Joliii, engineer 
Iteiinllack W J , lithographer 
Mock Charles, clerk 
Miller Geo., niaclilnist 
.lanes W. D B., of A. U. Brown 

& Co. 
McCleary Mrs. I., wid .S. 
Cushlng Mrs. K. L., wid Dr. F. 
Osborne S , triinkmaker 
Dickinson Tho-., com traveller 
Jarvia Wm C, bookkeeper 
Wilson James 

Here BnlnKvral at. end-i. 





886 Leot Seih P., of McLiiren k Leot 
8>*8 Kay Samuel, moulder 

890 Haldiniand Mrs A., widL. 
892 Searl Conwny, clerk 

Searl Mrs. M , <lressmaker 

891 Donnelly Kriiest, cleik 

m\i Kitzpatrick .\liss R . dressmaker 
898 Barry .Mrs. M . wid J. M. 
900 liowaln James, stori-man 
Adams H. T., grocer 

ONTARIO AVSl^aE, off 1025 
Sharbrooke north to the Hoan. 
tain, near Miuntain st, St 
Antoine ward 

15 Scott Gilbert, of W. Dow&Co. 
Scott J. P., of W. Dow & Co. 

27 Hurnett James, ol Hiirneti & Co. 

29 Itaiikin John, of i{niikin,lieatti3 

& Co., luverlaw 

OSBORNE, formerly 3t 'anvier, 
from 118 Cathedral wesc to 
182 Monntaiu, St Antoine ward 

16 Quintal, gr icer 
18 .Miller Allan, com traveller 
ISJSlackG. F., M.D. 

20 Rastoul Abraham, merchant 
22 Birou Samuei 

Here Windsor sf. inter.^ct.^. 

St George's church Cliiiroh of 
England, rev. Edw. >uMviin, 
D. D., rector; rev. G Ibert 
Baylls, assistant iniii gter 
26 Duncan captain William 

Bruneau Lewis P.. nierciaut 

28 .Miicphie Diigald, manager 

30 AtkinJ.,of.Miles Wllllains&ro. 
32 Donahue Wm., wholes le grocer 
34 Ewan Alex., of 1 autlie, Kwan 

& Co. 
36 Parker .Mrs. Kliza, wid William 
38 .Moore Mrs. Annie, wid 'i'eruuoe 
40 .MackleMrs. A., wid John 
i 42 McArthur Colin, merchant 

I s 








42iParsiinH 8. R , niriiiture 
44 M' Ir Arcliibalii, appraiser 
46 Diitiirt MrH. .T ilip, wid Denia 
Dufort Victor, fureman 

Here SInnley tt begins. 

48 Haliaii Chnrleo B„ mnnufnct'rer 

60 \<elKli .laini'i* M M., aucouiitaiit 

64 Woodwai il Mr.'t. C, wid tsuiiiuul 
66 HosH Jamu'', booltkecpor 

69 TrenlioliiiH VVillliim 

61 Prowse li. I.., of Henry I'rowae 

& CO. 

65 VVIiieley Mm. S. (j., wid John 

68 Riidier Clis. 8., son., manufctrer 

69 Uault Kubert L., of (iuuItBrus. 

& Co. 

Here Biason st. ends. 

70 Adams Kobprt 

80 Kobb William, city auditor 

Here Drumrrumd .it, begins, 

84 Bishop Geo., of Ueo. Bishop & 

86 Fra.ser D. Torrance 
97 Suilierlaml Mr8. )I., wid J. B. 
^>utliKrland Ueo. A , of Suther- 

luiiil. Lindoay !i Co. 
Sutherland James li.,of Suther- 
lan<l, LindsHV & Co. 
99 McLachlau W. Kobert, of AIc- 

Laclilaii lirus & Co. 
101 Fisher A. K., pmfessor of music 
103 lleinsley KicharU, merchant 
Olivet Baptist churcli, rev. W. 
M, Clark, D.D., minister 

OTTAWA, from 98 Queen west 
to Canal Basin, St Ann ward 

3 Childs Chas., last mauufacturer 
11 Hocking T., buDt die maker 
13 btar l\>g and Wood iihanlc 
il luufaoturing Co. 

Here Prince st. intersects. 

21 Vox John, saloon 

22 O'Loghlin Martin, grocer 
25 Molan Jului, tailor 

29 Hocking Tlioiuas, die cutter 

30 Sparks Mrs. Ann, wid K. 

31 Wliite Hubert, machinist 

32 Urace V\'m., engineer 

;i3 McLuughlin Micliuel, porter 

35 Cable Tlioij., com travuller 

36 Espliu Oeo. & Jas., lumber 

41 Brady Mis8 M., school teacher 

Huituu Mrs. l!^liza., wid Thomas 
43 Uem^jsey I'hos., grocer 

Here Duke st, intersects, 

45 Kavanagh Mrs. C, wid .1., grocer 
47 Jubin C, oi Cyrillu Jubin & Co. 
49 i'aie..audu Juttoph, machinist 

Wallace Jo'., tvoud and coal 
63 Walker Mrs. M., wid F. 

Vaughn Thus., paint maker 
66 CIt'Mieuts Kubert, machinist 

MuU'ait Wm., machinist 
68 Laniunt Archibald, engineer 

Brown Mrs. Ann, wid Michael 

60 iSuthorlaud George, engineer 
Coiiruy J. C, proprietor 

61 Kennedy Mrs. J., grocery 

Here ifazareth st. intersects, 

66 Kelly John, grocer 
Kelly James, clerk 
68 BonHM I'atrick, contractor 

76 Irvine Wiu., laborer 

77 Maguire 0. J., printer 

79 Boylen David 
81 Jones Michael, laborer 
i*3 McCrory .lames, grocer 
84 iStafl'urd Thomas 1'., grocer 
b& Buckley Michael, laborer 

Here Dalhousie st. intersects, 
91 Thurluw Wm., engineer 
93 Taylor Julm, sexton 
90 Thompson Henry, storemau 

97 V\ alker James C, shoemaker 

98 Muntri-al Gus Cu.'s wrks, J. Mc- 

Elroy, superintendent of mains 

99 liurbtr J. tl , storeinan 

lUU McKlroy John, superiuteudeut 

Munlieal uas Cu.'s mains 
101 Gentles Uobert, cooper 
MA binipsim Benjamin, laborer 
Breiiuan Thomas, laburer 

Here Ann st. intersects. 

Methodist church, rev. M. L. 
I'earsou, minister 
113 Montreal Gas Co.'s lilting shop 

■ Here Shanncni st. intersects. 
134 Martin Thos., clerk 

Martin Mies M., dressmaker 

137 Foley John, laoorer 
13<iDeinpsHy C. J., laborer 

Uunuvan Mrs. 

138 McCoy llout., stevedore 
i>illely Juhii, cuuper 

139 Bain Michael, laborer 
139ilvell.t Barney, laborer 

Carpenter VV m., founder 
141 t>aUou Mrs. !>., wid Uaniel 

143 Kiusella t nomas, grocer 

144 Flanagan James, grocer 

140 UCuniior James, laborer 
146 Garland John, gruuer 

Here Colborne st. intersects. 

150 Cleary Dennis, storemau 
lol Cannon John, blacksmith 
10'.^ West Micuaul, bricklayer 
104 Valin Cliarles, dreiuau 
loli ^ ugent i^., laborer 
108 .Uagnire Jus., iu..chlnist 
160 Guuney Mrs. B., wid Frs. 

Here Younn st. intersects, 

167 Iviusella Jas., grucer 
l(i9 Donohue rairivk, laburer 

Couglilin James, carter 

King Frank, carter 
171 Burden Geur,;e, carter 

Kehou l.avvreiiue, trajor 

173 O'llrien Moses, laburer 

174 Murpiiy Mrs. M., wid James, 

18t) Larkin I'at., grucer 

Here Murray st. intersects. 
188 Kailerty Win. J., grocer 
192 Keiiy .Virs. K., wid John 

Cr my .tlrs. Fanny, wid John 

I'itzgL'i'aia Jus., tuilur 

Jellei'sun Mrs., wid Wm, 
194 Delaiiy I'ut.r 
liitj Moore John, proprietor 
i9< Flanagan Jaiiius, laborer 
198 (J'Cuiinell .lohii, laburer 

Uunuvan James, laburer 
19U Carroll Thoina:., carter 
2ol Well I'airick, laburer 
20;^ Kane Mrs. J., wid James 

203 O'Brien Juines, laborer 
Mcuiath Thunias, laborer 

204 Ityan John, tailor 
Mct'artland Joseph, engineer 
CliilUs James, laborer 

206 Burcliell James, leather cutter 

207 McGauvran Joliu, grucer 

Here Eleanor st. begins, 

210 Kiely JIartin, carter 

212 Hiimmal O , laborer 
Charlebuis Isidore, agent 

214 Avery Mrs. Anna, wid George 
Falen Jos., laborer, r 
Cuultield Win., laborer, r 

Here McCord at. intersects. 

227 Clarke Michael, grocer 

Tracey Martin 
231 Gail'uey 81111011, laborer, r 

Grimard Jos., tin-'iiiitli, r 

i« nard I'atrick, laburer, r 
2<'13 Ueilly Micliuel, laborer 
230 tluouen I'atrick. laborer 
237 Kenyon .Monimer, prinver 
239 Swteney Dennis, laborer 
241 Kyan I'at., fureman G.T.R. 

Meehaii Jolin, carter, r 
243 linnigan John, carter 
245 Mclnerue) James, laburer 

Clarke Itichaid, foreman, r 

Here Seminary st intersects. 
Here St. Thomas st, begins, 
Henderson's saw mill yard 

Aqueduct west, St Antoine ward 

2 I'utuam Mrs. J., wid L. N. 
■Stephens George, coin traveller 
Hexfurd rev. 

3 .Uacphersun Mrs. 1'., wid D. 

4 Tlioni Jaites, bookkeeper 

5 BrowuJ.i>.,of Brown & Co. 
t) Hill Freedom, pianoiuakur 

7 Edson M. G,, driiggist 
lU I'ulmer John, dr .;{gi4t 

11 Kicanian Michael, s i>t. Domin- 

ion bi5. Co. 

12 Livingstone John, merchant 

13 McFbII Mrs. S., wid C. C. 

14 ^iorlnau Mrs. M ry.wid John 

15 Leilcli T. J., com traveller 

PALACE. (See Lagauohetiere) 

PANET, from 69 Water north to 
Sherbrooke, St Mary ward 

6 Johns F'rederick, tinsmith 

8 Uesiioyers Joseph, laborer 

9 lay lor Hugh, advocate 
Murrisun Jauie.", g.irdeuor 

lo Hulmes James, gardener 

16 liheuume Joseph, blacKsmith 
18 Boiviu Joseph, Huoemaker 

Deroine i.>uuis, laburer, r 
20 Robert luiienne, lureiuan 
Z'i Xruttier Alexunure, laborer 
28 Metliudist church (Saleiuj, rev. 
iS. Massey, iniuisier 

Wlieeler Juhu, laburer 
32 Tuuchette Mrs. U., wid L. D. 

Here St. Mary st. intersects. 

47 Contaut L'lric, shoemaker 

48 Irving Mrs. Ausau, wid Johu 
Groieau Fdouard, laborer 

50 Muart John A., clerk 
Laiuarre Juseph, laborer 

51 Miliejours Xavier, laburer 

02 Gagnuii J. Bte., laborer 

03 Lairanchise Toussaiut, butcher 
54 til inical Aiuable, sliuenialvcr 

b) LupparreJ. A. u., general agent 
Oti tjiuilh VV illiam, wuud merchaut 

57 Ruy Mrs. Kmleie, »ld Uasiiu, 

58 Dubc Alphonse, conductor 
Bousquei Edouard, Joiner, r 


Whose Misfort 

68 Perreault Lusip 

Hokey Wm., st 

Lacruix Mrs,, w 

Bi Vandelac Uiss J 

64 ThumaH Jean M 

Here Craig tt. ■• 

70 Arcand Kustacl 
Massun Augusti 
CIduient Mrs. M 
Balleck Alex., p 
Minion K,, macl 

71 Cuntaut Uuuii..i 

72 O'Couuell Miclu 
Dauphin I'ierre, 
I'eutou Henry, j 
Morin uustave. 
Rivet Uelphis, b 

74 Rivet Mrs. Cons 
Model school, A 

head master 

75 Kueelaud Wini 

master I'aiiet 
Wilkius C.J,,c 

76 l«uuou Michael 
tiaulnier Gilbert, 

76jLeduc l>aniate, « 
78 Foisy Leoiude, t 
78iFavreau Luuis, ( 

80 i)e.-i)ardina Fduu 
Bruusseau J. Btu 
Aubertiu Joseph 

82 Angers J. B.,pol 
Baslieu Muise, p< 

81 Kehuu Jaiue-,, pi 
86 Desjardins Mrs. .j 

Here Lagauchetiire 

91 Mullin M., barke 

98 Dwyer Juiin,car 
Dwyer Mrs Brid, 

99 Beique Mrs., wid 
lUO Hell mall Mrs. A. 
lUl Racette Juseph, L 
lo2 Robert WilUruU, 

I'lcliette Mrs. i:., 

1J4 Latuur {iebasiien 

Duiuont J. Bte ,1 

105 Rogers i^ raucis, c 
I'oirier Luuis, ^hu 

106 Bennett Geo., bul 

107 Lariviere Frauvui 
Katelle Josejih, la 
Gibeault iMiuuurd 
Ratia Alphonse, s 

108 Coursoll. s iN . O., i 
Lachapelle Josepl 
Moraclie Ovila, eli 

109 Ahf lo Dominique 
Laplante Mrs., wi 
Corbeille Mis., wi 

no Letebvre houis, sli 

111 I'arent JS'arcisse, t; 

111! I'lcard I'lerre, l»b, 

llj Lariviere Mrs. M., 

114 Dragon Denis, lati 

Ho Cusson Joseph, lal 

Mui'cure JSuzaire, I 

Boucher Joseph, c 

Belisle L'aul, labor 

116 Muutiuaniuirt Mrs 
Uubois J. Bte,, . li 
Laverdure Uiuls, I 
Cot6 Leon, laborei 
Gauihier Joseph, B 
Gauinier Jo.>epii, ji 

117 Lucaille Mrs, A., v 

118 Cuutant Jusujih,sli 
IW Muldoon I'eier, shi 

Muldoon Michael, 
Uuchauan Ueo., gu 
120 Vauior Basile, ..mi 
ul L>te Samuel, police 





vid Ueorgo 


irer, r 



)rer, r 
itii, r 
borer, r 
r, r 

t^mun, r 


. begins, 

ill yard 

B, from 372 

d L. N. 

)ux traveller 

., wid D. 

wii & Co. 
i^t. Domln- 

C. C. 
wid John 


er north to 
r ward 



ur, r 
aleui;, rer. 
vid L. D. 


yid Jolm 


t, butcher 
iiieral agent 
d merchaut 
d UasUo , 
uluer, r 






Whoie Misfortunes may Prevent them from paying their Premlnmt the moment they arc due 

68 Perreault Lu^ippe, carpenter, r 

Uokey Wm., btunecutter, r 

Lacrolx Mrs., wid Jutteph, r 

62 Vandelac Uisii Adelaide, traits 

64 ThumuM Jean Marie, isUoemaker 

Here Craig it. interaects. 

70 Arcand Kuittache, maaon 
Maiwou Augusliu, shoemaker, r 
element hiti. M. L., wid F61ix, r 
Balleck Aiex., paiuler, r 
iiiliiioii K., machiue agent, r 

71 Coutaut Uomi..ique, butcher 
Vi O'Couuell Jlicliael, beer driver 

Dauphin I'ierre, trader, r 
ir'entou lleiiry, painter, r 
Moriu ousiave, macliiiii^t, r 
Uivet Uelphiii, butclier, r 

74 Kivet Mrs, Cou^tuiice, wid L. 
Model BCliool, A. W . iCueeland, 
liead master 

76 Kneelaud Winslow A., head 
master I'auet btreet Model 
Wilkius C. J., caretaker 

76 Lenuou Uichuel, pedlar 
baulnier Uilbeit, sioreman 

76]Leduu Uaiiiu.-te, outturns oUicer 

78 Foisy Leoiude, trader 

78il'avreau Louis, policeman 

HU Dctjardiua l^duuara, painter 
iiroUBseuu J. ilte., juiiier, r 
Aubertiii Josupli, joiner, r 

82 Angers J. li., police sergeant 
iiastieu Moiae, policeiiiuii 

84 Kehoe Jaiue^, police sergeant 

86 Uesjardius Mrs. Julie, wid i<'rs. 

Here Lagauchetiere st. intersects. 

91 MuUin M., barkeepti' 
U8 Dwycr John, carter 

JJwyer Mrs Uridget, wid T., r 
99 Uei'que Jlrs., wid J., seamstress 
lUU Uelimall Mrs. A., dressmaker 
lUl Kacette Joseph, butcher 
lu2 Kobert VVilbroa, buiulier 

J'iclieite Mrs. K., wid 1<\ 
1J4 Latour siebuslieii, undertaker 

Dumoiit J. ilte , mason 
1U5 Kogtrs 1< rauuis, carter 

I'oirier Lcuis, rhoemakor 
106 Ueuuelt Oeu., butcher 
1U7 Lariviere Fraiiyuis X., foreman 

Katelle Jiiai'ph, laborer, r 

(iibeault iMluuuid, laborer, r 

Itatia AlpUoiise, suoeiiiaker, r 

108 tjoursoll. s jN . U., bookkeeper 
Lachapelli? JoM'pli, hiborur, r 
Moraclie Uvila, slioemaker, r 

109 Ah«^lo Dominique, fruits 
Lapluiitu Mrs., wid ll>p , r 
Corbeiile Alis., v\id t'rs., r 

110 Lefi'bvre l..ouis, slioeniaker 

111 I'arent Marciose, trader 
Ua i'lcard I'lerre, laborur 

Uj Lariviere Mrs. M., wi.l Isidore 
U4 Dragon Denis, laborer 
Uo (Jusron Jo^epli, laborer 
Mercure JS azalre, laborer, r 
liuucher Joseph, carpenter, r 
Uclisle L'uul, laborer, r 

116 Muiitmariiui-t Mrs., wid i'lerre 
Dubois J. itte., . ibjrer, r 
Laverdure Louis, laborer, r 
Cot6 Leon, laborer, r 
Uauihier Joseph, sen., carter, r 
Uautnier Ju..iepii, Jan., laborer, r 

117 Lacaille Mrs. A., wid D. 

118 Coutaut Jusei>h, shoemaker 

119 Muldoon I'eier, shoemaker 
Muldoon Michael, tel operator 
buohauau Oeo., gardener, r 

120 Vauier iiasile, ..udertakur 

121 li«e Samuel, policeman 

122 Scantlaud Wm , contractor 
Chagnon Frank, laborer, r 
liongtiu Klz^ar. laborer, r 

123 St I'lerre Jean U., baililT 

124 Jackson Daniel, contractor 

125 Thuot Victor, painter 

12i> Lelebvre iieujamin, grocer 

Jlere JJorcliester st. intersects. 
133 Desjardins Itoch, bailitt 

136 Kobitaille .^ap., shoemaker 
Madeau Mrs. K., uid J. ii. 

137 Labelle David 
Caisse I'ierre, laborer 
beguiu Uasile, laborer 
Levesque]ili, laborer 

13!> Leblanc KuouarU, priuter 
'lurcotte J. ijie., shoemaker, r 
Uourre F6lix, r 

141 Champagne Louis, joiner 
Mat bleu \avier, laborer, r 
U Farrell ltiomas,juiuer, r 

143 Lapierre Mrs., \\ia James 
Desormiers Mrs., wid J<. X., r 

145 Lacroix Louis, carpenter- 

147 C'hasse 1< raiivois, snoeuiaker 
Tanguay Joseph, shoemaker 

149 Marcotie Joseph, labuier 
Vaiiuelac ui'orge, tanner, r 
Uirou dir Lapiene i'ierre, r 

161 iieaucliump J< ., shoemaker 

lu3 Matliieu ielesphure, carter, r 

155 Viuette Charier, joiner 
Authier L. i'aul, teacher, r 
uuponi M. J., cierK, r 

167 Archainbuuil Mr.s., wid F. X. 

159 Matliieu Liumauuei, laborer 
Uari6py Mrs., wiu lion., r 
Duchesiieuu 11., .-hoeinaker, r 
C'hatel nilbeit, laborer, r 
(jalipeau Josi pii, laborer, r 
Da\ id ^sapoieuu, rooler, r 
Muthieu Jlrs L., v\id Jus., r 

161 Drapeau Charles 

163 i^ougpre Fraiiyois, laborer 
St liiiaire ^..lie, shoemaker, r 
Moriu Felix, laborer, r 
Mutliieu Olivier, pediar, r 

163^ lliouias Maxiine, shoemaker 
Desjardins Oiiesiine, cartel, r 
Oiroux Louis, caipiUter, r 
D6sauleis Mr». M., wid Louis, r 
3ialhioi l-'raiivois, plasteier 

165 Ualarneau Isiuoie, policeman 

Here at. Uoae st. begins, 
167 Archambault Fruiiv'ois, carter 
lu9 ihouiu Mrs. U., Hid Joseph 

171 Deragou i'oussaint, laborer 
Allaire ih^opiiile, policeman, r 
Urousseau Louis, joiner, r 
COte Joseph, plasterer, r 
Ualipeau Joseph, laborer, r 
.^o^i Edouara, box inauutuctr, r 
Lesp6raucu M . rcisse,carpeuter, r 
William Cleopnas, mouldt-r, r 

172 Belanger terier, trauer 

175 Lacoursiere Iraiiyois, grocer 
Lavall^e Ma.\iuie, shueiiiuker, r 
Viileneuvu Israel, shoemaker, r 
Brouillet .Miss 1'., dressmaker, r 

177 leo.'^ier otrapliih, laborer, r 
Dinton William, slioeniaker, r 
'iessier Aithur, joiner, r 

170 liruiielle Azarie, joiner 
lirulielle Joseph, clerk 
Marieu Israel, shueiuaker 

181 Dugas Miss u., are.ssmaker 

183 Auoiu Olivier, lauorer 

185 Cadot Auguste, baiiiH' 

186 Matliieu J. lite., driver 
Oariepy Miss E., dressmaker 
Champagne Alexis, baker 

187 Jobin Mrs., wid ivugene 
Matuieu i'aul, shoemaker 

189 Fortugais L6ger, carter 

191 Archambault Joseph, carter 

193 Uoit Joseph, joiner 

Archambault Mrs., wid J. Bte, 
195 liiroux I^onis, butcher 

Here St. Cathi vine st. intersects. 

197 Ueaucliarap Charles, grocer 

198 ii ravel Thomas, policeman 
lb9 Moyeu Olivier, laborer, r 

Aubin Uormisdus, laborer, r 
KuOeau I'rospere, joiner, r 
Forget Charles, shoemaker, r 

262 lieaudoin Charles, butcher 
Dupre ^ap., shoemaker 
Archambault i'ierre, pedlar 

206 Lacas l^douard, stonecutter 
i'errault .Miss K., dressmaker 
Uuiuioud Denis, laborer 

206 B^uard Kustache, butcher 

Heie Albert lane ends. 

207 Dagenals Fran9ols, laborer 
Lemay Aiistelme, laborer, r 
Jacques Alpliouse, butcher, r 

208 Uoyette Jsapoleon, butcher 

209 Evans Ulric, joiner 

210 Duiour Ephreui, baililT 

211 i'r^vost Joseph, carter 
itoy .Mrs. A., wia ^arcisse 
Ci ravel .Miss i'., laundress 

212 Lelebvre Joseph, grocer 

Here Aliard st. bi-yius, 

213 Valiquette Aristide, carter 
Sabourin Hiiuire, joiner 

214 DemersJean lite., 
Uodin Ih^ophile, pi inter, r 

215 'i'h^rien Norbert, trader 
Dumout Franyjis, siioemuker 
Drolet .Mrs., wid Franvois 
Morel Moise, joiner 
Oauvreau Magioire, carter, r 
Queiinevllie Joseph, laborer, r 

216 Daoust Olivier, bailUI' 
Lelebvre Kenjaiiiin, laborer 
Lelebvre 11., shoemaker 

218 Leclerc Louis, bookkeeper 
2^0 lirew Francis, couchmau 

221 iititourneau Alired, butcher 
i'epiu Andre, b.auksmith 

St Amour 1' raiivois, shoeiukr, r 

222 I'aque C, joiner 

224 (Quintal I'ierre. laborer 
22i( (iagi.on i'ierre, carter 

Hi-re Miynonne st. intersects. 

234 Saurioi Michel, trader 

236 Tansey Jas., carter 
Loyer Aarci.s.-<e, lauorer 
itouleau ihoinas, joiner 

238 Lamar he .Sliss A., dressmaker 
C16ineiit i'lacide, laborer, r 
Ooyette Leon, laboier, r 

240 Lapierre .Mrs. a., wid Oscar, 

dress uiaker 

241 Mireault David, painter 

243 St uurmain Ainie, carter 

244 ChartrandJ. Ble., jo:iicr 
'ietrault Tliurber, tobacconist 

245 Vervais Frauyois, laborer 

246 Belaiiger Cyrille, carter 
'247 I.iauzoii Mis., wid Joseph 

Ciiartier Francois, bricklayer 

248 Desrochers A. , shoemaker 

249 i'etitclerc Joseph, plasterer 

250 Moiitreuil Mrs. E., wid Adolpbe, 

school teacher 

251 Bourgouiu D., foreman 
Hamei J. U., carjieuter 

253 iiaceito Medi^ric, shoemaker 

iiEvoie Stanislas 
264 Marion Mrs. J., wid Ainable 












20( Dt'loiigchHiniM Joseph, bailiff 
266 PctitciiTU Mr»., wiU Cbarlon 
26tt Cht>vulier Alexandre, shuemakr 
a>7 DiTocliiT Moi'to, laborer 
2i9 Miron Adi'lard, baker 
M'6 Miirioii A iiinlilt>, contractor 
UM David JoMcpli, carter 
2t6 Juairo J. E.. ucliuol teacher 
268 tiauriol Nurci^Ku, carter 
Mariiii'uii Luuid 

270 Ki-iiaud J. Urn., butcher 

271 Cuiitant Henri, butcher 

Here Lnt/au it. intersects. 

272 Cusson Dosith^e, butcher 
276 Beaucliauip MicolaM, butcher 
'.7r Luurin Kdouiird, grocer 

25U Joubcrt A. U., bullit!' 
^1 Uiitri'sni' Loui!«, mauhiniat 
283 Thouiu Ak'xis, tobacconist 
281 ICfnaud Louis, carier 
286 Kiclle Arthur, Joiner 

286 Lebeau Mrs. Sophie, wid Jos. 

287 (iautliicr Honors, tihocinaker 

288 Bt'lKville Joseph, laborer 

289 Hardy J. Utu., 8lioeinaker 

290 Label le I'aul, laborer 
Charboniieau J. Bte., laborer 

Here Lctfonlaine St. interxecti. 

291 Dupoiit KarcisKe, shoemaker 
293 Titrcault liruiio, shuemiiker 

295 Lainoiireiix U^dcon, joiner 
Lafrancu i.uuis, butulier 
Maliir Mrs., wid Autoine 

296 Iriidel Uiivier, baker 

299 White Joscpii, shoemaker 
Desautels Joseph, sliocmaker 
JtouthMier .>h>., wid Tlioums 

301 MclSetli 1..0IIIS, butcher 
D6-aiitels Hector, driver 

303 Mario Mrs K., wid J. Bte., 
Fortior Joseph, laborer 
Belaud Kdouurd, driver, r 
Belaud I'lern-, carter, r 
I'aj'itte Joseph, laborer, r 

305 Laiuoureux Jus., carter 
Turcot Henri, butcher 

806 Plessis dit lJ6lair VVm., painter 
Weber C'liarlei, polic-'Uian 

308 Ardouin Louis, confectioner 

809 B^laiiger Napolton. joiner 

310 TiiiTneii tjOillVoj, laborer 
Charbonneau Jean, laborer 

311 Valliero ■., trader 

312 Ciiiirtrand Stanisla.", grocer 
311 St Jean Augu.-te, grocer 

Ken:iuo .Miciiel. Joiner 
316 Kadeau J. Bie., grocer 

316 Kivut Mrs, Marie, wid Pierre 

317 Latleur A iifruste, shoemaker 
Lo tie B iijaiiiin, policeman 
Gcollrlon lyouis, siioemaker 
Moniird Miss Agues 
Quiiital Augustin. shoomaktr 

318 Sand Alderic, bookkeeper 

319 I'icai'il Aiiiablu, shoemaker 
Landry Adt-lard, shoemaker 

321 St I'ii-rre Louis, clerk 

322 roriugais H ran9ois, carter 

323 Kii iideau Jledard, laborer 

324 Forgi't Itt'gis, upholsterer 

Here Ontario st. intersects. 

326 La"r('c<iue Jean, joiner 

3,26 Jol. juiii' J. ii., cabinetmaker 

329 iloseiih, engineer 

331 Powci- Kdwiiid, shoemaker 

338 Peliei.or Joseiih, grocer 

310 Tellier Dieud 01116, tobacconist 

Peiiiir Jlrs , wid Anibroiso 
341 Arohamliault Amable, carpenter 
343 Veiine Magloire, stonecutter 

344 Lavall6 .Maxime, joiner 
U^tu K^lix, laborer, r 
KouHsel .loseph, joiner, r 

346 Vaillanconrt U.. shoemaker 

346 Uurocher Mrs. L., wid M. L. 

347 Moreau Hypolite. carpenter 
Larlviere Ulric, tailor, r 
Lajoie luaie, laborer, r 

349 Lauiarche Alex., mason 

Chausoeu Louis, shoemaker, r 

Sol Desautels Joseph, shoemaker 
Barrette Marcel, laborer, r 

362 Guernon Joseph, carter 

353 Uuilbault Frauyois, carpenter 
Huot Willrid, laborer, r 
Ori^goire Mrs., wid J. Bte., r 
Guilbault Fran9ois, laborer, r 
Uagn^ J. Bte., bricklayer, r 

364 Laramf^e Marcisse, tanner 
Charbonneau G., plasterer 
Laverdure Xavier, laborer 
Archambault Mrs., wid Joseph 
Lalonge Joseph, laborer 

356 Beauury Allrud, shoemaker 

356 LiicasJosepli, grocer 
Ste Marie Joseph, laborer 

357 Houle Jo.»eph, la- orer 
859 Foi'get Joseph, carter 
361 Kacette Wm., tobacconist 
361iPiedblanc Ant. U., laborer 
3u2 Tr6inoul^ Joseph, carter 

Kivet Joseph, siioemaker 
3i)3 Chapleau Kruest, joiner 
363^Leclalr Mrs U., wid Alphonee 
Sdo Lurue — , laborer 

366 (/'orbeille Louis, stonecutter 
Uaymond Benjamin, mason, r 
l.,eniay Louis, laborer, r 

367 J'iclie Pierre, carter 
Bticliard Juiien, carter 

368 Adam Aluhonse, trader 
I'epin Uolpliis, stonecutter 
Pe|iin Geo., stonecutter 
Bi-zeau Aut., shoemaker 

3>)9 Mignault Joseph, shoemaker 
371 C'ourval Josepli, carter 

Perras J. Bie., cabinetoiaker 
373 Lecompte Joseph, driver 
376 Uayinoud Felix, laliorer 
378 LeUrun George, joiner 

381 I'eltier Unesime, shoemaker 

382 Larivi6re J. Bte , grocer 

383 Itacette Joseph, shoemaker 
Lescarbeau Michel, trader 

384 tiionais Pierre, laljorer 
Vezeau diaries, laborer 

385 Arpentigny Moise, joiner, r 
DuiUult L60U, joiner 

Here Parker st. begins. 

386 Monette Nap., leather cutter 
3^7 C'liapleau Alphonsc, tanner 

Gareau G , confectioner, r 

358 William Oiiailes, laborer 
iiS\) Dut'uult Arthur, engineer 

Gosselin JretHS, shoeinnker 
890 Bonaini A., shoeumker 
Forget J. Bte., laborer 
Lat'rance Louis, laborer 

391 tiough Joseph, laborer 

392 Lavigne Joseph, carter 

393 lioubsel Mrp. J., wid Andr6, r 
Beiiudry Joseph, Joiner 
Payette Xavier, Joiner 

394 Dufault Charles, shoemaker 

396 Kou.ssel Franyois, joiner 
390 I'ertier Kustache, baker 

397 D6sormiers Antoine, carter 

398 'J'h^rlen Albanle, carter 

400 ISoiiiu Kranfois, laborer 
Caisse Pierre, laborer 

401 Tr^inouler George, laborer 

402 Archambault Ulivier, slioemakr 
Lucas Kdouard, laborer 
Keuaud Jos., Bhovmaker, r 

102 Provost Alfred, baker, r 
401 Lacas Joseph, laborer 
4U6 Bleau Nap., ma^on 

Beaudoin Louis, a; oemaker, r 
Lafrance L., laborer, r 

406 Tavn uu Aut., laborer 

407 IMsureuu (.>livier, burnisher 
'lh<>rli'ii A Vila, laborer, r 
Monette |jtiiibi*rt. Joiner, r 

408 Gauthier UiK^siuie, moulder 
Uenaud Louis, grocer 

409 Grimard Jos., bricklayer 
Th^rien J. Bte., laborer, r 

410 ^imard Miss Julie, grocery 
Charbonneau •!. Bte., laborer 

411 Sassevllle Geo., trader 
Gari^py Isai'e, carter, r 
Massicotte Jos., laboier, r 

412 llup^ GiilH'rt, laborer 
Monette Onesiiiie, laborer 

414 Limoges Stanislas, joiner 

Charron Atlolphe, shoemaker 
416 Saulnier Fabieii, laborer 

416 Ma.sou Thomas, joiner 
ChaiToii Joseph, laborer 

417 Jacotte .laiivier. Joiner 
419 Charron Chm., shoemaker 

Uerf Larwicre st. begins. 
421 Uuimet Fraii9ois, laborer 

Gagnon J. Ute., shoemaker 
425 l'ai4uet Ba^ile, joiner 
431 Lalonge Giliieit, shoemaker 
433 Fr(5clielte Adoljilie, Joiner 
Guilbault Narcisse, laborer 
Sansouci Ludger, laborer 
Alarie I'i.rre, shoemaker 
435 Tourviile Magloire, shoemaker 
Cliarland Tii^ophiie. laborer, r 
Malouin MoiV. carter, r 
D^sourdi L).. shoemaker, r 
Gaj^non Charles, laborer, r 
437 Gibaud Mrs,, widS^ruplitn 
439 Uuraiid Kdonaid, inasou 
Laporte Amable, shoemaker 
Lepi> e Mrs. M., wid Louis 
Uuccp Jo.'-eph. laborer 
441 Bonanii Alfred, carter 

413 Leclaire Pierre, laborer 

445 Ituyiuond Benjamin, mason 

D6patii- Leon, plasterer 
447 Viuu Vital, laborer 
449 I'eltier Jo^epli, bricklayer 
451 U^sorinier- Uichard. stonecutter 
453 Gau iry Ferdinand, painter 
455 Brown Win , laborer 
459 Tourviile Ciiarles. cariienter 
461 Moel Ain^d^e, stonecutter 
463 Merino> Cyiille, laborer 

Noel Kdo.oud. laborer 
465 Gagnon Z^phire. muson 
467 I)r.ipeau Alp , lab.irer 
469 Lupoii.te Lion, stonecutter 
Lapoinie Nap., stonecutter 
471 l.,apoiiite Jos., stonecutter 
473 Smart Jaines, .uborer 
475 Caditiux l.^aac, traUtr 

FANTALEON, in St Louis ward, 
from Napileon to the City 
limits, ihenca to Mount Koyal 
av, through St Jean Baptists 

10 Lauzon Mrs. J., wid Franfois 
12 Larociie Klie , shoemaker 

Bernard Antoine, tiader, r 
14 Dorapierre Mrs 

Bernard Jo.seph, stonecutter, r 
18 ThiiotMis, fltrmine, wid Olivier 
20 Chalut Franyois, shoemaker 

Chalut Josepli, laborer 
22 Petelle itt^gis, butcher 
24 Daudelin Cusimir, policeman 
26 Thibault F., corporation bailiff 



from 277 St M 

Daunais Cl^nphai 
Youds Honore, a 

Afeat mo 

1 Bleau Engine, b 

8 Bennett George, 

10 Riefier (Seorge, 1 

16 Bonin Joseph, b 

18 McChII John, bi 

19 Smith John, bul 
A St Martin Jos.. ( 
B Richard Alfred. 

Low .Mrs. Aaron 

Logan Mrs. A.,\\ 

8 Groulx Fablen, 1 

neansq, off277! 
to the City boam 

17iKelIy Mrs. Anna 
57 Ward Iteriiard, 1 
61 Deslauriers Loiii 

63 Doyle P., grocer 

64 Latour Mrs. Jul 

Here Dorchester 1 

66 Kilcullan John, ] 

67 Orsali Mrs. M., M 
67iCasliin 3IichaeI 

68 Martin Mrs. L ,1 

69 O'Grady Maik,c 
73 Moore John, mi 

78 Scott Mrs. KHz.. 
Brown Robert, li 
Warner .Ichn, lu 

79 Beattie Jumes, r 

80 Molson John Wi 

Here St. Jiose 1 

85 Kilcullen Thoma 

104 Bell .Mrs. Jane, v 

Bell 'I homas. cur 

Bell Wm., carb'r 

106 Slatfery .Mrs. C. 

Wright .lohn, ca 

108 Ilintoii Thomas, 

109 Carroll Kdward, 
113 Carroll Philip, h 
117 Bleau Dominateu 

Here St. Catherine 

154 Denipsey Mrs. B 

McAvoy Peter, ji 

167 Taylor Wm,, con 

159 Gallagher Williii 

Here Miijnnnne 

213 Leithead Williar 
216 Seery captain Be 

Here Lafontaine s 

251 Uubuc Jnlien, gi 

253 Brizard Louis, la 

265 Leclerc r.,onis, br 

257 Martel Joseph, b 

2G1 Messier Joseph, 

263 Livernois FiMIx, 

267 Lamnrclie Aiitoi 

Liiinmleie Anibr 

KolKTge Narcissi 

B61air Ucgis, lal 

Bfilair A,, Joiner 







from 277 St Mary, St Mary 

DaunaJK Cl^nphn'), ciPrK 
Youds Honors, aHHictant clerk 

Meat market. 

1 Bleaii Eiipene. butclior 
8 Hemictt (joorjrc, biifclipr 

10 Klpppr (icorjfo, biitclier 

16 Boiiin Josppli. biitclipr 

18 McChII John, butclitr 

19 Siiiitli .liihii, biitclipr 
A St Martin Jos., butclior 
B Kicbani Alfred, butcher 

Low Mrs. Aarun, fruit dealer 
Logan Mrs. A. ,wi(IT., vegetables 
8 Groulx Fabien, butcher 

FAPINEAU ROAD, from Fapi- 
nean sq, off 277 St Mary, north 
to the City boundary, St Mary 

174Kelly Mrs, Anna, wid Patrick 

57 Ward Iteriiard, tailor 

61 Deslauriern Louis, butclier 

63 Doyle 1'., grocer 

61 Latour Mrs. Julio, wid C^lestin 

Here Dorchester st. intersects, 

66 Kilcullan John, grocer 

67 Orsali Mrs. M., wid Thomas 
67i('ashin Michael 

68 Martin Mrs. L., grocer 

69 O'Orady Maik, clerk 
73 Moore John, iiiouldcr 

73 Scott Mrs. Kliz.. wid Samuel 
itrown Robert, laborer 
Warner .Ichn, laborer 

79 Beattle James, rn|iemaker 

80 Molson Jiihii VVni., straw works 

Here St. Rose st, begins. 

85 Kllcullen Thoma', fruit dealer 
104 Bell Mrs. Jane, wid James 

Bell Thomas, carter 

Bell Wm., carter 
106 Slattery Mrs. (".. wid P. 

Wright John, carter 

108 Hinton Thomas, shoemaker 

109 Carroll Kdward, carter 
U3 Carroll I'hilip, laborer 

117 Bleau Domlnateur, blacksmith 

Here St. Catherine st. intersects. 

154 Denipsey Mrs. B., wid John 

McAvdv I'cter, jsanlener 
157 Taylor NVm., com traveller 
159 Ualhigher William, foreman 

Here Mlynonne st. bef/ins. 

218 Leithead William, carter 
216 Seery captain Bernard 

Here Lafontaine st. intersects. 

251 Uubuc Julien, gravel roofer 
253 Brixard Louis, laborer 
2a.'i l.eclerc I.,ouis, biiek maker 
257 Martel Joseph, brakenmn 
2til Messier Joseph, g'ocer 
263 Liveriiois Kt^Ilx, tishmonger 
267 Lamarclie Antoiiie. laborer 

Laiumiere Anibroist', laborer 

Kolwrge, batter 

B6lair Ucgis, laborer 

Bfilair A., joiner 

217 I..arontainr L^on, shoemaker 
271 Kogarty William, gluo maker 
Kanixny Mrs. M.. wid Andrew 

276 Demy .lo- ph, laborer 

277 VIger .J^r' 'ule. carter 
279 l.cgault I' . tra<eller 

2-3 Mercnri i nislnie, laborer 

286 I'aquetti' v'yrille, laborer 
Ket-gan fbomas, laborer 
I'oupait Mrs. Octavie. wid N. 

287 Jolicicur Charje", milkman 
289 Dcsrochers Olivier, laborer 
291 Demy (»vila. Joiner 

293 (iagnoi) Thomas, watchmaker 
295 (j ravel Xavier, laborer 
301 iiacette Solomon, laborer 

Here Ontario st. intersects. 

821 Vizina Octave, laborer 

324 Lajol" Ovila, tanner 

325 Maheu Mrs M. L., wid Jos. 
826 Aniyor Moi'se, paper carrier 

Aniyot Ji'sepli, printer 
327 Chiirest Oscar, joiner 

828 L^vesque A ntoinc, laborer 

829 Ouimonil Frs. X., laborer 

331 'I hunt Omer, laborer 

332 NeversJ. Btc., painter 
Forest l.,onis, cigarmaker 

333 IMh'tior Jacques, laborer 
a^4 Leniay Antuiue. laborer 
3% Gujmond F. X,,Jun., grocer 

336 Belanger Maxiine, baker 

337 (Jlobensky .Maxime. grocer 

339 Baignct Alfred, policeman 

341 Moore Mrs. M., wid Jolin 
(jervuis .Mrs. K., wid Z. 

342 Chaie J. Bte., bookkeeper 

343 Cliaussii Mo'ise, grocer 
314 Tessier Joseph, laborer 

Kudcot Adolphe, baker 
Uorman Dennis, laborer 

340 Charbiiniieau Jos^eph, laborer A. L., oats and liay 
347 Forest Simon, grocer 

848 llurtubise H., grain dewier 

349 DOsaiilels Xavier, grocer 

350 Latreniere I'lerre, saddler 
l.aviolette J. Kaptiste, clerk 

351 Lapalme Lion, fhoe cutter 
354 Deslongebamus Kusebe, carter 
3.')5 GiriMix Joseph, tanner 

357 Courteiiianche F., gravel roofer 
3.59 l.apierre Mrs. Ilenriette, wid F. 
362 Mahon .Michael, laborer 
387 l'icli6 Joseph, laborer 
889 B('i1aidTlK'o.lore, laborer 
391 Lamouieux F. X., joiner, r 
393 CluMiier A ntoinc, joim r 

Tailloii Chailes, guardian 
395 Chee.'-einan Mrs. A., wid Wm. 

Despnrois Wfi^is, joiner 
397 O'Hrien .lohn, laborer 
401 (iuillot Mrs Marie, wid David 

rapine:! u Itoad Lime and Brick 
works, W . Koberls, proprietor 

Victoria Straw works, W. C. 

Kavenliill W. C, Victoria Straw 
456 Hicliardson Mrs. M., wid John 
4>i9 Malone John, laborer 
523 Smith Joseph W., brickmaker 
525 Allan James, iusurante agent 
527 Bellefeuille Liow, loremau 
635 Maillot Amiible, potter 
,'i46 McCleiinend John, brickmaker 
656 Delmage Kobert, brickmaker 
658 MoClennend Itobt,, brickmaker 
660 Lnmoureux L^'on. brickmaker 
564 Bell William, brlckmnker 
567 Bedford KIchard, mil/.man 

Bedford John, laborer 

FAPINEAU SaUABE, off 277 St 

Mary, at the janotion of Fapi- 
neau road and Monarque, St 
Mary ward 

1 Qucvillon Joseph, botelkeeper 

2 Marchant Alfred, plumber 
6 Hvan I'eter, laborer 

ft Bennet John, mouliler 
10 Scott William, c ntectloner 
l/Hperclie ('lis 
Montrenll F6Hx, b kor 
D 'scoteau Mrs. Aitilda. wid 
n Oemers George, law student 

12 McComberC.. botelkeeper 

13 Boswick William 

Here Craig st. intersects, 

18 Brais Hormisc'a'", hay merchant 
Honals Jo"Pph, slioeihaker 

St (Jeorge H., laborer 

19 McKeon Daniel, com traveller 
l.vnch Mrs. Catherine, wid Petor 

21 Murray James, storeman 
2;i .Mullnlly James, carter 
26 Monette «'has., trader 

28 Tuik Richard, foreman 

29 Hurst Mrs. E, wid Wm. 
Hurst Uobert, finisher 

32 1 hompson John, grocer 

33 Aitoliison Wm.. laborer 
^4 McKay Mrs. Bridget 

36 MuUins Michael, carter 

Here Lagnuchetiirc st. intersects, 

.36 Logan Mrs. Ann, wid Thomas , 
38 Drolet Adolphe. laborer 
40 Keiper George, butclier 
47 I'ontant Alphonse, butcher 

Villeneuve J. O.. soap factory 
51 O'Brien Mrs. C, bd« hso 
64 Prfontaine Nap., lumber merch 


PARIS, from Charron to Liver- 
pool. Being outside City limits, 
names will be found in Alpha- 
betical order in Village of St 

PARKEB, from 354 Fanet to 
357 Visitation, St Mary ward 

5 llertrand Mrs. D., wid Albert 
Beaiidet Mrs. raiillne. wid O. 
Bertrand Jules, sawlller. r 
(iauthier Joseph, Inborer, r 
7 Dipatie F61Ix, phinilii-r 
St .Marie .loseph, laborer, r 
Carlnal, Jules, carter, r 
9 liichai'd Narcisse, laborer 

Laclmpelle P., shoemaker, r 
11 Camyr6 Pierre, laborer 
15 Lefel)vre Martin, joiner 

Ciirriveau Ferd., slmemaker, r 
Kodier O ivier, carter, r 

PARTHENAI3, from Parthenais 
sq, 191 St Mary, north to the 
City boundary, St Mary ward 

35 Arnott Wm., gardener 

36 Leslie Patrick 

48 Doig Peter, gardener 
62 Domli.ion Oil Cloth Co., S. 
\\ ood 1, manager 
Woods Samuel, manager Do- 
minion Oil Cloth Co, 
71 Murray David, com traveller 




'I- t 








EVERY PBUDENT MAN WILL HAVE A LIFE POLICY, as it is the only sore and safe 

73 Atclii^on .Tamefi, pliimbpr 

76 Galibprt Emilp, of L. CJalibert& 


77 GnliliPit I..,of L. (iallbort & Fils 

85 SIpptli I)., wood mprclinnt 

86 Smith Kdward, roppmaker 

Here St. Cntlirrine nt. intersects. 

88 St Miirtin .Tospph, crocpr 
94 Lniirion Rprnard, laborer 

Soulierp Olivipr, laborer 
96 Lcssard CIiarloH, piigiiieer 

Here ifi!/H07ine St. intersects. 

196 CoyiP Mrs. wid Patrick 
198 Plaiitp Alpxi8, laborer 

Here Ontario st. intersects. 

242 Maxwell .Jamps,bookkpeppr 
244 Uiilnipr A- Sheppard, drain tiles 
28'. Tliduiii l.azare, cartor, r 
Racptto Hi'iiri. brickmakpr, r 
Cliptipy Jlaxinip, brickinaker, r 
337 Lupine Majjloire, laborer 
839 La\ ifriU' Kiisebe, laborer 
Plaiite l.imis. sliopinaker 
Hoiictier I'ierrp, ciirppiiter 
riantpj. It., sliocinaker 
Gautliier KiipOne. tailor 
I'lante Cliiirlpj, sliopinaker 
Cavanagli Patrick, milkman 


St. Mary, at the entrance of 
Farthenais, St Mary ward 

1 Ransom Francis 

FAXTON AVENUE, off 303 Rich- 
mond, St Antoine ward 

LtfvOqup ll('rini!ii(!giidp, Joiner 
Trollier Alfred, butclier 
Paxtoii Williuui, cooper 

FAYETTE, from 252 Seigneurs 
west to 29 Chatnam, St Ann 

2 William.* tJeorKP, saloonkeeper 
16 Gprvals ,Jii!<p|ili, carpenter 

16 Briijere Klzuir, laborer 
i'rivoKt C'oii>tant, laborer, r 
CbiirboiinpHU Ant. luboiur, r 
Lt'clulr Louis, sawyer, r 
Fortrot Mrs O., wid Ant., seam- 
stress, r 

Hninel ('li«.,laliorer, r 

17 Aubty MoVm', butcher 
Cliaibonneau Kd., tinsmith 
Terreault Pierre, moulder 
I'oulin I'iirre, carter 
I'ouliu Louis, trader 

18 Jean Jacob, cook 

C'harest Knu ry. cabinetmaker 
Blaiichurd 'I'ln'odorH, nuichinist 
Ueaudry Kis. X., laborer 

20 B^laiiger heujamln. Joiner 

21 Kruueiiu Pliilippe, laliorur 
28 Meiuu'd Jos., miller 

Kenuud Ant , liiliorer 
BIcklcy Wni.. carter (i.T.K. 
Paipielte /otiipie, laborer 

24 Galley Wni. J., laborer 
Lefi'ljvre Joseph, laborer 
K<)ritct Paul, carter 
Vall(|Uoltp Tlicop., plasterer 

25 HtHiei t Pierre, laborer 

27 PInelte Hector, carpenter 

28 Jolly Tlionuis 

29 HI ( >r Isaac, Joiner 
J.abelle C , laborer 
Critu Adiilphe, laborer 

29 Artellp Ant.. laborpr 

30 Asaolin Joseph. ma.son 
Hoper Mrs. E., wid Joseph 
Itoppr ()., nailcuttpr 
Chapman Alox., foil forjrer 

31 Gporpreltp Augustin. laborer 
(,'barbonnp!iu Ant., laborer 

33 Ponlin Lonis, laborpr G.T.R. 
35 PaqnettP GeorBP. Joiner 

Loisellp .Tospph, Joiner 
39 Bombardipr Constant, grocer 

PEA LANE, off 11 Roy lane, St 
Antoine ward 

1 r,arocqup Jospph O., clerk 

2 Pilette Antoine. carter 

3 Kobert Adolplie, jeweller 

4 Iluot Mrs. P., will To.spph 

6 Houlot K.dmond, blacksmith 
6 Caron Octave, printpr 

Foitier Xavier, shoemaker 
8 Bayard Frs. X., liorso dealer 
10 Ewinp Kobert, pucker 
12 Hunt (ieorirp, lirpnian 
Karr .lamps, laborer, r 
Patterson CJeorRO. plumber 
14 Kwiug William, bra.sstlnisher 

16 Robertson Charles, packer 

17 Miron Xavier, Joinpr 

18 (iairnon Victor, Joiner 

19 Pallascio (i.. clerk 

21 Pominville Frs. Xavier, clerk 
23 Pallascio Jean Etc., carpenter 

PEEL, from Dominion sq north to 
the Mountafn, St Antoine ward 

Windsor hotel 
fSuttou Th imas, hairdresser 
Roy James Y., gents' furnishings 
Medical hall brunch, K. H. Bry- 
Kon, manager 

H<re Ci/press st ends. 

130 Buchanan Mrs. Drummond 
132 Fisher W. B., Pullman car con- 

Garlick II. T.. bookkeeper 
134 (atneron Allan, cooper 
136 Keid James, broker 

Cosbv Andrew, nilr spring beds 
138 Itarlow F. C, clerk 
140 Barlow E. W., clerk 
144 Smith J. L. 
146 Kiduer.T. F., com merchant 

Murray Daniel, boot closer 

Murray Mrs., dressmaker 
148 Sutcllttc Wni., merchant 
150 Foriieret Miss, ladies' academy 

Erskine church 

Here St. Catlieriiie st. intersects. 

170 I'aton Laird, & .Sou, carjjpnters 
Austin ,Tohn, sexton Erskine ch 

172 Scott W. P., painter 
Brewer I'lioma-, carter 

173 Foster Thonn\s, millwright 
176 Campbell Uoniild, bookkeeper 
190 Copland E. II., of Copland & 

102 McUougall T., manager (juebec 

196 Moore James 

Higli school for ladies 
'204 Splcer W. J., gen'l siipl G T.R. 
a)8 Lyman T., of Savage & l.,ymun 

Here /litrnsiile place intersects. 

'ill Shaw Henry ,T,, com merchant 
213 Strong Sanniel, private hospital 
219 (Mark rev. Wm , Baptist 
'257 Wullis 11., UK'chunicul supdt 


269 .Snowdon H. L., advocate 

266 Yuilp David, of W. ft D. Yuile 

267 Holland P. H., of Winn & Hol- 

Here Sherbrooke st. intersects. 

286 Linton R., of Robertsons, Linton 
& Co. 

287 Mctjihbon Alex., grocer 
McGibbon R D.,of Kerr, Carter 

& Mctiibbon 
McGibbon A., jun., law student 

288 Hampson K., maiine ins agent 

289 Macintosh John, of Court & 

200 Mciiiiloch M., of McCuUoch 

291 Denoon Wra. 

292 Morris. I. L., advocate 

293 Lane Mrs. Mary, wid E. 
Lane Campbell, law student 

294 Casslls .Tolin, of Shaw Bros. & 


295 Maclean John, of John Maclean 

& Co. 
297 Forbes A. McKenzie, of Forbes 

<fe Mudgc 
299 Rae .Tackson. financial agent 
301 Keford Rob., of l{. Reford&Co. 

303 Ramsa\ Wm. Millar, manager 

Standard Insurance (^o. 

304 Ryan hon. Thomas, senator 
Smyth Mrs. St (ieo 

305 Greenshields Edward n., of S. 

(ireenshields. Son & Co. 
316 Walker H. W., accountant 
334 Harry J., of Barry & Campbell 
340 Hodgson J., ol Hodgson, Sum- 
ner & Co. 
342 Cassils Wm., president Canadian 
District Telegraph Co. 
Cassils John, sen. 
Cassils A. P., of Perry & Cassils 
368 Hague Geo., general manager 
Merchants bank 

359 Savage Aif , ol A. Savage & Son 
Savage Kobert D., bookkeeper 
Savage J . ( j . , of A . Savage & Son 

360 Jandreville Chs., * ardener 
Allan Andrew, of II. & A. Allan 
Macfarlane I'uier, coachman 

Dominique, St Louis ward 

13 Mttthlck Patrick, laborer 

16 Kane Mrs. Ellen, wid .las. 

17 Higgli s .Mich^iel, policeman 
19 llacl<ett Mrs. IL, wid Junie.s 
21 MuAlpine Wni., laborer 

23 Patteison Geo. II., plumber 
25 Walsh .las. .Ids., waichmaker 
'27 yiiesuel .vdolphe, clerk 

liobiilard Gaspard, shoemaker 

PEBBAULT LANE, from 483 
Craig north to 27 Perrault 
court, near St Dominique, St 
Louis ward 

9 Perrault Aug., M.D. 

13 Perrault .Mrs. VV., dressmaker 
Deiongehaniiis Pierre 
Perreanll Wilfred, painter 

15 Bourbonni re N. G., notary 

17 Dooley .lohn, laborer 
Morrlssey Patrick, laborer 

FEBTHIUS, from 27 Campeau 
west to 8 Berry lane, St James 

3 Villenpuv(> Joseph, doors, &o. 

4 Charettu I'lerru F., hlauktiinltli 


way of Pro\ 

7 Lamarcho E., t 

8 Goyetfp Jo>eph 
10 The Morgue 

12 Paqnette& Kob 

15 Frey Mrs. Julia 

17 Cloutier M., ba 

Here Lacrni. 

■26 Payette Alfred, 
McHenrv Mrs. 
29 Lebeau Joseph, 
29iLarin.L Bte., t 
31 Kigney Ch.arle.- 

35 Donohup Thoin 

36 Gravpl Prisqup 
38 Wilford Spbasti 

Here St. Hubert 

49 Wpllington Clii 

50 Lesperance Wn 
5'2 Malherbe Mart 

63 C0t6 Jo.seph, t< 

64 Little W. A., 11 

56 Metivier L. H. 

57 CatelUC. H., v 
68 Garland Franc 

hall sq north tc 
Antoine ward 

2 Stephens (iporp 

4 Simpson Thos , 

6 Gale R. W., in 

Mitchell Walte 

8 Macculloch Ro 

MaccnIlocb Wi 

Macculloch Fei 

10 Campbell Fran 

12 Crane I'hos., oi 

14 Macfarlan .Mrs. 

16 Armstrong Lev 

lips place, St Ai 

1 Crawford Davi( 


2 Medical Hall I 

Campbell & ( 
25De Fonteny G 
ers and ma 
feathers ami 

3 Wills Alex., of 

4 Dp Fonlenv G 

teny & Co, 

6 Royal Albert 

A.M.. 25 OH 

7 liowker II. M. 

8 iloups Patrick, 

9 Tass('. .Mrs., dre 
10 lleckcr.l., nnis 
U Ma.s.s(!< E,, jirofi 

12 Uolertson Joli 

13 Welier Mrs. N 
Scarir Win., ci 

14 Medico-Chirur 

MJIlibbard Miss, 

15 Uodden Mr 
Tnrnbiill Tlio» 

Tnrnbnll & ( 

16 McCallnm K 

17 Art Ijalleiy of 

tion of Mill 
Stpphenson Tl 

ine, between N 
north and west 
net, St Louis v 

10 Joinipy Charlc 



d safe 

ft D. Yuile 
Winn & Hoi- 

taons, Linton 


f Korr, Carter 

law student 
ie ins agent 
of Court & 

' McCultooh 

vid E. 
V student 
liaw Bros, & 

nhn Maclean 

ie, of Forbes 

cial agent 
Rpford ft Co. 
liir, manager 
nee Co. 
, senator 

ird n., of S. 
I & Co. 

6 Campbell 
idgson, Sum- 

ent Canadian 

li Co. 

rry & Cawils 
>ra'l manager 

lavage & Son 
i^avagu & Son 
I.& A. Allun 

', off 21 St 
Is ward 


id Jus. 
Id J limes 



, trom 483 

7 Perrault 
uinique, St 


, notary 


r Campeau 
e, St James 

rioors, ko. 






way of Providing for his Famly. Insure in the CITIZENS. Head Office, 179 St James St 

7 Lamarcho E., turner 

8 Goj'ette Jo-epb, carter 
10 Tlie Morgue 

12 Paquettp & Kobert 

15 Frey Mrs. Julia, wid I.ouis 

17 Cloutier M., barber 

Here Lacrnix si. ends. 
■26 Payette Alfred, laborer 

McHenrv Mrs. Mary, wid Chas. 
29 LebPBU Josepli, laborer 
29iLarinJ. Kto, trader 
31 Kignpy diaries, tradpr 
35 Donohup Thomas, foreman 
3() Gravel I'risque 
38 Wilford Sebustien, shoemaker 

Here St. Hubert st. intersects. 
49 Wellington Charles, laborer 
60 Lespprunce Wm., com traveller 
5'i Malherbe Martin, clerk 
53 C0t6 Joseph, tobacconist 
64 Little W. A., lithographer 
55 Metivier L. 11., plasterer 

67 Ctttelli C. H., vermicplli, &c. 

68 (iarland Francis, furrier 

PHILLIPS PLACE, from Beaver 
hall sq north to Phillips sq, St 
Antoine ward 

2 Stpphons (iporgp W., advocate 

4 Simpson Thos , .M D. 

6 Gale K. W., Insurance agent 

Mitchpll Waltpr, clerk 
8 Macculloch Robe t, clerk 
Macciillocb Wm.. elerk 
Macculloch Ferd., jiin, clerk 
10 Campbell Francis W.. AI.D. 
12 Crane 'I'hos., of Crane & Baird 
14 Macfarlan .Mrs. .Jp.ssie, wid W. 
16 Armstrong Lewis, advocate 

PHILLIPS SQUARE, head of Phil- 
lips place, St Antoine ward 

1 Crawford David, of Crawford & 


2 Medical tiall branch, Kenneth 

Campbell & Co., proprietors 
25De Fouteny O., & Co., import- 
ers and maiiufrs of ostrich 
ifiathers and liive cleaners 

3 Wills Alex., of Alex. Wills & Co. 

4 Dp Fonlenv G.. of G. de Fon- 

teny & Co. 

6 Royal Albert Lodge, A.F. & 

A.M.. 2.1 OR. 

7 Uowk.T II. M., dentist 

8 iloups I'atrick, upholsterer 

9 Tiissi'- .Mrs., dressmaker 

10 liecker.l., miiHlo store 

11 Mivsi- E., pnif'pssiir of Erench 

12 Riil'PrtSdii .Idliii, grocer 

13 WelierMrs. N., wid .John 
Scarir Wm., tonfectloiier 

14 Medlco-Chlrurgioal Society's 

Uiliilibard Miss, hoston millinery 

15 Koildcu Mrs. Mary 

Tiiriilmll Thus. T., of Thos. T. 
Turiiliiill & Co. 

16 McCallum R. N., fancy goods 

17 Art (jallevy of the Art Assncl.a- 

tioii of Montreal, 8. English, 
seoretary j Thos. Steplienson. 
Stephenson Thos., caretaker Art 

FIGARD LANE, horn St Cather- 
ine, between Nos. 807 and 809 
north and west, to 187 Bangui- 
net, St Louis ward 

10 Jonupy Charles, clerk 

12 Duff Peter, gardener 
14 Lebeau Alfred, printer 
18 Daiiduiand Mrs. E., wid Louis 
Mathii u Ed., laborer 

20 White William, laborer 

21 Duff Alex., gardener 

22 Bibpau Mrs. M., wid .\. J. A. 
Corbi'il Richard, slioemaker 

23 Brisebois J., pofnsii inspector 

24 Duff James, gardener 

PICHETTE, from 209 Barre lane, 
St Ann ward 

50 Sarazln Mrs. V., wid Pierre 
Richard Ludger, clerk 
Beiiiipr6 H.. shoemaker, r 

52 Collin Alphoiise, moulder 
Mas<6 .J. BtP., storeman 

53 Macdiinrld Charles, baker 
Renaud Jos., shoemaker 
Boyer <'harleR. moulder, r 

54 Grenier F. X., shipcurpenter 
Tremblav Alex., laborer 
Beaupr^ IL, shoemaker, r 

55 C'uirville I'ierre. blacksmith 
Lefebvre I'lene, carpenter 
Brunet Miss Aiigfllque, r 

56 Thibaiideau Dolphi.'ie. weaver 
DesCoss's A., carrlagemaker 
Robltnille Edouard, painter, r 

57 Rodrigue M., laborer 
Gigiifeip Nap., moiildpr, r 

59 Delaunais Edmimd, laborer 
Miller — . foreman 

PINE AVENUE, formerly Hotel 
Dieu, west trom 174 Upper St 
Urbain, it'ont of the Hotel Dieu, 
Mont Ste Famille, to Cote des 
Neiges Road, St Lawrence and 
St Antoine wards 

Hotel Dieu, Mont St Famille, 
very rev. Bishop Fabre, su- 
perior ; sister Bonneau, su- 

Church of the Religleuses Hos- 
pitalleres de St Joseph 

Bonnissantrev Math., chaplain 
church of Religleuses Hospi- 
talliiro* de St. Joseph 

Marsolais rev P., chaplain 
church of Rellgieuses Hos- 
pital lures de St .losppb 

Victoria .Medical and Chirur- 
gical school of Montreal, Dr. 
frudel, president ; Thos. Des- 
iioyers, guardian 

PLACE D'ARUES, off 309 Notre 
Dame, opp Roman Catholic 
Parish church, Centre ward 

French Parisli church, rev. .I.A. 
Ibiile, superlur; i;ev. R. V. 
Rousselot curate 
3 WheeliT & Wilson Slanufactur- 
ing Co., Julius Kruse.niaijager 
6 Montreal Cotton Co., mills 
and bleach works, Grande 
Isle, Vulleytield, Sir Hugh 
Allun, pre-Ment; .1. W. How- 
ard, secretary-treasurer 

Montreal lluslness elli'ge, 
Tasker & Davis, principals 

Tasker U Davis. Montreal Busi- 
ness college 

Commercial college, I'ho Bryant 
& Strulton, .Montreal, Tusker 
k Davis, iirinclpals 

Masonlo hall 

Export Lumber Co. (limited), A. 
A. Buell, agent 

5 BupII A. A , ngent Export Lum 

ber Co. 

Koyal Insurance Co. of Enf(- 
land, M. H. Gault, MP., and 
Win. Tatley, cliiet agents 

British America Assurance Co., 
Gault & Tatley, resident man- 
agers for the ProvinoB of 

6 Hollaud Charles, manager On- 

tario Bank 

7 Smith W. R., ft Co., estat" agts 
Sovereign Fire In-urance i;o., 

S. E. Lefebvre, secretary 
Province Quebec 
Roy P. E., inspector Sovereign 

Ins. Co. 
Retail Merchants' association 
Gagnon Frires, Commercial 

McDonald Duncan, contractor 
Saucer J. G., accountant 
License Insfiector's office, P. 

Durnford, inspector 
Durnford P.. license inspector 
OUi' pof the I'rovincial ruv.'nue, 
district of .Montreal, P. Durn- 
ford, license inspector ; Ra- 
phael Bellemare. inspector; P. 
Lamontagiip, deputy inspector 
S Ontario Bank, Charles Holland, 

9 Jiicques Cartier Bank, A. Den- 

jardins, MP., president; A. 
DeMarligny, casliier 

Demartigiiv Adt'Mird I. ., admin- 
istrator 'Soci^t^ Montarville 
and Artizans Building Society, 
and cashier Jacques Cartier 

Leblanc Jos., guardian Banque 
Jacques Cartier 
10 Lalianquo Kationale, J. B.San- 
cer, malinger 

Saucer J. B , manager La Banque 

Guimond I.ouis, messenger La 
Banque Nationnlu 
12 Briton .Medical and (ieneral 
and Briton Life aesociatlor, 
J. B. .M. Chipinaii, manager; 
Joseph Mlichell, cashier 

Joseph I, A Sons, jewellers 

L^vesque Adolplie arehlteot 

Fortier L^andre, caretaker 
i.13 Quebec, Monti eal, Ottawa and 
Occidental Railway Ticket and 
Freight olllc , C. A. Scott, 
a.ssistant su lerlntendent; C. 
A. Stark, " general f-;'lght 
«gent ; L. A. ht^ircal, general 
superintendent; J. B. Labelle, 
general passenger ugent; J. R. 
I'ruyn, travelling auditor; S. 
bliackpll, auditor 

14 Quebec bank, T. McDougall, 

Anderson Win., bank niesP'.mger 

15 Lamothe P., notary 
Dujiuy Louis, gine'ral agent 
Diijiuy ^ Dansereau, assignee* 
Maiiiville P., notary 
Malnvllleft Dansereau. uotar 
Halde M , clerk 

Lamothe P., ft Son, agents 
Shaiing B. S., accountant 

10 Liverpool & London ft Globe 

Ins. Co,, G. F. C. Smith, resi- 
dent secretary 
Smith G. F. C,, resident see. 
Liverpool ft London & Globe 
Ins. Co. 
19 It0li|ue ft MoGoun, advocates 

Duroclier Isaac I)., saloon 
21 Lopez W, P., tobaccos undclgars 




■ i<iii]ii.miu!iiiiwi 







101 St James lo 564 Craig, Cen- 
tre ward 

S Judali & Bianchnud, solicitors 
Juduli K. r., (if Jiidali & liriiii- 
chaud comInis^«iollt'r fur On- 
Judali llmiry, Q. C. 
Jol)iii Andi'6 D., notary 
l,ancti>t Husincr, advocate 
liaudry J. A. U., provincial In nd 

Fil utrault J. A , & Co, engrav- 
Kaza Alpliiinse, arcliitcot 
I^aurent Micli(>l, architect 
Lapierre Alfred U., architect 
Cadastral ollice, F. VV. Blaik- 
lock, surveyor and draughts- 
Blalklock F. VV., sen., Cadastral 

Johnston John W., guardian 

6 Mc Waster \V. J., McClunj,' & 

Co., wholesale dry goods 

Here Foitijicatlon lane intersects. 

7 FilKOn & Ulobensky, public ac- 

cou tants 
11 Lacoste, Globensky & Uisaillou, 
Pauz6 Jos. O., bailiff 
Oltice of estate Chs. Wilson, J. 
C. Ueauchamp, agent 
13 VVatkiiis J., & Co., com mercbts 

16 Foster Wilham, saloon 

17 Walker J. H. wood engraver 
Triippes Stephen O., caretaker 

.Hcsseite U. Z , broker 
City I'asseiixtr Hallway Co., J. 
Crawford, president; K. Lush- 
er, s(>c'y ; I' II. Kobillurd, 
Bupt. ; J, J. Franklin, inspec- 
tor ; G. Kiuhnioiid, receiver; 
Georgo Lullnini, assist 

18 Arli'ss James, ol James Arless 

& t/O. 

I lull I d of License coininlBsionprs 
20 Campbell J. W. A , restaurant 

PLATEAU, east fi-om 265 St 

Oeurge, St Lawrence ward 

i Bowie (ieorge, contractor 

6 I'owi II W H., Montreal Tel. Co. 

8 (iiindliiuk Will., salesman 
1(1 I'latt John, elerk 

11 .^llmrdoll lili'.hai'd,nianuraotui'er 

12 Cuniiiimhiuii John, agent 

13 (iniU'diiigiT Mrs. K., wid L, 

14 Kiieeii Daniel, of T. & D. Kneen 
16 lienirose .loseph, chemist 

16 Dense ('harl"s, inachiii'st 

.Soiiinierville Mrs. Klixa., wid J. 

19 Viiss Henry, bookkeeper 

20 KyteMiss.S ,youiigluUiea'school 
l\yte fS. C, piinter 

21 Karle II. A. 

22 ClnikT. L., nickelplatcr 

24 liCnoir Charles, nieruhant 

25 Giiiii'diiiger K. W., of L. Gnae- 

dinger, Sou & Co, 

St Catherine, St Lawrence ward 

I'olytechnio School of Montreal 
and Catholic Commercial 
ucndemy, U. I'J- AruhaiiibauK, 

Koinati Catholio llonrdof School 
ciiminissluneis, rev, V. Uuuh- 
eelot, president 

FLATT, from 851 Ontario north, 
St Lawrence ward 

2 Waters David, com merchant 

3 Murphy Miss Mary 

4 Clegiiorii James, bookkeeper 

5 McMa 1 F.,carpenli'r 

7 Hanson Chs. D., general agent 

Dominion Fire and Marine 
Ins ."Co. 

8 Matliewson \V. B., bookkeeper 

PLESSIS, formerly Durham, from 
83 Lagauchetiere north to Sher- 
brooke, St Mary ward 

East Kiid Methodist church, 
Kev. D. V. Lucas, pastor 
3 Vaiicour John, traveller 
5 Johnson Win., laborer 
7 MacGoldrIc Felix, engineer 

11 ilogan I'.ti'ick, laborer 

12 Lab I'ge L6on, carpenter 
Laberge Kdnioiid, music teacher 

13 ilealy Kdward, laborer 
Murray I'atrick, laborer, r 

14 Lanihan William, boatman 

16 U^langer Josephf carpenter 
I'ellerTii S>>rapliin, foreman 
Forgt't Prime. cleik,r 

17 Webb liiohard, laborer 
Finnigan James, laborer, r 

18 lirous.seau Mrs K.. wid J., fruits 
Gagiion Honors, cabinetmaker 

lit Storey William, laborer 

20 Hummel James, laborer 

21 Jodoin Joseph, commissioner 
Uousscau Ferd., carpenter, r 

23 Lewis Henry, whitewaslier 

24 Jamieson H., blacksmith, r 
26 Taylor VVilliain, trader 

26 .Montgomery James, carter, r 

28 Moriii Mrs. Angule, wid E , r 
Bonllard Miss S., dressmaker, r 

29 Slack M'-s. Margaret, wid Wm. 
3) Uinchliff Thomas, printer 

32 I'lamondoii Jos., |)roprietor 

33 Bourdon Joseph, grocer 

34 Kobitaille Joseph, storemau 

30 Emoiid Pierre, shoemaker 
Loytr Simeon, joiner, r 
Hubert Cliarles, carter, r 

Here Dorchester st. intersects. 

41 I.aro^o Louis, grocer 

48 Berger Airs. M. A., wid Clias. 

46 Cliai'bonneau L., cariieiiter, r 
Leinaire Mrs, A., wid A., r 
Di'iiis .Vlrs. ,r, wid A., r 

47 Koussin Aiidrti, laborer 
47]St Jacques ,1'seph. butcher 
49"Auljertiu Alzire, sroc r 

Charboiineau J. li., shiiemaker 
61 IVlller Olivier, milkman 
63 Jobin ll.vpiilite, laborer 

66 (ioyette Jos., carter 

67 .\Ioiia Celeslin, laborer 
Di^sautels i'ierro. laborer, r 

58 Kelly I'atrick, waiter, r 

69 Waller I'. E., crier S. (!. 
Lapiiiiite .VIoVse, laborer, r 
Kiirri'lt .los., priiiter. r 

00 Cypihot .Mrs Emelie, wid S, 

61 Cayer Mrs. /ne, wid Loul< 
Cayer Franvols, shoemaker, r 

63 l.tiplne Alphoiise, iirinler 
Mathieu Jean M., Iahori>r, r 
Malhieu Miss M, J., seamstress, r 

(>6 Duhreuil lloiioriV Joiner 

.MHthit>u Stanislas, shoemaker, r 

67 Monaliiiii Mrs. L., wid Alex,, r 

6S .lobin I'ierre, miisoii 

69 Giierin Francois, oon(i>otionor,r 

70 Boire Jeau lite, saddler 

70 Dugas Arthur. Rh'jemuker, r 

71 Diyourdy Jo.seph, carter 

72 I'efierin Hector, sh >emaker 

73 Larose Michel, mason, r 

74 Lefebvre Miss Angfele 
76 Gravel Naicisse. painter 

Cadieux .Mrs. Louise, wid B., r 

76 Daniel Charles, laliorer 
Kicard .loseph, laborer, r 

77 Cliartier Xavler, carter 
Cliarti'T Joseph, laborer, r 

79 Gouiireau Olivier, laborer 
81 Laraouchc Jos., stoii cutter 

Tassd Joseph. laboier. r 
83 Lamoiireux N., shoemaker 

Desmarais Louis, plumber, r 

Biland Louis, inasiin. r 
85 Galarneau Damase, carter 

87 Desrocliers Mrs. Ctilina, wid L. 

88 Jobin Joseph 

Jobin Joseph, jun., clerk, r 
Beaulieu Mrs. S., wid Joseph, r 
I^averdure .Mathias, shoemaker ,r 
Daniel .loseph, printer, r 

89 Hogue Joseph, slioemaker 
Allaire Isaac, laborer, r 
Dunn James carter, r 

90 Dor6 Amable, carter 
Loisean l>liil6us, laborer, r 

91 Lepiiie I'lerie. laborer 
LiSpiiie Louis, printer 

92 MacSween Alex., machinist 

93 B^langer Alexis, ma liiiiist 
UeauUoiii Mol'se, shoxmaker, r 

94 Gironx Cliarles, carpenter 
Boucher Francois, bricklayer 

95 Morin Laurent, laborer 

96 liourbeau Louis, blacksmith, r 

97 C0t6 Jean Bte.. shoemaker 
93 Corbeille A., shoemaker, r 
99 Gagnon (Jharles, oartiT 

100 Rivet Placlde, shoemaker 

101 Desrosieis I'liilippe, joiner 

102 Charbonneaii Clem., machinist 
Chen cville Mrs. E , will F.,r 

103 BoMiKloiii Jos., ot Beaudoiu \ 

Beauiloin Joseph, jun., butcher 

104 Guerin D(>lpliis, lauorer, r 
106 Laurent Frun9.iis, nuison 

I'r^vost Octavo, cooper, r 

106 Larauce Louis, trailer, r 
Courval .Mrs. L., wid Fis., grocery 
liiendeau Mrs. L., wid l-'ran(ois, r 

107 Guerin Mrs. Marie, wid O. 
Daui hiu Joseph, laborer 

108 Thonin .loseph, painter 
Lardy Louis, cooper, r 

109 Gautliier Louis, laborer 

110 LOpinc I'ierro, grocer 

111 Gigu6'e .Miss J , dressmikcr, r 

112 Duinont Arsiine, bread driver 
Duinont Jerdtiiie, Joiner 

113 Gautliier George, trader 
I'l'lletier Joseph, rooier, r 

114 Guimet Albert, carter 
Hubert Naroisse, milkman, r 

Uo Gosse Amable, carpenter, r 
Miron Dosilhoo, shoemaker, r 

no Iteaudoiu Narcisse, gardener 
Jeannotte Nareisse, carter 

117 Jenoite U., dressmaker, r 
Charboiiiicault '1' , cooper, r 

118 Napier Henry, baker 
Labolle I-iilore, shooinaker 

120 Tliibault Hoch, painter 
122 l.atiorte Eucllde, carter 
\'H Brissette Gilbert, policeman 
126 Labelle J. lUe., carter 
128 uuinn Daniel 
liraser Mis E 
130 Larami)eSiiii6on, P O. employee 
tst Amour I" ("'lix, laborer, r 
Vaudreull I'ierre, laborer, r 
UeuHud Pl> rre, laborer, r 


J. A. BAZi 

130 Lynn Jolin, 
Lainourenx : 
182 Harper Mrs 

Butler Willitl 
134 Dube.iu Mrs.f 
136 Labelle Isidoil 
138 Bninet Ovi!a| 

Hfre St. Catlier 

Barsalou J., 
147 Belleinare F.J 

Here All<iri\ 

149 De Silvas Mrs] 

151 Charesf LouisJ 
Li'ard .losephl 

152 Kenaud Heiiil 
163 Latleur Mrs. (| 

Cnvalo Pierre 

154 Deguire Gervl 

155 L*«ard J Bte.I 

156 Giiignon Siimi 

157 St Louts Olivil 
King Bernard 
Alhird Sirs. K 

168 Lapierip Ado 

160 Lebean Frs., e 
Lobeau Miss I 

161 Groiilx Henri 

162 Marsiin Frs., I 
Par6 Thfiophil 

165 Bastlen OlivIe 

160 Longprd Xavii 

Roeh J. Hte.. 

Leblanc Aiitn 


167 Ma'onin Genr; 

168 Gauthi.r Eldi 

169 St .lean Z..sli( 
Descelles Alp.. 

170 Jimtras Charif 

171 (iuertin JSretn 
173 ViTonneau .Mr 
175 Renaud L. N., 

Here Mlgnonni 

183 Lachapelle An 
Lachapelle L , 

184 Jncqurs Eiiino 

185 IWiiard Na)) il 

186 IWIanger Zt>ph 
Provost Mrs. I 
Meiinier Eu^tl 

187 Brazcau Tousf 

188 (iodin LudgiT 

189 LaluiniSre An 

190 Broulllett" A. 

191 Lebrun Louis, 

192 Houde L. A., 
Houile L. A.,^ 
Houde Charit 
D'Aiiionr J. ( 
Beaiibicn .hic 

193 Mnllette J isej 
I'onbert Adol 

'Cluirest .1 Hti 
(iodin Si^vO^re, 

194 Payaii Paul, c 

195 Silvai.i Louis. 
Pirrault .los., 

1951l'i*vost Charl 
Berthiaume ,1 

196 Mnrsolals Mis 

197 Bastlen Frs., 

198 Messier Augu 
Martin Alfred 

199 (Miaresi Plerri 
201 Loiig]ilerre N 
2112 Mnrtel Georgi 
2U3 lieed Alplioii 

Insurance C 
201 Morul Adolpli 



pniiiker, r 


1 iuinaker 

son, r 



ise, wid B., r 


lorpr, r 


iborer, r 


)n cutter 

HIT, r 


pliiintxir, r 

on, r 

', cartpr 

't^liim, wid L. 

., ciprk, r 
ivid Joseph, r 
;, Kli(ieiiiaker,r 
iitiT, r 
rcr, r 
T, r 

iborer, r 

im liiiiiHt 
liD-muker, r 
, bricklayer 

luuksmiti), r 
inukpr, r 
i(, joiner 
n., iiiHchlnist 
; , wlrt F., r 
Bpuudoiu \ 

iun,, butcher 

rpr, r 

pur, r 

i\ r 

IS., grocery 

l''riiu(oi8, r 









>«nnkor, r 
Pud driver 

)i(;r, r 


Ikmnn, r 

liter, r 

milker, r 


itmaker, r 

)ppr, r 


, pinployoo 
rrr, r 
ori'r, r 
pr, r 


130 Lynn Jolin, macliinist, r 

Liiinourpiix Mrn.ctinrwoman, r 

132 Harper Mrs Ann, wid Gpo. 
Butler Williiim, laborer, r 

134 Dubeau Xfrs. A., wid (.'liarles 

136 Labelle Isidore, procor 

188 Bniiict Ovila, tobacconist 

Hfre St. Cnllierine st. intirsecis. 

Rarsalou J.. & ('o., soap makers 
147 Belleinare F., carriagpmaker 

Here Allnrrl Iniie bi/fins. 

149 Dp Silvas Jirs. A., wid I'iprre 

151 Cliarpst Louis, ilriver 
Li'ard ■losepli, carter 

152 Rpnaud ilenii, cooper 

153 Laflpnr Mrs. <j., wid Chs. 
Cavalo Piorrp. latuiriT 

154 Depuirp (iprvais, driver 
156 Ldard .F. Bfo.. caiter 

156 Giilj{iion Mnmiiel, policpman 

167 St Louis Olivier, painter 
King Bp'uard, trartpr 
Alltu'd Mrs. K , wid Louis 

168 Lapiprip AdolpliP, ra»cliini.-<t 

160 Leiieaii Frs., carter 

Lobeau Miss l.)..musicteaclier 

161 Groiilx llpiirl, cartpr 

162 Marsmi Frs., Iiiborpr 
Pai-6 Tlifiojiliil' , laborer, r 

166 Bastipii Olivier, stonei utter 
168 Loiiijrprfi XaviiT, plastprpr 

Rooli J. Itte.. carppntpr, r 
Lplilanc Aiitoinp. laborer, r 
Dpslongcliamps .L, laborer, r 

167 Maiouin Uporjre plasteipr 

168 Uaiitliiir Kldii^c, slioemaker 

169 St .lean /..sliopmaker 
Ue.<cplles Alp., slioem.iker 

170 Joutras Cliarlps, caiter 

171 (iUertiii .ISremie, shoemaker 
173 V'Tonnoau Mrs. G., wid G. 
176 Renaud L. N., hotelkeepor 

Jlere. Mignnnne st. intersects. 

183 Lachapelle Andr6, shoemaker 
Lachapellp L , sliopinakpr, r 

184 Jacques Edmoiid, sinipmaker 

185 Mnard (in, biitclier 

186 IWIanger /^phirlii, laborer 
ProviLst Mrs. I.iicie, wid Uamase 
Mennipr Kn^^bp, butclipr 
Coibeille.loseph. stonecutter 

187 Brnzeaii Toussaint, laborer 

188 liodln Ludifcr, baker 

189 LaliiiniL're Ambroise. laborer 
lao Brouillett" A., -hoi maker 

191 Lebrun Louis, butclier 

192 Hoiidp L. A., sen., notary 
HouiIp L. a. ,Jiin., tailor 
lloudp Charles, bookkeeper 
D'Aiiioiir J. G., advocate 
Bpanliicn .hicnues, butclier 

193 Mallette Jispph, oiirppntor 
193)Kiiubert Ailolplip, driver 

Chari'st .1 Btp . carpenter 
(iodin ISt^vOirp, laborer 

194 I'ayan I'aiil. carter 
196 8ilvaiii Louis, laborpr 

I'frraiilt ,los., laborpr, r 
19BSi*'<5vost Cliarlps, sliopinakpr 

Bertliiuiiiiip .). n., ciojirr, r 
196 Marsoluls Miss 1)., di'Pssmaker 
107 Bast ten Frs., shoemaker 
1D8 Mcsslpr AUKUstc, carppiitpr 

Mui'tin AU'riMt, butclier 
11)9 (Iharpsi I'ierre, shoemaker 

201 Longpiprrp Naxaire, shoemaker 

202 Martel Georne, butcher 

203 U*H>d Alplioiise, cashier JlOtna 

Iiisurancp Co. 

204 Murul Adolphe, laborer 

205 iloude Adolphe, itoreman 

206 Iloude Alexia, laborpr 
Matliieu Mrs O., wid Marcel 

207 Morin Alfred, customs oHicer 
Favieau ii6d(ricu, painter 

208 Beaudoiii Mrs. Marie, wid A. 

210 Allaid Omer. clerk 

211 Hart Moses, agent 

212 Marion Joseph, bricklayer 

213 Labellp Joseph, mason 
Owpnson Augiistp, butcher, r 

214 Cyr Firmin, carpenter 

216 Bastien Kdouard, carpenter 

1''Prtlielot Stanislas, mason, r 
216 Tnrci.tte Mrs. 
218 Frenelte Sirs. Louise, wid J. B. 

Here Logan St. intersects. 
220 Dubreuil Tli^odule, grocer 
227 (jareiiu .Joseph, grocer 

Pigeon Henri, clerk 
231 Laiigevin N^r^, shoemaker 

Br6iird Paul, carter, r 

233 Biien .losepli, shoemaker 
Carpi ntier F61ix, laborer, r 

234 Lap(dnte CamiUe, laborer ' 
Bourget Ignace, laborer 

235 Sauviigeau T., 8h"Pmaker 
Goyer Pierre, leather cutter, r 
Mfitivl' r Michel, bricklayer, r 

236 Vi^zina Maxime, laborer 

237 Lesieur Edniond, carter 
Lacoiirse Mrs. M.,wid Antoine, r 

239 Meiinler Piprre, laborer 
VlUeneuve Marcel, laborpr 

240 iiublain Francois, laborer 

242 Beauchamp Prudent, traveller 

243 Dumouchel J., stonecutter 
Leblanc Olivier, butcher, r 

244 McrcierUrg^ie, laborer 
Laiigevin N., shoemaker 

246 l{^ii<i Jo!-epli. shoemaker 

246 Landry Joseph, shoemaker 

247 Lallberte Joseph, soapmakcr 
B(>rard Joseph, trader 

248 Bt^rnrd Pierre, carter 
(iaiithier A., cigaimaker 

249 Bpaiis(<iour Piprre, laborer 

260 Coutu ll.,of(;outHifeBouthilller 

251 HtMiert (Was. carter 
JoliciBur M., latiorer, r 

252 St (jermain A., lunch room 
264 Durocher Cyiille, laborer 

Oiiiniet Jean Bto., laborer, r 
266 Belli nger AndnS laborer 
26U Blpau .losepli, laborer 

( jautliipr JoM'ph, shoemaker, r 

257 St ()ii|i<> Cli'opbas, shoemaker 

258 lioiitlilllier Kugdie, carter 
Jainipson 1'., valise maker, r 
Lavigne Kdinond, laborer, r 

259 Brazpiiu Cyrtlle, laborer, r 
Barrett Niirclsse, painter 

266 Laportp Fraiivols, grocer 

Here L<^fi>nliiine st. intersects. 

270 Diiplessis Piprre, grocer 
Sabiiiirln Arthur, carter 
St Charles F. X., laborer, r 
Itochon Alphonse, plastprer, r 
Thomas Mis. O,, ulil Louis, r 
Houtliillier .>L,paintpr, r 
Levp Prospt'rp, laborer, r 
Dnpoiit .1. B , Jiilner, r 

Here O'Xill lane intersects, 

276 Champagne (i., laborer 

277 Deschamps Jos., laborer 

278 Connollv John, laborer 
0'\p1I Charles 

279 Wriiiix Mrs, Luce, wid A, 
Bplairo Ffleniip, hiliorer 

280 Allarii Isidore, carpenter 

281 Cliatel Clovln, laborer 
283 Goulet Alexis, carter, r 

2-9 Bertrand Michpl, laborpr 
291 Uodier Gatien, tobacconist 
2i)!? Mprcipr Nazairp, tradpr 

294 Cliaiis.>6 1''., veterinary surgeon 

295 L:iiiripr C H., contractor 
29.'iiClavel John, bricklayer 

296 PIcliPttp Li'uis, laborpr 
Beauiloin Miss M., drpssmaker 

297 Nadim Salvina, trader 
Gauthier Olivier, laborpr 

298 Mnrin Alphonse, macliinist 

299 Smith Alfred, lalion r 

300 K.lliipr 1 ajitistp, laborer 

301 HiignpJ Bte.. policeinan 
Goulet Antnine. la'orer, r 

302 Laroc(|iip Mrs. Em6'ie. wid B. 
Pepin < 1 oi)has, slioeniaker 

303 lds(5 Kc^gis. laborer, r 

304 Jul en .lorppli, shoutnaker 

305 Arpiii TlK^ophile, clerk 

306 Kichard J'. L,, grocer 

307 Frs. X., latiorer 
I'epiii No6. stonecutter, r 

308 l!o> J iin C, carpenter 
Perns Victor, Jdiiier 

309 (iaiidette Cleoplias. laborer 

310 Richard .1. I,., grocpr 

311 Giiuthipr MiiVse, tailor 
Landermaii Olivier, trader 
Fniund Alfred, laliorer, r 
Gaudoii Adclard, liilioror, r 

313 Smith Kriiest, latiorer 

316 Maheu J i-eph, shoemaker 

317 Tessier Dplptiis, tailor 

318 Piitlip Edmond. srrocpr 
GPotfV 'y Beiijiimiii, carter, r 
Lavigne .liispph, laborer, r 

319 Miroii Mrs. D., wid Laurent 

320 Leriche liOiiis, carter 

322 Di'sla 'liors Nap., slmemnker 
CliHinpagiiP Hi^ini, joinpr 

S23 Kollaiul Louis, sliopinakpr 
Holland .Mrs. J., wid Loui8 
I'aradis Victor, butcher, r 

824 Bpaiidnin Louis, shopinaker 

825 Laporto Damase, polivpinan 
Matliieu (ieorge, milkman 

826 Lagaidp Antoiiip, slioeniaker 
Cliass* Mr-. Malvinu, wid T., r 

327 Lediio Napiileoii, plastprpr 

328 E'hier Joseph, niilkniaii 
Lierre (illbert, laborer, r 

329 Leduo F X., laliorpr 
331 (iroiilx lli'iijamin, trader 
333 PavettP .M.iVse, laborer 

Lanii>re J'seph, policeman, r 
335 Desroclier Na/.aire, grocer 

Here Ontario st. intersects. 

Sacred Heart church, rev. O. 
Diibun, pastor 
352 Cliatisso M*dard, hailiff 
3')4 Provost llonortS, shoptnaker 
860 Moqiiin Isidorp, trader 
368 Campeaii < 'livipr, policeman 

llnrrette A. . tobacconist 
.300 A'aliiiUPttp Victor, laboier 
302 I Hi 111 Prot.H, laborer 
304 I'ainiln Frs., shoemaker 
300 Caiii|ienu Antoine, laliorer 
308 Charppiitier II. N,, laborer 
874 iToliiii Joseph, eniter 

l.agace Martin, laborer, r 
370 UiiiMclipr AdiMard. shoemaker 

I tivpsqite Fraiifols, lalmrer, r 
878 Gamliler Joseph. Joiner 

Lfvpsqiie Aiigiisfe, laboier, r 
880 (jiMigeon Joseph, trader 

382 BiHzeau litiiiis, grocer 

383 Sacred Heart academy, brother 

A'isllii, director 

384 Biazeau Ant., shoemaVer 

385 Duclos David, Joiner 

380 Charpeutier Mrs, L,, wid Joseph 






POLICIES STRICTLY NON-FORFEITABLE, und full Surrender TTalues Given by THE 

887 V^rnntipan Louis, joinpr 
Menurd Kdouard, shucmakcr 

888 Drapenii Cyrille. laborer 
Lacliapollo Nap . liihnrcr, r 

889 Desjardiiis Josepli, laborer 

890 Drappau Vincent, laborer 
Lauzon Charles, sliopmakt'r, r 
LacliapelU' Mrs. ().. wid I*., r 

891 UraiiKPi Uipiulonn*^, ninsoii 
893 Koiirgcon A'Crcd, sliopmakc'r 

Gagii^ Toussaiiif, laborer 
395 Lucroix NnpoWmi. engineer 
897 Paquin Isidore, triidor 

I'aqiiin Josepli, printer 
899 Auger Elzi^ar, jciiner 

>Sigouin Isidore, shnerl^akpr 
401 Roy Louis Jusepli, policeman 
403 Gravel Joseph, grocer 
405 Koy Aided, trnder 

Hunt Louis, curler 
407 Champagne Norbert. guardian 
409 (iinier iMoVse, c'erk 

Liirouclie Krauyois, joiner, r 

Marion I'icrre clerk, r 
411 Jeiinnotte dit Lachapelle Urgtle, 

Cliurpenticr Silvain, carter, r 
413 Ricard Fraii9ois. laborer 
416 Hou-sin lloimisdas, laboipr 

Hdbert Ulric. cl»!rk 
416 Br^aid J.istpii. laborer 

Laplerre Thomas, bricklayer, r 

418 Jiilelte Hnrinisdiis, milkman 
Delorme l-t'lix, laborer, r 

419 Picard Kdmiard, grocer 

420 V6i(mnean l)i)sltli<^e, cnrpenter 

421 Fauteux .Mrs. A., wid Ovide 
Valiquette Francois, butcher 
Laluniieru Mrs. M., wid Louis 

422 David Louis, joiner 

423 Foster Daniel, macliinist 

424 Th6rieu Pierre, joiner 

425 Bourdon Pasciil', cabinetmaker 
Bourdon I'a-cal, hatcher 

427 Boi-rdon Kdouiird. laborer 
Alarie Jos ph FtSli.v, painter 

428 Lacroix Joseph, foreman 

429 Hogue Henri, piniterer 
4S0 Hoot /t^iihirln, bookkeeper 
433 Fournier Krnest, joiner 
43.5 SinotteJ, lite., laborer 

439 Delorme Soranhin, milkman 
447 St Germain Alfred, milkman 

of Canning and in rear of 385 
St Antoine, St Antoine ward 

60 McDonald J. K., blacksmith 

62 Lo an Daniel, proofreader 

64 liicliardson Sum., nu)chinist 

60 McLaren Jolin, music teaeher 

62 Keve Kdmnnd, agent 

64 Grant (i o., com traveller 

08 Riches John W., agent 

70 Gregory—, (i T R. 

74 Fox TlioiniiH, inland revenue 

78 .Stnar' Frank, com merchant 

80 Dowling Cluirlcs 

84 Lfine Albert T. bookkeeper 

88 SealeWm., undertaker 
Carter S. J , com travel 'er 

89 ISurnev Samuel, storemnn 

89 Davi-i I'erry & Son a Lawrence, 


Fellows .Medical .Manufacturing 
(;o,, \V. V liawrence, presi- 
dent; T. <' Stratton, sec-ti-eas 

90 Browne Mrs. I). 

1(6 Sprlngle .Mrs. Alarv, wid Jas. 
98 Quirk Kugeno, civil onglniur 

FOELE LANE, between Nos. 9 
and 11 Bolland lane, from 
Mountain west to Aqueduct, 
St Antoine ward 

2 Prudhomme. Mrs. D., wid A. 
4 Poirier J. Bte., plumber 

6 Troye Louis, laborer 

7 .Molan^on Fran^; lis. laborer 

8 Rochon Felix, laborer 

9 I.,avcrdnre Louis, bricklayer 
Dion Etienne, blacksmith 

9iTrudel Antoine, laborer 
10" Richard Narcl.ise, carpenter 

11 Majeau Jean lUe., cooper 

12 Auclair Narclsse. baker 
14 Boyd ,Iohn, labon r 

18 Urisson Henri, laborer 

Here Rolland lane, intersects. 

20 Phenix Th<!od'.iIp 

21 B^lair Tlios , carter 

22 Karbeau rhilda.s, Inborer 

23 Th^oret Nap., carter 

lington south to the River and 
from the Canal west to the City 
Limits, St Ann ward 

Tate capt. G., shipbuilder and 
dry docks 

PORT, from 10 Common north to 
18 Foundling, Westward 

1 Davis M., custom house and for- 
warding agent 
Merchants Despatch Transpor- 
tation Co., M. D.avis, agent 
10 Charlebois VV. A., gen freight agt 
lOJL'Kcuyer H. U. 11., boots and 
Johnston W. F , flour and pdce 

13 Labelle H., & Co., flour 

FOUPAfiT, near Montreal Gas 
works, off 19 Loffan, and East 
of Ouf^esne, St Mary ward 

130 PloulTe Vdnance, laborer 
Surprenant Joseph, policeman 
Guy Cluirles, carter 
Lericlie Charles.carter 

131 Bouciiard Paul, carter 

132 Lepine Narcisse, carpenter 
Jetti' France, Inborer 

133 (jeolTVion Napolf'im, laborer 
Uarel Eusibe, Inb'irer 

134 llutt James, painter 

Here a lane intersects. 

135 Tougas JoRPph, grocer 

136 Poupart Hiiljert. laborer 

137 Laflamme Pierre, joiner 

Here Logan at, inlernects. 

141 neaupr6 Z6phirin, laiiorer 
143 Lesp4rance Aniilde, butcher 
147 Beauprd Ken}., laborer 
Nautel Henri 

PRINCE, firom the Canal north to 
68 William, St Ann ward 

22 Livingston J., sliipsmith 

23 Fhinagan Jolin, hiborer 

24 (Joyette Jean, engineer 
20 McElroy James, foreman 

28 .Mctirath I'htlip, bookueepur 

29 Craven Thomas, carter 

50 Gray John, blacksmith 
VViliianison Jas.. warehouseman 

31 McCunn .lohn, cooper 
Protain I'iern', cooper 
34 Vautier Philippe, sliipoarpenter 
37 Nash .Mrs. Ellen, wid Michael 
39 Moreau Francois, carter 

CO' 6 J. Btp., laborer 
41 Romain Jean Bte., laborer 
43 White K. C. boilermaker 
45 Loiseiiu Kniile, iiibnrer 
Connolly I'atrick, Inborer 
Jackson Thoa., engineer, r 
Pierson Henry, laborer, r 
Mathews Rodger, laborer, r 
49 Bradley VVdIiam G., moulder 

51 White R. C, boilermaker 
O'Keilly Patrick, printer 

52 Ralferty Frank, carter 
Love Jiatthew, carter 

53 Kennedy .lames, laborer 

54 Young Richard, foreman, r 
McGovern Jolin, laborer, r 

56 Hayes I 'at tick, laborer 

56 Provost Fi^dt^ric, laborer 
Wilkin.son Jolin, laborer 

57 Mc ainbrli;''n Alex., grocer 
60 Arbour Louis, carter 

&3 O'Conni' I .Mis. C , wid J. 
65 I yncli Daniel, laborer 

67 Clements .Mrs. M., widtJeorge 

68 Holiday James, sen., cooperage 

69 Murk VVilliam, laborer 
Hamilton James, printer 

71 liouiiie .Mrs. Elizabeth, wid W. 
73 Parker Philip, boilermaker 
75 McNeil John, shoemaker 

O'Brien Patrick, storeman 
79 Halliday Jolin, inachiuist 

Here IVeltington si. intersects. 

86 Louganian gr. <)' Flaherty, grocrs 

87 .Macdonald Duiuan J., grocer 

88 LoMglimaii Mid ael, of Lough- 

inan & O'Flalierty 
95 Cole Williiim, store'man 
97 Iti'nnett Riehtird, laborer 
99 Curraii M., trader 

Itarnes Mis. Kate, wid J , trader 

101 Roach Mrs. K., wid James 

Here Spiers lane begins. 

102 Vose diaries 

103 Bennett Win., laborer, r 
Kane John, carter, r 
Furlong Mrs., wid Paul, r 
Kelly Tliomas, Inborer, r 

104 McCrudden Robert, shuuraaker 
Gr.'ves ,lohn, trader 

106 Uonnellv Di'iinis, trader 
Hubert I'klmond, cooper 

107 Hinnigan I'atrick, laborer 

108 Hcalv .Micliael, carter 

110 Mob^froy VVilliiiiii, conductor 

111 Peterson Charles, laborer 

113 Lynch Joseph, boatman 

114 Braslen Anthony, i^arter 
Singer ,iohn, tinsinitli, r 
Craven (ieo., storeman, r 

116 Daly Cornelius, trader 

117 Kirkpiitrick A., cooper 

118 iMcMullIn I'eler, tiiilor 
Howard Juines, furrier, r 

120 O'Lnglilin Martin, grocer 

Here Ottiwust. intersects. 

126 Fox John, saloon 
128 Butler Michael, laborer 
130 Arnold James, water imlice 
132 .Mclnernv Mis. J., widM. 

Cariliio ,1. .M., coni' ctioner, r 
1,30 Craven Lawrence, carter 
'.39 Ives II. R., A Co., foundrv 
140 McUnuvrun L., blacksmith 



144 O'Brien Patri 
Noble Mrs J. 

146 O'Brien Tbon 
Dovie Mark, 1 

147 Millard R., & 


148 Lewis Thomas 
150 Price Thomas 
152 Prescott Chris 

154 Fitzgprald M., 
154JRvan Patiick. 
156 Mulcair J hn 

Thfriault Josp 
156iMartln Kdwar 

McKinnon Ne 
158iMurphv Michi 
160 Doran Robert, 

Wallace John. 
162 Brcniian Miss 

Durocher to 2' 
Antoine ward 

6 Stanway Wm. 
10 Boulter Geo. 
Boulter & C( 
12 Thrower A If 1 
14 Geddes Henry 
Here Shnfi 
18 McKeoun Ric' 
McKeown K., ( 
Hood II. \V., I 
Lawrence F. 1 
20 Olouslon C. G. 
Clouston E, S , 
Bank of Mo 
22 Shaw .lames, c 
Shaw G' orgo 1 
ShHW W B, 
Shaw J. D. 
Shaw H L. 
24 Clegliorn Hcnr 
26 Porteous .John 
agent G.T.K. 
28 Morgan James 
Mtirgaii tfc Cc 
Lyman F. Goii 
40 Dawson Beiij 
Hope it Co. 
Here Liirni 
42 Hill F. Y. 

44 Houston Gavin 

& Co, 
46 Rintonl — 
48 Ritciiie H. K. 

partment (i.'l 
60 Hall J. M. 

QUEEN, from 67 
to 48 William, 

2 Bonded ivurelii 
12 Barry tieorge, I 
14 Kavaiiagh Joli 
16 Kirl>y .Michael, 
18 Desourdi .Maur 
'20 Sugiue Mrs. A 
22 tiiilley .lames, ^ 
24 Anderson Aiuli 
26 O'v,iniiior J., ci 
IW Telller Pierre, i 

31 Liiuzoii .Mrs. C. 

32 Uoweii Wlllii 

Montreal Tell 

36 Booth R., for 

Telegraph Co 

40 N'oiniaii 1' rank, 

Si^gulii Julieii. 

45 Brush do., i':a 
63 Currie W.&F. 






'id Micuael 

, laborer 
;lneer, r 
jorer, r 
uborcr, r 
r., moulder 
ireman, r 
abiirer, r 
X., grocer 

will J. 

wld (jeorge 
!ii., cooperage 

betli, wid W. 

. intersects. 

ilierty, grocrs 
II J., grocer 
el, of dough- 


will J .trader 
d James 


)rer, r 

I'aul, r 
tu'.r, r 

t. xliuuinaker 


Oil rter 
litli, r 
man, r 
•rier, r 


ter iiolioe 

wid M. 

ctioiier, r 






CITIZENS' INSUBANCE COMPANY whenever Beqaired. Head Office, 179 St James St 

144 O'Brien 1'atrick. brassflnisher 
Noble Mrs. J., wid J. 

146 O'Brien Tliomns", tailor 
Dovle Mark, laborer 

147 Millard «., & Co., railway sup- 


148 Lewis Thomas, laborer 
150 Frice Thomas, storeman 

152 PreKcott (iiristoplier,black8mith 

Mohan Miss Ellen, dressmaker 
154 Fitzgerald M., laborer 
154)Kyan Patiick. niacliinist 
156 Mulcair J ho J., printer 

Tb^riault Joseph A., agent 
156iiMartin Kdward, fireman 
158Flynn Thomas, cleik 

McKinnon Neil, policeman 
158iMurphy Michael, blacksmith 
160 Doran Hobert, fireman 

Wallace John, watchman 
162 Brcnnan Miss R., drei^smaker 

PRINCE ARTHUR, from 112 
Durocher to 271 University, St 
Antoine ward 

6 Slanway Wm., clerk 
10 Boulter (5eo., of Silverman, 

Boulter & Co. 
12 Thrower Alf. 1'., stenographer 
14 Uedde.s Ilenrv H., estate agent 

Here Sliuter at. ends. 
18 McKeoun Hichard, contractor 
Mclveowii K., clerk U.T.K. 
Hood II. \V., com traveller 
Lawrence F. I)., com traveller 
20 Olouslon C. (j.. Merchants bank 
Clouston K. (S , assistant manager 
Bank of Montreal 
22 Shaw .laniec, commission mcht 
Shaw U' orge 11., stenographer 
8h«w VV U. 
Sliaw J. U. 
Shaw li L. 
24 Ciegliorn Henry, grain broker 
26 Porteous .lolin, general freight 
agent G.T.K. 

28 Morgan James, juu., of Henry 

Morgan A ('o. 
Lyman F. Cioid, clerk 
40 Duwson BenJ,, Jun., of John 
Hope & Co. 
Here Lome av. ends. 

42 Hill F. Y. 

44 Uou^ton Ciavin, of B. G. Green 

46 Rintoul — 

48 Kitcliie II. K., stationery de- 
partment (i.T.K. 

60 Hall J. M. 

QUEEN, from 67 Common north 
to 48 William, St Ann ward 

2 Bonded tvarehouse 
12 Barry tjeorge, laborer 
14 Kavaiia^li John, cooper 
18 Kirliy Micliuel, liiborur 
18 Desourdi .\Lairice, moulder 
'20 Sugriie .\Irs. A , wld Cornelius 
22 (.iulley .lanirs, sloremuu 
24 Anderson Antlrew, laboror 
26 O'vyomior J., cooper 

29 Tulller Pierre, carriiigemaker 

31 Uiuzon )Irs. ('., wid Jean Bte, 

32 Bowen William, Htorekreper 

Montreal Telegraph Co. 
36 Booth It., forennin Montreal 

Telegraph Co. 
40 No(nuui I' tank, cooper 
iji^guiii .lulien. ."tnreman, r 

43 ltru.'<li (•' o., Kagic foundry 

63 Currle \V. & F. P., .Jt Co.. hard- 

Here Wellingtoii st. intersects. 

89 M^drtrd Joseph, carter 
I.Pi'ebvre Andr*, laborer 

91 Verdon Miss Louise 

92 Clearv Patrick, trader 
Cox .Tame.n, laborer 

94 Wilkinson (ieorge, laborer 
96 McDonald Jam(>s, cooper 

McDonald Mrs. James, bdg hsc 
98 Wilkey John J., laborer 

Here Ottawa st. begins. 

112 Cliilds Chas., last factory 
Pettener Bingley J., boot and 

shoe machinery 

113 Ives H. R., & Co., hardware 

114 Globe Hat works, Greene & Sons 

126 Canadian Leather Belting Co., 
lire engine hose & lace leather 

QUESNEL, from 114 Fnlford to 
City limits, St Antoine ward 

3 Carroll John, laborer 
Dwyer M., carter 

35 Stone .Tohn, conductor G.T.R. 

36 Constantln A mable, laborer 
L.ichaiice Louis, manager 

I eclero Joseph, shoemaker 

37 O'Connor Jloward, cooper 

38 Fraser .John, engineer 

89 Hayward R. H., bookkeeper 

40 Smlllars Richard, laborer 

41 Gales rev. Thos. A., secretary 

Dominion Alliance 

42 Trudel Joseiih, nailer 
Anger William, founder 
Carri^re Pierre 
Dubois Franpois, joiner 

43 Lnttrell William, of W. & J. 


44 Thirien Pierre, shoemaker 
40 Rochon H lie, laborer 

47 Fernie John, carpenter 

48 Grattoii S ., laborer 
Costello Christopher, laborer 

50 Franklin George, laborer 
52 Gnreau Joseph, laborer 
54 Mathleu Treffl^, engineer 

Perry James, carpenter 
50 Dngas F"., engineer 
60 Brown Jolin, Ijlacksmith 

Here Dominion st. intersects. 
66 Wilson Robert, machinist 

Lovett Tliomiis, engineer 
68 Aiidetto Joseph, grocer 

72 Daigneanlt Auguste, trader 
Ilurtubis MoVse, laborer 
Lasani6 Kdward, blacksmith 

73 Ontram F., of G. Ontram & Son 
7i"( Verrier Aclolpho, laborer 

76 Brereton Tlios., cabinetmaker 
Asliton Alex. S., talleyman 

77 I,avall(Se Norbert, laborer 
Liiluiie Joseph, undertaker 
Valic|uette Aug., laborer 
Daoust Moise, mason ' 
I.efebvre PhiliVis, laborer 
Bergeron Ale.\andre, ga'dener 

78 Fournier Joseph, blacksmitli 
Vigor Charles, finisher 

80 Aslilon G-^orge, lurrier 

Here City limits and St. Cunegomle 


Bonaventure station to City 
limits, St Antoine ward 
Montreal Telegraph Co.'s oHico 

Hire Mountain st. intersects. 
Here Aqvednct ft in'ersects. 
Kearnan Burnett, laborer 
Here Versailles st. inter.<ecti. 

124 Martineau (inillaurae, clerk 

126 Lindsey James 

Here Lnsignan st. intersects. 
80 Kinnart-y David, grocer 
P2 McKen/ie M. K., storeman 
84 .Cole W. (i.,nuichinlst 
86 Thomas Richard, bookkeeper 
88 Birch Alfr< d, porter 
90 Mitchell Wii:iani, porter 
92 McCready II. J., traveller 
94 Brinton Mrs. Sarah, wid W. 

Here Cwi st. intersects. 

Here Ttichmmid st. intersects. 

132 Cavalier Z^phir, moulder 
134 Mansean Charles, c'erk 

Laporte H., grocer 
136 Mario Paul, laborer 
1.37 Delorme Louis, trader 
138 Amesse Pierre, carter 
1.39 Gauthier Louis, liiborer 

140 Lacombe Pierre, joiner 
Roberge Nnreisse, laborer 

141 >1arnndi Alpbonsp. liiborer 

142 Cav^ Joserih, laborer • 
Fletcli'r Joseph, brassfinisher 

143 Pi Ion Mrs. P.. wld Narci.sse 

144 Bertard Firmin, biitcner 
14.5 Klliott .lames, machinist 

146 Fraser I'liilip, carriagemaker 

147 Lafontainc loseph, labrrer 

148 Irvine .Tames trunkmaker 
160 Frdve Franyois, shoemaker 

Here St. Martin st. intersects, 

160 Hudon .Tos., bliicksmitli 

Laiirendean Louis, gardener 
162 Carbonnean Arthur, shoemaker 
164 Chartrand Michel, joiner 

Tardie Jo.seph, joiner 
166 Comte Jules, joiner 

Lauzon MoVse, laborer 
170 Gagnon Jean C , advocnto 
172 Flanagan Mrs. K.. wid Thoraai 

Moreau Pierre, laborer 

Here Leriiii.v st. ends. 

176 Ledoux Kmmanuel, joiner 

177 Bourdon Ant., storeman 

178 Bertrand Frs., laborer 
Here .Seigneurs st. intersects. 

Here O'l.eanj av. faces 414 Sei- 
gneurs st, 

185 Bernier Fn^drlc, joiner 
Mennler .lulien, hat maker 

186 Osbiu'iie John, druirgist 

187 l.tHac .Seraphin laborer 

188 Mainilton .lohn, carpenter 

189 Beaudoin Louis, pa nter 

190 Rodger James, clerk (i.'f.R. 
192 Ak'olt .Samuel, tile cutter 
194 Barry William, confectioner 
196 I'rowse James, confectioner 

Here ('lialham at. intersects, 

219 McKenzie Wm., carter 

Diimont Thomas, sculptor 
221 Cheval .loseiih, caliinetinaker 
2'22 I'oupart .Mplionse, joiner 
'224 Mooiie.\ Thomas, laborer 
'226 Loranger .lohn, cirpentur 
22S Doyle .linues, polisher 
'2311 Trace Wm., laoorer 
'232 Luttrell Alexander, baker 

1 W5 








283 Dfvpaiix Aiicu»tn, luhorBr 
235 Stnai'f (Joorgp, laborer 
239 Bradley Sniiiuol, stiirciimn 
241 Johns (Giporf^p, watcliiiian 

Here Camhig -it. intersects. 
265 Quigley Thomas, laborpr 

Here Fiilfnrd St. intersects. 

Here Bour<lon nv. fioes 422 5'ei- 
gneurs st. 

BAFALLO, cfF 303 Craig north 
to 26 Dubord, St James ward 

1 Lefebvro Ovilu, catHe trartor 
I-i'Comptp Isra I, fniit dpuler 

18 Merp!l) ,.nfoiiiP. tracl(>r 
20 Caron J M., imintcr 

Moliuari Aiitoinp, iniiician 

RECOLLET, from 136 St Peter 
west to 207 McGill, We;t ward 
5 Moas S., II. & .T , woollons 

9 Dominion Twopd iind Wool Co., 

John CaUlwpll, iimnaKOr 

12 Gnapdingpr F^., Son & fio. 

13 Shaw Bros. & Cussils Ipatlier 

Here St. Helen st. inlerxects, 

36 Hicks Mrs. K., wid A., rcstnnrant 

37 Ramsay, Diakp & Dods paints 
40 Tracev William, c nppiiter 

46 Fatten Tbs., clotliitr 

REDPATH, off 1059 Sherbrooke, 
St Antoine ward 

10 Morricp D„ of D Morriop & Co. 
32 Grppiip K. K., of (ircpnc & Sons 

58 Shaw B., of Shaw Bros. & Ciis- 

. Fits 

74 Mc'l'ajrorart Duncan, fupl agpnt 
McTiitfsart A. W., ('. K., G.T.R. 

80 WakPlipld (ipo., soxtoii ('huich 

of )St .lamps the Apostlo 

81 Lijthf bound (Joo.,of I.,iKhtbound, 

Ralston & Co. 
Ghisholni Clis,. broker 
106 Ogilvie VV. W., of A. W. ORilvio 

& Co. 
WpIsIi John, Rnrdeiier 
Ronlion Ovide, coachman 

RICHARDSON, from 37 Conde 
west to City limits, St Ann 

4 Craven Mrs. Ann 

B Dpvany Jiimes, Inboror 

9 Cftt*' Jofpph, shoemaker 

11 Brlirgs ,lamps, chalrinakpp 

13 Lpduc Jospph, clerk 
O'Brlpn C, carpcnlpr 

14 Starkp Andrew, clprk a.T.R. 
16 Hunter William, laborer 

19 DnuRan .lamps, cuitei-, r 
22 Dplorme Louis, curler 

Burke iMicluipl, miller 
26 Duftean Mark, laborer, r 

28 Murphy Ths., lirenniii, r 

29 Maxwoll (ieortro, car Inspector 
81 Fowler Wll iam, enKhiPor 

Morin Kdonard, laborer 
32 Bergeron Antoine, catlle doalor 
Duhuc Mrs. .Marie, wid II., r 
Clipvrptlls I'etpr, saw maker 
W Collins Thomas, carpi'iitpr 
84 Lovroau Alft'cd, litorpinau 

35 () Mara Kdward. labi>rpr 
37 Rochf'ord M., enuiiifer 
39 Rppd William, (rrocer 
41 Mattyraore Thos., car makpr 

Here Montmorencist. intersects, 

47 Kerr .fames, hay 8torP 

Aliard Jos., laborpr. r 
59 Hampton Christopher, laborer, r 
63 llanscm Andrpw, laborer 

Mptcalf S. T., carpenter G.T.R. 
65 Hcnnossy Martin, laborer, r 
67 Scanlan Lawrencp, laborer 

Builer Thomas, laborer 
71 Hehan Thomaa, cutter 

Whelan James, shoemaker, r 
73 .Story John, laborer 

story Mrs. Mary, wid Kdward 
76 Cahill James, shoemaker 

Here Uichmond st. intersects. 

Rcdpath's lumber yard 
Kedputh's cooperajje 
Mitchell Alex., iron foundry 
Shearer & Browu, saw mills 

Here Seigneurs St. in'ersects. 

105 Traill Robert, iron moulder, r 
Ryan I'atrick, machinist 

106 Brodden .Tolin, laborer, r 
Gillen P£ , laborer 

107 Buchanan Andrew,watchman, r 
Kane James, carter 

109 Rankm Mrs. S., wid James, r 
Roberfaon Wm., watohmau, r 

112 Mc(iuire John, laborer 
.Mc(Jnire Thos., clerk G.T.R. 

113 NapleP.atrick, lab rer 
Lanzon MoVsp, nailmaker, r 
Arkwright Paul, engineer 

114 Davenp'>rt Azero, machinist 

115 O'Neil Mrs. F., wid Patrick 
Savaria Kusfebe, laborer 

116 II P.S86 Jospph, cooper 

117 (Jillln James, laborer 

lis Adriiin Alexandpr, moulder 

119 Mullins Mrs. Mi.ry, wid John 

120 Neill William, laborer 

i'l Cornet Mrs. M , wid Nicholas 
122 Verdon Alphonsc, vaiiiishmaker 

124 Doheny Patrick, driver 

125 Cooney James, laborer 
12fi Dillon William, policeman 

127 O'Brien Richard, laborer 

128 Hayes George, laborer 

130 Richardson Robert, laborer 
l:-!! .Mctiuire Charles, laborer 

132 lloftanJohn, tinislier 
< 'arter Peter, laborer 
Doyle John, laborer 

133 Greney James, laborer 
Roakes Huch, machinist 
McCroden John, blacksmith, r 

135 Bell Kdward H., machinist 

13t( Ryder James, grocer 

138 (iuvaKen J,, supt hay market, r 
Haves John, laborer, r 
iiuroclier Baptlstp, laborer, r 

140 Collins John, laborer 

142 Warren John, laborer 

Turner William, blacksmith 
Huifiie^ Jtisepli, blacksmith 

144 Archamhault Amable, laboier 

146 llnckley M., conductor (i.l'.R. 
Burns Mrs. Ann, wid Henry 

148 Klackliam James, blacksmith, r 

159 Hopper Robt. J,, cattle dealer 

lijO .Mctjrath I'at., laborer 
.Mc<iratU John, laborer, r 

161 Watson Miss 8. K. 

162 Colfer Edward, cooper 
C>'Brien B,, machinist 
McGuverrpy Pat., brakuman 

103 Moore Jamos, mason 

165 Currie Patrick, blacksmith 

166 DrPwMrs. .Maiy, wid John 

167 Jackson Thomas, laborer 

169 Kelley Henry, butcher 
169iGaftnon r.te.'. li;horiT 

Lussier Frs., laborer 

170 Corbitt John, machinist 

171 Ryder Petpr laborer 

172 Lyncli John, laborer 

173 Mulcaliy William, carter 
Bourdon >Iois . laiiorer 

174 Doyle Peti'r. batcher 

175 Conway William, waiter 
Mallette l.ouis, engineer, r 

176 O'Neil John, cabinetmaker 
178 Dery HubiTt, ma-on 

183 Redmond Peter, grocer 

RICHMOND, from 657 Welling- 
ton north to Richmond sq, St 
Ann and St Antoine wards 

1 St Chr.rles Club house, Henry S. 

Lomas, proprietor 
Lomas Henry S., St Charles 
Club lionse 

2 G.T. Hallway agent's office 
Singleton VV. .1., agent 
Penk George, chief clerk 
Carmichael Charles, car tracer 
Bell J., assistant traflic supt. 
Hamilton J., night yardman 
Spencer Henry, call num 
Pollard Fred., vardnuin 

18 Fraser Hugh, conductor G.T.R. 

20 <ia.skell Jos. ph, clerk 

22 Jackson Robt., bricklayer 

24 Horton S. A, conductor G.T.R. 

26 Webster .lohn, (Migineer 

2.S Rollo John, engineer 

29 Fowler James, tireman 

30 Williams A. K., clerk 

32 Gorman Sam, letter carrier 
39 Owens A. A., grocer 
42 Cockburn .1., gri'cer 

Here Mullin st. intersects. 
67 Skeith J., druggist & postmaster 
Here (Irmul Trunk st. intersects. 

80 Cocker ThoiuMS, tinsmith 
82 Mulligan iTobn, sen., laborer 

Mulligan John.iun .clerk G.T.R, 

Leblanc Kd. lubun'r, r 

Dalgneault Mrs. F., laundress 
84 St Denis Vital, switchman 

Miggins Michael, carpenter 
80 Bean Pat. F., c iblnetmaker 

St Patrick's academy, K.C,, U. 
C. O'Donougbue, principal 

Here Centre st. intersects. 

Here liichtrdson st. Intersects. 

Here St. Putrid: st . intersects. 

190 McCJaflVey James, laborer 

Here Itasin st. intersects, 
192 Hlggins Adnni. cooper 
194 Sabouriii >iiel, laborer 
196 (juevilion Charles, undertaker 
I'JS Prenoveuu Ihonnis, nnison 
20U Corhin .1, T., pallernmaker 
202 Renshaw .lohn, lumber dealer 

Here WV.Iinm si. intersects, 

221 Mullins James, watchman 
2'.!3 Reed .Samuel S., cli'rk 

Reid Charles, clerk (..T.H. 
2'25 Creighton David, ice driver 

227 Dorais John, laborer 

228 (iendron 1., gardener 
Laurlu S. L., Joiner, r 



229 Burry l£obt.,ii 
Hurry John, cl 

231 Gaguon CyrilU 

232 Gordon Andre 

233 Gamble Jos 

234 Johnson Georg 

235 Daoust Louis 
237 Wayland Hora 
239 Quinn Jolin, c. 

Here Loch 

243 Glennv Geo., p 

244 Kendal K. J. iV; 

245 Smith .1. \V. 
247 Sutlitr J., insH 

251 Smith Jno., till 

252 Coultry Alex., 
263 Tees D. T., of 

254 Shearer .Mrs. 
256 Pickett Mrs. E. 

263 Robinson D., P 
Blancliette clo\ 
Plantp Odilon, 
Kthier Joseph, 
Smith .>., pa pel 
Ijabrecqiie Dan 

264 Eva Wm., groi 
271 (.egendre L. O., 

Here St. .lose/ili 

284 Dagenais ijoul^ 
Lanthier Fred , 
286 MacConiiell T. 
290 Jeannotte .Mrs. 
•id2 nemers .Mr-. K 
293 a kav Stephei 
29) Tri biay Mrs ' 
297 Patterson J., wt 

Here MetculJ'e h 

300 MoreauJ. B., gi 
iiul I'axton Wm.,ci 

Here /- l,cll»l I 

307 Trottier Alfred, 
310 St Joseph 'schur 

Tranciiem mta; 

M. J Tallet..! 

M. Paladeaii, 

M. Lt'veille 
319 Bert helot Jo epi 
321 Sarrasin K., Iioi: 
3'22 Maurlliil- BrotI 

Christian Itroi 
327 Driscoll .lames, i 
3J7iVilleneuve Jose] 
3:i3Proulx J., cleik 
Brunean Aiitoiii 
336Trudel Alexand 
St Maurice A \i 

Here Truilel li: 

.337 Poirler .1 Bte., i 
338 Glbean Nar., st<, 
3tl McAllMer Andt 
3)2 L('nes(|ueThadii 
343 Major Adolphe, 
345 Biuette Joseph, 
348 Fournier Paul 
319 Kournier Anthii 
3^)U I>angstalf Kd., c 
361 Montpelller Mrs 
Meilleur Chariot 
353 lloudrean A., gi 
154 I.*ger Antoine, 
355 Perlgo William, 
S-ifiJIailleler Artliui 
351) Deslxrdins.l. .U 
3.J7 jMillette Franyo 
35H Birnie, George, : 
35tf Brault .lo.seph, i 
301 Pluau.loseph, e 
3tl2 May Emuiunuel 










•r ik'aler 



229 Burry ]£obt., fhiislipr 
Burry Joliii.clprk U.TR. 

231 Gaf;ni)ii C'yrtllR, niiiler 

232 GDrtlon Andrew, carter 

233 Gamble Jo« , macliiniiit 

234 Johnson Goortte, r 

235 Daoust Louis, carter G.T.R. 
237 Wayland Horace J., blacksimith 
239 Quinn John, c.iriiejitcr 

Here Loch lane ends. 

243 Glenny Geo., painter 

244 Keniliil U. J.iV N., waf;Konmkrs 

245 Smitli .1. W., bookkeeper 

247 Suti'litfJ., inspr. Lucliine canal 
261 Smitli Jiio., tlirc'hi g machine!* 

252 Coultry Alex., butcher 

253 Tee^ D. T., ol lees Costigan & 


254 Shearer .Mrs. Kliza, wM Henry 
256 riciMtt Mrs. E., wid William 

263 Robiiition U., V. O. clerk 
Blanclietie Llovis, cartir, r 
I'lantP Oililoii, bak^r, r 
Ethier Joseph, cabinetmaker, r 
Smith .>., paper l>a>; maker, r 
Labrecqiie Daniase, laborer, r 

264 Eva VVni., groom 

271 Legeiidre L. U., boots and shoes 

Here St. ./oat'/ih nt. intersects. 

284 Dagenais Louis, laborer 
Lanthier Fred J., iirinter 
288 MacConiiell T., painter 
2aO Jeannottp .Mrs. P. 

292 n,.niers Mr-. K, 'id .1, 

293 J) kav .Stephen, com traveller 
29) Trt biay ilrs. t'.. wid Jos. 
297 I'atterson J., wntchnian G T.R. 

Here Metcalfe I me begins. 

300 Morean J. B., grocer 
oUl raxton \Vni.,ci.oj)er 

Hi'ie /- ixloti nil begins. 
307 Trottier Alfred, butcher 
310 St Joseph'schiirch, l{.(;,,rev. A. 
Tnincliem mtUKiie, curate; revs 
M. J Trtllct. J. Archambault, 
M. I'liladi'uu, M. riantin and 
M LtHeille 
319 Berlbelof Jo e|)h E., .M.D. 
321 Sarrasiii K., lioi si' dealer 
3^ MauriliU'^ Ui-ntlu'r, director of 

Chrisliaii liroihers' school 
327 Driscoll .lames, carter 
3J7(Vlllelieiive Joseph, butcher 
3^13 I'roulx J., cb'ik iit Court house 
Bruii(>aii .'VMoiiie, carter 

336 Trudel Alexiiiulre, joiner 
St Miinrice A E 

Here Trwiei lime begins. 

337 I'olrier .1 Ufi'., carpenter 

338 (jlbeiin Nar., stonecutter 

3tl McAlll-ter Andrew, confectioner 
312 Li'Svesipie Thiidt'!", (inlsher 
343 Major .Vdolplie, moulder 

345 Binetti' .liiscpli, joiner 

346 Konniier I'aiil contractor 
319 Kournier Anthinie, butcher 
*)0 LangstiilVKd., clerk G.T R. 
351 Moutpi'llier Mrs. A., wid G. 

Mellleur Chiirh'S, laborer 
353 lioudreaii A., urocer 
JH L#ger Aiitoliie, bricklayer 
355 Turigo Willhini, carter 
355Jlallleler Arlliui, hutclier 
35i) Desliirdlii^' .1. .M.. advocate 
3)7 Milletie Fraiivols, joiner 
35S lllrnie. George, suilmakor 
359 Bnuilt Joseph. G.T.R. 
301 I'luau Joscpli, clerk 
3D'2 May Eininaiiuul, miller 

303 Korgrave John, engineer 

364 Beaudin Sini6on, of Loranger, 

Loranger & Beaudin 
366 Brabant Joseph, horse trader 
368 L'Arche Henri, carpenter 

Beauchamp Joseph, laborer 

Le laire Alaxime, carpenter 

Boyer Louis, laborer 

Vilon Jules, painter 

V'Ozina n., bricklayer 

Michaud Joseph, laborer 

Lambert Justin, bailiff 
372 Luporte Uormisdas, erocer 

Here Lachine R. R. track intersects. 

380 Lespdrance E., clerk G.T.R. 

iloule Eurebe 
382 BouthilllerMrs. M., wid C. 

Tlieorct Mrs. O., Wid J. Dte. 

Galaise Jos. C, painter 
384 Itelanger Mrs. C, wid .loseph 
386 S»uv6 Abraham, saloon 
388 Leguult dit Ueslauriers Jos. D., 

Here St. Bonav^nture St. intersects 

416 Gulmond Charles, Joi^'er 

Bover J. Bte., moulder 
418 Lefiivre E., carpenter 

Dodd T. E., clerk 
420 Grandchamp L^on, policeman 
Hottin Henry, policeman 
C'harron \Vm., carpenter 
rai)in Joseph, vailmaker 
426 Brown Adam G., storeman 
426 1 Kendal JS., of R.J. & N. Ken- 
428 Loynachan Duncan, clerk 
428iDiaton H. U., photographer 
430 Martin .los , com traveller 
43II.J Lea Thomas, clerk 
432 Lyons George W., merchant 
4(i:^2'Nelson .lohn, bookkeeper 
434 Haidii^:; Thomas, I'.O. clerk 
436 Cox I'. G. 

440 Suieaton J., photolithographer 

441 Asile Bethlehem,sister I'ttgnuelo, 


442 Edson Allan, artist 

Guy west to 29Riohinond sq, St 
Antoine ward 

7 Oman VV., contractor 

11 McLaren J. A., bookbinder 

13 Allan Mrs. Helen, wid James 

15 Slogie Alex., tailor 

17 Cook George A., plasterer 

19 Ganntlett .lohn 

31 Egau C, of Boyd, Egan & Co. 

toiae, at head of Richmond, 
St Autoine ward 

1 Betlil(>hem asylum, Grey Nuns, 

sister Labr£ich(>, superioruss 

Here Richmond st. ends. 

2 Larm<mth .Tohn, Jun., of Lar- 

m.iuth iV Son 
4 JewiltMiss H. W. 
6 Anderson Alex., com traveller 

8 J'wiihey E. U., U. S. customs 

Miteliell Mrs. Helen, wid James 

10 .Mills major Hiram 

11 Lee I). B., wood and coal dealer 

12 Burtley \Vm. 1'., of W. V. Bart- 

ley k Co. 

13 Hamilton Mrs, E., wid Jamo« 

14 Edson Jlrs. 

16 Nev lie John, sen., wood mrcht 

17 Xeher .Martin, grocer 

18 Blow Miss M., teacher 

20 Lediic M., ciirp-nter 

21 V\ right I'.. inanHgir 

22 Cami)bell Mrs., wid John, fruits 

Here St. Antoine St. intersectl. 

24 Doyle .lames, butcher 

25 McCready 'Miomas, of James 

McCready & Co. 

28 Gervan .Mrs., dre.ssmaker 
28] Edwards J. I*., clerk 

29 Fisher Johu, uf M. F'isher, Sons 

& C. 
39 Brodio John, merchant 

RIVET, o£f 40 FttUum west, St 
Mary ward 

8 Girard Napoleon, butcher 
10 Sellers Airs. «;., wid Cnarles 
14 Whelaii Win., laborer 
16 Clark Daniel, engineer 
20 Grealoivx Thos., toieraan 
22 liiendeau 'IVms-aint, painter 
24 riiouin Josepii. carpciilcr 

26 Bullei.u Olivier, carpenter 
28 Coyle Ciiarlis, papermaker 

30 I'igeon Buriiiniee,carriagemaker 
3:2 rapineau Mrs. C, w.d JSoSl 

34 Guilbuull Jos., clerk 

ROBB TERRACE, between 19 
and 61 St Catherine, St Mary 

.McEnroe .lames 
Fiiilay William G., engineer 
Strange Albert, cabinetmaker 
Chandler George, u^ent 
Lauiie John, muchiiilst 
i>uin hbenezur, agent 
Bourdon Jos., lumber merchant 
Gordon James, inspe-itor 
Gordon George, bookkeeper 
Maner Alueric, clerk 
Del'oy George, snipper 
Laurie Waiier, sen. 
Luuriu \\ ., juu., uf J. Laurie 

& Bro. 
Ep ou .lohn. latiorer 
Tucker l!.d win, foreman 

ROBERT, oif 
Mary ward 

Colborue av, St 

Iifot built upon. 

ROBIN, from 250 Visitation weat 
to o89 Amherst. St James ward 

1 Daunais Miss's 

2 Lutiell J. lUi'., tanner 
Narbonne — , shoemaker 
Charesi Callxte, grocer 

5 Blaiii J. K., butcher 

7 rilon .1. Baptiste, liiborer 

BtManger Allre(l, confectioner 

Barly John, joiner 
10 Diigenais Cypr en, tinsmith 

12 I'ateiiautle Ad^lurd, laborer 
Dagenais .Mis. E,, wid Jiilion 
CliarbiMiiieiui I'^inilien, laborer 

13 Chans.-e George, laborer 
Maille'l Isaac, shoemaker 

15 Simpson I'ierre, tobacconist 
Dauvols Albert, c ni merchant 

17 1161U Mrs. A., wid F. X. 
Il^lu Miss .M.,scho(d teacher 
Arbour TiiC-odoie tailor 

19 Lamoureux Gilbert, trader 

Here lleatulry st. interseoti. 







23 Morel Jos., HhuL-maker 
Gilbert Octave, plumber 
Latour Horniiadad, alioemaker 

28 Lecp6iaiice i'lerre, apeiit 
Tutruult Isaie, wood dealer 

29 Loruudeau Allred, carpenter 
SlatUieu Joucliiin, joiner 

30 Ureiiier Zotique, ^liocmttker 
SOiUreiiiur J. Ule., Klioeinalcer 

Here Montcalm at. intersects. 

33 liourboniiitire Ludjiur, butcher 
4U Perriere Judeuli, laborer 
liamuureux Mrs. 

Here iyo{fe st. intersects. 

Here Amherst St. intersects. 

BOONEYi off Colborne av, St 
Mary ward 

Not built upon. 

HOLLAND, from 37 Mountain 
west to 213 Aqueduct. St An- 
toine ward 

4 Uicliardaon John J., laborer 

6 Kingsley Franciii, carter 
Ueuoijte Fruiif^ois, laborer 

7 Uarbeau ejulviiii, carter 
Aubry V. Z., baker 

8 hingsley (Julixie, carter 
Lacroix Nuclide, black:<mitb, r 

9 L^gare Franyoib, grocer 

Here foUc lane intersects. 

11 Peart James, carter 

12 (jloutiie> iUrs. Zo6, widAntoiue, 

Lemai'Oi'u JoBeph, laborer, r 

14 Lubelle a , stoieniau 
l,ati'ance J;ri-., bra»>linisher, r 

15 Chat'lubois Joseph, dealer 

16 Ladouceur .\1., blacKeaiith 

17 Ciroulx Josepli, carter 

18 Cbaliloux Vta., biiic>^amith 
AUuid Joseph, laborer, r 
Peltier Seveie, laoorcr, r 

19 Kalias t.uuis, engineer, r 
Aub6 Oeueon, carpuuter, r 

21 Klcher Xavier, laborer 

Here St. Lion lane begins. 

22 Larose Michel, carter 

23 Provost Alphon.-.e, clerk 

24 Lemieux A., mucliinist 
Lemieux Pascal, carpenter, r 

25 Smith Thomas, sailor 

27 tiissouneite Procule, laborer 
29 ScotI John, carpenter 
Lavallitire Uavid, carpenter 

AOFEBY, from Grand Trunk 
north to St Patrick and facing 
Converse's rope- walk. Being 
outside City limits, names will 
lie found in Alphat)etical order 
in Village of St. Gabriel 

ROUSSEAU, from 14 Campean 
west to 39 Laoroix, St James 


1 U68autel8 Mi!<a Julie, grocer 

8 Uailo Alfred, hat maker 
6 Grace t. harles, agent 

6 Perraultbi*d(Son, engineer 

7 Lavigueur Uoch, artist 

9 Uoule Mrs. A., wid C, 

10 Meagher J ameM, carpenter 

11 Goyette Aiitoine, carter 
LuBsier Arthur, carter 

12 Wagner K., glass engraver 

13 Terroux U. A. E., letter carrier 
Meilluur Mie. D., wid Anloine 

14 Kouillard Narcissc, liotelkeeper 

15 Uobert Joseph, of Paquette & 


17 Maiitlia J. lite., joiner 

18 McDonnell Mrs. fi., wid G. 
20 Patterson James, laborer 

24 McCorniick Mrs. U., wid M. 

2t) Leriche Pierre, laborer 

28 Deroche Jean, cai ter 

30 Ougnon I'ierre, laborer 
Massicotto X., express driver 
Thouin Mrs. M., wid It. 
Pupillon li'^lix, furrier 
Franchere Mrs. M., wid K. 

ROT, from 426 St Denis west to 
629 St Lawrenca, 6t Louis 

19 CIdmentAdolphe E., grocer 

24 Cummerciul academy, St Denis 

brancii, L. A. Primeau, priu'l 
Martin Azarie, caretaker 

25 Brien Cawille, grocer 

Here Sangninet st. intersects. 
47 BiSlauger L6on, butcher 
Here Laval av. intersects. 

62 Pyko G.U., deputy prothonotary 
I'yke lleury, clerk prothonotary 
64 Andrew John, proiessor 

66 Lubadie J. A. U., notary 

67 I'hibodeau Miss P., suhoolteaclicr 

Here Cadieux St. intersects. 

77 Carroll J., milkman 
79 Howard J. U., grocer 

Here St. Hgpolite st. intersects. 

91 Watkius A. J., primer 

VVaikiUil K. L., loreiuau 
93 Wilson J., uf Mitchell & Wilson 
95 Uoss John U., clerk 
97 DumoutAchille J., grocer 

Here St. Dominique st. intersects, 

114 Uaouat A., of Daoi^it & h'tdre 

115 Trepanier F. X., butclier 

Here at. L-Jiwrence st. intersects. 

ROY LANE, from 83 St Joseph 

north to 70 St Bonaventure, 

St Antoine ward 

4 Dufort Hubert, carriagemaker 
9 Kerr Samuel, tailor 
10 Cuwiu William, carter 

Here Pea lane intersects, 

12 Mell Wra., bricklayer 

13 U'^ell Praucis, laborer 

15 Anderson Wni., bank messenger 

16 Thomas Mrs. C, widow Xhos. 

18 Grant James, hoiseslioer 

19 St George Charles, joiner 

RUSHBROOK, from Hibernian to 
Napoleon road- Being outside 
City limits, names will be found 
in Alphabetical order in Vil- 
lage of St Gabriel 

RUSSELL, off Colborne av, St 

A'ot built upon. 

SANGUINET, from 401 Craig 
north to 410 Sherbrooke, St 
Louis ward 
2 (j^linas George, saloon 

Heiiez Mrs. C wid J., milliner 

Carroll James, laborer 
4 Norton T. ^., laborer 

Here Laberye terrace, begins. 

6 Hoy Charles, cook 

7 Mablo .lohn, veterinary surgeon 
lioussin Josei li. laborer, r 
lierlinqiiette Mrs. M , wid M., r 
Kuussin Edouard, l:il)orer, r 

8 Uerthiaume Tn'lHi^, printer 

9 Campbell Junes, inHChinist 

10 Dansereaii P.,of T. Wilson & Co. 
Daneereau Clias. IC, clerk 
Dansercau llercule, clirk 
Dansereau L. Nap , clerk 

12 ConilliardMrs. A., wid Thomas 

13 Filioii GeiTtjeD. L., elerk 
Kousseau l.6i<u. i on tinieher 

14 DesnoyersM..polici' magistrate 

15 Lachapelle Miss Emma, school 


Diiquet i-., clerk 

l.acliapelle Mrs. E., wid J. B. 
17 Mercier Ed., ^lloenlake^ 

Healy Mrs. Mary, wid P. 
19 Barbeau Muxim>' 

Barbeau Udilon, merchant 

Here Vitrr st. intersects. 

21 Crompton Mrs. K., wid James 

22 U'Brien Philip, f.ircman 

23 Pominville Julie 
I'ominviile I..ouis, advocate 
I'ominville Magloire, clerk 

24 Galligau John, traveller 

25 Bourdon Joseph, bookkeeper 

26 Cnddihy Michael, merchant 

28 Boucher Ephreni, fruit dealer 

29 Elliott John, shoemaker 

30 Dowd Chas. n., clerk 
Dowd Prank, clerk 

31 McC'onnell t.d., clerk G.T.R. 

32 Grenier Joseph, fruit dealer 

33 Barbeau George, plumber 

34 ilart Bichard, iruit dealer 

35 Kelly John, mercliaiit 

36 Boudreau I.sai'e 
Pinchaud Arthur, clerk 
Duraiiceau Oscar, clerk 
Itichard Joseph, advocate 
Descarles Chs., plasu^rer 
Dc'scaries Jos. A., advocate 

37 GulUaume Ed., coppersmith 

Here Oubt/rd st. ends. 

38 Mitchell .lames, Montreal steam 

dye works 

39 Baillargeon Jos., grocer 

40 JSultn Eugene, M D. 

41 Barnes George, policeman 

42 Sandllauds Kicliard, laborer 
44 MacKenzie John, ship chandler 
46 Murphy Patrick, dctictivB 

46 Mcllunry Miss Isabella 
Gorman Tiiomas, merchant 

47 Kicher O. A., advocate 
KicherOvide U , M.D. 
Bibaud Maximiiien, advocate 

4$ Sauvageiiu Lo»is. laboier 

49 Collin Miss I'.miiy 

50 liouthillier Mrs. .Sophie, wid M. 
5Uil)oulut G. v., telegrajih operatur 

51 Smith I'hos., engineer 

52 Dwyel John, tailor 

53 Sdn^cal Aiidr(;, cli.rk 
S6n6oal S , printer 
Sdudcal Eugene, tliisnitth 
tiOu^cal J, B. U., merchant 



54 Monette Louis 
56 Dudevoir Leon 

Lantliier Uiiviu 
56 tioget J. Bte.,1 
67 Uutiesne J. Bt 
69 Auclair Eiienui 
61 Duiiiont JosepI 

Duniont U., cu.< 
63 Content Midori 
65 Lefort Arisiide 
tiiiMcL'omb Thoiii 

69 Conway Mrs. A 

Here Luyauehetier 

70 Lelebvre Edmoi 

71 Watson llenry, 
73 Dubois VV illiaiii 

75 Lalbntuine C, i 

76 TeliierX., com i 

77 Bourdeau It., ii 
79 Colmuess Jaiiie: 

Menagh Mrs. M 
Tolcsl:;. P., Wii 

81 O'Connor Mrs 
Geary llenry, c 

82 Oxiey James, pi 

83 Giroux Ariliur, 
83i Whitehead Jan 

84 A'elsoii George, 

85 Lafricain (Jlriu, 
S5jCharjuud M., cu 

Goutaul Mrs. M. 

86 Carter Mis. Mai 

87 Daniel Pierre, j 
87iB6rard Chs., pri 
»» Idler W. G., pri 
89 Parent J u...epu,, 

91 Monday JuscpU 

92 Pi'tifoniaiiie i., { 

93 Tli6oret Z., 
U6 W illui (i Louis, t 
97 Boissonueau J. 
yj liichard Lou.s, i 

Here Dorchester t 

101 Payette J., groc 
1U3 Lapierro Mrs. M 
li6 Ayottu Jos., slio 

Chevalier Aarci; 

^orinandm Misi 

Vaiiquettu J. Bti 
116 Uob> Josepn, lt> 

l^tebvre u., olei 
119 Desauiniers i>ioi 
121 Wheelei Uiciian 
m Uavid Mrs. M., 
125 Sasseville Auolp 
127 Grenier Euouan 
Va Lymburuer C, t 

Here Doyer i 

131 Uomier F. X., u 

Labeiie Paul, slu 

133 Uervais Louis, j 

136 Uobeive Louis 

Aubin Simon, pi 

136 Lepage L., of I'e 

137 Ligoie Miss M. 1 
St Aubin Mrs, T. 

138 Charpeutier Thei 
Pepin & Lepage 

139 Groleau Josepa, 
Morisseau Alfiei 
Valaue Jos., bar 

Ul Thirien l>uvid, s 
113 Leroux Mrs. E., 
Leroux Ge>jrge, 
l.,etourneux li., 
147 Christin J,,soaa 
118 Pepiu Henri, agt 
149 Christin Jos., jc i 
158 I'oplu L., of Pep 








51 Monette Luui8 A., stureman 

66 Uudevuir Lcunuril, cutter 
Laiitliiur Unviii, cleric 

56 Logot J . Bte., fruit dealer 

67 L>ulie8ue J. Ute. K., merchant 
59 Auclair Kiiuiiue, clerk 
61 l>uiiiuiit Jusepli, juini-r 

Dumuut U., eustumii clerk 
63 CoiitKut 316d6ric, u .tiiry 
66 Leturt Arisiide, dork 
67iMcL'oiiiL) rUuiiius, printer 

69 Cuiiway Mrs. A., wid lliomas 

Here Layaachelicrc st. intersects. 

70 Leiebvrc Edniond, agent 

71 Waison lleiiry, truveiler 
Ti Dubois W illiaui, lisili dealer 
76 Laloiitaiiiu C, wuuU engraver 

76 Teliier T., uuiu traveller 

77 Uuurdeau IC, lurrier 
79 (Jufiqueiis •laiiien, tireman 

Meiiugli itU-a. Al., nid Daniel 
Xolus K 1'., Windsor sample 

81 O'Couiiur Mrs A., wid James 
Oeary Henry, clerk 

82 Uxley James, |jrinter 
Hit (jiroux Ariliur, clerk 

3 83i>Vliitelieud James, driver 

81 A'elsou Ucorge, police sergeant 

85 Lafricain Liliiu, polisher 
85iChaiiuu(l M., customs ollicer 

Coutaul Mrs. M., wid Joaepli, r 

86 Cartel Mis. Mary, wid Oeorge 

87 Daniel rierre, printer 
87ili6i'ard Ulis., primer 
b8 Idler VV. U., provision dealer 
89 I'uient Ju^eplll printer 

91 Munduy Jusepu O., murcliant 

92 I'ret'ouiiiiiie i., & (Jo , lumber 

93 'i'li6oret >.rs. Z,, wid U ., bdg hso 

96 W illai U Louis, agent U.'i'.it. 

97 Uuissonueau J. lite., joiner 
yj Kicliui'd Lou.s, engineer 

Here Dorcheuler st, intersects. 

101 I'ayotte J., grocer 
103 Lapierre Airs. Marie, wid L. 
lU Ayottu Jos., slioemaker 
Chevalier Narcisse, clerk 
>ormaudin Miss tl., milliner 
Yaluiuette J. UM., carter 
116 Uob> Joscpu, loaihur 
liet'ebvre u., clerk, r 
119 Desauiniurs Diouais L., advocate 
121 VVheelui Uiciiard iC, machinist 
I'm David Mrs. M., wid Louis 
125 tjassev'.lle Auolphe, natter 
127 (jrenier Euouard, tactor 
129 Lymburner C, grocer 

Here lioyer st. ends. 

131 Uomier F, \., masun 

Iiabeliu I'aui, shoemaker 
133 Uervuis Louis, joiner 

136 Uoberge Louis 
Aubin ijliiion, professor 

13l> Lepage L., of I'epiu & Lepage 

137 L^joie iMiss JVl, L., dressmaker 
St Aubin Mrs. T., wid i'lieodule 

138 Charpentier Theodore, tinsmith 
I'upiii & Lepage, contractors, r 

139 tjroleau Josepii, tiu:<mith 
Morisseau All'iod, painter, r 
Valaue Jos., barUer, r 

Ul I'hdrleu David, sh emaker 
143 Leroux Mrs. U., widC. U. 
Leroux Uourge, ulerk 
LetourneuK 11., bookkeeper 

147 Christln J,,soua water luau'flr 

148 I'epin lleiirl, ageui 
14U chi'lstiu Jos., n. Co., Boda water 
160 I'oplu L., uf I'eptn & Lepage 

151 f oulctte F61ix. machinist 

155 C'hristin Mrs. Marguerite, wid J. 

157 Male 1 oussaint, excise officer 

159 Fortiii Murcel, plumber 

I6U Ueaudry Kile, wood merchant 

161 Dorvai Isaac, Lialver 

162 Uroves Oen., juu., merchant 
103 Bernard Bernard 

Dauglish Uobert 
(iauthier U., bookbinder 
161 Ueid Jamts, manager 

165 Therrien Alphonse, jeweller 
Thorrien Ueorgn, jeweller 
Therrien Hector, clerk 

166 liagnou A., Hour merchant 

167 Wail 31iss Anna, school teacher 
169 Desroclies Alfred, jeweller 

17U L'adieux Lnuis, manager 

Cadieux L P., dental student 
Therrien Victor, clerk 

Here St. Catherine st. intersects. 

177 Hubert I'hilip, barber 

179 Lanioureux Alfred, carpenter 

181 yuevillon u. C. 

183 Cyr Miche., plasterer 

184 Benson Wiiliaiu, clerk 

185 Uroiidin Kdouard, joiner 

186 (iauthier Louis Jos., clerk 

187 Desormeau K. A., storeman 

Here I'icard lane ends. 

188 L'lleureux Joseph, clerk 

189 lurcot Aiiioiae, grocer 

190 .Muriu Damase, saddler 
Tremblay John, joiner 

191 Leclerc Fis., carter 
Uouelle David, clerk 

192 Maillct Kphrem, tailor 
(juilbault oilUt-rt, printer, r 
iiiruux Alp , leailier cutter, r 

193 H. ar.'iere T., shoemaker 
191 MaiUet Eplirem, l.iilor 

Beileuu inigon, printer 

196 Bleau U>ide, carter 

197 (jiaton F., blacksmith 

hii Daoust Maxiine, shoemaker 

Marion t!iUgeiie, notary 

Liibelle Nup., je .>ellor 

Lavij^ne iSap., joiner 
199 I'errault .uiss Lia, milliner 
2UU Liunontague J. B., grain dealer 

Lavigiie Adolphe, joiner, r 
201 Boivin Joscpn, laborer 
2U2 Lockhead David, bre >d driver 

Baziii huinond, laborer, r 
203 Ciiurbonneaa Joachim, tailor 
21M Denis Mrs. Marie, wid ^i. 
2U6 Depaiie J. Bte., upholsterer 

206 VVaisou (jeurgu, stonecutter 
Uouit iilie Tiieouore, clerk 
Trudeau 1'., sluitur 
iioucher Churtes, shoemaker 

207 (jTiivel Joseph 

2u9 Lauriault llormi^das, clerk 

210 Leve.?que David, coaohmau 
>ortiu Joseph 

211 Laurier liouiroi, printer 
213 Laporte .loseph, joiner 
2U Lapurte Magioire, grocer 

Here Miynonne st. intersects. 

216 Laporte Ulric, saloon 
2\'i Streineusky (aeo., cigar maker 
ijigouiu — , laborer, r 
Syive.-tre — , laborer, r 
210 Miller J, lite., shoemaker 
221 Beiiuvais Julien, masou 
223 ijeiiez Joseph, plasterer 

225 I'erreault Jos., slioiMuaker 

226 Williams (i., trader 
227iMoiiar(iue Joseph, bricklayer 
229 (iooley James, laborer 

Uagu6 UUbert, nUuumaker 

231 Scott David, trader 

233 Tichettti Mrs. F., wid V. • 
Latour A rs6ne, joiner 

Here Marie Louise av. ends. 

234 Lavigne Emery 

236 Mctirath Oeo., painter 
•JM Beaudet Alfred, copper 
24U Thatcher Mrs. Je>sie,.wid Jaa. 

241 Turgeoii /.., merchant' tailor 
I'aquette 1., joiner 

242 Mui' ai lane lUiss Elizabeth 
^43 Oadbois Mrs. O., wid J. Bte. 

Churtrand M ., contractor 
244 Cyr Dolphis, laborer 
246 Bai'uk Joseph, shoemaker 

246 Auii6 Mrs. E., wid H., trader 

247 Majur Octave, laborer 

248 Bc-lair Cans, engineer 

249 Lapoiute F. X., shoemaker 
Ueiiaud Uuisime, shoemaker 

250 Muriel Alex., butcher 
261 Lagasse Jos., laborer 

252 (jraitou Franyois, blacksmith 

263 Joly Arthur, storemuu 

JJere Hi. Emery st. ends. 

264 Vllleneuve Mar., shoemaker 
266 Levesque B., trader 
'.^56^Deiiatie Jean Bie., mason 
262) Charii'und Ch.4i'le», laborer 

266 Jutras Joseph, grocer 
26Ull'a4uetii/ Josepn, laborer 

2'j2 Kobidoux >irs. It., wid Michel 
26:^iJutras Joseph, grocer 

263 J albert Euouaru, grocer 

264 I'eltier Franyois, turner 
Z66 Uriiru Antoine, laborer 

267 Boucher i'lerre, laborer 

268 I'apiueau Joseph, plasterer 

269 Bessette Josepn, printer 
272 McKun Aiuoiiie, foreman 
274 Jauuard F., operator 

2i6 Huard Mis. Julie, wid Charles 
278 B. aucliamp Joseph, laborer 
2iJ Mercii Ed., & Co., mavliinists 
28U Viheiuuie tieorge, shoemaker 
^S2 Desroclies Jules li., shoemaker 
284 Major Narcisse, carter 
286 i»ojr Alex., oriver C.l'.ll. 
288 U^liuas Evarisie, shoemaker 
307 Vincent U., sculptor 
3U9 Dounelly James, trader 

Here Ontario st. iiitergects. 

339 Monk hon. S. C, judge Court of 
(Queen's Bench 
Monk Clis., bank clerk 
Monk James, bank clerk 
550 Jack (lames, of James Jack 
dc Co. 

SCHOOL HOUSE, formerly St 
ifhilippe lane, from lU St iTeliz 
west to 19 Mouutaiu, St Antoine 

2 Lewis Xavicr, moulder, r 
Cliarlebois Jean, carter, r 

3 Laplaute — 

6 ttt Ftillx school, It. C, sister St 

Alliert, supunoiess 
6 Tourangeuu Elie, joiner 
8 Ciuiniond Iranyois 1' , carter 
Leroux Joseph, blacksmith 

10 Marcil Jean, laborer 
Morrlsson Joseph, carter 

11 lessier Marclsse, quarry man, r 
Brunette Alphonse, luborer, r 
Utezer Joseph, travell.r, r 
CuutviUe Alphonse, sa wmaker, r , 

12 Laforce Michel, carter 
17 fulrler Molse, grocer 


it. 'it 









SEBASTOPOL, from the Grand 
Trnnk Machine sbopa, north to 
676 Wellington, St Ann ward 

30 Fartington John, ciiKlnecr 

82 Di'viiic Kdward, laburor 

84 IViry William, boilcrmaker 
86 Uate.i Williim, Li()ileriiiiik(>r 

83 FGurKiiii Felix I)., niacliiiilst 
Jioiiciiard tVrdiiiaiid, inacliiiiist 

42 KuUert^un Isaac, lalj ror 
44 Kitts( iiarlex, inachiiiist 

Kasicr William, laborer 
66 Bueliatiaii Malciilm,cti|i|iersmith 
68 Agiii'W William. co|iiii'riiiiiitti 
60 Wul-.t'i- Alfred, built'i'iiiaker 
64 Feiidi>r James, tiiiMiiith 
68 Foiler Uiuliard, engine driver 
70 Kail Airs ,wid 
76 Carter Joliii, litter 

78 Stalker Mrs. C, wid \Vm. 

82 Tattersall Albert, engineer 

84 Walton l^award, titter 

86 Wilkins Frank, mncliinist 

83 Tatter^all Thomas, laborer 

//t'ce h'avarti at. Iici/iiis. 

104 Clark^ James, laborer 
106 Letii rs James U., tinsmith 
110 Campbell Feter, litter 
124 Bishop Uobert, litter 
126 Ritchie Robert, boilerinaker 

SEIGNEURS, from Grand Trunk 
Bailway track north to near 
1161 Dorchester, St Ann and 
St Antoiae wards 

8 Muii iiy (jleo., engineer G.T.R. 
4 Ritchie John, fltu-r U.T.U. 
6 CaiMn Mrs. C, wid Uussell 
Drury rev. T L., t'liri.<tian 
Advent church 
6 Baiid loshua. turner ami litter 

8 Well Stephen, eiitfineer G.T.R. 

9 Clarl" Henry, shipper 
10 Chapiiian A., braueiiiuu Ci.T.R. 
13 Uow I'eter, cariM'nter 

<jow John, clerk 
UJFcase l{., brakeman (i.T.It. 
19 Hynes Wm., brakeman G.T.R. 
23 Kelly George, biitclier 
25 Mchwan A,, engineer G.T.K. 
27 Hostler Wm , conductor G.T.R. 
32 Ricliiiruson .Jos., storemun 

Here Mullms st. iii/er.iects. 

43 Delad-.iiiintaye David, conduc- 

tor G.T.K. 
GouiB;eoii Aiind, laborer 

Here G-ukI '/'runic sf. intersL'jfs, 

56 Poheney J., inspector 
58 Stewart' W'llliaiM, carter 
66 St Jein X^iviir, ..'lioemaker 

68 Lapoi le A., conductor G.T.R. 

69 Hatlier Kiimcis, carpenter 

70 Fraiioieiir : douuni, etigineer 
Lalumien' I'lerre, laboier, r 
Laluiiitere A'ltoiin. , briikeiaau, r 

71 BoufliilMcr S., blacksputh 
74 Bert >i !■ It. .1 , -h'^'-ri'^-.rr 

Here .iniiiiieurs laae emh. 

79 DaignatiH Alfieif, blacksmith 
Lap'inle l'"r6d(?rtc, piiinfor, r 

88 Kearns I'atrick, laborer 

84 Fitzserald J., brnsslinisher 

85 Marcotte Olivier, laborer 
'J3 McKvllla W. K., grocer 

94 Corboille <>., of Corbeille & Co. 

Here Centre St. intersects. 

Here Hicliard.ion lane bi-gini. 

104 Sylvestre Uouri, laborer 
lub Turner Geo., cabinetmaker 
IIU Itirou Jules, trader 
112 lludon Joseph, policeman 

Biron .N., brakeman G.T.R. 
114 liiiou Fran9ois, grocer 

Here liichardson at. intersects. 

119 Shearer& Uruwu, saw and plan- 
ing mills 
124 Brodeii Fatrick, laborer 
lliggins Thos., laborer, r 
126 bheehau Mrs., wid Fatrick 
130 SiO'itteCiiarles, blacksmith 
134 Legault Joseph, blackeinith 
138 Bougie >'uul, cariiageinuker 

Here Manufacturers st. begins. 

144 ChaputFliilippu, grocer 
160 Marcutte Joseph, laborer 
iiistiuu Moise, slorenian, r 
Uoyette Fierre, joiuer, r 
Leduc I'aul, savvlilei-, r 
Trudel i?raui,'Ois, lortiiian, r 
152 Vuuuieuwenhuyse lieuri, nail- 

Here LUtle Manufucturers st. begins 

Here St. Patrick st. intersects. 

172 Shearer J., doors, sashes, blind^ 
bhearer & Brown, Canal Saw 
and Flauiug mills 

Here Lachine canal intersects. 

191 Ogilvie A. W., & Co., Glenora 
J< luur mills 

210 Guilloyie Joseph, saloon 

205 Amiot Alexandre, ^hutlnlakcr 
Madden Theodore, mucliinist 

211 lialie Mrs. C, wid, grocery 

212 McUougall John, millwright 

Here William st. intersects. 

220 Bradford Mrs. Helen, wid Benj. 

221 Charelte U., saloon and wood 


222 Fellerin Antoine, millwright 
Donald James, miller 
Donald lliomas J., teacher 

223 Collerette (.'., wofd dealer 

224 Sawyer Maicisse, laborer 
Rourke John, carter 
Katon John, boilerinaker 
Wilkinson John, boilerinaker 
McKierney John, policeman 
Campbell Robert, iliiisher 
Rourke Alexander, carpenter 
Benny Harry, Unisuer 

226 Campbell Hugh, storeinau 
2^8 Brady 1 humas, clerk 
aiiO Chapman Henry, lockinaD 
234 Moore »Viliiaui, miller 
2aa smith Oliver, stoienian 
2.0 Clendiiiueug John, jirinter 
:j42 Cox vV illiam, varnlshniaker 
240 Giguure Alphon.^e, painter 
248 I'laiiagau I'atrick, saloon 

Flanagan C. J., clerk G.T.R. 
200 Fayelte Francois, cabinetmaker 
•M W'Uiam tieorge, saloon 

Here Payette st. begins. 

266 Tessler Joseph, carpenter 
208 Lefebvro Mr8. AdtWe, wid Jo8. 
Fayette Kdouard, hotclkeepur 

262 Kendall Jame< moulder 
2i4 Redman .lohn, laborer 
208 D.julund James, laborer 

270 <;<)nloii B-rnaMl, letter carrier 

271 Fire station Mo, 12, Johaeon 

Jlitchell, guardian 
275 Bowie Miss I. J. 
277 Kendall R., wheelwright 
279 Fellerin Isiuore. saloon 
283 I.aurierN., boots and shoes 
Kormand Joscpli. clem 

Here at Jmii-ph s/. intersects. 

291 Chardon Fiilix, tiiir-mith 
296 I'oupin Alphoiise, teacher 

Toup II '.'ruiiV'iis, sailor 
298 (^uiilan John, waiclimun 
3UU Jones John, laborer 

301 Daiisereau J rOoie. laborer 
Dansereau llercule, Joiner 
Dan.screaii ClOiuent, joiner 
Dansereau Caiiiiile, conl'ectionor 

3'i3 Lucioix l.,ouis, buker 

3»i t^uenneville .Mis. 1' ., wid Jos. 

3 7 I'errault JeriiniH, c mi traveller 

30i4 Campbell Thomas .1 , clerk 

311 Verboncuiur Doininiiiue, .slerk 

312 Legault S., of S. & J. Li^gault 

313 Cognac Andie. Joiner 
316 L,un^eviii J. li. clerk 

316 Legault S. & J ., iiiucksmlths 

317 Dalaiie Casiinii-, caniagemaker 

319 Lalondc Miv. A., wid Gabriel 
Legauit Octave, caner 

320 Leroux Mrs. T., wid Ferdinand 

321 Graliam Kdtvaid, lounder 
3.3 Gagiiou Ambi'oiM^ Joiner 
ail Buwick I iiuinas, biucksmitli 
828 Cedras Miss E., urussinaker 

Dioune Mrs, Muri<>, wid D. 

329 Serey Joseph, laborer 

330 Thivierge B., carpi'iiter 

331 Aynslty Wiiliaiu, maiblocutter 
Burns vV'illiani, machinist 

333 Couillai'd Alexandre, Joiner 
335 Macuiarmid .luiin, niillvvright 
330 Lainaicne iMlouard, biacluuitb 
o3i Guy J. B , bluckMiiith 
310 Imbleau Fierie, grocer 
34L Beausoleil F., ei.^^ij.eer 

342 1 oilier T., cart, r 

343 Bell Mrs. Jane, wid Jos. 

6lj LachanCi; Fier.e, sionecntter 

347 Be auger Tiieopliile, notary 
Muliii^re Mrs, .lanc, wiU M. 

348 Fessenuen Lliarlcs, ciui-lc 

349 DiCKsouKiuile, clerk 

360 Cauchoii Aui'^lie,i,superintendt 

Hour sheUn C .n,ii oince 
351 Faquettu Modusie, unginuer 

362 Logan Donald, sloieiiiau 

363 Chanebois .Ur-. a,, wid Moise, 

Luunauli iv, blacksmith 
355 Limoges Arcade, millwright 
;i60 atacy George, iiuil uiaiiulf 

367 I'luau Legei, jviiii r 

368 Coroiu F,, pat. csri; maker 

369 liair^ Jonn, laliorei' 
Foirier Mrs. F, X., wid 

300 Cailind Joiiii, loreiiian 

302 Lortie I'lerre, coiitraolor 

Here Lero.tjs at. hcgint. 

365 Dubrule Andr6 grocer 

370 Lefort Allicl /, c r 

371 Brunei .loseiili r., agent 

372 Lee Thomas, ciirtei- 

373 O'Leary Samuel, ialiorer 

374 B^langer Joseph, cabinetmaker 

376 Gareau L6011, biitoher 

377 B6luiiger Jean Jl., saildlor 
Chiouine Toii.ssaint, Joiuer 

878 Leroux Aiidrii, butcher 


oil P6telle Paul.labi 
^i Cbampoux J08.. 
•3!)4 Huggard John, f 
387 Champagne Sim< 
3^i9 Goueeon Antoine 
391 Benuf William, 

Here Foumier la 

•3!)5 Lamour«>ux Napt 
."'.•6 Hogden James, c 
SD7 Lauriault Mrs. M 
"98 McI.*od .James O 
399 Montpetit Isaie, I 
401 Bigaouette Charl 
405 Meagher .Michael 
M6 Bellinger F, X„j 

407 Hamilton Mrs. M 
Eaton Tlioniax. ji 

408 O'Leary Fatrick, 
¥fi .James, lab 
411 Lapierre August* 
41- Gil more Pierre, j( 
4 S Stacy Ktlian, nai 

414 Jones .John B., ei 

415 Carritire Mr.«. A., 
U9 Li>ngtia Andre, al 

Chartrand France 
Cyr Francis, joint 
Uollemure N.. sho 

//.T O'Leary ai 

Hitrij fl T.R. tract 

H,-i: Hourdon a 

422 Williams Stephen 

424 Montpetit A., but 
426 Huneanlt Franv'oi 

425 Lasobiinli'reTrefll 
4!-9 Gohier R., cirpen 
iU Murdock Joseph, 
432 Ji'ffery Arthur, st( 

Meunier Miss limr 
4.34 Chretien J. B.,lati 

Bowser Mrs. Fann 
4K Vauii.r I'hilt^as. gr 
43« Ritcliot Mathias, t 

//•■re St. Jtonavenlure 

444 Koileau L^on, groi 

Longtin Mi's R., d 

44'i Verriau Adolphe, 

4-50 Charbonnean F.,j 

Tlilbaudeau (>., pa 

4)2 .Maasou X., laborei 

I.,egris Octave, car 

456 Ureault I'lerre, car 

Chretien Thoiiiais, 

ij< Kinghorn A., more 

4'il Vanior J. Bfe., joi 

4')T Elliott William, au 

4'a Stafford .Mrs,, wicT 

47.3 liiroux F. O., druf 

47.5 Henthour.4 Tlmmat 

477 Thompson Jami>s, 1 

Vanier Louis, bird 

Vanier Severe, lal 

Lafoud Zotique, ca 

Hire Zarin av. i 

179 Giguire Mrs., wid 

4M Uuevillon Zotinue, 

Vall(!eMr9. M., wi 

li61anger Octave, ti 

Larin Paul, laborei 

4M Hart Frederick, pa 

4S6 Lapointe Frany lis, 

4S' (iiroux i-Muuard, b 

Demers Mrs. M., w 

<^ Ladouceurtiuillan 

430 Nerval James, boo 

m Trow N,Vhanlel, ei 

<04 Urant Duncan, pal 

♦''■j Koiting John, plas 








"U P«telle Paul, laborer 
^i Champoux Jos., music teacher 
S>ii Huggard John, fureinao 
347 Cbampague Simion, laborer 
SSd Goageon Antoine, mercliant 
391 Benny William, machlnir<t 

Hltb Fimmier lane begins. 

Z% Lamonr°ux N'apoWon, p'linter 
."1*6 Hogdi'n J^mcs, confectiotipr 
SS7 Lauriault Mrs. Marie, wid Jos. 
598 McI>>od James O, clerk U.i.R. 
."399 Montpetif Isaie, laborer 
401 Bigaouette Charles, driver 

405 Meairher Michael, driver 

406 B^liiiiKer F. X., joiner 

407 Uaiiiilt^in Mrs. Mary, widThos. 
Eaton Tliomax. joiner 

408 O'l-onry I'atrick, M.D. 
4'^)9 Barth .lames, laborer 

til Lapierre AuRuste. driver 
41- (jiilnioro Pierre, joiner 
4 S 8tacy Ktliun, nailer 
414 Jones .John B., engineer 
41') Cai'r!ure Mr>. A,, wid Adolphe 
U» I.ongtia Andre, shoemaker 
Cburtrand Francois, laborer, r 
Cyr Krancis, joiner, r 
KullcinarnN.. shoemaker, r 

//.')• O'Leary av. begins. 

Hcrt- fi T.R. track intersects. 

//.',•(,' Bourdon av. begins. 

ilZ Williams Stephen, grocer 

424 Montpetit A ., butcher 

426 Hunoaiilt Franv'i>is, engineer 

425 Lasobiiiii^reTreffl*, laborer, r 
4i9 Goliior It., carpenter 

431 Murdock Joseph, laborer 

432 JoiTery .\rthur, storeman 
Meunier Mil's lilmraa 

434 Chretien J. B., laborer 

Bowser Mrs. Fannie, wid R. 
iV> Vauii-r l'hil«>;i8. grocer 
438 Ritchot Mathias, butcher 

Ikn St. Honaventnre st. intcnectt 

444 Boileau L^on, grocor 

Longtin Mi's K., dressmaker 

441) Verrcau Adolphe, miller 

4.50 Charbonneati F., joiner 
Thibaudeau <»., paper carrier 

4J2 .Masiioii X., laborer 
I..egri3 Octave, carter 

456 Breault Pierre, carriagemaker 
Chretien Thomas, stonecutter 

VA Kinghoru A., memorialist 

4''il Vanier J. Bte., joiner 

4')7 Klliott William, agent 

4'iO Stafford .Mrs., wid 

47.Uiiroux P.O.. druggist 

47.5 Henthours Thomas, moulder 

1'7 TUompson James, bookkeeper 
Viinier Louis, blrcksmith, r 
Vanier Si?v6re, laborer, r 
Lafond Zotinue, carpenter, r 

Ktc Larin av. begins. 

179 Ciiguire Mrs., wid Olivier 
HI Uiievillon Zotique, carter 

\A\U;c Mrs. M.. wid 

lU'Iaiiger Octave, tinsmith 

Larin Paul, laborer 
4U Hart Frederick, painter 
4>!6 Lupoiiite Franv IIS, contractor 
4'*" Oiroux t^ktouard, bricklayer 

Uemers Mrs. M., wid Xavler 
<^ Ladoucour Uuillanme, Joiner 
4W Nerval James, bookkeeper 
492 Trow N.'\thaniel, engineer 
W (irant Duncan, painter 
V)5 Keating John, plasteror 

497 Ritchot Mathias, butcher 
499 Kvans Thomas, salesman 
504 Ransom Richard, of Ualrymple 

k Ransom 
506 Dalrymple James, of Dalrymple 

k Ransom 
i>07 McGillis Mrs. Eleanor, wid 
508 liennetkylo Mrs. Mary, wid A. 
£09 Donovan Mrs., wid 

510 Plane C larles E., com traveller 

511 Robertson W., cabinetmaker 

512 Beckham Robert, contractor 

513 Despatie Napolc^on, roofer 

514 Rowell Seneca P., teacher 

515 Wilson William, laborer, r 
518 Stone Joseph S., brasstinisher 
617 Maloiiey James, carter) r 

518 Br<>adoii Mrs. C., wid C. 

519 Pauze Edwin, painter 
5-20 Elliott Robert, clerk 
■Vil Darragh James, carter 
.522 Klliott E , clerk 
5'29 Hart William, printer 
5.37 Smith Robert, laborer 
ViS Hawkins 1'homa.s, gardener 
541 Kintle John, painter 
51ii Beaucliamp Louis, clerk 
545 Bogie David, plasterer 
553 Dwyer John, carriagemaker 

JJcre St. Antoine st. intersi-cts. 

571 Armstrong H., boot crimper 

573 Davidson D. S., clerk 

575 King 11., clerk 

577 McOarvey John, of Owen Mc- 
Oarvey & Son 

579 OavidsonThos., of Thos. David- 
son 4 Co. 

581 Robertson John, manager 

585 Scott John, bookkeeper 

587 TomkinsM. H., importer 

ijOO O'Brien William D., G.T.R. 
ticket agent 

630 Female home, Mrs, Thomas Mc- 
Williatn, matron 

//ire IJcrchester St. intersfictx. 

SEMINARY, from the Canal 
north to 164 McCord, St Ann 

1 Savage A., k Son, soap and oil 

40 Spellman Robert, laborer 

Deviiie Dennis, checker 
42 Carroll Thomas, laborer 
Taylor Patrick, laborer 
44 Dufly John, carter 

47 McGuire Bernard 
MeUuire John, carter, r 

48 Parent Miss Louise, dealer 
4!) Smith William, laborer 
51 Ryan P. W., laborer, r 
51]Conner8 James, laborer, r 
iJS FrancoEur A , shipcarpenter. r 

Ryan George, coachman, r 
68 Hums Michael, tailor 
70 Clarcy Michael, laborer 
'i McDonald Francis, laborer, r 
88 Ryan John, laborer, r 

Boucher William, r 
90 Kannon Mrs., wid P., r 

Halligan Martin, laborer, r 

O'Toole Michael, laborer, r 

Jones Mrs. M., wid R. 

SHANNON, from 207 Welling-f 
ton to 172 William, St Ann 

1 Lynch W. F., grocer 
10 Pttarsou John, watchman 
15 Morin Joseph, laborer 

Fitzpatrick Martin, laborer, r 

17 Perron Isaie, laborer 

Welsh Mrs. A., wid David, r 

19 Brazeau Joseph, carter 
Dunn William, laborer, r 

31 Leroy Thgophile, laborer 
23 Donville Wm., laborer 
25 Uoyle John, laborer 

Boas Mrs.. wid James, r 
31 Hill David, engineer 

83 Spiers Mrs. Mury, wid Robert 
35 HcCormick Robert, boilermakor 
37 Robertson Thomas, carter 
3tf Coleman William, laborer 
46 Norton William, tile cutler 

Norton Mrs. Eleanor, wid J., r 
48 LiggetJohn, storeman 

Lltimoru Robert, carter 
50 Henry Thomas, shoemaker 
52 Foley James, laborer, r 
54 Murphy I'homas, trader 
58 Brabant Moise, carter 

Beaudry Jean, laborer, r 
72 Cox John, tailor 

Colson Mrs. A., wid C. 

Dillon Mrs M., wid Thomas 
74 Costello Thomas, moulder 

Nolan Patrick laborer, r 
76 Monday Patrick 
78 Denaud Joseph, clerk 
80 Murphy Mrs. A., wid Patrick 

Here Ottawa st. intersects. 

82 Denaud Mrs. Joseph, milliner 

84 Maddigan Michael, grocer 
9l) McC'anny Richard, trader 

91 Perras J. O., baker 

92 Hanley John A., laborer 
Davey Peter, shoemaker, r 

93 Maddigan John, founder 

94 Millwood William, hatter 
Costello John, carpenter 
Costello Patrick, printer, r 

07 Murphy Michael, blacksmith 
98 Clooney Mrs., wid John 

101 Thompson John, carter 

102 McGuigan John, stevedore 
lirij nines Patrick, carter 

Cunningham John, carter 

103 Moran J.'imes, carter 

104 Hoylan Thomas, carter 
1041 McGuire Mrs. C, wid John 
106 Hart William, laborer 

Newraarch Lsaac, carter 
108 Dal} Mrs. Jane, wid Jarnvt- 

HJggins James, laborer, r 

Guy William, laborer, r 
114 Beutou Henry, laborer 
116 Kearney Thomas, laborer 
118 Boan John, laboret- 
120 Gordon (T., blacksmith 

Houston Miss E,, dressmaker 

Coiiliii Mrs. S., wid .lames, r 
122 Gordon John, blacksmith 

SHAW, from 236 St Mary, near 
Papineau sq, north to the City 
limita, St Mary ward 

10 Hands Mrs. B., wid Wra., grocery 

Here Craig st. inti.'rs.'.cts . 

16 Biscornais Joseph, carter 
13 I.,eonard Robt>rt, carpenter 

20 Cochrane Dennis, laborer 

23 Stone William, laborer 
Kirigea Steplien, trader 
O'Donnell Mrs. M., wid E. 

24 Doyle Jamea, laborer 

25 Foreman Alexander, storeman 

Hire LitgaucKetiitre »t. begins. 

27 AltimM Thomas, policeman 

28 llarnois Cyrilte,jail turnkeir 
2tt Miller John, police sergeant 







80 Champagne E. O., ODfinppr 
80j8t LouIr Uerciilft, piiginrer 

31 M illi-r Edward, policeiimD 

32 8lieppard Tlinmaf, c:(?rk 

83 McCormick Mrx. E., wld J. S 

34 Uarvev John, carter 

35 Thorn John, clerk 

36 Conway Thoinao, dork 

37 Cooper AHhIev, factory 
37^ Oaden Archibald, clerk 

Miller John, laborer 

39 KaKanlUrH. Kllei), wid TiiomaK 

40 <juinn IVter, laborer 
Dodd Kalph, policeman 

40^ Herdc Edward, driver 

41 Greeu Robert 

42 Achexou Albert, policeman 

48 Flanagan Mrs. Jane, wld rev. 

44 Pollock Robert W., watchman 
46 Lapens^e Charles, contractor 

Here Erie at. eruls. 

46i8ew.cll Mrn. DoRithCe, wid An- 
thony, dre8l^maker 
48 RobertHon Charles, bramflnisher 
51 Kneeland W. A., school teacher 

Here Dorchetter st. intersects. 

63 Scott Robert, carter 
67 Smith John, butcher 

Here Kent at. ends. 

84 Anckle Christopher 
Meehan Michael, carter, r 

88 Green ThoB., cuetous ollicer 

Here Shaw St. end.i. 
Here St. Catherine at, intersects. 

SHEBBROOKE, firom Parthenais 
weat to City limits, St Mary. 
St James, St Loais, St Lawrence 
and St Antoine wards 

Paradis Olivier, stableman 
Lilted Charles, laborer 
Archambeault Antoine, laborer 

Here Papineau road intersects. 

JacqueK Cartier Normal school, 
rev. A. H. Verreau, principal 

Vcrreau, rev. A Hospice, prin- 
cipal Jacques Cartier Normal 


Dronin Jeau Baptiste, guardian 
Here ) isitation st. ends. 
Here Beaudry st. ends. 
Here Montcalm st. endn. 
Here Wolfe at. ends. 
202 Robert Augustin, builder 
204 Breen Jolin, bank teller 
Breen Thomas £ , clerk 
208 Daily F. L. 

210 Labelle Jean Baptiste, merchant 
212 Roberts Wm., prop'r I'apiiieau 

Road Lime aiid Brick works 
214 Merrill Alex. L. C, merchauV 
Merrill Charles, clerk 
Merrill Alexander, clerk 

Here Amherst st. intersects. 

239 Taylor Edw. 8 , insurance agent 

Here Jacques Cartier st, ends. 

241 Dubamel Jorept., oi Duhamel, 
Pagnuelo & Rainvillu 

Here St. Andrt at. ends and 
Maple St. begins. 

Here St. Hubert st. endi. 

331 Dupny Loul8 

334 Lacroix Charles 
Lacroix E., ot Ilcney it Lacroix 

335 Uautliier Luuis, ol t^allaglier & 

.330 GtoflViou C. A., of Geoffriun, 
Riufret ii Uoriou 
Durion Sir A. A., chief Justice 
Court of (Jaeeu's beuch 
;i37 Rivnrd Severe, advocate, mayor 

ot Montreal 
i Laurent Mk. Anatholie, wid D. 

Here St. Denis st. intersects. 

383 Wonham W. ii., of H. Chap- 
man jt Co. 
Wouhaui Walter C, clerk 
386 I'insouneault Alfred 
•.m Uood p., of A. W. Hood & Son 
I 391 Smith Wm., clerk 
I Smith James, Bank of Montreal 
398 Say II. 

Loyer Vincent, caretaker 
406 Pensionnat de Saint I^ouis de 
Gonzague, soeur St Franyois 
de Sales, 8uperiore.<is 
406 Foster John, railroad contractor 
408 Kgau Mrs. A. M., wid John 
410 Jack Mrs. Gertrude, wid James 

Here Sanguinet st. ends. 

441 Hubert R. A. R., prothonotary 
St Julien Mrs. Ang^lique, wid A. 

Here Laval av. begins . 

444 Delisle Mrs. Ang61ine, wid A. 

UcLisie Nolan M., of Uvido Ste 
Marie & Co. 
447 Tuustall Mrs. E., wid James 
463 Buchanan Wm. O., estate agent 

Buchanan U. W., bookkeeper 

Buchanan R. H., of R. H. Bu- 
chNnan &, Co. 
456 Charlebols Antoine, of A. Char- 

lebois & Co. 
460 Harder Wm., general merchant 
476 Mitchell Robert, merchant 

Mitcliell James M., agent 
483 Elliot John, grocer 

Elliot William, clerk 

Elliot Walter, clerk 

Elliot Frank, clerk 

Here St. Constant st. ends and 
Clulietix St. begins. 

497 Whyte Joseph A., M.D. 
500 Good Shepherd convent, sister 
Marie de 8t Alphonse de Li- 
gori, superioress 
601 Dobbin Ciiarles B., cecretary 
Canadian Mauufrs' exchange 
603 Percival Wm., com traveller 
Fercival John, clerk 
Percival Joseph, com traveller 

Here St. Hypolitest. begins. 

Protestant Commissioners' echi, 
Alex. Pearson, M.A., princi- 
pal; John Speary, guardian 

Speary John, guardian Protes- 
tant Commidsiuueis' fclioul 

Here St. Duminiquo st. intcrsectx, 

526 MacLaren Mt.«. C, wid J. R. 

Muci.aren J. R., advocate 
526 Doucet Theodore, notary 
628 Mailer Terence J., steumfitler 

532 Doucet Henry, clerk G.T.R. 
Doucet Missed 

533 Taylor Robert, sen., brewer 
Taylor George 

6.33 Taylor Albert, clerk 
584 Hart R. A. B., of Theodore Hart 
tc Sons 
Hart Chs. T., of Theodore Hait 
k Sons 
6.36 Burland William B., M.D. 
Eraser Georgo 

Watt Alexander McTavi-h, Can- 
ada Tweed Co. 

Here St. Lawrence st. intrrmcts. 

637 Molson John, president Molsoii< 
Molsou J. W., of Victoria Straw 
567 Notman Wm., of Notman & 
Sherbrooke Street Methodist 
I church, rev. James Allen, 


Here St. Charles Borrorrue st. endt 

6P2 Mooney John H., wool raerclit 
671 Urydges Ciiarles J., land com- 
mis^ioner, Hudson Bay Jo. 

Here Upper St. Urbain st- begins. 

681 Bagg Mrs. C, wid Stanley C. 
Baxg R Stanley C, udvocate 

682 MacDougali G. C. of JlHCbcu- 
gall Bros. 

Here St. Urbain st. ■nrl.9. 

696 Wood Robert, of Wood & Evans 
600 Barnard Edmond, of Barnard, 
Monk Jlc Beauohamp 
Austin J. E., law student 
Austin Mrs. F., wid C. 
621 Watson J. C, of J. C. Watson 

& Co. 
623 Gilmour J. Y., of J. Y. Gilmour 

626 Mathewson James A., grocer 
Mathewson Sam., clerk 

627 Mullin M. C, proprietor Even- 
ing Post 

Mullin James E.,of J. E. Mullin 
& Co. 

629 Mullin Patrick, of J. E. Mullic 
& Co. 

Here St. Famille st. begins. 

630 Skaife Adam, of J. H. R. Mol- 
8on & Bros. 

6.31 Roy Rou' r, y.C., city attorney 
641 L(?claire Mrs. 8., wiu Frs. A. 

Here St. George at. ends and Mana 
St. begins. 

645 Smith W. Oliver 
660 Ritchie T. W., of Jtltchie t 
Ritchie W. F., of Ritchie t 

Ritchie C. W., Hudcon Bay Co. 
6621Brocklebank Mrs. A., wid Jobo 
664 Hood Andrew W., of A. W. 

Hood & Sou 

668 Ewing Wm., sen,, inipectfr 

North British and Mercantile 

Insurance Co. , 

Ewing W..jun., of Ewing Bros. 

677 Lunn Wm., hoii. tieas. I'rotes- 

tant School comniisriouers 

Lunn A. H., of Lunn & Cramp 

Here Bteury st. intersects. 

I 692 Home Georgo, stationer 

IJorue Henry, clerk 
I 694 Holland R. Henry, of R. linrj 

Holland <fc Co. 
I ]i win W. U., clerk 



9 Crathern Jas., 
702 Holmes Wiss 
I'aiii Miss 
Holmes AugU!<ti 
704 David .Moses E. 
David K. .M. 

706 Anderson Mrs. j 

707 Campbell (ioora 

708 CasHcIs Robert, 
Cassels Charles, 

710 Kvans Edwin 

712 Nicholson Koliei 

Nicholson .John 

714 Lesser .M .ofLes 

718 Mussen Thos.,d 

MuHsen Henry {> 

Mussen Fred., ii 

724 I'roctor ClH. D., 

726 Davidson J., .sen 
Davidson John, 
Davidson .lames 

727 Dalglish Robert 

729 Sills Wm. Heriit 

730 Thomas F. Wolf 

Molsons bunk 

731 Bagg Mrs. A., w 
Shackell Henry, 

732 Bacon lleut.-col. 

Bacon Thomas 1 
Birch Frank, of 

& Co. 

733 Gibb George E., 

Jlere Durocher 

734 Tumor Miss, ser 

paratory class 

735 W hyte James, ' 

colonization ai 

736 Evans W. C, b( 

Here City Counci 

738 Kirkwood J. R. 
741 Molson A., of A, 
743 Hall Mrs. Maria 

745 Tubby Miss Catl 

746 Mailer Charles, 
Haher Mrs. Crs 

747 Thompson Mrs. 
Thompson J. H. 
Thompson VV. J 

748 MacDunuld.Mrs. 
Mac Donald Clia 

ble works 

Here /tylmer 

749 Short U.,engin( 
Short J. A., clei 
Short cant. Joli 
Short William I 

751 Lomcr (ierrett. 

Here Shuter t 

752 Young John M. 

763 liciiiiy James, 

& Co. 
Benny Robert, 
ptierson & Co 

Here Union 

757 Uuntin A , of A 

764 Wood O. S. 
766 MeeJier Cornelii 

Meeker J R., bi 

770 Scath Alex., le 

787 MacUougall D. 

Dougall & Da 

(91 Ives Hubert R 

& Co. 
793 Learmont Mrs. 
Lcarmont Win. 
(95 liUiu Joseph, ju; 



'heodorc Uart 
beudore Hurt 
3., M.D. 

t. inUrmcts. 

idcut Molson^ 

.Victoria Straw 

1' Notinan k 

n Meiliodiyt 
lames Allen, 

'omiie at. ends 

, wool miTclit 
J., land corn- 
on Bay Jo, 

lin St. heyins. 

I Stanlpy C. 
C, advocate 
., of MkcDou- 

si. •ruin. 

(Vood & Evans 

I, of Baruard, 



id U. 

J. C. Watson 

'J. Y. Gilmour 

■8 A., grocer 
, clerk 
uprietor Even- 

of J.E.Mullin 

Df J. E. Mullin 

; St. begins. 
J.H.R. Mol- 

, city attorney 
wid trs. X. 

nds Mid Mana 

of Itltcliie i 

of Ritchie k 

udcon Bay Co. 
a. A., wid John 
W., of A. W. 

ien„ iiuppctiT 
and Mercautilt' 

of Ewiujr Bros. 
1. tiean. I'rotei- 
Luun & Cramp | 




ry, of K. 11^7 









9 Cratlicrn .las., 
702 Hulmt's Vlidg 
I'aiil Mi!i8 

ilolincx Aujfusf us, bookkeeper 
704 David Mo8eK E. 
David K. M. 

706 AndorHon iMr». Ann, wid T 

707 Campbell (ieorRo W., M.D. 

708 Cas8el8 Kolj«>rt, broker 
Cawnols C'liarles, bank clerk 

710 Evans Edwin 

71Si Nicliolson Koliert, butcher 
Nicholson John K., clerk 

714 Lesser M .of Lesser & Werlhoim 

718 Mussen ThoB., dry goods merclit 
Mussen Henry S., clerk 
Mussen Ered., insurance clerk 

724 rpictor Clis. D., liop merchant 

725 Davidson J., .son., Ontario bank 
Davidson John, jun., clerk 
Davidson .lames, clerk 

727 Dalglish Robert, wine merchant 

729 Sills Wm. Horiiard, F.R.G.S. 

730 Yhomas F. Wolferstan, manager 

Molsons bunk 

731 Bagg Mrs. A., wid Abner 
Shackell Henry, agent 

732 Bacon lieut.-col. Thos., brigade- 

Bacon Thomas P., bookkeeper 
Birch Frank, of Winning, Burch 

& Co. 

733 Gibb George E., bank clerk 

Here Durocher st. begins. 

734 Turner Miss, seminary and pre- 

paratory class tor little boys 

735 Wliyte James, (arm, land and 

colonization agent 

736 Evans W. C, boiler compound 

Here City Councillors st. ends. 

738 Kirkwood J. R., com merchant 
741 Molson A., of A, Molson & Co. 
743 Hall Mrs. Maria, wid Joseph N. 

745 Tubby Miss Catherine 

746 Maher Charles, bookkeeper 
Mailer Mrs. llrsule, wid OttoH. 

747 Thompson Mrs. James 
Thompson J. ii. 
Thompson W. J., .manager 

748 MacDonuld Mrs., wid John E. A. 
MacDonald Charles, Union Mar- 
ble works 

Here Ay/mer st. ends. 

749 Short U., engineer 
Short J. A., clerk 
Short cHpt. Jolin 
Short William H. 

751 Lomer Gerrett, manager 

Here Sliuter st. begins. 

752 Young John M., general mercht 

753 Benny James, of I'eck, Benny 

& Co. 
Benny Robert, of Benny, Mac- 
pherson & Co. 


Here Union an. ends. 

757 Uuntin A , of A. Buntin & 

764 Wood O. S. 

766 MeeJier Cornelius J., broker 

Meeker J R., broker 
"70 Scath Alex., leather merchant 
787 MacUougall D. Lorn, of Mac- 

Dougull & Davidson 
791 Ives Hubert R., of H. R. Ives 

& Co. 
793 Learmont Mrs. Eliza, wid Wm. 
Learmont Win. J., bookkeeper 
795 Titllu Jo8eph,Juu., of TilUn Bros. 

of Crathern & i Here University st. intersects. 

I 799 Workman Thomas, ofFrothing- 
I ham & Workman 

802 Stirling John, of Stirling, Mc- 
Call & Co. 

Here Victorid st. ends. 

803 McGill university 
Dawson J. W., LL D.. F.U.S., 

F.G.8., principal McGill uni- 

Daw-oii W. B., civil engineer 

Medical Faculty, Upper univer- 
sity, secretary's otlicc, east 
wing McGill college 

McLeod C. H., Ma. E., director 
McGill College observatory 

Baynes W C, H.A , secretary, 
registrar and bursar 

Bavnos O'Hara, B.C.L., of Grif- 
tin ife Baynes east wing Mc- 
Gill university 

Baynes E. A., B.C.L., managi'r 
Canadian Dist. Telegraidi Co 

Herbert John, guardian McGill 
College grounds 

Hamilton Robert, janitor 

Bell Thomas D,, of Duncan Bell 
818 Pillow John A., of Pillow, Her- 

sey & Co. 
820 Whitney N. S., of Whitney, 
Wirdlow & Co. 

Whitney ,1. E. M., of Whitney, 
Wardlow & Co. 
822 Masson I>ouis 

844 Watson Mrs. Robert, ladies' day 
and boarding school 

Watson Robert 

Here McGill College av. ends. 

856 Robertson J. .Canada Saw works 
858 Inglis Jas., meicliant 
Inglis Mrs. A., wid James 
! 860 Evans T. W., of Evans Bros. 
862 Evans John E., of Evans Bros. 

Here Mansfield st. ends. 

864 Drummond George A., of John 

Redputb & Sou 
873 Joseph Jesse, Belgian consul 

Here McTavish st. bet/Ins and Met- 
calfe St. ends. 

887 Molson J. T. 

S8!> Coghlin Itoriiard J., hardware 

891 McDonald W. C, tobacco mfr 

McDonald Miss Helen 
895 Mackenzie John G., of J. G. 
Mackenzie & Co. 
Mackenzie Fred. 
Mackenzie Win. E., of J. G. 
Mackenzie & Co. 

897 Allan J. S., with H. k A. Allan 

898 Stephen F , of F. Stephen & Co. 

899 Mackenzie Hector, of J. G. 
Mackenzie & Co. 

902 Waddell S., oi S. Waddcll & Co. 

903 Mercer Mrs. Mary W., wid Isaac, 
ladies' school 

Meicer George, clerk 

Here Peel st. intersects. 

904 MacDonald hon. U. A. 
9C'5 I'aterson Alex. T., of Gille«pie, 

Moffatt & Co. 
907 Stimson Charles, of CassiU, 

Stiinson & Co. 
909 Gillespie James A., of Gillespie, 

Moilatt & Co. 
911 Hamilton Robert C. 
916 Abbott John Bethune, B.C.L., 

of Abbott, Talt, Wotherspoon 

& Abbotts 

Abbott hon. J. J. C , of Abbott, 
Tait, Wotherspoon k Abboits 

Here Stanley it. intersecta. 
917 Hamilton hon. .lohn 
956 Fisher Arthur, .M.D. 

Fisher Osward, advocate 
968 Holland Mrs, Elizsheth, wid P. 
Uol. and Charles, of James Hut- 
ton ft Co. 
Holland William A,, of Winn & 
960 Sache Wm., stock broker 
964 Semple J. H., wholesale grocer 

Here Drummond st. intersects. 

970 Lyall Henry J., McTsvish schoo' 

992 Patou Hugh, pres. Shedden Co- 

Here Mountnin st. ends and Heii 
path av. teg ins. 

993 RedpathMrs. J. 
Redpath W. W. 

Bowden Htury, lodgekicper 

994 Lindsay Robert A., chief ac- 

countant Blink of Montreal 

995 Gault A. F., of (iault Itrothers 

996 aioss Hiam D., of S., H. & 

998 Cassills A. M. 

1018 Hutton Jas., hardware mercht 
1023 Lawford Mrs. A. S., wid Fred. 

Lowe Mrs. (irace. wid C. A. 
1025 Moat Robert, of R. A J. Moat 

Here Ontario av. begins. 
1043 llolton Mrs. E.,wid hon. L. H. 

Learmont Joseph, hardware 
1046 Montreal Lacrosse clubgrounds. 
1069 Mackay Jos., of Markay Bros. 

Mackay Ed., of Mackay Bros. 

Here Kedpath st. begins. 

1065 Redpath John J. 
1094 Mackay hon. Robt., judge S. C. 
Here Mackay st. ends. 

1125 Linton James, of Linton & Co.. 
Linton Albert J., clerk 
Sharpe C. S. clerk 

Here Simpson st. begitis. 

1127 Simpson Mrs. C, wid Alex. 

Here Guy st. ends and cote def. 
Neiges road begins. 

1128 Kemp George 

1132 Oliver R. S.,of R.S.Oliver A Co.. 
1134 Ramsay R. A., advocate 
1136 (iordon Jamm, sen., broker 

Handy Sid N.J. 
1138 Gordon James A , of J. Alex.. 

Gordon & Co. 
1140 Paul Frank, of Belding, Paul 

& Co. 
1142 Davidson I^oH.,MA.,BC.L., 

of Davidson & Gushing 
1144 Kott John F., of Nott ft Co, 
1146 Kirby Philip, clerk G.T.R. 
Kirby Joseph, advocate 

Here St. Matthew st. ends. 
1178 Johnston James, sen., of James 
Johnston & Co. 

Here St. Mark st. ends. 

1181 College de Montreal, rev. P. 
Deguire, director 
Beauchemin Isafe, janitor 
Dorais Jean B., doorkeener 
1197 Grand S#iuinaire des Ecci^eiaft 
ques, rev. L. Colin, director 
Leduo Clement, gardener 
Bergeron Autoiue, farmer 





St ale 


SSUTER, from 751 Sherbrooke 
north to 14 Prince Arthur, St 
Antoine ward 

17 Lappin Mis,« Jano 

18 McLean Jamec, morclinnt 

19 Duncan A. E.. M.A., B.C'.L., 

profpssor Hi)rh school 
21 Oiigood C. N. D., broktr 
Ofgood MiHji M. L. 
Osgood A. W. 
Curaminea Mrs. E.M., wid J.W. 

23 Unas , M.U. 
Miller John 

24 Doran William, accountant 

25 C'airng William, boolckoepcr 
27 Kwing Alexander, clerk 

Appleton Mrs. T., wid T. 
29 Bryson Mrs. Ann, wid A. 
31 McBean (jeo., produce merchant 

Mcltean George, c'erk 
33 DeLaet A., merchant 

36 Kvang F. W., of Wood & Evans 

37 Christie Mrs. M. A., wid P. M. 
Thompson Edward 

39 Archibald Edward, clerk 

40 Downs Henry, bookkeejer 
K'ntoul And.,i»spector Imperiul 

f le Im. Co. 

Ikre Milton it. brr/ins. 

>H CtlT.n Trestram, accountant 
Uuebec bank 
Coffin Mrs. M., wid col. W. V. 
113 Gordon J. C, of J. C. Gordon 

& C K 

120 Soatb Robert, of Robert Seath 

& Sons 
Seath Wm., of K. Seath & Sons 

121 Blachford Wm. U., bookkeeper 

122 Terrill V. W., advocate 

123 Roberts George, bricklayer 
126 McGuire Miss Mary Ann 

126 Miller Henry, contractor 

127 McDonald Jas., com traveller 

129 Taylor Homer, ot John Taylor & 


130 rinsonneault A.R., clerk Q.M. 

O. li. 0. R. R. 

131 Jack Andrew, of Ames, Holden 

& (Jo. 

132 Seath David, of J.ajoie, I'errault 

& Seath 
1.34 Bourne Adolphus 
135 Tatley Wm., ol Gault & Tatley 
138 McKeown Riulmrd, contractor 

SIMPSON, north from n^^ar 1094 
Sherbrooke. St Antoine ward 

m Smith William 

r-A Gllligan Martin, gardener 

y^ Mitcliell Alex. 

84 Starke George K. 

Starke George, U.. bnokkcenpr 
587 Ogilvie W. W.,of A. W. Ogllvie 

& Co. 
100 Beard Samuel W., of S. W. 
lltjard & Co. 
Campbell Franclr^, gardener 

SMITH, from 46 Colborne west 
to 41 MoCord, St Ann ward 

1 Green E., grocer 

2 Howley James, cooper 
llowlcy Daniel, coopi-r 

4 Smith John, laborer 

Kavaniigh Peter, grocer 
7 Hearu John, machinist 
9 Spearman Johi', nonstabU- 
11 Kelly Dennif., Ivoorer 

Uyan ,rohn, laborer 
13 McfJui.-!< Mrs. A.. wId Jamci 

15 McCarthy Charles, laborer 
17 Sinnot Jeremiah, laborer 
19 McNamara Patrick, founder 

Quinn Thomas, carter 
21 Gahan Maurice, laborer 

(iahaii Dennis, laborer 
23 Moffiitt P., rivet maker 

Thomas Mrs. J., wid John 
25 McG ruder B., laborer 

McCrea Patrick, laborer 
27 O'Connor Michael, grocer 

Here Young st. intersects. 

30 Smart E., laborer 
Daley Georfre, laborer 
Matthews Richard, soapmaker 
Bergin Mrs. Mary, wid W. 
Kergin Patrick, laborer 
Prevost Joseph, carter 
Noi'l Louis, laborer 

40 Gallagher Miss BI. 

Here Murray ft. interacts. 

Campbell Richard, laborer 
Sullivan Mrs. Ellen, wid John 

SPIERS LANE, off 102 Prince, St 

Ann ward 

2 Laurent Jos., brakeman G.T.R. 
6 Brown George, laborer 

ST ADOLPHTIS,from 294 St Mary 
north to 38 Laganohetiere, St | 
Mary ward | 

9 Doyle John, laborer 1 

11 Doyle William, laborer I 

Here Craig sf. intersects. 

19 St Martin Jos., butcher 

20 Labont^ I^ouig, carpenter 
Sjjears Thomas, pipemakcr 
\ orreau Pierre, carpenter, r 

21 L<:'vcsque Henri, carter 

22 Romnln Alnhouso. laborer 
Pellt'tier Isidore, laborer, r 

23 liynn Andrew, driver 
23iTrudel Fram ols, tailor 

Surprenant Kap., contractor 

24 Corsin Alexis, joiner 
Foster Alex., carter, r 
(iari^py Israel, laborer, r 
Hall Robert, lalwrer, r 
Boon David, laborer 

25 Donohue John, laborer 
2H Cavanagh Francis, mu^on 

llariiell Thomas, laborer 
27 Surprenant Moi'se, contractor 
2ti .Martiueau AltVod, laborer 

ST AGNES, off 6 Farm, Point St 
Charles, St Ann ward 

3 McCarthy Dennis, grocer 
11 Pullam Josonh, carter 
13 Balsac Antotno, blacksmith 
2.''> Burns Patrick, engineer 
27 Mulling M., boilermaker G.T.R. 
29 Noonan James, Joiner 

ST ALBERT, from Island west 
to Ropery. Being outside City 
limits, names will be found in 
Alphabetical order in Village of 
St Qabriel 

ST ALEXANDER, from 713 
Craig north to 47 Mayor, divid- 
ing St Antoine and St Lawrence 

1 Drugon Mrs. Ji\., wid .lohn 
o Cromack M. H., foreman 

3 Lander E. G., paints? 
5 Brock Mrs. E., wid William 
7 Rodden Patrick, moulder 
Anderson Robert 
Anderson Thomas, clerk 
Anderson R., jun., bookkeeper 
Anderson William, clerk 
Anderson Edward, clerk 
9 Cunningham John, stevedore 
Demers Louis Eug., tailor 

11 'liglie .J , auctioneer ft com mi>r 
McDonald Will., engineer 

13 Emerson B., carpenter 

Salt Mrs. Marv, wid Edward 

15 Gavin Michael, carriagemaker 

17 Lalibert* OvlJe, printer 
AVliitney Frs., slioemaker 

19 Wade John, waiter 
Cullen John, gasfltter 
Howard B., clerk 
McGannon John, gasfltter 
Myers — , painter 
Moise M , furrier 

21 Ouayla William, painter 

21 's F oote Jos., collector and agent 
Baldwin Alfred, furrier 

23 liieferdort Frederick, clerk 

26 HannaMrs. M., wid W. 

27 Currie William, carpenter 

28 Kearney Bernard, shoemaker 

29 Gould Jameg, painter 
29jQuinn Joseph, fruits 

Here Jurors si. inteniv/.t. 

•30 Morton Mr? Ann, wid James 

31 Cockburn William, machinr^t 

32 Colmar Ernest, machinist 

33 Carroll Daniel, carter 

34 Tuit Charles, storeman 
Cullingan .Tames, laborer 
Ryan William, laborer 

35 Agnew William, fiirniture 

30 Farrell Mrs. C, wid John 
Curnail Caleb, shoemaker 
Af uran Michael, plasterer, r 
ItlythiTohn, silversmith, r 
Conway James, waiter, r 
Doyle .Tohn, waiter, r 

37 Payne George, clerk 
37iGoldl)org G., furrier 

38 Carroll Mrs. M., wid I'. 
Barlow Mrs. Louisa, wid H, r 
Talbot James, Ip'>oror, r 
Thompson Jam .' S., laborer; r 
Sims James, laborer, r 

39 Meehan BIrs. U., wid .Tohn 
>39iLawlor John, stevedore 

40 Robinson Mrs. Mary, wid •Tnmo 

41 Weldon Mrs. Mary, shirt mfr 
Drnry Mrs. Mary, wid Owen 

42 Richardson Wm., prof of gym- 

42 Bolan Wm., porter St Lawrence 
Blurphy Edw'd, porter St Law- 
rence hall 

44 Cole Miss F., dressmaker 

45 Carroll Mrs. A., wid M. .1., bd; 

Brady FMward 

46 Webstei' ,Tohn, collector 
Young Mrs. E., wid Georgti 
Harper James, baker 

47 Gallagher James, waiter 

48 Hannay Thomas, tailor 
Hannay Miss K., dressmaker 

49 Sullivan John H., shoemaker 

50 Webster George, bookbinder 
M Voung Robert, caretaker 

Hire Lagnunhetare it. inlirsccts- 

50 MacdonellC. A., marble work* 
63 t ord Lawrence, coacbmau 
05 Gordon Mm, U., wid James 

St ale 

l>9 Montreal Express 
, * Kimball, pro| 
/I Maopherson Jamc 
Q. M. O. fc O. B 
73 Hilton William, c 
Hilton James, boo 
_ Hilton John, clerl 
(5 Drew Everett, wai 
7( Corriveau Albert, 

Here St, Germain 

79 St Patrick's school, 

of Notre Dame, 
„^ ^I't?*'' superioress 

80 St Patrick's churcli 

Dowd, parish pr 
>9 Birtz Mrs. Lucie; « 
«1 Kneen John, shoe 
y2 St Patrick's house 
Dowd rev. P., pari 
Singer rev. J. A. 
i'eclaire r.v. L. W 
Callaghan rev. M. 
Macdonald rev. Ro 
Bray rev. J. D. 

Here St. Bernard 

KJ lonea Mrs. J., i 
mugio teacher 
Innes J. Alfred, bo 
Cornfnrth Chs., cle 

95 Kollmyer Mrs. R., i 
Kollmyer A. Henry 

Here Dorchester st. i 

X MoBride Mrs. M. J. 

McBride John, com 

!•' McMahon Bernard, 

i'S Macfarlano W. 8., a 

;>9 Gleason Edwurd, lal 

M Ferrier hon. James, 

Torrance .L,ofD. To 

101 Boyle John T.,prln 

102 Lang rev. Gavin, 

Andrew's church 

10.3 Cook Frank, agent 
104 Starnes hon. ifenry 
m Ewan J., of Wra. t 

Here St. Edward j 

)>f>. Somerville D., carpi 


110 Anderson William, 
ll.J Valentine Mrs E.,. 


Ihre St. Cntfurine .v. 

115 Tassle Mrs. J., wid ,1 

119 Honey Charles E., « 

Honey Mrs. C. E., di 

I.^veB<jue George, co 

Benuini Eulsto, wail 

1.1 Cliarbonncau l^ouis 

wr Hold Jamw M„ boot 

Held John T., marbl 

129 Smith Mrs. .Tane, wi 

, „ F?*" *"*" Margaret 

111 fsimpson C. G. C.,ci' 

and patent sollcito 

Ikre Alexander Place 

lil Cheokley .lonns, cob( 

ifo I'owor Wm. FMwani 

& Dawson 

lieynoUls James, stor 

HI Corley Mm, M., wid . 

I ST ALEXIS, from 44 
ment north to 390 N( 
Wsst ward 

9 Mackenzie, Powls & ( 
IKratlieru & Caveihill 









& com mor 










and agpiit 
[, deck 


id Jamo^ 










torpr, r 

lith, r 

;cr, r 

widH ,r 
sr, r 

IttborpF; r 


i .Tolin 

wid Jnmci 
slilrt mfr 
Id Oweu 
rof of g) m- 

it Lawrenci.' 

ter St Liiw- 

M..I., Mg 









arblc worl« 
I ilamoi 

St ale 




St and 


(i9 Montreal Kxpre88 Co., Benham 

& Kimball, proprietors 
71 Maopheraon James, storekeeper 

Q.M.O. &0. K. R. 
73 Hilton William, clerk 
Hilton James, bookkcoper 
Hilton John, dork 

76 Drew Everett, warehouseman 

77 Corriveau Albert J., silk mflr 

Here SI, Germain sf, ends. 

79 St Patrick's school,Congregation 

of Notre Dame, sister St Wil- 
fred, siiperinress 

80 St Patrick's church.R.C, rev. P. 

Dowd, parish priest 
.S9 Birtz Mrs. Lucie, wid Aug. 
91 Kneen John, shoemaker 
'J2 St Patrick's house 

Dowd rev. P., parish priest 

Singer rev. J. A. 

i^eclaire r;v. I,. W. 

Callaghan rev. M. 

Macdonald rev. Uonald B. 

Bray rev. J. D. 

Here St. Bernard at. ends. 

1'3 Innea Mrs. J,, v?ld George, 
music teacher 

Innes J. Alfred, bookkeeper 

Cornforth Chs., clerk 
95 Kollmyer Mrs. R., wid Henry 

Kollmyer A. Henry, M.D. 

Here Dorchester st. intTSects, 
% McBride Mrs. M. J., wid Wm. 

McBride John, com traveller 
!I7 McMahon Bernard, shoemaker 
98 Macfarlano W. S., agent 
l>9 Gleason Edwurd, laborer 
liH) Ferriur hon. James, senator 

Torrance J., of 1>. Torrance & Co. 
I'Jl Boyle John T., printer 
K'2 Lang rev. Gavin, minister St 

Andrew's church, Church oi 

103 Cook Frank, agent 
I>)4 8tarnes hon. ifenry 
liW Kwan J., of Wm, Ewau & Son 

Here St. Edward at. ««</.«. 
)0* Somervillo U., carpenter 

Lacruiz EtiiMine, join-r 
no Anderson William, laborer 
113 Valentine Mrs E., wid F. W., 

/Are St. Vatluriue »r. inti-rsi:cts. 

115 Tassie Mrs. J., wid .Tohn 

119 lluney Clinrles E., gilder 
Honey Mis. C. E,, drc^^smaker 
l^vesiiue George, coachman, r 
Uunuini Eiiisto, waiter, r 

I'il (.'harbonncnu i^ouis F. 

127 Kold James ,U,, bookkee|>er 
Ufid Joliii r., marblooutler 

I2'J Smith Mrs. Jane, wid E. D. 
Tute Miss Margaret 

131 Simpson C. G. C, civil engineer 
and patent solicitor 

Here Alexandfr Place (eatla off. 
1)1 Checklev Jonas, coachman, r 
Ifo Power Wm, Edward, of J'owor 
& Dawson 
Ut'ynolds ,|ames, storenittn 
UlCorley Mrs. M.wid J. 

1 8T ALEXIS, from 44 St Sacra- 
ment north to 390 Notre Dame, 
WtBt ward 

9 Mackenzie, Powls k Co., tea« 
n Crftilicrij & Cuvei hill, hardware 

12 Pillow, Bersey fc Co., naila 
11 May Thos., & Co., straw goods 

Here Hospital at. intertecta. 

SI ALEXIS, west from 69 Su- 
zanne, St Mary ward 

9 Lacliapelle Miss L., dressmaker 

11 Provost Louis, stonecutter 
14 Malo Eusta^he, laborer 

16 Flynn Wm., carpenter 

18 Lussier Charles, laborer 

20 Deery Joseph, laborer 

ST ALPHONSE, off 133 Dorches- 
ter, between Haisonneuve and 
Plessis to 420 St Catherine St 
Mary ward 

1 Emond J. Bte., turnkey 
Emond J. L., architect 
2^Duval J. Bte., laborer 
4 Waldon Thomas, laborer 

6 Cyuihot Ullric, joiner 

7 Boissy Mrs. P., wid Alphonse 

Here Sydenliam lane ends. 

12 Barrette Joseph, printer 

17 Goyette Mrs. E., wid Nap. 
Savard Mrs. 

19 I'rovost Joseph, laborer 

21 Complaisant Joseph, laborer 
I'attenaude Joseph, carter 

23 Ucscliantal Napoldon, laborer 
Masson Thomas, laborer 

29 Gervais Damase, coachman 
Vaillant L6on, carter 

31 Lahaise Joseph, sen., shoemaker 

Here St. hose si. ends. 

41 Jobin Chas., laborer 
43 Cusson 2(>phirin, carter 
49 Kacette Louis, carter 
65 Scanian Edward, laliorer 

liivard Mrs. L., wid Joseph 
56 Cossi Amable. Joiner 

Miron Uusithue, shoemaker 
58 (Jharbonneau Th^odule, cooper 

60 Juneau Kdmond, shoemaker 

Pliaro'i Antotne, laborer 
62 Perrault Edouard, shoemaker 

Juneau Eust^be, shoemaker 

B^lair Jean Kaptiste, laborer 

ST AMABLE, from> 18 Jacques 
Cartier sq west to 12 St Vin- 
cent, East ward 

1 Larue Mngloire, tai'or 
4 Grutton Chas., tobacconist 
AiGiriird Jaci}ues, painter 
"jCrossan G. W., saloon 

8 UubordA., & ('ie, tobacco mnfrs 

9 DoralsTh6odore, clerk 
13 I'oullot George, tailor 

Lortie F. X., saddler 

ST ANDRE, from 249 Dorches- 
ter north to 265 Sherbrooke, 
St James ward 

7 lliohard Joseph, butcher 

13 St Jean Tlios.,ai'Ctiuiitinit n^sist- 

unt receiver geMeral's olllci' 

14 Mercier JomjiIi, J ijinr 

15 Cusson Narc[sf.e, Icltei carrier 
Kivet Clodouiir, clerk 

Ste .Marli L.C. A.,e.\i'lseo!ViCor 
19 Itabut Kniili', barkeeper 

21 Deeaiarais L. N., barber 

Maurice Calixte, undertaker, r 
Lepage Chs., chiua ware, r 
Tocco F61ix, clerk, r 

Here Louis HypoUte at. commeTues. 

23 Rlgney Michael 

Rigney Jeremiah, clerk 
Rigney P , clerk . if 

26 Brown Jas. A. 

29 Ringuette Louis, grocer . 

Here Mark Josei>h St. commences. 

31 Chouinard Alexis, clerk 

33 Dubois Charles, clerk 
)Ionette Joseph, printer 

34 Rouleau Augustin, laborer 
•% Turcottc Jos., laborer 
3<j^Speddiug John, engineer 

36 Bellemare Marcel, laborer 

37 Gagnon Frs, bricklayer 

371 Etnier IsraJI. laborer ' 

.38 Carroll Patrick, laborer 

39 H^r.u Louis, saloonkeeperl 
Tremblay Octave, laborer, r 
Heagonton Peter, soapmaker, r 

40 Labonne Narcisse, traveller 

42 Lacroix A. D., principa' St: 

Mary's academy 

43 Duolos Chs., com traveller 

44 Thomas Alp., wood merchant 

47 Donais Philibert, tailor 
47i Durand F., machiiii'>t 

48 St Charles Mrs. Em6lie, wid A. 

49 Dubois Jos., joiner 
49jRitchot Adolphe P., trader 

Dubois Frs., joiner 

50 Courteau Adrieu, bookkeeper 
52 Gagn6 Jos , shoeniaker 

66 Pelletier Mrs. Strasie, wid Paul 
57 Roy Pierre, butcher 

Here St. Catherine st. interaects. 

66 St Charles Alexis, butcher 
Fortier Isidore, laborer 

67 Lapic^rre Piiil«5as, clerk 

69 Tessier L.Jos., customs officer 

70 Normandoau P. E,, butcher 
70iWcekes Wm. II., dork 

71 Bcaugrand Honors, editor„La 

Patrle I'jfji 

Champagne Louis, collect >r i 

72 Bourke J., clerk water depart- 

72Jbirou.x Prosptire A., trader 

73 Kobert Nap., bookkeeper 

74 Pdloquin Jos,, com truveller 
IVIotiuIn ('.. com traveller 

74i<"adleux Edouurd, clerk 

Doutre J, B., advocate 
76 Pilon .Maurice, ulerk 

Pllon Mrs, A , dressmaker 
7t)i Austin S. T,, stationer 
'i7 Payette .Mr<. K., wid J., bdg hse 

78 Ihifl'y Ambrose, land survey er 
78jJolicienr MolVe, of Jollcueur ifc 

Morin Alphonse, advocate 

79 St Chailes Eugene, ol'St CharlcA 

& Co. 
Goiigeon S., of St Charles & Co, 

80 Jokiscli II,, teacher 

KOi ,Saiist'iivoii Pierre, clerk 
«'2 Pedersen C, uiiholsterer 
84 Glguere F. .\,, ukrk 
H6 Telraiilt HY'lIx 

87 IVtriiiilt Li'onlde, tobacconist 

88 Raymond Adolphe, grocer 
Ferluiid .VIiss liuriiieTine,inilliner 

89 Oumoullii .Mrs, .Maig., wid Cb>. 
91 Lelebvri' Isidore, shoemaker 

Htre Miiinoiint: it. iiiterswts. J| 

St and 






93 Poitras J. R., architect 

Dufort J.7j., tobacuoniftt 
96 Marcotte Alph., auctioneer 
197 Germain H. A., cleric 

100 DuLay Henri, clerli 

101 liretun Francois, contractor 

102 Wiglit M. M., slice cutter 
Charbonneau L. i^., bookkoeper 

104 Conway Jas., train deapatclier 


105 Julien U.. enf^raver 

106 I'erreault Zotique, bookkeeper 

107 Bergeron Mm. D., wid G6d6on 

108 C'lievalier Joseph, clerk 

109 Greene Francis, ateamtitter 
King Mrs. Mary Wm., wid Pat. 

110 l.alond Jos. 

111 Melnn9on Arthur, upholsterer 
llliltuvin Arthur, clerk 

Pelletier Jos., com traveller 
113 Caty Mrs, Suzanne, wid Louis 

Descliarobault A., merchant 
113)PuuziS Armaud, joiner 
116 Cou^<ineau Joseph, butcher 

rousintaii Mrs. Jos., dressmaker 
116jChampagiie Alphonse, tinsmith 

116 Deschaniit.'i J. Bte., clerk 

117 Of Lorinii.T J. R. C, med stud 
DeLorlniit'r Emile, med student 

118 Monty J; iiiiios, clerk 

119 McCartli U., ftuit dealer 

Here a iine intersects. 

120 Kenaud Im, ol, clerk 

121 Gauthior .ios., grocer 

122 Ueaudry Jos. Ii., bookkeeper 

123 French and Kiiglish acaaemy, 

MissG. VilUneuvo teatlier 

124 Lnt'riiiice Ph., clerk 

126 Fausse A., veterinary surgeon 

126 Kcveii Alph,, clerk 

127 Tuck Oeorgo, collector 

129 Jucques J. Utu., carrLaeemaker 
Jacques TAIespliore, painter 
Jacques Emmtinuel, clerk 

131 Flawbord F. X., travelling agcut 

133 Laurin Alih,, cloik 

ISSiLeiuit'UX Miss Malvina, teacher 
U^puiie Miss UHlima 

136 Keade John, journalist 
136iClturbounuau Alt', contractor 

137 Audeito Alphonse, advocate 
Audelte Fruiiyois, joiner 

137iMiKnault Tancr^do, hardware 

139 Alieru John, professor 
139^Muiiseau Josopli, professor 

141 liroHseau Henri, clerk 
141iBrown G, V,., commission mcht 

142 Poirior Joseph, uccouuta'it 

143 BNaillon P. Henri, clerk 
143)Beauchauip Ferdinand, joiner 

44 Chumpeau .llrs, Louise, wid Chs, 

45 Filieau lienri, clerk 
fiiGrenior Kdinond, grocer 

//I'rt a lane inlersects. 

140 riouai' Mrs. Thi'Ti'^sp, wid Ant. 
I.nniouiriix 1 lii'oj)., en^ineiT 

147 Loiitfpri^ Arthur U., of Longpr^ 

& nnvld 
Brtiiilt Itodolphe, clerk 

148 r.apiiilt're Ivloniird, painter 

149 Hemidry iMiOMiird, jeweller 
1,50 llHmi'lin l.oiii^ F,, l)lnrk'niith 
ISOiHiinielin A,. I. P.O. clerk 

151 Pilon Antliinie, dry poods 

152 Letendrc ,1. 11 , of Letciidro k 

Tliorncloe rev. Jatnes 
152iPau/<i J. N,, Hd\ )catn 
154 I'herrlor Adolpbo, clerk Circuit 

]541CHiillnnl ,1. Naro'sso, cli'rk 

i^uperiut court 

156 Haberer Eugene, artist 

157 Sexton Mrs. Eliz., wid D. 

158 Faucher Alexis, carter 
1-59 Malo .lean, contractor 

160 Leclorc Aug, jeweller 

161 Mullin Wm. P., clerk 

lOl^St Louis AdSlard, excise ofticer 
Maloidn Tou.ssaint, laborer, r 
Daz6 Pierre, carter, r 
Malouin F, X., plasterer, r 
Byette Miss Maroeline, r 

162 Jett6 J. Bte., plasterer 

163 Cadleux Hector, bookkeeper 
Gauthier Stanislas, clerk, r 

163*Connelly .Tames, printer, r 

164 Rivet Nnrcis^e, joiner 

166 Dawes Mrs. Ann, wid Thomas 
l66;)G(^llueau Cyrille, blacksmith 

167 Chartrimd Naz , machinist 

168 Mayer Edouard, P.O. clerk 

169 Bienvenuo Clis., clerk 
169]BartoN Mrs. Eliz., wid John 
17U Uuimond J. Bte. 

171 Lanthier Joseph, bookkeeper 
171iressior Joseph, cooper 

172 Joly i'arfait. clerk 

174 Keaudoin P.. Samuel contractor 
176 Montigny ()> rill*, cooper, r 

Gaudry J. lite., cooper, r 

Dow Miss i';ivire, r 

Breton Chs., carter, r 

Gaudry Thomas, cooper, r 

176 Caron Chas. O., profossor 
Fantoux Mrs. H„ wid L .1. 

177 Charbonneau li. H., bookkeeper 

178 Tienipe J. O., clerk 

179 Tolniosso Mrs G., wid D., music 

St Germain (i. B., coachmaker 
ISO Thibaudeau Martial, bookkeeper 
181 Kerr Wm. John, bookkeeper 
H3 Dupuis J. O., of Uupuis St, Fr6res 

185 Tht^riault Zotique, contractor 

186 Arohambault Wm., bookkeeper 
Archiimbault Miss Elmire, dress- 

187 Lamoureux Frs., clerk 
1H8 Lafricain Mrs. Chs. M. 

190 Laberge A ntolne, laborer 

191 Kobirt Olivier, trader 

IS12 Chalut Arthur, customs oHicer 

194 Bonneau (iedtSon, butcher 
Catollier Adolphe, policeman 

195 Leclere Frs. X. 

196 Cusson L^andre, com agent 
Hill John 

198 Homier Benjamin, stonecutter 

Sauvagcau Nap., stevedore 
109 t arinel Uormisdas, clerk 
2(K) Jacques Ont^sime, joiner 
2 1 Ma^i'i! Gndfroi, balllfl' 
'J02 Lnpointe Alfred, shoemaker 

203 Fortler ca|)tain L. Cyrille 

204 Boucher .loseph, baillH' 
Boucher Nap., hatter 
Boucher Mi'deric, bookkeeper 

206 Aug<> Olivier M., advocate 

206 Bourdon Arthur, clerk 

207 Klopelle Odllon, plasterer 

208 Kicliurd iloNeph, labor(>r 

209 Peltier I'lerre, contractor 

210 G*^iit'ri'U.\ Mrs. C, wid Norbert 
St Pu'iri' N,, laborer 

211 Miller F.lle, exrl^e otHcer 
Thompson Mrs, S., wid Andrew 

213 .Morache Isilore, contractor 
215 M('l..aiighliii .lames, chief crier 
Superior court 

217 Moriu'he Kplirem, plasterer 
Morache Jos, 

218 David Mrs E,, wid Guillaiime 

219 .Malepart George S,, clerk 

H iv Ontario stAnliraccls. 
230 Ch6M cr (.'yprlen, carter 

231 Lnbrecque Anselmo, grocer 

232 Vinetto J. Bte., com traveller 
232i(ieoffrion L Elie, clerk 

234 HtUu Frs. Xavier, shoemaker 
234i(it'n(Jreux Pierre C;., architect 
2-36 Vigor Jos. L., mail conductor 

238 Harnois A., moulder 

239 Monettc Alfred, shoemaker 

240 Blanch) t Lou's, of Lalanne k 


241 Btrard Gonzalve, driver 

242 G^liuas Alph. P., professor 

243 Legault • >dilon, mason 

244 Sloan John, of Sloan & Son 

246 Coutlee Jos. L., notary 

247 Quintal Wm., baker 

248 Madden Hugh, customs officer 

249 Lafreuif-re Norbert, tinishor 
Forest iHaie, joiner 

260 Arsenault Narcisse, of I>etondrc 

& Arsenault 

261 Robert Jos., carter 

252 Fr(?chon L.,of S^uical, Frdchon 

& Cle. 

253 Drapeau Louis, shoemaker 

255 Mathien Vital, shoemaker 

256 Forget D. R., bookkeeper 
267 Nantel Vital, laborer 

2.58 Hudson A., of Davie & Hudson 
269 Pard Thdophilc, cooper 
260 Gagnon J. B. , printer 
Tunstall .Tames 

262 Reynolds T. M,, professor St 

Vincent academy 

263 Favreaii Adolphe, clerk 

264 Bond W. P, J., Professor Catho- 

lic Commercial academy 

265 TessicrTrein(<, joiner 

266 Arcliambault Joseph, merchant 

267 Lovelace col. Robert 

263 Watkins John, of J, Watkins 
& Co. 

269 Cochine Simon, tobacconist 

270 Bourdon Chs., clerk 

271 Tossler Anioine Luc. ins agent 

272 Cochu F. X., assignee 

273 'l^'.-sier Louis, com merchant 

274 Curry W. A., real estate agent 

275 Smith Wm., clerk 

ST ANDREW, from Grand Trunk 
north to St Patrick, aud facing 
Converse's rope-walk. Being 
outside City limits names will 
be found in Alphabetical order 
in Village of St Gabriel 

ST ANN'S MARKET, from St Pe- 
ter west to 93 MoOill, West 

Weaver \rchlbald O., clerk 
Howell Benjamin, asst. clerk 

4 Rivet Del|)hi.s, butcher 

5 Reel Adolnlie, " 

6 Li^ve.sqni' .loseph, 

7 Lafrance Jos., " 

8 Miihtcrinnn Wm., sen., pork " 

10 Harinds G^dOon, 

11 McShano Michael, " 

13 Itiiudcn John, 

14 Moiielte Louis, " 

15 LImer .los., " 

16 MaHtermitn W. H., pork 

17 Nicliolsou lioht , '■ 

19 Mallelte Alphonse, '• 

20 Fl.schor George, Ik. Co., pork" 

21 LuuKuedoe Alphons4', " 

22 Rous,seHn Fer(linaiid, " 

23 O'Gorinun .lames, " 

24 Goosseiis ,T. B., " 

25 Roy .r. Bte, 
20 LeclairuF, X., 


of Five Dollars: 

27 Taillefer MoJse, 

28 Versailles Ant, 

29 Versailles Prosp 

31 VersaUles Nazaii 

32 Charters Edwar 
3^ Villeneuve Josei 
3ii Langucdoc Eust 
^<^ Munro Alexandi 
37 Rowland P. H., 

39 Nicholson Geo. i 

40 Ryan Wm., 

41 .Macaulay & Co., 

43 Outhet John, 

44 Taillefer Mmi, 

45 Brl^re&Co., 

47 Poitras H. H.. 

48 Burns Edward, J 

49 Outhet J R., 

50 Bickerdike Rob€ 
5^ Muir Alfred, 

53 ArchambaultC, 
'A Boudreau & Co., 

South s 

Regan Tlis., porl 
liurke J.ames, tn 
O'Connor Denni 
Meloclie.l. Bte., 
(Jarroll Terence, 
Hig'.{ins Martin, 
Cadieux Isaac, c 
(^urran Maurice, 
Heany Michael, 
Cleary Patrick, t 
Barnes .Mrs. C., i 
Cli.-ary Mrs. Mar' 
Hall Mrs. A., tr 

ff'eat eiu 

Ifobbie John, oy: 
Co.v Mrs. J., tra 

North t 

Clements Franci 
Alclionna Kichai 
Deery Thomas, i 
Cutler Peter, gui 
.AIcKonna Patric 
Bland George, t 
.Murtagh Mrs. C 
Daly Cornelius, 
Condon & Co., 

OConnellMrs. F 
OMoaraMrs. Al 
Taylor Mrs. H.. 
iiauney Mrs. M 
.Slieran Patrick, 
Mullin Mrs. B 

Mc(jivn(>y Wm 
Davis MrsC, tri 
Coady .Mrs. A., 
Kennedy Mrs. 
Hart Martin, tri 
Br:iz(>au Mrs r 
Monettc .Mrs. C 
McDougall Sam 
llicUey Mrs. J., 
KiirrvllMrs. M., 
O'liii'ele l>aniel, 
Tracy Di'unis, tr 

A'(j,«< en 

HiMiiipri^ .Mrs. .1. 
Monettc A. i, 
.Smith .Mrs. Mar 
.S<ln<'oal Mrs. K 

aud baskets 
Joliiison ,Tos., bi 
tiowley Mrs. C, 








of Fi^e Dollara may secure yoar Family One Xhooaand DoHan. Head Office, 179 Bt Jamea 8t 

27 Taillefer Molee, butcher 

28 Versailles Ant., <' 

29 Versailles Prospire, " 
31 Versailles Nazaire, " 
•32 Charters Edward, 
3^ Villeneuve Joseph, " 

30 Langucdoc Kustache, " 
3>5 Munro Alex«ndf-r, " 
37 Rowland I*, fl., pork 

39 Nicholson Geo. 0. 

40 Ryan Wm., " 

41 Macaiilay & Co., " 

43 Outhet John, 

44 Taillefer Aim*, " 
4-5 Bri^re k Co. , " 

47 Poitras H. H.. 

48 Burns Edward, fc Co.. pork " 

49 Outhet J R., " 
W Kickerdike Robert, pork " 
.5'; Muir Alfred, " 
53 Archamhnuit C, 
j5 Boudreau Sc, Co., " 

South side. 

Regan Ths., pork butcher 
Burke James, trader 
O'Connor Dennis, trader 
Mt'loche .(. Bte. , refre.shments 
(Jarroll Terence, pork butcher 
Hig^ins Martin, pork butcher 
Cudieux Isaac, confoctiouer 
('urran Maurice, trader 
Heany Michael, trader 
Cleary Patrick, trader 
Barnes .Mrs. C,, trader 
Ck'ttry Mrs. Mary, crockery 
Hall Mrs. A., trader 

if est end. 

Watkins ■ Kobbie John, oy.^tor dealer 

Co.x Mrs. J., trader 

North end. 

Cloiuents Francis, (ish dealer 
IVlniiHlte Charles, iioultry dealer 
MclCenna Iticlmrd, trader 
Deory Thomas, poultry dealer 
CutliT Peter, gardener 
MolienuM Patrick, gardener 
Bland George, trader 
.Murtagli Mrs. C, wid L., trader 
t)aly Cornelius, vegetables 
Condon & Co., fruits and vege- 
O'Connell .Mrs. E., wld J., trader 
O'MearaMrs. M. 
Taylor Mrs. H., wid J., trader 
ilHnney Mrs. M., wid B., trader 
.Slicran Patrick, trader 
Mullin Mrs. B. M., Iruits and 

McGivney Wm., trader 
Davis Mrs C, trader 
Ciiaily Mrs. A., wid Thomas 
Kennedy Mrs. Mary, wid P. 
Hart Martin, trader 
llrazeau Mrs. U., wid CyriUo, 

trad' r 
Motiette .Mrs. C, trader 
McDougall iSamnel, trader 
llieliey Mrs, J., wid J., trader 
Kurrell Mrs. M., wld J., Iruits 
O'Keele Daniel, trader 
Tracy Dennis, trader 

A'iJ,«/ end. 
HiMiiipr<\ .Mrs. J., wld A., trader 
Miiin'tte A. (i., poultry dealer 
.Smith .Mrs. Marv, wld Thomas 
Sen^cnl Mrs. K., wld v., I'rults 

aud baskets 
.Johnson Jos., butter merchant 
<iowley Mrs. C, wld J,, poultry 


Maynard William, lunch room 
Fitzpatrick J., poultry dealer 
Finn Timothy, trader 
Nolan W. P.,& Co., provisions 
Carrie re David J., trader 

ST ANTOINE, from 799 Craig 
west to the City boundary, St 
Antoine ward 

1 Arm.strong John, confectioner 
3 Cardinal Narci>se, butclier 

James Joseph & Co., roofers 
5 Thompson George, saloon 
9 Desmarals & Reuaud, carriage 
Desmarals Denis, of Desmarals 
& Renaud, r 
11 Popin F. X., painter, r 

17 IJIloy A. J , manufr of brushes 
17iBlac'k George, grocer 

18 iSeybold & Co., butchers 

Here St. Cleneviive at. bef/ins. 

22 McRoble John, moulder and 
registry oHice 
McCroblrt Alex., fireman 
McOrobie Jnnies, carpenter 

24 .Sauvageau F , & Bros., joiners 

25 Grigg.s S. C, laborer G.T.R. 
2U Thompson Miss M., stay maker 
Z' Martin John, plumber 

•' .,abadie J. A., notary 
!.,abadie J. E. O , notary 
i..abadie M. T. Adolplie, notary 

29 Megna Jean, shoemaker 
ZalTi .r. B., Hhoum»ker 

30 Labadie FiMlx. M.D. 

31 Turner Mrs. Marion, toliacco 

32 Wright James, of J. Wright 

it Co. 

33 Harris Charles, trader 

34 Norman Ths., grocer 

35 lloule J. B., notary 
lloule Jos., music teocher 

3oj Park James, carpenter, r 
.Monlniari|uet Joseph, bntclier 

31) McDonald Mrs.A., music teacher 
.McDonald Allen, carpenter 
McDonald Mis; k., music 

39 O'Keele Ml.'^s M., English and 

French academy 

40 Gardner David, laiicy goods 
Gardner .Mrs. D., rexl-try rfllico 

41 Alexuinler Itobi'rt, roofer 
4liSeale Richard, inidertakcr 

42 MaletteOvlla. .M D. 
I.amanque Tims., clerk 

44 Rambeau Al|iha , 

Here St. Oai'id liiuc ends and St. 
Mouinui' »t . heginn. 

45JHobson George, bra'<sinouldcr 
4ti iMche Alphoiise L., grocer 

47 .lansun John, glider 

48 Champeau Louis, cnrp<>ntcr, r 
RiindiMin Alexis, turner, r 

49 McLean Mrs. A , wld J. 
McLean .Mrs. E., dressmaker 
Green Miss JI., leather cleaner 
AnderMiii .Miss M. F., teacher 
,lackson Miss Elizabeth 

M Lallainini> E., painter 
Green Thomas, tailor, r 

53 Montreal Handball and Racket 

Club, M. Moriarty, manager 

54 Markiiin ,lnhn, tV Co., plumbers 
McCullongh WillLim, storenian 

65 Catholic Young .Men's assoclatn 
McTlernan Patrick, caretaker 
Catholic Young Men's hall 
60 MIding J., grain meroUant 

57 Morrow John, shoemaker 
Ward Alfred, carpenter 

o7iRennie John, collector 

58 Laframboise E., stable manager 

Paquet Ferdinand, bookkeeper 

59 Ouimet A.,&Co., oarriagemakers 
59K>uimet A., of A. Ouimet ft Co. 

60 Gaylou H., boot and shoe packer 
Geraghty Mrs. B., wid John, r 
Wade Mrs, Mary, wld James, r 
Cochrane Christopher, driver, r 

60]Desroohes Miss Marie, dressmkr 
62 Grant Alexander, blacksmith 

64 Leclerc Alfred, druggist 
64iDonaldson William, of William 

Donaldson & Co. 

65 Duval Fran9ois, laborer, r 
65]Rickaby Mrs. Itachel, wid John 

Nagle J. II., furrier 

66 LavoieFrs, boots and shoes 

67 Trembly Alfred 

Here Inspector at. ends, 

67 iFeron M., undertaker 
68'Demer9 Oliver, grocer 
68iWinfleld W.A., of C.FItteA Co. 

69 Briggs William M., roofer 

70 Montreal Milk Co., J. K. Free- 

man, manager 

71 Larivit>re N. & A. C, coach 


72 Lariviere A. C, of N. k A. 0. 


76 Larlvi.>ro N.C.of N. k A.C. La- 


77 Danjou Alfred, coachman 
Du.''seault Miss, dressmaker 

79 Dastous Jnies. tobacconist 
Si' Feron Michael, undertaker 
82 (.'lament Benjamin, agent 

(iile George, laborer, r 
(J'Nell Michael, laborer, r 
Kits m ThonLts, machinist, r 
McCulloch William, storoman, r 
Tobin Edward, brasslinisher, r 
84 O'Brien Mrs, Mary. wld Edward, 
fruit dealer 

80 Sauve Alex., roofer 
86JMichaels Henry, furniture 

87 liafrance 1". li., barber 

88 Macetieo., A ,f . 
88jLarin Frs,, of Iteuauu k Co. 

//ire St. Margaret at. inlerseots. 

9i) Horsnell A. H., scale maker 

Horsiioll Mrs. A. H , dressmaker 
9n^Macdonald Alex., contractor 

91 Doiiehv Mrs. M , ladies' aud 

children's underclothing 

92 Moore .las,,, shdPniaker 
',(3 Tresidder t;hs., engineer 
91 Lowden Mrs. .M., wid 

96 Haines Mrs. Mary Aim, wld Jos. 
Oilillarland George, traveller 

97 Brown Wm., mason 
Brown Mrs. Wm., fVult* 

98 Husereau Jos., tinsinltli 
lot) Mitcb"ll L. , organ builder 
101 Fradd Wm. H., bulcher 

Fradd Miss A., dressmaker 
1'3 .Miller R. H., grocer 
103JLockett Mrs. M.J.,wld Arth, 

107 .Mllletti' Jasetb. grocer 

Jliiv Calliedral si. inferaecta. 

108 St .lean .I.T.,feed store 

100 tit Antoino drug hall, E. J. 
Iloiiniue, M.D., proprietor 

Boiir<|ue E. •!., M.D. 
109jEdwurds Mrs. 8arah, drosamkr 

Kerrigan Miss, dressmaker 
110 l)u<)ni'tte F., carrlagemakur 

I'lou Magloii'P, sen,, cooper 

St ant 




St ant 


111 Kornmaier, G- B., hatter and 

Champagne B. D., sroccr 
lll^CleDdiDnene Miss, fancy ^oods 

112 Dnquette Frt)., carriasemaker 
llSiUuddell Henry, P. U clerk 

116 Stevenson Mrs., wid Jas. 
llSiSparling, rev. J. W. 

117 Patton T.,of Thos. Patton & Co. 
llTlRogera Mrs. Anne, laundress 

118 Payette Joseph, painter 
Berthelct Louis, cook 

llSiPerreault Wilbrod, shoemaker 
llHjLymburner Marcel E , gilder 

120 Murmandeau & Pari, carrgmkrs 
Hornkandeau J., of Norman- 

deau & Par6 
Far£ J. B., of Norraandeau & 

121 Nagle J. 11., furrier 
121iLiemay E. U., contractor 

122 Murphy Mrs. C, wid James 
Murphy Miss Mary, dressmaker 

124 Kehoe G. P., carpenter 

126 Coupland W. F., carpenter 
Coupland Mrs. W. K., crockery 

126iMoNameo G. K., tobacconist 
MoNamec G. F. J., clerk 

127 Bussi^re Maxime, bookkerper 

128 Elliott Edward, land surveyor 
Rnsseil Mrs. Anne, wid Henry 

128iElliott Mrs. Edward, millinery 

129 Caislake George 

Here Windsor st. begins. 

130 Wilson Wm. 

131 I.edoux B.. Windfior coach facty 

132 Deslauriers Alf , carriagcmaker 
134 Decnry J. Bte., upliolsterer 
136 MontrealUiKpcnsary.Mrs.Noone, 


136 Cullen Thos. , storeman 

137 Churchhill Walter, clothier 
187iMorrisburg Co-operative Butter 

and Provision Co., W. 11. 
Hibbitt, manager 

139 St George's home, W. D. .Stroud, 

chairman; F. BeHr, supcrin- 
dent; Mrs Ellen Bear, matron 

140 Court J., of Court & Macintosh 
Court Wm. B. 

142 Hennessey .)obn, clerk Banquc 

du Peiiple 

143 Campbell Henry, upholsti rer 

144 SlieridanJ., M.O. 
144Jl>ufort JIrs L. I)., wid 1{. 

Here JJesrMlrei «<. endn. 

146 Uemers .S., grocer 

148 O'Brien Wm., clerk 

149 Selby Mi^s 

Selby William, jun. 
]49iPauz6 J. X., hardwar", paint.*, 

Pauz6 J. Bte., sen , carter 

Peuz6 il. Bte., jun., painter 

Pauz^ JttC(|iie-', clerk 
100 Brehm Robert, ciitt<.'r 

Brehm Mrs., music teacher 
152jMcLood Miss, milliner 

Pratt Kiclmrd, laborer 

153 O'Flalierty Murk, Ir its, &c. 
168jDemerB«tlivier, grocer 

Uaoust v., clerk 
Bourque AviUi. clerk 

154 Cofleld Frs., litliograplK'r 
Kelly .Miss, dres.'-maker 

156 Gaflhey Wm., blacksmith 

157 Kolland Alfred, shoemaker 

159 Kitchot F. X., Dominion coaeli 


160 Denaud Miss, music teacher 
Denaud Mrs. A , wid Kduuard 

160i.Malllou.\ O., iirchiU'ct 
ICl Whalon Lawrence, waiter 

162 Jonea James, clerk 

Jones Mrs. Jamea, fiincy store 

163 Maloney Patrick, grocer 
163iLussier Mrs. A., wid Louis 

LuBsier Sdrapbin, grocer 

164 Bureau Louis, shoemaker 
Bisaillon Midard 
Cooley John, shoemaker 

Here Bisson at. begins. 

165 Ferguson D. H., tobacco manuf 

167 WilkinsGeo.,M.D.,M.K.C.S. 
167^ Leonard Christopher, gardener 

Leonard Mrs. C, dressmaker 
O'Reilly W., carpenter, r 

168 Mailloux O., architect 

170 Hyndman Wm.,marblecnttpr 

171 Watt Alex., baker 

172 Dicr W., carter 

174 Batburst Jas. W., letter carrier 

175 Huglies Edward, cabinetmaker 

176 Bisson Miss Monique 

177 Murdoch William, storeman 
Wallace Wm., special constable 

178 Rough Andrew, oookkeeper 
Rough Geo. C, insurance clerk 

179 Prendergast Peter, milkman 

180 Weafer Richard, carpenter 

181 Cousincau Mrs. Julia, wid C. 
Robins Edward, waiter 

ISljMcDonneil Pat., gardener 

182 Martin Patrick, carter 

183 McDonnell Miss A., ladies' hair 


184 Coady Peter, tobacconist 

Here St. Felix at. ends. 
186 Pride Mrs. Cathei in'', midwife 
Pride Wm., moulder 
Almour Wm , & Co.. bakers 
186 Walker Wm., plumber 
190 Leroux Charles, tobacconist 
190JLeroux Alph., hardware 
192 O'Connell Michael, fruit dealer 
196 Webb Ths., auctioneer 

198 Franklin F. J., tailor 

199 Ogllvy J. A., dry goods 

201 Edson M. G., & Co , druggists 

202 McGarry Geo., grocer 
2(l3 Burke Bros., grocers 

Here Mountain st. intersects. 
205 Burke M., ot Burke Bros. 

Burke Julin, of Burke Bros. 
207 Kicholasrev J., Presbyterian 
209 Campbe 1 David, cooper and 
warehi u'tenian 
Campbell David, Jun., cooper 
Campbell Wm. M , of McLean 
It Campbell 
211 Joyce Andrew, ticket agent 

213 Larmonth John H., of Lur- 

month it Suns 
215 Collins Ths. C, manftrs' agent 
218 Torrance A. H., of A. H, lor- 
raiico Si ("o 
Vanneck John T., stock broker 
Vaiinock.Mrs. K.A., wid T. 
Bain Sackville f<., gardener 

Here Aqueduct st. intersects. 
282 Johnston rev. H., M.A., B.D., 
minister St. James street Meth- 
odist church 
234 Tnbb W. J., leather merchant 
'235 Donovan M.. boots and shoes 
'2.36 Dolan Frs., dry goods 
237 Lcprohon J. L., A.M..M.D. 
Consulate of Spain, J. L. Le> 

pruhon, A.M., M.D. 
JSpanish Consulate, Conde de 
Premlo Heal, Quebec, consul- 
general for the Dominion ; J 
L.Lepruhon, A.M., M.D. 

238 Rosaire D., sen. 
240 McDongall Jobn.of KoDougall, 
Logie A Co. 
Rowe Jame<>, bookkeeper 

242 Uersey Randolph, of Pillow, 

Hersey <t Co. 

243 Beaufort E., of Hogan & Beau- 

246 Gilbert E. E., of £. E. Gilbert & 
Gilbert W.W.,of E. E. Gilbert & 

Here Versailles st. ends. 

260 Gardner R. 

251 Donovan Peter, lumber mercht 

262 FaucherOlivier.of Fauchcr Fils 

ft Cie. 
258 Wilson Ths., broker 
264 Patton James, of Mathewson & 

266 Stark C. A., general manager 

St ant 

q. M. O. ft O. R. R. 


266 Ireland H. W., forwarder 

257 Lockerby David L., of Kirk, 

Lockerby & Co. 
McArthur A., agent 

258 JaquesG. E., of G. E. Jaques 

ft Co. 

259 Barbeau H., manager Savings 


260 Beuthner E. W., of E.W. Beuth- 

ner ft Bros. 
262 Lawes Wm., merchant 

Here Bishops av. commences. 

264 Richards Joseph, tailor 
Richards Jos. W., clerk 

Here L^isignanst. ends. 

266 Brooks John F., manager Howe 

Sewing Machine Co. 

267 Phelan »., tailor 

268 Boyd H. M., of Boyd, Egnn & 

269 Allan Mrs. I., wid Alex. 

271 Doherty Mrs. A., fancy goods 

Here Mount St. Mary av. begins. 

272 Stewart David 

•273 PringleGeo. W, fruit dealer 

275 Wright James, contractor 

276 Jordan Jos., gardener 

279 Grier G. A., lumber merchai.t 

291 Morrison Mrs. John S. 

Here Guy st. intersects. 

292 Lamarche Adolphe, M.D., phy- 

sician and surgeon 
Richmond Pha.-macy, Dr. G. 

H. Desjiirdlns. proprietor 
Loisellc F. X . O., druggist 

294 lA> Moyne de Martigiiy Mrs. K., 

wid J. L. 
Le Moyne de Martigny Chs., law 

Lo Moyne de Martigny A., law 


295 Lilly Miss, dressmaker 

3i'7 LitpoiuteMrs. P., wid Nap. 

308 Neuer Martin, grocer 

Here Jiichmond sq. intersects and 
HichiH»nd st. ends. 

309 Higgins Bros., wine merchants 

310 Doyle J., butcher 

318 HigKins A. J., wine merchant 
314 Moiitrait A. 

316 Street F. B., haberdasher 

317 Doyle J „ butcher 

310 Tliompson J. W., grocer 
3*22 Raza Alphonse, architect 

Here St, Martin st. intersects. 


323 Uodge George, geuer 


324 Pattingale J. E., gro( 

327 Gilbert Frank, engin 

328 Dunbar W. H., hatte 

.328 j Perry Geo., bookkeef 

329 Conway M.,8upt. Lac 

330 O'DonoghueP. L., pi 

Antoine academy 
330iTough John, cashier 
.331 Jenkins Dr J. F. T. 
332 Hiddleton T., draugh 
332j8aunder8 rev. J. B 

West End Methodis 
334 Oliver Jas , of Jas. Ol 
.334iU'febvre M. X., ship 1 
336 Biron Jean Baptiste, f 

Biron J. Bte., fun. 
837 Tru.iel M.. of Trudel i 
337iTrudel i Wilscam, bi 
,340 Ebbitt Isaac, clerk 
344 Scrimger rev. John, n 

Joseph St Preslyteri 

Here Seigneurs st. int 

346 Stewart A. B., official 
Stewart Alex., bookk( 
Stewart S. D., clerk 
Stewart Robert JIcG. 

548 Price John, hides 

352 Richardson W. H. 
Richardson R. L., rep 

.3!>2jRiohardson J. M., 
steam laundry 

3f)5 Humphrey C. A., hea 
Royal Arthur school 
McDonald W., baker 

Here Chatham st. ei 

VA Shcwan Alex., com tr: 
3541Mahoney Miss Mary Ai 
M Breakwell Wm., engin 
ij7 McGauvran John W. 

Gauvran, Tucker Je M 
318 Fraser Geo. B., clerk 
309 Throsby Robert, engine 
Msh Mrs. E., wid Will 
iiJO Hulbig M. J., furrier 
.i6l Dyer James, draughtsn 
362 Robertson W.,com tru 
iti3 Dyer John, engineer 
304 Stewart M., lumber me 
ii'ij Benny Tlios., com travt 
M Macpnerson P. D.. met 
367 Uamall Arthur, butvlie 
369 Branchaud A., advouut 
371 Dean 8. B., clerk G.T.I 
3i3 ScroKgic Miss 
i;5 Phillips Ctis. 8. J., of 

Phillips ft llulmer 
3" Hums A., freight agent 
:i:9 Duckett W. A.,. M.D. 
380 Ulanchard L., assistant 

Inlaud revenue 
14 U'Meura John, customs 
m Moore W. A., bookkeei 
3W Wood J., Montreal sn\ 

}iere Canning st. inters 

S"? Smith L,, teller Mercha 

Here Fulfiird st. ends 

3^8 Trihny Thos., bookkeen 
3S'J Briffgs Wm., superii 
Montreal Rolling Mill 
39" Kyan H P., M. P. 
W Bulmer Edward, boukk 
3'J4 Kano Robert 
W Dunn John 
'tii Forsyth Robert, marble 
39'J O'llara W., gardener ai 
Wl Fitzgerald Mrs. Lucy, vi 

St ant 






323 Uodtte George, general express 


324 Fatting ale J. E., grocer 

327 Giloert Frank, engineer 

328 Dunbar W. U., hatter and fancy 

328jPerry Geo., bookkeepor 
-j29 Conway M.,8upt. Lacliine canal 
830 O'Donoghup P. L., principal St. 

Antoine academv 
330iTough John, cashier 
;J31 Jenkins Dr J. F. T. 
332 Hiddleton T., draughtsman 
332iSaundprs rev. J. B , minister 

West End Methodist church 
334 Oliver Jas, of Jas. Oliver Jr Co. 
,334iL<;febvre M. X., ship builder 
336 Biron Jean Baptiste, sen. 

Biron J. Bte.,jun. 
837 Tru>lel M.. of Trudel & Wilscam 
337jTrudel & WMlscam, butchers 
,340 Ebbitt Isaac, clerk 
344 Scrimger rev. John, minister St 

Joseph St Preslyterian church 

Htre Seigneurs st. intersects. 

346 Stewart A. B., official asMgnoe 

Stewart Alex., bookkeeper 

Stewart S. D., clerk 

Stewart Robert McG. 
.348 Price John, hides 
362 Richardson W. H. 

Richardson R. L.. reporter 
352 j Richardson J. M., manager 

steam laundry 
3,55 Humphrey C. A., head master 
Royal Arthur school 

McDonald W., baker 

Here Chatham at, ends. 

354 Shewan Alex., com traveller 
354JMahoney Miss Mary Ann 

356 Ureakwell Wm., engineer 

357 McGauvran John W., of Mc- 

Gauvran, Tucker j[ McDonnell 

355 Fraser Geo. B., clerk 

359 Throsby Robert, engineer 
Msh Mrs. E., will Wiliiam 
m UulMg M. J., furrier 
361 Dyer James, draughtsman 
382 Robertson W.,coni traveller 

303 Dyer John, engineer 

304 Stewart M., lumber merchant 
3(15 Benny Thos., com traveller 
itiO Maepnerson P. D., merchant 
3t)T Hamall Arthur, butcher 

W Uranohaud A., advocate 

3;i Deans. B., clerk G.T.R. 

3hl Scroggic Miss 

i:5 Phillips Chs. S. J,, of Morton, 

I'hillips & Itulmer 
3" Burns A., freight agent G.T.R. 
1?J Uuckett W. A.,M.D. 
3S0 Ulanoliard L., assistant collector 

Inland revenue 
■>1 U'Meura John, customs officer 
3^2 Moore W. A., bookkeeper 
'i& Wuod J., Montreal saw works 

Uere Canni7ig St. intersects. 

<,"' Smith L., teller Merchant*' bank 

Here Fulford at. ends. 

J<8TrihfiyThos., bookkeeper 

3!D liriggg Wm., superintendent 

Montreal Rolling Mills Co. 
3!tt Ryan M P., M. P. 
M Uulnier Edward, bookkeeper 
M Kane Robert 
W Dunn John 

W Korxyth Robert, marble work* 
JS'J O'llara W., gardener and florist 
Wi Fitzgerald Mrs. Lucy, wid John 

404 Hutchison R. B., of Mills & 

Andrews Alfred, M.D. 
Andrews Miss Juliet, teacher of 

410 Mudge Henry, of Forbes & 

412 (>'Brien Dennis, contractor 
414 I .vis Wm. H., contractor 
416 .irtele J. 8. C, of Girouard, 

& Wurtele 

Here Dominion St. ends . 
418 Hincks Sir F., K.C.M.G., C.B., 

Here Vinet at. ends. 
.500 Burke Patrick, gardener 
WO Kerr Wm. M., of R. & W. Kerr 


Kountain west to Aqueduct, 

St Antoine ward 

Duhamel Joseph N., clerk 
Dub6 Antoine, assistant clerk 
A Emond Isioore, butcher 

2 llurtubise Antoine, " 

3 Emond Isidore, juu., " 

4 Liroux W., 

Lesp6rance Alphonse " 

6 Leduc E.,pork " 

8 Brousseau Etienne, " 

9 Lauguedoc Mrs. Louise, wld S., 


10 CourvilleG., 

11 Larose Alfred, " 
C Martiueau Geo., " 

23 Bellemare Max., " 

25 Ritchot ^urcis^e, " 

27 Leroux Zotlque, " 

28 Trottinr Alfred, 

29 Lerou;. Ed., " 

30 Boyd Hugh, 

32 Tweedie William, " 

33 St Authi Eusibe, " 

34 Leroux Emus, " 
;35 Gauthier Israel, " 
B Pliaron Alpllon^e, " 

1 O'Connor 'Timothy, trader 

2 Dearoches Pierre, " 

3 Donnelly Mrs. Mary, trader 

4 Eanian John, trader 

U Jodoin Isidore, restaurant 

7 Pai'dellion Mrs. E. 

Fruits, Vegetables, ^c, 

A Delorine Louis, dealer 

1 W''lsh Thomas, " 

2 llandley Daniel, " 

3 Biiileau MI'S Ju;6phino " 

4 Labelle Mrs. E., wid S,, " 

5 Uellpniare Joseph, " 

6 I'ower Mrs. M., wid Jas., " 
lloule Kus^bu " 

10 Connelly W. J., 

11 Dufaux Mrs. F., wid L., " 

12 Lariviere Isidore, " 

13 Smith Airs. Rose, wid J., ■■ 

14 Ouimet Jules, " 

15 Aviron Mrs. Mary, " 
Iti CouKtanilneau Mrs. Alice " 

17 (harlebois Joseph, " 

18 Arcanil Simeon, grain dealbr 
2 Patenaudo J . D , tish dealer 

'i~ liariviOie Fdlix, dealer 
28 ManthaG,, dealer 

ST AUaUSTIN, from 32 Basin 
north to 126 UoCord, St Ann 

10 Brlxsette Narcisso, weigher 
Kelly Miss W., dressmaker 
18 Couvrette — , cai^tain 

20 Crowe Michael, bookkeeper 
Crowe Michael, hatter 

23 Rowan Philips, blacksmith 

24 Loignon Bruno, shipbuilder 
36 Griffin James, foreman 

ST BEBNABD, from 101 Bleury 
west to 91 St Alexander, St 

7 Bulger Henry, laborer 

8 Levey David, laborer 

9 Legrand William, carter 

13 EnTow Miss 

14 Hassett Thos., grocer 
16 Don'hue John, laborer 

16 Claffy James, carpenter 

17 Davidson Mrs., wid M. A. 

18 McLancliie Mrs., wid, r 

19 Watt Miss E., dl'eg^make^ 

20 I!rad8hawMr8.,wid 

21 Tieraey James, Shipper 

12 liynes Miss, dressmaker 
Martin .Mrs J., wid Antoino 
C.irdinali Andr(^, carpenter 
Duffigh P.iul, coa'hmau 

26 Hawkins Miss, bdg lise 

Murpiiy Joliu 
28 McCfuire Miss 

30 Gervais Leandre, laborer 
32 Clark James 

toria square west to the city 
boundary, St Antoine ward 

3 Popham James, & Co., boots and 

7 Mai'.siield John, saloonkeeper 
9 Morrissey Thos., printer 
9i Tees W., of Tees & Co. 
Fyfe Chas., salesman 

10 McLaren John C, saddler 

11 Tees & Co , desk manufacturers 

13 Ottawa River Navigation Co., 

R. W. Shepherd, president; 
Edward Scotf, secretary ; 
R. W. Shepherd, jun., assist